Up-dated April 8, 2000


Bet You
by Veda Taylor

Bet you, there must be more here.
'Cause I've heard plenty, on a silent day.
I used to read just the vowels and consonants.
'Cause they won't tell you that there's more
meaning in the spaces there.

Bet you, there must be less to fear.
'Cause even monsters need flashlights, in the dark.
I used to dot all the i's and cross my legs.
'Cause they won't tell you that only the road with 
snakes and stones will get you anywhere.


His kiss is as the gentle breeze,
pulling the waves across the sea,
As he pulls his love over me.
His touch is as of satin cloth,
stay to long, you may get lost,
in wonder of the life love bought.
His smile pierces like a knife,
tearing through the pain of life.
And to think he made me his wife.
rachel s sarchel


only one mother
 Keith Schubert

Thousands of stars in the blackness of sky,
Thousands of shells in the sea together,
Thousands of reasons to wonder why,
Thousands of raindrops in the stormy weather.

Thousands of footsteps in the dewy grass,
Thousands of bees in the purple clover,
Thousands of souls on this billowy mass,
But only one mother to watch me over.

On Beale

My tears like petals fall
Into the deep, dark night
The bloodstream of this city
Slowly flows tonight.

Sauntering down people-less sidewalks
Scalding java clenched in hand
Frosty breaths freeze Memphis,
Muddy snow and gritty sand.

Living life in a champagne bubble
Glittering eyes and smile on face
But when it pops I'm lost
Crying helplessly in empty space

Silent screams never heard
Bitter tears stinging skin
No human sees or hears or knows
But its here - under counterfeit grin.

Still crystal teardrops crash
Onto the icy pavement below
Shattered in a billion pieces
Scattered by the wind's doleful blow.

So I'll slip my mask back on
Plaster that smile back on my lips,
Revert back to my bubble
And suck in those champagne sips.


Millennium Passage
Steve Johnson 

Sprung steel trap of a mind,
Gun barrel breath with screen covered pores.
Oozing gasoline, stewing in fumes,
Black billows' eternal birth.
Expelling, rasping, ground bits of tarred teeth,
Compressed mechanisms dull thought clicks,
Around and arounds, cemented blind override.
An orgy of broken bits, oily appendages, skeletal molds,
A plague of dragons upon a pale land.
Venonmous worship in a liars' cathedral,
Smoked stained days, strangulation of light. 


by trent shreffler

I used to have something rare
only one in the world but now it's 

it was beautiful like a golden rose
but now it's gone

I still have it's roots and
for that I'm thankful but 
it's still Gone

but because of evil and
temptation it's fallen 
it's wilted it's gone

I'll always be alone 
but in a way happy 
because where it's in
good hands but
it's still gone

It's roots comfort me and remind me of 
it but in some way there something different
it's roots don't glow as they used to
the gold doesn't shine any more because
T. N. A. is gone 

Life Change
Meagan Dutton 

Opening my eyes to something very different...
My thought confused, i want to know where I went...

A shadowy figure stands before me..
The god of all worlds informs me that i'm free...

My confused thoughts start to drift away..
I realize now that it is finally my day...

Turning my head the opposite direction..
There was a man standing with perfection...

Realizing who it was, my face builds a smile..
There stood my father I had not seen for awhile...

Regaining my pride, loosing all my fears...
My father and my shoulder's drenched with tears...

Everything is perfect and nothing is wrong...
I've been waiting for this moment for so very long..

Michael K. Miron

On traveling down the runway
I was suspended on the edge of time
Carefully balanced between life or death
And all I've ever seen or done
Comes to remind me of what I have to lose
And in a sudden vision I hope to see what is to come
But the future keeps her secrets locked
Until I shrug it off
Swallow hard
And change my thoughts 


Water’s Edge
John Tuttle

As I lay on the waters edge
Watching the swirling waters pass
Wondering where I will find the bridge
To my future, to my past

Will I walk the bridge alone
Or in the presence of a friend
Finding elusive inner peace
So I can find my end

Can I drift on calm waters
Or swim through mystic seas
Will I wake from this celestial vision
To feel the sweet, soft breeze

The waters will always pass
Just like the passage of time
Will I ever know where I am going
Or what I will find
At the water’s edge...

Chameleon Dangling
David Koepke


dangling a

of chandelier


fog thickens.

A silver night 
cloud scraping

this plantation



slow twist
through partly open

patio doors.


Allen Wootton

My feet drag me on,
through the memories of yesterday.
My mind fills,
with better days, 
of good times.
The blazing fire of summer
leaves only the glowing embers of autumn.
drifting through this changing season
sorrow spreads its wings.
Each wall has a story,
each floor tells a tale,
each door opens my soul.
I sleep, unaware.
Unaware that I am letting go.

"My Life"
Angelica Vargas

I have a pretty simple life,
My parents are divorced,
I can choose which one to live with,
Although I am not forced.
My brother is a golfer,
My father is one too,
He is very strict at what he does,
But that's what daddy's do.
My mom works for the radio,
I call her everyday,
Sometimes she has meetings,
But somehow we find a way.
I have a pretty simple life, 
As I already said,
But I'll cherish every moment,
Until I become dead.

Cityscape Views

People are like cities in a way.
Sometimes you must look at them from a distance.
Up above or over the surface.
That's where you will find
their beauty and splendor,
Right at the heart,
isn't always that tender.
Right at the core,
is sometimes deceiving.
So search and you'll find,
A truth and a meaning....

Sonnet Moon
Derek Baker

The sonnet moon
I hold true
With each passing day
Pulls me in again
Wistful will be the wind
Of the sonnet moon
With beautiful words
Hold me true
And I will never die
But to always dream
With the sonnet moon

Cluttered ThingKing
Charleen Johnston 

constant chatter
growing matter
cant stop the reign
pitter patter
up the latter
aiming for the pane

chuckle, child, chuckle
chortle with the wind
fear the knuckle fear the buckle
but never fear to bend

stuck in the muck
of the Much
clasping the leg of the crutch
smelling of sLaughter and such
buried in Things
clipped of wings
sipping drinks of Punch
wake the pain 
and kill the Cain
who's deprived of touch

winking blinking
cluttered thinking
staring at the mess
tangled vines
stuck in minds
exploding in distress

ok hears the word
observe the swerving curve
deserving the nerve
to fear the burden
the bush
feel the push
fill the pull
to the top
to stop the fool
with the mop
before the bird has chirped it(s)word
and clammered to the top.

by: B. Allan Sizemore II

In a young man's smile, in an old man's tears,
I'll give my life, despite my fears.
With the fallen masses I'll lie to sleep,
I know my God my soul He'll keep.
Is there something more than just our life,
Some greater battle we must fight?
It's the blood soaked earth, on which we stand,
It's in the soul of a true born man.
To stand and fight 'til at last we fall,
To give our lives for the noble cause.


Life’s Journey 
By Darin Maner

As I stroll down the path of the righteous.
Stirs of echoes keep shifting through my mind
I search in earnest to find myself
My purpose in life not yet know, 
But soon will come to pass

My shadow on the surface,
Reflects only the pain I feel inside
Lost in a world of chaos
My soul pours out into the night
Not for compassion but for courage

I find strength in the words I write
My heart I open to the masses,
To fill your day with laughter
Hiding behind a coat of duplicity 
I stroll down the path of the righteous. 

Branches of gem-studded silver
A million Shards of glass
Each one holding just a sliver
of sunlight soon to pass

The tiny raindrops, barely holding 
onto their quivering perch
With to prophecy of winter unfolding
Mirror starry skies to search

One single raindrop
The world in its small reaches to keep
The moon reflected on its glassy top
Tiny yet limitless
Shallow yet deep
Caitlin Seaton Whitbeck


Be My Valentine
By Wallace A. Zard

Would you be my girl if I were smarter?
Would you be my girl if I were tall?
Would you even look at me?
Turn my way or care to see
Would you even notice me at all?

Would you care if I were better looking?
Would you even care if I were cool?
Would it make a better case?
If I were some much better race
Or would you still consider me a fool?

Could I be your man if I were older?
Or maybe if I had a better job
Just because I have this rash
An overbite and little cash
Doesn’t really mean that I’m a slob

Do you really think that I'm a loser?
Could it be that we cannot connect?
Maybe I am not the man
Or have some awesome master plan
But I’m a loser, what did you expect?



You Fall
You fall against a feathered bed with sheets of yellow and gray
around you swarming hands are warming, quickly to your side.
I search and find, inside your mind an active thought storming,
out and in, we breathe. The temperature rising, like the sun
outside my poorly closed blinds, seeping through,
highlighting your best features, showing every inch of you.
You fall back into arms that caught you before holding you up
holding you close. Your chin points strongly to stars that no longer glow,
to the sky that no longer allows you and I to co-exist in the same universe,
because we are no longer two separate entities, There is no you, There is no I.
You fall back into green blades of fresh spring, singing to you
from lips that sing songs all day long with notes that should never exist.
Yellow petals consistently grow next to you for centuries.
Year in Year out, they sprout, popping up, to be plucked from their bed
as i pluck you from ours in the morning, as you fall back into my arms,
as rain, like streams of clear concentration, penetrate your chest
cleansing your soul of all that is said to be sinful, yet we both know,
that what is beautiful is beautiful. And what is more beautiful
than experiencing the five senses of you after hours of sleeping?
Jessica Foster


You had forgotten me,
The night I tasted blood
lightly unfamiliar 
and so savored.
How is existence so temporal...
You had forgotten me
I left dangling heavy
heavier than you expected.
I found the frost in my bones
tasted the blood not my own.
I caught on fire somehow.
You had forgotten me.
I shattered and 
you did not stoop to 
gather the pieces
knowing you might never
conquer the puzzle.
I began to despise my
You had forgotten me.

Josie Becker 

Trevor Marrett

The trees stand tall dark and glum
Proudly waiting for the sun
When at last the sun appears 
The world awakes with all its fears
Bees are busy making honey
While man is energetically creating money
He brings death and destruction where ever he goes
Where will it end no one knows
Perhaps the world would be a better place
With out the curse of the human race



Life is a game
That no one can win
No matter how many quarters you have
The game will end
You can keep playing and playing
But you will lose in the end.

A Love From Afar

As I sit here looking at you
I wonder if my dreams will come true

Everyday I dream of you
Wishing I could be with you

I hope that I will someday
have a little courage to say

Those three short words
that could change my life

You will never know
How deep my feelings go

My feelings for you
Are of love so true

As you sit in that group
looking so fine and good

I wish I could be there
caressing your red hair

 Jennifer Bishop 


Isaac M. O'Bannon 8-27-99

Evil woman,
who spread yourself unto me-
and allowed my instincts to prevail
over my better judgment;
who decried your own profession
of love for another man for a
brief encounter with me-
but only me because I was the most adequate,
the most available.

evil woman,
just as you have pulled me into your body,
so too have you pulled me into your lies;
conscripted me into your deceit.

and it was mostly the way that you kissed me that was unfair,
entering your body was the mission;
that was easily accomplished.
but the way you kissed me,
and the way we held each other afterward,
that part must have been the bigger lie.


The Other Side of Me
Nikita Talleha

You found in me
a sexuality
an evil
I had only dreamed
a presence
overtook me
You released me then
jailed me to your memory
I found in me 
that now have power
for no release
will come to thee
you dominated me
but I had control
You stole from me
my sanity
And never shared your soul

my lord

my lord hold my hand and show my the way,
bring me to happiness and a new day.

you have watched grow from a boy to a man
and i will follow your way the best that i can.

i move through life, your light shines on me
i can do right by you, i want you to see.

so take my hand with your gentle touch
i will use it as a guide and not a crutch.

lord look over me as i sleep in bed
and remember the words today i had said.

so from her on out i will follow your way
cause as i lay down my head to you i will pray.


Tale of the Lizard.
James Brittain

Truth itself a lie
Says the lizard 
to my ear


The great lizard raises
head slithering lively fire
blazes red scorching steam
shifting death looming
helplessly striving insect
crushed through oblivion
hell and heaven being
one last orgasm death
grasping smothering eyes
of Lizard laughing.


Never proved me wrong,
says the Lizard
to death's embrace.

we believed you would all be gods

collected dust of decades warmly grey on every surface
every surface blurred and smeared in soft greys 
and purples 
soft rainbows in the dark

velvet is the perfect surface for us here
we roll in it laughing
there's not the pain down here
close down to the friendly dirt

we thought you'd be gods
& we smiled rolling around
on this grass
or carpet - so many surfaces
to collide with
& places living just out of sight

flowing along see the shadows approaching along the path
it's raining 
it's blistering hot 
it's grey and sad
i saw Jim's dad 
i saw Duke smiling
down here on the window-sill the paint is peeling
dark green curls over stripey wood swooshes
and the shadows are flashing

& we felt you would all be gods
in the souls we kept hidden
only on our surface
on the pale cream of our skins
you could tell
and the female eyes sometimes
and the long hair beneath
the beast of beads
and the history of dreams
getting so high and laughing
and all these people brought their dreams

unknown they were gods dying to be free
so many energetic universes burning bright
every moment and movement
reborn again and again

and palely flowing out the door
and bathed in stars the cool wind on us
the trees ghostly giants above us
we were drunk, high and angelic
bumping against infinity
skuffling in the dirt
in our little blisses

believing you would all be gods by now

Close the door
Latoya Lane

He paused to stand
As he took his class ring
Off her hand
All who were watching
Did not speak
As a silent tear
Ran down his cheek
And trough his mind
The memories ran
Of the moments they walked
And laughed in the sand
But now her eyes were so terribly cold
For he would never again
Have her to hold
They watched in silence
As he bent near
And whispered the words.....
"I LOVE YOU" in her ear
He touched her face and started to cry
As he put on his ring and wanted to die
And just then the wind began to blow
As they lowered her casket
Into the snow.....
That is what happens 
To man alive.....
When friends let friends

jemail govett 


Poem: The Window
Jeff White

He stood beneath her window sill
Though much to his dismay,
Awake her not the rocks he threw
Decide did he to stay.

This night was young, and like a dream,
A perfect dream he had.
So more rocks flew to seal his fate;
He would not go home sad.

No light came on, so he did try
To pass this idle time.
He gazed upon the tranquil stars
And thought of things to rhyme.

An open window need not be 
To see the day or night.
They say some things aren't meant to be
Yet he still waits 'til light.

By M. Richardson

The Sea is the best possible place in the world
It's many secrets surprise people
Some people don't even know The Sea
But I am one of the people that do
I am very grateful that I have the knowledge
The secrets are always revealed to me
If I did not have the sea
My world would end

The sea creatures are what surprise people the most
There are Sharks, Fish and coral too
But it is all being destroyed 
The big Companies are taking over
But you will see Mr Gates it's not all you 
We still have pride in what we live for
And I think we live for The Sea

We will diminish your plans
You will take the world by storm you will
But some of us will stand in your way
Like me a supporter for The Sea
What they can't get is that people adore The Sea

So please hear our plea



Another day of loneliness
Another week of sorrow
When will it finally end
Those that choose to believe
The lies we are told
Are the keepers of a memory long forgotten
If love were to find me
It would find a heart of stone
Cold and hard
Never to be broken again
A soul of darkness
No hopes, no dreams
So love will never harm me
My heart is mine alone
And never will I give it away again
Too many times has it been abused
Too many times has it been taken for granted
And now these people will learn
That loneliness is justified
And dreams are meant to be broken
If we ever find the truths
Someone will just corrupt them
And finally will the light of love
Fade out forever
And darkness and despair 
Will settle in our hearts and souls
Forever more.

Lone Wolf 2-4-2000


The Smoking Section
Nathan Sheehy 

I inherited six campers;
One so strung-out he left hours ago,
The other two were 
Sixteen year old girls with
Red hourglasses on their backs.
And my three regulars.

Flip was thirty-three
(a mere coincidence--trust me).
His cup was eternally half empty,
And I'm an adequate server.
Foolishly he never lets the magic
Of the bean become magical because
He smokes three packs a night,
A God Damned chimney.


Same story, different bitch, every night.
Whatever happened, it didn't happen at Flip's pad,
His little white house was parked in the lot outside.
Did I mention we were open all night?

Papers Pat was also sipping his "java"
Reading both the Mercury and Chronicle
Sipping away, because it was something to do.
"I'm trying," he sips.
"I'm trying," two hours later.
If he tries any harder a job may just find him.

Old man just sits and wait, for me.
Every might, just one bottomless cup of coffee.
Coffee = Conversation.
"Too hot...Too Cold...So what's a smart boy like you
doing working so late...How's that girlfriend of yours..."
I have found hundreds of ways to escape,
But that damn cup keeps forcing me back.
Five nights a week

One night, the old man ordered hashbrowns,
A large glass of ice water,
And told me he wanted to kill himself.
That was my last night.
I had to leave, because "what if?"
Not what if he died.
What if I found it in my heart,
To encourage him. 


ITS been a year
A year of fear
of desperation/pain
shock terror
quite surprises
friends holding me tight
and now come the quakes
the self blame
the incumbent pain
the not knowing
the knots in the belly
oh god help me
i'm sorry i'm sorry 
i know i did nothing but i'm so sorry
let me replace him please


All the laconic grandeur
Of the days past
Hair swiping robot beauties
Men who walk standing still
And wave their arms for the sake of their ancestors
With shaded eyes

Everything seems so mechanical
Knot having the faculty
To do
Idealized self
Geoff E. Murphy


the day
stuart ekins

I woke up one morning
i lay there yawning

it was a beautiful morning
full of sun 
I thought the day could be really fun

Mask of innocence
Randy Thompson

I realize sometimes that beauty is a death wish
I look into her eyes and know that the innocence is a mask
But how well she wears it
Why does she seem like an angel to me when she smiles?
I wonder what it would be like to be in her arms
To kiss her lips
To wake up in the morning with her head next to mine
But her love is fleeting
Except for a few
And I don’t think I can ever be one of the few
Too many times I have let myself fall into her eyes
Even when I am loved by another
Why do I feel this way I can’t understand
But it’s killing me slowly
And even if she knew
She would still smile like nothing had changed
And I would still fall for her again and again


For a thousand moons, And a thousand stars, For all the riches of gold, All the kingdoms of power, All have been, All will always be, Pride and Glory, War and Peace. Love too will always be and can never be forgotten. All love so unique, So magical, Lusted for more than riches brought by gold, Hunted for more than a powerful kingdom, What is in the heart of a king that is alone ,A raging pride brought on by lack of love, A need to fill the void with a material thing, Love holds no bounds and enchants each and everyone. Once touched never forgotten

Melissa Melvin

You have been
All I've ever dreamed of
You will be
All I want and more
You will see
I'm the girl you need to be with
You will know
I'm the girl you've waited for
Now this
Might all come by surprise
But please
I know this must be true
Cause you 
Are all I ever think of
My dreams
Come true because of you
Are the reason I'm still living
Cause you
You brighten up my day
So please
Tell me that you want me
And this
Is all you need to say
Are the one I need to be with
To spend 
The rest of life with you
Without you
I know I would be nothing
Cause I know
That I'm in love with you!


My eyes opened wide to the bright security of day
Entering a new searching for what will soon be
I find to my surprise a new way of life is on the way
Again I think what will come of me
Do I limit my heart by choosing what is predestined
Am I following a physical attraction just for pleasure
No I don't because if so we have all made this our worse sin
No I'm not for this is where I find myself secure
I live with the thought of facing hell
My heart opened so wide, broken just the same
It can happen to anyone by male or female
When I sit and think as I am judged, who’s to blame
Over and over in my mind I see this one person
To know that they are breathing keeps me satisfied 
To wake up and think of them brings joy to my life
To hear the voice and know there is peace
To embrace with a hug and feel complete
This is where my heart is 
With this love of mine
I can't say the same for his
Because my love is not a guy
I found my self thinking of her day and night 
Couldn't get her off my mind when I realized
I fell in love at first sight
I knew it was real when I looked into her eyes
Now I sit here and open to you
My whole heart like a book
This wasn't a choice I chose but a lifestyle I took
Accept me as I am because I will forever remain
The little girl you loved and the woman I became

dead child
once smiled
tears cried
long dried
memories distort and crumble,
only kicked up by wandering feet
dreams sought
happiness bought
life lost
no cost
ghosts sift through fingers
and hope they won't be lonely for long
song sung
bell rung
joy gone
all wrong
the clapper rusted over long ago 
and the sun's forgotten to sing
heart shattered
dolls tattered
deserted room
too soon
dust off the floorboards
and sweep the anger under the rug
old kites
countless flights
baby's dead
she said
pretty flowers wither
and spotless teddy bears turn yellow
after a while


That Was Then, This is Now

Remember when you were younger,
Everything seemed so simple
There was only one answer to things
Right and Wrong was so clear
If something went wrong or not in your favor
You would start crying or whining
And things would be okay

All of a sudden things are different
Decisions became more important and difficult
There was no longer only right or wrong
Now there’s in between and both
Things change, people change, friends change, 
You change 
For better and for worse
Crying or whining doesn’t work anymore
You can never really count on anything or anybody 
Not even yourself

A Flood
~Allison Michelle Burk

A single tear travels its path
down my trembling cheek
As my life fills with pain,
too much pain
And I pray silently for help
from whoever is listening
And my prayer is followed
by a question, a single word--"Why?"
As my heart continues to ache,
my head begins to throb
A single tear travels its path
down my trembling cheek
But is soon followed
by a flood of more.

Like Awesome.

Hi there,
Take it easy.
Like what?
Like when? 
Like where? 
Like like like...


The reasons change
But stay the same
Revenge, fame, fortune too
But what are we supposed to do
Someday when they haul us away
I'll think back to that day
When it was just for fun
And I wasn't always on the run
It's so easy to hack the systems
But it's not fair when no one listens
So, I'll just sit back
Make another crack
And wait for the new day


***Little Angel***
Angel bsb
Daddy's little angel
Blue eyes that see everything
Playing with her friends on the playground
Loving everything and everyone
Finding joy in everything simple and pure
Loved to swim in the ocean
Play with toys in the sand
Rode up front next to Daddy on the way to the beach
Man driving home upset and drunk
Now she really is Daddy's little angel 
S.A.D.D. isn't it?

Steel Wool 
Mike Rivers 

Steel wool on steel sheep
Wears well along the western coast,
Where it is well they wear it.
These sheep are smart 
To wear such wool,
For soon the moon will fill to full
And light the night a blue-white glow.
And show the wool 
That little sways in wintry winds,
And show the wool 
That turns a brown,
And shepherds say:
“The gibbous moon is just like day.”
Even though they know it isn’t so.
And show the wool,
That time, and fog, and wind,
Bring down, but they don’t care,
They won’t be there
When that time comes around.


A Sonnet For Kristen

1,000 words could never say 
Just what I feel for you.
Ever since we met that day
I knew our love was true.
I'm sorry for the things you hate,
The time i wasn't there.
If only I could alter fate,
A love we then could share.
Together, we'll conquer everything
standing in our way.
And still you'll be all that brings
sunshine to my day.
My love for you will never end, no matter where you are.
I could spend eternity admiring from afar.

Sullen Songs
Ashen Cream

Your melancholy eyes
Your melancholy smile
Your melancholy dance
Puts your melancholy soul to rest

I'll pour out my being
I'll give it to you
I'll sit here in meditation
And sing my sad songs

Your sullen death
Brings me to rest
Transform my being
As I become you

We walk eternally
As the night grows
We'll dance a melancholy dance
And sing our sullen songs

Angeleena Gracian 

The lonely nights
When there are no lights
A drip of ice rain
But remains the chill of my pain
A sword cut apart 
The remains of my heart
So I picked up all its' pieces
The pain, still increases
With no loved on to call 
I just fall 
In love with you
What can I do
With your eyes of icy fire
They take me higher and higher
You touch my smooth satin lips
It is like a warm eclipse
Your strong arms fold around me
My heart in rhythm with yours, keeps pounding
So we lay down to 
To have our last round
In our mystical garden of

4 play
dannell milhouse

my mission is to seduce you
to massage your body as well as your mind
while my lips kiss every sensitive part that are unknown to you
just as your heartbeat start to rises
you start to speak not of words, but with inhale and exhale of air

my tongue slide down and around your breast,
then toward your bell-button,
but i don`t just stop there i go to my final destination
were it is forbidden to all but me

just as the chronic hits you
making the clitoris sensitive when my tongue touches it
as your body shake and your eyes roll back
silently i heard your cry
are mind connected as we both wanted more 

Our World
-Mallory Fike

Close your eyes
and fall away
away from the world
and all it's pain
Away from starvation,
hunger, and strife
away from the pain
and hardships of life
Hold you breath
don't breathe the air
the pollution of man
is always there
First graders with guns
mass shootings at school
broken is the world 
and the golden rule
Killing is a game
that kids play for fun
from small plastic toys 
to their fathers gun
They'll take a couple of pills
then smoke a couple of joints
if they overdose and die
then maybe they'll get the point
School gets to hard 
so quit and drop out
what life has in store 
they'll soon find out
We're killing it all 
this world we know so well
from the great Heaven above
to the deepest part of Hell.

That Feeling

She's known this feeling before
And last time she promised herself
It wouldn't happen anymore

Somehow she thought he was different
She still tries to believe he is
How was she to know there wouldn't be a commitment

Now that same old feeling has returned
She tries to hide the tears
But she can't forget how she was burned

And though its hard to tell
She's dieing inside everyday
When she thinks of him her eyes begin to swell

She knows he didn't mean to break her heart
And he doesn't understand
That it tears her apart

She misses the way they use to talk
And now she doesn't know what is worse
To just be his friend or to be out lined in chalk

She wrote this poem so that on one
Would ever have to lose the one they love
And walk the streets alone

So please don't hesitate
Even if you think he knows 
Tell him how you feel before it's to late.

Love’s first touch
Amnysti Klacman

As I slowly come back to reality from the dream world,
I wake to what I think is you softly kissing my lips,
But come to find that it is only the morning sun peeking through my window,
Disappointed I stretch from my night’s sleep and begin my confounded day,
All I can think about is the love you have for me and the unsure feelings I have for you,
Unconsciously smiling all day I long for the moment I’ll hear your voice,
The day goes by and nothing seems to fit…
Until I finally hear you say for the first time I Love You,
My soul overcomes with joy and my unsure feelings finally become clear…
And I say I Love You.

floating beneath my heart As i held him all through the night thinking he was just asleep I then shook him as hard as I could trying to wake him up.
I told him not to do it would he listen no!
I rested my head upon his chest there was no breath left in his body. He shot up and wasn't supposed to now he is gone.
I knew I could not help him it hurt. 
There was nothing I could do. He seemed to be smiling in a way I can not describe. 
I felt so helpless as he slowly slipped away.
But i knew his soul was floating my heart. 
Tears were falling from my eyes though his death was no surprise.
Gone from the world of pain he was floating beneath my heart.


Hidden beauty
Ash Acree for the girl of my dreams

essence of a crimson rose
more ravishing than ice of shimmering crystal blue
the lanterns of the evening sky sear brighter than a genius's thoughts
Brave campaigns of heroic warriors throughout these nights are fought
to win the prize that's worth the bounty of a thousand kings
unmatched by artists stroke of brush or hymns that bards do sing
there's nothing quite as beautiful or close in any way
even in comparison it shuns the wake of day
the moonlight holds no candle to the glory I speak of
Surpassing immaculacy of that of snow white dove
the wonders of the heavens condensed into one thing
enough to make the cherubs dance to make the angles sing
now curiosity reaches forth to question what I say
how is it that I've seen something so perfect in every way
if you'd like to see this thing that myself I hold so dear
just set yourself right down and look into a mirror
and there for you to see in a reflected point of view
the goddess that I speak of is no one more than you

Standing before me,
Something that just can't be,
That real striking smile,
Just takes me out of denial.

I don't know how you do it,
When you say you love me and make it all fit,
It's amazing what presence can do,
To give the feeling I feel too.

The touch that can last a lifetime,
It's not realized our love is worth more than just a dime,
There is no "next time" for a mess,
But for us it's exceptional with each kiss we bless.

For now on I believe you as mine,
For every reason you make everything fine,
Time is only a sun and a moon,
Mood is only anger and gloom.

I shall sacrifice my body and soul,
All just to make you whole,
You tell me you don't want that at all,
For who is going to catch you when you fall?

Trust may've never been simple,
Maybe sensitive like a temple,
Tears were symbols of sorrow,
Knowing my love mightn't be here tomorrow.

My heart will go through paranoia and rage,
Still my mind is at ease but this is not an easy stage,
I shall love---hopefully so,
I pray that you shalln't go,
You maximize the power of presence.

Tina Cota

So Far From My Grasp
Calvin McChesney 4/2000

Alas, another birthday edges ever closer
Love, True Love has never strayed so far from my grasp
This new year shall begin as so many others
Affections dormant, passions lifeless
A heart broken and slumbering heavy
Looking but not seeing, seeking and not finding
Bitter tears falling to the ground unheard
Where does a heart, barely alive
Bound by the chains of marital apathy
Even begin to search for the illusive promise called Love
I embrace no reservations, anticipations, nor expectations
I bare only the scars of legions of unanswered longings
Decades of dark, shallow whispers
Beautiful words spoken, I so desperately craved, so painfully believed
Oh, truest of Loves
Against all odds, in winters dead of night, I cry out to thee
Passion loudly exclaimed
Love strongly proclaimed
Echoes of desire so sweet, quickly fade
I sense hope must be rekindled
Yet, even small pieces of kindling must be purchased 
With the agony of unfulfilled dreams and dreadful loneliness
Lost is not happenstance
It is a frightening cold place where many willingly cower
Miserably praying for the end, all the while loathing its arrival
I have but One Source
My only delivery in these stormy winds of apathy, arrogance, and hate
My sword and blessed strength
Gracefully given that I may use Its power
My unseen, yet undefeatable Ally
It is ever shinning, soul-sharp, double-edged
A real comfort, I may choose or deny
Aging approaches as a galloping foe
Looming ever larger with each chilling night
With destructive metaphors oozing from its soul depths 
Deception, beaming out from its seductive eyes
Touching so very many unarmed hearts
Love, True Love
Is it fantasy or fiction
Is its existence merely a phantom
Lurking in the shadows, calling out from darkness
Promising all, but sharing nothing
Or, is it real, like the sun
Shinning on all those who stand in its light
Warming their souls
Freely giving life and power to all who will accept it 
Alas, old age edges ever closer
Love, True Love, is never so far from my grasp. . .


The Ho Poem

I'm almost ready for my thang, but first i wanna know how
does it hang?
I'm undressed now so just set back and let me do the rest.
You'll want me to stay, but i just aint that way.So dont 
call me punk thats all i can say.
Loving and leaving thats my thang. I'll leave a fly and go
on to a swang.
If you got the money i got the time.So light the candles
and bring out the wine.
I'll caress youre body from head to toe, just as long as you
dont let anyone know.
And that my friends is how it goes living my life as a full
time ho.

 chanell buddhistchick

beautiful childish nature that breeds in me,
doubt my foolish dreams no longer and set me free.
open the gates to harsh reality's cruel words and let them grate across my skin,
faded star of mine, fall on your own, your beauty no longer strikes me within...

All from the Waving of Raven Hair
S. Hugle

The waving of raven hair
On the cool wind
And her laughter at him 
At being with him
Being a part of him.

Salt flows down my cheeks at sight of him. 
At her. 
At them.

I run.
My legs ache. 
I cry.
All from the waving of raven hair.

 Alicia Juillet

What to do when,
it seems as everyone's against you,
when you don't even know how you did sin,
how do you know what's a lie and what's true.
What to do,
when you don't even know what you did wrong,
when your feeling low and blue,
hope and prey it won't last long.
What to do,
when it seems you've had all you can take,
you'll realize of true friends there are few, 
they inform you of what decisions you should make.
What to do,
when it gets so bad you want to run or even die,
because it seems like its all lies nothings true,
when you feel so depressed and do nothing but cry.
What to do,
when people get in your face,
sit in a corner full of disgrace,
Oh no i shall always hold my head toward the sky.

 Ian Garner

Thoughts that carry gently
On a warn summers breeze
Curling over meadows
And around the leafy trees

Thoughts of what might of have been
In hand with those to be
My mind runs along behind them
Chasing them to see

Somedays they lead to nowhere
Sometimes they find a place
Sometimes I don't like it there
So backward I will race

Sometimes they make me smile
Contentment all around
If a thought so much as pleases me
When I find what it has found.
Yesterday's tomorrow
 joshua william

one day you will find 
the ways you lived will leave you behind
and the days you lived will fall aside
and the walls will fall as water's tide
and the sun will set one more time
and once again we will be free to dream

English indecision

I, meaning myself, would very much like,
I mean, if that's not asking too much,
If you would, I mean if we could, But
No, I don't imagine that you would.

It would be nice, it would be nicer than nice,
If you said yes, but I don't for a minute imagine that you would
Consider a trip to the theatre, or a walk in the park,
Oh, why am I even asking you this?

When I finally meet you, these are the things i might say,
But I probably will never get the chance,
Will I?

Cold darkness,
Silent footsteps,
Peering eyes,

Strange faces,
Foreign voices,
Unknown surroundings,

Heart pounding,
Mind racing,
Confused thoughts,

Ground shaking,
Earth splitting,
People dying,

Centre stage,
Large crowds,
Constant talking,

Mental abuse,
Silent tears,
Broken marriage,

World poverty,
Little relief,
Sick children,

Drunken smells,
Pounding music,
Flashing lights,

Mistakes made,
Lies told,
Hurting others,

Terminal illness,
No cure,
Uncertain future,

Skin colour,
Different religion,
Senseless fighting,

Sad children,
No laughter,
Unfit mother,

Lost love,
Lonely heart,
Empty soul,


Where I Long to Be

Unknowing shame and reason,
Waiting somewhere for me.
But is this the place
Where I long to be?

Standing here still,
Unshaken and free you will find me.
With peace of mind and on my own will,
Exposed in a naked reverie.

I'll wait a moment more,
Patiently and unrushed.
For that destined door,
Mysterious and untouched.

A secret dizziness of heart,
Unknown even to me.
Discovering this senseless part.
A feeling waiting to be.

A path through a secret garden,
Full of eternity.
With a much needed pardon, 
From a dim reality.

Denying and still recognizing the truth,
But is this my life to be?
It seems to be of all evil a root,
And I long for my liberty.

Strange time consuming crossing,
To lead me to yearn.
Hoping this is passing.
The truth I want to learn.

Cornelia Gibson 







T Scott Smith

a shot rang out in the dark,
and the demon of insanity
stepped back a little

"true blue man, i'm with you"
"true blue"

But only for as long as the
Dragon Lady will allow


We Talk
Georgine P. Clancy

We talk
we seldom say
from words deep under skin
thoughts roaming
circling fright
are yet
to be said aloud
and then
the tears fall
not hearing
what is meant
and all begins, again


Blood Shed
Jennifer Barrand 

I lay confined to silence,
Near the bloodstain on the floor,
I wish I could fly away,
Like an eagle I would soar.

He bashed my head, threw me down,
Made the bloodstain on the floor,
He told me I deserved it,
As he walked right out the door.

I cried a thousand teardrops,
By the bloodstain on the floor.
The feel of blood drenched heartache,
makes me cry a thousand more........

The woman lies broken hearted
Near the bloodstain on the floor,
Her soul now drifts aimlessly,
She is forgotten forever more.


The Only Man Alive
By Wallace A. Zard

Anyone with taste can see 
That I was built so beautifully
Big and strong, so strong and big
With such a bod that all chicks dig…

Golden locks, chissled chest
All the babes dig me the best
Pulsing triceps, glistening quads
A body built to equal God’s…

Even lesbo’s, whores and gimps
Leave their woman, men and pimps
Just to spend a night with me
To satisfy them sexually…

And yes I’m hung then like a mule
A most impressive, massive tool
I stay away from summer sports
As this thing won’t stay in my shorts…

So take my number, call me now
I’m looking for some fields to plow
But if you’re not a perfect ten
Lose some weight and try again…

The Evils of Men
by Rodney Armstrong

The evils of men, a blood-thirty passion
To always choose the weapon of fashion
And wield it with such ruthless malice,
In victory raise high the fullest chalice,
Consumes some minds with a corrupt desire
To fight weakness with steel, stone, and fire,
Perpetuate doom, in vice see virtue,
Wicked beliefs firmly adhere to,
And ravage a landscape that once stood pristine.
Soon stained with blood, the guillotine
Is lowered again, more life still to take.
Such minds what God could ever forsake?

Derek Mosher

The word peace is not a sin, but the word war is
more than a sin.
As two enemies collide to see who will win , because
killing is a sin and not a win.
While the world plays stupid , our
future is at stake and us children all over the 
world would like to be friends.
As the future is ours and making friends 
is not a sin.
But making friends and keeping peace is
no other but the greatest win!
After all, we are God's children !


Life Without You.
"Nitya Sharma"

People come , People go , Some affect our lives in a profound way .
Some just go after a while's stay , Some leave a mark , a deep impact , a change in our lives 
And we are never the same .
One fine day , you walked in my life 
You made me feel special , you spread sunshine.
You made me realize who i am , you gave me protection , you made me stand .
Without you i cannot visualize myself , you are all i have , you are my wealth .
You've given me more than what i want , 
You've corrected me when i was wrong 
I am really thankful to you .....for everything you said .
So all i can say , all i can do ..
Is to thank you .
But words don't seem enough , to thank you dear 
So i beg you , 
I beg you to always stay near 
Promise me you won't leave me in the middle , 
To wander all alone 
Because to live a life without you , 
Would be one that i have never known ! 

Rose of Friendship
Prior engagements
Forgotten I suppose
Losing touch
Fading memories
Once what was
Now never can be
Empty promises
Sugar-coated lies
A rose of friendship
Withers and dies
Leaving behind
Petal by petal
Dying with time
A rose of friendship
Once so strong
Time has now faded
The purest now jaded
Forever I fear you are gone

Josh Huntoon


Seek Perfection 
By John Ray Stewart

Now, the end of life's refrain
Oh I suffered with the pain
I look at life indeed my lot
I look at the plans that I did plot

All in life that I did endure
Inheriting this portion that I did secure
So little I have to show at this time
A time to flitter and write this rhyme

All in life which I did aspire
I do now find that I didn't desire
So much I thought I didn't require
I now find important and to it I do aspire

Young ones beware of what you desire to attain
You might find out that it you might gain
Know what you want; determine your direction
Your goal in life is to seek perfection

Perfection gained by knowing your role
Perfection gained by knowing your soul
Perfection gained by knowing your goal
Perfection gained by knowing God

Chelsea Woodroffe

You can't imagine what it is like
To have the love of your life
Call you in the middle of the night
With a gun to his head
Who can't stand being alive
Who just wants to die
Who can no longer find tears to cry
And takes to heart, everything you've said
Someone who has to get a good reaction
To all of his actions
And also wants the satisfaction
Of scaring me out of my warm bed
He needs to know that he is loved
That he is worth every push and shove
That he is always thought of
Even now, after he is dead
I'd give anything to hear the phone ring at 1am
And hear his voice shaking
I just need one more chance, another go at
Stopping him from breaking

Wanted: Heartbreak Bandaids

Empty pang in every beat
Twinkles blown out of my eyes
This hungry feeling won't reside
For those plaguing midnight cries.

Mug of steaming Chi in left hand,
Pen perched in my right,
If love is a waxen candle
My wick is read to light.

I feed on memories 
As my body wanes to bones
Nymphs sweetly sing of love
But all I hear are groans.


If my poem were a wheelchair
it would not go along gently
wheeling invalids onto narrow ramps


It would fly too high and fast until it crashed
through the plated window of a crowded shop
and sent them all flying to heaven
in a closed casket


I'm on my own now with out anyone's help
I don't need anyone's protection 
I'll do this myself

I'm on my own now all by myself
sitting thinking of how alone I am 
I wish you were here to help me through all my bad times

I'm on my own now and I wish I wasn't because being alone..........
Is lonely
Carrie Monticue


Melissa Lantry

Survivor is my name,
I am strong. I am invincible. 
And I have tasted suffering and pain. 
I am power in a rare and natural form,
brought to life by your reckless wants 
and desires before I was ever born. 
You taunted. You played. You tortured. You inflicted pain. 
You created me 
and filled me with a force that is beyond my control. 
I am anger. I am rage. 
I am a force to be reckoned with
and you shudder in your cage.
Now I shall taunt and I shall play, 
as you sit and wait for the day, 
that the force comes back on you,
a hundred to one and a thousand to two.
Never knowing, When, Where, or how, 
Your fate is in my hand. Your destiny is my power.
YES! I am Survivor.


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