APRIL, 1997

Updated April 26, 1997


A small tabby cat
Sitting on the windowsill,
Eyeing a fern mere metres away.

A small green fern,
Sitting in the sun,
Not noticing the Cat.

A small plant-box,
Sitting in the garden,
Stripped stalks pointing skyward.

A small man,
Retuning from a day's work
Sees the fern
And a smiling cat.



by Alexandra O'Mallory

every year

at this time,

i sift

through the grains

and the folds

into the very

essence of you.

in winter,

only in winter

do my armies

crumble and subside

refusing to resist

your fail-safe tide.

it strokes me so,

this seasonal hush

these dimensions of dampness

devouring my capacity

to conjure a clearer climate.


Ruby's Nights

Ruby sees herself--

in scalded mirrors

in shocking-pink jail cells

in rushed confessions

in sluggish miracles

Ruby sees herself--

as an experiment in living

as a mylar balloon

tethered to the earth

to the bedposts of strangers

in nightly sentences

Charles Varani
Eugene, OR


One night whilst I dreamt
I walked down by the shore
You were standing near the water
This beauty I adored

If love could be a moment
A second caught in time
I would but share it with you
Our love would be a sign

Reaching out to touch you
I thought to take the chance
Our love is like a candle
A flame that dares to last

And when I near to hold you
Embrace you in my arms
I feel your love inside me
I feel it in my heart.


Lonely....I'm lonely for someone...

To love me as my teepee...

Friendly and kindly....

with tenderness...

a little caress

Just ME!








two hearts bond to form one

sprouting up unconfidently

turning to curiousity

with close attention

becoming stronger & truer

withstanding the test of time

never to wither and die

without the touch of the other

through long cold lonely nights

then blooming in the morning light

to show the beauty our love

events will comeand go

but the bond will never break


this is my rainbow

the bloom of early summer

can I ask for more?


A thought

I share with you
a thought:

blissful moment
soon gone
for another


Sweet scent, sweet taste, sweet feeling.

The candyman has arrived to take me away to

the world of Willy Wonka.

Where every dream comes true.

Reality is nothing .

Everything is pure fantasy


Streets Away

do not depart a moment
night of whispers
streets away

your conscience
returns, soon again

for it is for man
to seek


High up

at the spring of the river
rocks are eager knives

near the sea
old people fishing
are blaming slippery feet



The moments yet to come

are the future

'bout right now

but they come so fast

and glide right by

then turn to past somehow

Copyright 1997, Vonny R.


nocturnal noise
till corner of blanket
fills open mouth

Vonny R.


Lord have I offended thee
As you have offended I.

To fill me with the want of death
and not the heart to die.



Passions are like clocks

Gathered in a room.

Echoed ticking, echoed tocking

Erratic chiming,



The Shower

By Lisa Jacobson

Soothing, warm water,

Pounding against my back,

Taking me away from

The problems that exist,

Turning me away from a

World of troubles and pain,

Numbing my mind and body

Into a state of utter bliss,

Steam rising up around me,

Shielding my eyes,

Turning my back on the

Outside world.

But only for a moment.



Life began on the earth millions of years ago

Life is not all fun

Life is like a market place

There is no Life on the moon

There is little plant Life in the desert

Life is precious

There was no sign of Life in the empty house

To take one's Life in one's hand

Change of Life



So therefore, Life has no duplicate



Two icicles melt
drip streams pooling on the ground.
The sum of winter


May warms our porches.
Screen doors replace winter glass,
freeing the neighbors


One sweet embrace, to short to trace

The outline of your heart- too bold

I hesitate to sip the measure of your mind

In fear of what there I'll...


Your lips, far to lucisous to ignore,

Inviting as an open door, to enter is to return...


Snared at last, I wonder if you ever cared to ask

The same of my lost soul?



Dancers come two by two

to dance away the blues.

She stands by the dance hall door

her boots have yet to scuff the floor.

Cowboys fill the smokey bar,

but she only watches them from afar.

She came here alone

and so she'll be when she goes.

Dancers come two by two

alone will never do

Ever since Noah, life's been in pairs

alone she goes, nobody cares.

-Devon Perry


Lying comfortably numb on pure white nothing, we nod on the depth of our

own stillness. We slip into the sky and awaken, rolling on a haze of endless

currents. Pure journeys to our freeness.

Katie Monticello


Tonight my bones ache for long awaited rest

I can feel your heart beating inside my chest

Like the power of a strong thunderstorm

Your body - your face start to take form

I can see you now your beautiful face

You and I here together in this place

I reach out to touch you with nothing to fear

I wake from this dream to find you're not here


you drank art's water
made me a tape
helped me through my problems
and blew in my ear

you have the coolest three dollar shoes
eyes that match your sweater
a gift of understanding
and pink walls

you stated out down a dirty road
let me kick your ass
looked into my soul
and touched my heart


you worry theres someone else

i agree, but know there's not

you worry you'll be missing out

i agree, but know you won't

runnin' away are ya?

oh, okay

i'll accept it-

with a sad soul

did you hear that?

i think it was my heart breaking

sorry if i woke you up



i should have gone

i should have let you in

but i couldnt

i make you sad

i'm sorry

but it wouldnt have been sincere



People look and see,
They wonder and think of me
What's with those sideburns?



I really miss him,
Rotting child minds on a whim
Thank God Tupac's dead.



I was thinkin about you last night.

And I was thinkin I'm too young for love,

Too young for it all.

Too young for sappy love songs and flowers and great wine.

And I was thinkin of all those people better than me-

Better with you-

Better at the whole game.

Just thinkin of me and you.



Up against the kitchen wall,
Stoic, tall, and white,
The boy stands to serve us all,
A solace from our plight.

He shares his wares with all of us,
A shining inner light,
His face belies no standard fuss,
He bestows without a fight.

His coldness chills everyone,
Early in the morn,
Through laughter, joy, and much fun,
The boy remains forlorn.

Never suave or debonair,
He remains to the wall,
A tall white Frigidaire.


i try to see you

inside your haze

and when i am able,

you look so sad

i wish i could help you

but you push me away

besides, i guess i wouldn't know

what to do

so that it was just right

but i could learn

if only you would let me in

then maybe we could both be

happy again

by kara


when i talk to you

i feel like i'm falling away

i try to stay up

grab your hand

but you shake me off

and look the other way

i wish i knew how to be

like i was before

when i thought you could love me

maybe im wrong, maybe you do




The picture in my mind's
window changed when
winter fled

Thundering hooves brought
spring's chariot, and
spirit wings spread towards
the warmth of the sun, and
winter is now in the place
where seasons rest


The Marlboro Man in the Moon

There is no god,

Only cigarettes

eternally burning with that stagnant smell--

To provoke a thought,

Or invoke a spell.

Beyond that dark barren land,

Beyond that vast airid waste,

Someone awaits your message to god...

But there is no god,

only cigarettes.

---Jeff P. Zacher


i have a lot to say

but nothing comes out

except a little bit of my soul

that cried to be heard

but had no voice

i sit and gaze at my thoughts

theyre there, but i dont see a thing

perhaps i'm blinded by hesitation

afraid to confront

a love i know is running through my veins

by kara


when my simple mind takes over

think about my eyes

there see through

never realize how i see

till it's gone bigger better than it ever was

when time's up i feel different

like i had it all along

but really i could never see it

in the shadow your ever so cold

now your free, you shine

your so much prettier than me

they believe in god

he's so much bigger in your eyes

really never made me smile....


said he was trying to get over you

his heart's stuck his palms are cold

he's asked you twice

hangs his head high and is overly nice

he doesn't understand

tell him for good break his heart

you know he's closen up

he knows he better start

he thinks he's losen her leavin' her behind

she says he's wonderful but not my kind




"Love is an anagram for evil." he said

"But evil has an I." she replied

"'re right." he said

Then she left.


**I Made This**

I am suppose to be a poet
but I only write non-fiction
and I never make the jokes up on my own.

When I 'm feeling a bit creative
I might sample others works
and steal a clever character or two,
and if I'll feeling really lazy
I won't care if a really long line stuffs up the rhythm of the whole poem.

(My sister is an English Scholar)
"In other words," she snaps,
"You lie, you cheat
and you have no imagination."


The Average Woman

Warmth on my skin,

Can't compete with the heat in my bossom

it's where you've been.

Never thought a world so fine

tell me once more, the love, if you dare

-love so devine-

Not ever again

heart of mine

slow to the beat of an average woman.



watching you smile away
so relieved, never deceived
my beauty

spinning, linger down
lips of chalk
are now kissing me

wishing we could fly
i could make you run
and make you cry
for the first time

glide away i feel your sea
a rock and roll
is a safer row with me

come child
i can feel it
i can breathe
i am willing

washing wishes
with flowing kisses
washing wishes
with bleeding kisses


Stained Glass

Our love,

its weight and light,

refracted through stained glass.

Lead armature once held bright lives.

Now we're all mixed color,

lead holding us

in place.





[branch] communication,

decision, action. Do until.



Paper-clip Origami

This is America.

This is what Americans do,

bending ancient tools

into suddenly recognizable forms.

Sometimes because we need a durable new animal

to swallow our world.

Sometimes because it's been a restless afternoon,

with nothing better to do.


Joan The Ark

Holding us within,

her animals of all stripes,

floating through the years.—*—


I've tried

dancing as if

there was no one watching.

But self-consciousness always wins.

The quiet dancing eyes,

silent judgments,



i said nothing

would of but it's to hard on my mind

never been one to try

missed so much

all my love's touch

i came to me

helped me wait

helped me understand what i never had

i'm still not the same

struggling pushing my wieght deep.....

by mike


i'm scared to lose you

you know i am

i adore your thoughts

wish i could see them all

center of someones hate

makes me sad

i wish i could protect you

the only way for it all

is to cover my feeling and sparkle..

kara your great i love you to death i'll write a better one in time.

love mike




Illuminated only by the light of

a silver moon

and your eyes



as your fingers

as your tears

hissing on my open wounds

and your voice on my lips



as you love me

as you don't

your violation of my soul

leaves me breathless



as you kill me

as you give me life

your love leaves me wanting

and waiting for the touch.



with or without you

as you hurt me

as you haunt me

with the moon in your eyes.



you've never made an appearance

other than through thoughts and hate

if you are so great why do you cause so much pain

you'll strike me down i'm sure if i'm wrong

but i'll live in the shine of it all

if there's no heaven this must be hell





















by Alanis M.

Water,It streams in streams and down the faces

of heart break.Water,it falls from the sky and

in to the bathtub of a stressed out day.Water,

it is here, it is there,it is any where you want

to put it.Choose carefully.—*—


She's sitting in the darkness,

with tears in her eyes.

He's hurt her again,

and the pain she can't hide.

As much as she wants to,

she doesn't mean enough.

She knows it's hopeless,

but she's gotta be tough.

So she gives it a chance,

sets her feelings aside.

He gives her more promises,

and leaves her with lies.

Always believing,

only to be let down.

You could see her pretty smile,

fade into a frown.



Thy hurt which led me to death,

was all said in a single breath.

My sadness and my sorrow,

shall lead me to no morrow.

For thy pain and hurt I cannot bear,

gave me nothing to dispare.

Suicide my only way,

gave me hope to repay.

To leave thy earth without a trace,

for my presence as it stands a "total disgrace."


when change is set before change begins
life is meant to be lived while you stand aside

by:mike truman


Silent Scream

Crying silently invisible tears
Choking on pride, showing no fear

Your unseen rage
Encumpaces the cage
That holds you at ransom

You walk without seeing
You scream without speaking

Who do they know
The real you doesn't show

Are you a plastic flower in a vast jungle
An exposion with a silent rumble

Maybe it's all just an endless dream
When you awake, they'll hear you scream

*-Debra Michaels-*


Heaven's Orb
Mykel Parleir

A perfect orb on a cloudless night
I stare to the distance and wonder
sea's of blue and surface white
another world for earth to plunder

Ever moving and still it's there
watching as we live our lifes
crying softly when we fail
never knowing our successes

The orb will watch through every age
every night of every place
seeing birth and mourning death
till the day we turn the final page



Entwined were they
Entwined for all of life
Forever and a day were they
Through all the world's strife.

In love were they
Though all said they could not
Forever and a day were they
Peace is all they sought.

Lovers were they
The kind whose love endures
Forever and a day were they
For true love hath no cure.


The room so silent but is filled with the sounds of death
The room is red but not with blood
The room is death

-Steven Weinberg


The Plug

The sound of the electric plug
why does it strive to buzz
does it wish to impress me
or downright depress me

It never ceases to stop
with its unique buzzing sound

Buzz all day buzz all night
buzz untill you give me a fright

But keep on buzzing while you can
because if you ever stop we'll replace you
better stock better brand



Bored bored beyond relif

needing a reason to keep

to keep this life this body this world

or to simply find something to eat

Updated April 11, 1997


your fatality emerges from the darkness, I cringe at the sight

of your wafer of a body.....kindly,..I look away in disgust..remembering

how vulgur you were,.....I ran to the bathroom...scraping at my skin..

unclean from your fingers and lips,.....soap,...water, wash away this feeling of emptiness,...and

seclusion,....many tears have been lost due to you....may your life go

on untimely bruise...



Her supple body

abandoned by the cold

Longing to be stoked,




She's know fingers

rough on her spine.

But she's left.

Her eyes cracked with ice

and lashes brittle

breasts barren and empty

and her heart taps weakly on her ribcage.

Strangers smirk and sneer

and quicken when they happen by.

And she cries frozen tears that pause on her chin

and find solace in her cement home.


The End of the Raven

by Edgar Allan Poe's Cat

On a night quite unenchanting, when the rain was downward slanting,

I awakened to the ranting of the man I catch mice for.

Tipsy and a bit unshaven, in a tone I found quite craven,

Poe was talking to a Raven perched above the chamber door.

"Raven's very tasty," thought I, as I tiptoed o'er the floor,

"There is nothing I like more"

Soft upon the rug I treaded, calm and careful as I headed

Towards his roost atop that dreaded bust of Pallas I deplore.

While the bard and birdie chattered, I made sure that nothing clattered,

Creaked, or snapped, or fell, or shattered, as I crossed the corridor;

For his house is crammed with trinkets, curios and weird decor--

Bric-a-brac and junk galore.

Still the Raven never fluttered, standing stock-still as he uttered,

In a voice that shrieked and sputtered, his two cents' worth --


While this dirge the birdbrain kept up, oh, so silently I crept up,

Then I crouched and quickly leapt up, pouncing on the feathered bore.

Soon he was a heap of plumage, and a little blood and gore--

Only this and not much more.

"Oooo!" my pickled poet cried out, "Pussycat, it's time I dried out!

Never sat I in my hideout talking to a bird before;

How I've wallowed in self-pity, while my gallant, valiant kitty

Put and end to that damned ditty"--then I heard him start to snore.

Back atop the door I clambered, eyed that statue I abhor,

Jumped--and smashed it on the floor.



Now the bus breathes

like a stolen cow.


like clothed lovers.

Lips on

napalm.Churches open stuffed mouths.Children of cake

hats.Mother Byrd,

lemon hippo,throwing her life

to God.This is where Rizzo tugged black men

out of tan lincolns.Where god keeps

his muddy shoes.The table of begging.

All I know is it will never eat my

talk. And that is howI pull on my coat

and twenty dollar sneaks,

and lambs heart, and brass


and make it.


Soft Love

Winds blowing soft

through your place.

Was that someone in the shadow?

Or me, kissing you face?

Soft as fur

that whispers into ears,

the way to marry shadows

Is learned in many years!

Copyright 1996

(In order for a copyright notice to valid, it has to contain a name. You cannot copyright
anonymous poems. jr)



a field of sorrow

an acre of grain

a puddle full of stubble

a hailstorm of Pain

the stars of disTrust

the moon a lonely sight

a day full of defeat

an evening of dispite


A Modern World

Fear of difference,

Or just plain ignorance

Does not embroider our minds

In an educational way.

Religion and race,

Shouldn't matter

In this futuristic world

Of high tech citizens.


Why should I be there for you?

If you're not there for me,

Why should I be there for you?

You just want your life to be easy,

Well life isn't like that,

I know.


Vinegar or Honey

One faced me with a deadly sword,

I quickly used my shield.

One faced me with a kindly deed,

and now I find I yield.

One smacked me with a clenched-up fist,

I yelped and ran for cover.

One gave me a big bear hug,

I wished he was my mother.

So if you wish to convince me, friend,

Please, think before you speak.

Vinegar never won the game,

When bees are what you seek.

(c) 1997, Kathryn Terrell


My Creator Lives

We listened to the wind,

we knew His voice was there.

It rang all through the trees

and rustled through my hair.

We watched the shadows fly,

as day gave way to night--

a blanket spread around me,

which kept the darkness bright.

We viewed the starry sky,

an eternity of space.

Beyond Orion shone a light,

that bathed a heavenly place.

(c) 1996, Kathryn Terrell



in my second skin

i can't let you in.

no one can see me-


like springs for

springs swallow

an ocean of held back cries-

"you soft man--

you bleed for what?"

tears like rivers

at a river's edge in blackmare

recalled as a bad movie--

in my second skin


can't let you in.



End Of February


bleed fossil

into sidewalks-

I'm in no mood

for snowman or angel


i will shed my glass for you-

my fragile skin--gaggle grow

like dead lizard belts

hung forgotten in some totem infested

roadside parody of ancient life.

Homing in on festered memory,

guided by spirit fingers,

turned like idols to mercy--

Casting balls of sun into shadows

sucking that foul loathsome rage down

until it fills my hate...

Flower like earning a reputation

for digression.


w/out poetry

or disease

w/out empathy

or apathy

w/out entering

or exiting

w/out hopefully

or wanting

w/out depleting

or inflating

w/out having

or waiting...

w/out everything

or anything...

w/out you....


A babbling river,

I sit and ponder, cool breeze.

sharp clouds, whisper...











i like this open mic thing

as a way to share this poetry

and i'm writing as i go along

because this is all i've really got


God, i've shed tears...lost i've lost my way...

though you're not here...damn it...i still feel the same...

and i have lost faith...given it the rest of my life...

and each passing day...tears corrupt...and i want to die...



a delicate goddess sings in then night

and stares at the moon, the languid


shadows blow through her hair

still time trips on.


I heard the trumpet sound, and I knew the world was ending,

and I thought, "Oh, hell! I better start believing!"

So I went to church that day to find total hypocracy,

and walked away amazed at the what they called "worshipping."


fragile beginnings

shredded by Ignorance

Spirit's solemn, gentle tears


Who Am I Kidding?
Camden Smith

Who am I kidding?
I miss you.
I miss you insanely.

Who am I kidding?
none of my friends,
none of my friends who've looked inside

Who am I kidding?
someone I wish I weren't
someone I wish was here

Who am I kidding?
the one I love,
the one I've loved from the beginning

Who am I kidding?
the love of my life

the love,
the love that's gone