June, 2006

the weight
David Lyons
i have a burden all my own
not yours, but mine, and mine alone
careful always to hurry by
lest you should see it in my eyes
on it i've focused and obsessed
determined to keep it from the rest
if i'd shared it, it might not have grown i did not, 
it was mine alone but the time has come to put it down 
so tired of toiling upon this ground 
there's someone else to whom i'll loan this burden of mine, 
this secret stone and when i do, may be i'll find the weight was all within my mind

The Eagle Cries
by Randy Lane 2006

A top this mountain the eagle cries, the lonely sound of her reply to her mate now who lies still, a hapless victim of circumstance The pale blue sky is ringed in gold, to embrace his spirit it now unfolds reaching out to this bird of prey, a glorious being now received A top this mountain the eagles cry, the sounds of life from he who died hungry beaks that she must fill, will take his place someday in the sky



When I gaze up at the sky all I see is them dying children That could have lived to see the future But instead there lives have been taken for granted They have propaganda bulls*** implanted Media telling them fight for your country Not knowing that they are trying to genocide a nation.

I tell you this world is cruel so you better get to know If not then let this s*** grow Into a political welfare This all depend if you Evan going to get there Cause trust me if im telling you Look up in the sky and see if you can what I can see Which is a whole generation of children wiped out


Loneliness seeps in
Alone or together. 
My heart is quietly shedding sadness.
How I want to be touched. 
But My heart is standing still.
rescue me from my heart.



Midnight Hour
Linda La Porte 

Paul and Silas sang in the midnight hour.Prison chains were loosed by God's mighty power. There's earthquakes when He speaks,mountains tremble at His feet..remember Paul and Silas sang in the midnight hour.One time long ago I was taken down a lonely road.I met up with Jesus and I prayed.It seemed my heart would break for Satan wanted his own way.I remembered how Paul and Silas sang in the midnight hour.When you're feeling low,you're carrying a heavy load and the enemy puts stumbling blocks in you way;don't take that sitting down,raise your voice up to heaven Paul and Silas did in the midnight hour.When your children fall in sin,there's nothing you can do for them and it doesn't seem you prayers are getting through,God's healing's coming soon,cleansing rivers are flowing through...just sing like Paul and Silas did in the midnight hour.They called upon the Lord and God opened up the door;those binding chains fell that very hour!


Ruby's Prayer
By: Michael Funk

Here I lay getting ready for bed tonight.

I'll call for Mom and Dad with all of my might.

I am afraid because the world is so new.

Here comes Mom and Dad they look tired too.

The world is new and so much to see.

Tomorrow is another day of learning for me.

Today I cried but not due to pain.

I met Uncle Rick, Aunt Missy, and my cousins insane.

My mom would hold me and tell me it’s Ok Dad would rock me to sleep at the end of each day.

Watch over them as you do over me.

I love my Mom and Dad, as you can see.

I know I am new but I have one thing to ask.

Nothing real big just one small task.

Watch over my Mom,Dad and the rest of my family too.

There all that I need accept for You.


 Nipan Talukdar
I still hear your voice
Echoing around the valley,
The melodious tune
Which you used to sing
Sitting by the lake.
Your footsteps are lingering
somewhere around,
I try to find  you but,
Wherever I go, I see
No one but myself
I sense your whisper
In the silence of the night,
I wake up and I find
It is the sound of my heart
Uttering only your name.
Oh! What an agony it is
To live a solitary life.
I have no one to heal my pain
I have no one to cry when I die.
    Tanya Beamer
I'm on the outside of the window and I'm looking in his face.
I wish I could be with him, in this strange, new place.
I crack the window open and he's telling me to come.
I'm having this sensation and I don't know where it's from.
I'm opening the window; how I wish he was my own!
He's reaching his hand toward me and I smell his sweet cologne.
He's looking like he wants me, so I touch his smooth, black skin.
It's not just my imagination, I'm actually there with him!
He grabs me in his arms, his mouth's exploring mine.
He tastes like something special, like a fine new wine.
Then suddenly the windows closing. It's closing really fast!
He's drifting away from me, now he's in my past.
He was my optimistic window; he taught me how to love.
But now I know he's in heaven, watching from above.     
CAC Poem!
lisa geier
Corinne loves peter wentz                     
And rents butt wipe movies! 
Corinne also has puffy green hair
And wants to marry Winnie the pooh
And likes to lick and chew on my shoe  
Corinne eats purple goo for lunch
And munches with her mouth open
And likes to mope at birds  
Corinne thinks our class was great
And thinks Mr. Ryan is her mate  
Corinne loves men with mussels popping out of their skin  
And loves to put them in bins 
Corinne likes to examine homeless people's poop 
And likes to eat poop with soup. 
Corinne thinks Mr. Ryan is a piece of bread 
that’s why she woke up in the alcohol recovery center. 


Jacklyn L. Clark

So it all begins one day! You wake up and you realize you are not the person you once dreamed of being. Some may think you are evil, some may think you are the sweetest but you hold the only truth to your tale. It all began in your child hood when you would sit in your bedroom on your bed and dream of the fairy tale. What every little girl in the world dreams, to be a princess, or perhaps a ballerina, or maybe even the queen. But then the travels in your life take you to a familiar place known as reality. The place where all dreams become just that; a dream. The roads of your adventure become one ways and the challenges become struggles and life becomes a place you want to escape.

The echo’s of voices you hear saying; shake it off, snap out of it, pray to god, you have everything why are you so sad? taunt you day by day. What is unknown is how it all came to this. Your body no longer has the tears that once poured like a rain storm, nor the voice to shrill like a dying lion. Instead you are left with a body without any emotion, a mass of helpless matter. Your days become filled with overwhelming dread to face one more day. Sleeping becomes your one dream to replace that childhood dream you once longed for. While your body lies in the bed you close your eyes and forget the horror you face within yourself. Your sleep becomes your place where you are safest, the place you feel you belong, a place where there are no one ways. The fatigue when you are awake overwhelms you. You find no pleasure, you feel no happiness, now only sorrow and pity engulf you. You are empty inside. You are hollow.

You are not sure what love is or if it even exists. You can not love yourself therefore you can not love others. The reflection in the mirror is empty, you are nobody! Where have you gone. You are lost in the alley of despair and destruction. You gasp for air but there is only fluid which fills your lungs and smothers you.


At the age of twelve I had a ride and a crib 
Now let me tell you how we rich girls live 
We ride in our motor bikes spinning the rims
4 wheeler car with the grills
My brother Mj caught me home alone
An those boys called me on mobile phone
They call me Creilly
Yeah! that's right
I'm a great balla
With the platinum chain
Baby blue impala
Every time on the streets
Guys come and scream out my name
Sign autographs my life has never been the same.



by Ruth Walters


I had worries or should I say, worries had me so

I packed them up real tight and stowed them away.

I got on with life, smiled at my friends and tried to be cool.

I kept the worries at bay, you might say.

The trouble was they bugged me

so I put them in a box, a big round box.

Some days I’d forget about the box.

Then I’d remember where it was and peep inside.

It was a deep purple box, a purple hat box.

Every now and then I’d peep inside because the worries niggled and nagged a lot.

One day I confronted my worries and took them out but they wouldn’t stop!

They became wild and they glared crazily at me!

They talked in my head all day and all night.

Something had to be done so I opened the box and threw them in.

Well, they were wild!

I nailed down the lid, took a deep breath and sighed.

The worries cried for mercy one more time and then;

guess what?  

They died.



                 Long stemed glass
                      thoughly transparent
                Wine! liquid lass
                      Honey brown invitingly apparent
                 Beauty no worse
                      intoxicating holder and beholder
                 Giving courage false
                      Imagination comes alive bolder
                Honeyed liquid wine
                      Escape of pressures pinch
                Tempting pleasure divine
                      Drowned in honeyed liquid inch
               Bewitched beyond recall
                      This fragile wine glass
               Temptation does befall
                       This WINE no FRAGILE LASS !!!
                                             MALINI KADIR


By Lisa Ann Allen

Have You Seen God?

I think you have, you may not know it tho'

You've seen Him in a little hand or in a little toe You've seen Him in a little mouth that sports a toothless grin You've seen him in the only earthly thing that's without sin.

Have you heard God?

I'm sure you have but may not be aware

You've heard Him in the rustling of the wind through downy hair You've heard Him in a gentle coo or in a little cry You've heard him in the echo of an almost silent sigh.

Have you felt God?

I know you have but didn't realize

You've felt Him in a tender look from loving little eyes You've felt Him in a hug that says, "Oh, I do love you so."

You've felt Him in a tiny tug that says, "Oh, please don't go."

Have You Seen God?

Oh yes, indeed, and I can prove it's true And you can see Him every day somewhere you never knew To look at God and see the presence of His Loving grace You only have to gaze upon a little baby's face.


The Bear
By Benjamin Groulx
From the creaking bow
Down to the raspy hull below,
The waves smash on The Bear
And create a magic show.
It smashes through the Atlantic,
Off to a new land.
It leaves behind a world
The sailors cannot stand.
Such power
The Bear does have
As it slices the ocean
Into two equal halves.
This new land brings mysteries
And adventures one can only hope for.
The sailors are so anxious
For the ship to land ashore.
From the creaking bow
Down to the raspy hull below.
The Bear is almost there,
Almost at the New World.


Part true and part hidden that when i saw a seaman i cry merely with your open eyes you can round before time brainles and hugely damaged you left your rests of food in the dustbin in the ocean and in the forest so when i can have a true devotion to music and all the things you can throw your shoulder as if it does not matter you can sing fireles and harmles from human perfection

Maybe because of trains and rumor

I have lost the reality

a line that falls to the other falling

that is why maybe you know where is the road sure you must have known several of roads before but none matches in letterhood than yours just because when you sign you say blast



Cats and Dogs
Amy Stanton
Cats and Dogs are always fighting,
Cats and Dogs are always biting.
The Dog chasing the Cat,
The Cat running away from the Dog.
Its very simple if you think about it
so they: bite, they fight, the chase and they run.
bite, fight
fight, bite.
Cats and Dogs are always fighting,
Cats and Dogs are always biting.


By: Sarah Felger
March 8, 2006
Invaded, I cling to the threads of life
Wretched existence, I am worn too thin
Discounted for flesh, feelings, and worth Hopeless corpse...
extract my soul.
My value resembles the pride I lost
Shunned of what, I now represent
A second-class citizen, desperate in need 
Excruciating pain, I can no longer feel.
Numb to a world where I have no place
Hungering for happiness, I give my last breath 
A revelation I crave, with eyes open wide 
Sickened, I swallow, and await the black night.


The Unexpected
By: Clevette Roberts

I had given up on the possibility of what could be I began to focus on what was in front of me meaning reality All the wishful thinking and fairy tales are now deceased I just wanted to fall back and relax, relate and release There were so many times I opened up my heart But only to have it torn apart The headaches, the lies, the constant drama and deceit I released the aggravation from the battle with much defeat My mind was made up that love was out the door I knew that love did not live in my heart anymore Then out of the blue, late one Saturday night The moon was full and shining so bright I never imagined that life would take a turn for the best I just knew that it was time to get home because I had given up on love and my mind needed time to rest As I walked down the street passing the unknown I began to round the corner I witnessed a tall, dark silhouette of a man on the pavement I looked up and witnessed a tall, beautiful, young man and locking eyes immediately A conversation was sparked and it was like we had known one another for a lifetime It had not dawned on me that I had given up on love forever My eyes were wide opened, my body shivering My heart was beating so fast, my insides quivering I knew upon our meeting that he was the one for me For once, I did not feel anxious or overwhelmed I felt calm and serene As if it was a dream All this time I had given up on love and felt so rejected Never realizing that love was just around the corner It was so unexpected….


Happiness Is Not A Fish You Can Catch

 Happiness Is Life
 As Sadness Is To Near Death
 As Time Heals All Wounds.
Poem two:
From all the way up there
 Falling towards Earth
 My mind speaks words of tru life,
 And all feeling is lost
     I hear a loud sound from the car
           and its not so far
       Someone walks in the door 
    My mom lay something on the floor
       I didn't knew what it was, or
    I felt in my heart it was something bad
          Something terribly sad
         Until i went down and saw 
       My cat lay dead on the floor
     Little God
 (for my son, Chris)
(excerpt from Waking the Muse)
Melanie Simms
My son doesn't know
His own strength;
Shadows flicker across the room,
Ducks, rabbits
And wolves.
He has made them with his hands
And watches them dance
Across the moonlit wall.
He laughs as he creates
Creature after creature,
My little god.
Love actually,(our family)
Is the foundation of our existence-our family.
Where we are educated and protected,
Never forsaken and nurtured.
In return,
It is where our unending respect and appreciation Should be given to.
Love actually,(our partner)
Develops from the desire
To be intimate physically and emotionally With each other.
Fireworks sparks, stars in eyes,
Feelings are euphoric and energized.
Influences your actions,
Inspires you to be the best you can.
Love actually,(growing old together)
Is an everlasting commitment
A mystery to be lived,
Not a problem to be solved.
Continuous support and trust,
Patience and understanding,
A magical feeling,
Till the end of time.
Love actually,(ourselves)
Is a divine power,
That starts with ourselves,
And becomes a part of everything we do.
Laugh at yourself,
You will never cease to be amused.
For a truly meaningful life,
I use my strengths and share it with the world.
Delightful passion personified.
rachel felix

by Breonna Vargas 

I wish I could get over all the pain, stop my tears, and stop the drain. All my heart, I gave to you, you took it with suprise, but then you knew. You knew that I just wasn't the one for you. You led me on, you played this game, to only in return, cause me pain. I fought the battles to be with you, to only find that's not what you wanted me to do. So now I face my fighting opponents once again, but I can only stand there and let them win. I have no reason to fight, not anymore. There's nothing worth keeping, or fighting for. Just don't bother me, I'll be fine, let me recover on my own, I have no more time. No more time to waste on you, just enough to get over you. Keep your sorry's, dry those tears, they no longer affect me, their no longer my fears. I hope life without me treats you fine, and this new girl you found treats you right. I just hope she doesn't break your heart, like you broke mine.


i feel like i am a person unlike all others, not in the way that individuality is good. i live in deja vue every day of my life, i believe that it guides me to what i shouldn't do that day. so i don't but later regret it. maybe one day i will have an epiphany and realize i shouldn't be here. perhaps kill myself to escape the torture or disappear from humanity into myself for eternal bliss or silence and darkness. just what i pray for, "god, let me suffer no more" but it isn't that easy. i must drag on every day until the end when it will be perfect, no more wondering or wandering. just to know is going to be nirvana, because one say it will be the end. finally.

matthew donohue

Kendra Shaw

First an introduction... I'm the cousin of sleep, but the father of cries.

And to give me a hard time, you can bet that some hate me when their love one dies.

I feel sorry, cold, dark, regretful, and lonely.

I feel sorry for the people I have buried from time, but solemnly placed in loving memory.

I feel cold for the young I have ripped from dying alive mothers, who can only let their lost to rest in peace..

I feel dark for the place where all my victims finally meet their last resting place.

I feel regretful for choosing who stays and who go, But most of I feel lonely, because all the ones I touch leave me.


If you knew?
ciara campbell

If you knew I was hurt then why would you leave?

If you knew you were leaving soon then why did you say you would stay?

if you knew I was gonna cut then why did you hang up?

If you knew i was already fractured then why did you break me?

If you knew how I felt would you have ignored me for those sleepless nights?

If you only knew how much pain you made me inflict on myself,would you try to take it away?

If you knew how much misery you have caused me would you even think of me?

If you cared you would want to know these things but you haven't spoke a word to me since that day ,and I remembered forever and a day


Just the beginning of a thought:

Left to myself, there are things I did not challenge.

In the abyss of my self pity I was coveting things I should not. Yet, my tears did fall upon virgin leaves brought by a spring that would not give way to all my devious thinking to eliviate the pressures in my life.

There once was a Camelot now lost to my own mind of queer thinking and subbliminal messages from Gods that use to speak to me.



Jacob Berrios
Maybe I should start the work,
Maybe I should finish it,
Maybe I won’t do it at all,
Possibly I will be respected,
Possibly I will make it big,
Possibly I won’t,
Trust me,
Trust me I know what I'm doing,
No you don’t,
Yes I do,
Trust me.
When I do you will see,
You will see me do what I want to,
You will see me win,
There is no maybe about it,
I win,
You lose,
Get used to it.



Unfortunate Events

She was so young…

She died too soon…

It seems like it’s just a nightmare…

So you put it in the back of your head…

Until one day you decide to call… she’s not there… Her family explains what happened…it all comes and hits you like a ton of bricks…you appear to stay strong… You looking through old pictures from a few years ago…and you find her the one picture I knew I had but never wanted to find…*tears* When you look you just break down…crying….that’s your only reaction it’s the first thing that enters your mind the fact that she’s no longer with us… yea, she’s always with us in our hearts and spiritually…..but….*tears*... it’s just not the same…I don’t know why I’m so sad I should be happy she didn’t suffer but my selfishness is getting the best of me…’s just…..*tears*……she was just too young!


**** I am ****

I am a special girl who is a hula dancer.
I wonder if I will ever win a competition.
I hear God's thoughts when i'm alone.
I see clouds falling down.
I wasn't to be the first human on Jupiter.
I am a special girl who is a hula dancer.
I pretend I'm a white dove.
I feel me floating in the air.
I touch a warm unicorn.
I worry when my friends need help.
I cry when my family members die
I am a special girl who is a hula dancer.
I understand that some things happen.
I say that we all are different.
I try to be good at everything.
I hope someone will find a cure for my mom's heart problems.
I am a special girl who is a hula dancer.
                              **** The End ****

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