JUNE, 1997

Ruby slippers took her home

A wish, a prayer, a breath

An ethereal nod from her shadow-mate

Just a whisper, nothing less.



Life is made of

things to be

and memories

you've given me the memories

none can take away

But what of things to be?

We know what could be

We know what should be

Accept what will be.



all this looking back

to some past of mine --

last night's turned, twisted sheets


What happened to me(us)?

Am i jealous?Whats there to be jealous of?

Are you happy?Well then I guess thats enough.

Am I lonely?I guess I could be.

Will you hold me?No,not happily.

Am I being nosy?I'm so sorry to pry.

AM I dying?I didn't mean to cry.

I am sorry to bother.I know you don't care.

I don't know why I chose you.I just guess you were there.

by: Sarah Ganly



My wish came true
It's not hope
it's a wish

I never thought it is impossible
I never thought it would not happen
Eight Years
I waited
Eight Years

You never vanished from my thoughts.
And now the time
has finally arrived
You're beside me
No longer in my dreams.

i know it's you and me



search the plain

for pain

and visions

of dead Indians.



"Spilled Milk"

My hands are soiled.
It was raining and I must have fallen. My jeans are torn.
I wish I could remember what happened.

The cut on my knee is bleeding and full of dirt.
I pour disinfectant on it, wishing it would work on my soul.

My body is young, but my heart is old.
My cigarette went out,


Kaleidoscope Glasses

May the pieces of glass
be shoved in your eyes-
They're worthless anyhow.

Mustache of roses,
honey-coated tongue,
and you wear kaleidoscope glasses.

An illusion, magic trick,
but the 3-D film ONLY works
when you put on the shades.

A decoration, adornment,
only meant for beauty-
Then again, you're a picture show resident.

Music box in your ear
and kaleidoscope glasses;
Ornaments of fools.



waves crash against your frame

cleaning away the dirt.

color returnning to skin

i'm leaving you again.



Soul Mate...
by Egypt 94 Looking through life searching for you Waiting Wanting Now I've found you leaving me breathless and complete the love that I feel expands my heart mysoul no longer alone we are one in life our hearts connected by fate you are my love, my friend,my life. you are my SOULMATE


Don't you See?

Don't you see the pain I feel?

Upon my heart so there and real.

You strike these words to my way.

I cry and hope they leave someday.

Don't you see that I do care?

The hate you give just is not fair!

Felt bad for things I did not do.

Well, that's all the thanks I get from you!

Don't you see you have my heart?

The hate should leave so love can start.




By:Brandon Mulcahy

Darkness. All around me. Darkness. Frighting me. Darkness. Closing in on me.

Darkness. Everywhere,everywhere,everywhere.


The Truth about my Mom

My mom stinks bad, she's rather sad

She doesn't take baths, so she has to deal with our wrath

She's really old and somewhat bold

She got on a table and danced in the stables

My dad saw her and growled with a grrr

We know what went on and what's going to be on

Nine months later, here I come


Stuck here in my gilded cage
Bitter sweet, with a silver rage,
At the last toll of heavens bell,
Nothing but a fallen angel

Surfing the fires of Magellan's belt,
To far strung in an icy fear's melt,
Riding the maelstrom of life's grace
A bending stance, in woe to face
The fortune of the last hand delt,
To forever be a fiery angel.


The tides of time have tossed my heart,

always breaking in the end.

But then, I am returned to the sea to swell again

To roll and crest under the warmth of the sun.

Giving life to the journey,playing the moon

You have come to me

Another heart embraced by the tides of time.



I am so vunerable, open, to every cut.

The venom seeping later.

You are cold.

Shut off to me...

To them...

To die all alone

You never see

the death in me.


i express myself through lyrics of the damned

and the lyrics came from my heart

i express myself though i'm sure noone understands

because this world was cruel from the start


Life's dark walls surround me-

Suffocating and suppressing.

Cold, lost, and confused,

I search fo rthe exit to this maze.

The twisting, turning walls,

Leading me nowhere.

Looking for a path-

Nowhere to be found.

Alone and lonely,

Trying to escape,

Escape from this depth of darkness

In the long and winding maze of life.


be it presumptious of me
i flew into your heart

be it delirious of me
i loved you from the start

be it unheard of for me
you held me in your arms

be it the normal for me
my world was torn apart


If I could only understand the WHY and the HOW

for every thought and every move

then I could do it all.

I could understand everyone, always.

But, I would miss the excitement involved in the search.

Isn't the Learning the fun of Knowing?

Is it worth it to miss all that?


Nightly Seer, the Wise One Knows
How Softly Beats the Sky
A Pale Moon Rises from the Snow
And Offers Little Light

Kingdom Forth Away From Sight
The Burning Bridge is Gone
My Angels Answer, Left and Right
The Nemesis is Known

See the Power They Condone
The Energy is Strong and Cold
My Life to You I Cannot Loan
But Take My Lifesblood Flow











In The Clouds

Lost in thought
My mind flew away
With the wind.
I called for the essence
And it came to me from
Underneath my skin.

Silent voices flutter past
I ask myself,
"How much longer will this last"?
Unwillinly my mind has been placed
In the clouds.


Intelligence personified
Monkey vs. Man
Monkey wins.



old honey ~
how slowly it squeezes out
clouded with crystals

Laura Young


cocaine that kills, and the blades that cut cocaine

cuts hearts, till only blood

the blood as the blades,that kills not only you,

but as induced - kills us all.



a clandestine catastrophe

levetates inside

seething with me

while i sparkle to you.



i broke barbies arm off

and hung it from my shelf

she saw it and said i was grotesque

she's so caught up in fluff

the world is grotesque

her future is grotesque

and shes worried about barbie's arm?

i asked her if she'd rather i did it to her arm

she said no



everything or


help me get out of these


i want to find

the middle of the road

where i can sit

and count the pebbles

without crying



i'm looking out

from a porthole in my thoughts

i hear muffled sounds

and see blurry shadows

i'm inside a vaccume

made of glass

watching lives swirl

around me

hearing them scratch my surface

watching them watch me

and not see a thing

they chalk me up to

that nice girl

i'm that nice girl

talk to me



May I find someone someday
Who'll run with me and play
Who'll love me everyday

Someone I can kiss
And be kissed by
Someone I can say I love you to
And they say the same without incouragement from me

Is there someone for me
I began to think not
I feel so alone

What can I do?


Dancing in the twilight

silver droping to worship

at my feet.

The blue familiar the comforting.

Concrete dreams and glass relationships

always found ways to shatter and build themselves.

By white

By orange

they managed to find their way.

Our moments together are wearing thin.

I never thought i'd have no control

when it comes to leaving you.

I'll share a few more secrets

and some moods.

Then bless me with memories.

Together we created my solitude.


Twilight Eyes

Beware of twilight eyes

Their evil in disguise

The ones you love will die

The bloody moon will cry

The old will then die young

The infants will be hung

The sky will split in two

One side black, the other blue

In time, time will stop

And the lifeless sun will drop

Into the depths without light

Leaving the Earth in eternal night...


Forum of Three

Sitting Indian style

in our Coleman tent

we sip red wine and talk

politics and god

while Nature rains above.


Life is Precious
It's So Unique
We take if for granted
but it's not ours to keep.

We don't have very much
time, but what we have is

You must make the best
of what you have because
it could be gone sooner
than you think.

Tresure life, be strong,
not weak. Because
life is precious and so


Not unexpected, but always dreaded

coming quietly into my night

invading our place

our time.

A piece of my heart, swirling out of control

Lost in the ether

Waiting in the dark, for your transparent hands to

catch me

Waiting for the wink of your hearts eye.


Not unexpected, but always dreaded.



Keep me not in the darkness

For I've been there

Keep me not in concealment

For I've learned to be open

Keep me not in confusion

For I've tried to know what to do

Keep me not in waiting

For I am tired.

--black stallion


Wondering all night

why is this happening to us

Is it because of a friend

Is it because of me?

Thinking of something

Something, I might have done wrong

But nothing

No reason at all.

You know I love you

But do you love me?

Do you want to keep me?

Or am I loosing?

Tell me please...

Before it's too late.



~ A B A N D O N E D ~

When a virgin
you couldn't keep
hands nor lips from me..
Holding me gently
as I quenched and pleased
with all I held.


Now having served you
I lie here
crumpled and spent,
cast and abandoned...
Treated as trash
soon to be ash..

* reflections of a paper cup

(kenbiggs,© 1997)


People Seldom Think

Look at that flying birdy

Who is it, that holds her up?

To the wise and the thinking

the answer is very easy.

the rest, struggle with feathers and boyancy


There is an echo here,

In this room, by this chair.

A stirring so soft,

That it moves me to silence.

It shivers and shimmers

Winding tendrils of smoke around my heart

Untill I can't hear the beat

I will not move untill the smoke clears.




On the night of February 22nd or is it morning of 23rd?
I thought I had you
The same night of January 21stor morning of January 22nd.

It only lasted for 3 days
I thought you'd call
I waited for 3 months.

I decided after 2 days
I'd give you a call
It's 2:00 PM and I did.

Not, it's all over
But I am still hoping.


I miss you

Waiting seems endless

As if losing hope

trying to wish

As if losing forever.

"Tell me straight...

how long must I

stare at the stars,

cry in the night,

whisper your name?

My heart's grown weary."


The birds sing and laugh.
The wind whistles through the air.
Nature is here, now.

Holly Otterbein


Untitled #31

Your scent lingers


it's fused to my


by cosmic


entwined with

serenity forever

melted by the


of passionate


soft caressing



piercing glances

lasting only



yet for eternities


i stand alone on the brink of darkness
and stare into the voids of insanity
the winds scream about me
and tear me towards the oblivion

but borne upon the shrieking gale
a voice comes speaking my name
laughter of the angels as they lift me
lofted to a lighted place of safety

the singlet point of radiance in an pale sky
perfection cast in physical tones
heaven descended to be seen by an infidel
ultimate beauty encompassed by
a smile



Religion is lost
It has seeped into the stones of great cathedrals
It has hidden itself in deep chambers
It has absorbed into books and testaments
Where it is lost.

I lick the stones
but all I taste is salty tears
I dig into the chambers
but all I see is dusty shadows
I read, oh, how I read
but the prophets hieroglyphics, no one understands.

Every interpretation
contradicts, conflicts, opposses

Words are corrosive,
Religion is lost.

Lorraine Gillis


A tear from my eye has fallen this night.

To the thought of loosing you. Gave me a fright.

It has been said you are a live if you are afraid.

I know from that I am alive. There is a blade,

of pain that, for me, runs too deep and true.

Because you know I love you. I need to know you love me too.


the sun creeps out over

the foggy night

sparkling stars are not seen

beauty breaks at dawn

dusk sprinkles the earth

with morning dew

flowers bloom in the night

and the rain makes their beauty bleed

RED, ORANGE,PURPLE flowing down

the river of dreams



I'm a goddess on my knees

A swaggering, tough little slut

I'm a trigger hippie

I stepped over everyone I know

Got enough guilt to start my own religion

Now I know how Joan of Arc felt

I crucify myself

An empty cagegirl

Flight attendants for the ancestral angels

Looking for a savoir on these dirty streets

My times never changed

Note: This is a found poem. I arranged the lines, but I found then all,

I didn't make them up. In case that's a problem


you're in a band

and going to london

you stand in a way

that makes me freeze

i remember the back of your neck

and the edge of your hair

once it was us

once we were

hurry up and leave

i wish i didn't know you

then i wouldn't know what i lost

i hate you

you're the reason i can't sleep



Twilight lingers with

a lover's tender embrace

-my soul remembers



The blue moon shining

Down on the lake where she sits

just remembering


The Fray


I see you on the battlefield

A gleam glows in your eye

hate and wrath you deftly wield

Screaming a battle cry

I know you and you know me

and only we know why

I swing my blade to end your hate

together our blades collide

and together, in hate, we die.


Judge Me Not

By LaChann Green

You look with hate into my eyes

You see something you don't trust within me

I say: Judge Me Not

You pierce me with hateful words

You talk at me, not to me

I say: Judge Me Not

The color of my skin you dislike

I'm no different than you

I tell you: Judge Me Not

I can do anything you can

I'm intelligent and strong

I will succeed

I say to you once more:

Judge Me Not


The Rebel

Breaking the bounds

that tie him down

He does his own thing,

holding his ground

Rules and laws mean

nothing to him he'll only

break them again and again

By Tasha McRae


Rain softly kisses the grass

making it grow

as a kiss between us

builds our feeling for each other

soon the sun will come

erasing the gloom

as our discovery of love

removes your memories of sadness

let me be your sunshine

Cynthia L. Smith


Love can come at anytime

Morning love sneaks in

Softly on tiptoe

Like eyes slowly opening

to greet the dawn

Afraid to see, yet expectant

of new beginnings

Night love can be svelte or slinky

As the mood of evening dictates

Sometimes velvety smooth

Or violently passionate

Afternoon delights can be light and cheery

As impromptu as a moment in time

But none are as memorable as you.

Cynthia L. Smith


sun-drenched boys, running to greet me

Corn-tassle colored hair tossing so free

"mommy, hold me! oh, please, please come see!"

Their newest discovery of sweet ecstacy

Oh Lord grant us mothers the privilege to see

Life through a child's eyes, so simple and free

Cynthia L. Smith


Friends are made

of bread and cheese

and apple sauce and honey

odds and ends that

Quick as a wink

make days and hearts so sunny

Living joyously together

Content with what comes after

Friends are made

of fine-combed love

And golden threads of laughter

Cynthia L. Smith


I loved how your heart beat

Whenever I held you.

I loved how you came to me

Without being asked to.

I loved the way

your touch was almost heavenly.

But darling most of all

I loved how you loved me

I loved how you squeezed me

Teased me, pleased me,

Loved how you loved me.

Cynthia L. Smith


Two people passing in the night

we touch, caress with all our might

Then slowly drifting far away

Hoping there'll come another day

to recapture love in all its' glory

Reliving another age old story

of lovve that's lost and then regained

Trying hard to forget the pain

of lovving one who doesn't love you

The knife of hurt cuts deep and true

yet some love's better

than none - from you.

Cynthia L. Smith


Fear to Love

Man has fears and women too, the fear that love

will never find them, I think I suffer from that fear.

I have found my love but, still she evades me, is she

the one for me? Only time can tell.

-Peter Pennock-


when i kiss your lips

i will taste your soul

from the bottom up

i will drink your sorrows

and let mine subside

your love's amazement

holding me

that two can be one

and feel so alive


i stare into wondering eyes

my own looking back

at me

beautiful flame

the wax melts down

pressed together

the two

we intwine

i give you my breath

your heart stays mine

we love

under heaven's glorious light

we do love

forever and tonight


catch a falling piece of life

and you'd never know you had your arm out

but you weren't begging

and god gave you the gift



Wanting the best for others
Is love that comes straight from the heart
The joy you receive from giving
Returns gladness that does not depart

For doing what is right to others
Brings peace and a calm from above
The fruit of the Spirit will always
Show care from the heart called love

Danielle D Fields


am i really this high

or do i just think i am

cuz i've never really

happened to be happy

like this

what if it's not real

what if it isn't

the happiness i feared

now i'm driving it away

because you can only lose

things that you have




How can something that feels so right

be wrong?

Are we destined to be,

or will you leave me as well?

If I could hold your hand

forever...I would.

Never doubt my

undying love for you.

A jewel among the pearls you are,

shining your brightest

whenever I am around.

Does that make me the source of your power?

Hmmm...I guess we will never know.

97, goldaj1 also wrote Medieveal Times (May 97) just forgot to sign it.


Gothic Winds...

Ohh mysteries revealed,

come to my blood,

drink the sweet nectar of my veins.

They ache for your lips,

and the intense seduction

from your teeth.

Dripping liquid from your mouth,

it is juice,

carried by the midnight hour

and gothic winds

97, goldaj1


Why share a poem?

A gift from the heart,a collection of cries

One souls searching

All souls listening

Burning, crimson, and wry.

Why share a poem?

Why share a dream?

Why even bother to try?

Because if we don't-

We die.



Whirling tornado
Creating a twisted path.
Why so destructive?
Why so much hate in your eye?
Disappear and let us live.

Whirling tornado
Creating a twisted path.
Why so destructive?
Why so much hate in your eye?
Disappear and let us live.



Where does our fear come from?

Does it come at sunset

When night overpowers day?

Will it leave in the morning?

Just our imagination,

Or the devil come to life?



They seem so serene and calm

Not a care in the world

Just lounge around and graze all day

Would it be fun to be a cow?

No stress or worries at all

Until you see the butcher's knife!


Life is a waste of time

Time is a waste of life

so get wasted all the time

and have the time of your life!


you're in a band

and going to london

you stand in a way

that makes me freeze

i remember the back of your neck

and the edge of your hair

once it was us

once we were

hurry up and leave

i wish i didn't know you

then i wouldn't know what i lost

i hate you

you're the reason i can't sleep



Nothing feels better .

Nothing feels less .

A few dreams-shared

a couple of stories told

still early and wondering

now to late and confused .


Beyond being done

sleep whenever

do nothing the rest

the end will speak out

and grab selected ones'

as life goes on .



On paper

I write my soul

It remains, for all to see,

as a reminder of what I

was am will always be

Until one day

the paper is destroyed

but the memory of

it remains


I don't know why I fell for you,

there were many times you made me blue.

I don't know why I told you the truth about love,

that I thought ours sored higher then any dove.

I don't know why I just don't forget,

that day we met.

And I don't know why I'm still in love with you.




Abysmal Sleep

pulls me deep

where I belong

in the throng

of the living

dead stopped living

the blanket of earth

covers my

soulless selfish mind

free only to the

loss of words

useless to say for

chasms of infamy

Death the Immortal



in the distance
i hear the Ocean
singing the mourning song

Angry waves crash
upon my beaten heart

The sun's rays
burn holes through
my naked soul

drownimg myself
in my own blood
drifting away

my fragile face
becomes brittle
as the day settles down

Evening falls
high tide is
coming in

i lie on the jetty
letting the wipe
away my stinging tears.



I lie

I lie awake

I dream

I wonder

I lie deep in sorrow

For there is someone

I do not lie with

and I suddenly remember

He wants her more

I love him,

and he loves her

as much.

There is no hope

we are great friends

i love him dearly

and he knows

I lie without a heart

for he has it along with hers

i lie alone

I lie empty with him missing!





















i remember when

how summer sound and felt

through the window at night

then could i

slowly melt

sleeping tomorrow morning dreams




A New Day

Again dawn appears;
another door stands open,

Within are all today's
joys and sorrows, laughter and tears,

Arise now, my child,
for the morning
waits for you.



A windy night. A place

of death.A man gasps for

his last breath.

The wind howls again.

The man dies with grace.

For each voice extinguished

One takes its place.


Where did all the people go?
Someone dropped a bomb today
And all the people went away

A mushroom High above the sky
And all I want to know is why?

Was the human race so bad?
They had to take away all I had?

And look at me!
What do you see?
A disfigured person,
That's left to be.

Where did all the people go?
Someone dropped a bomb today,
And all the people weny away.



crawl up

let it go

fall upon



kiss him, kiss the barrel more passionately

crawl up more

through collagen lips



crawl up, crawl up


The white satin sheets that I swim in

Luscious dreams of ecstasy

Holding onto the purest of my emotions

Cascading over my body in chills

The crescent moon will light my way to the castle of sleep

Cries from my soul into the night

My heart races faster every move I make underneath you

And my demons dance around my head

Evil laughter teases me in the shadows

I feel the warmth in my security

So I ride on your wings tonight


When You're Around

When you're around the sun will shine,

When you're around the songs of birds will rhyme,

And from time to time when you're around, there be no sound,

but the voice of you, the wonderful you, the one ill remember

yesterday today and tomorrow, hopefully one day relieving me all sorrow.

By Jeremy Campbell



as i look out from my window frame,

all i see is black and grey.

the stars dont shine,

the birds dont sing,

it seems as if the air's unclean.


13 years old


I stand befor the dream

Listening at the door

Hearing words you do not speak

Wanting truths I cannot have

Daring to look beyond

Hoping not to see

All the lies you've told

Staring back at me.

Still, I stand befor the dream-



Call me softly from a distance

I will hear you.

Look at me through blind eyes

I will help you see.

Tell me I'm the reason you breath

I will believe.

Leave me in the ether

I will bleed.



Where do we go from here?

What is that look in your eyes?

Do you still hold me dear?

Are you about to tell me lies?

These questions rage in my head,

my heart feels as heavy as lead.

I want to love you,

because of what you mean, because of what you do.

But If I give my heart away,

will I be sad or gay?

Will you take it and break it,

or hold it and remake it?



You lie

Beside her

Beside me

To yourself.

You play

With your life

Your love


You confuse

The truth



You lie.


i woke up this life

and my head wasn't wet-

my heart wasn't heavy.

i stood up and floated away

no more weights on my feet.

wow, that was easy-

i just made it hard.

i still dream of you,

but now i accept it

for what it is.

i'm happily sad.

you're done with me.

i'm moving on today.




I look in your eyes and see

What was and what never will be

I remember the time

When I thought you were mine

But now I have come to now

That your only wish is to be let go

Although to do so kills me

My only wish is to see you happy

And if this is the only way

Then in my heart you will always stay

As I look in your eyes

And we say our last goodbyes

Sara Vidler














i want to use you.

i'll feed you for free-

its rent-and-return now

not rent-to-own.

don't worry, dear

that's in the past.

we just bought

a commitment contraceptive.

i'm waiting in your eye

for whenever you feel

like loving someone

without being in love.

free of charge.

i'll give you anything-

and not care when you

dont care.

I want you to use me

use me up.

no strings attached




The Pit of which we throw
Things we know.

The Pit of Things....where black thoughts dwell
Inside their shell.

The Pit of Things.....where dark sprouts light
Cradling fright.

The Pit of Things.....where bound freedom nears
Escape of fears.



Inside her eyes...time stood still.
How long did we stare?
Was it mine...or combined will?
Did we really share?

I know we shared...if only that moment
...Eternity stood still.
In radiant glory...she magnificent
Did all my desire fulfill.

Ron Orr




Yesterday you were close to me,
I was happy as I could ever be,
but now you're somewhere far away,
leaving me wishing and praying for yesterday.

They say you don't know what you have until it's gone, that's true,
because since you've been gone I feel so blue,
I try to laugh and smile,
but it dosn't carry for more then a mile.

I will always care,
about the love we used to share,
and I will always pray,
for yesterday.


Where do we go from here?

What is that look in your eyes?

Do you still hold me dear?

Are you about to tell me lies?

These questions rage in my head,

my heart feels as heavy as lead.

I want to love you,

because of what you mean, because of what you do.

But If I give my heart away,

will I be sad or gay?

Will you take it and break it,

or hold it and remake it?


Updated May 31, 1997



He Ends Long Life

Self Held In Tombed

Beyond Inocence Too Cunning Hold

Forever Under Cuninngs Keep

Michael S. Lawrence





martyr for the cause…

the bullet riddled corpse…

out there in no man's land…

forearms reaching to heaven…

lifeless, senseless vacant stare…

underneath a mackerel sky…


an anguished mother… weeps.


The time is growing closer

the time for the touch

that will release the flood

So much to say, without words

So much to hear, without trying to listen

So much to give, over and over.

The time is growing closer

the time for the touch

that will release the flood.



Could a voice say more than our words

across the miles?

Would the sound resonate in my heart

more than the feeling?

Will I ever be the same?

I think not-

The phone will ring soon

And my life will change forever.




There is a great ship, and I know it very well.

It is really quite big, and it is always at sail.

It goes everywhere, and and can do many things,

And wherever it goes, this message it brings:

Come with us, and you will like what you see.

Where we are going, you can set yourself free.

But, you don't have to worry about this trip,

Because everyone is welcome aboard this ship.

Brandon Paul


Dedicated to you baby

The first time I saw you, I wanted you as mine
I took one look, and I thought you were divine

From that point on, I had to play my cards right
I wanted to always be with you and not to lose sight

When you are with me, words can't explain
The way that I feel about you, it's almost insane

Like everyone says, love is obviuosly true,
I know this feeling well...I'm in love with you

Brandon Paul


Essence of a Woman

I sat and watched my sweetheart
Who with elegance and grace
Took paints and powders from a bag
And put them on her face

I watch her as she gently placed
The Lipstick on her lips
And then with dainty little brush
She blacked her eyelash tips

I don't know why I watched her
But something made me stay
I saw the essence of a woman there
And I just could not go away


New Girl

in my tears

my past

Gazing in
lost eyes,
a lost soul

Nothing there,
yet, she doesn't know it

Loving him
giving to him

If I could
I'd try and warn her, but,

I'm fighting my own battle ,
trying to forget

by: Kossiwa Kiese Kinshasa Wa Logan



struck with an arrow

your heart jumps a beat

destined to be together

no secrets allowed

heart won't allow

an aura of hahpponess

jou overwhelms

separation means death

empty and lonley

lost amdst a maze

of never ending streets

peeking around the corner

hoping you'll be there

for a lone kiss

never will there be another

the arrow struck its mark

now we're one

never to e split apart