October 2001 ENCORE!
Open Mic

Nature's Splendid Yellows
  David Stebbins

A praying mantis loses his head

  (an insective-reflection on john the baptist)
     After mating with its female counterpart.
But how could he do such a thing?
  At least, with meager income, he cleanses
      His hands in water just before eating Oriental noodles.
One meal before his brains are digested into her intestines.

Too distant-mount on sands of frozen Fuji.
   Glass blow the hour glass, sand blast destruction past.
      Two distant lands- A grand canyon opening.
Slipping into a high-coo mode
   Zen fro ring go wed
      Village people bled mustard
On Weinerschnitzel.


The Warriors
margaret m desmond


They meet each morning with swords drawn

Ready to advance into battle at the slightest provocation
Their armor not even removed for slumber
Each glance, each move of their bodies
Betrays the pent-up tension residing in every muscle
Then they kiss each other on the cheek
And say "have a nice day."



from... Ramble #1
jim jean

early morning mumbled vigil

has put another quarter in
the tacky God Machine...
tap your feet to an old time
might have been beat...
Molly rounds the corner
& turns her back on life...
Molly rounds the corner
& finds it has a knife...
Molly finds some darkness
& squeezes in real tight...
Molly craves the darkness...
but is fearful of the night...
for an encore she eases her way to the far side
of a blue daze whipping the sidereal stare
of plastic dolls into the spun glass smile of
a chipped Champagne glass... flutes & all...
come o cum you dancin feet lets Busby Berkely
it up with style & panache...
turn up the baby blue spot before she stumbles
into a lament suspended from the moan of
a gold tone saxophone... give it a jab in
the ol groan zone cause theres still a chance
that THE PAIN hangin round a roomful of
unpaid promissory notes will bring in the troops
just before the massacre starts...
                                . . .
sooooo put your pussy holed palms
on the sides of her anguish
& push away the pain...
take a loaf of bread & a pan sized fish
& see if it will fit on a book of verse
& a pint of whinish FORGET ME KNOTS...
so another Rosebud goes up in laughing flames
while around the corner theres a man
whos takin names... or having your cake
& butter cups in the Spring time for Alice...
                              . . .
raise on high the cardboard chalice
& find a way... fer the curtain to ring down
before the moon sets... but what about
the hot breath on the back of the neck
edging us closer to the moist pink zone...
especially after you've been feeling your
& still have that lingua franca goo
dangling from your ornamentals...


   My life used to mean something to me

God was someone who comforted me
Now Im just contorted and distorted and confused and distraught
and even when everything is at its worst
you make me happy
And this is what i become
When I think of you
And the suffering that's been givin to me
is nothing short of
Maybe I'll pound through
This One More Time
Maybe It'll Kill me
To Break through
but i know no matter
how i arrive there
you'll be waiting for me on the other side
Don't let me drown
save me from the waves that grip and suck
pull me to the surface
and carry me to the shore
as you open up the gates for me
and i feel i can breathe
and then i see your face
and i suffocate, suffocate, suffocate

   Nick Megalomaniacal


Know your soul, Discover it all
Know the truth and you'll never fall.
Know your heart, discover your desire
Know what burns and keep the fire.
Know your face, discover an expression
Know what you own and love the possession.
Know your mind, discover a thought
Know your strength and see that you fought.
Know the answer, discover the truth
Know your true self and see the your youth.
   Kat Bananish 



Raindrops fall free from the sky

like tears from my eye
I must of had some price to pay
on this lonely day
my mom came home all sad and blue
to give me news I wish I never knew
when I heard it I could not believe
that it could happen to me
that at the young age of sixteen
God could be so mean
to take the one person out of my life
that I was not ready to loose
you see this is the cold,dark day
that my father passed away


Paul McCoy
Southwest of Tucson, route 86,
a sparsely traveled ribbon of a road
sandwiched between lofty mountains,
roams a blackened floor
searching it's way twixt scrawny mesquite,
sparce placed suguaro, and organ-pipe cactus.

It beckons to Sells and Ajo beyond the high ground,
sixty miles as the crow flies.

Silent Native Americans: Apache? Papago?
Chiricahua? Mohave?

At the edge of the blacktop,
once known bodies
drift out of their eternal home in shallow,
sacred ground, marked only by dirty dusted crosses,
and flowers of withered plastic,
decayed by loneliness and time
scour the land that once was theirs.

Dedicated to my Son-in-law KENT HODGES and to all                    
who are now ANGELS IN THE SKY.
Sylvia Vanderford
We will always love you                                           It's not enough to say                                You were so very good to us                                       In each and every way.                                                                                            Now God has called you home                                       To live with him on high                              And you will forever be                                           An ANGEL IN THE SKY.                                                                                              Looking down upon us                                              Guiding us with love                                  Soaring forever in the sky
                    On the wings of a dove.

              No more pain and suffering
                    You will always fly
              Look above and we will see
                    Our ANGEL IN THE SKY.


Dear Father,
         I hope your work is going well.  I understand that your son, my brother, is fixing up your house in anticipation of my arrival.  I canít wait.  But you know I have to do some more work here first.  Anyways, I am writing you to explain something.  I know that you know everything already, and I know my brother, J.C., has been testifying on my behalf, but I wanted to confess.
         I had been angry with you for most of my life.  I mean I started pretty early.  I blamed you for my mother leaving.  I blamed you for my grandmother passing.  I even blamed you when I was picked on so much in school.  With all this blame, I realized I didnít want to live in your house.  So, I left, fending for myself.
         As you know I was successful in everything I did.  But, I had to work so very hard at everything.  I was so mad at you that I had to work so hard when you had it in your power to just hand it to me.  And so, since you didnít hand it to me, I didnít think you were involved at all.  I forgot how you molded me in the past, to make me the man I am.  I forgot that because of you, I am strong, brave, caring, determined and a hard worker.  These traits helped me in every aspect of my life. 
         It did not take long for me to become bitter.  Bitter about working and toward you.  So, I started taking shortcuts.  I plotted evil things and did evil things.  I took advantage of information and people.  I knew you would find out.  I wanted you to.  I was revolting, having a good time and pretending to be happy.  Nobody was really getting hurt.  Thatís what I told myself.  Then one day, everything I worked for was taken from me.  I lost my apartment, my car, my wardrobe, all my possessions, my girlfriend and even some of my hair.  When everything settled down, all I had to my name were three nails you gave me when I was younger.  I was reminded of a promise you once gave me:  ďWhen you call on Me, I will be with you.  For I am a Father who longs to be gracious to you.Ē
         So I looked down the long, treacherous path.  It didnít matter to me how hard or embarrassing the journey would be.  I wanted to be in your home.  I wanted to be your son again.  So before my long journey, I called to you.  I screamed, ďFATHER!!!Ē  To that I heard: ďYes my child?Ē  I turned around to see you standing before me with your arms open.  I felt so much joy it was incredible.  It was like I was once part of your body and for a while I wasnít.  But now I was home.  I was finally home again.  I was so happy that your son, J.C., brought you to me.  I didnít think I could make it to your house by myself.  I am so happy J.C. did the work for me
         So here I am.  I am a changed man.  I do your work now.  I do what you want me to do.  At least I try to.  I benefit so much from your words.  I am such a better man.  I love you so much Father.  Thank you for giving me life.  I promise I wonít waste it.

                                                                        Your Son,
                                                                        joseph jabez

P.S.  I love you with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind and with all my strength.


Please Forgive
  Father I ask you to forgive them
    when things don't go their way,
    when they say things that they might
    hurt and whom they might sway.
  When in quick temper things come out
   of there mouth that should not be
   as a child of yours theses things
   should be dead and only the new man speak.
  Father, I ask you to forgive them when they
   cause a tear, that saying I am sorry will
   never repair. The heart belongs to you Lord
   and people should care and fear the wraft Lord
   that truly could be theirs.
  We always pray for others to be saved but I wonder
   what they see when our mouth opens is it the
   new man or just me?
 Father I ask you to forgive me and what this flesh
   I do allow to do. Teach me to watch my mouth Lord
   and leave the others to You!


Somebody I'm Not
written by Brenda M. Duckworth  27 years ago

I leave my farewell note for them to find
Hate builds in my mind
As I slip silently out the door into the fog of the night
When the sun comes up it brings the light
How can I tell them to stop trying to make me somebody I'm not
Because the only thing I can be is just me
What I have become I don't want to change
I have a good life now and I don't have to be ashame
Why can't they understand
I have a need to be just plain me
I'll leave all of this behind except for the love that creeps in my mind
I'll go somewhere far away
where nobody has anything to say over me
and they will care for just plain me
Not Somebody I'm not.

Max Hollyman
These vines of grief entangle me.
They choke by numbing dreadful hand,
a heart so squeezed in pain I plead:
Release me garland, return my stand;
stay these tears this death hath brought,
avert these eyes their inner sight,
renew this touch, a healing sought,
restore me now in perfect light.



your words to me just a whisper.
your face is so unclear,
i try to pay attention
but your words just disappear.
cause its always raining in my head,
forget all the things i should have said.
so i speak to you in riddles
cause my words get in my way.
i smoke the whole thing to my head and feel it wash away.
i am nothing more then a little girl inside
who cries out for attention.
so i talk to you like child, though
i dont know how i feel.
but i know ill do the right thing if the right thing is revealed.



autumn clouds --
an old woman sitting
on cobblestones
Martin Cohen


John Rice

Our banner still flies proudly

Though torn by shot and shell
We few shall be ever gratefull
For surviving this night of hell
Many comrades gave up their lives
For our country, and our flag
And though we have won this battle
We have no right to brag
It was the courage we were given
By knowing, Old Glory Was flying high
Through the fire and the darkness
A brave silhouette in the night sky
Forever the symbol of freedom
For the downtrodden and oppressed
Will those born under this flag
Ever know, how greatly they are blessed
When my allotted days are ended
And I lie forever in my grave
Do not mark my place with words in stone
Above me, just let old glory wave


Hush, hush.
Close your eyes and block out the world.

The mouth doesnít move against the tide.
Rush of water fills each void within me.

We claw our way towards the surface,
Trying to breath.
The heavy movement slows down the world

Though as we break the silence,
Our screams of victory drones out the voices
That buzz around us,
Demanding that we let them be.

We tread hostile waters and swim among the sharks,
But yet, there is no place I would rather be,
Since here is where you are



Desiree Barnes    

Every day i fall in love

Just to feel the heavens above
With just a kiss you may have missed
The love we shared
I cannot bared
To show the love we had
But it mad me mad.

You took my heart
And tore it apart
So i gave you my trust
I thought it was a must
Because one day
I will fade away.
I have no life but this, He gives me faith without wings,
Something strong, something real, something true.
I have no life but this, He gives me hope without fear,
strength without weakness, and courage with the understanding of its downfalls.
I have no smile but this,
He gives me words to speak because he's everything I breathe,
He gives me laughter to hear and encouragement to make me believe.
I have no wisdom but this,
Everything I have ever dreamt is no longer a dream, but a shinning reality.
Everything I have ever wanted is no longer an unattainable thought,
because it's now inside me.
I have no sight but this, some say I am blind, I say I see only what is needed.
He shines the light that leads me to the place I've always wanted to go.
I have no words but this, forever is just the beginning of us,
Eternity is our hearts destination, and He is my only love.
The only one I will travel there with.
I have no future but this, I see happiness, a life with no regrets,
I see perfection, and most importantly
the person who together we achieved it all,
Tim, I see you.



Forever Spirit
Sargent 9/12/01

I bow to thee in sorrow filled with so much pain
Then I see "Old Glory" and raise my head again
Don't know where I'm going I'll be there with pride
For freedom in America so many gave their lives

As our enemy lies waiting in a land to us unknown
A nation is praying you boys are not alone
Fire boys hit your mark bring them to their knees
Homeland anticipating a hard fought victory

Out President is leading as GOD shows him the way
Hurting from the bleeding the giant is awake
The battlefield is silent soon to rage in war
The stars and bars of liberty are damn worth dying for

Are you jealous of America where we live in harmony
Do you hate us for our lifestyle are you too blind to see
You strike out in terror and never understand
You'll never steal our spirit if you kill every man

Forever spirit living in my heart I will fight for you always
I was born and raised a free soul terror can't take that away
Forever spirit burning in my veins I would die for you today
I only see two choices give me freedom or dig my grave


Ahoy! to morning as weigh leads to sail. So calm O bay of sphere as my wake so trail. In a greenly vessel of strong physique. And arrogantly grinning from cheek to cheek. Abetting and potent this oceans range. Timely winds blow omens so canvass change. An adventurous addiction this sea, ye see. Pondering this tide that embarks with me. My manly schooner's mast full in its erection. Springs life to virgin canvas and to full complexion. My keel embraces lustfully this girlish sea. So thus she bestow on to me. Scuttled are devotions and memories to abaft. Thoughts to bow course thy craft. No yen, nor yaw my vessel from direction. Amidships I stand, helm turns gray for correction. Future to prow, but memories oar to stern. More this worldly sea, I see, thus more I yearn to learn. Two RUMPUS gulls cry heed, then wing a sunder. To starboard, to port, I gaze, I wonder. Afraid am I of a decisional squall. To flounder adrift from my port-of-call. Choppy these uncharted waters, so hoist intuition. To squander I sustain from LARGE waves of infliction. Yet! I worry so from whence there may come amiss. To capsize to a darkness of unfathomable abyss. Land Ho! a vision beyond sea that averts my internal plight. That glows upon my soul in the edge of twilight. An ascending tide washes my ship to wharf's shore. So much richer in berth, O sea, (than in birth before). 
Clinton D. Myers/[c]03/2001 


Beautiful Angel
Alex Lillie
I see a beautiful angel with halo and wings
I see a beautiful angel though she doesn't know she is
With her hair flowing in the breeze
Just as lovely as can be
She has perfect green eyes and long sexy legs
I know that i love her and I'd never hurt her
When ever I'm near her I'm always near tear
    but I feel no pain just joy in my heart
    because she is my angel and has stolen my heart



My feelings are so mixed up, sometimes I feel like just giving up.
A different problem always on my head, from the second I wake up, until the minute I hit my bed.
Why is it that negativity always hits me in a differsnt way? Catches me by surprise and leaves me with nothing to say.
It's funny how people say all I have to do is pray, and I believe, but with time all I see is deceive.
Every second of the minute, every minute of the hour, and every hour of the day day, my life gets harder in every possible way.
Time after time, always looking for a way out, not knowing if to hit somebody, or just start to shout.
All the pain and suffering trapped inside my soul, knowing that under no circunmstances my feelings I should show.
People tell me I'm wrong for keeping everything inside.
They ask me why my eyes are red, and ask me have you cried?
And I smile in there face, and definitely say no, because I've learned to always keep my feelings on the down low. 
Why tell people how you feel? When you know that they don't care. Always want to know your problems but there's they don't want to share.
I rather keep it to myself and be all that I can be, because regardless of the situation I'm always going to be me.



"Away, away from everyone"
jesse auchter

They conceal away
from the jam traffic
and all the clamor
of a misunderstood freakshow world
like a person with three arms
"no one could possibly see the daylight
from here"
"no one can relate"
they will cry and
just for the reason
of being the high school spectacle
the mind power carries
and pigs blood all over the floor
but it does alleviate
and that freakshow
just turns into plain joe shmo


My love
  Charly Lee
You are my inspiration
My ticket out of here
out of the misery
shear fear, unused love,
misunderstandings of the
would and place.
I thought to myself
I'm going to be happy
but instead I ended up
the same as always
used, heartbroken, Dreams shattered
Its hard to open up
when its happened to me
too many times in the past why couldn't you
understand that, and
at least have faith
and hope in our relationship.
We planned our future
Almost every detail of
our lives together forever
and always I just can't
understand why we split
apart instead of growing
together and becoming something big and strong
Without you in my life I'm Lost
Lost in time, space, life,
Not knowing where you are.


Kate Dyhdalo

For so long, we are always told

to cling to truth, never be sold
on false promises or empty words
But life on the line, god it can be rough
always asking hard questions, trying to stay tough
never giving in to those deep dark fears
that what you need isn't what you'll hear.
Well lonely nights are hard on the heart
they tax the soul, make it hard to start
trusting or feeling
forget about healing
and i think it's these things that help give life meaning
so what you gotta do, is find your mean
between hard and soft, life and the dream
can't always be right, can't always be wrong
can't always say that you knew all along
sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry,
and sometimes, friend, you gotta believe the lie.


God I love y0u so much,
 When people talk about you,
 My heart they touch


Every time that I think about my life, I always say that I wanna die because people are always making fun of me and being mean to me and I feel like no one cares about me.  But then I think about having you in my life.  Then I say "Wait a minute, my life is perfect!"  But what if you weren't in my life?  Would I ever survive?  What will I ever do without you?  Help me!  Give me an answer! Before it's too late.
   Anna Cindy Velasquez         


Brad West

Time moves forward and why do I look back?

I'm not here, I'm in a dream and when I wake up tomorrow,
things will be just like they used to be.
Sun dancing through my window and laughter down the hall.
The sounds of peace and happiness that deliver me joy.
Here we are together at last, how I've prayed for this day.
We could spend two lifetimes and never catch up.
We're both so old and played out. 
Two lines never parallel.
I waited for you where you said you'd come.
Promises that were never kept,
only made to make a moment of peace.
That moment is over and I've so much to come,
and so much behind me.
A life you can never understand.....
because you'll never know me.


  Lamentations II
  Stephen Boss

In a time when men were bold and women cold you were there, in a time when boys grew up and girls learned their roles you were there, were you just to busy or to occupied to care, did the creation you spawned take too much of your time, or did you just find us too dull and boring, what about the angels perched on high, do they still sing the creation song so sweet and mellow, or one of sorrow about brothers lost and times past, does the virgin weep over her baby boy, or drive the nails still yet deeper and the sword in the other side, what was it that happened to make us who we are, was it your will or your lack of concern, is your pleasure in pain and suffering, or the few you bestow the gifts of happiness too, in our sadness we find pleasure, and in our pleasure we find pain, and from the pain comes sadness, but we are who we are come rain or shine, even though it is always raining in our heads, as the universeís mysteries allude us once more, and time passes by without a sound, and manís suffering continues in a resounding clang, that fills the universe with a shattering noise that makes all the heavens shake and shudder, while still the throne is surrounded with praises and song, while the serpent comes to and fro to enquire of who he can ruin, and the nations all look toward their own selves for a savior, as the savior still bleeds on the tree made so  long ago, adam with his sin so long ago after the temptress dared, has left us in the state we are in now, with the heavens opened slightly, and the dim shadows of light fading fast over the parted waters sprinkled with the blood of martyrs, the war rages on yet even more over our wretched souls, as we still question you even as I do now, though faith stands like a rock, the mind still wonders in the light of discovery, and I will not be shaken, but I will inquire till the day I die.


I stand in the shadows and look to the sun
its loneliness reminds me of a certain someone.
The face in the mirror is fake as can be
because that face in the mirror is mirroring me.
I took all you're love and turned it around
as I search for answers laying here on the ground.
I once had a dream where children would play,
running and laughing on a warm summer day.
You brought me that feeling that was to deep to feel
like an old nursery rhyme I knew was not real.
I look back on the days that we had and we shared,
knowing for certain that I never did care.
You gave me no reasons to show you my love,
you would always desert me when push comes to shove.
The love that I took and turned all around
has made me get up off this cold dirty ground.
although my love was fake, the mirror can see
the love you tried to give me was faker than me.

   Brandon Shamhart    


The Beginning...
Copyright 1994 StarRides
Aka Sanders Wilson

On a starlight stroll in the park
breathless whispers in the dark
loves mystic hand touched our soul
our hearts touched, we were whole
my trembling lips part with desire
your eyes glow with passions fire
with looks of love, then we ignite
how special your wondrous space
your loveís,  tender sweet embrace
so short this time as lovers we know
we were only friends a moment ago



Hockey puck

Fans I'll tell you a story about my life on ice
People never mention me and I don't think that's nice
They talk about many super stars, how the play and do
I'm there for all the games, I know you watch to

Don Cherry and the news man, talk a lot I know
Without me in the arena there wouldn't be a show
I get pushed, battered, stepped on, no seems to care
But being in a hockey rink, I guess that's only fair

My home is in a ice fridge, where I'm always hard and cold
But I get cheers, screams, and laughter when I slip into a goal
Sometimes I get to live, in a warm and fancy home
Shot over accidentally, and never more to roam

I'm used all over the world, and that's important to me
Would you believe in all my hockey games not one penalty
Sometimes I get so excited and have lots of things to tell
And friends that's my story and my life in NHL.
Why Me?
April Nicole Tanner

Why do I get put through this pain?
It's slowly but surely driving me insane
It's like being behind bars
I'm beginning to see all the scars
The world is treating me so unfair
It fells like no one even cares
Can't see the one I love
Can't see the beautiful dove
I want to crawl in a hole and die
It's not like anyone would cry

All these laws are put down on me
The pain they're putting they can't see
I don't cry tears; I'm crying blood
It comes all at once like a flood
My emotions are a wreck
They're playing me like a deck
A deck of cards and I'm the joker
I'm being burned by a hot poker
My heart is broken and torn in two
And for now, I'm very blue


You've told me so many things
And all those things I believed
Stupid of me ?
Yes... why?
Because I was caught up in the moment of true happiness
Why did I ?
'Cause I was happy
For once i felt like I had control of the situation
I felt like I controlled the outcome
But, I was far from the truth
Everything just went away
But I tried to keep on it
Even after everything that you told me
My feelings didn't change
Why ?
'Cause I was really in Love
But with what... you ?
The illusion of you
Yes that's it
The idea of having you
The fantasy of actually having someone that I wanted
Am I a fool ?
Yes I am
But no matter what happens now
I have to forget
It was nice while I was dreamin
Of what ?
You... but
It was nice havin you be part of my life
It really was
Was it all just a game ?
Or could of something really happened ?
It wasn't a game to me
What happened ?
It really was just a game
I have to deal with that now !!!
What a fool I was
What a fool in love I was !!!
But I'm still holding on to all of this
I just cant let go
But I have to
Was it meant to be this way ?
Or is it just my insecurity creeping in on me again ?
Should I pursue this still ?
Is this really all meant to be ?
Or is it just my dream again ?
What should I do ?
I don't know
But what I do know is that I Love you
Need you
Want you
And I have to let you go

                                   Roberto Grajeda

I close my eyes tight and still see the unforgivable
I take my anti-inflammatory pain relieving psychosomatic stress relieving medicationÖ and I get a splinter
ĎIím fighting a lost causeí, they say, so I cause a fight to make it worth it
Walking the ĎplankĒ of life seems to be the way outÖ the way out to what?
So these unanswerable questions hover above my melon for a head, waiting for a place in a rule book somewhere, someplaceÖ while I make unprecedented decisions for my self-styled life
The pressure is immense, the relief is unreachable, and I am 10 feet tall
I feel this emptiness; I know we all feel emptinessÖso is anybody doing anything about?

Josejo     10/2001


Litmus Test
Adam Stefan Krupa


Farewell my belladonna belle,
For you should know your power ,
Bigger than a Kremlin past,
Which is agremlin in my thoughts.

To you this message flows,
From a blood-red estuary,
To heaven with a houri-
Or a beautiful infanta.

You left me emotionally retarded;
Now my hearing hears a hummingbird,
To remind me of the flowers I lacked.
Now I breathe as a nonentity.

Farewell my belladonna belle;
I be thy man of the world,
And I give my diagnosis in colour;
A tear of alkali and acid,
On a sheet of litmus paper.


  the first time i saw him

he was rotating his beer glass
in a moat of its perspiration

in a bar
my sister said.
why do you look for men in bars

cause thatís where I found him

she criticizes
watering holes

as if
together men
wouldnít go to
watering holes

and certainly
wouldnít pick up
a mike
try to lead these barroom losers
or just make them laugh
or make me laugh

we went outside
watched the stars
what does my sister say
about men who watch stars
about men who kiss me
about men i love

i say
donít criticize
my bars
watering holes

because thatís where i met him

Nancy Pelletier


The Man
Angel Higgins


The man in the pictures I see all frozen in time--
Now in the future has a wife and three kids who says, "They're mine."
So handsome and gentle, looking so fair--
Mow he looks like the time has given him many cares.
The lines on his face tells us he's led a hard life;
From the times his children, especially his youngest, have given him strife.
He keeps on working with his feeble hands.
He truly is a good man.
He cares for his family with very little pay.
His youngest demands more of him with each passing day.
He's only around 55 or more,
But I know that his love is always behind his heart's door.
He gives his love out freely; no pay is expected,
Maybe an "I love you" needs to be the objective.
He has a good heart and a wonderful soul,
I think when God made him he broke the mold.
God knew what he was doing when he made my Dad.
Because my dad always brings my day to good from bad.


Sandra Connole

Every night I go to sleep, I search within my mind,
for treasured memories and images of you
I hope to always find.

Just to feel your precious touch and see your loving smile,
if only to have you hear with me, would make my dream worthwhile.

I feel the emptiness within, a place Iíve somehow lost,
For all the joy you gave to me, does not come without a cost,
because now youíve gone the ache I feel, itís coming from my heart,
and the space thatís left behind deep down,
Is where you played a part.

But I wake once more and feel your strength,
to get me through each day,
and know if you could youíd be right here,
to help me along my way.

So every time I shed a tear, Iíll be shedding them for you,
but only tears of happiness,
for the love you gave so true.



Boy, Girl, Meet,


Him, Her, Together,

Me, You, Love,


Mike Martin  

The times I fell the worst,
are the ones when I'm alone,
When there's no one there to talk to,
it feels like I'm on my own,
My happiness fades away,
like the night to the rising sun,
Lost to the grips of time,
for the next day has begun.

Loneliness is sadness,
when you think the way I do,
You'll never truly understand,
'til you go through what I've gone through,
I have almost given up,
and taken myself away from here,
But then I remember those who love me,
and I break down into tears.  


Jackal in the reeds:
Martha Chivima


You smile and bare a set of pearls--they glisten
Your prey desires to get a closer look
Your fangs like razors, but blinded, she is oblivious, enchanted
She smells danger, but her curiosity overpowers her
You lift a paw and beckon her...come closer, my dear, Mr jackal won't bite
He just wants to play
The soft echo resounds in her ears, of a mother warning her own
"Beware the jackal, child! A wolf in sheep's skin!"
Yet she yields to his charms and her resistance crumbles
She wonders why mother warned her off
He seems SO sincere. she takes a step closer
She sees you salivate...she panics
"Only sweat, my dear. The suns beats so hard on me!"
Do come closer, dear, you whisper
Your voice is magical, she falls into a trance
Come in my dear, shall we have venison for dinner?
Her blood splatters as she realises her folly
And the soft echo resounds once more
Too late, too late



That Night
Chelsea M. Preston


The sight of you makes me cringe with pain
As the warm pain-filled tears stream down
my face that horrible night strikes my
tormented memory
I remember all the screaming that gave me a pounding headache
I remember all the shocked, ashamed looks
that made my knees buckle
I fell to the cold ground crying and wondering if it was all worth it
Yes, the love for you was worth it all but
the irony of it all is I walked away with a
torn heart.



And Time Goes On...
Linda J. Sullivan

As we resume our daily lives and adjust to all we've seen
The horror in their faces the blood that stains our dreams
Do not forget the ones who gave their lives in disbelief
And left behind a nation dismayed and full of grief
These brave souls did not have a choice for what they gave that day
A cowards act in one swift blow just took them all away
The fiber of our nation its threads so old yet strong
The tears and pain and suffering making right what now is wrong
So each day please remember that tragic September day
And pray our troops will come home safe and our enemies will pay
Their deeds not go unpunished  as they tread our sacred ground
The enemy among us rest assured you will be found
Freedom Pride and Liberty are the pulse of this sweet land
Together and enduring we shall make our solemn stand.


  My Mind Spray...
I am all in this galaxy, universe, and all in the all.
Imagine me submitting to swine when nuwaubu blows around?
My mind spray,shook nations,destroyed negative mindstates,and tore a hole in the devil.
Yes!as he layed dead,thus the journey begins.
Elders put it in me,genetics,dna,forced me into right knowledge.
The GOD in atlanta helped me to remember, show him respect!!!!
I've been through blindness,ignorance,and shadow hours in the night.
Tell me a man can't be in the image and likeness!Come on bring It I remain stern!
Can you feel it? I spread sun on the seeds of the earth,lets shine togther!
This is nothin wait and see the g-o-d manifest the book OUR GOD WITHIN!!!!!
                               .....and the eloheem breath into the nostrils
                                    and he became a living soul!!!!!!!!!


Monique Stubbs-Holliday

Like fine crystal glistening in the sunlight
Shining and sparkling at every angle
Delicately placed in your possession
Representing purity and clarity
Yes, that was me!

Taken down from your showcase
Hidden amidst common glassware
No longer glistening, but losing luster
Dull, from misuse, muddied from unclean hands
No longer recognizable as a cherished piece

Disrespected, misrepresented, left alone
Cast aside as useless, beauty hidden
Picked up and thrown down, shattered!

Then you realized my value
Tried to mend the broken pieces
Polished me up as best you could
Realized how much you loved me
I'm back in your showcase
Flawed, but back!


The Camera Pans [October 21, 2001]


The camera pans onto the damaged street
to women holding onto photos of their heroes,
and the women weep out loud:
Though they do not look like us, we think,
as we see them cry;
we see the faithful women, who just hope to see
remains of their families, buried in the dust
and rubble
But we do not hear them whisper
Though they do whisper "so it must be,"
and they name their future children
after fallen heroes buried in the dust
Yes, it is the will of God, they think
And "by God's will so it must be."
And so, it will always be.

  A place in time
 Megan M. Rose


Still belongs to you and I
Stays sealed within my mind
In there the memories are safe
They'll never be too far away
I won't let time take them away
No, Not one bit of our yesterday

In this I have learned that
No one can take your place
I know that we can never be,
But I'll always keep you close to me

When I remember us
Standing under
The glittering stars
Your majestic blue eyes
Shining like above.
Still preserved
In my mind
In the memories
I'll find my peace

In experience,
Still too painful
To talk about,
But I'll hold it here
While my heart
Attempts to mend,
Then I'll be brave enough
To love again.


This Independent Woman
shaketta denson
this independent woman never needed no man no real love no strong hand
this independent woman had her independent wall crouching hidden from the truth w/a height 12ft tall
this independent woman never shed no tears never cried from real pain just the fact that he'd beat me there. this independent woman had it all figured out just knew she knew what real love was about. she'd string them along get em real strung out never opened herself up never gave it a thought.  thought she missed what she needed she did nothing but fought, fought the real let it go and blamed them so she wouldn't have to deal but then this independent woman found her independent man. real and ready for love he poured out his heart gave all she dreamed of,  he let down his guard and gave all his love...
he fell, fell hard for this independent woman in her he found all he'd ever need she was real and honest and never judgmental of he.
this independent man found his independent one his match his true companion.
now this independent woman saw her all start to fall. she hid and she shied but her heart would not deny that her love had the key and finally she realized her and him it was meant to be.  but his independent woman was too "destiny's child" she resisted reality and was harsh instead of mil.  refused how he felt and ignored wheat he needed. so busy being free she forgot to keep him secure and with we.
she never gave her all kept it all inside "i don't need him. i don't care i will never admit that i need him there."  this independent woman don't care that its real she wont ever appear weak let him know how she feel
this independent woman lost her independent man.  he got tired of waiting, tired of giving and getting a raw deal.
Now this independent woman needs her independent man as he's not weak or vulnerable just knows that she can.  the things that came so hard are now so easy for she son 2nd nature and necessary to be.  now this independent woman is missing her wall her way to protect but she, this this independent woman don't need it no more and so full of regret just her independent man to come back through that door.  now this independent woman aint independent any more she's just a regular woman wanting so much more. it came a day too late and a dollar too short
but i miss you i love you i need you my independent man


Itís ok. I want to ďknowĒ you, waiting, needing, wanting, hoping
Itís ok. What are you feeling, nervous, anxious, ready, warm
Itís ok. Just give me a chance, donít talk, just relax, lay back, enjoy, the quiet, the music, the aromas
Itís ok. Donít be afraid,  itís just us, close your eyes, use your imagination, I can be anyone in your mind  
Knowing you will feel good, pleasurable, your feet, your legs, your chest, your arms, your everything
Itís ok. Feeling, comfort, pleasure in the dark., candles, incense, softness, gentle, touching, caring
Just give me a chance, Iíve been waiting for such a long time, and it hurts inside of me, burning, pounding, beating, just give me a chance
Itís ok. It will make me so very happy and you will be so relaxed, calm, and then intense, just enjoy, the minutes going by slowly, wanting, more, hot, burning
Itís ok. You wonít be hurt, you wonít be changed, you will only know that you have finally given me the pleasure of  pleasing you; you donít have to touch me, unless you want to, hearts pounding., beating, fast
Itís ok. Just relax and let your mind go into a favorite place, calming, I have been waiting, wanting, needing, happiness, satisfaction, for a very long time; just give me the permission, but most of all,donít say no, you know I will make you feel good, my fingers, my hands, my warmth, my heart, pounding my mouth, wet
Itís ok. Itís a form of sharing, feelings, emotions, natural, safe, and we are friends, not strangers, so just relax, release, allow yourself to enjoy the moments that I will remember for ever, burning, beating, magical
Dreaming, wanting more, hearts beating,  Itís the quiet, the closeness, the not knowing, the mystery, feelings, like never before, from one friend to another, very special, a memory, forever
Itís ok. Just come, stay with me, relax; .itís ok, itís me, and itís real and I thank youÖMY LOVE!


Tiffany Trypus


Are we friends or are we lovers
This I really need to know
Do you love or just pretending
I have the right to know
If I cried would it touch you
To the bottom of your soul
If I lied would you forgive me
or would you let me go
If I told you I loved you
would you stay or would you run
If I said forever
Would you really be the one
I need you to tell me
Is it fact or is it foe
One way or another
I really need to know

Flying High

a plane


get here

a train


a 4WD

I could


loose clothes

sat on
a mat




"Harsh Words"
Chad Haney

Lips flying every which way,
People yelling and don't know what they say,
Anger filling everyone's mouth,
The whole worlds going south.
What's wrong with the planet,
When we can't even agree to all clam it.
Shut up, keep it down, and hush are all used often,
Some times these words get people put into coffins.
Why can't the world be like it used to be,
Calm, collective and full of harmony.
When people cared what happened to its fellow man,
Didn't throw their feelings away in a can.
When people start caring and talking again,
I'll be the first to say Amen.
   BJ Lyons
I guess I am one of those people who know a great many people, but only a very few know me.
There have actually been only two people in my life that could even get close to the inner core
Of the wall I have built around my heart and soul for protection, my soulmate and my soulfriend. My soulmate quit when He couldnít break down his own walls, but you, my soulfriend, persevere.
You arenít afraid to tell me how it is. You tell me the facts knowing that the truth hurts, but also that not knowing will eventually hurt more.  You are the only person who has ever really made sense to me, who makes me think long after we have parted. Because of your honesty my heart has been broken, but my life saved.
You can read my mind long before I can. You know what I am feeling, even though hopefully, you will never experience such pain. I will never give my heart to anyone again, because my soulmate already has it.
You know that after everything he did, my heart will always be his, because the heart is not something you can ever get back once you have given it away.  But you have something of mine that it looks like he will never get and that is my Respect. You live your life by the way it makes you feel, and not by what others dictate. I do not have that luxury or the courage it takes to do that. Plus, my soulmate has not yet broken through the walls of brick around his heart and it looks like he may never.
But you, my soulfriend, are my daily dose of sanity when I feel as if I have gone crazy. You have kept my feet grounded in reality. You have made me realize that he is not my first knight, nor does have the capability to be so. I will never know red roses or black stallions, instead I will know laughter and back roads adventure. I will hear the music, enjoy the children, commune with nature and  feel the sun, because you insist that I do.
You are my soulfriend because you save my life daily without ever knowing it, but you call me because a little voice has told you to do so. I do not know why fate has made us so connected. I am sure there was a plan long before we came to be. Maybe one day I can help you as much as you have helped me to realize that life goes on, and so must I.


I Use To

I use to have wings
made of blood and feathers and things
and when I flew they would almost sing...
god I miss my wings.

I use to have a heart
that was so beautiful it glowed in the dark
and away from me it would never part...
god I miss my heart.

I use to have a smile
you could see it for a mile
but it's been gone for awhile...
god I miss my smile.

I use to have a soul
but then i lost control
and now it's crushed beneath a pole...
god I miss my soul.


Cassandra Jones

Witches screaming,
"Kill them all!"
While running through the sky

Demons voices,
"You have no choices,
You all are going to die!"

Pumpkins smile,
And laugh with glee,
As kids walk towards a trap!

Look out people,
Look out lord,
The one from hell is back!

Your helpless now,
You have no hope,
Your souls are mine to sell!

You can't go to,
Your loving heaven,
So welcome to your hell!


Sargent 10/2001
Happy Halloween

It's damp and cold and the headstones are old
It's in the woods near the edge of town
There's a rotting smell the closest place to hell
Don't be there when the sun goes down

In the middle ground there's never a sound
Where evil men are laid to rest
Markers bare no names only the mortal shame
Of those who gave the devil their best

A final resting place for those passed on
Living souls better stay away
At the stroke of midnight you best be gone
If you care to see another day

It's haunted hills will give you cold chills
If you end up there after dark
Low voices moan you feel you're not alone
It's off limits if you have a faint heart

For bodies of the dead it's a final bed
The sad voices of children cry
With skinless bones and eyes of stone
The scary ones don't know they've died

Just outside of town lies unholy ground
Where only a fool will go at night
Specters shriek and ugly ghouls creep
Where sane folk die of fright


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