Imagine that you are sitting at a table in a coffeehouse in the big city. You had come to hear the featured poet read the latest poems and they were good! so right-on and inspiring. The latte cup is empty and the bagel is only crumbs. The announcer with the dumb jokes has just said the mic is now open for poems from the audience. And there you are, weaving between chairs to the front of the room with a paper crackling in your hand. There you are reading your poem and all those people are listening to you. Only later, with the applause still ringing in your ears, when your heart stops pounding even louder can you read over the rest of the poems of the evening, here on your computer. Enjoy!

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Updated January 30, 2002

January 5, 2002
*written for my friend who committed suicide*


Though he smiles the whole day through,
Within him are tears & feelings sad and blue.
He tries to hide it with that face,
But deep within he hates this place.
He often thinks life's a bitch,
And he also thinks of ways to ditch.
Then, when he said what was on his mind,
His friends gave their help so true & so kind.
Not to offend them or to be rude,
He smiles & claims he's in a good mood.
But still deep within that hate grows stronger,
And he feels he cant stay in this world any longer.
So he goes to his room and closes the door,
And he asks what the hell he lives for.
With an unanswered question he falls asleep,
With the secret he swears to keep.
He wakes up the next morning disappointed in life
And wishes he had the courage to use that knife.
He puts on that fake smile & walks out of his room,
Mad for missing his appointment with doom.
But the day went on like it always does,
And he sat in class waiting for the bell to buzz.
As soon as it did he rushed to his bed,
Where he sat against the wall wishing to be dead.
His eyes welled up, his tears uncondoned,
As he sat in his room so cold & alone.
He searches for a reason to continue his life,
But he cant think of one so he grabs that knife.
He writes a little poem explaining why this is done,
About his unanswered questions and all his fake fun.
He brings out all the anger and hurt that's inside,
And then in a swipe he lets the knife slide.
He sat in the corner, letting his blood drip,
And thought of how many hearts his death would rip.

So as I sit here just before it all ends,
I wanted to say, sorry to my family and friends.


The Camera Pans
Dahn Shaulis

The camera pans onto the damaged street
to women holding onto photos
of their heroes,
and the women weep out loud:
Though they do not look like us, we think,
as we see them cry;
we see the faithful women, who just hope to see
remains of their families, buried in the dust
and rubble
But we do not hear them whisper
Though they do whisper "so it must be,"
and they name their future children
after fallen heroes buried in the dust
Yes, it is the will of God, they think
And "by God's will so it must be."
And so, it will always be.



Rip out your tooth,
There's wisdom in you,
Then wipe the blood from your hands.

Tie up your shoe,
make your way home,
And hope will bring you back.

You know these feelings that you have,
Won't go away,
So don't close your eyes to them.

And although all the hurt,
Never leave's you alone,
You'll start to make it new.


it can take the coldest winds sometimes
through sleepy golds &reds of wine
to realize octobers always kill julys.
then winter's whipping wraps of white
softly kisses us goodnight,
and tucks us in, snug and trim,
till summer glows its warming light.
we're now just older children, dear,
that fear our bedtime's drawing near.
   michael ierace    


      k.e. thampi
 You  praise my strength,
 my fun for the war,...
 the huge wound in  
my head yet to heal....
 You praise my strength
 my son is my power
 his muscle on his arm
 burning for war
  We crushed smiling Buddha
  with version of one eye,
  utterly without scent..
 the eye simply for mind,
You raped my faith
and forced for purdha..
you raped my sister,
for the sake of your faith
you made this land
and famine was the end,
any more than gray old horse
we meet in the holy place.


thanks to Okuizumi
DL Bachelor

the event

in my memory
is a landscape
what is beyond
the edge of the map


Working in the Real
Dino Bryant  

For heaven's sake!
I am ever so burdened...
with a sharp distaste.
A husky shove from the real world.
Though I toil ever so strongly...
the buzzing won't stop.


I wonder...


I turn my head to look back and cannot believe what I see.
I see a girl coming in to her own. I watch the girl. I see her confidence and beauty. I notice her intelligence and love ...
I continue to watch her.
I see hate. I see shadowy figures, faded by her light. I know the shadows loate her. I hear their taunts - I realize the shadows' insecurity. I wonder why the girl can't see ...
I continue to watch her.
I see anger. I see it hidden in plastic smiles and fake laughs. But I see the rage in her eyes. I wonder why the girl pretends ...
I continue to watch her.
I see pain. I see her sit alone in a pool of her own tears. I feel my heart ache with her sadness and I feel her mind race with wicked thoughts. I see her make a terrible mistake. I feel her heart pound and break with overwhelming emotion. I wonder why the girl goes on ...
I look away. I cannot watch anymore.
I wonder how I ever made it though.


Weary Soul
Sargent 12/2001

Sleep gentle sleep weary soul
Seek pleasure only in dreams
Where you are queen of all you know
Life is as rosy as it seems
Breathe deep exhausted breath
In the realm of hearts softly touched
How long to avoid the shadow of death
True love is craved so much
Cry loud somber tears
Eyes that pierce the veil of souls
Love lost to gaining fears
Was it ever true who knows
Pound beating heart in ancient chest
Seek life's sweetest dream
Racing time with little rest
Rage with sorrow's passion redeemed
Sleep gentle sleep weary soul
Search for peace in that mystical place
With golden wings fly towards home
A wellspring of charity without disgrace

"Washed Out Cows"
anita nahal arya 

Emotions, feelings of love
Are washed out and wrung dry
No one to soothe the creases
No sure fingertips
To straighten ruffled hair
No soft lips to wipe the tears away.

People come like cows
One after the other
Have their fill and walk away
Carrying the fat of innocence
In their rotund, burping, shameless bellies.

americancuckoo            (936)
ticlune haargroves

there is a coldness...
near the souls of men who steal
love from children lost
who have fled from far...houses
which never were phoned as home
where a-bu-sive-ness
reflected lives through turmoil
and joy dis-appeared
on long trains of guilt unknown
brought about by fear and dread
of someone's something
hidden to sight in nightsflight
as dreams went awry...
where nightmares be-came a norm
and after school was deathspool
yes...there is numbness
near the souls of men who stole
love from children lost


"Still Missing You"
 Rene X. Zuniga

  Today I woke up, in my hand a stale cold coffee cup,
 Maybe I'll pay the water bill, and my bathtub with water fill.
 I go out to the neighbors to pick and read today's paper,
 But the news seems old as my hangover seems to taper,
 And I'm still missing you.

  My mailbox is still empty, only ads and junk for a fee,
 The postman doesn't know me, and no word from you that I see.
 So I pick my guitar, and go to the liquor store in my car,
 Maybe tomorrow I'll pay the light bill,
 But tonight my light will be from a shooting star.

  I play the honky tonks and stay up till daybreak,
 On my way home I washed my car in the lake,
 Good thing my guitar knows how to swim,
 And my thumb bums a ride from a trucker named slim.

  Old slim and I end up at a railroad bar,
 Him with his fiddle and me with my guitar,
 I sing a song about my lost love,
 And realize why she's so far,
 It must be hard to live with me,
 But not much harder is it to see,
 That I'm still missing you.


Stephen Marchand
Tragedy of a new face, isolation the just cause
To much time wasting, the collaboration of pure thought
Waiting, for sure my mind is lost
Waiting to be released at all cost
Torn from a sliver pulled from my head
The beginning of life held by a thread
Never dropping a tear, never making a mend
Only catching what is true and dropping all that is not
I am in this web called life 


The Darkness in me.
David Hunter, Mo.

The darkness that surrounds me,
Is not that of night.
For the darkness that surrounds me,
Cannot be cured by light.
It lives in my mind,
It encompasses my soul.
It is guiding my life,
It has taken control.
I yearn to escape
This darkness in me.
I have searched many paths,
I have attempted to flee.
But at each turn I take,
Every time I turn 'round,
The darkness inside me
Can always be found.


Out the Window - (as I drive by)
MacEachern Ridge

Because I see the individual
leaves on the trees
I think of you and Know
that soon your eyes will be
somehow a part of me,
and then

A greenish brown,
mixed volumes,
fills in me
Like cyclical fountains
flowing as one together.
I wonder if
They'll ever be,
as I imagined in my dream.


Shivver Rose


my only magnetism
is that of vinegar
that traps confused flies
yes, i am dark
but you held a flashlight to my face
and i was revealed as
just a girl
shielding my eyes, blinking in the glow . . .
my only magnetism
is that of jewels from the sea
yes, i'm shiny fuchsia and tangerine
but then you wiped me dry
and i was revealed as
just a stone
masquerading beauty
with the help of deceptive foam


After nine long months of waiting
Exactly a year ago, today
You came into my life
And you took my breath away.

Six pounds, fourteen ounces
Twenty-one inches long
Born right at noon, on the nose
Healthy, alert and strong.

The most beautiful perfect little boy
I've ever had the chance to meet
Big blue eyes and lots of dark hair
With little hands and little feet.

I was so overwhelmed with emotion
That you were really mine to keep
To care for, love, spoil and comfort
And hold in my heart, so deep.

You are my first, you are my son
An enormous part of my life you'll stay
Nothing in the world can change the fact
I'll love you forever and a day.

Kelly Hughes


I met somebody new today,
Although I have known them all my life.
We have spent many, many good times,
Spent many more in strife.
And although our lives were ever linked,
I never knew him.

I met somebody new today,

A stranger in my own home.
Someone so well hidden before,
Now exposed and alone.
And I was helpless,
Because I didnít know him
I met somebody new today,
Which only goes to show
That silver linings do exist, I think,
Although he wonít agree right now.
And that beneath the rubble of tragedy
That single rose can grow

  Naomi Rawstrone


Tell him


Tell him that the sun rises in his eyes
And he is special between all guys.
Tell him that his charm took my heart
That he is really very smart.
He has taught me how wonderful life can be
He used to say that he loves me.
If i was the flower, he was the sun
Without his light i couldn't have fun
Or maybe i am gonna die
Really i don't know why.
Is it because he was the first love
I behave as i was his little dove?
Oh really that's a lot
A lot of endurance i have got.


Without You

I call out your name,
But no one answers.
Life has played its game,
Taking nothing but chances.
Now here I sit,
Alone and cold,
Without your eyes,
To drown in.
Without your arms,
To melt it.
Without your voice,
To hold me raptured.
Crying I lay here,
Without your presence.
Broken, hungry, hurting
I lie in wait,
For I am nothing without you.


sunshine on a dark day
  Phillip Burger


desolation, sadness, depression.

is it the end of all things?
no, it is only the beginning of a journey for satisfaction.
will the darkness ever end?
yes, the answer is a light at the end of a tunnel.
what is the light?
the light is the sunshine of a new day,
a day of redemption and happiness.
how fast can i get through this tunnel??


Like A Drug
Marcus Harvey


You said that I was like a drug
So how do I compare to those other ones?
I'm not weed to smoke
Nor heroin or crack to snort or inject
But to experience ecstasy you will have to digest my words
When you spot me you become curious
You think about giving me just one lil try
When your with me I can ease all of your pains
Unlike those other drugs I won't bring you more
Once you have tried me you will do anything to have me again
You might become dependent but is that a bad thing?
And once your hooked its gonna be hard to kick your habit
But just like I'm not like all those other drugs
You aren't like all those other fiends
Even though your tempted you still say no
I don't wanna get everyone hooked, I only wanna get you hooked
I'm beginning to think that getting you is a hallucination of my own
So I myself am hooked on a drug: LOVE

Till My Next Fix
Maria Cepeda

Shaking, chills, tremors, the withdrawal
first there's happiness and bliss till I stumble and fall
floating, happiness, euphoria till i crash
unbearable depression my skin itchin like a rash
waiting for the next fix to be happy once more
forgetting everything around me except what i'm yearning for
fending for the drug that is my obsession
waiting for the day to stop my depression


Running beneath a station unrest
I will not falter
Seeking a day of refuge
A soul will embrace
And there will be silence
Between eyes of dynamics
Pretending to be untrue
Staying to be happy
Perhaps I will caught ignorance
While walking in the midst of solemnity
Silver views of a given instinct
Together in solo
Leaves will float over my sight
And scent will connect the puzzles
When indifference stroked sanity
Push insists to stand alone very strong
Unraveling the thoughts
Of a hidden satisfaction
Nobody knows a lone winner
Nobody knows a lone smile
   Kinchan Cepillo


I Can't Explain
By Nicole Kleppinger
How is it that I miss a voice?  That I love a laugh heard only over a phone call from a man 2000 miles away. 
How is it that I miss a smile?  That I only know the way your lips meet together, perfectly puckered, in a picture.
How is it that you make my heart ache?  That I can love you so much, and never have touched your face.

I can't explain myself.  I can't explain how I let this all be.
I can't comprehend how you and me, how we...became we.
I want more from you that you can possibly give, 2000 miles puts a great limit on things, love.
BE TRUE TO ME??? Now, how can that really possibly be.
WE aren't really a we.  I exist here, and you there, and we share no common ground, no solid common standing point to start from.
So go away now.  And let me heal.  Let me look for love where I can touch it, and taste it, and savor every shared breath.
You have made me see the beauty in me.
But it's time to change again.
Time is wasting away, and you have to go, PLEASE...
don't make this grown woman/girl beg you to go, because I don't really have the strength to do it.
I can't explain.
Can you?

  sauntair spencer

Close your eyes free your mind
Let your spirit flow to a place where everything is so great
Where there is no tears only laughter
A place where you can live happily ever after
Think about all the love youíd have there
And about the love youíd have to share


A love unclaimed
Lisa adams

Why do you make me think you love me true?
When hurting me is all you ever do
You give me your love and then you take it away
You leave me in the darkness without a single ray
Of sunshine to chase the shadows away
And yet I still wait
Wondering what will be my fate
In the end will I get your love?
Or will I always be left alone like a stray turtledove?
I watch the others around me
They all have someone except for me
Iím the one left alone
Who has nobody else to call my own
I hope one day you will change that and I wonít be forced to suffer any more
Because Iíll have you to hold for ever more
And yet still I wonder and still I wait
Praying that you lie in my fate
I hope you really mean your love this time around
Because Iím done with just hanging about
You even mean your love this time or i'm out
Iím done playing this game you even love me or you donít
There isnít much more to say
And nothing you could do would chase my fears away
If you love me so true
Like you claim you do
Claim me now while time will still allow
Because thereís only so long Iíll be around
I love you more than words can say
And my love will always hold in my heart to stay
But I canít wait any longer for a love that might never come to be
Hopefully the next person wonít be this cruel to me
For now I lie here in wonder and wait
Praying that you lie in my fate

A greater love

Kristie Lynn Hill
To all the romantics out there who believe in a greater love. Just like I do.

Somewhere thereís a greater love
a love sent from above
the perfect match
the other half
of your soul
the only one
who can make you whole
Maybe you wonít find him
in this life
maybe heís waiting for you in the next one
but when you  find him
you will know
just one look
is all it takes
the minute your eyes meet
itís love
so grand
and sweet
and when he kisses you
you feel it in your feet
and when he touches you
shivers race up and down your spine
being in his arms is so divine
being with him
just feels right
you feel like you
were born
just to love him
and he was born
just to love you
the feeling is comfortable
yet it feels so new
heís the one
who can make you happy
because now youíre feeling blue
donít give up
sweet princess
your prince is out there
and heís looking for you
just as you are looking for him too
when you least expect it
heíll be there
at your door
and the two of you
will be together
for ever more

Somewhere thereís a greater love
just waiting for you
heís the rainbow after  the storm
the one who will pull you through
and no other love
will ever do


By Matthew Timmons 1/06/02

A thought takes flight amongst the stars.
Reaching beyond infinite boundaries of comprehension.
Profoundly expanding intellectual stimulation through the wonderment of lifeless beauty.
Touching the minds of others who achieve integrity through inspiration.


Crescent Fare
Smoldering ash
Of summer fires
Temptation calls
Rue of desires

Sweltering pigeons
Barter the cans
Pockets measured
By the foul stands

Streetcar hums
Pacing fast
Passion feels
Azaleas passed

Lee stands guard
Beckoning tall
Circle the figure
To no last calls

Regret tomorrow
Relish a past
No denying
The undaunted masque


 Margo J Reid

My best isn't enough, time is running out.
I'm climbing up the rock, the days flows into weeks;
weeks into months and months into years.

One dream after the other is dripping away.
My brain is getting slower and slower.
My spirit is also weak, getting weaker and weaker everyday.

Stop the crying
Why keep on trying?
I see nothing working.
I just end up hurting.

Another broken heart, soften spirit and not even a joy left in me.
I wish there was a way, I can end my LIFE.
I wish there was an easy way out.


by James Papastamos

The skies are yellow, in shades of gray
 to fill our lives and mark each day
The pride each man shall come to bare
 its fires burn bright yet have no care

The death of a hero, an icon for all
 let's share the glory and take its fall
They touch our soul, embittered with age
 and let each God now turn its page

An icon for all to cherish and love
 the eyes of fate and heavens above
Their faces of hunger shall take its form
 we've only to live and weather the storm
But in the end, its victory be ours...


Physics and the Human Condition
  Ryan Allen 

A year in a life is a molecule
Of a drop in a bucket
Scooped from the Ocean of Eternity
Forever hoping to change the Sea
But alas, it's little ol' me.


Ancient future pastÖ1
Somewhere in the ancient, future, past, present
Will archeologists and historians study and write about our so-called culture?
Will they be disturbed by the way we treated each other and nature?
Will they come to the conclusion that we were not civilized
And neither were our ancestors?
Will they harbor great sadness for the way we treated our mother
And curse the souls of the humans who raped her?
Will they compare us to ancient Rome and Egypt
And discuss how our Monday night gladiators,
Powerful legal drugs, wars and the rumors of wars
Were used to distract the masses from the faces of the
Corporations who were screwing them?
Will they discuss how slaves, I mean the working poor,
Were used to build great pyramid shaped casinos,
To preoccupy the weak in spirit and steal their souls?
Will they figure out why we turned some of our
Brothers and sisters into stars, idols and gods
And let them get away with murder?
I do not no!
But I hope someone will be around to tell the tale
Because we have the power to accidentally wipe out the entire planet,
And no one seems to mind.
That is if nature does not get us first!


jaya agrawal

ÖAnd all those tears she took in her hand

And let them flow in a stream onto the bank
Her pain though got lessened;
But her heart too became blank.

She could think no more neither feel
All her fears were lost,
With a sudden pause,
That stood in her lifeís reel.

Back from the bank on her way,
She met two girls
Walking hand in hand.
They saw each other and smiled at her.
She smiled at them and saw up in the sky.
It grew darker and darker; only she could foresee
Two more hearts at natureís mercy.
Tears were all that she could perceive.

So came the rain, Natureís way of hiding its folly
There were now no tears, only tiny streams
They flowed in and around the eyes
Made a rivulet that could tear a heart fully.


Power Struggle
Danielle Dean Walsh

Tired and impossible my thoughts seem to me,
Like prickly nuts off some unknown tree,
Like thundering rainclouds persisting to pound,
Through my head like a blender around and around,
Like my heart is a split through a forests red earth,
Through my chest a giant crack like in bituman turf,
And if it wasn't so bad, if it wasn't so rattling,
Here I sit in a crowd full of clanking and tattling,
For the power of my head, yes, the power of my brain,
Is as full as this room and more than three times insane,
So I sit and I hurt, but I'll heal again,
But I ache for a plan that'll silence the rain,
So that my thoughts will soon disappear like the mist,
And the thumping will gradually ceace to exist.


Janelle K. Law

                        The gravity of your words
                           Pull me down
                           I rewind them in my mind
                           Searching for what was not said
                                    but perhaps meant?
                           A chance opportunity
                           I am left with your words
                           And the scenarios of what may have
                           ...The gravity pulls me under


December Cold
Heather Shelby

I've never felt as safe as I did in your arms,
Protected from the December cold.
Your lips, searching my face, sent shivers through my mind.
As they finally found my own, a bittersweet sensation rippled through me
and I involuntarily pulled away
While still clinging to your varsity jacket.
Nothing can be as exquisitely painful as that feeling
The warmth of your mouth against mine,
the only one I want, but the one I can never have.
You belong to someone else
and the December cold is creeping in.




By Seph        

Part critic
Part wonder
His nature lay crawling
>rom withunder,

Part hero
Part  a liar
His vision flying
Higher and higher,

Go              girl
Running over tundra
Cold beats his heart
Cold beats his heart
Now from withunder,
Hit at hard angles
Dead in the night.



it's not hard to put the words down,
only writing is too slow...
it's not hard to pick the words out,
only the paper seems so infinite...
and my pen's ink is drying up,
what if i never reach the point?
you might never find out,
the reason i wrote this...
i might never get the time,
to complete these patterns...
because my lines have no end,
only three dots...


Well, the church is nearly filled by now
and the bride-to-be is in waiting-
The bells will all be ringing soon
on this day of celebration.
Still, I may as well be a thousand miles if I'm two feet to the door-
for my head is spinning, my hands are sweating and I'm passed out on the floor.
I know I want to say "I do" but my tongue wont let it out-
I'm trying to convince myself but I'm filled with all this doubt.
Will I always be true to her? Will I ever regret this day?
Is she the one for me, for life? God help me as I pray.
Now I'm off to the alter, on with my life-
Made the commitment, and soon will come the rice.
Well, the church is all but empty now.
I'm sitting in a pew-
Thinking of the words she said, "I just can't say I do."
Guess she knew me well, more then I did myself,
My tears are scattered as I laugh-
I'm driving off now with my children
and the memory of my belated better half.



Paul David Low Alexander

Perfect is, as perfect was, as perfect shall always be,
Midst the dreams, or painted scenes, of an artist great indeed.

Perfect is, as perfect was, and still remains for me,
Obscurity steadfastly grasped in the hands of antiquity.

Perfect is, as perfect was, as perfect should have been,
Qualified with caveat, contents sold as seen.

Perfect is, as perfect was, as perfect is now at least
Long before, on foreign shore and forever out of reach.

Perfect is, as perfect was, alas, destined to be
No more than merest poem by someone as 'perfect' as me.


Troy Edison Tiu Yaw  

Forsake me not my love or I'll lose my sanity
For you are like ten thousand lights that give me hope
You are one in a million in this world I live in
I beg God that my words you'll believe.

No woman in my life is as precious as you
For you adorn my life with your beautiful face and body
You are my Honey whom I cherish the most in this lifetime
Leave me and I would weep 'til I die!....


The Color of Love
  Rheanne Devenutto

Color... eyelids dripping... with roses...
beautiful red... unassuming... always moving...
in slow motion... we're rocking... beat so slowly,no...
just softly... blows the breeze... all around... feel the sound...
in my hair... flows like wild... honey's smooth... oozing down...
through my pores... music sings... all the trees...
sway the dancers... with the moon... light above us...
stars shine bright ... in your eyes... fire... flies...
dance and spark... in the night... life is grand...
in the sand... I will lie... here forever... never better...
me with you... you with me... we will be... 


Love is...
Fay Yandell

Love is strong, Stronger than life
Love is emotion, more emotional than death
Love is trust, not quick, not selfish
Love is a feeling that will never end.

It takes time to love the strongest of love
It takes time to trust in a relationship of lust.

Love is feeling
Love is worldwide
Love is the strongest feeling inside.

This Heart Of Mine

This heart of mine
Beats only for you
This heart of mine
Holds a love so true
This heart of mine
Is for you to take
This heart of mine
Only you can break
This heart of mine
Needs to be yours
This heart of mine
See how it soars
This heart of mine
Is connected so strong
This heart of mine
Can't be wrong
This heart of mine
So filled with love
This heart of mine
Is a part of     YOURS!!


Garry Somers

Forever slicing through colder water to
race the beat of my as yet faithful heart.
(slowing like a reptile's - how can I love you?)
It has been this dangerous from the start.
Love should never have to navigate
icebergs, the unbalanced pitches and yaws
of foulest weather, or the hidden fate
when fog creeps quietly studded with claws.
Should you finally arrive, late, more than
half of me will be dead, survivors stored
where you cannot get to them, nor can
I ever find the strength to come aboard.
You could do the favor and turn around
that someone else finds me before I drown.


What You Call Beauty
Ana Cristina Guirola

You are always saying that I am beautiful,
That may or not be true,
But I want to tell you why,
Why I am beautiful,
And why I am not.
Sometimes I am beautiful
Because you are with me,
In other words
You are the one
That complete what I am.
What I am inside
And what I am from the outside.
My eyes may be pretty,
But that is because I am looking at you.
My skin may be soft,
But that is because I am touching your skin,
I may be strong,
But that is because I am surrounded by your strength.
So you see,
I may be beautiful
But that of what you call beauty,
Is not within me when youíre not around.
You are the one
That holds the beauty in your hand
But not only in your hand it stands.
It is all in you.
You are the one that complete me.
You complete my heart,
You complete my soul,
Only you can complete what I am
With the beauty you have inside.


  Real Lust
  Kendra Novakowski

You don't know how hurt you've made me feel,
All you've said, I believed to be real.
You'd say "I love you" many times,
It was all to cover up your lies.
You seemed so nice, I never saw,
What about you was so wrong.
Then after your secret question was asked,
You turned to me and I politely passed.
It was then I finally figured out,
What your love was all about.
It wasn't true, nor was it real,
It changed the way you made me feel.
Now by then, I'd realized,
You only see me through those eyes.
It wasn't love, was only lust.
I gave my all, my heart and trust.
I don't know who you think you are,
even if it's from afar,
You've still used words of love,
To cover up your lies and lust.

What Happened To Our Friendship

I don't really know what to say
but i like it better the old way
when we stuck together
and watched out for one another
but what happened to those days
I really can not say
O I wish I knew
why so apart we grew
why you trust me no more
and why you left my heart all sore
is it something I did
that you are trying to rid
me of your friend for now and ever more
all I really ask
is that I know what about is this task
of ending our close knit friendship
and putting me through all this hardship



  Claire Williams

 School days are such happy ones,
 You often hear it said,
 I have great reflections, inside my little head.
 Happy one's and sad one's will always stay with me,
 Since the day I started Monkton C of E.
 Learning plays and doing sport,
 I reflect upon them all,
 But the best one for me was being
 Prefect of the hall.
 I reflect upon the teachers,
 I don't know where to start,
 For they have left a memory,
 Deep within my heart.
 I reflect upon the friends I've made,
 Since I started here,
 But now the time has come,
 And I must leave this year,
 So I say with deep regret, and wipe away a tear,
 How I wish that I could stay,
 Just another year.
I Wish To Grow Old
By: R John W Gordon

I wish to grow old
I want to laugh loud
Looking back at life
I want to be proud

I wish to grow old and feel
My life is truly complete
That all of my plans from god
I was able to gradually meet

I Wish to grow old and know
Someone truly needs me
Though not now know
When I look back, I'll see

I wish to grow old
Develop the blemish of age
Approach the final act
Upon life's unrelentless stage

I wish to grow old
As all people do
But only if I can
Grow old with you  


"Shut Up Please"

  Michael Kinkle    

Frequently trying to write

A poem with some bite
I can't find my head
Am I once again alone and dead?
Things seem to get worse over time
Stuck in my box like a mime
What's my problem?
Let me stay solemn
So what if I'm astray
Like you cared anyway
Double word score
I'm not giving you any more
Too confusing for your mind
My head I still can't find
Lying here on the ground
Everything completely unbound
Back stabbed and jabbed
Get off me and get to rehab
I'm still lost and teased
Just shut up please                


Troy Edison Tiu Yaw

I'm a late-bloomer
And that alone makes me sad
I'm sharing you this
Hoping that you could comfort me and make me glad

Nothing's easy when you're way behind
From people your age who're more mature than you in their hearts and minds
People who know things better than you
When you're supposed to be walking with them in the same pace and learn the new
When would I learn?
What should I do with the respect and money I've earned?

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