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Up-dated April Fools' Day, 1999

We'll Miss You
Lisa Romacho

We once said hello to a beautiful face

Your always in our minds you can't be erased

You walked out the door and said goodbye

When we heard the news we started to cry

Such a beautiful person such a young age

without you here it's all so strange

We visit you still it's not the same

Your like an everlasting candle, can't put out the flame

You suffered much it was such a shame

Without you here nothing will ever be the same

You taught us right from wrong

You guided us through as we went along

We never knew we would have to say goodbye so soon

We never thought we would have to let you go

But until the day we will reunite with you

All we can say for now is we'll miss you!!!


You look at me Child, not like the woman that I am. Not like your elder, or a woman who has experienced more than you. No, you look at me in a different way: a way I wish I did not see. This look that haunts me is your unfair eyes that seem to say," she knows nothing about me". And you are wrong, Child. For I once was your age. I too had to worry about 'crushes', popularity and grades. I too wondered if it all was worth it. But I grow like you and I learn more everyday, like you, Child. My cloudy eyes which make me seem in a daze, have watched more things that you will never see. My ears, which seem to fall deaf to you have heard more than they need to hear. And this mouth which you have grown to resent, has spoken more words than needed. My hands and my touch, that you have pushed away, have become weathered and can't take in much more. As my beauty wrinkles, I pray silently for you Child. I do love you, don't you se Child? I am your mother..........

Submitted by: Annie Rennebohm


Time to go...

Seek the world soulful angel.

Follow the dreams that bounce in your heart.

Never look back, it will only slow you down.

Colorful horizons uphold a wonderful journey,

that won't disappoint you.

Hurry fast, spread your wings.

Don't let temptations hold you here.

Your desires are to big for the town you call home.

If love is what you seek, then go forth and grasp it.

Hold it, caress it, and never regret having left

the ones needed to find this passion you longed for.

Submitted by: Melissa Wyckoff



confusion is in my mind

like blood through my veins

left wondering how to decide

to break free from the pain

lock it away in a box

take it away from me now

losing my mind like before

losing it and getting it back

wondering how

accepting my position before me

i can make it seem right

but feeling i am wrong

i look at everyone around

thinking to myself

do i belong


The Aftermath

The time has come for us to go.

We run from our homes to fight the rush;

The river of blood begins to flow,

While death crawls over the land in a silent hush.

While grown men weep and children scream

The land falls to the one who fights.

The hills and lakes no longer gleam,

And the enemy fights with all his might.

Death, dying, fear, and hate

Are all gathered together in the terrible day.

Laws of the land are broken like a fragile plate,

And the men are murdered while the demons play.

This is the dreaded day of the world's fate.

The aftermath, what people will face.


New Home
By Teddy Bear Williams

We moved in today.

New neighbors,

boxes everywhere,

just like when I was homeless,

like being a former outlaw, or spy.

The neighbors will never suspect

that I slept in doorways and shelters

singing "Amaizing grace who saved a wretched like me."

Me, the "can you spare a dime," me.

The me that smelled like sour dirt.

The me that knows the midnight hurt,

little tears that no one sees.

Two computers, two car garages later.

But the taste of the mission bread

never leaves me.

And the men in black suits

who walked passed me and didn't leave a dime.

I see them out of my window now

on their way to church.

their pretty little families, their pretty little scared hearts.



A tear from Heaven falls to the ground

People of the Earth can hear the sound

Of angels crying from up above

Crying for our Souls with Grace & Love

You have sinned, Now wash it clean

The Angels cry, unheard, unseen

People of the Earth felt the rain

Wondering, Wishing, & at last it came

Upon all the roofs the rain now beats

Cleansing the houses & Flooding the streets

The dirty sins wash into each drain

Condemned the hell by the Holy Rain

Now God is forgiving us of what we have done

His Forgiveness shows in the rising, warm Sun

And now, my friend, our souls have been cleansed

And shall be Forever until the End.



I've had it up to here

With all this fear

That I'll hurt myself

and gone will be all my wealth

Happiness and love for sports

Will be spoiled when I can't play on any courts

Fearful at work that I'll fall and make it worse

I think that this injury is just a curse

For I fell the other day

I just went to work to get my pay

I got more

that I bargained for

A huge bruise on my knee

The one that wasn't hurt, you see

This is why it gets worse

This is why it is a curse

This is why I'm fearful

Now this is why I'm careful


It's a nice picture

like a good mask

It spells pain

but it makes you laugh

Like being crazy and feeling sane

you don't have to explain

It's a nice picture.


Ah this is the season, such a great part of me

the trees with their colors, the sound of falling leaves

you have to slow down to notice the trees

listen to the wind as it whispers

you raise your head to look at the skies

and see the clouds as they go floating by

the breeze now becomes but a slight chill

you raise your collar and lengthen your sleeves

take a deep breath, relax with the trees

it's only mother nature as she calls for command

sing the birds flying overhead to lie in the heat of the warm summer sand.


"Graceful Fall of a Feather"

So much unsophistication between these supreme beings.

Nothing left, not even from an angel's tears.

But I never realized the seriousness of the predicament.

I can start to carry on, but unusually I slip off the edge of the earth's surface, but I catch myself just before the horizon's evil arms grasp on to my beautifully polished toes, as if the dangling raindrops of roses are licked off by foreign strangers.

Are we free of guilt, or must we have those burdens upon each and every soul? Only guilt is free of soul.

Just be as not even the curious, obnoxious child can pear through your keyhole of experiences.

Hold back the hurt to your chest, like no one is watching.

And safe you'll be as the feathers underneath the robin's wings.


The night you left,

I couldn't believe it was true.

I just wanted,

One more hug from you.

I know that you are,

Living in a better place.

There are no drugs and no violence there,

I rest my case.

I know this is selfish,

But I think you should know,

I want you to hug me,

And never let go.

I want you to walk in,

Right through that door,

And say, "Hi Everybody!

Don't cry anymore!"

Right now you are,

Probably watching all of us,

and thinking to yourself,

Why are they making such a fuss?

It is because you are gone,

And never coming back.

What else can I say?

"We love you Mac!"


Is watching such a bad thing? The more we grow like inertia,

Change becomes more difficult, Leaving a spec of this where?

Here in a self-pitying stare?, Or, maybe, Is the cup half full or half empty?,

It might be, To you but technically, That's more than anyone can ask for,

Elate?, Or, Not always because then sadly one overachiever can destroy this

state, Fate sealed, Anger unrevealed, Animation squandered, Revelation,

Apocalypse now, how?, Retreat, What?, It, The Hollywood scheme,

The American Dream,

Materialism, Imperialism, Idealism to Realism,



Smoke them in this pipe - ripe, To adhere martyr, Or,

TV. trends blends blinds puppets, No strings attached, All matched,

Stripped of self, so I say again, What's wrong with watching?

Nothing - if your content, absent, still bent, don't repent, so

Today I vow, Through adversity, Past apathy, To another world - of my own,

A revolution thrown, Or, An evolution one wore - novel more,

Nihilism to what? But, I say to you now, I will embrace, not waste,

but taste, This, Eternal bliss, A moral risk, And how?




I saw him standing in the park,

And passed him by with hurried tread,

And turned my face towards the dark,

As if to hide, for shame, my head.

I knew him once, this man, my friend,

But never then this ragged shell,

What brought him to this pitied end?

What brought him to this living hell?

As boys we ran before the wind,

As boys we laughed, and sang, and played,

But oh how grossly have we sinned,

That he such parody is made?

And then I heard him call my name,

And felt his hand upon my sleeve,

This sorry victim of life's game,

This plaintive cry to stay my leave.

Again he called my name out loud,

And though I turned to meet his stare,

I saw him pass beyond the crowd,

Until, at last, he was not there.

Nor yet these images abate,

For naught in life is as it seems,

And this brief window on my fate,

Returns to haunt me in my dreams.

(c) Copyright Bryan Melton 1999


I see love in her eyes

I feel hope in my heart

I have a need that has been fulfilled

I care again

I love again

I am whole

I had darkness

I now have light

I need you

I thank you

I love you...........



An endless road leading back to the start,

Hearts being broken, friendships torn apart

Sorrow begun right at your birth

It makes ya think, what's it all worth?

With every light there is shadow lurking in its midst,

With every hug and every kiss you find the angered fist.

No purity, only masks to cover the evil within,

You can not fight it 4 the devil shall always win

A world so mysterious is never understood,

And without the thought of goodness it never really should.

Break my chains and allow me to rest amongst the dead,

Perhaps only then will my evil filled insides from my body be shed

Rest now they say as i begin to fall asleep,

And then i finally realize that the lord has my soul to keep.

Rest now they say as i begin to fall asleep,

And then i finally realize that the lord has my soul to keep.

Submitted by: Meghan Curtin


Blacks and Bays, Dapples and greys

trotting through the field of setting suns.

Submitted by: annalissa smith


To this I have no answer,

but deep inside I know

The awful, twisted, evil things

within the mind that grow.

Disgusting, sordid, lurking thoughts

that plague the mind at night;

they lay and whisper in my ear

beyond the reach of sight.

But does this darkness plant within

my mind, a seed that blooms with sin?

Is this where my ideas sprout-

from dirty whispers devils shout?

But no, I fear, it goes more deep,

spiraling into black,

free-falling into my own world

where good sense seems to lack.

I am the way I am right now.

Do not look down on me.

How can you think I'm sinful

when my thoughts you cannot see?


The door slams shut as I stand numbly alone in a world filled with overpowering gray clouds.

My ears ring as the music pounds softly but loudly enough to make me stare into these tan walls of this place I call home.

I feel the energy.

I feel the full moon approaching as annoying sounds suddenly interrupt a thought.

The annoying sounds are followed by a face.

The distractions are blown off and they slowly go away.

The overpowering greyness of the sky slowly splits in half.

A trail of sun beams down softly.

I laugh.

My ears ring as the music pounds through me softly, but loudly enough to make me close my eyes and drown in my own world.

Help me!! I'm sinking into nothing and my mind isn't pulling me out!!

But WAIT!!

Who cares?


The tainted web

Yes I know of the world I see, But Oh what a tainted web we weave

The genuine artifacts are made from the fake, and it amazes me to see how we think its all great

Every story is based on a lie, questioning all that we hear, see, or buy

People these days aren't just what they seem, they're a mystery beyond all my wildest dreams.

Our connections are false and our words are a mess, all we rely on are our tainted paths and quests

The taint of the web is fine yet great, leaving only a glimpse of our true and real fates

Connecting to every home heart and place it grows deeper and deeper with every trace

It's surface appears to be clean, shiny and sweet, just like the cherry I bit in my sleep,

Which caused me to choke and grasp for the air never really having a feeling or care

of what might happen if I failed to breathe

In this vicious and conniving hell.

it's tainted evil mass of destruction, is disguised in small little eruptions

Of peace kindness bliss and concern, creating something desired needed and yearned.

The lies of its stories and falsehoods of its face

are those of the webs creators and faiths.


I had locked the door to my heart and wouldn't let anyone in....

I had trusted and loved only to be hurt but that would never happen again...

I had locked the door and tossed the key as far and as hard as I could....

Love would never enter there again, my heart was closed for good....

Then you came into my life and made me change my mind.....

Just when I thought that tiny key was impossible to find...

That's when you held out your hand and proved to me I was wrong....

Inside your palm was the key to my heart you had it all along.....







































We look up to those who look down on others

We turn against our sisters and brothers

Life becomes empty and goals fade away

Your life slips uselessly through your fingers day by day

We search for direction or a ray of hope to pull us through

Be it grass that's green or a sky that's blue

Find your happiness in something real

Do not what you think, do what you feel.

True happiness comes from within

It is not affected by good or by sin

It is soundness of spirit and goodness of heart

That keeps happy lives from falling apart.

Written By Dan Fasching



Blankness of an Embittered Heart

What does one do on a night like this,

Walk and walk some more?

What does one do with an absent kiss

that has never been before?

I only can yearn for the one I miss

although it makes me sore.

What does one do on a night like this

but walk and walk some more.


Drops of eyes

Fast movements, linear black quantum-drops

Machinery, pulsating in disorganized patterns

Harvester of time, counter of centuries

Flying with the magnetic fields, flowing from speed

Oxidizing, the membranes of our brains

Cat-eye, staring, a second further, no...

Warm snakes, crawling from my chest

Breeding in my mouth, diminished amylas

Building, constructing, my new third half

Reflection of my shadow, anti-coloured

Eating time, I am the time, materially

Oxidizing, the abyss of my manipulations

Cat-eye, burning, a step further, no...

Rejection of human, spectral dominion

Lifting the autocrat, graduated to power-addiction

Eating time, I am the time, materially

Oxidizing, the abyss of my manipulations

Cat-eye, burning, a step further, no...


It's wu-wei mourning for my problems

yesterdays no-freud beginning

as now becomes complex personified, simple

How is it that slam whining continues!

unitys circular symbol of this now itself

neti neti

the dream consist of absolution


with why words holding court among language in single letter way

this is here and I can't help myself the atman of smoke-a-man

drink man in stop




to flow


For Melanie and Kristen, the two best things I have ever done. I could never be more proud of you two and I could never love you more.


A Flower is a beautiful thing

It's beauty you can touch

It's beauty you can see

It's beauty you can smell

But if you compare the beauty of two flowers

None compares to the beautiful flowers of my girls

These flowers shines like the sun, to out shine all the rest

And if you are lucky enough to see these flowers once in your life,

You are truly blessed.

(Jim 'Silent Oak' Waddell 1997)


Glitter Girl

Little girl be still, be numb

She curls up, shuts her eyes

Whisper to her come on, come

Escape into diamond night skies.

Open up, worlds await golden gleam

Shadowed nights, loveless wings fly

Want to sparkle, dance, and be seen

Come on glitter girl, give it a try.


James Tyler

Run through the mists of the early dawn

And feel the damp grass on bare feet

Listen to the birds sing mournfully happy

Watch the sun appear, but do not look

For the sight will cause madness

And miserable ecstasy

Cross the misty fields

And delve into the forest of secrecy

Which none knows better than you

And rejoice in tears of despair

As you uncover the caliginous light within

Bathe yourself in the mire

And foray the unconscious


Love, A constant feeling, moving thru me,

A deception, A definition,

Words summoned together to tell of unexplainable

events that arise...

I love you, How much?..

More than I could love anyone..

How much love is that?

Is there; Are there?

Any words to describe this passion?

No words, Just the eyes, the touch, and the heart..

We, As one, need no explanation

to define, MAGNETISM.....


people call me righteous

they all think i'm stronger than the rest.

but when i look in the mirror

all i can see are the marks on my body

the marks of ruff hands and violent intentions.

and the hopeless selfless self that i let lay there.

with out a word of anger.

i'm not supposed to right about being weak.

i should just walk around with my head held high.

like i'm the most powerful thing under the sky.

but those hands that held me there in that dark dark room.

and my blue eyes that closed and gave up to the world

i can't run to you

i can't run away.

but what would you say

if the strongest woman, with power and pride.

was left in the dark motionless and selfless.

what would they say if i let them glimpse at a weaker side of me.


underneath my skin i will find you there.

waiting like a child in a clothes store for mother.

waiting for words to slip off my tongue,

but i will shed my skin and revile your flesh,

your heartless thoughtless selfish self.

leave you naked vulnerable to the world,

let you stumbled around,

find your own skin,

your own face,

your own place. in this heartless thoughtless selfish world.

i will shed my skin

and leave myself standing like a white dove on a dirty street side.

naked i will begin to paint on a new skin, a new cover.

until i have everything painted over.


There was a time

You were my everything

My feet were on air

My heart beating wildly

The sun always shone bright

Life was beautiful

Love was kind...

Our time was short

You faded from my mind

I fell to the earth

My heart stopped skipping beats

Clouds covered the sun

Life continued on

Love was gone...


I'm looking for roses

For my lover's vase

I've been searching all over

Every garden and place

I prefer roses

But not the ordinary red

I'd rather have blue instead

I've seen carnations and tulips

And daisies near streams

I guess my blue roses

Are only in dreams

I think roses are beautiful

And my lover is too

Will I ever find my flowers in blue?

by Robin Weaver



Suspicious eyes

Looking my way

Blood shot scratchy eyes

Siting in the prison


Eats a bug

The room turns cold

Hours later

My heart turns black

Because of those suspicious

Eyes looking into mine

I cried


On our Anniversary I think back to when we first met,

When we first dated

When we first loved each other

When we first had a disagreement

When we made up

When we first saw each other

And I realize that every day is an anniversary for us of something we felt

together of something we touched together of something we shared together of something we did together

But today is the most important milestone of all It is the anniversary of the day we joined each other in love a day we promised that for the rest of our lives we would love each other.

Especially today I want to let you know that I love being with you because,




I'd like to get to know you

And take the time to see

If your as kind and wholesome

As You seem to be

across the room your setting

the conversation flies

And though you do not notice

I gaze into your eyes

I wish only that I knew

Just what your thinking of

I'd like to think it's me

your crush, your secret love


the night watchman

the city is a jungle

its wild untamed streets

dart in every direction

danger lurks in alleys

behind garbage cans

and in dark entryways

sex calls out

from storefront windows

no one is safe

but laughter still spills out

from cafes and bars

and mixes with the chatter

on the sidewalks and

the sound of cars rushing by

does anyone notice

the stars in the sky

dimmed by the streetlights

and neon signs


When I first saw you,

My heart beat flew.

Just as every morning has dew,

Our eyes met right on cue.

In those moments - although few,

I felt something oh so true.

You entered my heart and soul- if you only knew.

When you smiled- a wonderful hue,

Arose from your cheeks - vibrant as rainbows new.

The sweet curve of your slim figure: À touché.

I could go on and on, but if I may

Three words is all I'd like to say

To describe how I'm feeling on this day.



















Unknown Wish

My heart endures,

Yet there is no light,

My fantasies prevail,

But there is no hope.

For us to be together,

Is a broken promise,

Which floats endlessly,

Through the dreary skies,

That are filled with wishes,

Which have never been granted.

And the stars stare at us,

Twinkling their eyes,

Hoping to catch another naive soul,

And tangling their fates forever in the skies.

By: .::*MaGGiE*::..::*HaNzOn*::.

Date Written: March 9th, 1999


M. Blake

violet scandalized the darkness

kissed anxiety goodnight with lips of steel faith

and she murmured to twilight that

Eden is burning

you ran to Nashville with a

suitcase and a silver dollar

in your tweed pocket

in search of god

but all that you stumbled upon

among this renaissance of tight-lipped glory

were blood-soaked sheets

the scattered ashes of heaven

and a crystal goblet of sacramental wine

laced with LSD and chicory

the dying eyes of Chopin

beg for revolution from the

sunken sockets on the pillow

thorns embracing the balding crown

and black rose petals

adorning the saturated shroud

you followed his gaze

to an old black-and-white

of Joe Dimaggio

as his gnarled fingers

caressed the damp tendrils of hair

clinging to your flushed forehead

and lifted your veil


Sifting and brushing the cremated life,

each as strong as when it was lonesome,

each tear cooling the ashes to touch.

Each movement brings a wave of eras,

how the house once had a family with beams,

the trees and shrubs had roots of iron, a portrait of our souls.

We paste loves on milk cartoons,

plant our seeds in fertile plots,

yet nothing forms.

we find ourselves trying to sweep ashes away,

only to find stronger coals pointed in time.

with few predators and hells inferno,

water stands on shoulders of carbon memories.

questions arise in the smoke,

faults bring sacks and rivers to men's eyes,

a canyon carved from a granite back awaits exploration.

hands swimming through ash,

with black fingers they remain,

touching others pure homes.


I know how you must feel...

It has been quite a battle

Still, it isn't over

But you must try to win

It is the only way to get over him

There are more good things to come

Look now at the person you've become

Stronger, wiser, less vulnerable

See, everything has it's purpose

It's all part of God's wonderful plan

Who knows what awaits you

Of course you'll never know

Dear not until you let him go


The moon shines red

As I stare up at it

Through the bars of injustice

A cry in the night

No longer do I

Cover my ears To the noises that

Invade my mind

I am hiding


I remember all to well the nights were shared.....

I still can feel your arms around me while I sleep....

I remember how you used to laugh at all my silly jokes.....

I still can remember how you used smile on Christmas eve.....

I remember still, the many years that flew by.....

I remember the passion we shared when we bought our first home....

I remember the heartache when you walked out the door.....

I still can remember the slamming of the door as you said goodbye.....

I remember all to well the faces of our children as I told them your were never coming home again....


lost love

The absence of your love

weighs heavy on my heart

to think of you

breaks it all over again

I want to hold you in my arms

And feel that feeling so familiar

That raw emotion that you once felt for me

is it truly gone?



Delicious is the flower that melts in my hand

But the sun steals the seed

Delicious is the character of charm

Breaking ice everywhere

Delicious is the moonlit night

In solitary magnitude

Delicious will be me today without one single care

Progressing to be free from despair



Oh gentle mystery

what are you trying to tell me

tokens of a love forever gone

weeping sorrow...lamented song

If pain is the price that I must pay

for the joy she brought me one single day

then suffer I will for the time well spent

my heart is

Answer me this o' heart of mine

will there ever come a time

when the mystery of life will make its self shown

or will I grow old and have never known....

Her laugh, her smile, her gentle touch

the one in the night that I miss so much

turning me inward and pushing me out

making me want to scream, and shout

In my truth I was so blind

how could this love turn so unkind

will she ever know what she did to me

how can her soul be so open and free...

Mystery of life and sorrow of love

soaring to the sky like a wounded dove

time will heal what can not be seen

but will I ever be able to dream

It is time to say goodbye to my broken dreams

and heal my heart for which it seems

the passion that played for me one day

has gone to the sky never to return this way

For gentle is the night that turns me to flight

and bold is my dream into the unseen....




It once was said...

Its better to live with your heart and not your head.

Its your hearts that can feel things the eyes can't see.

And its your heart that knows what the mind can't conceive



You walk down the street and see rose

Alone and strong as it grows

Standing straight and proud

Its sun is never covered by a cloud

Its the only color in sight

But it makes everything dull look bright

With each day it grows stronger

Always trying to live its life longer

Its vivid color soft but fair

spreading its brightness almost everywhere

and as time goes by it starts to wilt away

but it will always be a rose even to this very day

even when its colors are brown or black

A rose is a rose and just that

Don't look at the fact that its not alive

Because its memory and meaning will forever survive


I Have Nothing

I have nothing but my pen,

and paper.

Aside from God, the only truth i have,

the only honesty i know,

is what i have here.

What i had fell apart,

my structure is gone.

I am lost.



But i will always have you,

my poetry.


My Window

Poetry is like a window,

into the soul,

of a writer.

It is a chance to look,

see and taste

what a poet is thinking and feeling.

So now, i invite you, to

watch through my window,

and get to know me

in a way i want the world to,

Honest , Pure and True.


Cover Up

A little girl lost,

searching for an answer.

Violently, hurriedly, desperately,

looking for an answer to

her loneliness.

Craving security and love,

hoping and wishing for someone

that will love her,

admire her and adore her.

She stares in her mirror,

brushes her hair

picks up some powder and blush,

like so many girls

and prepares to go,



The Moon

Mysterious moon,

clouded by a veil of eloquence,

your silvery outline; lighting, up the blackest,

sky; touched,

by a silent

embrace before the dawn; kissed

by an orange tongue with a fiery glow,

spiked , with the bright mornings dew.

Captures me.

In a hypnotic calm

which i fight with a swollen fist,

from battling, the day



Those Streets

As I walk down these dark streets,

A child is watching a tear slide down their father's face for the first time

And at the same time a father is laughing with their child.

Turning the corner, I am starting a new path

And as I start mine,

a person has just finished theirs and is beginning a new.

Isn't strange,

How things are?

A smile a frown

Being asleep or awake


everything changing,

all new

all old.



If I had one question, why?

Looking across the street I can still see you wave

knowing you were happy...thinking you were happy.

I still feel pain, but most of all, anger!

I suppose it does no good, being mad at someone who is dead

but why death, why did you choose death?

I guess we have one thing in common

We think about ourselves

You didn't care too much about how people would miss you, only about yourself

not about them, their feelings, only about yourself

All I am thinking about is myself

how I feel about what happened to you, my feeling

Not about what other people feel

I feel pain,

When you shot that bullet through your head,

You shot it through my



-Ben Driscoll

Ching chang on the street

while I look for change in my pants

-but no

I relapse into what is there

an empty space and a string tied around my finger

to forget not you

but the pain you bring.

Then, I saw the door,

but chose the other.

If your heart already loves can it love another?



Halos of fear inside heads why

when there's another boot and sputum

sun's there like tinnitus

but we're too perverse to cry much

for simple birds and logical suns.

Outside, where people park,

there's a cloud like a stereo speaker.

There's black over the prankster blue


Night Of The Dead

Journey with me over mist-shrouded woods--

On raven black wings we shall fly:

None that are mortal shall se us depart

Across the grim ghoul ridden-sky.

Terror abounds in the streets of the town,

Hauntings and horrors all around,

And in the dank graveyard behind the church

Not a soul remained in his ground.

Halloween has come again--

Evil night for living men,

Raising fears from the dark of their souls:

Banshees, hob goblins, and trolls--

Entities crawling from holes.

Revelry tonight,

Till the dawns first light.

Fly swift on the black winds :the hour draws near:

Requiem soon will be rung.

I must ascend to the dark of the grave--

Darkness-- and sorrow unsung.


Young Love

Love last forever,

forever it will.

With you as my lover,

and gods good will.

No seas nor lands,

can keep us apart.

We new we were meant for each other,

right from the start.

We met in the park,

one hot sunny day.

Like two turtle doves,

in the middle of May.

We danced in the rain,

we laid on the lawn.

We shared secrets together,

from dusk until dawn.

Our love is a song,

sung by an angel.

No part of this,

could ever be evil. (pronounced eveL)

Forever your love,

will be in my heart.

In my heart forever,

till death do us part.


7th grade California


Vanessa Acanfrio

His soft sweet face

like the innocence of the

day, I slowly glance at

his body as it moves in every way

wanting to know him, it hurts so

much, that all I shall know is his

handsome young face.


Every day, i wear a mask

for everyone to see.

And yet i hide within myself

the real, true me.

The way i feel

the things i need

But every day

with myself i will plead.

To take off my mask's

to everyone i must show.

The things that i need

to love and to grow.

I must learn to be strong

i have to not fear.

Listen to my own heart

the words it says, i must hear.

The way i feel inside

i just cannot ignore.

And every night before i sleep

out my tears will pour.

Until the day

i can break out of my shell.

But until then

i'll have to live in this masked hell.

By: Lindsey Irvine


Happy Grief

Yesterday I saw Happiness.

I looked into my mirror

And saw a pair of eyes

Filled with love and joy.

They shone at me and

Saw a pair of eyes

Filled with loneliness and grief.



In the fading light of day...

When the dance of the mayflies

and the rings of the rise...are in harmony.

A sudden savage swirl...

thunders in the mirrored sky !

On a silken wisp of gossamer.....

a feathered masquerade...deceives !

Arise....The silent, steelie ghost...

like a defiant stallion rearing...

nostrils flaring...

wild eyes glaring....

glistening silver.. through a watery mane !

Run........phantom of the shadows...

Leap once again... into the darkness distant...

Escape... to a reels serenade !

Angler...hold strong,

that rebel pulse of nature,

on your long freedom line.....

for the magic moments of flyfishing...

are upon you my friend !!!!!!

By: Pedro Spearshaker....1999


Silver specks,

In a diamond sky.

Comfort me,

Yet don't pry.

Pain and despair,

Or ruby tears,

Are studded through

Angelic years.

A hallow heart

Of fragile glass,

Is a wavering smile,

And a tired laugh.

Why then

Do you choose to dream?

Velvet petals

Are without meaning.


Unspoken Fears
David Newton

In the peak of the moonless night

I grow weary, dreary with fright

I fear the death that is upon me

the war, then enemy, the rest i cannot flee

He will come dark and bold

To take the ones weak and old

I will not run, nor will i hide

I will turn, and walk at his side

Into the pit of hell

under his great and evil spell


Poem About War About LIFE A poem About

Love A poem for all

of us a poem so listen

Poem A voice to be heard.

it Is futile



On a road, far from nowhere, my doubt,(numbing blankness, Novocain of backward glances), my fears (old notes to unlearned lessons, chalk dust falling from a weathered slate wiped clean), and my questions (abyss, sinking deep, crying for transcendence), die, shatter, suffocate, lie lifeless (broken shells, houses of flight upon a crooked path; Humpty Dumpty birdsong within shell of egg, diamond aslumber within lump of coal, and Milky Way passing through the needle's eye) when I hold you (black ink on white page, story to unfold), when I gaze into your eyes (mirror to behold, congruency of souls), and drink from your flowing river of fire and ice, from azure lake of flame, and am consumed by fire so white against the blackened sky, pulsing life blood ocean deep, deep, deep; into which I cast my net and sink, and drink, and am renewed.

Blueness of morning sky; broad horizon; canvass with brush and star-strewn pallet, littered with galaxies, and rainbow-hued; fresh tape awaiting a new song, aching.

Mountains rise anew, prayers of ascending feet; together, the forging of a path deep within a home called SOMEWHERE.


Untrue Beauty
by Jim Andre

Your untold beauty stole my heart,

Upon me a spell was cast,

I lost my grip, I did part,

From the sturdy mast.

Feeling like being on the top,

Happier than could be,

I never wanted it to stop,

With the waves engulfing me.

All at once, my soul was struck,

A course charted by reality,

I realized that I was stuck,

In the midst of a raging sea.

It was a lesson to be learned,

True beauty can't be seen,

I reached for what I had yearned,

On the surface of a sea so green.

But as the sky began to clear,

And the Sun began to shine,

Losing you was no longer a fear,

For your beauty was never mine.


Old Oak Tree
By Jim Andre

Though I have limbs, I am unable to stroll,

My base is round, but I cannot roll.

When the wind blows, I can whistle in the breeze,

And I have the ability to trace my roots with ease.

I don't have a brain, I can't hear a sound,

But by tracing my roots, I know I'm from the ground.

I've been in this spot for many long years,

And if I had feelings, I'd probably have tears.

As I wonder to myself, what purpose do I serve,

Some fleeting thoughts happen to strike a nerve.

There are some achievements I've already made,

I can hold yellow ribbons, and I can cast some shade.

Though I don't get around, I'm never that lonely,

For I realize I have some friends,-Its not me only.

I get visits from the butterflies, squirrels, and owls,

Some of my best friends are made up of fowls.

Then when the robin comes to build his nest,

I realize that I'm me, at my very best.



all mankind does is live to die

because we all know life's a big lie

and nobody wants all the pain

nobody wants to go insane

everybody leaves and nobody likes to stay

nobody loves anybody cause we've all been betrayed

we are all filled with so much hate

nobody can do anything... its much to late

everyone will die and nobody will care

and that why they always say life just isn't fair


The gasping of the air

The darkness of the room

The screams and cries all around you

I fell from the sky

right into my grave

You don't hears me or see me

You barely even know my name

People have searched and searched

But still am not found

Just pieces of Machinery and body parts that were sucked into the ground

Although I'm not alone

My family is in fright because of the crash

Of this 592 flight


Like raindrops from the sky

All I do is cry

Wishing you were near

Your the one who has brought on these tears

First you swept me off my feet

Forever you said you would stay

Now you are gone my sweet

And have broken my heart in every way

I lie awake at nights dreaming of how it could have been

But I have to let you go my love this is now and that was then

I often sit and wonder what did I do that was so wrong

I can only think of one thing and that is

Love You


Share with me your unhumanly smile

Fed up with candy grins and peppermint kisses

So puff away your disease and I'll call you home when I'm ready to be raped

Steal my sins and I'll fake my belated happiness

When all the evil angels are done their deeds

they look at you and smile, for they are getting closer to your holiness



You were there

when I entered this world

You saw my first breath

You heard my first cry

You held my hand and wept in happiness.

I was there

the day you left this world

I saw your last breath

I heard your last cry

I held your hand and wept with sorrow.

What's worse,

the fact that I exist?


the fact that you don't?


Worst Enemy

Hate rushes through his body,

Anger flows rapidly in his veins,

He reaches again for the bottle,

The bottle that helps him forget his pains,

The same bottle that caused his problems.

He cant only have just one,

With shaking hands he grabs




When he is alone in the world

The bottle is his only friend,

The bottle is his worst enemy.


The Sky's Reflection

The sky overhead was a blanket of silk sheltering a fragile world.

The ocean was nothing but its reflection.

I took a deep breath of sunshine as I swam into the vast sea.

I became weightless and a part of the ocean,

A part of the sky.

My breath of sun kept me warm in the cool water.

I slowly let my body rise to the surface.

I looked out far into the ocean,

I couldn't tell where the sky began, where the ocean stopped.

I looked out towards the shore where sea contrasted with rocky coastline,

I chose to be free,

I swam out into eternity,

I became a bird flying in the ocean,

Soaring over the tides.


To Conquer the Night

Frost covers autumn's fallen leaves,

The moon creates a spotlight for the night,

Trees cast shadows on the forest floor,

My warm breath can be seen in the darkness,

Dry leaves crunch beneath my bare feet,

I follow the familiar path to my mountain,

I count stars as I lay on the cold ground,

I lie there for eternity, all is calm, the world is mine.

Then the night captures me, he holds me in his dark arms,

Will the morning ever come to my rescue?

I shall not let my eternal splendor be stolen by the night.

Darkness is my foe and morning, my ally,

Tonight I wear the darkness like a blanket,

I surround myself inside of it to give me warmth,

The night lingers on as I await for daybreak,

The shades and shadows undulate in my perception of the darkness,

The clouds create a barrier in the sky so moonlight cannot touch me,

I sink into the night, I surrender once again to darkness,

Please, take the darkness from night and leave me with morning.

Then as quickly as the night came, it left.

Like a thousand knives the sun's rays pierce the night,

Blazing golden light of the sun emerges from the scarlet sky,

Delicate silhouettes slowly appear on the earth,

Brilliant beams of sunlight fill mountains and valleys

as it sweeps darkness away.


The poem
Molly Tope

I am nice leave me how you don't want me

I am mean That is fine, fine with me

I am giving I don't care and I won't care

I am greedy not for you, for I am mean

I am caring remember I can be nice I'm definitely

I am selfish greedy and a little bit giving

I am happy I am selfish more that caring

I am sad and happy more than sad

I am just like you With or without you, you don't

I am a human, change me, not my life,

a person, just yourself.

a girl,

just like you

don't take me by my looks

I know my appearance may be foggy

Don't be skeptical I am what I am

because that was how I was made not

what I wanted to be

Take me as I am or


Friend, that wasn't why

It wasn't how you looked.

It wasn't how you talked.

That's not why I like to be around you.

It wasn't how you smiled.

It wasn't how you laughed.

It was because you are my friend.

It wasn't why you smiled.

It wasn't why you laughed.

It was because you are my Best Friend.

It wasn't what other people thought.

It wasn't what you thought.

It was because you are my Great Friend.

It was because

you make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me understand,

you make me like myself, and most of all not what you make me but what I make myself, and most of all not what you make me but what I make myself.

I will always love you, no matter what. No matter how you are.

by Molly Tope


A child's a sapling;

Without care and nourishment,

It'd wither and die.

You're the patient planter who,

With love, made me firm and strong.


The Sun
Jim Andre

For the span of many years the Sun has touched the Earth,

Through the evolution theory, this what gave life birth.

At first, only a few gases, water, and oxygen were here,

Then along with the solar rays, came the biosphere.

The bioshphere was the beginning of life's first generation,

All due to the cycling of matter, and solar penetration.

Shapeless jelly-like entities were the first forms of life,

The Sun impregnated the Earth, and took her for his wife.

Its been a continuous cycle since it all began,

From the very first parasites, then all the way to man.

The Sun and Earth together, created all that has existed,

So many species, some not even listed.

The Sun plays an important role in all the scheme of things,

At the crack of dawn, the rooster proudly sings.

It sheds it rays to warm us, it rises and sets without fail,

It will surely rise again, once darkness sheds its veil.

The Earth should be crowned queen, and the Sun crowned king,

For they will always be there to support their off-spring.


Mother Earth
Jim Andre

Through our biological mother, we have a natural birth,

But there's another we mustn't forget, known as Mother Earth.

She retains all the elements needed for us to live,

She never asks for anything, but yet she will always give.

We all stand steadfast on her solid ground,

She caters to our every whim, which makes her quite profound.

The soil provides our food, there is water in the creek,

Her ability to support us should be thought of as unique.

We savagely carve her surface, yet she never complains,

We seem to abuse her constantly, to obtain our selfish gains.

Chemicals and pollutants are seemingly everywhere,

Is this due to our own ignorance, or is it simply we don't care?

Then we build devastating weapons to justify our needs,

We may one day destroy her, due to our nasty deeds.

She supported all life, long before time became a measure,

Must we keep abusing her just to gain some pleasure?

We must show her some respect before the final call,

For she is not our biological mother, but yet the mother of all.


She waits patiently by the wall

Her turn is next

Swallowing deeply, she moves out onto the floor

Concentrating on her steps

She spins and jumps into the air

Like a baby bird learning to fly

She tries again

Help comes to her aid, and she tests herself once more

She is done

It is over

She turns and smiles hesitantly

a single tear in her eye



The drums bang in tune

the soldiers form a line

little johnny leads the march

and takes a bullet in the spine.

His face twists in pain

and out pours his blood

he takes one more look at life

then falls face down in the mud.

He remembers days of flags and parades

just before he dies

the gleam of courage and honor

is swept from his eyes.


The belief of the light;

of what you see at death;

you see a face, a haunting face

then shriek back in terror

The terror from the heart,

which pumps no more;

what can you expect?

Not a spirit could say;

you will know soon enough


I wake up

with the early bird

still she sleeps

and maybe smiles

how can I help not to be full of pleasure?


They say

We are incapable

Of a love that's true and pure


They think

Our minds are unable

To feel and to endure

They want for us to hide away

what we really feel insede

They know

Our hearts are filled with gray

Our thoughts are shunned aside

I say

That it is possible

For us to feel love right now

I think

We are capable

Of learning loves whys and hows

I want

For them to look at us

And see our hearts match theirs

I know

We seem unusual

But we all share the same cares


I could sketch your face a thousand times,

Memorize every line, every crease, every smile.

I could wake next to you a million mornings,

Snuggled together in a down filled comforter.

I could make you breakfast in bed everyday;

Strawberries dipped in chocolate followed by champagne.

I could bathe with you tenderly in eternity,

A candle lights' flame caressing our shadow.

I could kiss your lips softly forever,

Moonlight shadowing our every move in soft white light.

I could give you all this and more,

Just to be with you.


A Small Taste of Eternity

surrounded by an inner light

i wake and revel in the night

certainly some energy

is flowing in and out of me.

timeless writing is to man

as the rain is to the thirsty land

the dew is to the blooming rose

the flame to poetry and prose.

There's an inherent power in writing

an energy igniting

all the elements of superman

a small taste of the master-plan.

I've passed through phases where I felt

as if all within were endless pain

and I'd sit forever in a shell

and drown in self-inflicted rain.

But now I feel as if I am

a self-contained eternity

whose seeds will scatter, bearing fruit

ripe with immortality. J




Why must you hurt me this way,

Why must you make me cry?

Why do you always have something to say,

Why do you tell me I shouldn't try?

Why must you ignore me,

Why must you be so mean.

Why do you not believe me,

when I tell you what I've seen,

Why do you like to take credit for

everything I do,

Why must you hurt me this way?

When I'm the one that loves you.

-Maryam Noori


What Is It????

She's happy, She laughs a lot.

She's never cold, she's always hot.

She's always in a daze.

She's sitting in class,

But she's somewhere else, she has a little craze.

She never seems to hear what you say,

While you're talking, she looks away.

What is it that's wrong with her?

He always seems distant,

He fades out while you talk.

He never sees you, to him, he's always in the dark.

He doesn't act the same way, he doesn't have a thing to say.

He seems irritated when you break into his thoughts.

He scribbles in his book, he has nowhere to look

It's others he doesn't see, he ignores everybody.

What is it that's wrong with him?

They're in love.


You Don't Know....

You don't really know me,

You only think you do.

You know some things about me,

Yes I admit that's true.

You don't know what I think inside,

You don't know what I feel,

You don't know the things I've tried,

You don't know if I'm real.

I won't let you know me better,

I won't let you find out.

You don't really know who I am,

You don't know what I'm about.

-Maryam Noori


Moment of Silence
(by: Chuck Robinson)

In a moment of silence

A million goods can be done

A man can forgive himself

A man can promise never to forget

A man can clear his mind

A mind can find his sight

Or give up the worthless fight

A man can take his stand

A man can also turn and run

A man could use his gun

A man can find a reason to live

A man can appreciate

In a moment of silence


People look at me like i'm crazy, when I look at them they become hazy.

They treat me like i'm insane, but they don't know my pain.

They think that i'm not true, but if they only knew.

They think I see things a different way, so I just look for a new day.

Yet, don't we all? So, it's really not my call.

We all know what we're here for, I always stop and look at how things were before.

I like how I am now, but people can't see how.

When I tell them who I want to be, they just look at me.

Is it all just to soon, for a brand new moon.

Am I really that different from you? If you only knew.

People look at me like i'm crazy, when I look at them they become hazy.

By: Christina Green


Love Never Lost

Right from the start,

tried to keep us apart.

With their regulations and rules,

must have thought we were fools.

Never will he go away,

together we will always stay.

Like the stars high above,

I will fight for the love.

That is shared between us,

based on honesty and trust.

Until I can win,

I will never give in!

Amanda '98


The beautiful dragon made of jade

had the voice of pureness and easily made

all other beauty, goddessly or mortal, pale

For in her presence all was stale

Nothing could compare to her elegant state

Nothing ever could compare without any debate

She shone like the stars in the sky

Her radiance made the coldest ice melt, i do not lie

To be with her would warm my heart

And with that memory i shall never part.

It is the dragon that rises

and with her beauty surprises

all the gods of the heavens and more

enchanting them all with her voice

not giving them a choice

to listen to her elegant score.



I live in the night

mediocre sand sculpture that I am

the grain slips slowly out from under me

a life to dwell on in the loneliest of hearts

feeding on the times that haunt the past

looking for some serenity in the future

the tide washes me away

into the never ending cascade of waves


I'll Save the Next Wave for You

This salty breeze, it pulls the strands from my face

As you do with your caressing touch, putting them in place

I search in the sand for seashell sentiments and such

A bubbly surf roars of our love and shines off our touch

Cotton clouds pass by, whispering in my ear

Exactly how you do, your love so sincere

Waves crashing down from your powerful gaze

I see your smile sparkling in the water, never ceasing to amaze

So I see you at this beach today, with the sky's so perfectly blue

Now it's your turn to see me; I'll save the next wave for you


I want to touch you

To feel your lips pressing mine

Passion flowing as sweat

And love unending as time

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