john lbe
As i stand here looking up in the sky
as the first rays of light hit me   
I think back to another time in space
now i sit here and wonder why 
The sun is rising fast                                  
I know this feeling wont last
AS i think back to another time                                            
When my heart soared higher then the heavens
the first rays of sunlight hit my soul
heals my heart for a second
Fills that hole
that hole you left me with
i tore my heart open
left it like a whale stranded on a beach 
but instead you left me hoping that one day 
you'll be in reach now i stand here dreaming of yesterday 
Thinking of you 
with you i was everything       
now i am nothing
as the rays of memories wash over my heart 
now i stand here watching the sunrise 
all because you tore me apart                                                                      now i am dreaming of another time
in this dawn of eternity
To the love of my life ,your future wife 
By Helen Haworth 
 We cant tell our future
we cant look back at the past
but i know baby
we can make this last 
we have alot to look forward to
we have alot of hopes and dreams
this can all happen baby
as long as we work at it as a team 
you are as good as they come
no one can compare to you
you turn my days around
you always make my skys blue 
no one can ever replace you
you are my pride and joy
and our first child just for you
i hope is a cute little boy
To the owner of my heart:
Manuel Roberto Vasconcelos.
I´m writing to say you caught me,
completely by surprise
the day you so innocently
stepped in to my life.
With out the slightest warning
your tender eyes disarmed me...
but it was your smile,
that really stole my heart!!
I cannot fear anymore
there is no room for hate
all i feel every minute,
of every morning, afternoon and night
is the the love I feel for you,
the owner of my heart!
I can´t get that empty feeling
just because I know you exist...
even if you don´t know I do...
My First Crush
by Ruth Walters
He had broad shoulders
Big hands 
His fingers were like potato wedges
The fingers of a man
He had a gentle touch
Blue eyes
That twinkled 
And little creases in his nose that kind of wrinkled
He walked with a gait 
Kind of swayed a bit and moved his butt
Tut, tut, you’ll think me rude
Or even crude to say it.
When he stood beside me my heart went pitter pat
Good thing he didn’t know about that.
If he brushed by me and our bodies touched
‘twas like I was having a sudden blood rush.
He didn’t know that I felt that way
I‘d never give the game away
But when I think of him today
I think of him with love.
The Way You Make Me Feel
James Torr
When I look into your eyes…
What a wonderful feeling I have
All of the amazing things that I see
When I look into your eyes
I see the stars…
When I see your smile
I feel warm
I feel happy
When I hear you laughter my heart fills with joy When I hear your voice 
It soothes me When you touch me 
My heart skips a beat So what I am trying to tell you… I love you.
For my Daddy Long legs....
Trisha PAlioti
Fall down upon me,
On your wondrous web.
Daddy long legs,
Spinning silk,
Wrapping me close,
Leaving me entangled,
Shall you release me,
Or leave me in the sticky strands of web.
Tangled Web
Cheri` Legeza 
Into my tangled web you fall;
forever shall you shout and call.
Your body trembles in my embrace;
I can read in all over your face.
Soon your heart will start to pound;
you don't even notice you're bound.
You fall deeper into my eyes;
all I hear is your sighs.
Very soon all you'll know;
is only everything I show.
You just won't know what to do;
because it is I who has you.
i love you very much
by sean micheal fields 

your eyes are like snow white angle that are in the blue sky.
your face look like the moon when i am think about you.
you leg is like a river that goes to my heart. 
I drew a picture of you, in my mind...But I lost it a long way back I kept trying to redraw the lines, but, somehow could not...
I drew a picture of you, in my mind...But I lost it a long way back Kept trying to read your face, in every face I beheld But could never find a match...
I drew a picture of you, in my mind...
And then a long way after the memory of you was lost One day I found a face...Oh it struck my heart,but, I dint know why...
That picture kept tugging at my heart...
I drew a picture of you in my mind...but I had forgotten all about you And now when I was not seeking your face, at places I go, everything I do I can feel you are so near to me...yet so far...
I drew a picture of you in my mind & now I'm trying to remember your face But I know it in my heart that when you are near me, One day for sure I'll know that its you...
I'll know that its you who has been in my heart... All this while...
And I'll draw a picture of you, in my heart & it will stay with me forever
                    If you love me, if you care
 you said you loved me
 you said you cared
 but where were you when i needed you there
 you turned my world around,
 and flipped it upside down.
 you broke my heart in two,
 and left me here not knowing what to do.
 i thought you were the one,
 the love i had finally won,
 i thought you were cool,
 but you played me for a fool.
 i thought you were the guy,
 but you're just another lie.
 you said goodbye,
 and left me here to cry.
 so next time you say:
 i love you and i care
 just make sure you'll always be there. 
sarai gonzalez
How could I not cry?
             I have seen him by my eyes, Lying under a shady tree,
            Was he feigning or fast asleep?
Wearing nothing on a top 
             Covering his body with a piece of cloth, Clinched was his fist, Covered with earth,
               He woke up with mirth,
To earn his bread for tonight,
                He walked way with some pride… Worried anxious hapless was I,
             Wondering he could easily be my guide to life…
Cradle me in your arms,
just like another one of your,
fragile possession's.
Restrict my airways just in case I breathe, out of sync with you.
We'll grow breathless together.
Until there's only ~us~
and no outside presence can scratch the surface.
Until the harmony of our hearts,
becomes the only reason we're not in pieces. 
Wrapped in a cocoon of denial,
to protect us from unforgiving eyes,
we'll forget that we're suffocating.
Until the moon reaches its final eclipse in our eyes.
Safe in the knowledge that we've found
and we'll smile at each other, every now and then because we're one, because we're free .
Charlotte Claydon
A Promise Broken

You said you would never give me pain
You said you would never break my heart
You said you would never give me any wounds You promised you wouldn't leave me 
You promised you would make everything ok You promised you would always be here 
You promised to protect me You promised you would love me always 
Those promises were broken And so is my heart

Tonight And Forever
Nermin Nazim

I thought of you tonight
in the mind forever,
I want to feel fountains
to cascade love,
be in your arms
and feel my world ignite,
surrendering to you 
in fire to find,
nostalgic urge in flight beyond fight.
I want to fall in love
tonight to taste,
in stars of wish
and the moon so mellow,
forgetting past,
to trust my present
in future fondling fate
through the eyes of heaven,
without the pain of love
and its bitter bite.
I beg you,
soothe my pain,
make me feel that everything is alright,
after all you are my man,
my shining armor and knight,
and I want you here
to move in my night.







I'm Sorry
Current mood: confused
Category: Life
Jenny Hawthorne

I know you blame me for everything I have/haven't done. We all know, I am not a perfect one. I dislike myself so much and a lot that I do, yet you want me to know exactly how I should be with you. I am trying to find my way in hurts so bad..with the harsh things you say. Even if the words are true..know I still really care about you.. If you need to hate me..I will understand, you deserve true ARE a good man! I am sorry I am not what you need...without me I know you will succeed. I am trying to be content with me...yes I am crazy, right now, that's all you can see. I hope one day you will know, that I didn't mean to hurt you so..My whole life has been a struggle..until I love myself fully, it always will be. I need to find my place on stop being a stupid crazy jerk. I want to be able to love myself..I need that so badly, can't you tell? It seems as though you think I did all this to ruin you. Please know that is the last thing I would want to do. You have made me a lot of who I am today..I wish my crazy mind didn't get in the way. Do whatever you need to make the pain go away...but I hope friendship from you will one day come by way. I'm sorry!

Asia Caprice Collins
i had a dude at the time
but it was still i who committed the crime i broke the law of trust and commitment 
and now i em asking for forgiveness.
forgiveness of you, who i have betrayed
betrayed our love, for something now i am ashamed.
i wish i could go back and rewind the heads of time, rewind to he, 
who is now so blind. in my eyes.
in my eyes i still see you and me so clearly a future for us with the possibility of a family 
i hope i didn't mess that up for you are the only man that i dreamed of.
the only man that i love...
the only man who makes me smile...
the only man i want to spend the rest of my life with...
good or bad
right or wrong
(i know this seems like an never ending song)
so now i will end this with a " I Love You"
    and can only wish and pray
    for your forgiveness to come soon.
Andrew Lenfest
lost companion
missing you
Broken up
what is going on with me
i only wish you new
what i think
and my point of view 
my emotions cant get any worse
but all i no, is we are in love
sometimes we went together
like a perfect hand and glove 
other time we didn't
we never got along
but we always will remember
all our wonderful songs 
Tell me why
Why couldn't she see
Why didn't she choose me
Why can't I feel her touch
Why does it hurt so much
Tell me why
Why is it that she's gone
Why can't I just move on
Why did she betray
Why treat me in this way
Tell me why
Why did I fall so hard
Why wasn't I on guard
Why did she play this game
Why didn't I do the same
Tell me why
Why can't I have her love
Why am I not worthy of
Why didn't it all last
Why must it be in the past
Tell me why
Why was it not fate
Why is it now to late
Why must I let her go
Why won't I ever know
Tell me why
Can somebody
Please tell me why
richard cuevas 


Best Friend 
Shawn Cromety
You're the one who's by my side
when no one else is there.
You're the one I can always count on,
You always seem to care.
You help me through
the tough times,
and when I've lost all hope,
You cry with me at sad times,
and laugh at all my jokes.
You never seem to judge me
or ever put me down,
You put a smile on my face,
When ever you see a frown.
You're better than a brother,
You're more than just my boyfriend,
You have a special place in my heart,
That's why your my Best Friend 
love is all i want
love is all i need
love is such a great feeling
love is you and me
love is hugs and kisses
love is tears and fears
love is powerful feelings
love has many meanings
to me love is us
and always will be 

By Carol Marcinkus

There are special people who come into our lives These are the ones who we love and know not why
We have our family who we love come what may But these other people are just there to stay

When the time does come that we must say goodbye God give us strength as we all must try 
To remember the times that we have shared through the years And cherish for ever ... our dearest for these...

So rest there my friend and be free of pain For we hated to see the almighty strain 
Of one who we cared for to struggle so hard Be free of it all as you remain in our hearts.


I gave you my Heart
You kept it with you
But you tore it apart
and stomped on it with your shoe
I cried the pain away
I bottled it up inside
I threw it on the ground
and thought that i could hide
Your lockers near mine
I see you every day
I say it will be fine
and one day you will pay
There's nothing I can do
So I push you away from me
The dissiosions all on you
and I'll throw the bottle in a tree
You know your name is Luke
I know you are an ass
You make me want to puke
This one day will all pass...

Denise Tompkins

My soul is for him, my heart is for you.
Love is for both, one no more than another.
To love life, you must love one in the same.
To deny life, together alone in shame.
The soul aches for truth, but lives by faith.
Seeing isn’t believing, just a relief.
To truly believe is to truly love.
To truly love is to truly believe.
Your love is my life, it’s why I wake,
Disappointing you is my greatest mistake.
To close my eyes, your face I miss,
I’m luckiest man, you’re my last first kiss.
Some say true love is blind, eyes wide shut.
For I see true love every time I picture your face.
Every time I feel your touch, every time I kiss your lips.
I see true love, and if lucky, you see me too.
A flower expresses your love, a heart mine.
My love runs deep, also completely divine.
Love strengthens the heart, release a dove.
Faith, Hope, and Love, the greatest  is love.
The greatest is our love.



Every time I think of you
Tears fill my eyes
I don’t know what’s left to do
I am sorry about all the lies
All the promises I broke too!
Everything in my heart dies
I am sorry for all I have done
You mean the world to me
My heart is what you won
I want it back
It’s one of the few things I lack
I wish you could just see
That’s what you stole from me
You took everything I had
There’s nothing left for me to be
You took everything I had
There’s nothing left for me to be
I am now all alone
My heart has gone dark
I wish I could just smile
And talk to you for a while
Why bother asking? 
Why bother wishing?
I have had one dream come true
That was being with you.



A tear falls down my face
 The thought of you is a great embrace.
  I stand there, alone and afraid.
 Hoping and praying for another day.
I don't want to be here,
 this isn't right.
  If you were here, there would be a fight.
 'Cause you would object
 This isn't me,
isn't who I am,
 isn't who I want to be.
  He keeps moving closer,
 A fear,
A dread.
 But then I really realize,
  You're dead. 
  Holly Hanau
                           CASEY HALL
I found you staring.
I folded my arms, you looked away.
I'm sorry
I made you start crying.
Did I mention I'm sorry?
You made me laugh.
You made me cry.
I just hope you don't make me die.
You got me in trouble.
Screw you.
You suck totally major rotten eggs.
You talked about my momma.
I hit you with my pink bookbag.
I've noticed you in my dreams,
So what does this mean?
What's up with your bitterness?

True Friends
Taylor B

True friends understand you
True friends will stand beside you and won't hate you for who you are or what you are becoming A true friend won't backstab you for a boy or anything lesser than your friendship True friends cherish the relationship that one another has True friends are there in ups and downs highs and lows True friends won't hate on you because of what you have or don't have True friends encourage each other to the highest level True friends are siblings that have a special clique that no one will ever understand True friends don't look at what you have or how much your clothes cost they look at you personality and your True friends look out for everyone True friends love their enemies and pray for the people who hurt them True friends are the ones who your love and care about and are the people you thought you could trust most True friends sometimes aren't who you think they are until they see something else they want then they will go after it True friends stick together Be careful about who you "say" your TRUE FRIENDS are!!



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