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bulletONE HUNDRED POETS, ONE HUNDRED POEMS. Translated by Toshi Ishihara & Linda Reinfeld. Hardcover book with illustrations, romaji and English. (taken from the e-mail) ...there's revived interest in our translation of Hyakunin Isshu: The Game of 100 Poems. We're selling them for $21.00 a box (that includes the cost of mailing in the USA): there are not many left, so if you want me to save you a set, please let me know by email ASAP. lreinfeld@monroecc.edu or tishihar@ipcku.kansai-u.ac.jp BOOK REVIEW


bulletThe Dumpling Field: Haiku of Issa by Issa, translated by Lucien Stryk (Paperback - August 1991) Usually ships in 2-3 days List Price: $14.95 Amazon.com Price: $11.96


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