Updated October 30, 1997


Chalk's powdery dust
Floats around the room
Taking away restraint
Carrying them far above the rainbow
To the land of OZ

Where the wicked witch
Takes these "restraints"
And mixes them with her poppy field
So she will never reach the Emerald City

Where her creative side can be booted out
And sent back to Kansas
Where only the chickens and Toto
Will listen to her creative ramblings



by : Rose Capranica

Glaring at the intangible

Grasping at air

My fingers stretch but aren't elastic

And the one out of range

Is surrounded by one thousand other fingers

That seem so much longer than my own

He laughs at us all

But before his teeth shine in my eyes

I drop my hands and turn away

For I do not wish to go blind

Or be covered by the explosion

Of his upperworks


A soft whisper from the wind

Reminds me of the time

The time when one could

Soak up the essence of the world

Without thinking of the problems

That tear us all apart

A soft whisper from the wind

Lets me smile for a while

And reminded me of the time

When youth was held carelessly

And life was completely


-Jenn King-


Closed into myself

Like a prison chamber

My once strong voice

Echos through the halls

Reminding me

That I was once my own self

Not owned and controlled

By the voices of others.

-Jenn King-


It's as if the angels

Came out today.

The clouds cascaded

Shards of light

On the brims of my face

Leaving me

With an essense of

Pure Joy

I felt the sorrows and angers

Of yesterday

Escape into the dark

Clouded corners of the sky

I felt

Pure Joy

When I thought of you

And for once in my life

The angels smiled down on me.

-Jenn King-



likkle bwoy him see

him black foot in dah white sand

neath cool clear water

jamaica...rasta rascal


Numb, my mind is numb
Overflowing cool and hot
Crumbling joy - tears of boredom
Stopping - halting - never ending

Final rights, my brain is dead
Funeral procession marching
No feeling - conscience gone
When can I flee

My sanity wanes
My soul is desolate
Where am I
Who is Me

Stop - Stop - Torment
A thousand echoes in our mind
All calling "HELP US"
There is no peace

There is no peace....


heaven or hell

big or tall good or bad fat or skinny

chicken or fish

dog or cat

rich or poor

together or alone

inside or outside

upside or downside

smart or insane

lead or follow

sink or swim

happy or sad

or angry or not

so many ways to be
all add up to somebody that
you want to label me

Updated October 27, 1997

People say

that you and I

would be good together;

that you're being flirtatious

when you compliment me

That your gazes transcend

friendship and love.

And I tell them

it's all in their heads...

that we just get along well

And that's why they say

that you and i

would be good together.



Letting Go

and every time the wind blows
the shock reaches in
and the memory seizes hold
as the eyes begin to film

and every time the sun shines
the time begins to flow
and the memory resurfaces
as the heart aches to let go

and every time the waves crash
the salt reaches the shore
and the memory is swept away
as the tides begin to pull.



Darkness wraps itself around

it creeps and slides across the town

in the shadows I do hear

a noise that brings upon such fear

as I turn away to run

in the stillness there sounds a gun

searing pain I do then feel

as my life he does now steal

while I feel my life blood flow

there comes an angel and together we go

up toward the bright warm light

as darkness creeps across the night
























Updated October 25, 1997

"My Child"

by CAS

Oh my child! How I feel your pain within my heart,

tightening its grip as it tears you apart.

This new road before you with obstacles

of uncertainty and doubt,

a face once known now just a face in a crowd.

Your road will soon straighten your burden shall

become light.

This new world that awaits you will no longer be

your plight.

You ask me how I know such wisdom to be true?

Oh my child! You see I was once just like you!



I Breath in

I Breath out

Blood flows along

It's predetermined route

I sigh

Deep and long

I laugh

I cry

I suffer both

Joy and sorrow

I have life

Mark Gallagher


got a bib on monkey like me need a bib

ok so we got doctors or whatever

feedin me some mushy so and so

I got hair all over me body so you can tell

I'm a big monkey

a Mind Monkey, not a gunsnroses monkey

or a Wizard of Oz monkey

or a davy Jones monkee

I am a big hairy stinky covered in mushy monkey!

My name is Jose!

Give me cash!

Call me a pizza order in!

This idiot spasming like some sorta Icky Pop!

yeah, man, I'm a monkey.


signing my initials to a few

won't make me any more
than what I am

signing my name to a
large check

won't make me any more
than what I am

having another's
thoughts and feelings
passing through my head,

still won't make me any more
than what I am

the sooner these thoughts are
the sooner we can get on with our work.


My First Poem:

who decides what's right or wrong?

maybe...the ones who are wrong...

who knows what's normal or insane?

maybe...the ones who are insane..

but, what is normal?

who knows what is normal?

what if we are insane,

but we think we are "normal".

what if we are wrong,

and we think we are right?

but, who can answer my questions?

how can they answer them?

do i know the answer?

'em i right?

'em i normal?

who knows?...

God knows...

maybe him....


Magnum Haiku

Soul pain forty ounce
pissing laced tears, cigarette
filthy mouths swallow

sin, sings above, below
it came, somehow, inside me
Sickly journey ride


Was it your words or the sound of your voice?

You brought my heart out of hiding but,

I can't remember when or how or why.

Was it your touch-so soft, so sincere?

Was it your need-so strong and clear?

Or was it a dream-so far, yet so near.

My love recalls it all, but what if you have forgotten.

What then?

What words?

Where will I hide this time.....




doubting and questioning your life like that

the only one you have
at this moment every little thing is just fine
but you're too stuck to see it

and you want what someone else has worked for
or stolen
or simply just has for their own use

who do you think you are?

look at all the great stuff going on
and all the s****y stuff too
it's everyday , everyday
it's always the same
always the same

in all ways



Wonderful bounty of actual courage

Filling, spilling with the power of my blood

opening to the closing


Remember Me?



no one understands me

or wants to

i sit here

and watch

always an outsider

looking in

my thoughts


in constant turmoil

i sit there

trying to fit in

forever the outcast




no one would even

notice if i were


Jennifer Pattinson

Oct 21 1997


The dream of blue skies

Clouds blowing past the green scape

Wanting to begin and never wanting to end

Love's blind eyes looking upward for the future

Past and present, converge in a meaning

Only woundering when the dream will return.

-Todd David Vaught written 8-97 at The Center for the Homeless in South Bend, IN


An Easy Thought Went Up From Me,
Of A Dancer Bounding The Stage.
She Danced Pirouettes On The Brow Of The World,
Took An Accolade Or Two And Bowed.

She Flew Back To Me Then And Warmed Me Up,
An Intoxicant, Invading My Spirit.
And I Took To The Air And Touched A Heaven,
Touching The Dancer, Turned, Was You.


We are like a tree

It gets more beautiful

As it gets older

It becomes stronger

And holds lovers' carvings

As the years slowly pass

And unlike a flower

Whose life is short

And it all too quickly wilts away

We will last forever

And we will continue

To grow stronger

And more perfect

As the years go on.

-Jenn King-


Swallowed into the darkness
Lost in the mist
Hidden under a rock
Never to be seen again

Mixed into a memory
Lost inside a dream
Eroded into a river
To float out of a mind

Lost in a sunset
Washed away from shore
Misplaced in the sand
Not to be seen anymore

The dream was lost
One summer
In an endless attempt
To grow up.

-Jenn King-


Could love only occur

When your not wanting it?

Has someone's company

Merely become an exsistance?

I have spent my whole life

Searching for love

And only when I've lost all hope

Have I found it looking for me.

Perhaps next time

When I'm looking for love

I'll stop and let it find me.

-Jenn King-



In the air you can bring
some special for the people
your feelings are connected
with all minds.

the love play with all person
a special share like a rose
in the first kiss of one person
the human need love is very

why? contains the special touch
for the soul in your dreams you
can bring the fear and love try
you can bring more.


Holding on

to yesterday,

And desperately praying for tomorrow.

Living in dreams

until sunrise,

And then passing the moment by.

Creating a world of fantasy

with no key,

Back to reality.

~ Bonnie


The leaves of trees have fallen

And the weather turns ever colder

It seems like earth is aging

That the hand of death has touched her.

But in the spring returns the sun

The lover of our mother

and breeding warmth and love

the winter will be over.



Lying in a field of clover one beautiful summer day.

The chaos gone forever now so peace and quite reign.

Soldier's death on the battlefield, his war over now.



Pacing the dark corridors of my shame

my addiction painfully screams out your name

come feed me my love my hunger my life

or release my soul from this eternal strife

your burning touch my pleasure my pain

my destiny's etched and will always remain

in a world where only you and i exist

devoured whole then swallowed within the mist

and memory....of you..........


Burdened heart i once thought had died
awakened to feel no pain now inside
please tell me heart how can i show
my love so deep wanting to know

This gentle loving tender man so rare
joy now replacing complete despair
oh how we embrace such delicious pleasure
our love so real what a priceless treasure

One day to meet held in loving embrace
united together what adventures we face
soulmate you called me and that rings true
I give all my love and devotion to you


fragments of life go by....
etched deep into the forgotten desires....
of our youth....


Updated October 17, 1997

it's a day like any other day,

but I am not the same.

I went to sleep a cranky old man,

and returned a toddler among men.

Soon I will learn to speak.



It's as if the angels

Came out today.

The clouds cascaded

Shards of light

On the brims of my face

Leaving me

With an essence of

Pure Joy.

I felt the sorrows and angers

Of yesterday

Escape into the dark

Clouded corners of the sky.

I felt

Pure Joy

When I thought of you

And for once in my life

The angels smiled down on me.



Ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust,

Light a match;

Watch it combust.

Ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust,

Live while you can.

Die when you must.



black, white

mooing, chewing, resting

cows are cool animals




Vivid hues of pink and purple

streak across the sky.

Almost detracting from the glory of the red sun.

Some people look longingly at the sunset.

In their eyes it is an ending;

a closing curtain.

Yet others see it as a beginning

for without the velvet night

the soft yellow dawn would not come-

gloriously running over with new possibilities

and exciting adventures.

Such is the sunset of our existence

it is not a closure-

it is but an opening act.


Autumn's Call


A silence after "Hello"

Is it you calling?


Sea Shores

The sea is a maiden who possesses my heart as I stand by the sea shores

and stare endlessly across the calling sea.

My life has been filled with sea shores where the sea has come to me in

the stillness of the night.

Its not the endless thirst for life that calls me but the warmth and love

I have enjoyed with the many friends that allows me to view the sea shores

of my life. Thank you



The blood that binds us

Tears us apart

In those damned, iron strands

Is the locked door to

Our love

We're denied our desires

Because of two counfounded people

Who had to come together

To ensure our



God Bless the USA

>From coast to coast

From sea to shining sea

People are making toasts

To what this country will be

A nation full of drugs

Along with hate and violence

A place for homeless mugs

And everyone stands in silence



The Muse quietly frees him
from his terrestrial brig.

He soars on oils and canvas,
till reality's stealthy prig
slips in and steals the moment
and his face and brushes fall.

Abigail Sugan



Love poems written

Ease the pain found in lost love

By not forgetting


Thoughts of you carry brilliant colors that pierce the shadows and dance for my hearts delight.

My skin remembers yours

My fingers retrace the discovery of you in dreams day and night. I need to know more. To close my eyes and drift with the rhythm of your breathing, your light.

I need to hear your voice-so clear, so soft

Saying my name

Making sin right.



He Longs To Fly

He longs to fly
To soar along
above the throng
passing by

His heart's release
to glide above
unsteady love
to set at peace

The timid tears
which so abound
such pain unfound
in solemn years

He wants to fly
in setting free
his love for me
to passing bye.

©1997 Twyla Turnbow Sorrells


I am longing for the day

When you'll again call me yours.



They fill my mind with shadows,

images of what's to come and should not be,

they are the voices of the past,

they are the voices of immortality.

They are premonitions,

of moments not yet come,

they tell me to share them,

and so, I come in peace.

Here, I offer this to you,

scrawled lines on parchment,

and though they do not match,

it is all one, entrance,

and so, instead of a poem,

I submit to you, me.



It moves through the trees so softly,

following hidden pathways,

it touches my face so gently,

it's like fingers running through my hair.

As I stand, I waver,

feeling the gentle breeze,

voices murmur in my ear,

begging for release.

I am all I can ever be,

a true child of the wind,

I would give up everything,

to fly unfettered, unbound, free.

The wind is my mentor,

the sky is my plain,

I lift my wings so happy,

and fly away, away.



Pregnant with remorse

Raspberry flowers shed tears

My love regrets love


making tomorrow

lesser yester


the roses(and the

hearts which


their petals)grow

still taller.


"Forever Mine"

How can I tell you how much I adore
the way you smile at me when you walk through my door,

Your body has a peaceful glow
sitting next to the fire for only me to know,

This side of you that I can see
you have given over just to me,

So when I look into your eyes
I can see with great surprise,

That you love me, and I love you
forever and ever this will brew,

My heart is yours, and yours is mine
for we are forever intertwined.



Butterfly wings

Kisses of Gold

Dream Angels

Death's Light

These are the guardians of the night

Witch's magic

Star's of fire

Christmas Dreams

Days of incest

Time when innocents drew blood

Rage is the only Death that is a lie of beasts in love

Confusions find their place

Furies keep their place


I can see you but I am not watching

I am absorbed in the feel of you

The smell, the taste, the warmth

Your rising.

But mostly I am humbled by your grace.

for love...


Updated October 3, 1997


Sipping sweet red wine

near the warm and crackling fire

I hear her eyes speak

E. Lee Saffold


When the windows of love shatter and the heart lost

divine justice is cruel and you only find it at great cost


Three years, love unfed, weak and dying,

one glance, one laugh

Leave the fire crying--


The look that's never given
The touch that's never felt
The heart that's always driven
By the pain that has been dealt

The word that's never heard
The thought that's never said
The love that goes unanswered
By the time that has been shed


all the faces blur

and bleed to red.

my heart shatters

into fragments.

shudder to think

that you were real,

really stupid of me.



weathers, are earth songs.......

full of dust and cloudy skies

through the days and years



autumn's leaving now

never ever returning

these moments again



colors play around

in gardens and on the streets

one calm autumn day



A Rainy Day

this rainy day
shines in one thought:
it goes the way
a lovely day ought

for people in love
the rain don't matter
just another day
that makes no love better

this rainy day
will go on by
whatever we say
won't reach the sky

for people in love
what does the whether count
it will go or stay
but we are cupid bound



Raven's Glory

Stars of Glory

Shattered windows to the soul

Tiny tear drops of blood

The world loses innocence

This thing must be love

Pain so hot it burns a place within me

Small members fly free

Fire bugs of the best Degree

Flames ignite and scald flesh

Innocent Raven's

Scavengers from up above

They come to eat in this feast of love

Deaths true rhythm

Blue stores prime

I may be crazy but the stars turned green

When we all marched in time


You have walked into my

heart. You can read my

thoughts and emotions you

are the reason I came to be

this way.

Now I watch in Silence as you

pass by the gap widens between

us what happened I feel the bond

But weak and frayed.

Where do we start on closing

the gap? Can I still cross



The Light.....

You may be walking in

darkest night. Open

your heart let the light

touch it.

Feel the love Radiating

from it. Don't fear it embrace


Darkness you will never fear

as long you carry the light

in your heart.

The Light of



Your Love.

Your desire burns across my body,

singeing my soul and devouring my heart,

trapping me in your raging inferno of emotion.

Your gaze lingering upon my body,

tracing a path across my trembling flesh.

My soul crying out for more,

writhing, exhausted in a pool of want,

I'm helpless and weak-you sweep into my heart...

and we are one.


Show And Tell

by Summer Leigh

Strip the dressing of your eyes

Release the madness locked with chains inside

Show and tell all to all

Taunt the world with jewels of your ardor

Curse and bleed and guard your soul

Believe your smile and make that belief your shield.

Updated September 30, 1997

The leaves turn as does my heart

Deprived of the sun

Starving in the shadows.

Years are not my friend-

They pass only to show me what I have been.



Vengeful friendship

Vicious charity

Cutting me down

Like so much wheat

Cruel compliments

Fiendish kindness

Using me for

Your personal gain

Sobbing joy

Weeping happiness

Trying to show

What you do

Indifferent affection

Dispassionate love

Wearing my shattered heart

On my sleeve


Look at you

I hate you

just sitting there pretentiously existing

absorbed in your own exterior

acting as if you're superior to everyone

everyone seems to agree with you

they all want you

beckoning at your slightest whim

Well I don't long for you

You cannot capture me the way you've captured them

To me you're revolting

I despise everything that you are

Go away! Go!

I hate you


one truth of truth,

is knives cut deep

Truth, not the wound,

but the blade



Sometimes in life

we gaze upon a beautiful thing

that rises the spirit

and helps the soul to sing.

Sometimes we are touched

by lifes gentle hand.

That begins to sculpt

a love in man.

Sometimes the music

we are blessed to hear

the sweet melody

of someone who cares.

These are special moments

that we are allowed to taste.

To cherish, to savor

but not to waste.



The Kiss of Deth duz kill U so, 2 much room 4 luv 2 grow... B/c Your luv U can never have, it maxe you sad and drives you mad...But forget the fake and focus on real, live out those feelings you want to feel...b yourself and forget the croud, dare 2 B different, dare 2 B proud... Keep no worries, set yourself free, be the person you wana B...For when you are yourself, dreams do come true, and maybe your love will fall in love with you! *by rEdQuEeN*


Time is not our friend

It teaches us things we don't want to know.

It takes us to places and makes us see things we can never forget.

Time deceives us

It pretends to be endless, coaxing us into a false sense of security.

Then, just when we need it runs out.


<**Here we go again you gatta jam**>

<**You wana break-up you need some time**>

<**That's how you feel, I understand**>

<**I'm gona miss you, you're love of mine**>

<**But there's something you need to know**>

<**I gatta feeling, it's deep and low**>

<**This time you walkaway, I won't be near**>

<**Just ganna turn my head and disapear**>


Loving you

was like

losing someone

I never had.


I loved you

for who i

thought you were

made you to be

and now i know

the kisses we shared

our wistful gazes

were nothing

but a game

i lost


The trees have blossomed

the flowers have sprung

I'm sitting here wondering "how come"

How come the world is so pretty

yet so many families I pity

How come the world is filled with hate

yet beauty is timed not to wait

Our minds are filled with thoughts of hostility

how can it be us not to have the ability

to think for ourselves

Women must show that we can survive,

no matter how many men may come into our lives.

Take a stand



Beating, beating, beating heart

set my rhythm with your sound

sparkling, sparkling in my eyes

tears of passion you will find.

Every tear with its own secret

hiding it with zeal behind,

every tear with its own secret,

yes ! this ardor is all mine.

Fragrant perfume in the air

tenuous drizzle that our God

scattered with thorough care,

just propitiating love.


I thought I saw you in the crowd at a downtown shopping mall, but when I turned you were just a shadow on a wall.

I thought I heard you whisper, your love song so divine,

but when I strained to hear you were an echo in my mind.

It's odd, but I knew-

I was sure it was you

Wanting me, like you did. Blowing through me once again...

Like a soft southern wind.

for Miki


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