Up-dated March 1, 2001 - May we all share the gifts of the Irish!

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George Langley

I went for a walk and while looking around 
I saw it lying on the ground
It seemed oh so lifeless, it felt oh so cold
I knew in a moment it had to be old.
The people went passing and nobody cared
they kicked it aside as it laid there and stared.
I tried to ignore it, it never was mine, someone
had dropped it, someone unkind.
I tried to walk pass it, but it seemed all alone
so I picked it up and I took it home.
Two days have now passed and those days were well
spent, but now it is gone, it helped pay my rent.

Our Names

aborted on clean paper
Words will abandon us too,
especially the proper nouns.
so lets be all verb
and run from erasers.
orphaned from paper
who will read us then?
Not even our mothers.


I tread the green
and seeming fine desert line
watching, waiting
gently i creep
glide numbly on feet of pain
pass hands quickly over ashen brow
I spy my love, my fire, my nightmare vision
I fly
my soft shoes pound synchronized with the sound
of my racing heart
hot pursuit is chilling me 
I sing with my blood
liquid claws strike 
burn like iron left on overnight
my teeth graze dark sand I land
Clawing, screaming and pleading 
just needing

Melissa A.Hay 


" MY Forever Friend "
Linda L. Parsons 

You are my sister , my Forever Friend ,
someone upon whom I can always depend.
And tho' many miles may keep us apart,
You're always Near and Dear to my heart.

I recall the times we've spent together,
tho they've been few down through the years-
They've strengthened the bond between us,
and at times , they've brought tears.

Being older , you are much wiser-
This I can say with Pride ,
In many ways you've influenced me ,
you've been a Mentor and a Guide.

Whenever life's problems weigh you down ,
and you feel you're all alone-
Think of your sister who cares for you ,
I'm as near as your telephone.

So , dear sister , always remember-
whatever may come your way ,
I will always be there for you-
Your true friend , Forever , I'll stay.


Tareva Arkeisha Morrison

Black and white is the picture that my friend sees. I feel so bad 4 her, but she would probably just say to me, “Please, don’t pity me.” 
She doesn’t have a clue about what the color of the trees is like. She doesn’t know that a sunset is a beautiful sight. The color of a rose means nothing to her, and enjoying the Christmas lights in the winter is absolutely unheard of. She can’t even love the fireworks in July. If she knew what she was missing, she would probably cry. Cry, 4-Ever and a day. Wondering, why is she this way?
She is one of the sweetest people that you‘d ever meet. Yet, she has this heartbreaking deficiency. I wish that she could see the purple flowers and the green leaves. Instead of the; black, white, or gray, mountains and trees. 

To my friend: 
I try to envision the whole world colorless by using make-believe. I hope that you can make-believe too. There are, a wide variety of colors. For, they are, within you. 
To anyone who may hear this poem: 
Remember my friend, and don’t take the little things in life for granted. For all the small things make up our big important lives and if you are about to... Please, please, don’t cry.


Charles Burman

The last time I was in Tulsa,
I tore my world apart.
The last time I was in Tulsa,
I broke my darlings heart.

How can I go back to Tulsa?
With her still on my mind.
No, I can't go back to Tulsa.
For only sorrow will I find.

Lord, take me back to Tulsa.
Take me back in time.
Please take me back to Tulsa.
How my heart does pine.

I know she's not in Tulsa
She's not there any more.
Still I can't go back to Tulsa,
That's where I slammed the door.

Take me back to Tulsa.
If I could meet her there.
Just take her back to Tulsa.
Tell her how much I care.


Her Story
Maryam Noori 

She thought that he loved her,
and she loved him too,
but to her it was a fairy tale,
that would never come true.
She devoted her life to him, he was her life, her soul,
She would even die for him,
he was the other half that made her whole.
Her priceless tears ran down her face,
every single day.
In her heart he had a special place, and she'd do anything for him to stay.
Without him, she was incomplete,
her love for him was strong,
his expectations she planned to meet,
she didn't want anything to go wrong.
She thought their love would be forever,
but deep inside he knew it wouldn't last,
they shared so many memories together,
things that could never change the past.
But this was a different love,
one that only few know of,
and few last.
One day her heart could take no more,
the pain was just too much,
they argued about this once before,
but the subject was too deep to touch.
Did he have someone else in his life, 
she didn't know about?
He denied it every time she asked,
but in her mind there was a great deal of doubt.
Their relationship came to an end,
her heart was hurt and sore,
she thought her broken heart would never mend,
and had never felt so depressed before.
Slowly, day by day,
her heart will learn to heal.
Its a price she had to pay,
to realize her fairy tale was not real.


The old Ball and Chain
Charlene Hernes

Life is funny.
Things happen that you never would expect to.

Say for instance marriage,
Who would believe I would get married?

When I was younger I ran away from that.
Who wants to be tied down to the "old ball and chain"?

Not me, that is what I always thought.
Who would want kids? Me, Never!!

Now 14 years later I am almost married a year.
Still no kids, but I do have the "Old ball and chain”.

It has not always been easy to deal with the "old ball and chain".
I think he tries to expect me to be something that I am not.

I sometimes wonder why I am married to the "old ball and chain". 
He thinks he has to decide what is best for me.

Who would know that better than me? How do I tell him?
I ask myself this over and over and still do not come up with an answer.

The "old ball and chain" can be a fuddy duddy. He is too serious.
I think that I need some spontaneity in my life. Not the " old ball and chain".

For all of you gals out there who feel the way I do, what are you to do?
I mean you want someone but you do not want someone to take over your life.

You are who you are, do not let anyone take that away from you.
Especially not the "old ball and chain"!!!

The crocodile of time
Eats a hand
And always comes back for more
One last cup of coffee
In the raining city
- An arm -
One more game of pool
- An eye -
Just 5 more minutes on the phone
- A leg -
All add up to an individual eternity
- A body –
And the crocodile returns
But cannot crush
A flying soul
Free of time and place....Pick and choose
The pirate ship 
- A life –



Through Laughter and Tears
February 8, 2001
Jeffery Mark Hardin 

Through laughter and tears 
I made it through the years.

When I'm sad all day long
I share my pain listening to a song.

When the world gets unfriendly and cold
I hope one day I'll find security when 
I'm old.

If you knew how much I've been hurt
You will think next time not to push
me in the dirt.

All and all through laughter and tears
You can still see I made it through the 


If you think happy thoughts
If you see the beauty rather than ugliness in things
Aren’t you more happy?
Look for the good in people and everything
And that will help you
If you look between the lines
Find something deeper within
Both you and everything else
Are you not more intrigued?
Discover the better in all
There is more in life
If you listen to your feelings inside
And do what’s right not wrong
You will find a better you
A better world around you
You’ll feel better about the world
And isn’t that what life’s about?




Did you ever see, 
ducks fly in a vee?
Whether many or a few,
they all want the lead dog's view.

Did you ever wonder why,
whenever they fly.
One side is longer,
then the other.

Ponder this before you read on.
For soon the mystery will be gone.
If you already know, don't put on a show.
Sit and smile relax for a while.

And for you precious few,
who haven't got a clue.
You dumb clucks, 
one side's got more ducks.


A Myth
Alida Segal 

A decade ago, I intended to pursue
A computer science Master’s degree
At Columbia University the reputable school,
If only could pass the GRE entrance criteria myth;

I happen to take Yemini’s class,
In networks, connections, and grabbing parts
Where course survival meant in absolute terms
To allow TA abuse, touching, and unfair grades;

There was nothing Yemini wouldn’t do
To stop a student from learning the truth
That Columbia’s acceptance criteria myth
Consists of sexual harassment, touching, and other toll;

I happen to finish that Master’s degree
At City College the school of the poor
On merit, hard work, and passing the test
O fairness, respect, and academic success.



thoughts flow out of my mind
I grappled for words to bind them
I caught some, rest got away
leaving a trail between the words
which I bind into a poem
-I saw and felt the thoughts
As they flew by
My words are not enough 
To express all my thoughts
But they are enough to mark the trail
-If you follow the trail
It may lead you
to understand what i mean
Or take you to other destinations
Unknown to me, but none the less exciting.
-I am glad you join me 
In the pursuit of the trail
Perhaps you may add more words
To rein in my thoughts
And make this a complete poem 


My Daughter
Lauren B. Mayo 

Tiny fingers reached out and grasped my own, and my heart stood still, I looked down at you and fear gripped my soul, but you held on. With each new day the sunlight spanned across the horizon as our love grew, I as your mother and you my daughter...and still, you held on. I watched you crawl, talk and then finally walk, but always you looked for me...reached out...and you held on. A whirlwind of memories bind us together, and always, you held on. An unspoken bond grew through the laughter and tears as you looked to me for guidance and you held on. As your mother I watched you grow and my heart burst with pride, and I was blessed by the remarkable creature you had become...and still, you held on. Some how the days have turned into years and my precious child became a beautiful woman...and that same fear surfaces and now I reached out, and as always you held on. And now your journey begins, and your path in life will unfold with all your hopes and dreams...and my soul is at peace for our hearts will be forever joined, I as your mother and you my daughter and always our love will hold on.


What is love?

Loving another person is not separate 
from loving God. One is a single wave, 
the other is the ocean. 
Contemplate love every day. 
Loving reflections make the heart grow. 
Surrender to love as a guiding force. 
Love never forces. Love is intelligent and 
 brings only what you need. The awakening 
 of true love lies in finding peace 
within passion and passion within peace. 
To feel beauty is to know that truth. 
To know the truth is to be in love. 
Two souls pretend to be separate for the 
sheer joy of coming together in love. 
The highest expression of love is creativity. 
Love doesn't need reason. It speaks from 
the irrational wisdom of the heart. 
that has learned to 
trust can be at rest in the world. 
Love is attention without judgment. In its 
natural state, attention only appreciates. 
Love is the beginning of the journey, its 
end and the journey itself. 
Love is like water. If it doesn't flow, 
it stagnates. The mind judges what is good or 
bad. Love brings only good. 
True love is here and now. 
Whatever you can remember or 
anticipate is only a shadow of love. 


Turquoise World
-Melissa Williams

The turquoise world wavers in front of my face
I am the only one of my kind.
Strange creatures move about.
Tall emerald forests sway;
Rising up form the grainy, tan land.
Giants are singing;
Their voices are the only sound that can be heard.
Peculiar beings scuttle across sharp rocks,
their hard coatings for protection.
A five armed monster slowly slithers toward me;
Not frightened I keep moving forward.
My feet leave the ground.
It is time to go.
But I take one last look at the turquoise world.
I wish I could stay in this queer world forever.
I love the ocean.


Two warring wagtails
dart, thrust, twist, turn, dive, clash, part
and then look confused. 
Stuart Reed


Andrea Andi

Those who have never loved,
have more love than the world,
Those who have never held love,
grasp onto it tightly,
Those who have never smelt love,
make it's scent stronger,
and those who have never seen love,
are blinded.


~Sidney Carthell~

She stares blankly into the sylvan surrounding,
A cage of woods and bushes;
Alive with movement, but nonetheless serene;

Warm sunlight pushes through the canopy:
More than beautiful, but less than astounding;

And low flying sparrows enter the scene,
Escaping from the darkness and fleeing to the treetops.

Glancing sideways up, she watches streaks of light withdraw into the sky
And culminate again as thin clouds skate across the sun;

As if to excite her, a brisk wind rolls through,
The chills sent hurriedly down her spine and the rustling folio of leaves
Are evidence of its passing by;

And the dead leaves, softened by the morning dew,
Shelter the vegetation flanked between.

The woodland's verdure,
Like that if Iceland's spring time fields,
Demands attention and silent respect.

Despite the fallen leaves and branches,
She lies on the ground, her rest assured
By the setting sun; the trees like guardians stand erect,
A spherical proxy of keepers.

She rests, but starts as a lone cardinal plucks from her hair a single strand,
And flits into a nearby tree; the soft strand of brown
Is skillfully thread into his golden nest,
As he hops and dances about.

She watches him with idle hands,
Folded beneath her cheek-her former position of rest;
The cardinal's dulcet music falls sweet on her ears and again she drifts to sleep.

What manner of woman is this?
Who, with skin like the canvas of the night against a robe of pearl and white,
Walks unaccompanied into the wood,
And lays undisturbed by the dew covered leaves,

And blows to bothersome birds her kiss;
What manner of woman can sleep as she could?
Cloaked by glittering streams of moonlight...lost in Nubian dreams.

by Scott Hudson

As my town sleeps
I dig my fingers into concrete
Feeling my nails scrap and shatter backwards as they cling for my life.
Granite embeds itself into my skin,
But I have to gaze.
My bare feet scramble into nooks and crevices,
I feel the skin tear like paper in a shredder,
Blood sets and flows in turn as I climb.
My eyes are wide despite the rain that drips like my red, cell-filled liquid.
My vision sticks like a Bulldog to a meaty bone.
They will not waver from the prize.
My mouth is open, my teeth bared as rainwater fills me like a flesh covered jug.
At last I reach the top of this church,
I reach the tip of the spire.
Polluted water thumps down from the dirty cloud,
The moon stand aloft seemingly meters from my torn fingers.
I crouch on top of the spire feeling this turgid water wash over my innocence.
My broken, sharp, bloodied nails impale the spire, as i sit like a gargoyle.
My swift, violent eyes look over the sleeping town as i guard the night.
For I am the all covering frost, the freezing black rain, I am dark.


From a child, born, not knowing.

A child is born
Not knowing
Innocent, fresh, unscathed
Untroubled by the world and its ways
Not burdened by her fate.
Thinly masked in ignorance
Cocooned by maternal care
She is protected from the human condition
For a while, secure in her lair
No inkling of what may come to be
The fear, the suffering, the dead
No idea of grey middle ground
Of echoes or illusions ahead
Yet the sleeping child has no grasp
Of her overwhelming capacity to love
Of hope, or peace, or harmony
Of healing, nor power above
A clean slate, blank and white
Prepared for etching, into flesh and soul
Scars and wounds, soon to be
The innate light tempered by cold
The myriad experiences a tapestry
Of every hue and shade 
Interwoven, complex, vast
So a life is molded, made


Thoughts of the thoughtful.
 Adrian Dominy 

Lines in time provide,
the ebb and flow of tides
of oceans raging near.
The origins of fear.
A ship still oarless rows
over highs and lows.

Hope is a lifeboat
that teases from afar,
seeming closer 
ever further
What you really are?

A patchwork made of scars.


Jason Brandenburg

Nowhere else have I gone
Nothing have I seen
Since you landed with a stomp
On my solitude.

Ground becomes sky
Mind becomes heart
Both become stomach
When you’re around

If I accomplish nothing more
In this life
I have loved you
With reckless abandon

And a fate as sweet as your face
Has been mine
Since that day
In the early autumn

The Enchanted Lover
Becky Kirkaptrick

Sleep befalls upon my weary mind, escaping demands
goodnight words are hello kisses to my beautiful lover

Uniting completions, breaking chains of imprisonment
warmth comes rushing back, brushing off the chill of life

Our hearts quicken, as our breath escapes our lips
Heightened senses of passion, awaken our soul

Allowing our eyes to drink the wrath of our beauty
Sounds from our mouths make that of the sweetest music

Our bodies melt into one another, mixing the nectar of our love
Tasting each others aura, grasping tightly to our existence.

Time forces us to depart, as we drift away from one another
confessions of love echo as we shout them from afar

I awaken to be returned back into my own land and time
Enchanted night linger in my mind, as reality collides 


Crystal Dreams 
Meiglen Kaster

Red earth hurricanes bind and twist,
Ripping up emerald topped trees with sapphire roots.
From obsidian soils grows jade grass and topaz flowers,
And clear quartz eagles soar in bright glass skies.
A stray stone shatters an ideal world,
Heads hang low and the other worlds weep.


Do you feel you've been cheated, out of a love you somehow needed?
Everyone I know, not of blood, make a river a flood.
My tears, do they fall as snow does?
I wonder as I twist and turn, if there is a lesson I am meant to learn.
Why are my days so filled with signs, my mind grows weary from the search.
What is this treasure I will unearth?
Is it the secret which we all wish to know?
Your heart can only grow.
Do you enjoy the pain you inflict?
I lick the wounds, yet they do not heal.
It's a pain I will always feel.
Could I have saved you? Is it too late now? 
Or can I rescue you somehow?



Sitting outside, all alone,
with my two-year-old and no father at home.
He ran through the yard, without a moment to spare,
I stood up, down the street, violence everywhere.
As the shots rung out, I ran as fast as I can,
when I reached my two-year-old son, he died in my hands.
News Reports and the Police, came from everywhere,
the murderers were never found, but dose anyone care.
No one spoke up, not even a moan,
now I live every day, where my house is not a home.
If you see things happen, please go and tell,
because when no one gets involved, "it's a living hell".

A longing for a lover,
Someone to hold,
Someone to cherish,
Someone to grow old.
Love isn't just a word,
It's a feeling deep inside,
It makes you see,
And also cry.
That feeling is special,
That word means a lot,
It should last forever until death do you part.
Why do our emotions run wild?
When all we can see,
Is the same person each morning,
But we are still happy to be,.
Do not always settle for love at first sight,
For it may not be right.
A longing for a lover,
Someone to hold,
Someone to cherish,
Someone to grow old.


You are beautiful. 
Could you have been more trusting? 

You are such a sweet kisser, you wanted me to kiss you like that. I'm lazy. You have to feel it to kiss like that. 

If I don't love you, why am I doing this? 

You had to be so tired sitting in my car. How could you have stayed out there when you had all that pressure from your parents? 
Being in love with someone makes you more courageous. 

I'll never forget that poignant look on your face. 
Sweetness that could only dreamt of; without pretentiousness, with purity. 
With a really dumb guy. I'm a fucking villain.

Am I ever going to be able to look a wife in the face? People should run. 

I hope you're protected forever. God should watch out for you. You're my prayer tonight. I won't remember any hurt from tonight. Sweet dreams, I hope you'll stay happy forever.

Kevin Schmidt


James Miller

My back rests upon used cushions and my thoughts travel far abroad. I am sweetly saturated by new melodies that lift my sodden soul.,,. she that I gaze upon more than I should inspires and delivers such relief. I stare at my long painted toes and think perhaps no agony could tear me away from such uncomfortable embraces as long as she spoke my name and rested her hand upon my cheek. A delightful stranger whose mystery enfolds me.
I feel her intense empathy should rain gently upon another. my mute expletives betray and relieve me.. A heavy trek of years left me downcast and gray, empty hugs were aching until my cold fingers rested without ease on her soft shoulders.
I breathe her in, yet my hands are without a vessel of her aromatic essence. I dream of awkward sweaters that confine a part of her within; just an item I could smuggle and abuse till my senses were dizzy and alive.
At times I fear her passion for reason and miracles will dazzle mine eyes,.. and yet I will stand mute instead of blind. Radiance shines from her that holds my imperfect gaze until it grows misty. Her glossy likeness looks upon me with sweet care though, every time I gently hold it aloft.

Irresistible urge to purge this part of me
Let it be, be alive inside of me
Let it exist, manifest inside of me
Irresistible urge to expel this side of me
Just Some Silly Teen Angst

To write, I want to spell your grace
To draw the warmth within this place
To sing, I want to shout my awe
To paint the ice then let it thaw

Irresistible urge to allow this part of me
Don't let it get fallow, the sensitivity
Let me be raw, fall on this part of me
Irresistible urge to permit this art in me

To feel, I want to taste and touch
Body dancing, heat and such
To roll around and sleep and dream
Pleasure pillows too extreme

Irresistible urge to show this side of me
Let something fall and crash inside of me
Let someone break and bawl inside of me
Irresistible urge to expose my inside me 





Bobby Joe
Born: 7-12-1983 Died: 7-20-1989
C. Camp

I once had a little boy
His name was Bobby.
He had pretty blue eyes
That touched everybody.

One day God took him away.
Those who were watching couldn't speak
As a single tear ran down both cheeks.

Memories and moments
When they all played together
Not just one or two
But three all together.

God bless my little boy.
His name was Bobby Joe.


Melissa Kranning

Remember the day you & I
Like summer under a purple sky
Recall the time we
whispered a language
immense & bare
and over a glass of milk
we fly away from what is here.



The way you love change my heart.
The way you cared about me made me cry.
The way you are is the way I was. 
The way you make me happy is the way you make me cry. 
The way I love you is unsure but what I know will never change is the
way you love me. 


By Jeff

I love you even though I do not know you.
I will caress you and hug you like no other has before.
My heart is hot for it is yearning for your comfort.
Where is my true love to be?
Does she exist in a world of ups and downs?
Marriage is failing and the thunder is getting louder,
may I have a chance to love again?
Will I be able to touch the inner sweetness of a woman?
There only becomes me an empty space where once was a life.
The power of love for another is overwhelming and exciting,
yet the force takes hold and pulls me back.
Still I yearn for that special woman of my dreams.
To treat her like a queen I will.
To love her for eternity I shall fulfill.


Heute Schon Abend
Samantha Comer

A dreary face sits in a window sill seeming to be lost.
The face stays motionless except for a single tear that falls slowly down the cheek.
Dreams about days to come, when her arms will be filled again.
For now, she waits...and remembers.

His arms wrapping around her at night, keeping her warm on the chilly Wisconsin nights.
His light kisses on her forehead with their eyes both shut so tight.
Memories of him coming home surprising her and making her jump and laugh.
For now...That's all it is, a memory.

She'll wait, somehow, she'll hold on and remember.
No moving, just waiting and anticipating.
The thought of the return brings a smile to her face.
But the reality of his absence brings a tear to her eye.


The broken heart that leaks,
trusts none other but thy own.
The love they loose,
the reason why:
What does not exist can not be lost.


Definitions of Love

Love comes, love goes,
Love dies and never grows.
Love runs, love walks,
Love is the meaning behind sweet talks.

Love flows, love hides,
Love is never perfect on both sides.
Love wilts, love blooms,
Love can fill the heart with many rooms.

Love is mean, love is kind,
Love is something you can't unwind.
Love jumps, love climbs,
Love stands the test of times.

How I feel.
by Cary Cortez 

In my heart, dancing serpents sing 
ballads sing
stories of 

I feel their porcelain tongues slide across 
the pit of my stomach 
like warm milk
so smooth

In my brain, bats flutter wings of curiosity
over the tendrils of intellect, waving and 
sighing like leaves of kelp in a 
sea of glass.

I hear their cries.

On my tongue, doves are spattered with blood
of hatred. their plumes ruffle. the 
scent of poison words becomes my essence
how can they be so cruel.

toxic feelings ebb in my mouth how are they the 
spawn of heart snakes and brain bats?


Black Snake
Sargent 2/2001

Black snake winds through the badlands at night
Hard rain pelts its skin, two dim eyes barely seen
Bitter winds wail in a place where lives no man
Endless broken stripes aren't always where they seem

Daylight uncovers frozen desolation
Death's stillness as far as the eye can behold
Futile to glance behind, you can feel life gaining
One day agile and young the next rigid and old

Ride the serpents back it will lead you home
Where love became rumor the minute desire died
Walls, windows, and distant echoes of hardship past
Speed into the unknown, nothing sacred is left behind

I Am
Bryan Edmonds

I am a young musician and a reflection of my parents.
I wonder how long it would take to make myself a musical genius?
I hear myself performing in a huge concert hall.
I see myself writing a symphonic orchestration someday.
I want to graduate from high school on a musical scholarship
I am a young musician and a reflection of my parents.

I pretend to receive a standing ovation from hundreds of people.
I feel the arms of God around me in my troubled times.
I touch the hearts of many people with my serene music.
I often worry about what people think of me.
I cry with the thought of losing someone close to me again.
I am a young musician and a reflection of my parents.

I understand that I will not always be the best at what I do.
I say that I always have to be unique and step to my own beat.
I dream that I can do anything just as good as anyone else can.
I try to be incomparable with any of my peers.
I hope that nothing will change about me except for the negative things.
I am a young musician and a reflection of my parents.


Here I go again to start a new life once more
I need to find out all that's in store
Some people say that life's a bore
But I need to find out for sure
All I feel is the pain
But I need to find out what there is to gain
Still it all seems the same
And sometimes I wonder if I'm going insane
So here I go once more
To find out there's no more
But maybe there's still some in store
Still I need to know for sure
I wish life wasn't so vein
So I could live peaceful once again
And maybe there's more to gain
But it all still feels the same
Some people say I'm strange
Some people say I need to change
We all have our own way
So I guess I will see you another day

Mike Clark


Granite wall above
Winters frozen tears descend
Beneath, spring lays asleep


Once a small lie
By someone torn by guilt
For everyone, we all hide the truth to keep someone we love no matter how much it pains us to keep it hidden. Maybe this is why love hurts.

Stupid decisions, once a small lie.
No turning back, yet I always try.
Knowing you more, love getting stronger.
Still I lie, only for a little while longer.
Time carries on, my guilt keeps on growing.
How can I live without you ever knowing.
It tears me apart, this lie I must keep.
It's too late to tell, this hole is so deep.
You are the sun, and I am the dirt.
You are so wonderful for me to ever hurt.
Forever and ever I must bear this guilt
No matter how ever the flowers choose to wilt.
For if I tell you, never again will you trust.
So for you I live through endless guilt, I must.


Remember the Love
By Tiffany McDaniel

Remember the many years that we've shared,
and the simple similes that could make
you grin from ear to ear.
Remember all the good things that we've done,
and guard them with your heart, like a lioness
and her cub.
Forget about the bad times, and all our fears,
they will only bring unhappy tears.


A Mother's Tear
In Loving Memory of my son Robert
Dec 5, 1975 - Jan 26, 2001
Amanda M. Switzer

A mothers tear will flow on and on 
for the loss of her son that she loved so dear.
He was witty and smart full of life until
this man took his life.
Now without him here her heart is broken
and she'll shed this tear with now words spoken.
So the tear will flow forever after 
until she sees him in heavens rafters.

It only takes time
 Kariline Reitz

A dream 
A wish 
is that what this is?
this question past my mind
but each time I try to answer this
I seem to miss every time
One day you were here with me
then the next day you were gone
I seem to think we share a similar bond
my nights are so lonely now
my days just seem to flow
because you see my dear 
no I am left so alone
for months I tried to please you
and capture you on the ground
but now I realized that I could not work around
all the pain I caused you 
and left you so very blue
but now I am here to tell you 
All I want is you
I wish I could solve this
but only time will tell
so each night I spend praying 
that soon you will be mine 
but that day is so far away 
and my heart beats only for you
I am just so fearful 
that I will be left blue
I hope that you realize 
how much I love you
but in the end my restless love
all it takes is time
time to see the future 
time to see the past 
and in the end I know you will see
this will surely last


"Generations Apart"
Dante Jones

The progression of life under an evil empire.
Hope stays alive in the hearts of the damned.
Broken spirits suppressed by men of power.
Broken but not yet destroyed.
Hope is the glue that will repair the cracks.
Separated from your parents at birth.
Never truly knowing them or able to understand.
Generation gaps that teach us to fear our elders,
Not to respect them.
Where will you be in ten years?
The cycle will continue, passed from me to you,
And from you to another.


Pride of a Loved One
Jeremiah J. Perry

Sitting on a door step
Thinking about the day gone by
Questioning what love is
Unto his son, it's not pride
Explaining to his son what love is
And drifting from the thought
Consumed for a moment at what his son has brought
Unaware of what is going on
The sound of screeching tires
Causes a state of shock
Looking for where his son was
His pride has died away
Caught up by the sight of blood
He loses his grip on the book
Stumbling down the sidewalk
He falls to his son's side
A sea of rage consumes him
And he loses all his pride!

That's Ghetto
Alex Walsh 

Little tear drops tremble, down red hills from weary eyes. 
Street corners and street children try to steal one another's dreams.
Narcotics, What a way to create a life and a lie.
As well trained thugs of youth plan their next scheme.

Made for tv movie, similar to what is seen.
Violent henchmen gain more respect than those who are in school.
thirteen year old adults who have forgotten what its like to be a teen.
Triplebeams and handguns are real, because the soul is a useless tool.

Sister Home Invasion! Brother's soul so rotten....
Why search for colors when I assure you there is only grey.
Thieves and Killers are bound to be forgotten.
Because this type of sh*t happens everyday.


By krb

Awaken from searing in a dark room
It’s like floating away to a place you never been to
I see a light entering threw the crack of my bedroom door
Like nothing I have ever seen before
I lay in my bed still not to fall onto the floor
Surrounded by the airlessness in the room
Hoping it will all be over soon
Like when you insert a needle into a balloon
Looking threw the window as the wind blew
My hands now clammy like glue
Sometimes I wonder if I ever knew?
Just who started this searing that’s entering my room?
It makes now difference now
I can’t even make a sound 
Looking over at the bedroom door I found
The flames entering all around
Crawling slowly across the walls
Like a spider who scurries across but falls
Watching as it now comes to an end
Remembering back to when it all happened
Knowing that everyone will be saddened
But somehow it will all be unsurpassed
The fire like some great fury
That’s supposed to devour everything in a hurry
As the flames reach my bedside 
Things then start to become blurry
Then I remember how the fire started early this Sunday morning
When I left something on the stove and it must have started burning


Martin Hagan

No pain like sorrow
There's no today just tomorrow
Green fields winding streams
Harsh reality brings pleasant dreams

There's comfort from a friendly hand
That tries to teach you all it can
Sometimes cruel and sometimes kind
With always something left to find

Friendships there for all to share
With open hearts to show they care
Sometimes though its all too much
With their endless worry and their hopeless touch

No gain with sorrow
We're here today and we'll be here tomorrow
Pain and glory just like folklore
Remain with us forever more

Ryan Munoz

The world I live in
is nothing but wonderful
peaceful yet exciting


There's no life to live
There's no place to go
What I would give 
I can not show

The gift of love 
I thank you so
Nothing's above
Together we'll grow

Everyday goes
It just gets better
If there are lows 
I'll write you a letter

This life I now live
This place I now go
What I will give
I can not show 

Ryan Soykin


Jeffrey Woo

She is stuck in that black and white photo
Unable to escape
And yet, her smile extends beyond my heart
Beyond the threads of fate
I love to hear her sing
Though sing she does not do
I want to laugh with all her stories
In red and yellow and blue
She holds inside her eyes
What things I wish to say
What crimson lust I hold for her
What brilliant summer's day
But she lays trapped inside that photo
Nothing but black or white
But nothing else could ever compare
To her -- a gorgeous sight


Pretty as a Princess 
She was my best friend
She passed a few days ago
I thought her life would never end
As the days pass 
I still miss her so
Her bodies in her new bed
Her soul is safe and warm
Now she’s up in heaven
New and strong again
High above the mountaintops
Why did cancer have to win?
Now she’s up there playing
I pray that she’s OK
God tell me she’s all right
I really wanted her to stay
Now that she’s gone
I long to hold her tight
Wrap her in my arms
With love and might
We will meet again
I promise you that’s true
Until then
We’ll meet again


Peter J. Gossett

Soft, silkily smooth sunshine water
Flowing freely, fast and fury
I sit and watch and woe I forget
My memories move with the water
Bubbling beauty breaks forth
I relax

Shady spot under tree
Leaves lovingly soft
Gloriously green and great
My memories shuffle with the leaves
I soundly sleep
I relax

Flower brightly blinking
With busy bees
Smelling soft from spring rain
My memories fly like bees
Colorful dreams I dream
And I relax


As I sit alone in the cold, green grass
A tear drops from my eyes
Watching all of those kids play
Hearing all those lies

A voice inside is telling me
To go ask to play
But another voice is saying
"Yeah right", is all they'll say.

I get laughed at from my looks
Even what I say
I honestly do try to
Wish it all away

Now I know what not to do
Now I know what not to say
I only wish they can see me
As myself, in my own way.



It’s to be expected of them: the dust on my ankles
Floating down, then left and up, always making the clay
The plan into practice }xxxxxxxx{ all of the DEVIANTS
Indistinguishable horizon .-. I thought they’d choke on tongues

I say die (now you’re dead) Don’t dare cry (dead in bed)

Entry denied and taken away~Bring it BACK, I say
BACK to my minions {]; my dear life friends all alone
A small hard yellow yellow @ heart of gold, pumping oil
Into my head, my head = which I have grown up with
You would lie with your eyes
Betray with your heart
Who has done this to you?
Who could be so clean, so RISEN?
Your palms will be cut
Open to springs of floods
And, and, and and andandandand
They’re coming!

I say die (touch cold lead) {{not yyyyyyyyou}}
Don’t dare cry (intro-fed) {{not yyyyyyou agaaaiiin?#!}}

Calm, I MUST have cAlm__And breathe through pores
Soon, they all must crack…….and crumble beneath my fingers
Always h a v e d on e, always do, always will do forever
It’s to be exPECTED of them’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ 

I say die( hurt the kid)’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’)’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ 

Don’t dare cry (close the lid)’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’


DO you ever wonder? 
by Edward Mosher

DO you ever wonder?
Wonder about your friends.
The ones you've had so long,
will they miss you when your gone?
To hold you when you cried?
Were they there to say good-bye?
To miss you when you died?

Do you ever wonder?
About places that you've been?
those things that you've seen,
those things pure and clean?
Places you wish to go,
places that you know?

Do you ever wonder?
About love you'll never have?
What it's like to wake up to her face?
to be there in his place,
or kisses you can taste?

Do you ever wonder?
wonder about yourself?
those things you hold inside,
the dark you long to hide?
things that make you strive,
wonder why you're still alive?


While heaven wept and Angel's cried
The helpless little children died
Unwanted in their mother's womb.
No Love, no name, in death no tomb.

It seems I heard the people chide
It is no child which grows inside
But in my heart I knew they lied
To let them end those lives too soon,
While heaven wept.

Convenience rides the moral tide.
All logic turned all truth denied.
But what is two cannot be one.
We can't undo what has been done.
But still the little children died
While heaven wept.
 Richard Stead.


::Death of Cupid::
Nicky Masoch

I wrote a letter to you but its one i didn't send
I felt I shouldn't tell you, at least until the end
I'm going to Hades where the darkness is above
Cause I hate to know it when the two of you are making love
Through the crypts and catacombs I have to dig myself a grave
Just another soul departed, but my soul you cannot save
They're grooming me, entombing me, they'll lay me in this earth
My heart, my blood, it all is yours, whatever that is worth
My heart they shall embalm and my soul they'll undertake
R.I.P, death to me, from the love that you'd foresake
Inside this necropolis in a box where I am sealed
Six feet under I am rotting in my private potter's field
So now I close this letter, I think of you and cry
I'm going to the netherworld where my soul shall slowly die

Final Word
Sarah Colachicco

My time has come,
I have to move on,
It's the same old song,
I've sung all along.
I'm bleeding, skin so cold,
The lights become bright,
As I lie here I cry,
One final word before I die,
Good bye!

Thomas L. Polese

did someone not tell me
was I not warned
as more travel will commence
no one will come along
standing in the same place

these roads sometimes strange
sometimes beautiful
the long lovely roads indeed
by ourselves
passing through, and lasting the night

ways to continue on
stories taking place
I know who's beside me
and it is right
the subtle winds blowing bye
it will be only you to fade me to sleep


Columbine High 
By Anthony Garza

As I sit here in my chair staring into the darkness of the air,
I see pictures in my head when a gunmen at Columbine High 
Put a gun to my friends head,
I sit there watching as my friend died, 
I wept with song as he looked toward the sky
I put in his grave the book he loved, the book of heaven, the book of love.


"The Meloncholy Contradiction"
Nine GarRis

This Squandered prison is dark beyond the stolen face.
And the dead gods do scream,
as the cursed ones lay sleep.
For the end of laughter came not all at once,
nor did the silence that followed. 


 Lynda Nadelberg

take my hand walk with me
strolling on the beach
watching the seagulls
dive in the ocean so blue
everything is so peaceful 
here with you my love
the sound of the waves
hitting the rocks is 
like music to your our ears
you take me in your arms
holding me close to your heart
feeling the heat from our bodies
you reach down and kiss my
strawberry lips.. you whisper
in my ear mmmm Angel oh 
my Angel...


Your heart was lying on the beach
by the waters edge I reached down
to grasp it in my hand
Along my loving soul caressed it
back to life 
In your hand and mine it revived
Along a celestial wave it was carried
into your body to unfold once more
To breath life into your soul
Forever my dear sweetheart
I offer my heart to you
in a solemn effort
TO parley with you once more



When the Stars Come Out
By Diana 

When the stars come out, the night begins to reign,
The little boys and girls are tucked up in their beds until day comes again.
When the stars come out, God shows his handy work,
Of beauty and of blessings to those around the world.
Although your day may be gloomy, full of sorrow and remorse,
Just think about the ones who may not have the courage to praise his mighty word.
So I leave you with this final thought, think of God all through the hours and remember he made the stars come out when darkness overpowered.


Torturing Your Soul

sometimes the pain is so bad that you don't think you can go on 
sometimes it hurts so bad you would rather die
all you want to do is cry all the time and flush away the pain
the pain won't go away 
it hurts so bad
you just can't imagine lifting another finger
waking up for another morning 
taking another step forward 
you have to 
its life 
cover the pain with smiles 
when really your crying inside 
torturing your soul.



Dionne Wilson

Massage my mind, Stroke my imagination
with mind sex there's elevation, give room to mental penetration
No protection needed. Let both our thoughts intertwine
our opinions can dine, while our theories feed off each other
like a fetus does it's mother.
Let our connection be above physical and more than emotional
exceeding spiritual.
Explore my pain, feel it explode into flames
In sunshine or in rain, stimulate my brain.
Kiss my thoughts, while caressing my sorrow
Enjoy my happiness that rises into another tomorrow
Dive into my ocean of love, and get lost in the depths
of my soul.
Concentration, penetration, imagination, stimulation, no hesitation...
Mind sex.


In Heaven
Shawna Morrison 

Within the willows, the freshest air I breathe. On this earth, 
scents of sweet singing. Reborn memories as each breeze passes by.
In Heaven, I will draw in eternal life.
Forgiving cuddles, embracing the love. Blushing smiles from one 
to the other. Graciously greeting to lend our compassion. 
In Heaven, my joy will extend endlessly.
Brilliant hues pierce the grace on these lands. Nature wrestling, 
enjoying its companions. Strong, invisible winds wave to the sky.
In Heaven, my sight shall unveil instantly.
Thankful tones lay peace in my soul. Crashing tides pulse with 
the gulls' rhythmic hymns. Tender rejoicing spread from cheek to cheek.
In Heaven, delight is ushered by a single thought.
Giving your whole heart for another's pleasure. Being at rest, loved, 
needed, guided. Praising God with every move that's made.
It's Heaven, Jesus opened His door.


There was a girl named Sue
She didn't know how to tie her shoe
She suddenly cried boo-hoo I don't know what to do
Out came a man, he said he was from Honolulu
He had on red white and blue
"Oh Sue, don't cry or I'll spank you
I'll give you some tips that's true
She skipped hoped and so until she saw someone she knew 
 Ashaunta Dorch


Morgan H

Bumblebees in a suitcase.
Yes, I said bumblebees.
Yes, in a suitcase.


Remember the Y
Remember the o
Remember the u
Put them together,
And I'll always remember You.
 Justin L. Gaspard

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