April, 2006

The Dog Ate My Homework!
Ben Jones,where's your homework?
Teacher,Teacher!The dog ate my homework!

I didn't know you owned a dog?
It got stuck to my prickly hedgehog

Nonsense!Hedgehogs ain't pets
I was sick so Ihad to rest
Class!Let's start the test

The monkey was chasing me to Eiffel Tower
We don't have a jungle or zoo,that's the
major factor
Errr.....I had to sell our tractor?

I need one, can I have a look?
Oh no,.....No!Ilost my book!
Ha ha!Now you can't put me under a trance!
But an ogre invited me to a dance

Let me guess the next excuse,your leg was fractured?
Grizzly,the wicked gnome,had me captured
Ben,I'm getting tired.Are you ending now?
How you recognise my lies,wow!

Thank You!
But I want your homework,now!

Amna Ikhlaq


Jessica's stylin'.
Damian's smilin'.
Julie and Kayla G. dance.
Nick and Dakota play b-ball.
Sarah'shandwriting's, best of all.
Then there's Adam and Kate's romance.
Tessa loves horses!
Will James have five sources?
Jami's without her coat.
Thad loves the computer!
Could David be any cuter.
Will Mrs.Davis ever read what Ashley wrote?
Blair is quick with a guess.
Cody loves recess!
There's Destiny, who's small but mighty.
B.L. loves to learn.
The good grades B.P. earns.
Will Erics desk ever be tidy?
Timmy likes Nascar.
Vince likes Brett Favre.
Kayla, she likes to read.
Writing? That's Savannah.
Talking? That's Deanna.
Then there's Mrs.Eagle who meets every need.
So, stop by room ten
You'll want to come back again.
As for me it's my time to move on
But I'll never forget
The time that I've spent
I can't believe how fast it has gone!

Cindy JF Harrison

Full of wonder, full of joy

Full of contentment for one little boy.

He doesn't yet know the things life can do To him life is nice, so fun and so new.

Let's hope he is guarded from all that is bad Leave that image untarnished, so he'll never be sad.

But that's not how life is for it seldom does good To just sit back and hope though we wish that it would.

And even though life may not go as he'll hope Let him find out himself, he'll be able to cope

Just as we have been doing for so many years Hoping life's joys will out number it's tears.


Round and round I go the fast hand that moves by the minute some times slow some times fast, on good days I move fast on bad day I move slow I am a clock.



Farther Away
By:Kelly Coons

I try to fit in,I really do

And I try to make friends with all of you But,I don't even seem to know your names I don't know whether to be worried or ashamed I see you speaking,but the words don't make sense Is something really wrong or is my head just dense?

I no longer even feel part of the human race Everything seems strange and out of place I tried to join in again,I wanted to stay I just never realized...I was only drifting farther away.


Amy Rankmore-Lamb

I need to know, where have you gone,

technically your still here,

all I know is our friendship is worn,

you have turned cold and I have cried,

you do not know how much I've tried,

you slipping, running, flying away,

I know I can't stop you,

but I still want you to stay,

I thought you would be a friend to the end, But I was wrong once again, I still wish that you are my friend, But I must learn to accept that friendships end, I wish you knew how bad I feel, My regret, my sorrow and my shame, I wish you understood me but you don't.


The waves Roared.

The winds Howled.

The Wolves fed.

The Bats devoured.

The foxes hide.

The Fires stop.

The worlds becomes silent.

For no one knows what to say.

At there own destruction.



The trees

There was once a day,

When the trees did not sway,

All the leaves just flew away.


The Black Laced Sleeve

The black laced sleeves

Does it make me think

about becoming her?

The girl that I've wished

to be for a long time?

The girl no one would except,

the kind of person I may

not look but feel?

Why do I wish to become

someone that nobody wants

to know?

For attention, or to show.

To show how I really feel?

But is that the only way?

To wear black laced sleeves?



My hamster is a yellow glowing halo on top of an angles head. She squeaks and nibbles on the cage bars. When you feel her whiskers tickling you cheek. She’s like a tiny fuzzy teddy bear that walks around on wood shavings! She may be swift moving like a hare, but other times she’s as slow at a turtle. You feel comforted when her fur is brushing against your face.


The ball comes flying towards me,

Sixty miles per hour

My heart is beating fast

My hands are all sweaty

The ball is right there

I swing the bat as hard as I can

“Its outta her!”

yells the reff.

I sprint to each base

first base,

second base,

third base,


I slide to home base

Pal Mac Raiders Win the Championship



come,gentle spring!spring is here o'gorly.If we had no winter,the spring would not be so pleasant.Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.Did i ignore the small things? the month rools on and spring draws near.if all the time i ignored i sure missed out!




The song of life,

The beat of my heart,

The rhythm of my breath,

The tune of my voice,

The words of my thoughts.

Round and Round,

Over and Over,

As the seasons turn,

As the leaves change their color,

and drift down to meet the their friend, Grass, For lunch, My breath slows and comes to a halt, My body will stay where it is but my sprit will live on, Forever.



The Cheetah is a glorious creature,

it can run, it can leap, it can bound,

the problem with the cheetah,

is its not a big eater,

which explains why so few can be found!



I’m walking along a pear,

You walked up to me and iam shedding a tear, You would come near my face and push it away to my ear, Then you say oh dear i am now hear, You have nothing to fear, And you would say awwa dear please don’t shed a tear, Because memas hear.


Patrick Edwards Hodges

I have a little puppy short and stout

He hasn't eaten he's about to pass out

He needs his shots so he want get the flu and his I D tag like me and you.


Denise J Charles

Establishing authenticity

isn't easy,

unlock the prison door

of custom,

break free




Nicola J. Steel

Violence noticed
On the contrary
Symbolism of ego

Sliver, slice, not quite
Ornamental uses only

Demonstration required
Unnecessary and immoral
Yet, required.

Persuaded into decency

Or conscience came about.
Either way - which is more
Renouncing ego and weapon
Or an eccentric performance?


Peter Saba

When the ball is shot,

Get ready and check your blind spot.

Watch out and be on guard,

He is coming in; he is coming in hard.

You jump with all your might,

You think you have it; it’s in your sight.

He snatches it right away,

He takes it without any delay.

He jumps like a spring,

They call him the Rebounding King.


Trevor Wendt

Gentle or strong.

It’s always there.

Whether we feel it or not.

It’s like our shadow.

It’s always there.

At times it talks all day.

Or howls all night.

Making much noise.

Or no noise at all.

But no matter what,

It’s always there.




I love you every day

As my little piece of heaven

A cute puppy whose white fluffy fur

Blows in the wind

My favorite dog that there is

Cuddles like a tiny teddy bear


cute birds fill the sky

flowers bloom here and there

chicks born everywhere

Pedro P. Garcia


Spring is coming this i know for the months tell me so January, February March is here the 20th day is full of cheer! We jump with joy we jump with glee my mothers garden is full of bees!!

By jeannie lochrie


by: Rick Roberson

Forest so calm and

Peaceful; birds playing through trees.

Very calm, yes sir-ree!


Mary Carpio

The essence and beauty of love
what every heart searches for
Could never have enough of it
we're always wanting more

The cure for every hurt and pain
we've suffered through the years
Gives us courage and strength
to face our doubts and fears

Brightens up the path in life
where darkness seemed to fill
Takes away our heavy burden
when we walk the rugged hill

Sweet sunshine takes the place
of clouds of worry and dread
Seeds of love begin to grow
and to others they are spread



When I was a little girl I was thinking about a happy ending, One with me happily married, And sitting in a room of laughter and gold, The room what does it behold, Everything I could ever want, And internal happiness, Now I'm a teenager, The little girl is no more, These thoughts are now mere dreams, So much for my happy ending.


She hides behind a velvet smile

Bagged anger lies in a darkened closet

Virtual synthetic a lie .. so dramatic

Shes tempted shes crying shes fake and shes nervous A facade A skit with a closing curtain Shes put up with the lies and the life she denied Shoved it away and put it in hiding.

Its coming through her soft milk skin.

Revealing something deep within

A change at hand a life begins

A dead cell shes become

A mirror with no reflection

A drowned out recollection

in a game of memory shes never played


The hands stop time as she holds her eyes

From spilling tarnish and hold it inside

Her beauty painted on a canvas surface

Tells her mind shes pretty in every aspect.

As her music plays and she stares straight blank

At a sheet of mirror she cannot fake

A looking glass as clear as day

She now sees what shes betrayed

Disappointment creeps slides through her veins

and when she wakes.

yes when she wakes.

Oh when this helpless girl awakens

Shell finally

Be free



Dammed Neutrality
Carlie Partridge

The point at which the heads

She'll turn dwindles, funnels into

neutrality, dammed by

A god of beauty's melt

A skull's excruciating paces,

Frozen oval cheeks

Flaking, concentricate as

Narnia accessed via

Two-by-fours, as she oldens

Her mixed politics bayed off by screens, By screens screened into casts, Those archangelic buttresses

Flanking the pillared doors.

Until her edges become


With purity of alert,

Tongues the temperature of ejection

Vanities fixed in the bellows

Of uttered verse, "The miracle is

Extremity of Contrast"

Against which I saw

The daughters of her teeth

Spun out and fossiled

Between sediments of drought,

those times when dust devised

To marry dust,

Part overlain part,

Filligreed bones filling,

Mutant weave weeping.

Grieving in fleeing,

Halt your co-veiling, Ancient

Neural Earth!


The World

The world is filled with starving children And it is not humane,

Children should not go through this much pain,

Instead they should laugh and play,

But yet thousands die from starvation a day.


                            (A Haiku)
                        by: Rick Roberson
                     Bird soars back and forth;
                      Scanning for any morsel,
                       For the young birdies.


Asher Webb
We're free to live
yet not to vote
Free to talk
Yet make no note
Free to notice
Yet not despise
Free to be smart
but not proven wise
Free to give
yet not receive
Free to destroy
yet not conceive
Free to be outspoken
in a silenced voice
Free to discriminate
in a darkened eye
Free to take a life
Yet not to die
Is this freedom
is this our grand dream
For if this is what it is
I'd rather not be free.


by Marcia Schechinger

I hear wind whisper dancing through trees a cool breezy breath like you ballerina Subtly swaying flowing in pale moonlight, not like a dancer Degas would have painted slim bellied and high on tips of toes Yours is a joyous dance fresh like mist on an autumn leaf weaving, teasing to the music of a crisp fall night with Chardonnay flowing in your veins Methodically you move as wind captures your spirit and floats you into a cool spin of circular nonchalance to a world that only you exist in I watch your form twirl, a swirl of chiffon melt into nothingness And I wonder if Aphrodite is jealous tonight as you capture the stars and hold them captive in your eyes


Do you remember?
Do you remember that one day,
Where we promised friends for ever?
That one time,
We said we could tell each other everything?
It’s funny when you think about this,
When you think about how everyting has an expiry date.
I don’t remember ever being told,
That something will last forever.
Nothing can and nothing will.
Life has its beginings,
Life has its ends.
When something seems to be to good,
It usually is;
You can only see this when someone shows you.
Somethings we force upon ourselves,
Like a good friendship.
Some friendships were just to obviously fake That it seemed real. 
We fooled ourselves to believe that everyting was great.
Nothing can be great.
I don’t believe in anything ever being great.
Everyting was a game.
A test.
We all have our own personal tests.
We never know we are testing ourselves,
And others.
It’s a human thing.
Everything we do is a test
In some way life itself is a test.
Its all about awerness and


Breathing in remembrance.
Exhaling my regrets.
The wind of my desires and hopes makes it hard for me to inhale my dreams.
My lungs become full of anxiety and my chest hurts with disappointments.
My air stutters its way out with the unsureness of my character.
Androgynous anger fills my air way and the escape of aggravation makes me fall to my knees.
My silent Hail Mary's can only be heard in my mind. 
For the breath of there owner is trapped in a cavity full of despair.



WITHOUT YOU...(I wrote this alone,NO help)
BY:Thalia Vivero 11years old 

Without you,I'd be nothing

I'd have no one to hold tight.

I'd die without anything to have to love It woild be empty.

My heart would stop beating and

it would shatter into millions of pieces that wouldn't be able to be replaced or put together...

Without you I'd wouldn't have anything.


Cruise Control
--Nathan Mordecai and Michaela Brewer
Ranting and raving
and flailing his arms,
Tom Cruise came to Matt Lauer’s show. 
He bounced on his ass--
made remarks which were crass,
expounding on all that he know. 
“How often, Jim Lauer,
have I saved the world
with a wink and an arrogant smile,
as a CIA agent, a brave fighter pilot , or when I shot at that dang pedophile?” 
“How many times
must l tell you, Tom Cruise,
that my name is not Jim, but its Matt? 
If you again call me Jim
with that all-knowing grin,
I’ll beat you to death with a bat.” 


my dad
mary quick 

my dad was a wonderful man

he was big and strong

now hes tall and small

why has he come to this

was it the killer called alcohol

or was it the weakness that lies deep in his heart why must he blame himself for the wrong doing of others or death of a loved one and for this i leave my final statement dont let death get you down its not over its just beginning of a new life dont let it get you down beacuse you have a friend greater than I or anyone else for that matter please dont cry dad I love you dont be sad be strong be that dad i use to know leave ur troubles behind and follow me you were once my idol now you thrown your guitar talent away i wish i could hear you play like you can hear me play the piano I need you more than ever hurry before its to late life is short im only 15 you have alot to live for im young for now but not forver take what you have left and go for it I love you dad and i will always be your suppoter I can fill that space in your heart that beer cannot let let me be your happiness . we were once a family now im stuck between sepreate lives dealing with the fact ur not around and the fact i have my mom to make it all better I love you dad dont forget me .


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