November 12, 2008


Winter sneaks in
Laying a black cloak
Over the sun-shined streets,
Blindfolding the city
And flicking the lightswitch
In the mid-afternoon.

I'm so glad it's dark,
So strangers cannot see
The expression on my face

I left you on pause
In the season of Summer
And my smile will wait,
Until you make your entrance
Next year.............

.............When the first primroses snap open the earth
With their pretty little heads
Until then we'll bathe
In the icy air
And wrap up warm
Against the Antartic attack.

Wendy Gabriel


Trying To Determine The Reality Of A Woman's Hat
                      By Francis X. Reilly
I was unable to determine with reasonable clarity
whether the rather strange-looking hat worn by the woman
who sat a few seats ahead of me on the trolley was real.
"It's possible," I reasoned, "that what I'm seeing
is nothing more than an after-burn, or perhaps
a bit of residual feedback left over from any
one of a number of dreams about women's hats
I've been enjoying while nodding off at intervals
since boarding."
The woman, who in some regard, reminded me
of a cadaver I'd once played with as a child
in the basement of my family's funeral home,
appeared disinterested-or perhaps unaware,
as I walked over to where she was seated and
gently fingered her hat.
"It's real," I said to myself, as I cautiously made my
way back to my seat. "The damn thing's real."


I Counted Her Lips Three Times   
G David Schwartz

I counted her lips three times
Until I can to believe
That she only had two
And most certainly not three
So then I counted her ears
But I only counted twice
And I  thought her ears were very very  nice But I truly got in trouble
And started seeing double When I went to count  her  toes


  I the Soldier
~~Jacob Anzalone~~

I open my eyes its a warm autumn morning,

the sounds of ambient things distorts a warning.

A presence of enemy here not to befriend,

I grab the closest asset, my rifle, my friend.

We get to our feet, my comrades in arms,

searching the wood line, but we found no harm.

Off in the distance planes could be heard,

we radio for help, no answer, no word.

Immediate action we all run for cover,

as i look down, shells explode, and smother.

To my left and to my right, objects started to blur,

disoriented i fall to ground, while this bombardment occurs.

Paralyzed with nothing, but the sound of my heavy breathing,

my heart beats faster, for what my eyes are seeing.

As the sounds soon fade and the light dims all around me,

there lies bodies, once human, once free.

They didn't have a chance, for this was their moment,

to die and only to show the world, how war is is just but torment.

Stumbling to my feet, gazing at the sky,

I close my eyes, hearing the distance battle cries.


by Leslie Wetter

I am but a whisper of
an ever constant shadow
waiting in the hollows
where winter's time counts
the days till my cool touch
is a blessing and I am welcomed.

My cue comes from
the creator of creations, the boss
I could be there for all but
only one
eager body
at a time.
I am a gift

A warning:
be careful,
for the shadow
turns to clouds
and clouds to rain
and rain to storms
then lightening
scourges night skies.
So much for relief.

Consider the sun
a welcomed gift
next time you dance on coals

As summer sun slowly
purges thru my fiery core
summer breeze slyly touches
my shoulder with an interlude
a laugh and a kiss.

Ahhhhh the blessings........


Because I am me
By: John Oates

 I know what happens, what the answer will be
She will never say yes, because I am me

 I ruined my own life, and no one forgets
Rejection, is all I could get

 I knew that she will say no, they all do
Everyone of them, just like you

 Its not your fault, I understand
Its my foolish ideas, from the touch of your hand

 I am just a fool for ever hoping
I was always dreaming

 They all walk away from me, because I am me
A hopeless dreamer is all I’ll ever be


He and She !
Ana Caren

He and she crossed their individual paths, just a chance happening
A bit of intrigue, bit of thrill, and a bit of walking down the same path  

Both were initially oblivious of their feelings for each other
He in his own world, and she thinking all the time about his world  

He got involved further and further, deep down into his world
She carried out her duties, interactions in her world,
All the while engrossed in the thinking about his world  

She didn?t have much expectations, just some miniscule attention
No desire to disturb his world and yet to be a tiny part of it
Just existence in his world

  He was oblivious of her feelings, or maybe aware but didn?t care
He continued his enjoyment of life, she carried on her duties
Dying mental deaths all the while


The Sandcastle
By Arrabelle Stavroff

All she ever wanted was to be loved,
Don't get me wrong... easy love would not suit her,
It had to be fiery, complicated, and deep,
And so it came,
In the form of the most beautiful man she had ever seen,
It was fiery, complicated, and deep,
It was strong, but fragile,
Like a sandcastle built too close to shore.
The tide came in,
So they rebuilt,
In and out, In and out, In and out,
So she decided to build with wood,
It was heavier, tiering, hard... but worth it,
He was not so sure about this path,
So as hard as she high as she built, it would not house them from the tide,
The waves came in,
They soaked her cheeks and wet his hair,
She did not mind the time he needed...his choice of sand,
Until one day the water affected her differently,
It came in too fast, too high, too cold,
And filled her heart.


Love isn’t just a poem

Love isn’t just a word

Love shouldn’t be thrown around,

It should be shared and it should be heard.


Love isn’t just to be spoken

As words are easy to say

Love should be shown with actions

In a kind and selfless way.


Love shouldn’t be used lightly

It shouldn’t be said for fun

It shouldn’t be said for one reason

Like being my unborn childs mum.


Love is hard to find

And it’s so precious when you do

You need to be sure in your own mind

Before you say "I Love You Too".


There are many reasons why I love you

You’re kind, you’re sweet and true

So many reasons to be truthful

But the main one is you’re just you.


You’re there in times of trouble

When I need support the most

You know how much I love you

And you do not brag or boast.


I know you’ll be my shoulder

If I’m upset and need to cry

It’ll be the same when we get older

Til I’m wrinkly, bald, with sight only in one eye.


But when things get tough

And we don’t know what to do

It’ll all work out just perfect

Coz I’ll love you… And you’ll love me too.


I know this might sound corny

Maybe cheesy is the word

But with everything I’ve said so far

I haven’t said the words.


So darling, I hope you read this

And understand just what I say

My Love for you is growing

Each and Every day.


Thanks for being so perfect

An Angel from above

I mean it when I say

All I need is your hand and your Love.


My darling, I love you and this poem was not found,

I sat here and I wrote it, I didn’t download it for a pound

I found this poem easy, because the words that I have said

They're from my heart and growing every second and will still grow when I’m dead.


Matt Evans.



by Marina Vitagliano

Your name, your face
Far from the heart of the night
On the clouds of a dumb dawn
Hanging origami
In still passions
Nothing more
Dusty wing in a desert
Shadows lowering
Onto blindness


Today is the day I won't be afraid,
Today is the day, Brittany be brave,
Today is the day I won't back down,
Today is the day put on a smile not a frown,
Today is the I'll see your face,
The rage in your eyes makes me wanna cry,
But I can't that'll kill me inside,
They say I look like you,
I talk like you, I am you,
But trust me that is absolutely not true.


its so easy
by alison smith

its so easy to fall
when you dnt feel at alll
its so easy to touch
when you cant get enough
its so easy to forget
thoses words we dnt regret

theses circles dnt seem to  end
at least be my freind?
take my hand once agian
i cnt think past this pain
my heart is in attack
sanity i seem to lack

who says this is reality
when u can just fuck with me?
when will this feeling go?
wen will my progression show

my  life he  held in his hands
he let me die he couldnt understand
i need answers
he just stand thiere and glances
if i dnt understand this degression
how would we get over this depression?


by Chidozie Ihebereme

It?s a story that started from a painting.

The painting was not green or blue.

It?s about a woman, who was fainting

from the new generation of flu.


Her kindness was pure and saintly,

but her eyes had sunk too deep.

It?s a woman who?s ways were lowly,

but her smiling was hard to keep.


To shred the painting in tiny bits

may help her settle in peace again.

This verse gives her a place to sit,

she's forever saved from pain.


Lost Cause
Marc A. Cid 

I can't see why,
I still need to cry.
It's over and done,
But the pain has just begun.
An exercise in futility to be happy,
Comfort is a sin so deadly.
Love has all but flown,
Love, something that again, I can never own.


© Jessica Murat

I was on my own path to freedom, just
know I'm here for you, forever true.
All of me, all my care, my courage and
my respect. All my trust, all my compassion and my understanding. My joy, my strength my pride and all of my faith. I don't wanna sour my mind of ill thoughts of you or what you may or may not do. So many thoughts, maybe the time is due; that we shouldn't mangle until faith can build a bridge. So you can really holdfast to the beauty of captured heart. From you to me, I can see the distance in your eyes and eyes never Disguise.


The Evening
Shaleen Kumar Singh

The evening

In a constant but slowly motion

Creeps into the firmament

Of Heart;

The green leaves look black

The Blue Sky looks Dusty

Darkness makes everything

Black and Vague

The air touches the eyes

Like we touch the flower.

We are tossing like a huge tree…

In the utmost moments of thoughts

We are freezing and melting.

We find darkness growing within


Which we find hard to reach

Which look beyond perception

And beyond the capacity to catch and

Hold, we are just thinking of…

And it, metamorphoses

Into Night.

We see and see only.


A Rose in Spanish Harlem
Three Characters in One
© By Alberto O. Cappas

There is a Rose in Spanish Harlem
Hiding in exile until it becomes all clear
A community
Divided unto itself by itself with itself
While other cultures make themselves at home
We stay inside
Like Lobsters in a barrow
Managed by a social service over-dosed mindset
Cultural Centers keeping Boricua in the past
Preaching a strategy of outdated liberated emotions
Perpetuated by poets with words that erase
Possibilities of moving a new generation forward
Colonial chains still in full operation
A living electronic field of rappers and poets
Adding confusion to the meaning
A community consuming, not providing
Electing misguided egos into public policy positions
Cementing the fate with physical evidence:
Babies coming from babies
The young echoing the "N" word as a daily sweet diet
Tattoos carved on human bodies transformed into walking billboards
And slacks placed below the waist line as something very cool

As the poet
Pedro Pietri said,
It is time to visit
"Sister Lopez" again
"The number one healer"
And pray that the spirits
Would heal and guide us out of
Ignorance and bondage
Giving us the wisdom to build
A new Spanish Harlem
And Liberate the Rose

Rise Puerto Ricans
Rise Puerto Ricans


Tonight with the wine,
she;s spending her time.

No one will mine.
Not,,,no one,,, this time.

In drinking a glass,
she maintains her class.

and, doesn't have to mess,
with any uneasiness.

She'll ,,,rehearse the lines.
Spending her time...
Reliving lies she's heard in the past.
Again, raising her glass.

But,,,to her credit...she maintains,,,
life everyday..
Hoping against all odds,,,
her life will change...

They say be careful what you wish for.
She's banking on this old addage.

Just to fine someone to go out with,
Someone,,, without too much baggage.

A thought, a poem and a story
By Barbara Alyea-Welches

October 2008


Drink Forget Remember
Angieleen Sinclair
I awake with the taste of  Brandy on my breath
My make-ups smudge I feel like death
I remember nothing from the night before apart from the bloke I met at the door
It slowly begins to come back to me the club the lighs the smell of weed
Drink after drink he gave to me
I begin to feel ill uneasy on my feet
He told me I was in for a real good treat
He got our coats and led me to his car
The journey was short but seemed so far
He took me back to my place which is about a mile and a half  from the bar
He led me to my front door I pushed in my key
His dirty hands all over touching me
I told him to leave and pushed him to the door
A friendly handsome caring man he was no more
He punched me in the face and I fell to the floor
Him on top of me heavy dead weight
I took my hands and scratched my nails in his face
It had no effect him still on top of me
I sreamed and screamed as he took my virginity
Now that evreything has come back to me I pick up the phone and call the police
All of the test that I had to go through gave the result of the police catching you
I will never ever touch another drink again
Just the thought alone brings far to much pain


by Ruth Walters
Snatched moments,
a darkened doorway,
honeyed kisses,
a fervent caress
What is love,
all feverish and sweaty.
A warm hand
on a pert breast.
Bright eyes,
glistening like pearls
hot passions
and lustfulness.
Come to me,
come to me,
night hides
our love nest.
Heady thrills,
two hearts melting.
The days of youth
go fleetingly.
Love me or weep,
my aching heart
yearns for you
I cannot sleep.
She moans, he sighs.
We lovers shall not
heed the morning light
we are forsaken.


Growing Men.
We argue whenever,
not for the victory position,
for the growth of the ego.


Two Little Birds
By: Gregory T Woerner

 Two little birds singing a song

One sings it rite, one sings it wrong

Who should determine whats rite and whats wrong

Who should determine the name of the song

Rite and wrong are subjective words,

Should anyone notice, they’re two different birds


In your quest to be the lone wolf on the mountain,
you reject the unconditional love and passion of an angel.
The heavens weep for the little boy that cried of fears and regrets,
as he embraces the comfort of a lonely, loveless destiny.
Michaelynn Nelson


I’ll Wait For You
Laryza Jane

 I used to be with you all the time.
I used to hug you every time I’m down.
I used to laugh with you, cry with you, stay with you.
But now, all that I used to are gone.

 Time had come when we need to part ways.
You gotta find your own life,
I gotta find mine.
It’s so hard to accept the fact we’re going to part.

 It’s not easy to live life alone.
You’ll face trials on your own.
Without you by my side,
It feels like standing in the dark alone.

 You promised to come back,
I promised to wait for you.
Hope this love will not end,
Hope this love will last forever.

 I’ll wait for you through all these years,
I’ll wait for that touch, eyes and smile.
I’ll wait for that day when you come back to me,
I’ll wait for you till my last breath.

 That’s a promised…I’ll wait for you.



None has seen,
Inside his heart and mind,
None has seen,
The Tsunami,
Within himself,
And its rise and fall,
None has seen,
The real call of the heart,
They are chasing,
A wild goose chase,
Aspiring to reach that destination,
None has seen


Following Puppets
-Shannon Parkhill

 Through civilizations’ rise and fall
What persists has planned it all
Infiltrated new locations
Links to prior situations

It meets in secret stealth
Hidden well and hiding wealth
Horded knowledge we don’t possess
The plot so far they won’t confess

Misguiding norms, misguided minions
Hear that contrary to public opinion
Small voice be heard, no fast decision
No persecuting those who purpose the plot thickens

Be weary, networks, hidden kingdom
Pulling strings and hiding wisdom
Their influence is our disease
So think for yourself and live in peace



A Poem From The Heart
Kathy Uykiat
An illusion controls my mind.
Then, the reality comes to life.
To open my eyes and see the pain.
All are full of wickedness and vain.
Tears flowing from my eyes.
Yelling to make the suffering stop.
However, a seed grows by a little faith
A flower blooms in wisdom and beauty
Waiting for someone who would come
Not to be trampled but to be taken care of


girl i got a box full of your love letters
yuh its full of air
remember u said u found better
i scooped u up like super man your main hero
when best is 1 all u can go to is zero
u couldnt find it I.....know
cuz every thing i had of you i watched it burn slow
i hate your guts i hate every thing u show
how u got a swag how u stay happy and im always mad
after being heated like boiled water i get sad
i get cold i wonder if i ever cross your soul
i meant your mind do i wander some were in your brain
does it feel funny or does it hurt when they say my name
look i ask that the past will never change
usually to a hurt person thats strange
but cause of you ill never make the same mistake
every one that came to my wake
im sorry i wasnt on time i fell asleep real late
tryna find if love is fake
how can some thing not touched be fake
meaning if its not real its not fake
again let me explain see how people complain
all they want is the point
for what
to have a fake opinion well they must of had a real 1
saying the heat is fake when theres a real sun
love isnt known its felt
not by your hands but what can be held
i get so heated it feels like i live in hell
in my mind u will always dwell
she was special to me
we never fought
i didn't fall in luv with u i fell in love with the thought
thats what your mind does
your mind is love and love is your mind cuz how can you luv some one if u never had a thought of what the person once was


As on a sunny afternoon in May
When a wind through the open window takes The curtains swirling after it to play, Or summers when a strong gust shakes and shakes The airing sheets until in letting go They freely billow, there is never rest– No sooner is the weathervane just so Than comes a changing breeze as though in jest Upending all that we’d been certain of; That blows the leaves into the entry-hall As would a child who plays at love-me, love- Me-not until she’s let the flower fall
And forgets–petals we try to catch before
We close our hands to see and see no more.

-As on a Sunny Afternoon
Patrick Gillespie


Dina Grutzendler Leduna

Curved projection of virtual rays
I gurgle my black coffee on the mahogany desk wide electromagnetic spectrum synchronizes my synapsis am I the same one that yesterday weeped losses Protons of conscience collide pristine tomorrow I will carry my fleshy body transparent silhouettes float swinging yesterday I asked who created the infinite inverted suns expand their darkness any tender kiss illuminates my journey animal souls paint themselves new tinctures a swift stellar body curvs gravities Envy twists the beautiful faces holograms of conscience travel among universes they travel without traveling for they are omnipresent they pass by, well detained in clocks of wind


Crowns that make!
All synthetic polished hard.

Gods will speak to nonsense rats.
Asters all refer to wills.
Cadres sharp in cards are gifts. 

Cause by lands your powers mapped.
Caused by rats your powers crowned.
Crowns that make the maps are added.
Buy the at the ruler make.

 All are fires the storms to take.’
All beyond my crafts are pony.
Christen ponies make a toll.
All are eater kicking cakes.

 Kills have medals tolls as gave.
Powers worked as career cares.
Doomed in fate are fats to cats.
Ginger breads have cadre cars.

Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3   



 The entire Buddhist monk's life is but a preparation,
For his Death Point or moment of separation.

 The Jains have santhara,
Quitting life consciously to join with the paramatma.

 Hindus go into Samadhi,
Where there is no Congress, Shiv Sena, BJP or Samajwadi.

 The Christian merges with the Holy Spirit,
Peace, no more desperate.

 The Sufi mystic to become one,
Dances, twirls, prays, trances to get the job done.

 Aghora means Illumined with Light,
Longing for Shiva in whom they delight.

 Shamanism or the Art of Ecstasy,
The ultimate being one with the super entity.


There is no need to change your faith,
And on your old religion lay a wreath.--


Sing a Happy Tune
By Kate Hockersmith

 Oh, sing my joyful soul!

Blessings have took their toll.

My praises sing to God,

Who deserves all laud.

 Take me and hold me.


What did I do to

Earn all this as true?

The trees around cry out.

The heavens above shout,

Hosanna, hosanna!


Is it the Lord’s love

That qualifies me above?

My praises loud ring

To YOU – my Lord and King.

As an infant I am,

And yet you sent your Lamb.


To you is the glory given.

From You, nothing is hid’n.

With You blessing my live,

I do not suffer strife.


Let your blessings pour

So it is You I adore.

Risen from the dead,

Jesus left his death bed.

Being supernal,

May He reign eternal!



Walking with Him
Mike Marigliano

 We are made of flesh and bone, but we are lead by the Spirit which resides within.

From the day that we are born the battle for our soul begins.

God has given us all the right to walk with Him.

Throughout our lives there are choices that we must make.

Do we give or do we take.

God does not leave us alone.

His Words were written down in stone.

 Then He sent His son to shine the light

And when He had to go away

He gave to us the Holy Spirit to lead us through each and every day.


Juan Carlos Abeti

Life is a wonderful thing,

nothing compares to it.

Life allow us to live,

life allows us to die.

Life make us strong,

life makes us feel small.

Life allow us to grow,

life allow us to lie.

Life is a moment in time,

life is a blink of an eye.

Life is a prison without bars,

our actions will take care of that.

Life makes us believe,

life makes us cry.

Life is a dream,

life is cream?


The world is full of mysteries,
some shallow, some deep,
if we continue to unravel them
the tea-bag of truth will steep.
How often can we stumble though?
How often are our minds too weak?
Are half the people in this land simply put, asleep?
We'll never know it all, that's true.
But to enter the cavern, to go right through,
to comprehend the complexities, to find proof of what is true,
is our best, the very best, even the best that we can do?
We must never limit ourselves, we must always find new ways,
for it is in our minds where journeys lie, not castles nor old caves.

Richard S.


Jon McKenny

she once held my hand

her touch is now so distant

my fingers grasp air




I was there, one day, to love you.

The next day, I was gone.


Who knew, how I would miss you,

from that moment one.


I miss,  the wife, I married.

I miss,  the girls we had.


I wish, that I were living.

But, God knows, I am dead.


Be ever vigilent, Dear Ann.

And, know that I am near.


You may, have thought, you were all alone.

But, I’ll never leave you Dear.


I stood by you, to marry.

I stood by you, to birth.


You stood by me, in death dear wife.

Lay next to me, in earth.



Athought, a poem, a prayer and a story by

Barbara Elaine Alyea

Written upon seeing her Grandfather Chris 's

picture for the first time.’08

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