Put your poetry book on The Bookrack

Think of every person's computer screen as a bookrack in the local poetry center, coffee shop, library or bookstore. What if you could walk into such a place, saunter over to the bookrack and gently place the pristine copy of your newest book of poems up there with all the others?

If your book was published by a small press -- one of the thousands -- most bookstores will not buy from you unless you have a distributor. Otherwise you are too small to bother with, they say. If you have formed your own publishing company to do your books you may have faced this same problem. Being online we now have a chance to bypass the bookstore *roadblock* and bring the smaller, special, less commercial books to a brand-new audience.

AHA! Poetry opens the door so you can put on the readers' screens the information you need to show them your book. Your book information will join the other books now on The Bookrack. Your name and address and the price of your book must be clearly stated because buyers will be contacting you. The exchange of money will be between you and the buyer. After the two of you have arranged payment, it is then up to you to send them the book. AHAPOETRY.COM is only a listing. We do not buy or sell your books.

Fine. Now how do I do it?

Just send a copy of your book by mail to AHA Books, pob 767 / 1250, Gualala, CA 95445 with a slip of paper stating your name and address and the price of the book. I will write up the rest of the information for the readers and post it on the Bookrack. That's all. Do send your book by "media rate" - that is the cheapest postal method.

The Fine Print

There is no charge for this service. If we get complaints of misadvertising or (heaven forbid!) money paid with no book sent, we will have to pull your advertisement for your book from The Bookrack. If your book goes out of print -- please notify us as soon as possible by e-mail.

I'd like to look over The Bookrack .



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