Up-dated September 30th, 2000

"mE & mY fAcE"

mE & mY fAcE,
wE'rE qUiTe A pAiR,
wHeReVeR i Go, ShE gOeS;

bE iT a RaCe,
Or Up ThE StAiRs,
ShE bEaTs Me By A nOSe!!!



Pay attention,
follow directions, 
listen closely,
ask any questions.

Time to line up, 
time to sit down.
Everyone has one,
remember the class clown.

Stay in line, 
mine your manners.
Please speak up,
no time for little clammers.

This is my class,
to which I speak.
Knowledge and education is what my class seeks.

They shall find, when they mine their minds.
One, two, even three times.
Magnificent, luminous and bright.
All little suns shining through the night.


The Archer's Keen Eyesight
by David Koepke

A rarefied fight, it is...
as if-- to climb inside a line

:so fine pretend a thing
bringing points of apartness together.

The bow that is the machine for delivery
alive with... knuckled energy.

The fingertip pads of the index
and middle indent

to bloodlessness.
Exquisite trembling...

minds Eye and the Right eye union
to perfect concentric eclipse

and... go!
Go the game arrow.


Jerry Landry 

Love is not a living thing
It is not born of moonlit night
It does not grow in sun’s loving light
Not of hope springing eternal;
Nor beauty personified,
Or time immortal

Love is not a tangible thing
Not to be felt as the summer wind’s kiss
Cannot be granted with a hopeful wish
It is not the sun, the moon, the sky;
It is not a rose you hold like this,
Or the light in your eyes

Love is not a mortal thing
And with mortal words described
Not of hope springing eternal;
Nor beauty personified,
Love is not a living thing,
For living things have to die


The Garden
Mark Oberding

A seed slid under the gate 
A masked silent rose I did fall 
Sightless and anonymous 
bloomed to clarity and happiness. 
The meek never brave 
these vulnerable paths 
and so they wilt. 

Breathing on different sides 
of the garden we hear each other. 
Times wind and warmth 
bring flowers closer 
From glaring to glowing 
healthy to radiant
The garden happily grows 
I Love my rose. 


By Fred Haney

The trouble with being too honest 
Is the same as the telling of lies 
Both may be treated with equal contempt 
That have little to do with their size. 
Too much of the truth is not condoned 
Even with the best of intentions 
A lie now and then can do no harm 
According to normal conventions. 
A little white lie told innocently 
May have saved a friendship or two. 
But ask yourself what about the truth? 
Why is that so difficult to do? 
For those afraid of such honesty 
Who cannot say how they are feeling 
They leach and suck the integrity 
Of others from whom they are stealing. 
Sincerity breeds contempt from those 
With whom honesty has no effect 
But for those unafraid to face the truth 
Honesty is the mother of respect. 

I wrote this when I discovered honesty is a character trait I most admire. Like playing a game of racquetball or tennis, there are rules governing our behavior. Stepping outside that strictly defined playing field is so telling. A lot can be learned about how people play the game. Life is a game, and how we follow the rules, rules dictated by our own values, is also equally revealing. I try to live my life as if every word has meaning far beyond its spoken value. And in this way, perhaps I can leave my mark. I am far better for having known people and I hope the reverse is, at least, temporarily true. 


April Fugate

She was more than a mother
She was my friend 
I trusted her with my love
Over time she found some one new to give her love and affection to
The friend I once had is my greatest enemy
She knows how to torture my soul with every word she speaks
I miss my friend dearly but she is gone what remains is replaced with her hate for her own daughter


Time revolves around me, each second passing by
I stare to the heavens and cant help but wonder why?
The lushness which is speed, wont help it go faster
I can only watch the fire burn and ponder how to master
Glitter balls and lost mistakes are spinning in my head
Turning round with vibrant envy at every word i've said.
Patience sits on my shoulder, waiting for the hour
Passing by so blissfully as i think back and scour
I could hold a star in my hand and crush it in my palm
Everything would fall apart, existence no more calm.
Fallen snow, summer lost, burnt Autumn leaves of Slumber
Freshly mown grass, Long lost Loves and sunsets orange umber
Paula Magaret Charlesworth


The Road of Life
Kirk Jones 

fears=deep desires=distractions=misguidance=false destination.





? ?? ???
Philip Dursey


Did Someone Say, Poem?
Rene A. Martin

Denial is sometimes disguised as affirmation; 
sometimes, it's the other way around.
So, I hereby solemnly declare that this is not a poem.
Perhaps, this way, I'll be able to sneak up on her,
bide my time, and when she is distracted, complacent,
unsuspecting, totally at ease, leap out from my cover,
seize her around the waist, and take her by surprise.
Not that I expect her to yield even then without a struggle:
punching, kicking, scratching, yelling, wriggling strenuously
this way and that, trying desperately to escape my grasp. 
She may prove to have the spirit of Ahab's great white. 
This may well be the encounter to prove my undoing, 
my poetic demise. But this encounter may have been ordained
long before I gained consciousness of this poem's existence.
All I know is that there is no turning back. We are already
locked in a strenuous grappling contest of wills: she, to
escape, to fly free, ethereal, formless; me, to bend her
to my will, to give her substance - to mate with her and
produce on the printed page our joint offspring, a tangible
thing of form and structure, words that speak of and for us both.
This that you read now is what our struggle has wrought.


In a landscape of reason I wait and I watch
For a motive to take me away
And I stand on my guard, never ceasing to look
For the words that I so need to say

You may think it strange when I bury my face
In a world where I only pretend
But what's the point living for martyrs and gurus
When it all leads to quite the same end

There are things you don't hear, there are things you can't see
There are places you never will go
You are trapped by society, writhing and wrenching
You can't learn things they won't let you know

You go on being trapped by invisible lines
You believe what the media speaks
But trivial matters only last for so long
They are meant for the feeble and weak

And so it is so that I've decided to go
To take on the world all alone
Family is frivolous, friends are as well
And I doubt I will ever miss home

In a landscape of reason I listen and wait
For that motive to take me away
And I stand on my guard; you should try, it's not hard
I've found any words I had left to say 



Mark Veitch

"To mock a killing bird, how novel," said he
As he glanced at the eagle perched in the tree.
So majestic he looked with his lucid, icy stare.
As silent he rested, like a monk in prayer.

Conjuring up his most humiliating taunt,
With poise like a ghost on a permanent haunt,
He leered and said to the eagle in the tree,
"You look so silly, tee hee hee hee!"


Mind Spring
by Susan Taylor Hill

A late spring breeze that rustles leaves and people.
Lazily feeling up every item of creation it can touch.
Almost as if time has no existence over it.
That this perfect dying day could never fade.

I, a molecule of vibration, and useless thoughts.
Watch this breeze in all it's sensuousness.
I too wish to become a master of only existence.
To lick the sunlight with the tip of my tongue and taste gold.

To hide the awareness of all heartbeats and mornings.
That led to pointlessness and sorrow.
Knowing that all the running in the world won't help me.
That I will end up back where I have already been.

That when the earth rolls languidly with her mounds of promise.
Shadowed and solid with her hints of forever.
I stand in my heartbeat feeling as melted as ice cream.
Watching jealously, as the lazy breeze whispers on.

Trying to Heal
by Nicole Kleppinger

I have walked that fine line, between living and just existing. I yearn for life, I feel my blood heat and rise to the surface, but then it just cools off. I want more of this world, more than I have ever seen, or felt, or heard. The 5 senses fool even the smartest of us all. My eyes ache, for so many tears have flowed today. I cry with the deep realization that I must revisit my past to ever truly live in the present, and in the future. I don't want to gloss over the rough spots anymore. It's time to sand them down, smooth out the patches of bumps that litter the surface. It's tough work, but so worth the efforts put into it. I deserve a chance at living. I'm here, aren't I? I'm here, not willing to wait anymore for my life to jumpstart. No one can do this work but me. You know what? Position is filled, you're hired girl. Now get to work already! 


Glory of the Moon
Nick Millican

In the west the sun ducks below the horizon, out of sight,
But I could still see the ground and the sky by the sun’s vague, vanishing, old light.
In the East the gentle moon did rise,
Gentle at first, then a full moon laid fully into my eyes.
All was as silent as a sound is loud,
All except for the birds overhead and the crickets playing proud.
In the West the sky was still purple, pink, and light blue.
Yet in the East the sky was dark enough to see the first star.
Slowly but surely the large pink moon climbed farther from the horizon.
With each bit of the ascent the moon grew brighter, more like sun,
Until it’s apex had been reached-And midnight had been breached.
As quickly as it had found its place in the sky,
Is how fast it ran down the mountain of the night, from way up high,
Not struggling to the coming day with a fight.
Now the moon had fallen where did the sun the day of last,
And the sun had found itself where the moon had been the night in past.


I Turn Around and . . . 
Gene Zarnick 

I turn around and nothings there,
it's blank it has no walls,
no sounds to hear, no sights to see,
no bird squeaks or squalls.
No smell of fresh cut grass,
or noise of buzzing bees,
no birds up in the sky,
or branches from the trees.
I yell as loud as I can,
but no one does shout back,
I walk and walk all around,
and then I see a shack.
There's a man inside sleeping,
curled in the shape of a ball,
and I notice he has no food,
and he's really tall.
I try to wake him up,
with a very loud scream,
and then I wake up,
and I realize it was a dream!


A soldier's take
Timothy James

One more bridge to take
A hundred more lives to bake
All around the world
There's one more claim to stake

In the morn we march
Uniforms full of starch
Time and time again
We're stepping through an arch

On and on we go
On and on we go
Never do we stop to bleed
On and on we go

We're marching into town
Pushing people down
here we go again
Putting people down


The Wake
Alexis Van Pelt

an overcrowded room
full of dying flowers,
and that smell...
the smell that stays with you forever,
just like your face
an image in my mind
so pure,
and dead,
fake looking at first
but we all know the truth
the toddlers know nothing
to them its all a game 
a game i know all too well
to me its morbid
morbid in a sense that your all christian
standing around crying for a few seconds
getting comforted by his wife,
and her husband
while the kids sit,
and sit
does anyone think about the kids?
dressing them up in frilly socks
and flower-printed dresses
that make them itch
expecting them to be on their best
behavior when they really shouldn't be there at all
their just curious
about life,
and death,
about someone they didn't even know
now they only know her as 
a stiff plastic doll 
in a pretty box 
that they passed a thousand times while 
their perfect parents held their
whispering thru their tear-chocked throat,
"don't be sad honey she's with the lord."


The Innocence of Poetry
Eddie Alonzo

We are poets in the most unconscious ways
Undressing a story with button-by-button release,
Gently gliding heavy habits off the naked soul.
The words float above the stand-alone moons' gaze
Pressing the fabric of space with subtle ease,
Piercing a heaven where art not be forcefully told.
Exaggerated love without love plays
Eloquently, verse for verse, within the woven sheets,
Tame to minimal phrase and rhythmic euphonic flow,
A poem written for us, by us, for our worlds' display;
In simple prose gold melts to priceless seas
And spill into kisses and thrusts only we know.
Intensity is a claim to artistic array,
And illusion is often found the most real of things.
Your poetry will carry into every thought I unfold.

*Mandi Meagher*

Sometimes when you let go 
you find yourself holding on
even stronger

and every once in awhile you realize 
that its ok to cry
it shows courage and strength

we are all human
we all have emotions

and you understand that
letting go isn't giving up
it's moving on

find it in yourself...


I sing loud and off-key in my car.
Sean Johnson

It reminds me that I am alive
and will be forever.

And no one laughs if I sound like
a garbage disposal before puberty 
or a stepped-on cat.

No one laughs at me for being me.

But if they do I look them in the eye
and keep singing my song.

And I get to where I'm going.
That is what I'm driving for.


suhas a. chavan

when we stood waiting, a-waiting
hardly moments passed before, a glance, 
togetherness, needs arose,
and all stood still.

when we stood waiting, a-waiting
eyes the medium, silent words overflowed;
a colour here, a change there made sense
and all stood still.

when we stood waiting, a-waiting
heaven hoping God knows what,
'tis sure it wasn't leaving half way
and all stood still.

when we stood waiting, a-waiting, 
the ardour forgotten, the bliss forgone,
it was just the waiting, a-waiting, i here, you there
and all was still. 


Ksenija Spasic




By Kristin Schwarz

Falling for you is the worst thing I could have done.
After leading me on the way you do,
Tearing my heart up thinking you've won,
Every time something happens you always think you have to run.


by Jane Thomson

mid afternoon: sipping tea... as I walk towards the chair 
two clouds wrestle a mourning dove my shadow beats me to it:
for the same piece of sky mourning summer afternoon

nature beats on the window at the side of the road Summer day: 
as I read haiku: sparrows bathe in the dirt washing my car with a rainbow
summer storm 

as I bend to look closer a glimpse of red, 
the stone hops from the step, I turn,
a toad a cardinal sails into the pine

two black ants from different directions,
I raise my foot,
they pass beneath


Afternoon Cat
By Jody Stonestreet

The cat in the window,
Above the deli,
Was searching for 
I realized this
As I watched him from
In the car,
Listening to bluegrass.
As the cat raised it’s head,
I could see it’s furry, white
The cat watched the city, from
In its feline window.
It never asked me why I was 


Camp Robber Jay's
By Tim Loyd, Sr. 

I sit my horse and built a smoke, I was climbing higher, and higher I would climb.
For an hour I toiled higher, the terrain growing more and more rugged. I saw an Eagle soaring higher and higher on the airs currents. Just climbing higher.
Camp Robber Jay's screeched in the tree's, screeching in the tree's, climbing higher and higher, Camp Robber Jay's calling to me, calling to me to climb higher and higher.
Camp Robber Jay's was saying to me, saying to me come camp with me, come over here. Come this way come higher and higher and come camp with me.
Camp Robber Jay's are just little thief's, just little thief's are the Camp Robber Jay's. So I paid him no mind and climbed higher and higher.
But the Camp Robber Jay's stayed with me, he stayed with me climbing higher and higher. He stayed with me for he knew sooner or later I would make camp and find a place to stay.
Climbing higher and higher.



Come seldom seen Destiny,
enter this dreamdom, send
all your future commands
into this presence, lead
the tired heart onward
into a deepening showdown,
a fierce driven scenario
roaring past this light
reshaping of ancient form
Untitled #1 
by kate

She searched for herself in Concentration
But she found no depth
I asked how she lost her Inspiration
In reply, she said
"I wept"


**I Wish That I Was There**

I wish that I was there so I could be with you
I wish that I was there and I know you do too
I wish that I was there to hold you in my arms
I wish that I was there to hold you close
I wish that I was there so we could talk
I wish that I was there so we could go for a walk
I wish that I was there to give you a hug
I wish that I was there to give you a kiss 
I wish that I was there so it would be forever
I wish that I was there so we would be together

Frank Giampieri

I moved closer to her. 

How do you know when its true love , she asked

When you look into their eyes and you see them looking into yours, I replied

She held me close looking onto my eyes.
Thinking my thoughts breathing my breath holding my hand.
“I caught you”. she said 
“I caught you looking into my eyes” 

“Is this love?” 

I kissed her in the moonlight and made her dry lips sing
She held me to her heart and made me whole
Our bodies meshed into one Our hearts never knowing joy till now
As I gave my self to her and she to me the moonlight lit our souls and they danced in the

She whispered in my ear,
“I love you.” 
Then kissed me, her soft lips caressed mine, her scent made my whole body shake. 
I didn’t want the kiss to end, the thought of her lips leaving mine made my heart sink.

We held each other through the night 
Under the moon, under its light

I held her close 
I held her tight. So soft. So beautiful. So right.


The man in the mirror
Joshua Ooi

I looked into the mirror,
I saw in it, distant figure.
It came closer,
Yet seemed to be going further.
There was a bright mysterious aura,
Like a star, only brighter.
Then, I saw the man in the mirror.
He stretched out his hand,
Held it out to me like a friend.
I pulled him out,
He stood up.
His face was a blur,
Even so looking at me was not at all queer.
His gaze left a kind of warm feeling,
His "eyes" …… consoling, encouraging.
Suddenly, he turned away,
Seeing another figure he abandoned me,
As I watched them play,
This is what I see,
The world is cold,
Where most dreams may unfold.
The world is cold.


Don't Laugh
Jennifer Gwin

Illusive gods,
Twisted angels,
It's only the ramblings
of a mad woman,
Don't laugh,
Don't listen to me,
Do what society tells you,
Eat your greens,
Only wear white in summer,
Don't laugh,
Don't stare at me,
Try not to raise your voice,
Don't make me repeat myself,
Twisted angels, Illusive gods...


The Shaman
(a tribute to Carl Big Heart, Shaman of the Abenaki tribe)
Paul Vrenken

bioligized I watched
the Shaman
playing his role
performing his task

when he sang
his voice was carried
like on the flight
of a condor, so big

when he spoke
it was spontaneously
but still well thought
always carried by the wings

when he looked
his eyes shone
a never ending fire
wisdom and immense pleasure

he talked about his journey
all attempts he got through
he gave away his jacket
and tied his own shoes

with his enthusiasm
he stole the hearts
of all sisters and brother
and in the end he said

“there really is no other”

he talked about the elements
North, East, South and West
our grand Father and Mother Earth
and how they are connected

he made the relation
between body, mind and soul
and spoke his ideal
peace on earth, yeah that‘s his goal

he’s a real idealist
his contribution is so great
but nobody knows what and how
until the next day…

he planted the seeds
his lifestyle was contagious
good thoughts and compassion
pleasure and stamina

I listened intensely
his mind filled my ears
I admire this man
this man has no fear

after months
I ‘see’ him again
we’re on the same line
he’s real close and then

I can hear his voice
and see him walking 
out there in the fields
on his own big, big land

he walks, his dog by his side
he shows me the country
of love, peace and war
and then he shows his delight

suddenly appears
the mighty eagle
brown feathers and white head
and it’s flying in here

he showed me
the greatest good
sharing with each other
the way of a Shaman
in a good mood


heaven would be a beautiful place, 
with perfect cement and black top,
in my heaven I'd be skating all day
skating my life away,
cause I'm not dead now but I'm still in heaven

being hurt is a living hell, 
you want to skate and be happy, 
but all you can do now is dream, 
dream of the future, 
dream when you can skate again

now your getting good at skating,
you try dangerous new tricks,
your not afraid of death because you don’t think anything will happen,
you break out new tricks one by one,
no one can stop you,

but then worse comes to pass, 
you die in a crash,
now no one will know what you could’ve been,
another skaters life has come to an end, 

as you watch at your friends last good bye,
you wonder what would’ve happened,
if his life wasn’t cut short,
but I know we will meet again
mike anti-hero



They wavered, wondering,
Invisible to the world.
Questioning at times, if they existed at all,
Or are some sick cosmic joke.

that seem so right, 
must be kept tight in secret.
Away from the pompous self righteous ones, 
Who judge the world in their own distorted image.
Forcing gays to deny their own true selves, 
And live a life of lie's.

And yet I ask,
If the choice were theirs
Why would they choose such a 
painful life...



When we first started out things were so sweet
But now it seems you lie and even cheat
What happened why are you doing this to me?
Maybe it's been going on the whole time and I just didn't see
What should I do I love you so much?
I want to be with you and feel your touch
So tell me is it real, or is it a game?
You're filling my eyes with tears and my heart with pain
My feelings are so strong true love this might be
You say that you're sorry, that you really love me
But what am I to do when you sit there and lie?
Am I supposed to forget it and not ask you why?
So don't be upset when I tell you we're through
And don't come back begging because I no longer trust you
You've done your damage, it's over and done
I thought I loved you, now I see you're not the one


If I knew what to say
I wouldn't be writing it this way
time will tell what may be
and this i'll wait for you to see
heat ache and pain are one in the same
they both will leave as soon as they came
or at least we wish that was the way it was
so i'll sit here writing this all because
no meaning from this you'll find
unless your  heart be less than kind
do not take this the wrong way
just forget it and what I say
for now you need not know what it says


Have You Ever...
Jennifer Stanton

Have you ever loved someone so much, it hurts deep inside?
Have you ever wanted to tell them, but you have to much pride?

Have you ever loved someone so much, all you do is cry at night?
Have you ever got sick to you stomach by their very sight?

Have you ever loved someone so much, nothing else mattered?
Have you ever seen them with someone and your heart is shattered?

Have you ever loved someone so much, their name you can't call?
Have you ever loved someone so much, and they don't love you at all?


I can love any man
Better from far away
Absence causes my heart to grow fonder
as I wander 
through my day.
Absentmindedly I would look away from you
Unintentionally I would hurt you with the things I do

Time will pass and your essence will 
float around my soul.
(You have always be able to drive me out of control)

One day I will fade and you will remember no more.
Your mind will be filled with memories only 
heavens books could store.
No matter where you go I will always know 
where you can be found 
Just the way I left your heart
safe and
Rebecca Ann Zultowski 


My Animal Rage
Lael Rapier

You open your mouth
And I just cannot hide
The animal rage
That fills up my mind
The purest of hate
I can no longer bind
My teeth become blades
My hands turn to claws
But shock blanks your face
As you realize the cause
The mistake you have made
And what you have said
Don't kick yourself now
For soon you'll be dead
I ripple with fur
Eyes focused and cold
I stalk to my prey
Terror gripping your soul
I start my work
With precision finesse
And remove your skin
Like a new lover's dress


Such violence from poets whom seek lovers.
Like R and V fled from the city and V's wife, two boys made due.
Never not saying I. Poet's too young to feel unselfish. 
It's okay to be loud and never kiss. V was too much for R, R 
was too much for the world. V's wife was sexy.
affection is only to reassure the insecure other, you may call them lover.
I, am not a fake poet whom seeks fame from my simple name, nor any other number.
I, am not afraid to change and be naked in my car. or not wash my hair all week.
I, am feeling your whore. she's opening the door and letting me know her living.
She's better than how to think of her, actually she's using you to try out her
acting career. Now she's my muse.
like V and R, I need such violence. No kisses or love. Come through hell
with me and it's not a question about whom you love, I'd know it's me.
I say I and you use me. Verlaine and Rimbaud found eternity in the sea.
My lovers abuse me, I miss R and V.
I am that poet. I am that poet you want to be.
veronique estrella


Through a window in a dream
A dream I once dreamt 
Stood two perpendicularly constructed
Parted iron posts

A post for thought, external, the other for feelings internal
Both in saturated,  with confusion of a muddy kind

It seemed I observed for hours, my conscious being erode
The weather had turned wet and windy
And the rain washed away my thoughts 
To give me a chance to feel

My feelings I prefer, know are mine
Thoughts are more opinionated, harder to define
Much less worthy of trust

As if from no-where, except maybe my imagination
Just a stones throw away, shadowed by an old oak
Appeared a promiscuous young lady
Wearing an expression of eerie melancholia

A lady that has haunted many of my dreams
Come and gone like a summer nights intermittent breeze
But this time she was there for a reason
For in her eyes lied infinity
Robert Yates

The Crow
Amanda Vickery 

I saw a crow the other day...I tried to hear what it had to say.
It sat there dark, looming over mesas if it saw something I couldn't see
The crows dark eyes brushed me up & down. Then he flew away without one sound. 
I saw my Grandmother the other day,
I sat by her hospital bed and there was nothing to say.
She laid there small and fragile in that bed,
Nothing to be done nothing to be said.
I heard the line go up and down. Then it went flat without a sound.
Night fell like a blanket of dark, that held me tight but left no mark.
Death loomed in the place where I laid my head,
I looked into the shadows for what was to be said.
The messenger of death I saw earlier that day,
Just sat hushed upon my ceiling with something to say.
The chill of death gripped my heart and drained my face,
And in the complete darkness of this place,
I realized death had come and death had gone, looked me over then left me alone.
But brushed with it from my cheek, a tear I cried in my own fitful sleep.
And had forewarned me of the coming death looking down.
Then left me there without a sound


Eden Garisek

When I loved you
You became a small, round object in my hand
Something I could toss to the ground
Or cradle.

Having lost you
The view is steep from the branches of your tree
I can embrace the rough bark
Or climb

When I know you
I feel the sharp edges of a keen prism
The colors are complex and changing
Or clear.

As I engage you
I find the way I can be with you fully
We dance around each other 
Or join.

But never contain.

No If, Ands, or Buts
Quentin Clingerman

"In the beginning God"
A clear declaration of the Word;
No ifs or maybes, theories or hypotheses.
Disclosed as "I AM", Lover of mankind,
And wrathful Judge!

"In the fullness of time"...God sent His Son,
A clear declaration of "the Word
Made flesh and dwelt among us."
Revealed God's love for "sinners"
Lived among them and called them to repentance.
Became their Savior warning of the wrath to come.
Returning as Judge of all the Earth!

No if, ands, or buts. Read God's Word;
It is all there!


The Woman
Miles Waxsworth

I've been warned, but I heeded no warning. It's been predicted, but I
gave it no mind, now it's reality and I see it to be true, I have thrown 
away a special treasure, a woman,
a woman that I use to call my own.

All for a trade: indulgence and cheap thrills; theses too have faded away
and all that is left is the memory of 
the woman I use to call my own.

She is strong and she will survive, her path slowly separates from mine,
the woman,
the woman I no longer call my own.


I am a lonely but substantial man,
I eat my cake and love to wait,
I'm a dreamer, I am a Creator,
I am A GOD!
And obviously not you.
You all wish you were me,
You all will bow to me and my mighty wrath!


I don't think I can get any lonelier than right now,
It feels as though I got hit with a plow.
Voices in my head say go,
But when it's time my mind says no.
Feeling sick from the silence,
I creep slowly through the saturated violence.
It fills the air in which I breath,
Making me feel like I want to leave.
As death comes closer day by day,
I feel I should end this pain right away.
Killing these thoughts are painful and slow,
Wishing I had a girl to pleasure and love.

All my life I have been basically told,
That I'm a piece of shit and all I want is to get old.
But F*CK YOU! You know who you are,
Damn you for putting on such a scar.
Such a person should burn in fire,
Thinking about leaving, all it is, is a burning desire.

It feels like I have a growing disease,
and the only medicine, is a woman to please.
I don't understand why I'm like this,
I try to change but get nothing out of it.
And that is why I'm leaving this weekend,
To get away from this loneliness,
And the pain,
And the fire,
That I experience everyday.
Only if you understood,
Agree with me if you would.
I am on a search to find my medicine,
And if I fail I will have a long lonely life to answer to.
Jason K. Reddogbeer


What for?
Roberto El Elier


Stacy Lynn 

Do you believe in angels?
I do.
Angels are your guardian.
They are always with you.
Through thick and thin.
An angel is with you always and forever.
Angels are special.
They have special wings, for them to fly.
Some people think they are like us, but they are not.
They are people who guard you from harm.
God sent them down to earth, to take care of us and to watch out for us.
Believe in angels.
They are always with you.
Angels are special.


Forest of Confusion
by an ordinary guy, Boring life, not much to say, but holds secrets deep inside - Jeramiah Johnson of Portales, New Mexico originally a letter to my girlfriend turned into a poem. 'Tis a sad world if we make it one, 'tis a good world if we make it one, 'tis a world if we make it one.

'Tis at once I loved a girl oh sweet and fair,
I loved to the ends of the world,
Gave love without a single care,
No one stopped me,
They let me choose my path,
Sooner I should of known,
I would fall and hit the mat,
I noticed a dying world a dying hope,
I watched everyone walk around and mope,
My love was dying,
Soon I did not care,
I locked myself away from the world,
Never was I seen again, 
Till I awoke from my deep slumber,
Beaten and broke,
I was awake again but something lingered inside,
The girl..my love...had died.

How I regret this day, tis a sad one at that. If I could forget it I would. If ever I make the mistake of thinking love was inside me when it was not, I shall store myself away...away to be forgot. Tis' not you that I end, but I end our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

SEC 2B 2000

I've tasted the bitterness in life,
But tell me when can you give 
the chance to strive?

There's no answer on how or when 
you'll give me the chance,
Sometimes i just doubt whether u lie my dear life.

Sometimes i just wonder
whether you are there,
to hold on to me to 
give me life to spare
Cause' i am standing here feeling so
naked and bare
so tell me now 
are you there?

Sometimes i just want to
shout out loud,
"Hey! Don't u know my life sucks?!"
But who's there to hear,
all they care is to make big bucks

Sometimes i wish life 
is like pee,
you can release 
bad substance
as you please

Of course i can't,
Life is blind
you never know what crossroads you'll find

So if you pass that crossroad,
and you go blind,
Never you mind,
Cause' soon it'll be fine
All wounds would heal in time
One day all sometime...


Cleaving Kinship
Taronis – ‘00

We, each of us, has limited time
To speak our mind
To build our life
To bid for immortality

We race toward goals
Only to have momentum
Carry us on past, unstopping
Racing toward oblivion

In the end the things we say pale
Balanced against the things we do
Less important than the friends we make
Bound by the time we share

The time comes to part
As we careen down diverging tracks
We can’t look back, ever forward
Hoping our paths cross once more

Farewell to you, my friends
Sight the target and aim high
May God bless you on your way
May we meet again before the grave

Danny Wolcott

The black sky, the ice cold stream
the darkness all around
she kneels beside the river bed
until the mourning shines.

The dark clouds, the muddy bed
the sky is turning red
and now as day breaks
she does too
releasing all her fears


What is fear?
Some would say it is an emotion, but can that accurately describe fear?
Fear is a lion, its ferocious roar reverberating in the minds of its captors.
A lion invokes fear.

What is fear?
A mixture of emotions, but it is caused by an emotion, this cannot be fear.
For some, decisiveness is a source of fear, and fear itself is a fear.
Decisions invoke fear.

I have asked, and yet the question has not been answered.
I have failed to accurately define fear.
Does failure invoke fear?
Stephanie Misciasci


Last Impression
Robbie Mack

A presence in past which graced my eyes.
Stands now before me and inside, i can't, describe.
How one mind has anticipated this moment to arrive.

One glance will not suffice.
For if all, blacken my eyes.
So that yours may be the last impression upon mine.


Typhoid Mary Poppins
Paula Hollins

(From Convoluted Characters, Human Hybrids and Fictional Figures, a book of humorous poetry by Paula Hollins - available as an e-book through www.mightywords.com and excerpted at www.paulahollinsdesigns.com)

Not a damsel in distress
and not a gal demure;
she had a troubling rare disease
for which there was no cure.

Instead of doing civic work
and helping pain to ease,
she slid down chimneys in the night 
and helped to spread disease.


"The Rapper Rob"

There once was a rapper named Rob
He went on tour with Billy Bob
They rapped all day on the bus
20 mins. later they got in a fuss
Then Rob got really mad 
and hit Billy Bob in the forehead
So Bob jump off the bus with huge traffic
Then Rob yelled ,"Isn't That Fantastic".




2 hours to go
the time doesn't flow
don't want it to stop
hear the tick-tock
my eyes they burn
when will I learn?
as cool as ice
are my eyes twice
moments freeze
can smell the breeze
mad thoughts race
erotically laced
too familiar touch
i miss much
shadow the worst
but leave the curse
half now gone
feel like a pawn
erase that second
shall not be beckoned
beginning to tend
though saw no end


J. Thomson

Did God create man?
Are we the product of some cruel experiment
set in motion by a celestial being
who watches events unfold,
unwilling or unable to intervene,
seeing us suffer, starve, kill, destroy
without lifting an almighty finger 
to stop it.
For what purpose?
God creates man.
Man creates suffering.
Suffering brings us back to God.

Or did man create God?
The ultimate scapegoat.
Do it in the name of God,
blame it on God,
it was God's will.
How many wars in God's name?
How many murderers heard God's voice?
Illness, suffering, death.
God's will be done?
Time for a new God.


i had a rainbow for my rainy day once
but it got too bright for me
someone took my rainbow
he made it stay
but it left him with 
the rain
the sorrow 
the pain
and then one day
my rainbow came home
my rainbow was mine
my rainbow did shine
but, like before, 
my rainbow had to say goodbye
but for awhile, they were mine
the reds and the blues
the lemons and limes.
i guess it couldn't have stayed
even the brightest of rainbows gets washed away.
my rainbow, why?


Rayen Singletary

I' love you always and forever,
this is what he said. 
but I take it he was lying, 
and messing with my head.

Every time he said he loved me,
I knew it was a lie.
Every time he held me close, 
a piece of my heart died. 

But now i've found someone new,
with a heart pure and true,
Someone who will love me,


Dream Lover
Jocelyn Renee Fore

I would open up my heart to you,
and take you to places you never knew.
The happiness that would be in my eyes,
who knows what the future lies.
You and me together as one,
Our wonderful relationship has begun.
A kiss, some hugs, joyful laughter,
Spending our lives happily ever after.
Yet this is only in my mind,
Our lives will never intertwine.
So I'll seal this poem with a kiss,
and forget about love that will never exist. 


The Silence of Tears
By Wandering Shadow

the room is filled with laughter
but I stand silent

two tears filter from my eyes
and in those tears holds the secret to all

I scream your name 
but all I can hear is the silence of my tears

a ripping scream breaks the silence
but then I realize the scream is only the unspoken ache of my heart

I watch the silent flicker of the candle
and the tears burn my inner soul

now the room spins around me
and the mirrors reflect a horrid image

soaked in tears I bleed in silence
all I can hear is the soft steady whisper of my thoughts
no one is here to catch me when I fall
no one...
no one...
no one...
the silent tears flood my face...
... and I fall








I want to drown you in my tears
bury you in my guilt.
Make you feel the pain,
The pain that you have built.
I want you to be sick
like a dog in the night.
I want you and your best friend
to kill each other in a fight.
You should deal with the shit I deal with
and then come talk to me.
You're not in my shoes,
but when you are, you'll be different
you will see.

I hope I make you cry someday
I hope I make you suffer.
Someday I hope you'll think of me
and you'll escape from this new cover.
I hope you f*cking obsess over someone
and they spit on you a lot!
I hope it's me, I'll crush you.
For that is what I got.
I should call you ugly, damn it.
I should put you down.
And if I do,
Maybe, will you...
be different to me now?
Just change for me somehow?
Please go back to you, right now.

Sarah Jane Waltman


true friend 
to my best friend sami
sheena gonzales

A friendship means a lot to me. And from my faults I now do see. I hurt you in the worst way I can. To you my best friend I lifted my hand. And I swung at you without a thought. This fight was one we shouldn't have fought. Now I am in pain without a friend. I thought my life should end. Then I thought again about your pain. And how from this you wouldn't gain. I thought about the times good and bad. And how without them I am sad. And now with this my poem will end. I hope again that you'll be my true friend.

"I'll Never Forget"

I'll never forget,
The sound of your voice,
Or the touch of your hand,
When you left me standing,
In the sand.
I'll never forget,
The love we once shared,
Or the feeling of happiness,
Whenever you were near.
I'll never forget,
How my heart broke,
When they told me,
You were hanging from a rope.
I'll never forget
Although it makes me cry,
To know that you loved me,
Even after you said good-bye.

it brings me great pain.
to do things without you.
but these feelings don't go away.
i always remember you.
your eyes cry for hours.
for someone who doesn't cry.
these feelings don't go away.
what can i do to be with you.
what can i say, when i cant talk to you.
there is no choice, clearer, 
cause these feelings are here to stay.
don't give up on me.
i've failed before. but now i'm older
and ready to restore, our life.


Jennifer O. W



miguel c. williams

Break this chain weighted on my foundation, you walk
steady on this thin line, between lust and madness
Two areas that are spaceless, from your rose scented kiss
my silence turn to bliss, the essence you send is sharp
cutting my finish, beginning my start, because
I 'm in love with your music like hearts and harps
voicing your melody that departs these knots entangled in my sorrow
my sanity I need to borrow, knowing I lost my mind, but I've
crossed this line, trapped in your vine, aged and drunk
from the beauty she defines

The moon shows my insanity when I full, wanting your vanity
sinking into you, you pull through your sand dune in perfection
Your reflection ruins my interpretation, wanting you like
evil lusts for satan
Taking my rib forming a madness in creation, chasing your features
so it's you I'm facing, carved an infinite place in my heart
like masons
I lust for you, I lust for the sweet blood in the morning's dew
when your sun shines, it makes my world blue
understand, I lust for you

My gifts to you are erratic, attraction to the static I hand
but can this man have your hand in this dance of madness
Searching to end this sadness, for the blood drunken out this
Soaked my sand beaches of gladness
so I run sinking in seas of dead masses
maneuvering slow as molasses
nothing holy so I rain fire and ashes
but for you I keep this...


Samuel C. Edge

I'm bleeding inside
My heart has grown cold

You caused me this pain
My life you now hold

Help me or kill me
The choice is all yours

But hurry 'cause loneliness
Has entered my pores

It's traveling through
My vessels of blood

It's like I'm drowning 
In a pit of mud

I feel it surrounding
My heart once more

Help me now or
I'll be no more

No matter what happens,
I Love You


Push me up above the fall, 
the failure that always catches me: 
like a leaf in a hurricane, 
a foot to the ground. 

Catch and throw me back again 
to the clouds, 
where I'll get wet 
and taste what life is. 

Trip me up, trick and tickle 
don't find it funny, 
just breathe me like the air. 
Make me wind, and make me win
Carly Jacobs


"Morning's Dream" 
Todd Anderson 

Daylight has made her presence visible
Though I cannot yet see the sun
A gentle, late autumn breeze surrounds me
Morning's dream has begun
Beautiful, delicate swirls of pink are
Cast across the sky enveloped by
Slight, soft shades of orange her
Expression is ever so shy
A feeling of great peace and serenity
Envelopes the atmosphere and as the
Heavens reveal the their secrets
Morning's dream becomes clear as 
Rainbows melt atop the leaves all the
Sounds of nature caress my ears
Tranquility has been bestowed upon me and
Relieves me of my fears but...
Now the sun reveals himself and the
Beauty begins to deplete, I suppose
Nothing this wonderful should last forever
My morning's dream is now complete

"Maybe Next Time"
Krystal Moon

I thought you were my angel sent from God above
But I was wrong,
And now my heart is broken
But I will eventually move on.

I thought you were going to be the one
To set my aching heart free,
But I guess I was blinded by love
And it is making a fool of me.

My days are dark and shady
My heart is filled with pain,
And now that I'm hurt
I don't think I will be able to love again.

Tell me how you feel
And I will let it be,
And I will move on with my life
Surely but slowly.

I will move on with my life
And deal with the pain,
But my fantasy to be with you
Will always remain.

Yesterday the storm came
Today I have peace,
Tomorrow I don't know what to expect
But I know it won't be you and me.


Walking alone 
Unsure of how I feel
Emotions come and go 
Unsure of which are real
Blinded by reality 
Unsure of what I think
Not conscious to life 
Unsure of my well-being
Heading towards darkness 
Unsure of where I've been
Struggling to hang on 
Unsure of all my sins
Talking to myself 
Unsure of what will come
Focusing on hope 
Unsure of where I'm from
Hearing different voices 
Unsure of future plans
Distinguishing advise 
Unsure of who I am.
Audra Kissel


I think of you in silence
You're always on my mind.
You're the only one I've ever loved
Though your of a different kind.
Even though we're over
Still yet I want only you.
I can't control the way I feel
It's just the way I do.
I wish that I didn't like you
For it only brings me pain.
But teach me how to forget
Because I have nothing here to gain.
You say that you still want me.
But that it just wouldn't work.
Tell me one good reason
But don't tell me that it's her.
All I have left are memories
And you picture in a frame.
These tears just keep coming
But I guess we're not the same.


Bryan Robinson.

Before I first met you, there was no one I would cry for.
There remained no one I would die for. 
One day you came into my life. 
And the scroll which told that I would never cry tore.
It tore like it never existed, like being cut with a knife, a love knife.

Now for the first time ever I can cry. 
And if at anything for you I fail, I wont cease to try.
Only with you my life is fine and dandy.
And that is why you are my Brandy.

Riding the Wave
Benjamin Doggett 

Never noticed what love was
accepted the fact that there couldn't be the two of us
Try to remain level on the ground
Beneath the blue
I found you
So cute
Made my life complete 
by gently touching me
feeling so relaxed & free
Riding an incredible cool breeze
You know
Kissed my lips as to let me know
That you're here to stay never flying away



Sitting in a crowded room,
but still you feel alone.
You see people around you,
in your mind your on your own.

It aches down inside you,
to know you can't tell.
You dread each day coming,
another day of hell.

Faces all staring,
you to scared to move.
Why are they treating you like this,
what are they trying to prove.

Its all to much to handle,
and so you take your life.
Raising it to your chest,
you slowly push the knife.


Rafeale HL Gibson

These eyes have shed a many tears,
I've walked alone consumed by fears,
My hands they tremble,
My body weak,
Unable to trust,
Hesitant to speak.

Captive I'm held to this pain so great,
Left to wander why I'm dealt such fate,
The evil that exists has found shelter within me,
As I fall victim to sadness and and the powers that be.

Happiness has been yet another luxury,
Fore darkness and rain make up my reality,
How careful I must be not to awaken the beast within,
As doing so may lead to the committing of sin.

How I wish the days of yester year would again welcome thee,
So that I may re-claim my peace, love, and prosperity,
Yet from where I stand all seems but a distant memory,
Fore my world consists of confusion, hurt, pain, and...


jess thur

When you are alone in solitude
with no one left to talk to
do you dream of a romantic interlude
or wish your life was through?

Will you take any risk for a bet?
You even thought of jumping without a net.
You get ready then you are set,
but you wonder why you are not gone yet.

You think it is your fault you haven't wed.
Are you ashamed of the life you've led?
You want to take back what you've said,
but now you are just left feeling dead.

Are you sad for what you have always known?
That you after all are not made of stone.
You of course are just flesh and bone.
Is this what you think of when you're alone?

Amanda Lizzio

I pin myself up and set myself ablaze,
Everything turns to a colorless haze.
I twist and writhe through all my pain,
No sign of rain.
I reach and strongly to something I grip,
But being afraid and weak I easily slip.
Twisted heart, unhealthy soul,
The emptiness will never be whole.
So I suffer through the nauseating smell,
To know that after all will be well.
The unbearable pain is left unknown,
This is something I do on my own.
I'm surrounded, isolated by walls of hate and lies,
Unheard are my pleas, my screams, my cries.
My melting flesh, exposed bones and searing hair,
Reveal the sins and lies I bear. I the heat nears closer to my face,
I tell myself I would never replace.
I see the clouds of smoke and ash rise to the sky,
And with that, my cries- my life... gone

Please just tell me what I did
To make you feel this way
Is it something that I said
Or maybe didn't say?
I can't tell you how it hurts
You shove the knife so deep
And I can't tell you of the death
That haunts me while I sleep
And I wish I could tell you
About a love so true
I'd sin and die and live again
All of this for you
I wonder if you feel me
You're burning in my soul
And you're the ray of sunlight
That shines into my hole-
And I can't be without you...
caitlin cawley


Chris Tarbell

Suicidal thoughts on my mind.
Should I use a gun,
or should I use a knife?
What about the ones I leave behind?
Should I leap of a cliff,
or should I walk?
Will they remember me after death?
Should I drink poison,
or should I inject it?
Would they forget about me and go on with their lives?
Should I slit my wrist,
or should I slit my throat?
Will my fear of death get to me?
Should I drown myself,
or should I hold my breathe?
Could I truly do it?
Should I take a bottle of pills,
or should I slip it in my food?
Whatever I decide to do, it won't be anytime soon.

Nikki Burbach

Like the storm brewing over head
The dark clouds cover the sky
I feel at home where I belong
My emotions brewing a storm of their own
My thought the clashes of thunder
My tears the rain rolling down my cheeks
A smile creeps upon my face
As often as the sun breaks through the clouds
Ever since the big mistake was made
Everything has been a disgrace
Like the rain falling on a river
Nothing is calm, nothing is still
Everything is flowing so fast
Nothing is how it used to be
The grass turns brown, the leaves fall down
Everything inside me begins to die
I have lost everything that mattered to me
I feel alone, lost, scared
But the grass turns green 
And the leaves grow back
So maybe everything will be okay
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow
But maybe someday I'll be alright
Someday the clouds might break
The sun might shine a smile upon my face
The rain might stop, my tears may dry
I can't go back and change what I did
So maybe I should stop trying
Maybe I should let it go
But I know I can't do that
I've cause so much pain and anger
So what can I do now? Nothing
There's nothing I can do but wait
Wait for the storm to part
And wait for the sun to shine 
To shine that smile upon my face 

-These words I write you, are to say goodbye
-Please forgive me if I start to cry
-You left me alone, how lonely a day
-When you left, you threw pieces of me away
-You were so sweet, and you were so kind
-You took over my heart and opened my mind
-Your smile lit the day, even in the storm
-Your arms always there to keep me warm
-Now that your gone, I'm so empty inside
-With no one to hold me, and nowhere to hide
-I know it was hard for both you and me
-But somehow I knew we were meant to be
-You came into my life, which I don't regret
-The memories we've shared, I'll never forget
-How hard this will be to say goodbye
-I kept all my promises, even not to cry.
 Khat Vesal


where's your guts, man?
are they hanging from that tree over there,
crucified on gray dripping branches
a cowards angry death if you ask me, captain?
but what can you do?
you were always quite the underachiever,
in the long run we all knew you'd 
fall on your face and break your glasses
along with your nose.
Now, if this was my death,
which it's not
it's most defiantly yours,
i would have surpassed by pure gore
My guts wouldn't just be hanging from one single tree
(and don't get me wrong, for the dramatic effect, the 
hanging guts are a great visual)
i'd be spread out in lots of sick red puddles,
a bit of brain here,
a knee cap there
a destroyed pile of teeth over there
my pulverized skull thrown into
the bushes where tree rats
devour what's left of my eyes!
but you get the picture right?
my death would be epic enough for Spielberg to film.
but you, you just lay there, intacted,
moaning in agony like a little
bitch with a stubbed toe,
'Oh, my bleeding guts,
oh why don't you just kill me
and get it over with?'
but hey baby, i'm not they one who blew out his own guts,
so suffer.
and by the way,
i give this death scene
to big thumbs down.
 Keith Rawson


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