MARCH, 1999 Part One

Up-dated March 23, 1999

Because of a tremendous response, this Open Mic has been split into two parts. Click on Part Two for the continuation.


I long to hear his voice,

The way I feel, I have no choice.

A silent whisper in the night,

Soft and gentle, sweet and light.

A feeling of warmth in my heart,

A light sound gives me a start.

Is it him, is he all alone,

I think, as I race to the phone.

I'll know as it comes into view,

Never mind... it's for you.


People tell me I don't love you

When I'm speaking of, or when I hug you

But then I ask them, "Who do you love?"

"Have you ever had someone so true, someone to dream of?"

Then they tell me I'm too young to really know

But love isn't something taken clearly, its a flake of snow

A little bit different in one way or another

But its not an open door, only to the other

The other being the one you love, the one you care for

So these people shouldn't dare question my love anymore

But I'm certain that it is true, I do

I know, on my own, that you are my sky, my sky of blue

But still, as I lie here on the rug thinking of you

People tell me I don't love you

-by Aaron Giroux



Morning comes and the old man leaves.
He shuts and locks the door with ease,
Then turns and steps onto the street
Of cobblestone spread beneath his feet.

The old man smiles at those who pass:
The butcher, the baker, the priest in mass.
A wave of hand, a nod of head
Is equal to a greeting said.

While he walks he hums a tune
And stops to watch the fields in bloom.
The same routine done everyday
Is not routine in any way.

The park is empty when he arrives,
Except for Nature, who herein thrives.
The old man sits by the lake's calm shore;
Smokes his pipe and nothing more.

For hour upon hour the old man sits,
While Sparrows eat breadcrumbs in little bits.
These are the ways his days are spent,
For days like these are heaven sent.



A baby's quiet slumber,
The dead of midnight,
The open desert
with only the wind blowing.

A room of studying children,
The summer breeze a blowing,
A cat stalking
a mouse.

And me,
Dreaming 'bout it all




I wish they could understand my pain

Its soo deep and its soo real

If only they could understand how I feel

I'm hurt deep down inside

I wanna crawl in a hole and hide

It hurts soo much I don't know what to do

If only they knew

I'm afraid and I could think of some reasons why

Seems like all I do is cry

If only I could just wake up someday

I know things can't all be my way

If only I could please someone

Not look at all the wrong I have done

I wish they could understand my pain



Eternally crushing our dreams
cursing our past
we try to master our future
chased by our fears
we try to direct our own steps
on a road never........clear

shoulders so strong
many burdens to bare
its hard to find the way
when looking through tears

never stopping to cry
getting caught in life's grief
no time to give in
for is brief



Standing now, alone now?

I feel the cool winters breeze.

From my neck down to my knees.

Wondering where is the one who brought me here.

Sensing you close, but knowing your no where near.

Looking back when I reached out.

Giving hope where there is doubt.

As I look over the horizon.

Letting some of the warm light in.

As I feel the cool, crisp wind.

Looking back, now I begin.

As I start on this journey without you there to help me.

Everything now left up to me.

I feel all you taught me surge through my mind, and I come to the conclusion that "Everything I want is mine."

Now I see I wasn't standing by myself, but with you inside myself.



Those days when you were with me,
Those moments we shared, in your moms place,
Those green hills and chirping of cuckoos ,
Which I loved more than thousand operas,
while those parrots in group salvaged the berries,
on that day of spring ,when I rested in your lap,
I promised you never to be away.

Your love the beauty of the sparkling stream,
when you pampered my life in your womb,
I kissed it and promised,
let the sun be down from its root,
You belong to me and me alone.
For all those years of search,
found I your heart hidden from the crowd,
just that I would own, my precious one.

When did the cuckoos flew and the stream dried,
I am alone dear, the vagaries of fate unknown,
Will the spring be ours again,
I live waiting the berries to blossom.



The Shelter
By Ananda Moonasingha

A roof above people's heads
Four walls mark the little sheds
Shelter for the poor families
Even villages have modern shanties

When we were young, them those days
Village land was where cows graze
A labyrinth of footpaths made your way
A sandy cart track is the public right of way

A macadam road runs pass the village
Besides is a Catholic Church of colonial age
A grayish building in a middle of palm trees
A few crosses symbols a place of rest in peace

The housing estate is behind the churchyard
A bare body lying on ground is whining hard
The poor soul is mentally impaired
Seemingly in subconscious he bawls, ah drunkard.


~ One Road~

One Road,

Two directions,

One "safe",

One unknown.

One desert,

One green,

One heart torn between.

One choice,

One Life,

One filled with heartache and strife.

One time,

One chance,

One filled with love and dance.

One Road,

Two directions,

One "safe",

One unknown.

One Passion,

One load,

But which is which Road?



once you let your soul slightly open

and mine was trapped inside yours.

many crossroads and mysterious coincidences

appears on the stage and somebody's script

insist on two lovers

mourning at the meadow.

I say: don't go, please, don't.

and you: it's time to.

at twilight finally you announce

you're leaving but the only door is locked.

serene you turn around, sit astride on me

and say: you know that I know

that I'll never go away,

you're my beloved shackles

and my wings, your destiny got it self

wound round my feet. now I kiss you

and you drop in low motion over me.

no applause. no reproach. not anything.

someone in silence blow out the candle.


Where I Live.
Ray C Villegas

We are all liars; imitators, posers.

Where does it roam

These thoughts of demise

for a world to hate

not only loathe, anti-extol

within me it is, within all?

At lapses it lumbers in life, awake

this madness for a world, fake


Here I saw an open door, when I left my mind

In bloody muse does my mind lie;

these reflections of anger and hate,

why do I write the unrhymed lines

I do not show here my ill fate.

The pen it saves me like no other

it lets me go into a slumber.

Which is of ecstasy and content

this love of lines is all that's meant



When God touches us,
It is a signal.
A sign to never stop believing in him.
A reason to keep striving for the best.
A way to rest your worries on him.

When God speaks to us,
It is a signal.
A sign to pray.
A reason to finish the day.
A way to tell him your troubles.

When we find God,
That too is a signal.
A sign that you believe.
A reason to trust in him.
The way to be saved from sin.

God put us all here for a purpose.
If you don't know what yours is,


Juanita McCorkle

Mommy. Daddy. Baby. and You

all make my life true

yet Mommy and Daddy stop me

from seeing you

so what do I do

I choose you.


Juanita McCorkle

A chance to dance with you

is a dream come true

cause I'd like to see

how fun it would be

for you to be on top of me

and feel free to be what we

want to be

just you and me

1628 N. Washington St.

Baltimore MD 21213


Juanita McCorkle

I try to contain my thoughts of waking up in a cold sweat with your body next to mine. And to hold each other and see the moon shine. To see to feel to touch........ I want you to hold me so much. The desires I have are making me wait until I can unleash them at the right date. Although, I don't know at this rate love may turn to hate and yet love may be our fate but will we know too late. I give you permission to open my gate if you enter with a clean slate.


The Day the Sun held the Sea's Hand
(To be put in a bottle and thrown out to sea...)

Centuries of love cannot hold
what I held
when I held
your hand.
If only I held it still...

An infinite finity of the search
for purity
of love
of mind
of heart.
That is what I lack.

I lack you.

Laying on the beach,
with you
I was an extension of the sun
And you covered me
and cooled me and said
I am but am extension of the sea.

What is the sun without the sea?
--an empty world with nothing left to enrapture.
And the sea without the sun
is but a gray mass of drab emotionless tears.

And all over the world,
I will send my words floating
to you
on you.
And hope that my light
will find you as it did that
first day
I held your hand.


Nothing comes to mind
sweeter than the taste
of your eyes
on my lips.
Warmer than the sun in your eyes
our mental trips.

Darker than the sea
in the night
just the hair you
brushed from
my face.

Dearest than the moment
we spent
the lifetime we've left
to put in its place.


Nycole Patterson

I stood by you and you left me. You always leave me. You call me your "queen",

but I am not. I am your "bitch". And you call me your "sistah", but I am not.

I am your "hoe". I feel this way because...

you rape me, you beat me, you use me and you leave me.

You continue to rob me of all of the innocence and strength it takes to keep me sane.

You have poured acid on my soul with all of the lies that you tell and

your promiscuity has melted my heart and diseased my purity.

You spit on the tears I shed and the love I try to give and

I continue to nurse the wound from where my backbone was "torn".

My children need you and I, I need you.

But, in spite of all that you have done to me, my "brotha", my "king"...

I love you, I cherish you, I stand by you, I will never, ever, ever, leave you

My Beautiful Black Dream...



I don't act like a fool

And I'm doing great in school

I'm on my way to success

And I'm not a screwed up mess

I really do believe in me

And don't have nightmares of what I may be

I know its going to be a great day

And good things are coming my way

I don't make friends mad

And I'm hardly ever sad

I don't always sit and cry

And I never say I wanna die

I have good things to say

And I always pray

I make people proud

And I'm fun to be around

I wake up and I scream

And I realize its all a wonderful dream



Those three words
Declarations of war.
Held forever trembling
hopeless helpless
in nuclear arms.

I am numb.
I am freezing
In your cold war.


Why must we always be on the run,

in a hurry to get someplace?

Should it matter who wins a race?

Why must the little children grow,

in a rush to be considered adult?

Should we figure out, who's at fault?

Why does it all just start to stop,

in a nursing home with nowhere to go?

Should we become examples, and slow?

Maybe if we stopped to smell the roses

we could feel sensations coming with them.

Snuggle down and use your noses

add joy to your life on not' but a whim.

Maybe when we walk just ten paces slower

somebody can see the need for help...

reach out and touch someone lower

feel the difference of what they have been dealt.


His Heart Beat
Amanda M. Gillman

Closer, Closer, he got closer

I felt his body heat

He was so close

I could feel his heart beat

Louder, Louder, it got louder

As he looked at me I felt

Like I could melt

The beat of his heart sounded

Like a beautiful song!

It was like heaven to me

But I know in my heart

That it could never be

I didn't want to be apart!

My love you'll never know

How I really feel

I wish I could show

That it's all real!

My love is true

I love you

I hate to be blue

Could you love me too?


Tainted future, hidden past, How much longer can i last? At night I dream of him so near that I can feel his presence with me here. I try to run I try to hide only to find he's at my side.

Burning shades of red I see as he reaches out for me. Satan's glory shines upon me satan's glory I do not want thee. A dozen demons at my feet as they lurk I break down and weep.

Fury from my deepest consent , oh how I wish I could repent. Oh God if you love me still forgive me of this act of will. Oh God! Oh God! Where do I stand? Please reach out and take my hand. I need you guidance I need your light to illuminate my darkness and eliminate my fright.


I Hope

good-bye my friend I hope I see you again. I hope we will write, Day and Night. I hope you will be happy in your new home, best wishes to you. All that I ask is that you remember me, a friend, Kelly.


The Escape

I sit, I listen, I watch, I see... I feel the spirit invading me.

Slowly it takes over my impure soul, becomes one w/my soul and one with my body.

It drains my blood and steals my breath. Unable to control my own thoughts and Actions I unknowingly die and the spirit becomes me.

Now I am one with the one who has won me over. He bought my memories, he Bought my thoughts, he bought my soul which can't be fought.

Oh unmerciful demon leave me alone! Forget the honor to you i've shown!

For it's YOU I hate and YOU I despise! Do not fight fate because I don't believe your lies! Go away! I do not invoke you! I uncast my circle! And vanquish you from my world of nothingness which you caused with your malicious ways. Please, forget my promise, forget my need unbind me from my evil deed.

Leave me alone! Let me be! Why MUST you haunt me! I want to go home , I want to be free! I want to be with God because HE loves me!


by Michael Gresley

A hundred empty promises
you give flight with easy freedom

A thousand clever pains
you deliver with mild detachment

A million open lies
escape your mouth like false confessions

But my wit eludes me
and I become a trusting fool






A sister love ...loves a former love

she waits by the door...

It's been too long ...inform her of ...

Not knowing anymore..

she writes him letters ...

he answers never.....

She's still by the door..

assuring mold ...trembling..

she waits by the door.....

and fortitude close to none ...

it doesn't care any more ..

enough of running ...

and seize the moment ....

because All I have is you.....

It's been several days ..haven't seen you yet ..

now I wait by the door...

You left me there ..assembling

my broken heart ...

So I know what I did ...and yet

I've never wondered that All I had was you....


Love is what I feel,

I can tell it's real.

When I look into your eyes

you make my spirits rise

I imagine the day

when you will walk my way,

confess you love me too,

without you I'm so blue.


Ali Fazzio

The rain keeps falling, like tears from my eyes,
A pair all alone, in dark, grey skies.
Like eyes its seen laughter, happiness, and kindness,
But has also seen hatred, ignorance, and defiance.

As the rain keeps falling, washing away sin,
The world seems to grow good again.
But I know it's just a matter of days,
Before the rain will stop, and the world will be the same.

But through my eyes, I can see
Just what the world was meant to be.
For I have hope, a desire for a better tomorrow,
With no more hate, ignorance, or sorrow.

As the rain seems to cease and I blink my eyes,
I take a look around me, and come to realize,
That the world I hope, long and pray for,
Will someday be here, when the sun shines once more.


"The Quest"

Throughout the dark and foggy night, the sound of many horses can give you a fright. Is it near, or is it far? Through the thick of the fog, you can't even see a star. You know you must wait and now prepare, for the breath of the dragon is in the air. Suddenly through the mist you see a light, it can only be Merlin casting spells in the night. You try to run and you can only hide, for the Knights of King Arthur are not far behind. Finally you hear the chanting of armor and steel, Arthur is wielding Excalibur, so you must yield. Throughout all of England he has conquered the land, to unite all men and bring flourish to the land. The Quest is complete and Merlin must go, from whence he came, no one shall know....

By: Richard Ulrick
Copyright, 1995


(no title)

It was unfair

for the name Clementine

to be leafed in between


only filling the fillings

savoring the ambrosial

gushiness of honey drops

coming from perhaps

a hard day's climbing

to the hoarse hot throat

clearing away

for a cool


of lake waters

hidden away blank dark

with blue green oaks


-by Rita Deng


Meant to be

Looking at you starting to walk,
seeing you smile at me
feeling your little arms wrapping all around me
my love is all you need

cherishing each moment
every second that we share
making sure you always know
just how much i care

never wanting you to know
never wanting you to feel
unwanted in anyway
my guilt so very real

One day I may apologize
for thinking of only me
I will tell you just how sorry I am
for wishing you not to be

I love you so very much
My child that wasn't supposed to be


I'm not a candy dispenser

I don't want screaming brats

I just want you

to look at you

and look at me

what do you see


How hard does it hit

when it bounces back?

gotta big train

moving on the wrong track

or are you just passed out

in the middle of the street

with your brain so full

you can barely speak,

but the feelings that surrounded your soul

were just blanketed with coal

but sometimes,

a little light gets through.



The jazz is soothing, yet still

Too loud,

Notes from the piano sting

My brain.

I turn the volume down...

Much better

I've really got to stop punishing

This organ

TV and other stimulants

Cause burnout

Alcohol and other depressants

Flatten existence

Once I thought that I had too much--

Now I'm trying to keep what I got.

Once I thought that I needed to beat my head against things--

Now that idea, for some reason, is gone.



Let me tell you

everything you wanted to know,

but never wanted to hear.

let me make you

more complicated, more complex.

let your head inflate

then deflate when

you think of consequence.

enjoy the moment



i felt you like you felt me

it actually set me free

and made me happy.

there's more to it

then you'll ever know


1000 shades of grey

endless society

hounding me and my ways

not able to see my

1000 shades of grey




they say i must conform

to be accepted and loved by god

why ?

your bitter bleeds me-









moments that waken me

to my presence-

to this small world

so small and so untouched.

a small cog

turning a small wheel.

pinpointed status

a spec to this

ever moving world

just a human

in planet america

livin large in my garage.


-the dead vegetable garden-

fascinating craziness/ that woman sat me on the floor/ linoleum gripping cheek/

silent syncronicity / complicating my brain/ falling, collapsing, flushing again/

cursing emotion/ afflicting me/ LOVE a 4 letter word that needs denial/

every day emotional trials/ with a hung jury./ and i've been out of dollar bills

like a fish/ you need to swim/ in a sea of green,/ and my pond is dry.

so you found/ a thicker wallet/ and all the life you sucked out mine/ is slowly growing back.


the group poem-

THE JESUS LIZARD ate P.J. HARVEY as the SONIC YOUTH played games, GIRLS AGAINST BOYS. BAD BRAINS decided to use SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE to sell their SEVEN STORY MOUNTAIN, on FUGAZI street. BIG CHIEF knew some STONE TEMPLE PILOTS out at the airpark that were interested, but THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS that were into selling THE CRYSTAL METHOD ended up buying the pad. those PROPELLER HEADS were pretty pissed off that they lost the deal and wrote it off as a FLUKE.



For you i would do

one more than all the things
a lifetime can bring

the little anythings
and bigger everythings

for you...maybe
you'd notice that little something
that's just for you

for you i'd let you
decipher my mind only

while you walk into my life
a smile appears from behind my face

for you...i'm ready
to see all that will happen

just justify my thoughts
you help me breathe
you guide my steps

that lead me slowly to you


HOW ??

How will I know if love flows like a fountain,
How will I know if love is standing still on a hill.
In love do you mess around, lie and play games,
Or, in love do you put trust, honor and respect

How will I know if I'll be holding my heart in my hand,
Smashed, and broken into pieces.
It is said that true love waits, but I don't know how long.

Am I not good enough, am I not smart enough
I question myself, hold on or let go
Show me a way, tell me how long ?
How long do I wait, for love to stop knocking on my door
And make it's way into my heart.
How long, I don't know you tell me.


The bitterly cold wind blew against his tear covered cheeks.

His dreams had been ruined in a matter of weeks.

He knew she was wild when he first said yes.

Now that was what started this horrible mess.

It was not the only thing that had gone wrong.

Many things had added up and he just couldn't go on.

He still loved her but not as much as before.

He didn't know what to do, his heart just wasn't sure.

It was used to being hurt, it had built up a wall.

But this last lie was the worst of them all.

Why she did it, he didn't know.

If she loved him, it sure didn't show.


The Littlest Angel.

The Littlest angel,

So meek and so mild,

The littlest angel,

Who is only a child.

The littlest angel,

Abandoned and alone,

The Littlest angel,

Without a family or a home.

The Littlest angel,

No other life does he know,

The Littlest angel,

Still has scars he must show.

The Littlest angel,

So cold and so scared,

The Littlest angel,

Has so much pain he must bare.

The Littlest angel,

Without a single friend,

The Littlest angel,

Has learned only to pretend.

The Littlest angel,

Needs someone to love,

For the Littlest angel,

Is a gift from above.

The Littlest angel,

Is so precious and dear,

The Littlest angel,

Should have nothing to fear.

The littlest angel,

So brave and so kind,

The Littlest angel,

Isn't hard to find.

For all of the children

abused and unloved,

They are the Littlest angels,

Who are sent from above.


However froze

Dried brown leaves lay

scattered, shattered, stolen

from their secure homes.


of life blown around

in cold November winds.

Trees left to stand bare

exposing to the world

their secret silent fears.

Quiet screams,

hushed horrors of

drying dropping leaves

that like crystal tears

fall heavily to freezing,

aching grounds.

Hope, however reluctant,

seeps slowly, silently like

blood from the wounds,

places where leaves

once grew.


all we do is smile

i'm sure you never felt a thing

but your smile, beautiful smile

to me means everything



To the man who was once my dad,

I plead to you to give him back.

You are no longer the guy I call my father,

but a guy I know call Rick.

I miss my dad, he cared for me.

The Rick may care, it's not like it used to be.

My dad is gone, he has disappeared.

How much I wish for him to reappear.

For him to show his love and ask me how I am.

I wouldn't have to say a word but he would understand.

I'd trust in him that I'd never be alone.

All my troubles he would treat as if they were his own.

I wish for him to be by my side,

and when I am in trouble, I won't have to hide.

My love for him has not been forgotten.

Though he's been replaced I think of him often.

I would give up all the stuff I had,

if I could have just one moment to spend with my dad.



I want to be with you right now.

I want to be with you forever,

and if you do not feel the same,

then we should not be together.

You tell me that you love me.

You say it every day.

But since you do not show it,

these words begin to fade.

Then you ask what it is,

that you need to do.

But if I say a word

you say I'm changing you.

Look into your heart

and see what's really there.

You don't keep your promises

and you don't act like you care.

Why does it have to happen.

Why does it have to be this way.

Without you in my world

I don't think I could live another day.

I wonder if it's over

I wonder if were through.

No matter what it is that happens

I'll never stop loving you.


If loneliness is only a state of mind

Then depression must all be made up in the head

And if time is only a measure of darkness

Then longing has to be a test of faith

If moods are only determined by expressions

Then hearts can't ever be truly broken

But then why am I feeling so empty

And why do I wish I was gone

And why does my watch keep ticking

No matter who I want to be near

Then why am I always smiling

When I'm falling apart inside

And why is my heart in pieces

When you claim that nothing has changed

And why are these tears still falling

When I'm so sure I'm over you

By:Kerwynn Gordey


I'm tired of living in shadows

And I'm tired of always being a step behind

I want to be my own person, I want to be myself

And I am nothing like my mother.....

Except I have her eyes, and I have her teeth

And I am nothing like you.....

Except you have my heart, and you have my soul

And I want to break free, from all these comparisons

And I want to get out of here

Because I am not like you

I have different opinions, and I have a mind of my own

I don't speak softly, and I don't hold my breath

And if I've got something to say, you'll know it

By: Kerwynn Gordey


Soul full of lies

as i look into your eyes

all i see

is a soul full of lies

you tell me we're together

but when it comes to your friends

it seems

for that moment our relationship

comes to an end

the very next day

you act as if nothing went wrong

Dedicated to: Dustin Darling (age 17)


Oh how I wish to be a cat,

So nice and sleek and soft and fat.

Then I would laze upon a mat,

Or cozy up inside a hat.

To be a cat would be so fine,

I'd have mice on which I'd dine.

Of my lives I would have nine,

If I could be a cat so fine.


I shall hang your picture in secret places

And quietly keep

The memory of what could have been

Silent in my sleep

I shall hold closer to heart

The laugh that lifted my soul

I shall however try to soon disregard

The warm love which so quickly waxed cold

I shall take down memories from shelves

Replacing them with inconsequential prints

The mind always lingers onward

The wounded heart seldom forgets

I shall save this one last sketch

Purposefully placing it behind a small floor tree

I have chosen to move my spirit forward

While your face still haunts my Peace


Pamela Anderson

I dreamt about Pamela Anderson last night.

Over breakfast, the next morning, I told my mother.

"Mum, I had a dream about Pamela Anderson last night."

She told me; "I don't want to hear about those sort of dreams."

I said, "Mum, it wasn't that sort of dream."

I told her Pamela and I were crossing the street together. It was a cold night, the wind carried cigarette butts and paper cups across our feet.

I was taking her to a poetry reading.

In the middle of the road she put her hand on my arm,

and stopped me.

The divided line divided us.

She stared at me and said;

"I want you to know I really appreciate you taking me to something like this. The whole world thinks I'm dumb, they call me a slut, a bimbo, a whore, a television star and they call me stupid. They say there's nothing inside of me. They say nothing grows there. They don't realize what the world does to people. They don't know what happens to people like me."

She turned away and let go of my arm,
we waited for the traffic to clear and we continued across the street.

copyright Sean M Whelan 1999.



By Brian A. Stevens

Children oh children,

the innocence of this world,

the beauty that makes peace flow,

are raped of their minds,

allowing them to go mad,

unto which the world does not understand why.

Why do we allow them to exist,

if they are witnessing corrupt actions and violent words

of a society so lost in it's self?

My sympathy for us all,

as we do our best to live.

We are all children.


The purpose of Manifesto Gleitzeit (Short version)

is to be spread around.This is a humanitarian mission, to let you know about new art. The website will be available shortly after being upgraded to a more user-friendly software.


Art based on depiction of visual flexibility with theoretical flexibility.

A painting which purpose is to achieve composition with no end and no beginning.

Art based on depiction of circle evolution of understanding and seeing.

A kind of art which draws upon imagery and seeks to reveal abstract idea of the connection within.

It's flexible because it has multiple principles.

It is more abstract than abstraction.

It is more visible than reality.

It is more subconscious than surrealism.

It is objective and nonobjective simultaneously.

It is emotional but scientific.

It depends upon pattern of line as a primal creator of whatever associated or disassociated from theme.

The artist's mind is the superior beginning of the line, but the line is free and emancipated.

Flexi is a new neo-pro-anti-post.

Jaisini, New York 1999


I wish you were here

Because you are so dear
Am I making myself unclear?

I need some support right now
But I'm just thinking how.

Is it ok If I talk to you
Just for a few?

I just want to let you know
That I'm feeling quite low

And that I often lie in bed
And wish myself dead

Some nights I stare at the ceiling
And I get this awful feeling...


The scabbed over scars bleed with joy

As he reaches for the cat of nine tails

I wish I could go back and pet Muffy

For she was my moms best friend

Three days in the gutter I spent

Waiting for the cat to get the hairball

Johnny fell off the tree

Broke his pelvic bone

Now Im left with nothing but Muffy.


Where have you been
Mike Shockency

Where have you been

I thought i would never

see you again. My heart has

been empty. My pride had been

hurt, I just wanted to

bury my head in the dirt.

I tried to call you

I tried to love you

you never called back

and you really cared

I really tried i tried hard

all you wanted to do was drive

my car. I wanted you bad whenever

i asked you would get mad.


I wonder what he's doing now...

Where could he possibly be?

Is he near?

We could've brushed shoulders,

And never really knew...

Was his heart ever broken?

Did he ever cry himself to sleep?

Does he have the eyes of an angel?

have those eyes ever caught my stare?

Did he see the moon last night?

And maybe felt the power of the skies?

Is he in search of me too?

Will we ever find one another?

Feel the warmth of each other's touch

Does he pray at night?

Pray that I be all right?

I believe that one day soon

Our roads will cross

And on that day we meet

I meet my knight.

I know how you must feel...

It has been quite a battle

Still, it isn't over


But you must try to win

It is the only way to get over him

There are more good things to come

Look now at the person you've become

Stronger, wiser, less vulnerable

See, everything has it's purpose

It's all part of God's wonderful plan

Who knows what awaits you

Of course you'll never know

Dear not until you let him go


Written while I was at Boot Camp in Parris Island, NC

A tired soul worn to the bone

Only a pair of boots to call his own

He sleeps in a room with 50 other men

Only communication to home is with a pen

Believe it or not he came here by choice

Knowing full well the Man's gruff voice

Would be yelling and screaming... spittle shoots out

Getting louder and louder after each shout

He came here by choice to prove himself worthy

Not for money or fame or power or glory

But to test his mettle to strengthen his might

And still he lies in his bed at night

Thinking rubbing his muscles worn stiff

Thinking about how tomorrow if

He puts in his best his effort his all

Soon he will hear his name being called

To receive 'the prize' so it seems

The medal the honor and the title "Marine"


Time stands still

I look at this circle that surrounds me

Seeing these holes of my heart I can't fill

What happened to what we used to be?

I reflect on the times you told me I love you so much

told me how beautiful I was

I can't get over the absence of your touch

what is it that a lonely heart does?

Over almost a year

we did and shared everything

I'm left now with the saline of my tears

and the hurt of giving back your promise ring

Never will I be the same

no other love will do

There is no one but myself to blame

know this though I will forever love you

Miss the way

your lips felt touching mine

All the sweet things you'd say

I'll never find another love so fine

By: Casey Duncan



Beautiful to think. . .

Now and then I hear a sound, ever so sweet and calm

It rocks me gently to and fro, and is soothing as a balm

An elegant murmur lingers around my open ear

A hint of The Everlasting is what I think I hear

Common logic tells me that I must remain adept

At being pacific in my ways, and this I must accept

Eternity must be exquisite, I've pondered true and long

I'm certain it's most splendid, if I've done right not wrong

Such a delicate shimmer, within my darkened mind

A whisper of Eternity is what I hope to find

While in my ways I stumble, and peace is rarely found

I must seek Infinity, ere I reach my funeral mound

Yes, I am blind, deaf and dumb, but there lies a place within

Where I know Ethereal Whispers are wearied to get in

While I lay upon my pillow, so silent, still and deep

The promise of Eternity will penetrate my sleep

Wonderful to know. . . .


April Evening

Once on an April evening,

I looked to the twilight sky

And heard the murmur of the pines,

A restless and lonely sigh.

The evening star was a lovely sight,

As serene and alone it stood --

Like the eye of truth in an earnest face,

The night its protecting hood.



My precious pup!

My darling boy!

My terror,

My tiger,

My imp,

My joy!

At five

He's alive

With ginger and spice,

And I say to myself,

"Will he ever be




I came home this evening

and you were gone.

Even not being around,

you were home.

The silver moon hung rocking

over our quiet street

and you lay there gently

being the world.

I am I, luckiest eyes

to witness such as you,

lucky for a position

in your company.

You create matter.

They poured you into the very

living and breathing earth.

Venus is worried.

I came home to no you

but I was all right with it:

you return.


Life as a Rose

Just like a beautiful

long stemmed rose

your precous memory

grows and grows

there is a place in my heart

that know one but you can hold

and like the same sweet rose

you love forever

flows and flows

filling my life

with a warmth

that only you know

so like a forever blooming rose

the beauty we


eternally grows

for deep in my heart i know

that we will never be apart



Sometimes you have to say no to something good.

Sometimes you have to be happy with something bad.

Sometimes you don't get what you want.

Sometimes you don't get what you expect.

Sometimes you get disappointed.

Sometimes everything isn't always great.

Sometimes you don't get treated with that silver platter.

Sometimes things go good.

Sometimes things go bad.

Sometimes you don't get to choose your route in life.

Sometimes life doesn't go the way you want.

Sometimes you have to be happy anyway.


What if a man could write a thousand verse,

But to a woman never rehearsed,

How to say how he felt inside,

And make her soul fly high in the sky.

For love, you see, is a very strange thing;

Sounding at times like a harp,

but hurting other times like a sting.

How much more can be said,

Then these three simple words,

But when not returned, one wished to be dead.

"When?" I asked to myself one dreadful day.

"When, and on what glorious day,

Shall all my efforts, in full be repaid?"

You, to this question hold the key,

And may, of course answer, "It will never be."

And so I can beg, because all that I need,

Is for you to take the time to talk to me.

And so once again, I'll kneel, and I'll pray,

That one day with me, you'll want to stay.


the ex

I had a dream last night...

you were in it,

not that i liked you that much anyway.

it's hard to forget


when your around they act like you're not
they say they are your friend but stab you in the back

when you have money they take it all but when they have
money they wont let you touch it

you are willing to do any thing for them
but they won't even lend you money

you are like a small child wanting love from some one who
doesn't even know what it means.


One and Not Two....
Damein Scarborough

Baby, will you marry me, not only in a chapel, but in my heart too....

Will you join your soul to mine, link your thoughts to mine....

To make us one and not two...

I can't imagine, what this world would be like,

With out you in my life....

I can't imagine what love would feel like,

With out you in my life....

You've said so much, but I've been so afraid to take it in....

Not all you say can be true...

That in all this world of splendor, and delights,

You choose to love me as I choose to love you...

This is why I ask you now to marry me, marry my heart, marry my soul....

With so much love between us, so much love inside us...

It's right that we be one and not two...


First Smile

A girl in my 4th period class who never smiled.

her depressant face made me worry for her.

Never once upon a time did I see her with her friends,

so I started to wondering if she even had any.

Everyday, I tried to talk to her and make her feel better,

yet, she still didn't smile for she wasn't as happy.

You might think she is a weirdo from no where at all,

but she is one of the ordinary who was quiet and shy.

after days, she started to talk more about herself to me.

She is from Argentina where she was popular and smart,

but once she move to US, she seemed to lost it all.

She was quiet for she didn't know how to talk,

but after she learned to speak english,

she has gotten used to the fact that no one talked to her,

so she sits in the back of the room and listen to everyone else.

We talked about everything and anything,

because we became friends from then and on.

And you would always see a bright smile on her happy face...


"We Are"
Sheryl Marcia Schwartz

You are ice as I am warm
but you were refuge from my storm

You are harsh as I am gentle
yet at times you are so sentimental

You are strong as I am weak
still you gave me freedom to speak

We are as One
united and divided before time was begun
two subconscious minds as 2 souls grown apart
we're connected to One
one universal beating heart

You are smart as I can be so stupid
but you carry all the knowledge of Cupid

You are foolish as I am wise
yet I can read mercy in your passionate eyes

You are the moon as I am the sun
darkness and light
day becomes night

We are as One
It shall be done.


Descriptive writing
Michael Attwood

The old boat swims almost motionless. The gentle sway of the waves almost

as if breathing, gently caress and shepherd his totally natural world.

The Ocean is Calm and inviting today the gentle sweep of the water moves

in an almost circular pattern and its blue waters show an hazy reflection

of the old mans face, his hair is white and shows signs of negligence,

his once proud young face now shows signs of great strain and wrenches

with the harsh reality of his age. The sun radiates a large glimmer

from the grand waters below and the old man sits and watches has he is

blinded by its magnificence. A single tear trickles down his left cheek

has he is captivated by its beauty. The old mans bandaged hands although

covered still feel the bite of the cold Atlantic air and writhe with pain

from his ignored scars. The tiny decaying vessel is a mixture of rotten

wood and chipped paint and the torn fishing net and rusted jigger now only

come along for the ride of which the old man could not live without.

critiques welcome. my email is


I search and I've almost found, seeking him has been exhausting, to my strength, to my time, but most of all, to my heart, For whatever may come, I mind it not, Whether be it my dream of being received and endeared. Or be it my nightmare of hindrance and opposition; I know not yet, but would never have known if I hadn't started the search. An ill manner is about me now. Change is needed and change is wanted. Time goes quickly, but so does the mind. Not knowing, the affliction, all over a search. Many think "bah! I wouldn't care, I was born into this family". But I care. Ever since, there was doubt that I didn't belong. No one will ever know, It was not about feeling sorry for myself or being conceited. Nor was it about any kind of loathing; it was about a feeling of healthiness, happiness and kindness. Three very important positive keys to living. Without them, no person can ever feel real. I am an actress on stage, acting my heart out to anyone and everyone....but to no one that hears the real me, the real person hiding inside me. Looking in the mirror I see a face with a million stories, with a million different ideas, with a million different acts and representations, someone with a million different faces and voices. But, which one is me? I don't know if I'll ever know, but my search must go on. To find my birth father and be with him could be my one true path. So off to my search. Let no one or no thing blunder my path. I am not a troubadour, but a searcher.

~Melissa Andrews



Why must you endure the pain you have received? My heart pines to remove it from your world. I wish that was conceivable, for I would in the blink of an eye. Yet, as a devoted one, I can only take upon myself the woes bestowed onto you. And I do! Why should you suffer alone? Did you not know when you fall, I feel your pain? Did you not know when you hurt, I hurt the same? You will not surrender to the sorrow that has entered the pores of your weeping heart for I am here to offer you solace. With you every step of the way until your battle with heartache is won! Never once will I question your strength. How can I? I have witnessed it in all its splendor. Have you forgotten? If it seems a lifetime your sorrows last, know I am here. I will hold you near so that we may weep together. When you cry, I cry. When you hurt, I hurt the same.


Buried Alive

Time drags on without taking me with it

I'm still stuck in the same unforgiving world

When everyone else has moved on

Was I so wrong, that you can never forgive me

I want to move on

But I can never make it

If you won't take this weight off my heart

This weight is dragging me under an ocean of my own pain and sorrows

And I'm grasping for air

Only you can save me

You are my life-giving air

Can't you look past our petty differences

And see that your burying me alive

I'm stuck in a casket I made myself

But your the one pouring dirt over my grave

Won't you forgive me

And save me

Save us

Before I'm gone and buried


Spring Sings

Spring sings with...

fuzzy yellow baby chicks following their mothers

graceful butterflies floating gently on the breeze

bunches of sunny daffodils reaching for the sky.
















Like to have a green bean

tied 'round my dreams


potato chip lick and a barnyard squall

Laceys got her dress caught


my eye

gonna just close my eyes

gonna just close my eyes


Children's Love

Bleeding sunlight trickles through an open window catching my eye.

I look to see you still beside me, sleeping with a child's blanket and a child's smile wrapped around your beautiful face.

I want to kiss your lips but well I know that you don't want to receive.

This love between us makes us strong, but tears us down.

No words to complete the emotion inside us.

I need to know one last time, when our time as children is gone, will the children's love die with it?


A Young Girl's Soul

I saw a young girl one day and I said, "I cna see a persons soul

through their eyes."

She said to me, "Stop lying!" Yet sounded quite


I retorted, "I'm not in fact I can see it in their


She said right back, "Yeah right, I haven't heard such a tale

in a while."

"A tale, you jest, I tell the truth what makes you think I


"Because a souls' invisible, I know bid you


As she walked away I realized something: I never saw her


It's something that she lacked and would never be quite



Fewest Words
by j

Fewest words retire
inside old forgotten letters

Fewest words running scared
splattered across the morning news

forced labor

within the minds
of misunderstanding


Fewest Words
by j

Fewest words retire
inside old forgotten letters

Fewest words running scared
splattered across the morning news

forced labor

within the minds
of misunderstanding


A dream, A fantasy, An illusion.

Is it your love I feel?

Or just your confusion?

Some feelings you don't forget.

My Friend.. My Lover..

Which one had I met?

So distant you are

I reach but you can't see

I can't show myself

So I remain a mystery

Close again, then far behind

A way to tell you I cannot find

And as I hide you close in me

Maybe one day we'll know

But for now I take my secret

with me.. and I go

Some people are just not forgotten

I will never forget

My Friend.. My Lover..

Which one had I met?



Kneel and worship my power

As u gaze upon my flower

And I seduce your soul

Mentally enslaved by chains of old

For I am known across the seven seas

And I have brought many men to their knees

With my pain and pleasure

Dare to expose my petals and find my treasure

Submerge deep within my love

Yielding power most men dream of


"Don't let this cruel world get you"

Poverty stricken childhoods...Growing up in the worst of neighborhoods

Mothers raising kids on their own...Daddy's leaving them broke and alone

Struggling to make ends meet...Praying they don't turn off the heat

Going to school in the same ol' clothes...Knowing damn well everyone knows

>>>And they say don't let this cruel world get you...

Dealing with police brutality ...Excepting that it's a harsh reality

Sexual predators being set free...Where's the justice for you and me

Once there was affirmative action...Now it's all gone like a chain reaction

Crooked politicians in today's society...All they seem to do is lie to you and me

>>>And they say don't let this cruel world get you...

Neighborhood watch programs don't work anymore...It seems every time you need help people close the door

Gang sign being thrown everywhere...Just be sure you don't stop and stare

I lost my best friend in a gang shooting and I'm lucky to be alive

Alcohol seems to be my new best friend...Everyday I wonder how my life's going to end

>>>And they say don't let this cruel world get you...



So cruel,

so empty,

are the words I hear.

So distant,

is your heart

while i'm lying here

Just take me away

lift me,

up to the sky

Don't ask me any questions,

I know, you wont

wonder why.

I am here,

only to be bruised

At the times your angry

Yet selfishly how you choose:

I am such misery to your life,

I am...What keeps you ALIVE


Oh Well June
M. Catherine Walls

So your Mama and Daddy hate you so.

Oh well June, don't feel so low.

So you say you have no friends,

and your heart is full of woe.

Oh well June, don't be a foe.

So they say you're dull, and your wit is slow.

Oh well June, what do you know?

So my advice to you is to go out and find your soul.

Oh well June, where will you go?


In the dark

In the dark beneath the skin,
the secret dark,
my words flow carelessly.

When I'm alone with my pen
the cut is clean,
and words flow carelessly.

The dark, confused swirling
that never stops,
down in the middle of me
seeps through the pores
spills to the paper
forming my life's chores.

Any and All who read these lines
have soaked up my words with their minds.

In the dark beneath your skin,
the secret dark,
my words boil dangerously.

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