February, 1997

Updated February 27, 1997


A Cautionary Tale

He had a habit, Thomas Grey,
Which had a most unpleasant bent,
For every hour of every day
His finger up his nostril went.

It pleased him so to do a deed
That everybody else deplored.
His parents cried "You'll make it bleed!"
But all their warnings he ignored.

One night, when he was safe in bed,
His parents heard an awful shout,
And, rushing up, they found him dead
And turned completely inside-out...




I pick my way through weed and briars

across the deserted land.

Silhouetted against the grainy sky

a tall, stone chimney.

Standing alone, I wonder-

do you remember me?


Look at the destruction,

The chaos I have made.

I am sitting here alone

While they're all getting laid.

It's not because I am too large

Or my personality

It's not because I can not dance

It's just that I can't be

In touch with my feminine side.

-Chris Thornton-


The Mythology Of Air Travel

It's a book about
mythology and passion,
which are the same thing.

Our flight time will be
one hour and two minutes,

A man sits near me,
garlic and onion pizza
under his jacket.

Aluminum glints
of sun through pock-marked window
show me nothing new.

Attractive women
carry make-up boxes full
of misdirection.

And yet I progress
toward my home-bound passion,
who may yet be myth.


The Mountain Goddess

On the Pennsylvania turnpike,

an annual trip we've made for years,

alone together.

But this year with a new tunnel blasted through

the comfortable mountain landscape of our lives.

Cooing in a rear-facing child seat,

as we hurtle past the curious trees,

the Mountain Goddess,

in her new infant aspect,

can only marvel at a world so changed.



To my life you bought elation,

Your seed long since been sewn.

Though far away, and out of sight,

Your memory I own.


c: 2/13/97


"loneliness has nothing to do with being alone"

I (like a boy racing across his backyard, trying to catch all the rain in

his mouth as it falls) walked across the room.


I'm In Your Heart

When you're feeling down and out

and things are going rough.

Don't give up, you must not doubt

stand tall and just be tough.

They will try and bring you down

they'll try and tear you apart.

But don't you cry, don't you frown

be strong, I'm in your heart.


Sea Oats

beneath the moon
sea oats bend and sway
with the wind-
hands linked, we dance
young again, across the dune


Brighid and Buddha
Argue with Jesus and Zues--
Oghma doesn't know

{I'll bet he does. Just can't spell it out!}


Spring Waka

Beautiful music

Dances through the tree-filled woods.

Crickets chirp; birds sing

Sun makes patterns on the snow

Melting away my sadness.




The sun grows tired

And leaves her earth children

For a night of rest.

But then comes her friend the moon,

Who watches us as we sleep.

"Wintertime Hiking #1"

Footsteps in the snow

Develop a forest trail

For me to follow.

"Wintertime Hiking #2"

Trudging through snow drifts

My feet fall but avoid the

Path already made.


E-Mail Me, don't leave it there

hanging in the cyber-air.

An answer floating high above

grabbed for it with virtual-glove,

No reason to fret worry or greive

If I am alive why do I not breathe?

Send your word across the wire

to steady my soul and let me retire.

Eyes burn in the light of the screen

waiting for you to E-Mail Me.

Poem by Pomeranc


retlaw poems










Prancing pasta

Hey macaroni

noodles giggling

self luminating sphere

Woody Guthrie's rapping

variations on a theme

primordial types still roam

assaulting urban dwellers

machismo venison burgers

upgrade- official rules

menopause after fifty

well adjusted lesbians

stain removing sermons

earth-bound tragedy

no daddy

oval shaped lady in nominee for artist of the year.


Let me be the one

Who shares your sadness

And sorrows,

The one

Who brings you happiness

And satisfies your heart.

Let me be the one

Who takes you everywhere

In the beautiful autumn days,

The one

Who keeps you warm

In the cold winter nights.

Let me be the one

Who warms your heart

When it's cold,

The one

Who fills your heart with joy,

And let me be the the one

Who loves you forever.


luke warm shaving water

in popsicle form tastes like

my grandfathers past but i

often confuse that with my

own techno presence

i hold together with chewed bubble


off the pavement and green aqua resistors

i snatched from my very own out of date

commadore 64.


it always does

she left me but she left her clothes
i knew she'd never forfeit those
she was bluffing; yes she was
and she came back; she always does

she left again; i had the blues
until i saw her favorite shoes
she was bluffing; yes she was
and she came back; she always does

she left once more; this time for sure
i even cut my hair for her!
i can't believe how sad i was
but it grew back; it always does

-claude prez


Kissing You

Your kiss

the key

Soft lip

on me

Can't stop

my brain

Kiss me



by Jan Tucker



I am the hole above the earth
Each time I'm surprised I hurt
Telephones cause me pain
I often love in vain
I write to kill, I'm insane

Poetry keeps me alive
Line by line my will survives
One day my heart will stop

Some of me will go there
Some of me will rot
Mine will go out

by Jan Tucker



By Susan Hera

A tear for every hurtful saying.
A tear or two for every name.
Another, for each accusation.
Angry words bring tears of pain.

A tear, for all I do is wrong.
A second, for I can't do right.
Another, for the tone in your voice.
For this, I cry tears all night.

A tear in the morn, for the night before.
A second, for all the things you said
Another, because my eyes are sore.
Angry words, you don't regret