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bulletRitual Poetry and the Politics of Death in Early Japan by Gary L. Ebersole (Paperback) Usually ships in 2-3 days Amazon.com Price: $25.00  (Hardcover) Usually ships in 2-3 days Amazon.com Price: $65.00


bulletComing Indoors and Other Poems  by Bernard Lionel Einbond  Out of Print


bulletMind Magic: a wheelchair excursion through time and space. Lesley Einer. Saddle-stapled, 7.5" x 2.75", 16 pp., no price. Nice papers and well designed. Order from Sage Shadow Press, 4065 East Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032. BOOK REVIEW


bulletYou Beckon by Peggy Eldridge-Love. Perfect bound, 8.5 x 5.5, 84 pp.,  WOW - Write On Writers ISBN: 0-9719433-0-3, $14.95. Contact: Peggy Eldridge-Love, POB 7043, Kansas City, MO 64113 or check out the web site.

Long Division

And then there is love,
the calculus of human emotion,
and absolute divisible
only by itself.

bulletWind in the Trees by David Elliott. Saddle-stapled, 11 x 4.5, 40 pp., $4.50. AHA Books, 1992. ISBN: 0-944676-33-2.
Selected as the most promising haiku book-author, Elliott's work combines experienced haiku thinking with a poet's vision. The ten poem sequences celebrate birth, death, childhood and growing up in the everyday life. This is the book to have if you are interested in writing sequences.

A summer moon
the slow breathing
of her eighth-month belly

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bulletThe Haiku Habit by Jeanne Emrich. Out-of-print, unfortunately!
Hand-sewn, 4 3/4" by 5 1/2", 37 pages, hand-crafted with fine papers and of gift quality designed and written by poet Jeanne Emrich. Full color illustrations by sumi-e master Susan Frame and an introduction to the aesthetics and technique of writing haiku. Send $12 (U.S.A./Canada) or $14 (Foreign). Lone Egret Press, P.O. Box 390644, Minneapolis, MN 55439-0644.

Shorelines by Tony Mariano and Bruce England. Small Poetry Press, 1998. Saddle-stapled, 5.5 x 8.5", 36 pp., $6.95. Order from Bruce England, 1458 Thunderbird Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94087.Book Review



Reeds: Contemporary Haiga No. 2 edited by Jeanne Emrich. Long Egret Press, Edina, Minnesota: 2004. Full color gated soft cover and full color illustrations throughout, 110 heavy-weight pp., 8.5 x 5.25 inches, essays by Stephen Addis and Raffael de Gruttola with an interview of Gary LeBel by Jeanne Emrich, $16.00. Order from Jeanne Emrich, P.O. Box 390545, Edina, Minnesota 55435.LYNX XIX-3 Book Reviews.


The Art of Haiku 2000 edited by Gerald England. New Hope International: 2000. Perfect bound, 80 pp., 7.95 (UK): 10(ex-UK). Order from Gerald England, 20 Werneth Ave., Gee Cross, Hyde, SK14 5NL, England. Book Review

bulletTHE SOUL by VIVIAN ELEBIYO. Perfect bound, pages: 70, illustrations by Pam Brown printed in 2000. Price: $14.00
Contact:VIVIAN ELEBIYO, 1818 Sylvan Crt. Suite B, Tallahassee FL. 32303  Email: Vivyqueen@yahoo.com 

A book of poems dealing on the issue of relationship with God, family, friends, and loved ones. It expresses the my view on subjects that pertain to ones' heart.

bulletFIELD: A Haiku Circle. Don Eulert takes the reader through the year with 365 haiku from his farm in Southern California. Excellent haiku, beautifully made book. Perfect bound, 5.5 x 8.5, 200 pp., $15.00 ppd. Don, with James Bull, started the very first haiku magazine in North America in 1967. Time has only made him a better writer and sharper observer.
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H - endgrain by Dee Evetts (Paperback) Usually ships in 24 hours Amazon.com Price: $10.00


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