(An acrostic rhyme, written by me while vacationing in our 50th state.)
Jim Markle, Sr. of The Keystone State;
Poem published in "This Week Oahu,"   July & August, 1988


Heavenly South Seas Paradise.
Our "gathering place" is so very nice.
No ice and snow or freezing cold;
Oahu's a tonic for both young and old.
Luaus, beaches, tropic clime,
Unlimited seascape all of the time.
Lush vegetation, beautiful flowers,
Unparalleled sunshine to brighten your hours.

Hawaii--The land where dreams come true,
And scented trade winds beckon you.
Where orchids grow in lush profusion,
And magic here is no illusion;
In fact; it's fantasy made real:
Inspirational, lovely and truly ideal.



Camera Trick
Dennis Espineli Salcedo

Standing in front of a pleasing scenery
Warm sunlight is on your hair
You smiled as I stare

I bent forward with a camera
Peeped in, focused my glance
Then shouted, "Three, two, one!"

In the event, an instant light exploded
Everything stopped its motion
And there was only you and I

I felt a sudden leap of emotion
I caught your smile
But girl, you caught my heart.


Lisa Georgiou


Beautiful eyes that fill the night,
Eyes that hold colours oh so bright,
Eyes that see what we don't.
eyes of wonder, eyes of myth
They are the ones worthy of the land,
They kill what they need, not for greed,
They hunt for their pack and for their sick.
eyes of wonder, eyes of myth
Only their strong survive,
Only ther strong can,
As they live life always wondering why and wondering when.
eyes of wonder, eyes of myth
Wondering why we do it,
Wondering when we'll stop,
And yet...we can not tell them,
We do not know, we do not know why and we do not know when.
eyes of wonder, eyes of myth
I am sorry...i do not know,
I do not know why...and I do not know when.


A Novel Life
Sree Kanth Kopuri


I HEREBY CERTIFY I espy a bright face with seraphic charm
glossy pink lips and tenderness of juvenescence.
I feel a divine message without a sound
there the soul slumbering unruffled on this
flamboyant flower bed. The body embellished
only for the soil's sake.
And the embalmed spices for stink's sake.
Ready to move beneath six feet of earth,
The gateway to the eternal soul for a
fresh start of novel life into the eternal
The sentiments, the worldly opulence, the
Earthly fame it doesn't take it leaves
behind only the shrieks of the devastated
Loved ones. The soul makes but futile
Attempts to console its kith and kin
Alas! that soft milky face shall only be
food for worms. Grave is but a fine and
private place but none I think embrace it



1,000 SUN'S
Latoya McClennon 



Beata D Wronska

Entrophic child
In the inner space
of nothing


The Multicolored Marble
  Lared Worthing

Walk on the sidewalk above the world
look down on all the beautiful things
you might see if you stare real hard
nicks and scars by the seas

Well there’s a chip in the multicolored marble
its been scratched and dipped in blood
Please don't touch the multicolored marble
the sweat from your finger might cause a flood

Wagons and axes cut through its trees
not stopping to plant them again
They only quit when they get to the sea
and then someone starts it up again

Fire from the sky and hate from the ground
burn and rape the fragile land
When they stop  they’ll realize
that they’re the only thing that stands

Now the marble’s void of all its life
and its lost all of its color
what started as nicks a scratches
has grown and has covered



Transparent Skin
  Nicole Uhl

When I look at you

I can see your pain.
I see you bleeding inside,
Bleeding like a waterfall.
Engulfing your heart.
Your mind is empty, except
The images of you crying.
Always at night. Always.
I see your insides,
Cut in tiny pieces, a broken
Puzzle never to be glued back.
Your fingers shake, they ache
With loneliness. I see your
Loneliness. Its caged inside
Of you like some hideous

I wish I could have
Held you. Tightly.
But when I looked closer. . .
All I could see was


I despise to say, it makes me cry
The single word, the word of Bye
It is separation, an indefinite part
The time without you stings my heart
I long for your touch your glowing face
Your gentle words your soft embrace
You are far away and yet so near
I think to myself there’s nothing to fear
They lower the casket into the earth
I remember your jokes and endless mirth
A tear runs down the length of my face
Crying for you is not a disgrace
I wish you where here I need you so bad
You made my life better you made me feel glad
But now your gone beyond my grasp
The dirt piles up on your ebony cask
I will remember you I’ll never forget
From the day you died to the day we first met
I sit there quietly nothing to say
Quietly sobbing the rest of the day

   Michael Green


- Lincoln PW Gentry-

Running, running away
Into the dark of night
I am running for life
For my life

The loud roaring and ringing
Of shouts dance in my ears
I am afraid
Afraid for my life
I will continue running

Running from the face of Death and fear.


Open up, let me in,

Say it all,
We've been through so little,
Yet I need you so much,
And when the morning comes,
I will know what I want to say,
Even if it comes out wrong,
And I hope you'll understand,
You always do.
It doesn't matter if this love is wrong,
Even if you'll never love in return,
I need you,
Now, always, forever.
I need you.



Take Me

Please take me somewhere I am heard.
Take me somewhere I'm understood.
Someone take me where there's peace.
I want to be somewhere where everyone loves each other.
Take me somewhere where there's joy and happiness.
Someone take me somewhere I know I'm appreciated.
Can I go somewhere that I feel loved?
Take me to the place where I can find rest for my soul.


  Melissa Bowman


hidden inside
what to do
I try to find.
are some of these things
that make me feel
I should do the same.
But yet I cant
I'm not that kind
to yell
to feel
to tell a lie.
Or maybe I am
I just don't know
where to find
the hidden soul
that screams
that tells
what they feel
No I'm not
No I'm not
No I guess I don't feel.


Cody Adams

         Love can hurt
        love can destroy
     love sometimes kills
 but love is what makes me try.

       Love can also heal
  love is what binds me still
love can bring you to your knees
  love is what makes me go on.


Troy Edison Tiu Yaw  

Bitter times make us cry
depending on your hurt, sometimes you would even want to die
You hate it when your lover's own behavior makes you cold
Your love towards him lessens without being told.

Falling out of love is not a difficult thing
You could still enjoy life: laugh, smile, and sing
Yet there are many sadful times involved
Burdens and problems you have to solve.

Why should these things still happen?
This question would be answered as time passes by
Light would be shed and tears even
It just proves that manly love can die.


The Adjective Cellar
Archie Wilson

Nestling smugly twixt pepper and salt
The adjective cellar begins it’s assault
When carelessly picked by some epicure
Who sadly considers himself connoisseur

Once the poor dinner guest flips up the top
The words tumble out, they’re awkward to stop
They bounce on the table and under the chairs
And yelling and screaming they bound up the stairs

Normally nouns are wrapped up in chains
Tortured and bound and horribly maimed
now they’re ecstatic about  to be pleasured
as picturesque words stand up to be measured!

The Vicar remarks on these halcyon days
Whilst Major Winstanley has Draconian ways
And poor Mrs Kingsley’s exordium chatter
Falls willy nilly on euphoric batter!

The twins are excited in  ectopic manner
the cats caught its tail in a Hashemite planner
the Doctor is dissident, red in the face
flapping his hands with acrimonious grace

Sadly the dinner has come to a close
The adjective cellar is back in repose
The nouns are re-bound the adverbs placated
The Vicar, the Major, the Doctor berated

But wasn’t it fun to see how are language
Can blossom and bloom and happily languish
In even the narrowest pinch penny mind
When the fruits of the Adjective cellar are vined!
There are differences in me now,
an extraordinary and alluring intensity,
even from time to time a calmness,
the very truest of contradictions.

The passion offers me everything,
the serenity requires nothing else,
two conflicting segments of the scale,
both of identical importance.

Making me struggle for breath one minute,
granting a peacefulness the next,
yielding to laughter and exploration,
pleading for me to halt briefly and reflect.

Wide-eyed excitement as seen by a child,
reality through the eyes of a woman,
creating such wonderful spaces of pleasure,
additionally a remarkable tranquility.

Urging intimacy without boundaries,
evermore comfortable in the anticipation,
sharing the innermost depths of myself,
awaiting a sameness given in return.
Bernice Robinson


Existence is painful
Painful is desire
Desire is someone
Someone is who you can't have
When you can't have that someone, you feel you can't go on
You have long thoughts
You have long tears
You have big cries
You have big fears
There are many things in life, things we can't have
When it comes to love it's more painful then anything else in the world
Love is what you share with someone
That someone is who you want to spend the rest of your days with
Together is forever
Forever is you and your lover
Your lover is equal to one thing
And that is PERFECT

  Jill Gauvin  


"Another Day"
Jennifer H. Bell

Another day ends without you here to hold me, to kiss me and tell me you love me

Another day without hearing your voice, feeling your touch, breathing you in.
Even with you close by I still feel distant, like i'm losing a piece of myself.
It's times like this, when everyone is sleep that it all hits me at once.
Throughout the day i can keep myself occupied with simple tasks to help me.
What it would do for my heart, my soul, to feel you touch me with your hands,
To feel your lips pressed so tightly to mine, to hold you and never let go.
I hate this, not knowing what you're doing without me by your side, or how you feel when you go home and not have me there to hold, to say I love you to.
I hope this will all end soon, the emptiness I have within can only be filled by you and by knowing we will one day have everything and be one together.
A house, our children, and be happy.
I love you more then life itself, and I will for the rest of time!




Seconds go step by step. It is now 4 pm.
If you run or if you cry; if you dance or if you lie,
Time persistently pass by.
Gun shot! Silence. Flash of light…
Golden lamp stands in your sight.
Deeply thinking -- feel in-caged.
Head in hands…
Oh, this is strange!
Time of progress -- time of change!
(-- No time to be enraged.)
Moving slowly through the sky…
Your eyes striped in black and white
So you can't see in day or night:
All is left is drop of ink.
Time flows by with broad spread wings.
Sky in no way shadows it.
Thunderstorm can't tear it…
And the wind in its high dance
Murmurs strangely :" And this will pass…"  


  AJ Silvers

without words:


You Killed Me"
J. Megan

You took away my whole life
You stabbed me with your jealous knife.
You wanted everything I had
You got it and I hope your glad.
I was contempt with my life until you came
You envied my life and wanted my fame.
You took it all and left me empty handed
And now I can't stand it.
You are going to be the one to drive me to my death
I'll be thinking about you when I take my last breath.
How does that make you feel, do you even care?
This is more then I alone can bare.
Everything I had you took it and turned it against me
You spread ugly rumors and made everyone hate me.
Why would you want to be this mean and leave me with this horrible scar?
I don't think you know how powerful your words are.
You thought I had the perfect life, you thought everything was right.
You were wrong and couldn't see it how I did, through my sight.
First my family then my friends
Where will your hurtfulness end?
Now I'm the one craving for control
I want to kill you more than before.
Every night I cry myself to sleep
I don't know how much I can keep.
You know, I could do the same to you.
But I don't. Why? Because I'm true.
I'm ruined because of you...
Congratulations, you've officially killed my soul...
I'm dead,
You killed me.


A thief
D. Ford

Once I was a little girl
With a sparkle in my eyes,
Then he robbed my innocence
And my heart just died.
The warm tears turned into ice,
Emotions into stone,
The only way I could go on
Is walk this world alone.
Now anyone I meet along
I wound mercilessly,
How can I love a stranger
When I hate what’s within me?
They say time heals all wounds
But it can’t heal what’s dead,
The pain defeated me
And watched my spirit as it bled.
My happiness was cut so short,
The sparkle was so brief,
All that I ever cherished
Was taken by a thief.


Dragons Of Rose
 Amy Marie

Stumbling through the murky darkness
My heart pulsating at a fast pace
As eyes of red burn into my soul
While I slowly trudge through this mystical place.

Catching the scent upon my arrival
They hide in the darkness of the night
Awaiting the mistake of their victim
To inflict an almost deathening bite.

Upon a rock there she stands
The guardian of sacred love
A blackened angel with wings of fire
Guarded by her daemons perched above.

I stand my ground and draw my sword
Only to be taken from behind
The pain was sharp, world went black
Awakening to find myself bloody and blind.

Mistaken beauty for heartless darkness
I, now a knight without my metal clothes
Destroyed for my lack of loyal trust
Disarmored by the Dragons of Rose.

  amanda L

Runaway, runaway
Hope to find me again today

Somewhere in the back of your mind
or tingling up your spine

Look for me with your heart and not your eyes
for I may be wearing a disguise

If I am, then runaway, runaway
Because you'll find the real me some other day


like a murmur
lost in our
dry parched throats.
We said nothing,
we were like
decayed tulips
little moans
in the proximity
of all these perverse



Sometimes when I think about my day
And there are millions of thoughts
clouding my head.
I stop for a moment
and feel the luxury of my sheets,
Their softness,
The comfort of my large bed,
Me stretched out, rolling in it.
Then I think how great it is to be alive.
Then I smile,
The corners of my mouth stretching along with me on the bed.
Ah, the simple pleasure of rolling on a bed.


Star Sweeping
Spyros Dellios 

                            As I was sweeping
                            Heaven's Darkness
                           I gathered the stars
                              into a corner
                        so that I could look at them
                              at my leisure.

A Breath of You

I have taken a breath, a breath of you
I Feel your warmth and the wet of dew
You touch my heart, my trembling soul
Spinning my head, now losing control
The thoughts I have, of only you
A touch so deep, if you only knew
Your laugh so rich, a soul so pure
To share your life, you bravely endure
A little girl, you’ve try to hide
A given moment, I’ve looked inside
A woman of wonders, one so near
I’ll hold you close and erase the fear
So feel my warmth, your love a new
I have taken a breath, a breath of you.


He speaks to me in sage grass whispers
broken wings and branches
and grey sky blanket song
warming reminder of summer's youth
I walk with His Breath in my face
oblivious to the subtle language
numbing my lips
and singing
singing to my winter soul
in tongues I scarce understand
She dances seductive while He sings
seventy times seven veils revealing
secrets of Man

  Stan Yow

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