Part One

Robert M. Pelch

I'm the result of the sheep that was cloned.

And I have no father to call my own.

When my mother wonders why I do what I do,

I tell her that's because I'm exactly like ewe.


this is for kate
this poem is dedicated to the most special person i know, her beauty amazes me and the way i feel when i am with her, i can not describe
joe foy WIS

I wish you were the sun, so I'd see you everyday

so you could keep me warm, and in my arms you could stay

in the night I still hear your words

your song comes to me like the birds

you know whatever you ask for I will give,

if you left I don't know how I would live

i don't care if Monday's skies aren't blue

cause i will be thinking only of you

when i think of the days we've been apart,

tears start to flow from my heart

you give me guidance, you give me hope

if i fall to trouble, you are there with a rope

kate you have been my strength, my love

you're more beautiful than a young white dove

thank you kate for all you have done for me, i will never be able to forget you


Sandbox Memories
Rene Kilpatrick

Seems like only yesterday I bought you a toy truck and we made roads in the sand.

We played like we were best friends my precious little man.

When monsters came into your room at night it brought such pain into my heart

knowing I couldn't battle them so we just sat and hugged in the dark.

When the first day of school arrived the tears ran down our face knowing we would have to separate from our safe place.

Your friends have played a major role in your growing years and I must admit I miss those times I kissed away your fears.

Hugs and kisses embarrass you now because you are a teen so I sneak into your room at night and I sometimes watch you sleep, and I wonder who you will be when you become an adult with a wife and family.

My son who I proudly name Michael has turned 13 today and he continues to bless with me with so many wonderful memories from a sandbox just yesterday.


Linda McGeary

White mountain velvet night

Following moon-silver owl flight

Looking into the well of Self

I fall into the heavens.


Witches Brew
by Barbara Alyea

Witches Brew is never new,it's been bottled a thousand years.

Its recipe paging and secret aging have brought many close to tears.

If you follow below and go slow,you can make a batch or two,

never revel our secret,,,or you know what will happen to you.

We'll take the curl from a pretty girl, the knuckles from a boy.

We'll put this mixture into a fixture and swirl it to a boil.

With guts of gators and a few potatoes, it will come up just right.

Say some disgusting words over this mess,when the clock strikes midnight.

The color of the steam,should be a putrid green.

Now, add lots of lice, about 20 mice, then stir it to a cream.

Then just set it, don't forget it, say a magic word when it starts to curd.

You'll need to find some claws of cats, Mix these in when you add the rats.

A spiders web should cover the head of a snake that has been hung.

Don't add this to the brew, til a new day has begun.

False teeth can be put beneath this maze of bubbling gruel.

Have your sister test this batch,,,,we know your not cruel.

If she turns yellow,it's ready fellow,but,she'll have a hex from the side effects.

Now this kinda punch,it ain't for lunch and should be saved for special occasions,

when your mom finds out about your sister,it's also good for abrasions.


by Walt Barger

Suddenly !

Through the open door

Out of nowhere

she was there.

Was she real ?

A ghost?

Maybe more ?

A shadow?

Flowing red hair,

beautiful beyond belief!

Nothing to compare.

The night was cold.

Shivering, shivering,

With stone cold silence,

she shook.,

from the cold night air.

Her stance, firm,

not a step she took.

Her breath, short and heavy;

bitten by the cold.

Surprised everyone, she did;

What a shock!

Eyes bold,

like a scene from Hitchcock.

Turning slowly looking all around,

checking each one, checking us out.

Fear in her eyes,

on her face was a frown.

Was she lost ?

Victim of anger, no doubt.

Her soft blue eyes melted my heart.

She moved slowly, slowly and snuggled close.

A friendship to start ?

Or just pathos ?

A kiss, a hug ?

A beautiful Irish Setter ...

stretched out on the rug.


bushes surround me
I watch grace in motion

(senryu was first published by Potpourri Literary Magazine)
Submitted by: Rich Ristow


green tomorrow

red today

white washes anyway

black is great

blue is fate

but it is purple we appreciate

life is long

gold is here

soft gray mountains

we always hear

tonight in scarlet

we raise the curtain

reveal rose

in her peachy complexion

yellow always soft

orange always loud

indigo as fluffy as a cloud

silver moon

lights the way

in our rainbow of common day

we color all our problems away

by: eretria



Tonight is the night I must go,

To another world of fear.

I might die against my will,

If I do,

The world must know,

That i have died for them.

And if I make it back,

It will be in the land of tomorrow.

I know that my life will change,

If I make it back.

I will not cry, I will not exchange

this task I'm about to take.

The earth needs me,

For I am the key,

To the worlds precious future.


Sara Adams

I dove into us with conceited naiveness:

I refused to believe that I would change,

that I could be persuaded in the wake of vulnerability,

or that I would have the ability to fall.

We kissed innocently without contracts,

we kissed with reckless abandon,

we kissed with confidence in stagnation.

Here I am became here we are,

a mighty duo threatening to become mightier,

conquering more and embracing any challenges life dares to throw.


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Dream a Little
Mr. Doug--The Poet's Pen

Ever take the time to wish

To hope - fulfill a dream

To try and catch that rainbow

As impossible as it may seem

You have to dream a little

To keep your hopes alive

If all you want is status-quo

Your dreams will not survive

So wish and keep on dreaming

Who knows what it will do

You may fulfill what's in your heart

Your dreams may well come true


Curtis Wilson

Hate is a crucial feeling that seems to go on

It's like all of your happiness is somehow gone

To some people it's funny and to others curious

But they just don't know it can get serious

Like back in Hitler's time sky was the limit

It's corrupting our world and everything in it

I really don't know if I'm filled with hate

I better find out soon before it's too late

It's like a virus that seems to spread

If it gets very serious you might end up dead

So you better watch out for hate, It's like the grim reaper

Once it gets you you're gonna go down deeper


peter crnogorac

she said why hold that shit

it burns through your hand

run away from it if you can

i cried for her

because i know it doesn't exist

unless you make a stand

mold it comfort it

learn on your own

then come back

and mix it with other shapes and forms


Second Chance
Tracy McDonald

I peer outside, I look around,

Not a movement, not a sound.

Eyes look toward me, do they know?

Does my scaredness, quietness show?

The lights, the sounds, they're all so new,

To many people this is where they grew.

As for me, I am new to this place,

Not a single familiar face.

Here I start a new beginning,

Here I end the mindless spinning.

With this chance I can rebuild myself,

But can I put the past high on a shelf?

Of to forget would be so nice,

To be a new person would feel so right.

To breathe new air, see new things,

To rise from the pollution on new white wings.

With this place I am not me,

But the person I've always wanted to be.


There once was a schizophrenic man
His alter-ego's name was Sam

They got in a fight
And went out of site

And came back with a new friend, Dan



Status Quo Is The Category

On Wheel of Fortune car prizes
cost more than my mortgaged home

Word puzzles are white none gray
few brain neurons spark or groan

Pat and Vanna dress for each show
in tomorrow Vogue fashions deluxe

I feel like a tramp watching them
unless I have rented a tux

No answer will ever flash like
"Workers of the world unite!"

Merv would shoot through the ozone
Pat and Vanna gasp with fright



And here we are again

at another sunday's end

a mixture of emotions

churned into darkening sands

that were run on in the day

and bleached white hot in the heat

and now settling in the dusk

and dying at our feet



We should protect what happened in the past.

The rise of mankind sacrificed halfhands

Through the ungoverned dinosaur's lands

The hours spent with making wolves to dog

The fired fingers on the healing rock

The magic of the voices, the survival will

The first man-other killed

The rest grand-father last.

We should foresee the past.

A thousand alphabets

All "A" for Adam "B" for bed

Predicting women up to "Z".

For our past the "O" dept.


-My Shadow-
Amanda Mizel

You follow me through thick and thin,

You follow my soul, you hold my heart in one.

I need you, without you I wouldn't see my future.

Every step of the way,

Your there to follow my heart.

Each step I take, your step is the one I hold. It's a mirror image of what I do, it follows in every move I make.

For the light you sparkle, in the gleam of an eye, but for when the sunsets you disappear into a cloud of darkness,

without you I'm not a person,

your something special.

It's a fantasy to follow someone so close as I, it's a tender tear drop of love,

that's why we are united,

we are one,

you are my shadow!!!


D Jonathan Haslett

I see the border with its soft bricks

Sometimes I feel I approach only to withdraw

My center questions the excursion

Does this have real meaning, or mere lightness of purpose?

I feel as one with an isolated vacuum

The other participants choose to break bread away from my table

My gravity dissipates, but many others cannot lift their "routine laden" boots




Do I really want a traveler with me?

It's the line, the line, that worries me


(Have I crossed and don't know it?)


--Rob Litavec

To every first, there's a last,

To every future, there's a past.

To every left, there's a right,

To every day, there's a night.

To every death, there's a life,

To every husband, there's a wife.

To every "Hello", there's a "Good-bye,"

To every laugh, there's a cry.

To every beauty, there's a beast,

To every more, there's a least.

To every wrong, there's a right,

To every shadow, there's a light.

To every weak, there's a strong,

To every short, there's a long.

Like every child has a mother,

You can't have one without the other.


~Dave R. Doran

Into my lover's eyes do I look,

and yet see nothing.


The sun once did shine forever bright,

and those birds whose wings know no bounds did fly still;

but alas,

what world is this now no mortal can say.

For when God be so unjust as to break these chains

neither rope nor steel can boast of,

joyous is not the one whose heart was crushed.

My lover lies asleep;

and I, with heavy heart, do sorrowfully fail

to discern vivacious life within blue eyes.


A Dream-

Angel, show me what your eyes have seen,

Whisper the sounds that you may hear,

Guide me through my twilight dream,

And promise me that you will be near,

Angel, the heavens above bear witness to us,

Take me there, a far off land,

Your hand in mine, a bond of trust,

The glass is broken, I've spilled the sand,

Angel, I saw a shadow caress your face,

Why do you deny me the joy of your smile?

Tell me please, have I fallen from grace?

Do I deserve in some way this sad denial?

Angel, why do you run from me?

I fear our time has gone,

May I ask a kiss from thee?

Before the first rays of Dawn?

Angel, I have seen the world through bright, young eyes,

The sounds you whispered fell on my ears,

Still powerless are we, for the dream now dies,

And I will awake with my pride, and my fears,

Angel, why have you left? Where have you gone?

I have hurt you, or so it would seem,

Perhaps we will meet, before the next dawn,

During the next night, in my next dream.


By Holly Gresko


When the rain comes

The past will be gone

Memories Lost

We will have to move on

I'm afraid of the rain

Do you want to know why?

No one ever taught me

How to say goodbye

I'm frightened of future

Scared of change

So whatever you do

Please don't let it rain


Empty Sunsets
Kenna N Granger


Have you ever sat with me on the grassy green hillside

overlooking a city of stars?

Have you ever seen the fiery red sunset that singes the

earth as it collides the hills?

Have you ever seen that sunset I watched with out you?

Do you ever feel me in your heart as I sit there and wait

humming a mournful dirge?

Does a urgent terror overcome you when you know that I am all alone?

Do you ever feel the need to hear my voice beating against your ears?

Or maybe to see my face just to touch it to make everything seem real?

Have you ever wanted to see the fiery red sunset with me?

Have you ever sat with me on the grassy green hillside

overlooking a city of stars?


Each line of the following poem is an anagram

of "Diana, The Princess Of Wales"
David Bourke 1999

Diana, The Princess Of Wales

Charles passionate, we find,

Pains to end, as Charles' wife.

So with a fan, is dancer Sleep.

Wasn't paradise chosen life?

Sad faces, new relationship,

Oh dear! Pass. Life wasn't nice.

Finished, Palace now assert,

As pals sin, end The War of Ice.

Leadership now fascinates,

Self-worship a satanic need.

Fate: Handle weapons crisis,

She was an icon. Strife? - Plead.

Hasn't a life - escape Windsor,

Hearts confess - pained wail.

Windsor Castle's a fine heap,

Now fit in a cheap dress sale.

She fled at once...was in Paris,

She was to die in France's lap.

Life, it ceases...and now, harps,

A swain lies: Rest, one D.F. chap.

Tops in fire: She was a candle,

In the wind, fearless as a cop.

Elton's fans award his piece,

A near-new life, as his C.D.'s top.

Fascination: Press heed law,

A slap saw sheer fiction end.

Headlines now praise facts,

- Was she not a special friend?

A swift escape...on her island,

Wish of a land: Rests in Peace.

So what? - Spencer's final idea,

Was "Finance Althorp", Di sees!


Rose Serendipity
Kellie Collins

He smiles as he hands it to me,

into my awaiting grasp.

A single rose, the color of blush

Not yet fully blossomed its tender petals

curve underneath my touch.

My fingers entranced by its softness

longed to explore further

As I noted its bare beauty.

Velvet limbs,

Silken slick leaves

I let in a breath sharply

Hands expand in shock

As crimson appears and forms beads


by the given display of affection

By my sweetly scented gift.


The Decision

In early winter's windswept


Cold and blustery

She stood at the


Thinking a thought

Unlike any.

It melded into

Her Consciousness.

But she

Knocked anyway.


"All it Brings"
Jon Simcic

With so much things

Going on in my life

Drama is all it brings

Like a backstabing knife

The past couple years

I seen the other way

Shed a couple tears

But laughed the next day

Mixed emotions all the time

That's how its been lately

During my life of crime

So that's what I get

For dealing with so much things

Drama and mixed emotions

Is all it brings


The Preachers fiery voice.
Church felt holy.
Behind me ,the Devil.
She was breathtaking.
Overwhelming lust.
She quietly asks outloud
any devils here?
My mind answers her.
I'm a devil.




If i were to count the times that I have been alone

I'd see that most of the times were in a crowd.

Everyone else had someone watching them, and someone for them to watch

But I was the one watching him and he did not reply.

I heard him tell stories and watched him impress other girls

But not once did he see me.

The one boy who does watch me...I'm a dream for him.

I take college classes while he's still in gym.

But at least he watches me...

If only the other boy could see me...

if only He saw me smiling at his jokes

If only he saw me blush when his eyes....oh, he's got fantastic eyes

I can't take this anymore.

I know there's no boy for me.

The one I want leaves me in unrequited misery.


unknown user

I look at my hand...

I write this poem

my fingers move by their own

I know they do

I'm not moving them

because I don't exist

my body is moving along

breathing, thinking, living

analyzing, evaluating, synchronizing

who am I?

what am I?

Why can I wonder those things?

the proof is that I don't exist

life has spread its way trough universe

the time being witness of that

oh, great time! I owe you my non-existence

who else, but you has made life go on

nobody invited her, tough.

she's so generous

so powerful

so cruel

so vain

and I am a rock

a living rock

the rock that moves


but is only a rock

I don't exist

my soul isn't here

because I'm a rock

I just wonder


Mentor or Madman
October 6, 1999
Kenneth Robert Harrison

Not just a poet or a rock star, but a mentor

Relating with every word and song illustrated,

His affliction is abstruse in his computation,

Nobody contemplates existence like "The Lizard King"

In a time before my existence,

He still inspires my every thought, relating with his anguish,

Pain so deep rested in the foundation of all my essence,

Inspired to stare at a madman with an intelligent outlook,

Madman or genius

Both on a part of understanding the other side,

The music behind his words were genius,

The madman had to deliver the unknown,

Testing the boundaries of existence, living in the shadows of The Other Side,

Almost forty years of inspiration through his words in poetry, and song

Still bordering souls, Chief Mojo Risen will never pass on,

Admiration in the next Chimera,

Stipulation in "The World on fire"

Wondering wanting,

I have felt the pain the loss of heartache,

The search for "Mandella"

"Let's just say I was testing the bounds of reality.

I was curious to see what would happen. That's all it was: curiosity".

Curiosity defies phobia,

Fear from living,

Fear from dying,

"I wouldn't mind dying in a plane crash. It'd be a good way to go.

I don't want to die in my sleep, or of old age, or OD...

I want to feel what it's like. I want to taste it, hear it, smell it.

Death is only going to happen to you once; I don't want to miss it."

The first song introduced to me,

Riders on the storm, I felt his reflection.

I was timid,

Now harmony through my gift of word is his!

Unlike the pain.

Mine through his intentions,

I realize.


Lay your head on my chest, and put your hand on my heart.
Written By Charles N. York Jr.

Say Lady of mine, beautiful and elegant like a fine crystal wine.
When the world is on your shoulder's transfer that burden to mine's.

For I am your man, my back, and my soul should be much stronger.
I can carry the weight, of stress, the household, and finance's a lot longer.

When I look in your eyes, I know I am still in love with you.
Anytime, anywhere, I will protect, defend and always be true.

With music softly playing, all I have been saying from the start.
Lay your head on my chest; and put your hand on my heart.

Sometimes life is good, and sometimes life is cruel and bad.
But you are always a perfect lady even when you are mad.

Every day I lift my head to the heavens, and drop to my knees.
To thank and praise the almighty for providing you to me.

Pass it on; pass it on release let the problems of the past flow.
Because if your mind's behind how far in the future can you go

With music softly playing, all I have been saying from the start.
Lay your head on my chest; and put your hand on my heart.

I am a poor man's son, from the wrong side of the tracks.
I will keep you pleased, because I have it like the Mack.

Never will I give up, never ever going to stop loving you or quit.
I am your true soldier, and quitting just isn't my type of click.

So all I am hollering is a little something a Marvin Gaye song.
Time and time again for the rest of my life, let's get it on.

With music softly playing, all I have been saying from the start.
Lay your head on my chest; and put your hand on my heart.


Sherrie Baird

I once was little,

shy and bathed with innocence,

I spent time coloring and asking questions,

but with the blow of years,

It's gone with a modest wence.

I'll never be that young, like long ago

daddy's little girl is gone forever

Why did I have to grow?

I want to be young once more,

with the dirt on my knees and the sun in my eyes

Why did my world have to change

Why now do I know I smother my cries?

Why can't we go back again?

If only my innocence hadn't died

I could change all of my ways

I wouldn't chastise myself when I cried.

Why does growing older seem to come with sin?

I want to laugh, color, and play

Why can't I just be five again?



The door behind him

Slammed heretically


Bulldozing my boulders

To pebbles

by: amazohn


"I will"
C.J. Cash

How long can I go on like this?

My arms can only reach so far through these confining bars.

I want to step back and dwell in a remote, dark corner where nobody but myself

can step into.

I've said all I can say but it's just not enough.

I often sit in that house.

The house in between reality and my feelings for you.

Only the sky seems as empty without the sun as I do without you.

There are so many roads, trials, and tribulations that I must complete but I am

stuck here, by choice, and I cannot take a step forward.

I will wait.

My life may end only half complete, so be it!



a feeling to express in no limits, no restraints

to hold love in ones arms is to be at peace

to exist in a state of total understanding

love is not binding

it gives rest to the soul in ways men will never recreate

to be in love is to know no binding cords

to live in a vacuum of love he will stop at nothing to please his companion

if he were asked he would lay down his own life

i may never know this

the love of a woman is more precious than life itself

to die in the act of protection is nothing but duty

is it knowledge of love that keeps man from doing the logical

is it time to understand that the meaning of love is endless

to hold peace is to live in it's glow

it is not out of reach, not to far to go

life without love is not life but existence

the purity of love is unimaginable to man

he may try to rationalize it but he will fail

the holiest of all emotions, may man never deny or destroy it


December's Tears
Adriene Booth

Prepared to rest, lay still my James

to become of the earth

to blend with the rain.

Mother Nature's gentle hand

had slapped me in the face

when I learned that my first love

had travelled to a lonely place.

Stars, never seen again,

by his lovely eyes,

his lips never touched again

despite my bitter cries.

Petals sleeping on the ground

marks the place my Love is found.

And when the cold wind sobs his name,

please know my James is cold but safe.

And though December's sun is gone,

in it's place, his love shines on.


Escape to Freedom
Sandra Araujo

Organ of sight depleting away

Your sanity falling apart

Framing pictures in your eyes

Esoterically rewinding to the start

Desirably await for the lust of death

Roaming within one's soul

Ready to emerge at the moment

You get stuck in the hole

The needle bursts through the skin

Chasing internally the scarlet pain

For once you begin to see

There is eureka to the things to gain

Wet tongue gluttonous for more

As the tasteful flesh awaits

Cessation is obscure

The seat of passion contemplates


Once Passion Kissed Me
-Victoria Fortune

Once passioned kissed me on my tender lips.

Lingered lightly upon my breast.

Raised the cup of endless bliss,

and asked of me to forsake the rest.

The question needn't have been asked.

My soul had already been undone

Naked in his glory, I trustingly basked,

and generously gave "me" to only one.

But passion and love are a fickle friend.

They so easily come and go,

and even if the Gods promise no end...

Abandonment is our hearts greatest foe.



They scream at the sight of you

they fear the very thought of you

eyes as evil and black as

the deepest pit of hell

a face so monstrous

they cower even at your shadows

no man has ever lived to tell

of your wrath

yet, when you love

you're the epitome of gentility

the very soul of romance

you give your heart so completely

to have your heart is to have

the fierce protectiveness of your embrace

it is to bask in the wondrous light

of your strength

cause' when you love

you're the Romeo of all Juliet

ever ready to give all for one true love.


Jennifer Allen

Someone cared..

about me enough

to be there

even when it was tough

Someone worried..

about me so much

to call and see how i was

and came by to feel my touch

Someone thought..

about me for just a minute

and got me something

that i had mentioned

Someone shared..

about me to a friend

and I felt special

like this feeling would never end


Someone talked..

about me all the time

to anyone they could

so that's not a crime

Someone forgot..

about me

locked the door

and threw away the key.















The Destiny
Farouk Al-Timimi


In my memories' home

I'm looking for what's gone


Having some painful thoughts

I, am feelin' lost

I'm actually lost

And I,

Am always followed by the ghost ...

The ghost of death .


Missing you

And your

Sentimental touch

So much

I do know that

Without your blue eyes

Through greatness I won't rise


I'm getting deeper and deeper

Into today's diabolic philosophy

Where the God is the money

And the poor slave is me

Then comes the final judgment

My spirit'll be lost

In the dreams' coast .

Who's right

Who's wrong

Am I an idiot

Or the leader

Of a great fight

Because of your rejection,

I'm alone under the rain of night

And I can't breath any light

Where's, the future considered bright

Where's, the hope you call might

You know what,

I'll never touch a ray of light.

With my hand

I write and write

But with your hand

You always fight

By inventing the idea

Your money's getting high

Your cover's the ideal

Your inside, is to lie and lie

So, where can I find the light

What I know,

Is that I don't know

Why, did She kill me

Why, am I so " crazy "

And why am I forced to be Iraqi,

Who's wanted around the world,

Because of a crime he didn't commit

Why, are you all the day screaming

Don't you have in your heart

Any love feeling

Don't you care about my life

That you've been destroying

Isn't it so strange

That I'm all the day crying

The Humanity and the UN

Are looking for solutions

Death's no solution

But finding happiness

In my situation

Is nothing but an illusion

Thoughts after thoughts,

I'll never get a conclusion

Cause I'm in a world

Built with the power of the sword

After all, I've got the last word,

My heart's the sun of love

Even if its cover's so sad

My heart's the center of power

Even if your world would be better

If I was dead

One thing won't die

One thing'll survive

That's my love to you

Who's obscured by the cell

Of your blue eyes' unique hell

In the land of heroic Gods

My glorious crazy spirit

Will always be

And that's the end,

Of my legendary odyssey.


Linda McGeary

You rip me open, a seed from its husk,

like water, swelling seed to new life

you inhabit me, pressed down firmly in the

earth of your love in gleaming moonlit dusk.

Like a hidden treasure trove, you lift

the lid, I spill out, open for the world

to see, that I've become you and you've

become me in the burning waters of Gift.


Angel Wings
Emily Farrend

Special priceless angle wings lie next to me in bed,

hardly ever touched.

Each feather placed so neatly.

The body they come with is a man whose eyes are closed.

Long soft eyelashes make his whole face unique.

His lips are of a soft rouge color and his nose is smooth.

He is very muscular, wearing just a pair of silk boxers.

I am afraid that if I touch him he will break.

Each hand contains a black weaned ring which has a shell attached to it.

This fascinates me, I am so graced and lucky to have been presented with this

sexy sweet lovable angel. I will take great care of him since angels are

fragile. I kiss his soft lips and he awakes, like he knew he would arrive here.

To be with him I feel overjoyed and free. Our hands touch and lock,

we are one.


I went on thinking I would make it

turned away, thought that you would take it

had things more important

more important then you

I was left out in the open

In the open without you

How could I do It?

How could you take It?

I turned away

and thought I would make it

You gave me signs along the way

I shrugged them off and went on with the day

I should of known that it was you

i should of known that you would be true

Thanks God

for all that you do

next time I'll know

Know it was you.



-Christopher Chineduh

The clouds fill the sky

while the rain runs away.

The rays shine down from above

and the child's at play.

Capturing a rainbow

is not easily done.

It first takes three

before it becomes one.


The Devil's Rue

Heather Rose had never known the Devil's rue

her innocence was still behind a child's lighthearted smile

as she danced with painted butterflies through sunlit Summer's dew

Her laughter unrestrained as her tongue caught raindrops as she flew

with youth's borrowed wings above a sweet perfume's enchanted isle

Heather Rose had never known the Devil's rue

Time passed for Heather as it does without affection or adieu

but Heather Rose never seem to notice or consider time worthwhile

as she danced with painted butterflies through sunlit Summer's dew

Then one forlorn day the sky grew black, and the Sun withdrew

and the butterflies fell as colored snowflakes into a still and lifeless pile

Heather Rose had never known the Devil's rue

Her steps became slow and somewhat shaky, and her eyesight quite askew

time had stole her youth as the Devil did with satisfaction and beguile

as she danced with painted butterflies through sunlit Summer's dew

Now the butterflies have playfully returned and another child they woo

flittering carelessly over forgotten footsteps of a girl and her denial

as she danced with painted butterflies through sunlit Summer's dew

Heather Rose had never known the Devil's rue


My true Love

Only my true love can break this heart of stone

I fear with out my love I stand alone

No one to be with me when I cry

No one to morn me when I die

For without my love my life is less

But with me love my life is bliss

Fairer then any flower in the garden high

Sweeter then the stream that passes by

I search for this love of mine

And to find her I would cross each and every line


The magical marriage
Stephen Flynn

Soaring through the air

locked in harmony

firmness surrounding in amore

we sped

through the heavens

in our hermetic vessel

suspending in deep space

spreading like an open flower

to receive the rays of the sun

our seed joins in wedlock

rises from our midst

hovers, welding, combining


a new soul.


Aaron Conklin

It started with love, and ended with your final breath.

It started with life, and ended with your only death.

It started so innocent, and ever so sweet.

It started in passion, and ended in heat.

The evil inside could not be contained.

The evil inside would not be tamed.

The evil inside emerged with such force.

The evil inside was hellish and coarse.

I wish it were all just an unwanted fantasy.

I wish it were all just an old memory.

I wish it were all just a vision from hell.

I wish it were all just a kingdom that fell.


Soul Searcher
by J.Philip Fraccalvieri, III

That awful night... A terrible accident

He lay in a coma for almost three months

coming out barely alive

With seemingly nothing to live for

I wonder what made him survive

He lost his eye, lost his wife

Lost their son-- the joy in his life

He left his teeth in the pavement

with blood on his hands and on the ground

Look carefully, you may see the memory of his pain

crouched behind the guardrail-- afraid of being found

And there is where he left his soul

trying to get back home

trying to make its way back to him

and so his soul does roam

Back to the world it remembers

Back to the man it's bound

believing that when it reaches him

all will be safe and sound


The Toast of the Heart
Cassandra Olander

Her long blond hair,

shiny as the silver moon.

Eyes as dark as the night sky,

with star as pupils to cascade over the universe.

Her hand is of a delicate nature,

her fingers,


as if she bathed in lotion.

A sea of roses,

her skin was light but fierce.

Her full red lips,

a permanent cherry lollipop mark.

Her naked toes leaned out of the bubbles,

her arm exposed as she reached for the flame.

Candlelight can be dangerous,

it is her toy.

The fire licked against her skin,

she massaged it around her neck.

Deep in passion and desire,

that's when she entered the room.

Dressed fully in satin attire,

her short brown hair stood out even more.

With rose petals in her hand,

she let them fall all over her lover's body.

Entering the tub as if the first time,

Her nose rubbed up against her cheek.

Kissing her lips softly....

The wine was poured.

The toast of the heart,

Their forever burning love.


"the world's freak"
-casper s. taylor

come one come all

see the slain broken heart

battered and ripped apart

weather torn and black from pain

open for all - take what you want

i can't fight anymore

i've succumb to the methodical suffering

of a world that craves love yet

will never understand it

here's a piece for you

and you

and even you

do what you want with them

i am oblivious now to the worldliness of love

and the passions that wear shattered pendants

of falsehood


By:Kristen J. Hughson

What is this heartbreaking news?

Why Was I left with such pain?

Why did you leave me mother?

This hole in my heart I can't contain.

It hurts to tell me you're not coming back

For I am heartbroken that's a fact.

The things you said

Was quite misled.

I was hurt

You would be too.

So far so long

I say farewell

So much I have to say in a wishing well.

Why must you hurt me oh boo hoo

That is why I have love and lost you.


A sad difference

We are all people but not the same

We are all in this game

Why do we turn our backs and walk away

Can't you see that we could be free but you and I can never be

It's hard to see the fatal fight that is against the blacks and the whites

Why aren't you different, Why aren't we the same

I won't try to fought it because I will just go insane.


Loving You
Lesa Henry

Dark was the night

cold was the ground

the heat from your body

stronger than the sun

twilight of the gods

glimmer of gold

the loving you gave

slowly unfolds


It was a time of november
a moment that has never last

I saw you with my fearful heart
I feel into the blankness

For the strawberry has fallen seeds
it still carries on but with few

I, me with this storming shadow
has loved you
although I FEAR

My bed has many secrets under it
and this is why I fear

my heart a opened tomato
and yet you still do not hear

so many want to carry this banner all except for you
turn up the speaker my love




Seeking out the desire to be perfect / The desire to be everything to everyone / To win for you / To be the best for you / And I feel sick / Sick with the motions of the earth /

She spins / I spin / She shakes / I shake / This is no longer in my control / You have all these dreams for me / You have all these demands of me / Demands and dreams I can't fulfill /

And I try so hard / So hard to please you / To be the sun to you / To shine on everything in sight / But I'm not the sun / Maybe more like the darkest rain clouds /

The ones that bring hard rain / The ones that flash fear with lightening / The ones that scream with thunder / I'm the kind that cries with the wind /

The ultimate destruction / The type of sky that prevents you from smiling / So you see I am not perfect / I am perfectly flawed / Flawed in every way /

Sick with flaws / Flaws I can't fix / And as for the flaws I can fix / They will never fix me / They will never make me perfect / Not for you / Not for anyone /

It's never enough / Never enough for the likes of you / For your standards / The ones you expect me to obtain / The ones you want from me / I can't ever be perfect /

Not perfect for you / Not perfect for anyone

Note-To the likes of a people that will never be satisfied.

-Jennifer Hoyt


Shadows of Love

Torrential fires burning within my soul, feeding from the tinder of my hopes

Torn down from their epic glory and bound with the evil of depressions ropes

I find that I wile away the hours in grim malicious pensiveness of times gone by

And how life's dreams betwixt now and then have turned around and gone awry

This life no longer seems so sweet, denied with the sensitive touch of her pale hand

And I feel like my hopes for the future slip through fingers like golden red sand

I see the red fullness of her lips and I feel my soul turn darker with the thoughts of leaving

my heart burns with fires of rage; the ship of my mind is bound for a voyage with decks heaving

The crew of my noble mind is bucked by the uncontrollable anger of the sea's angry swell,

With half of them loving her still and the others, in angry mutiny, wish her to the pits of hell

How strong the love I have for that rose among the lily's and violets of the world around

How ravaging the hate I feel for that dark siren who drew me in with her musical sound

And as I sit here in a room so far away from the one whom I want to caress

I can not help but stare in silent wonder whether this is what it means to obsess.


Death creeps upon my withering

The wondrousness of death crept through my mind

as I sit alone in hollow darkness with echo from behind

I've driven out of calm mind from the screams I hear

Hell I am hearing and almost all the way there

Feelings of souls toying with my thoughts

The great life i had once before might as well be forgot

nothing now, but pain and sorrows i feel everyday

Is this a sign that death is on the way?!?!


This is for you Josh

You were my first

You were my best

I was inexperienced and stupid

I regret the things I did

I think I have cried all my tears

Only to find the pages I hold

Are becoming wet as I weep yet once more

I dream we could make it work again

I know this dream is but a lie

I love you still, I know not why

My love is not returned

I love him too, and he loves me

Still i wonder,

"Will I ever have another chance?"

"Why did I throw the first away?"

and "What if....?"



When I first saw my angel i knew it could be true, that my angel would come for me and he would be you.

Whenever I need my angel he'll be there in a flash, he never sits and dwells on things he forgets my past.

My angel brings me happiness, and always shows me love, he'd never lay a hand on me not a single shove.

My angel is as sweet as candy and has a heart of gold, he cares for me the way I care for him and I know he's mine to hold.

The feelings that i have for my angel I always get returned, for all the support he gives to me my love is what he earned.

I have you to thank my angel for the way I am today, you showed me truth and held my hand all along the way.

Your generosity and forgiveness never let me down, your the only one who can make me smile even if I frown.

So come with me my angel and live your life with me, we can make it because I know my angel was meant for me.

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