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  Darlene L. Levrier


On a sun filled beautiful summer day,
A man sat alone watching the children play,
He sat there for hours on that bench in the park
Many days he sat there till way after dark
As he watched the children laugh and run,
He remembered another day filled with the sun,
They had sat there on that very bench,
He had read her a story about the Grinch,
He remembered the day she came into his life,
Her journey had been treacherous; it had taken his wife,
Though her arrival had come at a very high price,
He thanked God every day for her, he never thought twice,
Watching every day as she would learn and grow,
Often astounded by all that she would know,
Looking into those inquisitive young eyes,
Each new adventure filled with excitement and, "Why's?"
Then came the day that filled him with dread,
When she asked him why her mother was dead,
Standing next to the grave, clouds darkened the sky,
With her tiny hand tightly in his she asked, "Daddy why?"
"Some things my darling we may never know,
The Lord gives us a journey, down that road we must go,"
Then scooping her up in his loving arms he did say,
"But I thank him for you my love, every single day,"
Now sitting alone, his eyes filled with tears,
Looking back carefully over all the past years,
Where had he failed? What had he done wrong?
Had he just not heard her tragic song?
"What was it my darling that tortured you so?
To take your own life, Lord will I ever Know?"
Then he bowed his head with a heart broken sigh,
For the rest of his life the man would ask, "Why?"


 BY Karin

          A friend is someone who listens
          A friend is someone who cares
          A friend is someone who helps

          A friend is there through good or bad
          A friend is the stars at night and the sun in the morning
          A friend is encourages and motivates

          Most of all a friend is a...   FRIEND


             I never understood
             Why you came to me
             Cause there is more prettier girls than me
             So I wonder why you came to me.
             So I dared myself
             Not to say a word
             Of why me
             Or how come.
             Then one day he said to me:
             Cause you are beautiful
             You're fun to hang around with
             And you never try to hurt a single soul
             That's how he explained how come to me
             But still never understood
             Why me?
             Why would he choose little old me?
             Then I dared myself to ask
             Why me and not one of them?
             Then he turned and stared at me
             After a moment he said to me:
             You're not like the others
             You shine bright light
             Through every dark moment
             You don't care of how you look
             You're yourself in every way
             For now I understood
             Why me?
             And how come he came to me.


Why its Good to Say Sorry


At the end of grade five
on the last day of school

we rode on the bus
we had a big fight
I thought she was taking away

my best friend
As she got off the bus
i hollered" GOOD RIDDANCE "

I never bothered to call her
never bothered to care
on the fourth day before my birthday

she was coming home with her dad
they got in a crash
her life shattered

as the paramedics sped to the scene
the seatbelt held her alive
as they cut the seatbelt her life slipped away

on the 20th of August
3 days before my birthday
my mom woke me up and told me what happened

i forced my self to cry at that moment
but later i didn't have to
i didn't believe it and i still don't

At her funeral my best friend and i
our eyes met and we ran at each other
we just sat on the floor and cried

i think people thought i was family
but i was not
i was only a stupid girl

who for got to say 2 important words

now to this day
i say to my self
that she's on holiday with her family

her dads in psycho therapy
and my friends in the ground
she'll never hear the sounds i have to say


now its 2 years past and I'm finishing grade 7
and i still say she's on holiday
and that one day she will come back

i cant stress it enough
after a fight with someone
say 'I'm sorry' even it you don't mean it



Rope (Around Retention)
Michael James Galande

My sanity curls up as I lower myself to
shallow flames,
Sanctuary I sought amongst a river of uncaring strangers.
People too superficial to know pain.
Nameless nameless faceless,
I cared not for what they do,
felt I should be tried and convicted,
punished for turning my back on you.
I've become a side show,
a dead man's song and dance.
Watch my final desperate motions,
taking these high risks without a chance.
As stubborn as I pretended to be,
I should have accepted that helping hand.
A lifetime to ponder choices,
sometimes I forget to sleep at all.
Jagged photos are my melancholy memories,
a fanciful jury who puts me on the wrong.



Holding You
Memphis Raine

Sinking in the blue of  your eyes,
The color illuminating with the wetness.
Your Pain, Like dark clouds,
Dropping warm rain towards the earth,
Send tears pouring down my face.
Hanging on each word faling from your lips,
As if the rules of society no longer exist,
You let your emotions tumble out
Without any holding back.
Longing to reach out and touch you,
To wipe the salty tears from your eyes,
and hold you.


 J. Thomas Johns on 

  I've refrained and abstained
  Resisted temptation
  My will has been tested no doubt

  I won't lie and deny
  That I have been tempted
  So far my resolve has held out

  If I make one mistake
  I might snap like a twig
  My resistance is wearing quite thin

  Please no more I implore
  Take this burden from me
  Before I give out or give in


jessica swords

                    mother i promise ...

that if someone offers me a beer i'll drink water instead.
  mother i promise i'll come home without a scratch on my head.
mother your special you see your the one i'm doing this for to make a better me.
mom i'm leaving the party now to be with you.
i didn't drink and drive like you taught me not to do.
i put my car in drive and went past the green light.
my life went by me in a flash .
mom i didn't drink and drive why this have to happen to me, the guy came head on then we crashed.
mom i'm scared, mom please help me i'm lost and confused.
the police officer is talking to someone i think its bad news.
mother where are you.
mother if you can hear me i love you.
i didn't break my promise, i think you already knew.
mom i don't want to die, because i know i'll miss you.
mom i want you to hold me, tell me its ok.
tell daddy i love him bubby the same.
mom i can't move.
mom i'm getting sleepy, me dieing what's it to prove.
mom i'm to young, my goals my life.
i wanted to get married, have kids, and a life.
it's not fair i wanted to die old in my bed.
not like this not now.
just hold me mom , and say that your proud.





antony liquori


sleepy hallowed nights of yesterday
forgotten winter breaths of night
I am but forsaken
a cub lost in snowy hibernation
when raging fire storms of spring
of wind
of smoke and burning flesh
leave me to this world unknown
silent torments
devils musings
dancing to quicken paces of my heart
dance with me
though i stumble with two right feet
dragging my spirit in tow
like a fishermen with his daily catch
take the sorrow of sweet shame
lay it bare on sex stained sheets
reveal my heart
and take me in your arms
caressed by whispers
of solitaire thoughts

Jazmin Cole 

You watched me at birth
As I came to know earth
You taught me much
With just one tocuh
You took care of me
Without a fee
You showed me love
And even how to fly as a dove
High in the sky
Where your thoughts now lie
Rest in Peace...


The Cost
Laura Welch
Forever found and
Forever lost

All to pay the sky-high cost
That the world is dark and dreary and blue.
You just can't help it,
It passes through you.

All the laughs and all the smiles
Are really fears and dripping tears.

You know now that nothing matters,
Nothing counted
And your whole life shatters

Into the breaking edge
of a cliff.
Kind words are stinging like a whip,
Your brain is dead,
Your life is lost.
This pain and suffering is my cost.


Anabel B. Lebana

                 Sadness stroke one day in time
                    I felt my lungs get tight
             I couldn't breath I felt I was going to fall
                  I couldn't stop my tears and sob

                 Sadness stroke one day in time
                It filled me up with confusement
                     It made my voice fade,
                      It made my heart cry

                 Sadness stroke one day in time
                  Letting my life stop in time
                Letting my sadness walk across
                 Letting my days become dark

                 Sadness stroke one day in time
             Making me realize that I was left behind
             Making me look like I just lost someone
             Making me feel like I didn't have a mind

                Sadness causes emotional effects
              Sadness can make a person change
           As a friend I recommend to make a change
                   Since it can make you change


By Harry Kel © 1991

If life is what you make of it
And pleasure is all you take from it
Then who am I
To just stand by
I’ll make you question just for the sake of it
For Kafka to evolve it
For Freud to try to solve I
Although the search for reason
Continues from season to season
Time will forever dissolve it
It’s easy to forget it
And never to regret it
But I won’t let
This simple mind set
Allow you to plead “I don’t get it”


When the sun is gone and hurt and pain surround you
And you're hurting so you almost do let go
Fight the sorrow and the fear that does possess you
Even when the huntsman strikes the hardest blow.

When life is so unfair and don't you know it!
People say to smile and walk on by
But no one ever seems to notice
The distant look in your empty eye.

Life is a series of broken bridges
Or a graveyard of buried hopes and dreams
However much you may believe it
It is never quite as bad as it seems.

And time goes ticking on forever
Every single moment- precious as a jewel
So hold memories in your heart now and forever
Don't waste the treasured moments like a fool.
  Briony Miles


Micaela Vargas


Why did you betray me?
I thought we we're friends
But you played me
You used to play with my hair
And where?
Where did that go?
Out the window
Maybe on the floor
Now you're with her
Now I wonder
I wonder why
I don't spy
I cry
You killed me inside
A knife in my side
And i wonder why
If there's anything to make me feel better....
It's you let me know you still love me
No you're with her
No candy
Just assure me
You still love me



Once there was a little girl

but somehow she left my world
If i look back upon my yesterdays
i can see her giggle while she plays
and if i listen closely i can still hear her
and when i look she's in the mirror
but who am i
and who was she
and is this hell
or my destiny???



Am I to forever remain in the shadow of myself
Not me, the me I portray
The uncaring, unfeeling, and insensitive woman they see
Am I to forever hide under my pain
Smiling from within but all they see is an icy stare
The cold glare I give them to cover my laughter
When will I be able to show my true self
To expose the bare nakedness of me
With all my flaws, my desires, and my joy
Would you see me through the same eyes?
Could they handle my ups and downs?
No, they couldn't
So until the day I find someone who searches under the rubble and dirt that has been thrown carelessly into my soul
They look to find the real me
The me no one else has seen
Until then...I will close myself up to the world
And remain in the shadow of myself hidden under my pain.
  Shanna Tirado



todd senkel


the sparkle in your eye
your golden hair
your beautiful smile
the list goes on
i can't even think of words
that can describe your beauty
inside or out
the way you carry yourself
it's just mesmerizing
you're so strong, yet gentle
you always know the right thing to say
you are a god
at least in my eyes
the thought of not being around you
is more painful than my worst fears
you mean more to me
then you could possibly know
without you,
is there a me?


The Lost Reason  

The lost reason you may be able to see
But maybe it is just I, all of the gunshots
Are useless you see, especially to me.
For war is wrong, all of us should get along.

Warfare is wrong but right to others,
Just as we need it to breathe with others it kills
The soldiers fear what is over seas,
They know that they could soon die,

But that doesn’t matter to them
They are fighting for what they believe is right.
Though many people think this is a lost cause
I think we should pause what we are doing at the moment.

Silver Linings
  Ian Macdonald


Holding me beneath my skin,

A feeling that won't let me in,
Only to touch the outer lining,
It's this touch that keeps me flying.
You've no idea of the pain,
When my feelings slowly drain,
When you some of those words,
You're up high with black birds.
This shudder comes from inside,
Sharp, like a knife into my side,
Crouching low into the ground,
Oh, what a miserable sound.
I've never known how lucky I am,
It's easy enough to fake this scam,
But I still can't hold you the way I'd like to do.


There you are
Caught in my headlights
But you aren't running
You're stuck now
Is is by free will
Or is there something else,
keeping you there?
Are you scared?
Cause I am for sure
I have no place else
left to turn
You are it.
So stay in focus
and within my reach
Do you feel,
me reaching out to you?
Am I dragging you down?
Would you prefer if I wasn't around?
And if you stay
Where do we go?
The answer is unknown
This is all so new to me
and don't you see
I stand my ground
And I'll stick around
As long as I know
I have you
Just as much
As you have me
Which, by the way,
according to my plans,
is for all eternity.

  Melissa Shanor


You said only a few brutal words
It's all you never said that's keeping me awake
You never promised to always be there
Guess even for you that's a hard promise to fake
All I ever wanted was your love
I now realize it's too self-absorbed to be a gift
It fell heavily onto my shoulders
A burden I haven't been able to lift
Would you even care if you knew how long I sat and waited
The worst is not knowing if you ever loved me
Or if it's just some hopeless lie I created
I don't know what to do anymore
Giving up seems to be my only choice
It stings too much to think that's what you want
So again I wait needing to hear it from your voice

Cindy Kervina Alernach


Battle of the Palmetto

February 28, 2002    9:15 A. M. E.S.T.
Copyright 2002 © Richard Donald Burley      

It began as a typical workday commute. I was ‘sailing’ east toward the underpass of highway 826 on 36th street, in the Doral area of west Dade county, Miami Florida.  (One of the most clogged trade routes in Miami)  As I approached the on ramp from the right hand lane, in my 1985 battleship gray Fleetwood, (the pride of the fleet), I noticed a car coming down the exit ramp.  The driver of that car completely ignored the yield sign, increased his speed, and pulled along side of my car, an obvious challenge, as if we were Spanish Galleons preparing to lay ‘volley’s-a- broadsides’...arrggh!  So I hailed the “captain” of the “rogue vessel” with a blast from my horn.  He was none other than my old nemesis, Captain Yo!   Taking obvious offense, but thinking it a better course of action to flee, (as he was the out-gunned commander of a Toyota no less), he laid into the wind and pulled ahead. 
Then came the typical ‘surprise’ attack…
As I merged into the right lane behind him, onto the entrance ramp of 826 North, the cowardly pirate captain reared his ugly head.  With his left hand on the wheel, he turned completely around in his seat and then presented his typical one-hook salute, (having lost his right hand during a prior lost battle at sea, no doubt).  I acknowledged his concession with my own victory salute, just as the rogue idiot indeed, rammed the unsuspecting ‘vessel’ ahead of him.  The rest of my trip to work was very satisfying.  That was the best commute I have ever experienced. 
I do hope and pray the poor soul most effected by this event went unscathed, and employs a right fit solicitor.  Ahoy! 



Candace Krieger


                  Our home and native land; where freedom and friendship reign,
                  Where cultural diversity is genuine;
                  A palette of people live in a rainbow of happiness
                  Where every idea of utopia is encompassed,
                  Every style of life for every nature of elation
                  From the tranquility given off of the Maritimes
                  To the overwhelming capacious Rockies on the West Coast;
There is a medley of ways to fall in love with the charm of the land.
British Columbia offers colossal snow capped mountains, where the fresh scent of rain rejuvenates the weary and relaxes the passionate.
Alberta introduces hilly land as far as the eye can see; serene ski resorts, and the action crammed malls in which to divulge in a shopping binge.
Saskatchewan is a mask of beauty beyond all doubt; the oceans of wheat are highlighted by the enchanting hues of the rolling sky, where the flat plains embody the lives of remarkable farmers that harvest our crops.
Manitoba; where our homestead and Canadian chronicles lie in the level plains interrupted by crystalline lakes throughout the province and the powerful wilderness.
Ontario bestows political security where the capital of the country allows for the efficient governing of the vast, peaceful nation.
Quebec supplies an assortment of culture change where a second formally accepted and acknowledged language allows us to diversify our great nation.
Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick all lie on the sparkling, iridescent ocean fronts on the East Coast.  The Maritimes contribute a love of the ocean illuminated by our immense lighthouses to guide sailors along their expeditions.
Prince Edward Island is a captivating foundation of radiance from the rosy, silky sand that animates the land with a tinge of the graceful ocean.  Where the soft tumbling and crashing of waves, places you in a state of heavenly content.
Northwest Territories have become an indicator and reminder of our ancestry.  From the diligent fur traders and Eskimos, we have sophisticated to the state of technological advancement we see now.
Yukon gold fever has spread across the Territory where the once bare land sees through eyes of diamonds and whispers through lips of gold its secrets and hidden treasures.
Nunavut brings the unknown, the promise of things to come.  It symbolizes a new and adventurous beginning to a once familiar land.
Canada; our land of majesty and bliss that is beyond compare.

Lost Love
DuJuan Young

It's been weeks since we've spoken
A lifetime since we've touched
For what once was a pounding heart is now broken
No longer does the sun shine down on me
The darkness is everlasting and holds a certain mystery
Like what could and could not have been
Days and nights have passed me by like taxis in the city
I'm stranded I wonder who will pick me up
I remember when, the two of us were one, it was all so
simple then, back when the love had just begun
Today again I'm without you hoping our paths will cross
If so, someone has been listening
Listening to my song of the love I lost



"A Sonnet"
For Eryn
Evan Long 

Truth!  You have conferred upon me, if lies
Be truths by definition, a truth that
You do love me.  It appears to my eyes
That on my soul, by you this truth was spat.

If deceit be defined as honesty,
And happiness be defined as sorrow,
Than oh! so honest have you been to me,
And I grow happier with ev'ry morrow.
If smooth is coarse, your words are smoother still
Than any would believe.  It seems to me
That nobody could show as great a will
To stay - if stay means leave - To stay by me.
  But still - Still! I cannot detach from you.
  Evan after all that you've put me through.


A goodnight wish
Justin willson 

To thee my love I bid goodnight
I leave you now in person but remain in spirit
Now lay peacefully as I leave you to sleep

I pray your dreams be of love, As mine are
Dreaming of the next time we are together

God has given me one of his angels to love
A gift I will never forsake or forget

The angel I see before me
The one who has brought such happiness to my heart
I only hope I can grant the same to her

As I envelope you in my arms while you sleep
Always know I will be the guardian angel of your resting soul
And the one who kisses your closed eyes


At The Improv


Life lived if all here is of life.
A concept repeatedly discarded
Hoping that life is much more
Than what we live.
     We play the game of What If,
     If Only or I should have taken
     The road more traveled or
     Was it the less trod.
A stroll across the field may
Have made the flowers smell
More sweetly, except that
Snorting bull threatened me.
     Choices denied, rejected
     Obscuring what I came to know,
     That life is a gig at the improv for
     Life lived is all there is of life.



Dark Sea
Darkheart 2/2002
  Calvin S. McChesney

In a dark sea of soulless faces
Sinking while gripping hopeless desires
All journeys have lead to desolate places
Through short-lived blistering fires
Wallowing amidst the crisis of love lost
Waning in memories that haunt and fade
Reflecting brief moments in counting the cost
Of hearts broken and false promises made
Beguiler of tenderness now retching in pain
How much can this empty shell with stand
Embracing love and lust as one in the same
Compromised values a fools failing plan
A void remains as the vacuum grows ever strong
No salvation coming nor rescue attempt tried
Payment due in full from now it shan't be long
Full circle is dawning from the shadow of lies
Undercurrent dragging to the depths of despair
Light from the surface becoming dimmer indeed
Retribution is merely a word down there
Eyes vacant of all life and black hearts never bleed
In this underworld of faceless souls
The damned gnash their teeth and bitterly weep
Where mighty slither into bottomless holes
Boundless torture and imminent misery find no sleep



Ron Boisvert 
                   The planes hit the towers
                   In the early morning skies
                      Flown in by cowards
                  Couldn’t look us in the eyes
                   Trying to destroy a nation
                      Jealous of our ways
                   They took us unexpectedly
                    They caught us in a daze
                 But it brought us all together
                   Turned a country into one
               Now we’re fighting back with force
                  You’d better run Taliban run
               You hit us where it hurts the most
                     You hit us at our core
                But unified as one strong force
                      We will win this war
                  It may take a little while
                   To punish the entire crowd
                  But one thing is guaranteed
                  We’ll be Victorious and Proud


What Happened?
Matt Kerr

I remember what did happen to me that day
And the anger starts to boils inside
As hear the gunshot and begin to pray
Will I live to see another day?

They rush me in an Ambulance
And they do not know what to say
I feel my breath start to slip away
And wonder if my life will end this day

The doctors can tell by the look in my eye
I will soon not be worth there time
My mother stands by my side
And I hear her start to cry
My dad says it will be O.K
But I can tell I will die today


Amy Black


Don't you know that all the wild horses
Will be tamed? Surrender or be broken.
Those who surrender and yield to love
Will canter, feed, shimmered flanks flared.
But the proud, the haughty, the unforgiving
Will know the plow and joy no more.
Oh my child,
Don't you know the bitter winds
Will blow and bend or break us all?
Those who resist and cling to strength
Will shatter, jagged, splintered edges bared.
But the meek, the humble, the not-ashamed
Will kiss the earth and rise again.
Oh my child,
Don't you know the love I have for you?
Will you listen to this one truth?
Those who depend on human strength
Will falter, fail, shattered by judgment.
But those who rely on the grace of Christ
Will be sheltered, lifted up and loved.


And the times, they keep on rolling,
     and the song just doesn’t stop.
Sung by the little blue bird of happiness
     who’s making sure the tune doesn’t flop.
There’s a path leading through a wood
              to a destination that differs for each,
Along this path are homely bush-twigs,
              and shining fruit way out of our reach.
We wish we could jump, we wish we could fly,
              and indeed, we can if we try,
But for every time there’s a slap of the earth,
              we must jump up again ­ not cry.
So while we’re all looking for the face of God,
              there is a big warning to all ~
Let us hold hands will we go on our search,
              and make memories, large and small.



Raged Bedtime

The room glowing gold
Under the starry round lamp
Beams dance silently
Her forehead--so soft
Draws back at touch of my hand
No goodnight kiss now
Fetal position
Homemade quilt covering fear
Tiny hands clenching
The search is on for
A familiar surrounding
A doll, a song--love


Ashlie West

You've asked me to be your Baby,
but all I can say is maybe.
I'd Love to be with you,
but my parents will not allow it.
You are so sweet, and kind.
You are even romantic half of the time,
but there is still only one problem,
my parents will not even allow it.
I tired so hard not to get tied up in you.
I knew what would happen.
It always happens.
I like you in a way,
that I can't describe.
I am so sorry,
I really do wish there was a way.
Someday maybe you'll understand exactly what I'm going through.
I'm sorry,
I shouldn't have fallen in Love with you.


My Life to Live 
by Boris Lee

My world is a prison of my own creation.
Missed opportunities litter the horizon,
shattered dreams, like shards of glass
cut deep into my soul.
Oh to have the chance to live again,
a life that I have wasted.
To tell that foolish child:"seize the day!"
for Time does not give you second chances.
And Fate, in all her cruelty,
does not grant us any certainties in life.
Oh how pitiful, to survive but not live!
To be fearful of nights and spiteful of days.
So let the blame be on Time and Fate.
And let the anger build until it is all consuming.
But in the end, the blame lies with me.


A Man Named Wong
Jon R. 

The worlds gone wrong
cause of a guy named wong.
The phones are ringing
while Wong is springing.
Stop that man
if any one can.
Wong is free
to have a spree.
There goes Wong
with his gong.
Good bye now
cause he knows how.
To bang that gong
my friend Wong.


Hate is red
Death is black
Murder is wrong
Now life is gone

Your time will come
It'll be lots of fun
Our souls are leaving
It's time for the cleaning
The sun burns red
As the devil once said
The bodies litter the ground
Let the souls be found
All of your blood
Litters the earth like mud
I took your life
With my butcher's knife
Life is dead cause of me
But can't you see
I'm the demon that killed you all
this is humanities final fall



Juliann Daniel


    Like Auroras in the Azure
         They- Luminous
      As ever singing birds
     Understand them-Charming
   In the cold mess of the night
         Cricket, Siesta
    For the hours of darkness


Speak to me
Justin Kinsella

Did you hear me when I spoke to you?
It's all been misunderstood.
It's so terrible, alone in dead grip of winter.
Even the warmth of your own skin can't comfort you.
But your memories might.
Or A simple caress of fingers, anywhere.
Schools of faces in a concrete ocean.
Feeding on iron rails and microchips.
Would you shake my hand and look into my eyes?
Mock and deny me?
Feel my human skin and bones.
So alien.
This is where I say i've had enough.
No one should feel the way that I feel now.
Its a ruined puzzle.
I'm still not sure if you heard me.
Can anything break this silence?



The Dying Dove
  Sarah Marshall

I like to watch you all the time
So that I can breathe you in
And be able to die when you are not mine,
To live without you would be my sin.
I am not me and my life not my own,
For when I say, "you are my world"
I know that I can not live alone.
Into you I have been hurled
And exist only within your love,
A symbol, like a dying dove.


Meggie Lou


Feel the wind blow
It's as if it was alive
As it rushes by




sky kissed with dim light
I fell the life of the wind
a cool windy night


The Summer Sun

The summer sun beats down on the sea
in the still air the buzzing of a bee
that brings the hot dog down to the sea


I Cried

As the rain splattered my face ,
I cried....
As the sea crashed against the rocks,
I laughed....
As the wind blew through the trees,
I was lonely....
As the sun warmed my skin,
I smiled....
As the forest was silent,
I loved....


In God we trust,
In God we follow,
In God we must,
Relieve our sorrow.
In God we stand,
In God we pray,
In God we hand,
Away our days.
If only God knew,
Of our petty lives,
About how we threw,
Away our will to survive.
He would simply sigh,
And shake his head,
And just rely,
On Himself instead.



The Cardinal
Jane E. Pearce

The cardinal seeks
in deepening snow,
seeds that winter
cannot grow,
his vibrant plumes
of brilliant red
recalls blood
that does not flow.
A winged clot,
he comes to call
at the feeder
in winter's pall,
to sate himself
above the frost;
congealed blood
upon a cross.


Troy Edison Tiu Yaw 

It's the right of each and everyone to enjoy the whole world
I'm sick and tired of people who make this world a crazy place to live;
Racism should stop to end controversy
We've got to unite for peace and each one of us got a part to give!
What we all need is reality to set forth
We must love the truth and let hope prevail;
A million gold pots is what each and one of us is worth
We can make it and together we'll not fail!

 Richard Donald Burley
It sorta kinda look-like a big tree frog.
Are you the weakest link mon?  It a big green dog!
”Dat da kinda stuff dat I hear all day.
Can you make m all stop? Can you make m go away?
Dis ting on me arm is drivin’ me mad it d worst idea dat I ever had.
Come on bro do da magic you can do.
Cover it up wit anudder tattoo?
         Make it appear like a bird in a tree,
            Or make it disappear so no one will see?
         It here on my arm for a week or two,
         I kinda sorta tought it was da ting to do.
But now I really hate it and I feel like a fool
Can you make it look better can you make it look cool?
Come now Mister, please, give it your best shot.
Here “forty-three-fifty”, it all I got.
Please do what you can, I’m countin’ on you.
Cause I don’t want to die…wit a bad tattoo.
I knew I shoulda listened to my old man.
When he said,  “tattoos won’t make you a man.”
I really thought I knew Daddy had it all wrong.
It a little too late can you cut-off me arm?
Now I really don’t know what to call dat ting.
It shoulda had a tail, not a big ugly wing!
I know it look bad, dat why I come to you.
It gonna look better when you get through.
Please help me bro please do what you can.
Cover it up wit a tribal band.
I kinda sorta hope you can do what you do,

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