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The Cycle of Life

The cycle of life is the path we think is right

The cycle of life is the last ray of light before night

The cycle of life is the time that passes before you take your last breath

The cycle of life is the sight you see before you pass on to death

The cycle of life is the price you pay before your soul goes away

The cycle of life is the judgment you face when you reach your fate

The cycle of life is the bullshit the faiths preach and try to teach

The cycle of life is out of reach, cause it's impossible to believe

The cycle of life is a way to deceive our need for peace

The cycle of life is heaven and hell

The cycle of life has failed in making a true identity for its self

The cycle of life has taught a false prophecy, cause the cycle of life is



November 12, 1984 my poetic plague was unleashed releasing an Armageddon

I wasn't born to be a psycho like Evan

People can't understand me like a sin from heaven

I was born to confuse the insane

Rhymes, utterances, and metaphors torture your brain

I please the angered and anger the pleased

My tortures continue as you beg on your knees

I translate the comprahanendable to the uncomprahanendable

What I speak is unendurable

My words speak with meaning but like Whitman they don't

I promote controversy in writings, but people won't

There's is no power that can restrict what sounds you produce

There's is no power that can melt your tongue or make your vocabulary reduce

I make people think they have lice

My life is as colorful as my thoughts while others are like rice

Clumpy, disorganized and two colors, white and its black shadow

My aura is a strange glow

Others only think what they say

My Armageddon Expansion grows day by day

I am the monster in the closet and under your bed

I am the eyes of the night and the evil that comes out of your head

Now the world must live as the Expansion increases

But know one will know when I will verbally shatter the earth to pieces.


When I close my eyes and sleep,

I dream, and am carried forth unto the sea,

The sands of time escaping under foot,

I am alone without you,

There is no light in the darkness,

For love is a light,

A light that you have shown me.

Along the shores I walk,

Once alone, but now, comforted..

Time to Part, from things I have never seen,

Friends I have never known,

Happiness that was never.

For these are you!

Just show me how to love you,

That's what I need to know, all I need to see.

For time escapes,

And I wish no longer to miss you.

Sail with me on moonlight seas,

Just show me how to love you,

For that's all I need to know-

As I awake.


Shiloh Logan

When I close my eyes and sleep,

I dream, and am carried forth unto the sea,

The sands of time escaping under foot,

I am alone without you,

There is no light in the darkness,

For love is a light,

A light that you have shown me.

Along the shores I walk,

Once alone, but now, comforted..

Time to Part, from things I have never seen,

Friends I have never known,

Happiness that was never.

For these are you!

Just show me how to love you,

That's what I need to know, all I need to see.

For time escapes,

And I wish no longer to miss you.

Sail with me on moonlight seas,

Just show me how to love you,

For that's all I need to know-

As I awake.


He was here and now he's gone,

The love was here and now it's gone.

I don't know where he went,

I don't know where it went.

I want him back,

I want it back.

If you know where he is,

If you know where it is.

Please tell me where he is,

Please tell me where it is.

If you find him,

If you find it.

You will be rewarded by him,

You will be rewarded by it.

I love him,

I love our love.

If you are him,

Tell me where you are.

I love you,

And I can't bear that you aren't here


Pete .D

To me you are a prism,

One body, yet many faces,

In one you seem to like me,

In another, my presence is out of place.

I, too have many faces,

But unlike you only one can be seen,

The rest are places hidden in me,

Where no one else has ever been.

One day maybe you will understand me,

as more of my faces are revealed.

Until then only time will tell

which parts of me will remain sealed.


Paul Daley

Do yer know 'ow it feels?

when t'sirens goes an it i'n't knockin' off time?

an in all t'street

the women look up from stonin' steps, in their 'airnets 'n' their 'eadscarves.

'It's the pit' they say, an' t'word goes up and down t'street,

in all t' front parlours, down t' ginnels , an' into t'next road

an' the' put down t'shoppin' bags an' t'kids an' t'washin'

An' the' go to t'pit gate

cursin' t' bloody cobbles

an' t'gaffer comes

in his bloody bowler 'at

'Now then, The'e's nowt t'worry about ladies'

jumped -up little bugger.

An' they shut the bloody siren off

so yer can 'ear yerself think

and they call for the 'ard lads

an' the old 'uns

Them as coughs black phlegm an' 'a'nt got long t' go anyway

An' they go down

an' you wait an' wait an' wait

and then they come up

and the' bring a few back

an' t'big women as works satterdis in t'baker's comes over

gives yer a bit of an 'ug an' sez, quiet like,

'Our Arnold found 'im............ tha's a widder luv'

An' yer walk 'ome

in t'bleedin' rain

an' y' 'ave t' tell t'lad

'tha dad's gone'

d' yer know 'ow it feels when t'bloody siren goes an it i'n't knockin' off time.



The kiss that i play over and over in my mind,

your sweet lips against mine, your soft touch against

my face, and the way you held your had around

my waist. All I do is dream about that kiss, a kiss i

know I will never forget, a kiss so great so

wonderful, so good to be true, a kiss i would only except

from you. That kiss has got me hypnotized all

i can do is think about you, and how your kiss was so true.

That kiss, that kiss was so true, that was the

kiss that made me fall in love with you.


Dominique Morris

What is colored,

Black not White

What if I where orange,

Would I be treated with spite

What is colored,

Dark not Light

What if I where green,

Would I be seen

What is colored,

Moonlight not Sunlight

What if I were purple,

Am I as slow(dumb)as a turtle

What is colored,

Me not You

What if I where blue,

Would I not be true

What is colored,

That is what I've been asking you


Aaron Demorest (age12)

The ponds are gleaming,

The flowers are blooming,

The birds are singing,

The chimes are pinging,

The streams are flowing

The winds are blowing,

The lawns are mowed,

The plants are sowed,

The sun is glimmering,

The trees are limbering,

So look, listen and hear.

because these are all sign's that

spring is here!!!


Dear Friends,

You're just like a scrapbook

engraved in my heart

Precious memories of the past

never to part.

You make me think of a book

a story shared...

Good times and laughter

real friends who cared

Just like a clock

always changing with time

Reliable and consistent

there at the drop of a dime.

Your smiles are raindrops

none are the same

Constant reminders

of shared happiness and pain

Your eyes the ocean

clear and deep

Your hearts

an open invitation

lifelong friendship to keep.

Your minds are doors

that are always open

never ever closed.


When I'm with you

everything's complete

like a jigsaw puzzle

with every last piece

I wanna continue

after the puzzle is done

when our future is clear

and our new lives have begun

A puzzle is never fully complete

To get the full picture

all pieces must meet.

We met in the past

We share the present

A future of friendship

would be more then pleasant.


Once Felt
Matthew Timmons

Overwhelming sadness plagues my heart.

Caused by uncontrollable circumstance.

Happiness once known, is a long forgotten emotion.

It now exists only as a memory.


I can see you; you're in my dreams,

I can feel you; you're in my streams.

I can hear you; you're in my thoughts,

I can taste you; you're in my shots.

I can't believe you; you're just in my mine,

I can't touch you; you're too hard to find.

I can't listen to you; your words aren't real,

I can't drink you; your lips have a seal.

I want to meet you, where do you hide?

I want to sense you, Have you died?

I want to speak to you, do you hear?

I want to be close to you, Are you near?

I don't want to wait anymore, show your face,

I don't want to imagine you, share your grace.

I don't want to think of you, come to my sights,

I don't want to dream of you, stay out of my nights.

If you are the one, where are you?

If we belong together, what if we knew?

If we missed each other, are we too late?

If this is our destiny, This is our fate.



in the eye of the tornado,

we make love.

the rest of the world



spirals past our bodies

we feel only a cool breeze



I have been with you for a long time

So you are the reason i made up this rhyme

I think i've had enough

Why do you hate me so much

You say i drive you crazy

you say that i do nothing for you

Well what is there to do i done everything

You say i'm lazy


You say i'm worth nothing


I think the only reason you say these things are to make me mad

but after all you are my only dad





It is cold today

indeed the rain is falling and I am alone

thoughts of life and love

meaningless to anyone but myself

I am alone

They look at me, their eyes not knowing

knowing nothing about what they see

I am but another creature.. alone

They scurry on the surface unaware

unaware of the life below, when you are alone

Loneliness, not a sorrow, not a burden

just a time of solace, a time of deepness

never to be shared, never to be understood

They can never reach this place where I am

and I know I will never reach the places they are

I know I don't want to be where they are

true happiness is here unmisted

unmisted by laughter or smiles..

unmisted by the fickle joys of company

to find true happiness

to know if one is truly happy

he must be happy.. alone


He Made Me Live

Heartbroken and lonely, and on my own; With a journal, pen and a silent phone,

Been dumped, harassed, and by myself, no friends, no hope, too sad for help,

A dream of crowds, and staring eyes; One hand within the mass, did lie,

He took my hand and made me smile, that pleasure had been gone a while,

He taught me how to laugh and cry, and now I know the reason why,

We are now the best of friends and I now have a life,

i thought my life was full of pain, only pain and strife,

At first he didn't know my name, at first, I didn't care,

Then I couldn't attempt to ignore, that angel sitting there,

It started with an argument, our first, only, and last,

He taught me how to go ahead, and leave the past as past,

I owe him more than life itself, he taught me how to live,

He taught me how to take a hint, and also how to give,

Every comment, compliment, and quote are lingering by my side,

And now I go through life with joy, my eyes are opened wide,

A lot of growth in just one year, our friendship better last,

I have to say it really grew, really really fast,

But the point is, I have to tell him, just how he made me live,

How he taught me how to take, and how he taught me to give



Born in America with a name not known

And within my spirit there is a sense of loss

For the father of my life is not to be seen

And my purpose is that for which is of God

For he has given my hands the gift of writing

And my dreams are the peace of serenity

For the power of my spirit is within my soul

And my passion is the love of within my faith


If to live is to grow

Then I long for the day I start breathing

And for the chains that secure me to the ground

Be broken to let me use my new found breath

To run past the fakers, untalented and belittlers

To finally catch up to my ever racing mind

If to live is to love

Then I have lived for the wrong reasons

I've lived only for the day I trod on those who trod on me

To walk out on those who walked out on me

To stand on that pedestal without anyone standing next to me

If to live is all these things

Then I was never born

I'm small and naive

I've never experienced the things that living people have

One day I will be born, and one day I will live


I wish I wish on a star

that shines so bright up in the sky

For you to know how much I cry

when you said it was time to say goodbye.

I wish I wish you would understand

the way I felt when you let go of my hand

The nights I cry myself to sleep

wondering why my dreams of you I still keep.

I wish I wish I could unstand

that its time for our love to end

For what we had it is now gone

and now its time for me to move on.


Love will keep us together.

Miles between us only means more travel time,

time in which my anticipation will grow stronger.

Wishing to be in your arms, to feel your soft lips

press against mine, the only thing in mind.

After the distance between us is traveled, and I see

the most incredible smile spread across your beautiful

face, I'll know why the miles were worth traveling.

That's when I'll know why

Love will keep us together.


" Once Again "

I saw a friend today

And told me you crossed her way

All of a sudden back are the memories

Great days of you and me

Walking together so happy and free

I thought I was over you

Yet the yearning continued

The sweet words you've said

Still lingers in my mind

And your gentle touch

Makes me miss you so much

I wish I could speak out

What's going on inside my heart

Because every time you're near

I'm so engulfed with fear

If you could only read my mind

For sure you'll know me better


at willing

am i, at best

and after

it was

one more for the road

you might be able

to walk a straight line

to the door

and to my car

and if i could

bend your ear

for a moment

just to re-live

all the years

or if i could have

just one more

for my baby

and one more for the road


Hurtful Father

Like wind

That blows through my life

Careless of what it harms,

He does the same then leave me with




















jazzing you

your eyes by candlelight would be quite quite nice.

your hands intertwined with mine could very well entice.

your silent voice speaking softly to me would cause chaotic rhythms

in this moment of uncontrollable rage.

your like a steamy novel, hard to put down, and eager to find out what's

on the next page.

your like a desert, and i'm stranded, I need you to quench my thirst.

if only you could feel what i feel, if only our minds could be reversed.


Say a promise,

make a prayer.

Will your one god soon be there?

Does he watch you while you sleep?

Does he know this hate you keep?

Does your pain mean a thing to him?

Does he know how far you've been?

Ever faithful you shall be.

Tell the non-believers they'll see.

But who are YOU to draw the line?

To tell us all that it is time,

That we conform to what is "good"?

We say our thanx as we all should?

But in the end perhaps it's best

to say our prayers like the rest.

Go to heaven in the end,

forever your god you shall defend.

So now your feet are planted FIRM!

after all, why do a stupid thin like learn?


Why All the Lies?

We were together only a short time,

But, being with you there were so many lies.

Let's see there was the time you swore you didn't like her,

Why all the lies?

Another that comes to mind is when you said those three words that made my heart melt,

"I love you"

Why all the lies?

I don't mind that we aren't together anymore,

But, why all the lies?

What did I do?

Nothing.. you say,

But, then why all lies?

If I told you that I didn't feel for you anymore,

I would be the liar.

Why all the lies?

I try not to care,

It's just depressing always wondering:

Why all the lies?

Do you have an honest answer? I'm guessing not!

For if you did, I wouldn't be asking the question:

Why all the lies?


Love.... what is love? is it that tainted glow in your lovers eyes? is it that extra little surprise? is it the truth in knowing who you are? knowing that you could go real far? is it that passionate kiss you had as a kid? is it that high you get when you place a bid? is it knowing that you are being watched? well, whatever love is to you. keep it deep in you heart.... be careful with it. only share it with those you know won't take advantage of it. do whatever you can to watch over your ability to love. the ability to love, and be loved. Love.... what is love? by: Alaynu



I'm too tall

(or so i was told)

I'm too thin

(or so i was told)

i have a great voice

(or so I'm told)

I'm so pretty

(or so I'm told)

but you know,

that's bull




you and your eyes

they say eyes are the window

to the soul

it's true

with you

your dark


that may be

the only reason

i love you

face it

you glance at yourself

in the mirror

with your eyes

so full of yourself

but even so

i love you

or maybe just your



to d.i.





Come full Circle

The serpent deceived Adam and eve

Human nature was doomed to fail

A never ending story of good and bad

We are all pointed in one direction

But its our choice to go or not

It does matter if you believe or not

That's the true secret to our lives

We all seek things to enrich our lives

But if you don't have something concrete to believe

Your fooled to believe in the most foolish thing

And doomed to wonder searching endlessly

But if we start our search from within

To turn it in an outward way

Then our lives could end and come full circle.


I live my life under a black silk shade,

Blocking myself from the world.

Then realizing my life is merely a charade,

For today I will love,

Tomorrow I will live,

But yesterday I have died.

--Ben Moher


Donna Lee Bates

I wish you would see

Just how beautiful you are

All your dreams to come true

You could be a star

I want you to know

You have a loving life to live

Don't let devils from your past

Take all you have to give

You are loved so much

By people that you see

Your heart shines so bright

It shines all over me

When I see your pain

It then becomes mine

Pain from years long ago

Haunting you for all time

So much behind you

Years vanished into thin air

So much to forget

Learning to leave them there

To reach down deep inside

Grab the spirit that is true

Hold on to it forever

I'm right here for you

My friend to look forward

See all the love inside you

Your tired heart to awaken

See it how I do

I wish you would see

Just how beautiful you are

I wish you would believe it

At that moment you are a star


I saw you once...
Jordan Lake

I saw you once in a far

off dream, you were lauging

across a little silver stream,

Oh I remember it well, my

heart so swelled, in love so

fast I never fell,

It was amazing, that look in

you eye, a blue more deep

than the fading sky,

A waterfall? No, it couldn't

be, but your hair flowing

in the autumn breeze, a

deep gold with silver streaks,

lighting the sun and mountains


But have you ever seen across

that stream, brown and drab

and never green?

I gaze upon your evergreen,

alive with color at every


Could you ever hear my lonely

scream? To love me in my time

of need? Could you ever cross

that silver stream and light

the path that grants my dream?

Or shall I sit here in this

dark of night and gaze into

your world of light?

Or shall I go across and fight

the stream, that keeps me from

my beloved dream?

What say ye O' Lord of fate?

Shall I dwell here in this

lonely state...

But wait! Do angels play with

me? Laugh and mock and suffer

me? Or did a dream invade my

dream it seems? Did she really

cross that silver stream?

I hear the sounds of splashing

toes, against the drop of rains

and bows,

I hear the sounds of bells abound,

to and fro and all around,

I hear the bell, I hear it's ring,

The morning rays it starts to


I awake, and hold my pillow tight,

afraid to find that lonsome sight,

But wait! What do I hear? The sound

of splashing close and near?

I jumped from sheets of salty

sweat, to the window sill I bound

and lept.

I gazed upon an ageless sight, my

dream of dreams came throught the


I jumped from off that lonesome sill,

and ran against a grassy hill...

I saw you once... in a far off dream.



babbling nothing

meaning a whole lot of something I can't grasp

gripping onto a taste

knowing that it won't last


how can I word this line,

this time?

And the void, without even trying, I've accomplished

to occupy.

Idle wrist,

boredom twists,

no plot and

no destined gist,

no point,

like a long lapse,

producing a whole lot of nothing...

meaning something...

I can't grasp.


One Precious Moment

One precious moment

changed my life

All of my joys, all of my dreams,

come true because of you

You lifted me up,

and made me fly

One magic moment

and I spent it with you

You left my life and now we

will never have another chance

Another precious moment

will never be

Another magic moment

not for me


I cannot promise you a life of sunshine.

I cannot promise you riches, wealth or gold.

I cannot promise you an easy pathway that leads away from change or growing old.

But I can promise all my heart's devotion;

A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow.

A love that is ever true and ever growing.

A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.

A love that is understanding;

that is caring, sharing, and giving.

But most of all, the kind of love that brings a special joy to living.


What praise shall I find today

If it is praise I wish to find

And what praise find I, which

Sincerity can find as well?

Where is such praise to find,

That find not favor to bind me?


Jordan Lake

I played with her on the

streets of 26th, her name

was Jessi, a girl by myth.

She had GI Joes and dirty

toes, a chili bowl and

never bows.

She said she loved me that

day her hair was fixed, I

was only six on that street

of 26th.

Our house sold on a long

summer day, she gave me

a kiss and slowly turned


She said she would teach

me to roller skate, at our

new house on 88th,

but the skates gathered

dust and the bearings

rust. I waited from dawn

until the saddest turns

of dusk,

A season past, then two

then three, I hoped she

hadn't forgotten me...

I look back with fondness

now, my first broken heart

from my favorite pal.

Sometimes I think of the

roads she travels, and if

she thinks of me and my

endless babble.

I think of her on summer

days, as I bask in

summer rays,

I think of her and the

love I had, moments to

be cherished and never



Parallel Static
Gerry Glombecki

A mouth full

of potato chips-

cards shuffling

in the next room


I'd rather write

I'd rather write than

Have your fist in my face.

I'd rather write than

Have you shred my heart in two.

I'd rather write than

Have these scars on my skin.

I'd rather write than hear

the evil whispers of people

who do not care

or just don't understand

the screams of a defenseless


Magic words of love

will not work with me


I guess your kind of love doesn't

cut it with me.

I'm a much wiser person now

than the person you married,

I sure as hell am not naive.

I rather would write

than talk with a

little man like you

who is not willing to change

his ways.



LOVE is what I want to feel

this is something that's got to be real

LOVE is when you have someone special to you

you like to kiss and hold them too

LOVE is when you got that gut feeling about your man

because he knows that no one could love him like you can


Devil in the dirt Demon in the dust Devil's work the Demon's dirt Catcher of the lust Creature of the dark Enemy of light Beat her with a rotten heart Treat her like the night Meat that floats it sits on top Heart that's soaked eye that's socked He tempts you torments you The devil that invented you He meant to He sent you Evil that imprinted you Babies born adorning horns It's mother's mangled torn form Tails like beasts with scales and teeth like nails and eyes that nothing can describe just dark so dark they suck the light inside his heart So keep your sleep amongst the floor count your sheep the goats are sure to find you then and sing the song that devils sin, Hoards of hors the devil's doors are sure to let you in.. Fire fingers look at me what's wrong with you your alchemy is falling out your mysteries are not with out an answer A hollow heart that you burned out You swallow hard to live without the pain and shard of glass that now you swallow hard and think about


First Kiss

I'm waiting for U,

I hope your not waiting for me.

Because if that is so our lips will never meet.

All U have to do is ask and it will be.

And if that is to much for U,

Just give me a hint and hopefully I can see.

Then our lips will never part,

locked in total harmony.

Our first kiss our destiny.


Like Sugar in the Rain

I close my eyes and feel you near

It's amazing what the world is like without fear

I think of you and it melts away

Like sugar in the rain

Storm clouds on a sunny day

A safe haven from anger

In your arms I am a child again

Before the hurt

Before the shame

Like sugar in the rain

Across mountains and valleys I would climb

To turn back the hands of time

When I lie in your bed

Secrets whispered, Promises said

Across your body I lay

Like sugar in the rain

Two people have never fit like you and me

I've prayed for you endlessly

Together forever I will cause you no pain

We melt together perfectly, just like sugar in the rain.



What is yesterday

Yesterday was today

But then tomorrow came

What is today

Today is now

But then it changes to tomorrow

And yesterday at the same time

What is tomorrow

Tomorrow is later but then is today

And then still yesterday

Which brings us back to the first question

What is yesterday

Who cares

A day is a day

And a year is year

Live each one fully

Because they all become yesterday


If I only knew...

I remember the time we've spent together, when nothing could make us part... Now all that's left is lonely memories deep inside my heart... I know you still love me but you don't know what to say.... How could we let all we had just slowly drift away... I don't know what to do or how to make it last.... It seems like you and me and everything we used to be was left back in the past... If you only knew how i felt about you, maybe you would see...That everything we had was really meant to be.... If I could tell you now maybe you would say... if you would of told me sooner i'd probably be here with you today... So when you love someone, make sure you tell them right away... Because there won't always be a tomorrow to tell them you feel this way....


What Is A DREAM?

A dream is like cotton candy,

Mysterious and new,

Never like the first,

Could be pink or blue.

A dream is like a twister,

going through your mind,

any mrs. or mr. could

could feel the somewhat bind.

Dreams are sometimes happy,

dreams are sometimes sad,

but all the while,

your still asleep,

inside your little pad.


The Mirror

When you look into a mirror, how many faces appear to you

Aside from your obvious reflection, do you know who they all belong to?

At first glance I see my mother, staring back all brave and strong

At second glance I see my father, looking sad and all alone

When I look for a third time, I see the face of a child

Seeking that eternal approval, appearing all meek and mild

Beneath that layer lies another, the one of a doting mother

With lines that show lack of sleep, but a smile showing love like no other

On and on those layers go, to reveal a wife, a sister, and a friend

All the things that I have done and the places that I have been

The upward slant of my eyebrow, that certain curve of my bottom lip

The wrinkle in my forehead, and in my eye...a devious glint

They seem to show a person, with many things under her belt

Many accomplishments to boast about and wonderful emotions that have been felt

But the longer I stare in the mirror and the more layers I hope to see

The image that keeps getting clearer is just a perfect reflection of me

Lori Anne



~ If I could catch a rainbow,

I would do it just for you,

And share with you its beauty

On the days you're feeling blue.

If I could build a mountain

You could call your very own,

A place to find serenity,

A place to be alone.


I cannot build a mountain,

Or catch a rainbow fair.

But let me be what I know best,

A friend that's always there! ~


Your Love Means to Me

Wondering one day what your love meant to me,

walking alone one day it came to me.

As the wind blew by, it whispered your name,

your touch, your laugh, our favorite game.

Your eyes so green, as the trees remind me,

your lips so red, as if roses could bleed.

As the sun sets low, and the clouds blow apart,

i'm reminded of your love, I can feel it in my heart.

As i walk through the trees and the darkness starts to grow,

frightened a little but still I must go.

To the end of the path, to the end of thee trees,

my heart beating fast, i can barely breathe.

As fast as possible and around the last bend,

your there waiting for me, again and again.

As we hug tightly, our hearts beet to beet,

I knew at that moment, what your love meant to me.


Who am I

I do not know

For why am I here

I do not know

Yet I live this life

but I don't know who I am

Yet I keep on going

but I don't know why I'm here

Who am I

I'm lost in this Society

of hatred

Who am I

A kid on the outside

of kids killing kids

That's all I really

know of who I am




The act, the pain, the loss and much more,

These are but a few things I apologize for.

There is also the distance now between us,

But mostly I'm sorry that I broke your trust.

The act was just stupid, stupid to the core,

And I totally understand why you are sore.

The pain that I caused you, it was so unjust.

When I found out I'd hurt you, believe me I cussed.

The loss of what could be and what might have been.

If not for my mistake, we might have been friends.

And now there's a distance that keeps you away.

It's so hard to see you, each and every day.

The trust that I destroyed is the worst times ten.

And only if you want will it ever mend.

I know that I screwed up and that I must pay,

Now there's only one thing left for me to say.

Don't jump to conclusions and instantly think,

Everything I'm sayin' should be dumped down the sink.

Now you know how I feel and I hope you can see,

All that I've been saying, says "I am sorry"


I look in the mirror, what do i see? Nothing cute, nothing pretty, just lonely me. I look away tears in my eyes, hurt by all those troublesome lies. I think of my lies, my wanting heart, craving soul and uneventful mind, drowned in sorrowful darkness, waiting for love, life, direction. Do i want you? Him? them? They laugh behind my back, care in front of my eyes. A bloody dagger digging deeper into my soul, caressing the sin. leaving the light. They say misery loves company, yet no one, not even miser, loves me. Help me! I'm falling! Won't anyone catch me before i die and rot away?



I'm but one grain of sand

Among millions

I'm one person seeking a difference

Among millions

Trying to find a way

Before my time runs out

And I slide through the hourglass of life

Only to be buried and forgotten

By the millions

That passes after me


~All The Time~


Sometimes I swear your taking me for granted

I always see it in your eyes

I lack the love that I cannot hide

I feel this emptiness inside me,

every time I breath.

Sometimes you can't see

I'm always on my knees....


at least some of your love,

but now it's too late,

now you finally notice

always asking...what's wrong?

but now it's too late

for I have perceived

for it's been far too long.


Honestly Together
Richard Dodd

Honestly, I saw you

Honestly, we meet

Honestly, I love you, I swear

I've been swept

Forget the times we

didn't know one-another

Forget the time were apart

Forget the nights were alone

and remember in your heart

Honestly, I walk with you

Honestly, I cried

Honestly, I love you as I stare

you in your eyes

Honestly, were together

Honestly, forever



A hollow place in the twisted wreckage holds the battered body of truth. At the cost of mortal glass and sheet metal, it has held on to life. After the stale air that follows the sound of tires leaving the pavement behind fills your lungs, honesty begins to sing. There will be those who will stand at the point of impact, demanding to know why, blaming themselves out of false humility. This is not about them.

This was passion and trust on a bender. This was free will careening over the cliff of judgment. This was love and lust playing chicken. This was anger in a stolen buick with understanding. This was a horrific blood bath, and just another sunday.

Evidence of the crash will be hard to mop up. No skid marks to wash away, no way to warn those close behind the net results of the road blending into the trees. Brakes are a crude joke if you refuse to see in time to use them. When the road betrays you, loyalty will find you wrapped around a blue spruce.


A hollow place in the twisted wreckage holds the battered body of truth. At the cost of mortal glass and sheet metal, it has held on to life. After the stale air that follows the sound of tires leaving the pavement behind fills your lungs, honesty begins to sing. There will be those who will stand at the point of impact, demanding to know why, blaming themselves out of false humility. This is not about them.

This was passion and trust on a bender. This was free will careening over the cliff of judgment. This was love and lust playing chicken. This was anger in a stolen buick with understanding. This was a horrific blood bath, and just another sunday.

Evidence of the crash will be hard to mop up. No skid marks to wash away, no way to warn those close behind the net results of the road blending into the trees. Brakes are a crude joke if you refuse to see in time to use them. When the road betrays you, loyalty will find you wrapped around a blue spruce.



I watch Angel across from me, resting her eyes,

I ask myself. do you think you can have that?

Is this the one thing I've been lacking, the one thing I've been missing?

Is this the exact person I've been praying for, hoping and wishing?

That alone, rests on her decision.

Now it really is kind of important to me,

But if this falls apart, I still have plans b,and c.

Girls are still a dime a dozen, remember?

But that dime out of that dozen is the one who can love you just as tender.

Man! The silence was broken, noise resumes.

My train of thought of was broken, chaos ensues.

Hey Lovers' Club, did I pay my fee, did I pay my dues?

They tell me, that alone, rests on her decision.

You know how sometimes an artist needs a model just to paint?

Well I need my Angel just to write, to make sure the poems tight.

Can you smell what I'm cooking?

Well let's step past the looks and to the brain, can she use that thang?

What about her personality? Seems alright to me.

So once again, I ask myself, can you have that?

I can write the best poetry in the world,

But if she sees nothing in me,

Angel still won't be my girl.

I'd just be wasting my time.

See all the pitfalls that's going on?

Cupid may not lie, but his timing sure can be wrong.

So Angel, did you like the poem I wrote for you?

I told you it'd be perfect, suited just for you.

So can I prove my doubters wrong, and finish what they called an impossible mission?

Guess what she says to me?

That alone, rests on her decision.


Thank you

I remember the first time we met ,

I knew you were something special,

Your light shined upon my light,

I knew you were to be my wife.

But like every couple, we've had our ups and downs.

Arguments and bills, bills, all around.

But through thick and thin, you've never let me down,

And for this, I thank you.

Every morning, to know you're beside me,

I have to thank God.

To know that we two, are one in unity,

I have to thank God.

For my children you've given birth,

Silver and Gold, you're far beyond their worth,

For every day we walk this Earth,

It's another day to say I love you.

You make sure I have a hot meal to eat,

After working an eight hour job,

Even when you're weary, you continue to stand on your feet,

Anointed woman of God.

You're quick to tell me when I'm wrong,

Vowed you'd never leave me alone,

You make sure we have a clean home,

And for this, I thank you.

I remember when I put that ring upon you're finger,

I knew you were something special,

You're light shined upon my life,

I knew you were to be my wife.

But like every couple, we've had our ups and downs,

Arguments and people trying to keep us down.

But through thick and thin, you've never let me down,

And for this, I say I love you and thank you.


She's just a young girl full of dreams,

Someone keeps hurting her and ripping at the seams.

No one understands her or tries to listen,

The tears run down her face in the sunlight they glisten.

Her heart has been broken so many times,

She has heard all their lies and all their stupid lines.

Why can't she be happy she asks herself,

All she needs is a shoulder to cry on and just a little help.

She turns to drugs for her support,

Hoping she'll find what she couldn't before.

HELP, She whispers into the night air,

Knowing there's some one out there who'll listen and care.

Someday she'll find something no one else can,

Someone to hold her and understand.


Perfect line of symmetry.

Two lovers, controlled by fear,

walk side by side.

Star crossed and star bound

never did speak, of affection,

but beautiful, was their connection.

When enclosed, in subtle words

neither spoke, of the heart felt hurt,

but when one cried, so did the other,

so lets not forget the initials, deep in the bark.

For that is the light, that owns the dark.

Even though, neither wore rings

together, they would always sing.

Harmonious notes and perfect pitch,

for them they fit, like a hand in glove,

but each lived, like a crying dove.

Every day is spent together

but because fear, owns their hearts.

They will always be divided

by a perfect, line of symmetry.


What is war,

Is it the disagreement leaders are fighting for,

The numbers of kills used to keep score,

What is war?

Do we know,

We think is a brutal event, but is it;

Many situations are called war,

but are they really?

Soldiers marchiing in an open street with blank faces,

they carry no feeling of what they are doing to the innocent souls,

Are they war in themselves?

What crime did the people commit to be treated so badly,

Was it the way they acted,

the way they looked,

or was it the religion they believed in?

What is war?

Refugees being taken to a new place with no knowledge of what is happening,

are they sufferers of war,

the many people who risk their lives for our country,

are they players of a brutal and upcoming war,

or are they just defense for our country?

What is war?

We still have yet to know.



the lapsing moments

uncover ill

Health is slowed

our bodies killed

the poison seeps

into our blood

we close our eyes

the shadows flood

we die and rest

for truly now

we are peace

emotion gone


To Die For

Your love my dear is to die for,

I once said, as thoughts of fear wandered through my head.

I should have left I know now.

You kept me in box, a prize you won.

You used me as a trophy,

to brag about and share with your friends.

I thought that if I stayed long enough you would change.

Yeah right.

My momma used to tell me you were no good.

I'd just laugh and say 'yeah right momma..'

'his love is to die for'

To die for...that's the right words.

Now I am laying here...bleeding...

..only a few more minutes left...

to die for.

Written In Memory Of: A Beautiful Best Friend


I am me

I am me, not as pretty as can be

Somethink I am sweet

Yet many don't agree

I am me,

I haven't been here long

But for the time it hasn't been fun

I am me,

I try to run and hide

Yet I am always found

I am me,

Hoping that before my end

Things will turn around

I am me, as you can see

I am not as pretty as can be

That is what I know and

What I have learned

I am me!


Quanah was such a great guy

never did i think i'd have to say goodbye

he was there to bring a smile your way

even though it wasn't your day

Quanah was loved by so many

never did he have an enemy

now he's in such a beautiful place

i wish i could see the smile on his face

so now wipe all the tears from your eyes

don't let anything take you by surprise

he is missed to this day

but you know all you have to do is pray

pray for the day when you will see him again

remember how Quanah was so dedicated to the Lord

and now he is receiving his heavenly reward

so now will you please take the time and ask

the one and only Lord Jesus Christ to be in your life

to guide you and care for you all the days of your life.

Danika Hart


Everybody came to the woman's funeral,

She had finally perished in battle.

She fought her eternal enemy,

The reason she died was because of me.

I was in the way of the fight,

She saved me, and I was all right,

When she saved me she couldn't block a thrust,

But the blade connected, and she fell into the dust.

Her opponent had sadly watched her die,

Finally he had begun to cry,

He knew that he had cheated Fate,

The name of the living warrior was Hate.


Dream Love

Passionate heart And Filled with love,

A sweetheart like her could only be from above.

Heart of gold and body to hold,

To her my love was definitely sold.

Beautiful smile and kisses so sweet,

A love like hers could not be beat.

Athletic, smart, beautiful, caring,

But the best thing about her is the love we are sharing.


Everyone is dying

No one is surviving

We might as well all die

Rather than see this horror in fromt of our eyes

We can't do anything

But wait until it's our turn to go below

To our fiery grave in the midsts of hell

We may never see daylight again

If we do

We will be blinded by its magnificence

And its power

Never let us die

But let us suffer

To feel the pain

Like we do



Speak to the child, the oracle whose voice makes mountains crumble and the sea

to swell

That voice that casts the day with thunderheads and freak lighting

That strikes the ground where you stand

Cower before the power of the earth as this one voice calls the gods from Olympia

To bring either their gifts or to curse you with all their power and might

Speak to the child in soft hushed tones

That will shelter you from the Empress that descends from on high to behead your only love

Take this pleasure, the oracle speaks

And with thanks, desperation you take the mist and run knowing you still shall die

Fall unto this bed the child offers

Take heed to the dirt that encompasses the sides of satin for they shall

poison you as you sleep

Pass unto the world of dreams where no heartache and pain can touch you harm you

If it please the oracle take her past and learn

For this child with its jeweled hees and ice voice is the one voice of reason

of power

It is this, the answer, the oracle says

Speak to the child the oracle's voice proclaims

And for it you reach.



Waves I knew so well tell me:

they can no longer tell me,

like liquid whispers,

slippery kisses.

Almost mirrored

then gone.

I sailed a little way above the waves

in my clothes,

never getting wet.

Tranced with each other

each creature turns away,

I will keep silence-

if you turn away.

Baby-blue washed my eyes away

just as they touched you.

I am only allowed to torture my thirst

and delay.

A-cascading waterfall

onto the floor,

my eyes rained watercolour

met jeweled fantasies

under this water.

Like an Ocean flower.

You are still cruel

to collect each tear,

to sail away,

the one I did steal

ached the weight of an unshed dream.


There once was God, now there's men.

There was beatles, then Lenon.

There once was music, now there's rap.

There once was love, now it's crap.

No divisions in the world.

So who has to be told?

We live by unchangeable fate.

Time is early and never late.

I love my life.

You use a knife.

I hate my life.

Still use a knife.

I believe in God, I believe in souls, I believe in hell.

I thinks it's odd. That life's by the polls. I think you can tell.

There were leaders, now there's kings.

There were people, full of things.

There were parents, now they're enemies.

There used to be life, now it's a tease



Where is God when my I sin?

Where is God when I do not pray?

Where is He when I give in?

Where is He when I fall prey?

Where is God when I neglect the Word?

God is neither far nor near

When I fall or neglect His call

But consistent is His care

He is patient with my fall

He yearns to restore me

Where is God when I trust in my efforts?

Where is God when I hurt others?

Where is God when I lack His supports?

Where is God when I hinder my brothers?

Where is He when I treasure not the Lord?

His path is always clear

His strength makes me tall

I trust in grace not fear

For He is my redeemer and all

For He is the hope inside of me

Where is God when I'm spiritually blind?

Where is God when I sin to get ahead?

Where is God when I entangle my mind?

Where is God when I wish someone dead?

Where is God when I fight not with His sword?

God is slow to anger

Quick to forgive

Even when I wander

Or forget how to live

My redeemer for eternity



You were here last night

In my dreams I saw

An everlasting fright

That soon became my flaw

I follow far behind

I follow out of site

Dreams within my mind

That someday i might

Live through this everlasting night


In your Eyes

I can feel your pain

Safe from the lies

Your trust I must gain

In your eyes

I want to drown in your tears

I watch as my dark thought dies

I will escape all the years

I can taste your desire

It burns through your eyes like fire

As bitter as a storm

Between love and loyalty I am torn

The stench of your fear

Is as evident as the lone tear

That slides down your cheek

Is life, as you think it, bleak?

To everything I am deaf

Except for the moan from your eyes

My doubts have all left

And tonight, a new moon will rise.


Jessica B.

Loneliness is catching,

Its hard to rid once you've felt it.

I feel alone in crowded streets.

I feel crowded on empty nights.

When the silence that surrounds me drowns me.

The songs on the radio seem to speak my mind,

They change my emotions at the flip of a station.

To me i'm normal,

But to the world I'm a stranger looking in.


If I'd only known...

That kiss you gave me

would be the last

I would have kissed you stronger

If I just knew

that day I lay naked with you

nestled on your shoulder

would not be again

I would've stayed longer

Heady so quick

not long enough to linger

more like a vision or a dream

too swift too even be a memory

or even have some sullen reminder

If only I'd known

it'd be gone like that

I would have stopped to smell, touch, hear, and look

at every instant

You held me in your heart


I've heard many stories of visits from angels, always wondering how it would be,

If I were to see one, just catch a glimpse, or to have one come visit with me.

I imagined the glow of the blinding light,pure white wings, and a flaming sword,

And tried in vain to invision the perfection of a being who dwelt with the Lord.

Childhood thoughts, pictures in a young mind, the things I once dreamt I'd see,

Today they've all changed, and I now realize just how blind fleshly eyes can be.

Now the angel I see, though without wings and a sword, has a very special glow,

And though lost to me while I still dwell on this earth, I see her in all that I know.

Loved without measure by both family and friends, and touched by all around her,

Though she'll be greatly missed by those left behind, I think that we all should remember,

She's where she belongs, at Jesus' throne, free of pain and eternally young,

And if we listen closely, just maybe we'll hear her sweet voice in worship and song.

Picture, if you can, mansions and gold, more wealth than this world could handle

And realize that even Jesus could go just so long without His Favorite Angel.

Written by Chuck Morrell in memory of his grandmother.


Midnight Sun

Today will never end, tomorrow will never come

I have three holes in my heart, and three bullets in my gun

Now if matches were people, would you burn them so quickly

Or would you wait at least a day before you smoked them away?

So do I ask too much, do I think to little

Do I ever really, think at all?

I've come to realize that I'll never be happy

Or high enough, to be great

So I'll go on being different, and accept that I,

Am someone for the world to hate


to be a star
j mathews

To be a star, ride the solar winds on a guitar

To see saturn, to know axis

To know of true Vesuvias bliss

Time has passed the nine is here

Memories of you held so dear

I look at the time and peace of space

Feel the sounds of pain run down my face

then along came you in this mystical ride of love

the colors swirl, the sun burns could you know my name

i am not of your kind, i am here

here to die


life is but a humble tree

swinging it's branches in the wind



They both looked the same

Dark, strong statured, well-framed,

He the painter, it the rose

To see is to be, I suppose,

I imagine he saw the rose as a man

with strong stems instead of hands,

That one rose standing in weeds

That one rose standing in need,

Of all the places it could have grown

of them it will never have known,

It has taken on a new form

One of death and of abnorm....



Given in beauty for the desire of love

And seen in the passion is mystery

For the world is a dream of my vision

And my strength is within my serenity

For my desires are the weakness within

And my spirit is the tool of my wisdoms

For today shall carry my heart and soul

And my love is the beauty of my power



We are all living under false pretenses that we assume to be

what others want.

We are not "who we are" as we tell others,

but personless masks

assuming the identities that we have always wanted

but could never have.


Sneak peeks at Black Rock

the air on this beach

smells of sex

not even love sex

but hurried

come after come sex

i walk on

surprising two couples

in the midst of some

oral delivery

i walk ahead

far enough

to take sneak peeks

of them washing sand off sweat

they jump as they see me

i look away

hot and in need

afraid they may smell my coming

as i run into the waters.

©1997 paula obe´


i enjoyed today through my escapist ways, only to wake in the night frozen in descent; in a moment, my mind frayed, tattered by questions others surely have mulled; i counted the sheep, but the weak had been culled.

By a dichotomous foundation, that created a New World, where generations of peoples for millennia had been, where demons once danced around customary flames, amid forests and mountains, on the Greatest of Plains.

To chilling highs and lows of rudimentary chant, they conjured their spirits, the bloody savages, they laughed as they pranced; until the hulls touched ground hauling gospel and greed, they lived a life: take only as you need.

Now the forests have fallen, replanted with Pilgrim's Pride, the natives are dead, and (i know) the textbooks lied. My pioneering ancestors did "sail the ocean blue," to practice religious freedoms, to begin life anew.

Carrying only their Bibles, their hatchets and seed, the good folk rejoiced, they were now freed. Then, it occurred; warm intentions were lost, the black and white line blurred, became a grey line crossed.

What a horrific paradox the Mayflower ferried; in the form of smallpox, the gospel was carried. Yet within the walls of good houses, the sabbath of each week, if one listens closely there are hymns sung so sweet. Unfortunately, history belies and denudes their mystique.

-- an abbreviated version of insomnia, I've dubbed, "Connive-A white Man's Life" (tjh



Let the feeling escape

setting you free

making the hurt inside give way

helping you to except the truth

that the world is corrupt

and nothing can be perfect

Let your mind be free learn the truth

you're stuck in this world

with nothing but your own mind

You can only believe in yourself

Together we make millions

of different kinds of people

together we make thousands

of different homes

together we make hundreds

of different countries

together we make few but we are strong

I make myself

and slit my soul with pride

I kill my fear

and live alone in my life

I make one

and I am strong



Through these nights of long drawn out darkness

I know your spirit is shining with bliss

in between the sun and the moons orb

I hear the beauty that can only be yours

Below the heavens I see angels

gleaming behind your smile

In your eyes I see the peacefulness of a child

Behind the reflection of the mirror

I see into your heart

In your heart I feel the bondings

of our friendship which I have let rip apart


dedicated to my best homeboy: Curtis

I feel alone and empty,

And you haven't even left.

But I still hope our friendships stays,

Not a secret we have kept.

You changed my life in so many ways,

It's so hard to keep track.

Even though you haven't left,

I already want you back.

Just the thought of you gone,

Makes my stomach turn.

But I'll make it some how some way,

My love for you will always burn.

Your not the best kid around,

And you know what the rants would say,

But forget them,

I love you anyway


Lost Among Devotion

Every day I sit and watch you with a silent heart,

Wondering if I should tell you what's there...

Pondering inside the idea of telling you how I feel,

But I never can because I'm too afraid of what you'd say.

Too afraid of the footprint you'd leave on my heart,

Along with all the others...

I want you to just know...

I want you to just know that I'm gonna cry,

I want you to just know that I need you to be there,

And I want you to be...

Always and forever...

I want you to be able to hear me say a thousand words,

Without me saying one...

I want you to look in my eyes and know exactly what I'm thinking at that very second,

Of that very minute...

Of that very hour...

I want your hand in mine,

Because I know if it ever was,

For that one moment,

I would be surrounded by the echoes of softness,

And all my problems would fade away...


: Something about September

Something about September-

The smell of burning leaves

raked on Saturday, scattered

on Sunday, by children and God.

The cool of the air

that takes a jacket

or a lover's arm

to be content.

The smell of coffee and firewood

The memory of sweat

rolling down the spine

of your back last summer

as muscles rippled in tune

with the Bellamy Brothers

and ax split air and tree.

Something about September-

The smells-

Cologne on your sweaters

chili in the air.



chrome and steel between my legs

loud engine roar explodes behind

motorcycle exhaust

reverberates against

soft silent dawn

man/machine rolls

through staten island nyc quiet

silent moon an epitaph

for yesterday

brand new day peeks

behind eastern horizon

hope surges forth

in bursting sunlight

VN bridge diadems

hang in catenary greeting

man/machine rolls

through streets

road loop and highway

snake hill zig-zag

down victory boulevards

towards ferry

across gray water

da cittee glass steel vertical

hungry for morning fog

its night blankness still glitters

da cittee alive with buildings whose

distant greeting beckons

da cittee sleek and cruel

propelled by greed,

by love, by lust, by anguish

its concrete loins, steel, desire

rise in conquering

hero/man apotheosis

twin towers, double phallus

fangs of bay,

of hungry seaport

of days and nights

of predatory desire

twin towers, double lighthouses

beacons, markers

for our complex evanescent

illusions, pland and lives

twin towers beckon circumflex

path that seek life's prize

of final blankness, no longer

tired commute amid bustling

ferry crowds

the earth daily digests

molecules of our past while

restless mankind reaches

towards distant worlds

to conquer, meanwhile

kosovo and serbia engulfed

in rancor's flames burn brightly

the war a soulless video game

played by the big boys,

a website game, a thing

distant unreal...

the seven o'clock a.m. car ferry

is late, let's turn around

rev up our engines

engage our gears

and go just go

man/machine roll just roll

search for our own elusive

marauding 110 posh decibels of

pure incandescent biker's peace


A life,

a precious jewel,

A gift from God,

A million decisions.

Think before you act.

A shot,

A hit,

A life taken,

A million lives changed.

Think before you act.


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