December 2001

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Tired ?
George Langley


 I fell into my lazyboy Chair
So tired from working so much.
It seems the muscles inside of me
have all went out to lunch.


Morning Tea
Patrick M. Burke

steam rising up

a stream of milk billowing
clouds morning tea

The Christmas Wish
Rowena  Hulme 

The child sat on Santa's knee,
"What Christmas wish do you ask of me?",
Snuggling in she looked into his eyes,
and what she said, caused great surprise.
"My wishes aren't for me she said,
But for the boys and girl's whose parents are dead.
The many maimed and cannot walk,
Who still in shock, cannot talk,
My wish is for New York.

I wish nothing for my-self you see,
I just want food where food should be,
What matter if your skin is black,
We ALL die if food is what we lack,
Please put corn into the sack,
Please do this for me.

Christmas Eve is hard work ,i know,
I've watched you from the ground below,
Chasing through the stars at night,
Making sure you get it right.
Delivering parcels, Big and small
But my wish is the Biggest parcel of all!

It holds no sweets,
It holds no toys,
or gadgets that make lots of noise.
No PC games, dolls or bikes,
Nothing that anyone really likes,
I tell you santa, listen please,
My parcel, holds none of these.

It holds the love to mend the world,
It holds the flag of peace, unfurled,
It holds the bread to feed the poor..
the water of life, and what is more,
It holds a huge, giant pot of paint,
I know you may think "this is quaint"
But Santa listen, listen do,
I know i can explain to you.

If we were one colour, one and all,
There'd be no wars, no man would fall.
No need to point the finger of hate,
Nor feel the need to negotiate.
Love and peace and harmony,
would then exist for eternity.
The wars, starvation, all would end..
Hey!, listen Santa.. you're my friend.

BE my friend, and look at me,
as i sit here upon your knee,
I'm only small, but this i know..
That as you drive through all that snow,
Racing through that Special Night...
My wish is safe with you to-night.
Dear that a tear you shed ..?
Is my wish ,your wish too,.. she said.


Sheila Tom

We are the many who out number the few;
And yet we stand back thinking we have nothing to do.
We place ourselves in very few hands...thinking that they will take care of us and meet our demands.
But remember that change only occurs when we are willing to throw them a few curves;
So get off your butts and waste no more time;
For if you procrastinate - you will suffer for the crime.
And that dear heart is the price you pay for wasting your!



Sitting over here at my place,
No money in my pocket, sad look in my face,
I need to get away from this race.

To much pressure on me, causing to much pain,
It’s coming down hard, on me just like rain,
If I don’t get a break ill go insane.

Fantasies of Grandeur, pass into my mind,
Flashes of success, I stare until im blind,
If I don’t get ahead I'll get behind.

Now its time to go, and turn my life around,
I know both in my mind and heart im sound
I’ll never stop my search until it’s found

Time is passing by, bringing a new year,
I see what lies ahead, I have no fear,
My journey to the future is so clear.
  "Jerry "   GMindel


Take My Advice
Marangely Diaz N.Y

I get no sleep cus I just creep.
I need to have all I can have.
No-one knows the things I do, I'm so good I fool myself too!
I play around with everyone's heart not really caring who life falls apart.
What can I do, it's all I know.
For as long as I remember I've a hoe.
I sleep with them all, the nice ones and the thugs.
I don't really care as long as I rank.
All these guys are just flings, sometimes I do it and don't even think" Protection who needs it, surely not me."
5 years later I die from H.I.V.
Please take my advice protect yourself well, because all your bad habits will take you to hell.


Sweet Sadness
Wal Maggs 

There was sweet sadness in my daughter's voice;

she phoned me with best wishes for today.
Yet she so far away! We talked of Sunday,
and relatives gathered to rejoice.
My seventieth birthday almost gone!
A bone that dragon-time can chew upon!

More moving her sorrow than this event,
momentous tiny date which time discards,
and I, just older, cling to birthday cards.
Her love, her longing, is the best intent;
and in the entanglement of my heart
her tears of love will last and not depart.


The Time Is Now
Vicki Lea Watson
For my Grandmother, Inez Neuhaus 11/9/21-9/20/01

The time is now, the doctor said,
It went so fast, I hang my head.
Who will care for them, if I am gone?
They must stay strong, and carry on.
I close my eyes, and he is there.
Strength and love, time could not tear.
As he takes my hand, and holds me tight,
I see an end to this terrible night.
"I've been waiting for you," he says to me.
"We'll watch them together, they'll be fine,
You will see."

 Last Meeting
Vergine Garanyan 


It was cold, It was raining, Even the sky was crying,
We were separating...
It was our last day,for your life you found a different way,
I asked for one more date ,you said"Sorry I can't".
It was raining ,I was crying,
Rain took our feeling ,rain cleaned our love,
Sun wasn't shining, there was no more life...
You found your love ,I found mine,you like your life ,I like mine.
In part of my heart you always are,In part of your's maybe I?
You still dear for me , maybe I am for you
But I like my destiny , how about you?...



At night you are my bed, I lay down and I smell you; I get high. the deep scent within the sheets brings thought of flight, ascending the clouds into the space of your soul. I am a bird soaring into your nest of emotion, where I will rest and lay my love for your hearts devotion. you are my bed in which I gently lay my head, warming me as the blanket of my youth, consoling as a mothers touch' wanting and needing a love of such; at night I lay heavily in my thoughts you seem to stay. seeping so sweetly inside my nostrils, making sure from you each night I get high.


Tracey Aileen Kennedy

Red Leaves

summer's tears
Trees don't hate the change.
Reading themselves
for sweet sleep
without anticipation.
If only people
would give up themselves so completely.

Bloody Stream
Doug Farnan

I gazed down at a river (or was it a stream?)

I found myself beside myself -
or was it someone else impersonating me?

Whoever it was dived into the river
(or perhaps just a stream)
But then, it turned into an ocean
or so I did believe.

Suddenly, dark waves of despair
washed over me.

Terms of wrong and right
I could not find;
Whirlwinds of macabre imagery
enthralled my mind.

Death and failure were swimming by my side,
although, so close
they just would not collide.

I now found myself
under a bridge,
in the swallow water below;
I was looking up
and dying really slow.

My skull had been shattered
by the jagged rock edge.

As I sighed my final breath,
I thought:
"In fact
it was only a stream!"

Suddenly, a warm summer breeze came and lifted me
and I was looking
down again
upon a strange, haunting scene.

In the stream,
lay only the battered remains of the stranger,
I'd met in a bar the night before.

I was parked on a bridge
with the coming of a glorious,
new dawn.

So I climbed into my car
and thought:
"What a beautiful start
to a lovely new day!"


Sarah M. Broadwell

 I hear them laughing outside
  napoleon on my ride side
 I wish I could converse
he's too uptight
 so interesting it hurts
he's always right
  but there's something in his eyes
 that only I can see
 it's all a bunch of lies, a difference from us all
 so many a blue skies, from which you fall through
The Words to Say Good-bye
Sargent 12/32001 

Three years past this coming Spring
Dead hearts received new life
Out of despair passion emerged
Two souls discovered once-in-life desire

A spark ignited then leaps of faith
An unseen force created an eternal flame
The lovers surrendered no thought of self
Against all odds love found a way

The brief years that followed saw days and nights of beauty
Then long lonely months of stormy rage
Hours of Paradise where out-of-body dreams came true
Then times of sorrowful longing where hearts were painfully caged

Through it all remained one constant
Each day this phenomenon grew
It was never right, very little of it easy
Two hearts have rarely known such truth

Each rendezvous, a deep unforgettable embrace
Romantic interludes neither dreamed of possessing the ability to inspire
Exhausted and breathless was each and every exchange
Each departure more tears, each reunion more fire

The third anniversary is but a few months away
Candles remain unlighted, no echoed tone of crystal glass
The treasure of tender memories is all that is left
Dreading a loveless future, this old broke down heart clings ever so tightly to the past

Truly, tomorrow is a distant unknown
Many tears stain cheeks from love filled eyes
Mouths drop fully opened, dry lips tremble
Unable to find the words to say good-bye


Lifetime Debt
Shaz  Shazen

She sits alone in a smokey room
And stares at her eternal doom,
Knowing how it started, not how it'll end -
Trying hard to make her broken heart mend.

People always told her to be good,
To listen to her parents as she should.
But she was happy and her mind was free -
Just how she always dreamed one day it would be.

She didn't know her luck had gone away,
Didn't know she would see this day,
Lost the feelings she thought she felt -
Lost the cards she had been delt.

She looks again, like a small child,
Sweet, innocent, carefree and mild,
Tried to live out her childhood dream.
Learnt that dreams aren't always as they seem.

She didn't know it would turn this way,
That for her love she would have to pay.
"It's not fair", she said to me.
I said to her, "What will be, will be."

My Cousin Calls
(In memory of my cousin, L. F.)
by Eve Gordon

A call for help came to me from my cousin late last night,
Her story is unique as she, though many may relate.
It's been a life of struggle, with in her family core,
Pain, abuse and misuse, all that she deplores.
I've watched her grow from toddler to teen and into adulthood,
Have heard her many stories and think? could this have been?
Some send me into laughter, come full circle into tears,
We pause, reflect, then flash a smile and clink to our good cheers!
At 31 she ponders and thinks of her young years,
Of all that was before her, how the hell did she get here?
You see, she's had her share of set backs, hard liquor, wine and beer,
But known was more addictive then that last ungodly sphere.
It masked the chronic pain, inside her head and heart,
No escaping this last demon, she felt she'd done her part.
Trying to find her way to happiness and finding it just short,
Never realizing all along it rested in her court.
I held her through the thrashing, cold sweats and muscle cramps,
And wondered if this was the last, she'd turn, and not look back.
She's sister, daughter, cousin, aunt and niece and some know her as Red,
But few know her as junky, which is how she wound up dead.

Most know her as the helping hand always their in times of need,

To lend her love, support and care,
Never minding what their creed.
I think of you, your laugh your tears,
And feel my own begin to well,
As I stand before the Universe to bid my last FAREWELL!

Dust stirred into the air
by wagon wheels on an ancient silk road
aloft for centuries
and thousands of miles
settles on my coffee table
whispering in a secret voice
the hidden sounds of time..
Like dust
dreams settle
falling from the heavens
the sound of quiet contemplation
turning them into memories
of things I’ve left undone
I write my name in them
with my index finger
swirling around the letters
stirring the tiny reflections
in the 5 o’clock sun
a reason I am unwilling to dust
so for now
I will turn off my table lamp
and listen for their voices
knowing they are together
the dust and dreams of night…

William Smalley


Jennifer Zayac 


This knife in my heart, remove of it now
You've played your last scene
Go ahead, take a bow
You were good with your words
So kind and so sweet
Swallowed me whole
Your bitter piece of meat
Your touch, I was blind
So unable to see
Allowed all your lies
Though each stung like a bee
But who now is strong
Who has learned from their fall
Who has seen the depths of hell
Who has faced that dark hall
Not you my dear boy
To me you are weak
Never again to use this stage
Never again to speak


Yodi Iwan

Let’s turn the heat of your nerve
While we put on the net
The game started with a serve
To reach the thrill in each of set

Then with each side of six
We are moving in rotation
With cooperation to fix
To get your smash into action

Move all your emotion to rock
As we are ready to hop
To give them another block
And make the game seems never stop

With tense and joy to blend
Until the final moment arrive
To put a set into an end
And make it stop at twenty-five

The atmosphere is set to flame
To make it worth of every score
So much for just a single game
With such appeal to play for more


Nial was in a muddle,
Dean had the flu,
James jumped in a puddle,
And Ben fell down the loo.
Zoe kept on shoutin',
Alana broke her arm,
Hannah got squirted by the water foutin,
And Sophie wouldn't calm.
Mr Britt pulled his hair out,
And smashed his glasses too,
They were crazy without a doubt,
And all of this is true.
So news to all the teachers,
Never teach this crowd,
The children act like creatures,
And they're ever so loud.
This a warning,
To all of you out there,
Never come near this place,
Unless you dare.


  Lisa   Pungle


You said you loved me,
And that you always would,
We said we'd be happy
Together - we could.
At once it was gone,
All of our plans.
Sometimes I wonder:
Was I in a trance?
You cheated on me,
But not with just anyone
It had to be her -
My best friend was the one.
We were so in love,
Or so I thought,
But I guess I was wrong -
A lesson I was taught:
I was mistaken,
There is no such thing as love.
It can't fly away,
And soar up above.
And as for her -
Do what you like.
Be with her if you want,
Our love was a sike.
A lifelong friendship
Gone down the drain.
Now that this has happened,
My heart has been slain.
I loved you both With all of my heart,
But I did not know
It would tear me apart.
I’ve tried to forgive
Both of you many times,
But you two changed
Tremendously ­ our lives.
She wants you,
You want her,
I’ll let her have you,
So go be with her.
Don’t worry about me,
You never did before,
So go on with your lives
Before more hearts get sore.
I wish I could say
That I don’t care,
But I really do ­
I’m so scared…
My life is so empty
Without the two of you,
I just don’t know
What I’m going to do…



Each step gives a smile
Until the point brings courage
To wait helps the weak
  Xkaype steevk


Darren Staplehurst 
Love is a timeless thing that never fades
My love for you will never go away
When I think of you I rise above all existence
You make the world seem a better place
Even if only for a second, a minute, a day

You make my life better
And you make a brighter day
When I see your smile
All my worries disappear
You’re so special
And so dear



I began my waiting long long ago,
I'm not really sure just when,
I was waiting for someone, not in a rush
"Plenty of time for me" you know,
So I waited and I'm waiting
In my chair, all alone,
Each time the door opens,
And my eyes fix their stare,
My heart beats like thunder,
Transfixed, I sit, watching who comes,
A head, now a body, enter my room slowly...
and the whisper of hope in my heart sharply fades,
brief recognition leaves, the sting enters again,
It thought it was them,
            that they'd finally come....
I was wrong,
Why am I still waiting?
JC Drake  


Cemetery Friend
Billy Jno Hope  

Long shadows
Beckon me
To the left side
Of my fate
I drop from view
Into life
Of many tragic freedoms
You die alone
To thrive alone
Inside the gates
Of nietzsche’s will
Outside the sepulchered vision
The darkness craves your fate

"Can I Live?" 

She asked her mother "Can I live?"
Can a mother truly say "no" to this question from an innocent?
Her own small true innocent?
But mothers in this day age say "no" every day.
The mothers are selfish, unthinking, willing to slay precious infants, the precious fruit of there own womb.
They are sacrificing there children to the old comfortable idol of Self.
When will this stop?
When the hand of God in his righteous wrath shall judge this world of whoremongers and murderers and the deceivers of mankind!


Heather Martin 

I am at a loss for words
because I cannot breathe.
I gasp for air but I dare not surface.
I know how things are
but my heart says it is not so.
I am dying, drowning in my own thoughts
but I dare not surface.
I have one that is dear to me
yet he is beyond me,
just beyond my reach,
if only I could stretch,
but I dare not surface.
I want to be rescued
from this scary, awful place.
My soul has become clouded.
I wish I would surface.
Hileray Mutchler 

Why, oh why, does my young one cry
While teachers scurry on to their scandalous pie in the sky?
And yes, so it is true, this pie, surrounded with blue,
Is utterly deceptive; its core, a most heinous hue.

Since freaks and circus clowns abide
In your mind's eye, you've definitely tried
Throwing stones at the walls existing
From construction skills of grown-up hissing.

I've grasped my head, shaken it many times
To discover a result and what lies beyond:
To no avail, obvious, but what is revealed?
A piece of the pie that I can't unbond.

Should I add or should I take the time
When diffusion of truth and us loudly chime
In the ears of those incredible souls
Who fight the fright that makes them cold.

Christmas Gift For Kids!

The kids a real laugh this christmas
With the gift of love for them.
This give meaning to their heart,
Keep them as an angel in your mind.
The christmas spirit goes much deeper
than you thought.

Keep the kids entertain with love.
Every kids wish for Christmas
Just a little smiles with hugs,
Joyful changed in their eyes.

Just a true love with the kids
Love changed the loneliness in their heart.
Gift wrap with hugs for the kids.
Souls appreciation with you,
Kids is a gift for Christmas!


By Matthew Timmons

Everyday we are embraced with new beginnings.
Unknown ventures into a day of untold happenings.
Of which our destinies are defined.
Not means to an end, but means to forward mobility.


To My Best Friend
  Mary Mizak 

We met by those lockers, first day of 6th grade
Didn't know it then, but our bond was just made.
We were so young, still too blind to see
That i was in you, you became part of me.
We were alike, in so many ways.
Our friendship rolled on, and so did the days.
It's still a mystery to me how i wasn't aware
That I'd found my soul mate, best friend, my pair.
High school came, and hit us from behind.
I wanted to sit back, relax and rewind.
I thought i had missed a memory or two
Cause all of the sudden I knew I loved you.
How can one person understand how you feel
When no words are spoken, you still help me heal.
How did we get to where we are?
The past is gone, the future's so far.
All I know is we're here now -
I don't know why, I don't know how.
You are my other half - don't you see?
Because without you, I wouldn't be me.


                              Since the tragedy of 9-1-1
                 the spirits have fallen antique shot guns
        No more Santa's no more slieghs or trees for us
               why bother it all seems like a trivial fuss
            We are sad we want to mourn and grieve
         We have no hope we can no longer believe
                Is there a spirit left here in town
         That can turn these frows upside down
          One spirit yes, mine I'll lend it to spare
  We know have more angels watching s from up there
                So celebrate a holiday with joy and glory
  Don't forget about the loved ones,because there lives are our stories
  Take the time to celebrate right
   This is not the time to bitch, moan or fight
  Open your heart as well as your eyes
   And rest it there on the bigger PRIZE.

In memory of those who lost your lives, may your spirits when through us the Holiday and give us strength to move on.

Brianna Bealer



A real romeo
  would never treat me like you do
He'd make me wish upon a star
  then he'd make my wish come true

He'd be a real romeo
  with sweet words flowing from his lips
And i'd know he really loved me
  by the way he held my hips

My real romeo
  would kiss me gently on the cheek
Then kiss me with such passion
  that the pure bliss would make me week

A real romeo
  would never treat me like you do
He'd hold me close and make me smile
  my romeo's not you

Daddy's Girl

Sometimes I look up
at the sky.
And I wonder if your
looking down.
I wonder if your proud
of me.
And of the way I've
turned out.
Even though we weren't
real close.
My love for you was strong.
And in a way I'm
happy now.
You were lost for
so long.
But god brought you
to heaven.
And helped you find
your way.
Now you have eternal life.
And only happy days.
One day we will
meet again.
When this life
is gone.
And I can finally be
a daddy's girl.
That's all I've ever wanted.



No me olvides, mi amor
(Forget me not, my love)
Nyda Marila Gachez   aka PITA

Remember me someday if you will, my love,
when you see a star flash across the night skies so still,
I led my life as that shooting star,
to miss you, so very close, yet so very far,
to love you so dearly, yet hold you in my arms was not your will 
Remember me when you feel the wind embrace you,
when you feel the warmth of summer nights hold you close,
Remember me when you see a smile on someone's face
and know deep in your heart that I loved you so much more. 
I am like a comet in your skies, a bright and beautiful light
that shone only for a brief moment,
but I did not die in my passage my love,
I gave you my light and my love, and passion and warmth
... it was you who failed to hold on. 
I may not come this way again Love of all loves,
remember always how dearly you are to me 
when you see a bright star above
Remember me when the full moon lights your face,
when you hear the song of the bird of dawn
or the song of the wind, or the sorrows of life ...
when you feel lonely and sad ...
or when your heart needs Love and cries for Faith,
or begs for peace and serenity
... Remember me, my love,
for I shall love you for all Eternity.
And even if my memory only makes you sigh...
My LOVE for you will never die!



Anna Lockhart

Sorry is only a word.

Some say sorry will cleanse the soul
Make it right.
It cannot take away my pain.
A single word will not bring back my happiness.
For, after an apology I still mourn
But if I do not forgive the other,
Then I am now the villain.
One word can heal all my problems
As one night's sleep satisfies a lifetime.
So who are you to save my life?
Who are you to tell me that my problems are solved
Because you said you were sorry?         
Sorry is not a cure,
But a bearer of bad news
For sorry is only said after the mistake has been made.
The damage has been done
Save your apologies and come at me with something real
Sorry is only a word.

Have u ever been hurt so bad
Or disappointed by someone you love so much
That your heart just stings
And you can feel pain going thru your veins
And you try not to feel this way
But its killing you inside
And you cant do ne thing about it
Cuz you're a fucking pussy
And you're afraid of what people will think
And when they confide in you
They are upset that they hurt other people
But are unaware of your pain inside
Have you ever talked behind someone's back
Just to make a desperate attempt to feel good about yourself
Have you ever agreed with someone because you didn’t want them to get mad at you
And then what happens if they end up dead?
Would you rather you're best friend be pissed at you and alive or happy with you and dead?
Have you ever stuck up for someone when you knew they were wrong
Have you ever fought with someone even tho you knew they were right
Have you ever trust someone you loved not to do something
And then they did it neways
But you're just so happy they're ok you don’t worry about it
And then you trust them again
And the same thing happens?
When is the point when you should stop trusting?
Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you cant breath
and you're scared if you close your eyes something will happen
Have you ever worried so much that your whole body aches
And you feel like you'll collapse if you didn’t have your supports
I have



Lacy Death
  Fay Scott

               Spun lace with strategically placed holes
               Quill shaped legs
               Sheltered by maple leaf
               Gold with orange spotted markings
               Live ladybug with slowly kicking legs


anita nahal arya

Lonely night, alone, solitary
Who puts the covers over you?
When it is cold? When it is wet?
I know your quivering hands only pull them up
I know, I know you
Don't hide your tears from me
Dear night, you and  are the same.

~*~  In the beginning

In the beginning
Nervousness fills the soul
In the beginning
One trembles at their sight
In the beginning
Doubts consume out being
In the beginning
Questions carry conversations
In the beginning
Hopes take us over
DReams develop
Fears preside
A bond is made
ANd now
We know much
But always
SOmethin left to be known
Doubts are minimal
HOpe is prospering
Dreams are being made real
And all the time
ANds all the wait
ANd countless hours
Of thought of YOu
ANd me
ONly Us
Is finallly a reality
YOur are the stars
which light up my sky
Your are my angel
THere when i'm in need
You are the air
IN my lungs
YOu are the scarf
Round my neck
YOu keep me warm
AN give me life
But most of all
You give my heart
A home
And to You
I give my all

Woman Unprotected
Linda H. Cole

Unprotected without love,
Unsuspected with lust;
Reasons never heard of,
Questions are still not enough.
Not knowing why tonight
 but knowing more than before
Which way does the room turn?
Take light of death to the girl
 but put bricks upon a woman's new beginning.
Revealing under no pressure
Pushing beyond lesser means
Thoughts later intervene with
Realistic dreams that will not be
Then leave to a galaxy of fantasies
Taking positions of unconscious lies
>From a moment of disposition
What will become here will be there
 to tell tomorrow
A lie to be convinced and went in with
 false trust
Building with debris from a broken past-
Nothing seems to last.

   Robert Frazier


Have you ever felt a strong warm feeling when your within someone's presence..
Just to get caught up in their being, where everything fades away..
You end up focused on that person., you try not to but it never seems to do any good ' cause once you see or hear their voice nothing else to you exists anymore..
Have you ever felt so strongly that you could have nothing, but that one person and that's all you need to exist.
Just  knowing that contentment is just a arms reach away.
Knowing that your love is beaming through the darkest space, but the one you yern is inept to see the light., it is bothersome.
If you have ever felt like this or are., you won't stop trying..
Just a memo to one's mind and heart is everything takes time., but how much time will pass before your beaming light fades onto darkness.
Only the Lord knows...
My Youth
  Setareh S


I am young, fickle and foolish.
I am not on to lead and yet I'll never follow.
I leap without a care yet weep as if burdened with all the world's sorrow.
I know all there is to know yet learn everyday.
Everything is new and raw - wait - you've heard it all before.
That's why you smile when I walk by.
In remembrance of what it felt like -
to be alive and know you'll never die.


  Marc Maciuk

Push without touch
Monster in the corner releasing every fear
Monster that won't shed a tear
Thought with no emotion
Devil that loves the hellish scream
Devil that makes me hope it's all a dream
Beautiful edges with no center
Demon with all the power
Demon with in my tower
Truth that finds a bullet for my heart
Dragon of my desire
Dragon I admire
Everything I hate, but want to be
The sky above is the grandest sight
My eyes could hope behold.
The brilliant stars and moon at night
Enchant me truth be told.

But were there one that could out shine
The awesome moon and stars,
If someone could be so divine,
She'd leave my sight with scars.

For all the stars in all the sky
Be forced to show some spite.
For next to her they could but try
To hold a candle's light.

For even in all their splendor
This contest they can't win.
Their beauty, it's no contender,
For yours is from within.

Yes you outshine the stars and moon
And even so the sun.
But still mere words can't hope commune,
Because for you there're none.





Scott A. Long


Who has It...
Is It a good thing...
Is overwhelmingly dangerous In the wrong hands...
Is the ability to control...
Is influence,not always a good thing...
Theology-a spirit or divinity...
Should be taken from the powerable and deployed equally amongst...


A Lonely Sailor
Bonnie Michael


This summer , my thoughts to redeem,
I set sail my 'LIFE' on the river of dreams.

I sailed through the seven seas under the skies above,
seas of joy,sorrow,faith,anger,envy,friendship and love.

Starting from the stream of childhood,to the ocean of youth,
I have travelled along the waves of time in the search for truth.

Truth that cuts like the blade of a knife,
truth that could change the flow of my life.

I travelled through time like a stray dart,
with the grace of my LORD,following the compass of my heart.

My quest is not for treasures that are rare,
nor do I wish to prove that I dare.

All I seek, the only place I want to be,
is where true love is waiting for me.

But I realize that true love is hard to find,
and so I sail leaving a trail of memories behind.

I may be a lonely sailor but I won't give way,
for in my heart I know I will find true love someday.

"Endless Love"
  Jesus B

The love of my heart
is the love that sorrows,
is the love that hurts,
is the love that bruises,
is the love that hopes,
is the love that cherish,
is the love that holds,
is the love that breaks,
is the love that fights,
is the love that kills,
is the love that last,
is the love that hides,
is the love that never ends,
until I'm alive there is still hope to live.

Miss You
Kimberley Rose

The sun will set every night,
And the birds will always sing,
The rain will continue to fall,
And the rainbow will engulf us in it's magic and glory,
The owls will hoot,
And the wolves will howl at the moon,
But I won't care,
Because i'm not with you.


Lameen (Universal Builder)
Looking into her EYES like a magnet it attracted me and I became MESMERIZED, HYPNOTIZED, couldn’t help but to FANTASIZE, of making passionate love to her MIND with words….
You must understand that in this situation my MIND detected her MIND, as I thought could she ever be MINE….
So FINE but not being analytical so much in the physical SENSE…
But here me out, I don’t want to give a false PRETENSE, Oh yes the body was banging, but her eyes revealed beautiful Melodies like birds in the Trees, her eyes were singing….
The EYES, windows of one’s SOUL, hers were warm, not bitter, not intimidating, not at all icy or COLD, but inviting me to discover the pleasures of her SOUL
Countless energy emerging but at the same time in total CONTROL….
I looked into her windows and I saw Love, Peace, Happiness….
Knowledge, Wisdom, UNDERSTANDING…. Content, Compromising and not DEMANDING….
Wish I could touch her where she projects her Energy from, but as you should know you can’t touch the MIND…. For it is Endless, Everlasting, Dimensions of TIME…
So PLEASE!  Let me see your EYES my LOVE….
Bedtime Prayer
  By Justin Ellis

For the immoral acts we do
Were so compassionate and that is true
For the the glowing sun you place upon our skin
For the times you forgive us when we sin
This is your magnificent house God
that we live in

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