July, 2006

For C. Ann 
in mid-air
like a glimmering gold ornament -----
a single precious thought
of you.
G. D'Angelo


I see your face upon the stars.
To be amazed of who you are.
Perfect in every single way.
I dream of you, night and day.
But soon the image fades away.
And when i see your face upon these stars.
I am truly amazed by of who you are.


The Way You Do
Amit Balan
the way you look at me..
i feel iam so much needed..
the way you call my name..
i feel im so much loved..
the way you say you love me..
i feel iam the luckiest person alive..
the way you give me a kiss..
i feel iam in heaven..
the way you love me..
i feel like a miracle..

Butterfly On A Naked Shoulder
By Ahmed El-Ekiaby

Metamorphosis through a feeling, kept in shadows away from strangers By the time of it's revealing, sense of pleasure is stained with danger Between four walls and desperation for providence, we stood there cold feet all alone Nothing seems to break that disturbing silence, real life's flowing innocence has turned to stone In joy we were drowning ,we were so scared What is forbidden and what is dared She moved with teasing shame into the corner, the laws of a lifetime were running out of order Because it wasn't beauty in the eye of the beholder, when that butterfly landed on her naked shoulder We were closer, our fingers were touching, her hair on my skin was like velvet in winter Angels guarded us, while they were blessedly watching As we finally to our heavenly love surrendered The air we inhaled had the scent of Eden, the peace of the night was our commander Such a charming moment worth eternal waiting, such a charming moment we'll always remember She moved with teasing shame into the corner, the laws of a lifetime were running out of order Because it wasn't beauty in the eye of the beholder, when that butterfly landed on her naked shoulder


I've seen you pass by and by everyday until i really notice you at once It was the feeling of love i knew what love was when i notice that u know i am alive the way you looked at me i knew it was love the way you smiled, the way you talk, and the way you blushed. I knew it was love at first site you were the same normal guy I've always seen but never knew the beauty in you. As i looked into you eyes and you did the same toward me i knew i had to get to know you more. My friends had said that its the first time they had ever seen me so crazy i said no its the first time you seen me crazy in love.

I had never got to tell you face to face how much i love you but that will always be deep down in my heart and some day i hope to tell you my love that i once had and now have a half of that love for you.



just this once 

My mind is running in circles trying to see if your love is for real.

I scare myself everyday, about the thoughts of loving someone, The thought of loving, then having it torn so easily, I don’t want to feel that pain, that hurt, that disappointment, that one person can pound upon a single soul, I want to find someone, that will give me a vibe that tells me I don’t need to worry about anything, but in true fact your always going to have that possibility, so maybe I should take that one risk, with the one that I want to be with, be around, and love.

and maybe….. that guy is right in front of me, I see him he sees me, but I don’t see us, if only I could change that just this once.






















The letter you will never read
My love, your honey is so sweet
Your dreams are poured on me
They were
Not anymore
All there is left now is hurt
This blur
I want to tell you this
It was beautiful as it lasted
My heart was suddenly blasted
On fire it was about to be tested
I was complete and felt alive
Now I only try to survive
Oh the memories,
The memories, my love
How can something so beautiful
Hurt you so much
It hurts you like a dagger
Just remembering your touch
Your eyes looking at me in love
Now they look away and above
You fly away from me like a dove
Away from me you go
You turn your back on me and go
Never again will look below
I am to blame
I wanted you so much
I captured you in insecurity
I keep the shame
I made it as such
I reaped from my immaturity 
I will always remember you
Angel from the sky into my life
Dove that made me look better
I wanted you to be my wife
Now I am writing you a letter
A letter you will never read
My angel is gone forever
You sow then you reap
Will I ever feel any better?
Stergios Palaras

all the thoughts inside my head i just cant put down on paper.

1% of my head is thinking about ur beaututful smile 98%on my love 4 u.

and the other 1 percent on writing this now.

i havent just fallen in love with anyone.

i have fell in love with an angel from above.

im gasping for words to explain this devisating pain.

when i feel lonley i just think of ur beaututful smile.

but i will regret that thought so much in bed.

becouse ill be having amazing dreams of u inside my head.

in one dream i saw u and then sddnley woke up crying and my heart beating like mad.

in my happy dreams of u i cud ever last but those dreams ended so fast.

i love u so much a tear is pouring from my eye write now.

im just crazy over u its so untrue.

i just dont no what to do people say get over u.

but how can i when ur in my heart.

i cant imagine my new life with out u.

but wats funny is that u dont love me.

u dont even like me.

omg i feel so messed upo but thats all hidden in me.

u will never have all the love in my heart my love for u is never ending.

and ill nevr stop loving u.

everything about u ur smile dazzling eyes and ur walk etc.

i remeber everything u have done aaround me.

and i turn it into getting the best out of me

wen u walk past me my hearts full of glea but thats aheart death sentance plea.

i cant describe my love for u but words that cum within a 1000 miles of it

is you and love

bye callum higson the sandals lol from nailsea

poem about e - - - - - - x

Plum Mouthed Horace:
Plum Mouthed Horace,
That was the name!
He'd swank about Essex,
Without any shame!
For Plum Mouthed Horace, aye' yes this be true, He tinkered with buttons, and he made Irish stew!
Yes, dear Plum Mouthed Horace,
The man about town!
Made everyone happy,
By playing the clown.
But for some unknown reason,
One frost bitten night,
Poor old Plum Mouthed Horace,
Got into a fight.
It wasn't rude words that started it off, 
But a misunderstanding over Horaces' cough.
What we do know for sure is that Horace didn't win; 
His eyes had fell out and he'd been kicked in the chin.
The attack had left him with two broken knees, 
And an inability to walk, as it now made him wheeze.
His arms they were useless and his nose out of joint, 
To see such a sight would make young children point!
Poor Plum Mouthed Horace, was such a nice chap; 
Until that dark night when he was given that slap.
But things turned out well I will hasten to say; 
For he met a nice doctor who was handsome and gay; 
They would laugh and they'd hug and they'd roll in the hay, 
Kiss and a cuddle, And have bum sex all day. 
To Her: Who Knows “I Smile.”
Chidozie Ihebereme
My dearly love where do you lie?
my faint is the sober of my eyes,
my lone is hooked within my wobbly feet-- i'm a waning rainy day.
My sweetie smile, where do you stay?
I tire in the breath you're not in,
my thoughts melted from summer's moon rise-- i'm a lover's drug, an elegy.
My Jeh, my love, do you miss me as i do?
in me is the war in Lebanon, red wars;
Mel Gibson drank rum, he could not rise-- I've drunk likewise, and I still miss you.
it makes me mad
how i treated you so bad
i knew it was wrong
you asked me to move on
i am sorry for playing you
i didn't really mean to.....
im sorry for the times we had
especially the one's that were so bad
the time we were among that rock
you had a headache so you didn't talk
but i was dumb and just sat there
i should have actually showed i care
i feel so sad about that day
i wish it didn't happen that way
we aren't great friends
but i know i'll be with you til the end.
i can't believe i did this to you
i am sorry you had to go through with all that stuff 
i just can't say enough if ur still mad i understand 
but now i'm not afraid to hold your hand 
i might as well become a ghost because you don't love me 
the most i might i well jump off a high shelf 
or maybe try to drown myself i know i lied to many times about 
all my little crimes but i will love you for eternity will you please forgive me?
Joe Pedersen
When your family thinks of you,
you make them smile,
always thinking of the good times,
once and a while,
what patrick has told me about you,
you seem to have been a very kind, fun grandma to know, I wish I could have known you a bit more. 
But now your in heaven with your husband that’s all that matters now, you are what makes your family go on, you were their rock, there gold, and you still are and always will be, you have been a true friend, a special mum and a caring grandma to know. 
you touched many lives,
with your loving personality. 
Margaret, you will never be forgotten,
sleep well xxxxx 

And when i hear that tune, the tune i'd shared with you, i think of all the times that we've ever been through. I know sometimes the truth is we blew (it). But with emotion this real, so's worth it just to know, to feel (it)...i feel it; don't you? We don't have to say goodbyes; i won't exchange those foolish smiles. We can build through it, if you feel, only "feel" my heart, "our" hearts...beating as one, one in two. It's you, and it's only ever been you. If nothing else tonight provokes you to think without my feelings being misconstrued, our love, though hued by pride and trivial feud, can rightfully be renewed. I'm simply a man, a man who isn't anything but in love...with you.

Chad Bridgeman



If we where to get married who would make the plans?

Would we take off from the church leaving behind just cans?

Would we look at the stars above in the sky?

Would you look at me with hungry love filled eyes?

Would our wedding be on water or land?

Would every thing be placed just right and be planned?

Would you wear that white dress?

Would you be nervous would you be stressed?

Would the sun set and night fall upon our life?

Would you step up to that stand commit to being my wife?

Would you bare the ring of love?

Would you promise never to push if I shove?

Will you hunger for my touch?

Will you always tell me you love me ever so much?

Will you hold the key to my heart?

Will you promise never to break apart?


Abigail’s Loss.
Terry Collett
Abigail Ampwire, thin as a reed,
Face of beauty, pained by her grief,  
Watched as the still born,
White as flour, dissolved in her arms, 
And said, “Take a baby from a woman
And you take her damned soul.” 
And clutching at her empty womb,
With clawed nails, swore at the dull air 
Until the sounds of her gnawing pain
Echoed around her like a swarm of bees.
A Special person!
This person is always there
Even when you have not been fair!
 This person loves to hang with you
This person is so sweet so sweet you
eat it like you would eat a treat!
Who is this person well i no!
This person is not cold like snow!
This person is a friend a friend
till the end.........
My Promise
Amy A. McDuffie
My love for you is forever, my promise is just as true.
You are my heart and soul forever, and my promise will hold with you.
No matter how long it takes, or how high or low the stakes, I promise you now and always, you are my soul's true mate.
My Best Friend and Lover you will always be, I'll never give you cause for pain, I'll be your Ecstacy.
A promise given, a promise made...these words spoken might fade, But will forever be engraved on my heart, and my soul.
Like your love has been engraved....
Forever is not enough time to show you how I feel, But enough time to try, Thank you for giving me Forever and I'll Love you 'til I Die...
And beyond...

I can't believe I put my guard down

I can't believe I trusted you

now I feel like crap cause im stuck here with no one to save me

I thought you were one of the good guys I thought you could take away all my pain but I guess I was wrong cause instead you brought me more pain

I know never to trust you again

so all the pain makes me able to walk on and not turn back not even for a second




Us as Bestfriends
U befriended me,
Showed me what a great person u can be
When we first met I thought u were a lil hot But your not We started off slow Because I think we both thought this friendship was not going 2 grow.
We would say “hi” and “bye”,
And have a real conversation occasionally Because in our heads we were sayin’ is she trustworthy Then we started listening 2 each other Then our bond became better It became tighter And within each other we found a fighter U helped me through me 1st real break-up Even though I did it, it was still tough.
I mean every time I was doing bad in school U were there to help me out U kept me on track And we had each others back U told me when it was time to shut up Because I was sayin’ 2 much U let me know when my gear was not so tight U told me 2 try with all of my might U told me who was lyin’ and who was telling the truth I can’t believe I’m receiving all this from u.
U told me when 2 stop and when 2 go
I told u stuff that I never wanted no on else 2 know I confided in u Because I felt in my heart you were true.
We were separated
But our bond still stayed strong
And I knew I had a friend I could count on.
I was here and you were there
We were meeting new friends everywhere
We managed 2 stay - n - touch
For that I am thankful very much
Bri’Anna we’ve been through it all
And we’ve taught each other how 2 stand tall I see us growing up so fast And I see a friendship that is going to last I mean there is no more to say I’ll be your best friend any time and any day

By My Side
By Ashley Woodley

I never knew there would be a tomorrow
but you've taken away all of my sorrow
For you've been my friends for many years and have kept away all of my tears You have lifted the joy of my life and haven't stabbed me with a knife You've filled my life with laughter and I've lived a happily ever after It feels so much like a fairy tale but this one you can never fail The time says I need to go and how I will always know That you were by my side So here it is my friends of how the story never ends The friends I made not long ago and of how we wouldn't ever know We've helped each other many times and have gotten into many crimes We stole a cookie once or twice and snuck in the room like little mice Here and there we laid little clues while you were taking a quite long snooze But the time says I have to go and that I will always know That you were by my side

a dream about me and you
A.da Rocha 
Before we meet my soul was asleep!
       I had no feeling and life had no meaning!
My heart was wondering in open space
     With my eyes closed i lived day by day
           Is that the way ?the way i want to live !
                    For my kids all i must give!
      But i should also want to live ,for life is much too short .
              So i dream a dream of you 
        A dream that i hope will come true
   There must be hope in this life  that one day you will be my loving wife
                   Yes its true its about me and you
    It is after all only a dream ,one i hope that ill wake up and find you by my side 
            Only then will i realize that my dream did come true  And finally i am with You.

BY:Sheila Hadid

Trembling inside wondering where it is you may be hiding. Pacing through and through and yet there is no sign of you. I cry and plead now i'm eventually on my hands and knees. Pleading to see you to remove the dark shield before me, to eventually see the glowing white peaceful path i've been waiting for just that look of your eyes to dry away the tears of mine and that caring hand of yours to lift me from the ground ,and to begin a new journey with no problems ,no lies to a new world in disguise. Where i will find joy and happiness just because of the fact you will be there through it all..



I would walk down the street looking at the sidewalk because that’s where you would be I would go the cinemas and sit beside an empty seat I wouldn’t run to the phone when it rings because i know you wouldn’t call me I would stare at my empty life I would own an empty diary I would cry to every song I hear I would smile hoping you could see me I would pray to God repeatedly that he bring you back to my life I would call everyone that knows you to fill my void I would crawl into bed and roll into a little ball from the lack of your warmth I would drown my eyes in tears and my heart in sorrow I would eventually forget about myself, you were my constant reminder I would shut down slowly until every light was out This would be my life without you Let’s stay together.

I love you

Robert Varela


        You ditched me , you ditched
        I was crying in the moonless night,
        and trying to reach you,
        and you were sleeping in a deep slumber.
        I called you a friend,
        trusted you and loved you ,
        From the core of my heart,
        and you used me for your own selfish purpose.
        when their were tears in your eyes,
        I came along and wiped them away,
        and tried to cheered you up,
        and you forget me as soon as your worries disappeared.
        Is this what a friendship is called,
        Is this what gets when one give unselfish love,
        Is this the fruit of friendship.
        but I know this words are just words for you and nothing else.   


"So Sorry"
Dedicated to the King of Feelings
Goody Haddad
So sorry for saying no
So sorry for being slow
Really you are the only one
Who worked very hard and won
My heart is very dark and sad
Because I didn't give you a hand 
Believe me I will never forget you
you are my mistrust who I don't know
I hope that there is a chance
To be the best partners to dance
Where none of us need to sacrifice
Or wait the result of rolling a dice
Again and again, Start the chain
And let me hear, your voice again
Saying that you will not give up
After sleeping you will wake up
Days will come, and you will Know
That I am right, and things will flow
Toward the better future, and in the past If you see me, please smile and say it is last

i know things were not good at the start when we didn't really know each other but things changed for the best.

you have been there for me from the start through thick and thin and i'm proud to call you my best friend

I can truthfully say i can trust you with my life, emotions and everything i own, i am proud to call you my best friend

we know everything about each other and know when we are not in the mood or worried. that is why i am proud to call you my best friend

we WILL always by there for each other through loads of good and bad times, and have already made plans for the future so we know we won't lose each other i am proud to call you my best friend

Jess from Liverpool

Farewell to Friends.
The time has come to say goodbye,  It touches me so deeply that I begin to cry.
The laughs and stories we use to share, Are now all gone and I'm well aware.
The good times we had through out these years,  Always taunt me like a horrible fear.
The voices of you run through my head, As I stare up at the ceiling while laying in bed.
The past is now present and I'm very much afraid, What the future holds is a question to this day.
The ones I gotten to know are now good friends, Not to be forgotten until the very end.
The memories of laughter and fun together, Will always stay with me forever.
David Whippman
It was you who taught me to appreciate art:
Balance and composition in a painting,
That kind of thing.  Sometimes at galleries,
In front of landscapes, I would think aloud
About the figures in the distance – who they were,
What was their purpose, what they were doing there.
You said it was naïve to think like that –
They were points of focus,  artistic devices,
No more or less than elements in the canvas
Like clouds or trees. I bowed to your learning.
After you left,  I tried very hard
To retain this idea of overview
And see the picture as you would
In your more cultured and enlightened way.
It didn’t help. But at least I understood
Why figures from previous scenes, when I looked back,
Always appeared to be enraged or weeping.
love is lost,
a whisper in the breeze.
what is it about you,
that brings me to my knees.
love is broken,
a glass upon the stream.
why did i think
your the man of my dreams.
love is faded,
never to return.
glad my life
continues to turn.
everyday i think of you
without your presence
my skies are blue
without your fire
i have no desires
without your rain
i feel the pain
without your sun
my day hasn't begun
without you near
my clouds are clear.
Danielle  Wright
 I love you so much, I would die for you, I love you so much, I cry for you.
I love you so much,
I cry myself to sleep,
I love you so much,
Every time I see you I weep.
I love you so much,
You are the world to me,
I love you so much,
I can't break free.
I love you so much,
I nearly faint when you are near,
I love you much,
These are the words I desperately wish to hear.

>>.. Miss You :( ___<3x<3x<3
>>.. Nikki _xXx__<3

As i lie awake in this silent night of hell Wonderin if there's a heaven and if your angels smiling down while the tears fill my eyes and start slowly falling down :'( ill just keep on wonderin why

ill remember when u used to bring that smile upon my face and you always smiled back but now there will be no more you were happy joyful people who always made me laugh now im just a broken girl with another broken smile im falling apart just no one can see that underneath this broken smile lies a hollow me

ill always miss all the times we've had

When you used to make me laugh But even though we'll share no more Ill remember all the fun times we had When you made me smile and we all joked around ill keep those special memories treasured deep inside Where they will never fade nor be fogotten



passenger seat
miki only

tight against ur skin, i ran my fingers down ur shirt the pulse amoung my veins, alomst seemed to hurt from the way u make my blood flow, and the way u whispered so low amoung the line of my ear i could hear you whispers, deafening my thoughts amoung my lips, you kissed slipped who you were, navigating, so keenly into my every wish

and amoung all of this, i never felt guilty to let go and wander away, under the disception he would never know

fight against the urge, to wrap all the way around you stare farther amoung than i could see, think more than i knew from the way u bent down to me, and the way you could impossibly see amoung my mind and the things u may find burrow through, the girl he calls his amoung my lips, you kiss slipped your hand, so bold, untold, across my cheek

and amoung all of this i never felt guilty to let go and wander away, under the disception he would never know

ill stare at you, across his unknowing gaze swept away by my secret, of you and that day from the way we'll keep quiet, and how hard it is to hide it amoung our tounges and the things we've done unforgotten, unforgiven amoung the clouds, almost heaven slipped past my boundary, so easy, so happy across my mind

and amoung all of this i never felt guilty to let go and wander away, under the disception he would never know


I see so clearly you and me
Dancing on a Spanish playa
For me this dream will always be
The vision that I most admire.
I wear a short silk dress
And red shoes on high heels
I feel your sweet caress
And salty fresh sea breeze.
We are swinging to the music
Of old flamenco song
And I don’t want to lose it
Wake up and go to work!
Do you see me sometimes
In your romantic dreams?
Hope you will recognize
Me walking down the streets.


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