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Tales of the City Bus
Carmen Speer (c) 1999

Monday, back in business, a man said to me,

the fat riding in smooth hills through his jealous

rage-filled cheeks, "I like a woman who smells of bread," and I shifted in my black

skirt and tight cream shirt with the shadowed hole hidden by my shoulder

a roof for where the hairs poke out, three days defiant

of the razor.

Tuesday it was an old man with tar-paper skin

and uneven hair, a white curl among the black like a surprised eye.

He watched me, watched the way my lip curls

and my eyebrows play with each other, one up, one down,

skipping the ropes that criss-cross my forehead.

He kept watch like a beacon on a lighthouse, my little

aching savior, homeless and as anonymous to the bus driver

and the rest of us on our way to jobs and friends'

as the bedroll perched beside him. He watched me

weary but fascinated, and I felt privileged

that in such a dried-up casket of a man I could light

a remembered spark, a fire in the funeral home,

and told him that I loved him when he was a boy

who fished off the docks in Portland, who put out his tongue to taste the air

of every woman who walked by.

Wednesday it was a bleary-eyed junky, who gazed at me out of one puffed

eyelid, red forks stabbing the plate of his iris,

forearms flecked with holes concentrated over one vein like the work of a woodpecker.

He fixed me with his heart-stopping eyes, asked me over and over

to help him, to break the needle

off in his arm and give him

no surrogate, to be tough

and scrub him until he shone

like a chrysanthemum, until he was enough

to lean forward for.

Thursday it was a man in a wheelchair

whom I tested with my newfound

callousness. "Life is hard," I said, "we all

have it hard, but we aren't missing an arm or a leg

to prove it," and waited to read his face, for the crinkled

pained paper of his skin,

for the cliff of his forehead to wrinkle and push his orange curls forward, listened

for his ghost toes to throb and call out

vengeance from the leg-shaped dirt in the battlefield where he lost them.

Instead he said, "That's right, that's right, I'd rather be legless and happy

than full-bodied and divorced," and laughed with his uproarious

mane thrown over the metal chair.

Friday it was a black-haired boy on his way to joining the ranks

of panhandlers on Fourth Avenue. He was the dearest,

with a dovish swoop of neck and a lank

fringe of hair, soft eyes like coins of jelly

sewn into his face, and a muted way of speaking, as if his words were first filtered

through flowers, and then through air.

I helped him up with my hand as he boarded the bus

and let a light into his eyes which was never there before.

Saturdays and Sundays

there are no desperate dear girls with their babies big as they are

and no troubled young men with their cautious cell phones

and self-conscious pagers. There is no bus-laced scent of sweat, no aroma

of ground-out cigarettes and sorrow, not in the streets where I use my feet

to walk off the scroll of cares that stretches me

like taffy. Saturdays and Sundays

there is no smell

of unwashed hair, feet, bellybuttons and beer slurped too quickly,

no oil-based reek of ridges and a thumb's

print loops on the yellow bleeping tape, no flashing light

of politeness, "Stop requested," no walrus bus driver

smelling like whiskey.

There is only me, sunning myself

hedonistic in the back yard,

far away from the rows feet fall in

forced to cramp together in the back seat.


Krystal Deans

Daddy when I was young you duct taped my bears arm together

Daddy you put duct tape on my banidaid to make sure it stuck

Daddy when I broke my ankle you duct taped a trash bag to my cast

Daddy now as a teen I need you

Daddy duct tape can't fix my broken heart


Standing Around
Ashley Mathes

I was standing around waiting for you.

I wait and wait for the day to come.

I wait and wait for the day to pass,

and now the day has came and gone.

I no longer have to wait for you to come and go.

Just turn around, say goodbye and do what you do best and leave.

I am tired of waiting for you to come just for you to leave.

Just to break a promise one more time.

Just to break my heart one more time.

Just to say I once said hello, just to say goodbye again.

No longer I stand around and wait.

No longer do I have to say goodbye.


I Loved Her More
Dustin Boynton

there's a scar inside i try not to show it

some pain burns to deep to heal

the love i had she'll never know it

i loved her more than my brother

although three years now she's been gone

a visit never paid shows the pain i feel

i know though life my pain goes on

i loved her more than any other

i was not there when mama passed away

i didn't get to say i love you

and i'll always fell this way

i loved her more she was my mother


Summer`s day gone by
Don Bachelder

I saw a leaf fall

in the bright sunlight.

It floated through the sky

feathering a patient goodbye.

Children running, laughing, playing

in the freedom of their own time,

slowly settling like a snowflake,

that was soon to arrive,

when the children went back to school

to understand a simple why

to a summers day gone by.


"We Gather"
"Shawn Rogers"

We gather in forests of night, the moon ravent, in sight.

We gather on shores of the ocean, the water, a salt soaked potion.

We celebrate purity of thought.

A cleansed mind is that of worship, worship of our tender youth

driven away by civil law.

We now dance by the light of the fire, our war cries heard by other


We declare war on forgotten dreams, screams in the night.

Worthy mistresses strip for us, purple veils covering their faces.

Their eyes seem hungry and lost.

A faint sound of a flute emerges from the distance.

A feeling of becoming overwhelms me.

Snakes surround us , threatening death, freedom.

Lizards join together , mixing molecules , creating a new creature.

O' great master of trance , illuminate the golden road of belief that

Something greater lies within the reaches of time.

Translate our desire for change into smoke fading into the cool air

of night sky.

Tonight , we gather in joy of a new world


winter comes like the hearts of men. . .frozen and grey, the warmth of the sun; an unremembered impossibility cracked with leafless trees that search the unresponsive chill-air like gnarled death-hands clasped in futile prayer. . .

and we smile without meaning it, and we laugh without feeling joy, and it seems we're all dried-up semblance of ourselves and of our dreams and of our hates...

winter comes like the hearts of men; with inevitability and without the silent promise of better days ahead, and we swandive into madness embraced by the frigid arms of the season of the dying. . .

and we pursue the lie with a defeated zeal, and we choke off the beauty of gaia with obscene skeletal billboards and the structural ruins of pointless endeavor

and the tears freeze to our faces;

as free as we could ever dream to be.

mystic william tressler


Fintan woods

"Destroying an empire to win a war is no victory,


ending a war to save an empire is no defeat."


Cindy Trumble

Nothing's as sweet as a baby's smile

when she looks into your eyes

and gives you that little lopsided grin

and answers you with a sigh.

Nothing's as touching as a little babe

sleeping without a care

and as you watch, you know there must be

a God somewhere way out there.

Nothing's as exciting as watching her grow

watching her take her first step

learning to walk, and then to run

as she goes through life with such pep.

Nothing's as satisfying as watching her leave

the safe, feathered nest of care

knowing you've given her the best of the world

as she makes her way somewhere out there.


lost love'

winter of life is endless

but white sand in the shore speaks

sweet memories lingers

they haunt me...they

remind me of you

you said i love you

and i believe its true

but silence speaks louder.

that only the future can foretell.

you wrote it on the sand

and the waves came

and washed it off, the agony of a lost love.

the days are worthless, the waves keep on rolling,

washing the shore...

the wend blows to nowhere...

love is lost forever.

iyanie m. gabriel


Forgotten Voices
By Matthew Timmons

A stir of echoes in my heart.

Forgotten voices once silenced are heard once again.

Soft voices of Heart-ache and pain sing to the melody of tears cascading down

my face.

One word that was uttered broke the strong hold of love .

Now you regale as my soul searches for the comfort stolen by your contempt for


Only a barren heart can destroy a thing of beauty.



Jack boots, jack boots everywhere,

like the Gestapo used to wear.

Tear gas,tear gas everywhere,

choking people in freedoms lair.

Merchants,merchants everywhere,

wring their hands in despair.

Critics,critics everywhere,

pointing fingers here and there.


S.SOKEC 1999

Born unto the Earth

Given teachers in which whom taught me

what I was meant to learn

Driven only by the experience and not by the knowledge

I approach the world and am presented as whole

Whole, everybody assumes is who I am

With gathered together experiences

I take my turn and follow the journey

Headed for a place of which I know nothing

With only my experiences as my tool

Trying to set forth a different view

I start where others could not carry on

I pretend to be what I was presented as

And because of my lack of journey

I am anything then what my teachers taught me to be

And who they pledge in the race

If I fall short of preconceived investments

Developed in the embryonic state of existence

Am I nothing short of the whole

In which half is not me


Such Things - I awake, to the sounds of trumpets and strings, singing me a melody of life, of hope and joy and in such things as these I find myself - smiling. Placed here, I don't know how or even much of why, just a taste of loving learning happiness, and sometimes, as much wondering allows, a distant glance, some small shimmering sight to the end, and beginning. I rise, arching up and reaching out, as if to clench, my fingers curling round and closing strong, bringing in, to me, what precious brilliant-raging fire, this enigma, this surging ever running river. Into this sea of light we travel, chance meetings and interminglings we share, whirling dancing with a great passionate flare, lifting up and not sipping, wildly drinking all without compare. I run, pushing fast all ablur, then slowing - sinking in, knowing seconds holding hands to long, still lengths spent in silence, while all around throughout the play moves on, on a grassy hillside nowhere, with sun's soft washing over and lofty limbs swaying. With turns upon the paths, and some, once upon I heard "wanting wear" we place our fancy and - become, inside this house, this estate we play, till worn we lay our heads. I rest, coming now into sensing, if only just a little, behind the curtain, wanting more to be, but knowing enough is had for me. And in this closing, with shadows stretching near, drawing up my breath to taste, even now, of the honey - laden richness of life, flowing in, all around me with warm silken folds, and again, I find myself - smiling



-John Frary

Once a place of bent, tired weeds

now, flashing fields of vines

calling out to spring


The Game.
By G.Wills

I stand in the park alert and awake,

Just waiting to counter your first mistake.

I'm calm and collected focused you see,

Nothing else matters it's just you and me.

My heart it is thumping adrenaline flows,

I know I can win this, we'll see how it goes.


Irony of Life

A speck of hope

A box full of dreams

The light in the dark

Is not what it seems

A blurry future

An unforgotten past

A comforting hand

But how long will it last?

Waves of uncertainty

Overflows the mind

Reliving the memories

That are to be left behind

Life's whispered secrets

Carry a burden

Which lies unknown

In a secret garden


Forming Icicles


frost etching on the pane.

A chill,

wind whispering, gently moaning

like a weeping siren.

The snow won't stop

breaking limbs, their noise is


My eyes barely able to see,

blindly wandering,

hearing only quiet whispers.

Unable to feel my fingers,

they feel brittle,

the chill is swift

biting at me.

I'm alone, frightened of death,

warmth is a stranger now

and now I am cold,

I am buried, and now I am warm.


The Wild and The Wise
Luz de la Paz

I look into you...

that veil of a hair, those curious eyes, the quiet lips,

...and see myself.

I hear you...

that whispering yet vivid sweet singing voice

...and hear myself

I feel your feelings...

of confusion, of joys and sorrows

...yet I also feel my own.

I see how changed you are and suddenly became aware of how much I myself have grown.

We're reflections of each other

A mirror, two different versions.

One- the younger, the wild.

The other- the older, the wise.

While you stare at me,

I stare back and the future I see.

While I stare at you,

you see of your early history.

For quite a while, we ponder.

For quite a while, we're both full of wonder.

You reminisce while I dream.

We, two are spellbound, it seems.

I know now of who you were, yet I know not who am I.

>From that conclusion, I utter a cry,

for I am lost and bewildered of what's to become of me.

So confused, close to reaching insanity.

You calmed me down,

turned my frown upside down,

assured me that things will be fine,

for the life I want to have will be mine.

Now that I know what's to become of me,

I think and ask what is to become of you?

You say, "I care no more for my end is near.

But I have no worry, I have none to fear.

My life has been great, it has been a blast.

Besides, all good things doesn't at all last.

Something awaits me, something more.

Something I'm sure of which I'll adore.

For I know it came from inside my heart, it's core.

It will be waiting for me right by the door."

You seemed so sure so happy so complete

That I dare not ask which things you hope to meet.

After that, we decided it's time to part

after sharing a piece of each other's heart.

You wished me the best and I wished you yours

As we parted with smiles on our faces (of course).


Broken Bicycle
by S.T.Morawski

My front tire is flat

It has lost all it's air.

My dull rim is bent

from constant wear and tear.

I can no longer go straight

I wobble and I squeak.

I don't want to give up

but I feel so tired and weak.

Take me to the nearest repair shop.

Don't leave me to rust in the rain.

I want to be strong and healthy

so I can pedal again without pain.

Please look beyond the damage

and see what beauty is there.

Some new paint and bolts and love

I am a broken bicycle in need of repair.


Heart of Gold
John Bergemann

To be caring enough,

To protect those you love.

To be a shoulder

For a friend to cry on.

To give gifts,

When it's not expected.

To show love,

Without needing affection.

What are these qualities,

Why do we care?

Do they make a difference

In noticing the guy they're from?

In the end,

Will you discover

That there are some guys

With a "Heart Of Gold."


Birth Horoscope
--Jamie Bunch

The stars inform me that you are a Pisces born of water,

but as mercury and the moon

fall under the influence of Capricorn, your feet

(unlike my own)

are planted upon the solid rock of common sense.

And this is true of you--

logical, reasonable, you possess an alert mind

capable of absorbing knowledge for the sake of it,

you slide through the open doors of opportunity

on the honey coated genius of your charm and wit.

Dwarfing other satellites orbiting your mammoth body,

you rely solely on the cold, hard facts of things

and call my study of astrology pointless and absurd.

Meanwhile, my dear, the stars dissect

your secret depths

and afford me a porthole perspective

of mars wrecking havoc

beneath your swirling surface.


by Phillip j. Hawley

with voices small and distance long

the ancient secret kept

but i came upon it anyway

while the grownup in me slept

ting ting ting i heard

across the cavern dark

each mated echo to it's source

each note paired to the hammers' spark

sing sing sing and work

each step and turn with tune in time

the flavor of the song aglow

with flash and dash and pantomime

conflagration and stark relief

strobe elf and golum features bright

revealed here to myself concealed

and succored by the night










Innocence Lost
Dorothy Lipski

Put wings on a devil,

And it still hates.

Cake on the make-up,

Pop the pills, like candy.

Paint on a smile.

Live in dream.

Make a mask,

Glue on glitter.

Choke on a laugh.

Such it in,

But your still the same.

Crack open your skull.

It rots inside.

Little girl, fell in the wrong hands.

Long gone, fast asleep.

Only a shell is left.


Erin Marie Walker

Creeping through the darkness, Crawling through the night,

He called to her softly, As the animals scurried in fright,

Cape billowing in the wind, Eyes burning the brightest red,

As he came to gather Aimee, Who lay sleeping in her bed.

As he crawled through the window, Carrying his bag of sand,

The child slowly opened her eyes, and saw his black knarled hand,

The stinging started in her eyes, and coursed through her veins,

There she lay, in her bed, where no trace of the stranger remains.

Morning will come and she will rise

The sparkle and glimmer within her eyes

And in her heart there is a space

Which will always be filled with remembrance of his face

And every night, she will dream in a land,

Which has been given to her by the Sandman


The Oak Leaf's Life
By: Garron M Penland II

The leaves on the oak once green have lost their luster.

They shined once more, then fell in a decaying cluster

The grass is brittle from the ice all around

And no where in sight can little creatures be found.

Inside we lay - you asleep on my chest

Whiles I lie awake form an eternal unrest.

If I quiet my breath, your heartbeat I hear,

And outside the branches stroke the window with care.

I contemplate our life and where we will go.

I think of tomorrow and if it will snow.

Will you love me forever, or leave next year.

Will our love shine once more or die right here.

On the oak trees branches, few leaves remain.

They hold on for dear life awaiting seasons change.

It's funny that way, the oak leaves life,

So much like a man and the marriage to his wife.


Life to Death


Life is only fulfilled when you have love.

Then what is love?

To some it is a sudden glance.

To others, a longing look into each other's eyes.

A sudden spark,

A long-time friendship suddenly changing.

I think love is the ultimate sacrifice.

Not just showing that you care,

But knowing in your heart

That for this person

You would do anything and everything.

From the slightest change in personality,

To the greatest show of love:


For life to be fulfilled,

There must be love.

To prove love,

There must be death.

Therefore, Life can only be fulfilled through Death.

-------------------------------------- Lost People
Raelyn J. Greene©October 1996

The lost people of our urban jungles

Created by insanity or corporate bungles

Kinsmen cast aside by love and life

Forced to live through grief and strife

Discard their dreams and aspirations

Endure our looks of consternation

Shadowy figures, they shuffle-gait

You see them early, you see them late

Faceless entities on the street

Whose hungry eyes we avoid to meet

Faces bare with profound pain

Bent and stooped by our disdain

You know them too, seen them there

We try our best to be unaware

Of their senseless waste and want

Our superiority we choose to flaunt

Their silent voices we cannot hear

Grant them room out of fear

What harm would come if we dare

Reach out to them with hands that care

Offer shelter, warmth and hope

Give them strength to endure and cope

Remove the clouds that block their sun

Contribute food not smoking gun

Would we a lesser race become

To empathize with those we shun

Practice that which our mouths speak

Show victory paths to the weak

Put ourselves in another person's place

Free our souls from this disgrace


"No One"

Long sleepless nights

Filled with my tears,

Trying to forget

About all of my fears.

Crying as i lie alone

Is where i remain,

No one to dry my tears

No one to ease my pain.

My silent screams Are never heard,

No one even listens

To one of my words.

No one to comfort me

In my time of need,

I just lie there

While my heart bleeds.



Maybe you'll call me

and I'll put on that dress

the one you said wasn't a dress but a weapon

and we'll walk down to the lake and watch the mountains turn black

and I'll tell you how I got lost the last time I went to see you

and chewed holes through every one of the fingers of my gloves

and you'll get that look on your face

and say how lost and beautiful I really am

and we'll laugh

and you'll kiss me as the night cools down

and we'll heat up a small area of earth with dreams we think can come true

and do that funny little dance as our bodies hit the water

I'll say something meaningful that both of us remember forever

and we could be changed.

Maybe you'll call me.



Tears are falling softly down,

With a kiss they splash the ground.

Why are they falling in a steady stream?

Why am I crying?

What can this mean?


Who are they and why don't I know?

I had one once...

Why did she go?

I am crying now because she lied,

Hurt me so bad I could have died.

So back into my lonely darkness I'll retreat,

But I'll never quit crying these tears,

These tears of deceit.


A tear forms in my eye,

as i think of times gone bye

fond memories of a past so dear

the distant voices echo in my ear

the fun times, the laughter, and the joy

all washed away in a sea of tears

those faded memories tear at my heart

the closeness i once felt

now so far away

torn so violently from my friends

so this is how it ends

loss pain and defeat

isn't it so bittersweet

Emmett A. T. Lollis Jr.


What am I to do
- Rachel F.

All this hate inside is taking over me.

It's pushing the ones I care about away.

I am always feeling sad and alone.

I need to hide just for a little while.

When I am sane I shall return.

I feel everything but happy.

Sometimes I have to make myself smile.

Even then I still feel depressed.

What am I to do?

The only thing I have left is god

But I'm letting him slip away and I

Can't hold on much longer.

All these feelings I have, I can't control.

What am I to do?

Someone help me I am trapped and left in the




In the sky my heart does lie

flowing through the trees

Invisible hands that scatter the sands

A chilling winter breeze

Pushing the clouds like cotton shrouds

a breathe to stir the flames

leaves blown round a rustling sound

guiding me in my dreams


A Mother Cries
Donna M Gibbons

The sun is hot

the world is cold

the circle grows

The sky is blue

the world is cold

the circle grows

The work is hard

the pay is low

the circle grows

The days are long

the pay is low

the circle grows

So many don't care

so many can't see

all but me

The children cry

No light to

No heat for warmth

The mother cry

No were to turn

No one would help


Strange waves swaying through the mist

Menacing vibrations

This place is getting electric

I can feel her eyes cut me

as I view beyond the plastic horizon

Now the time has faded

Hourglass is decaying

Time, the only factor unable to control

Speeding forward, sometimes wishing backward

Pictures of childhood smashed by impurity

For a moment I found a purpose, a light

Soon to be faded by contradiction

Wish I could close my eyes

but too tired to sleep

Gregory Padula


By: Setsuna53

There are days when those grey skies make you blue.

Each forward step you take you fall back two.

You've been hit with some hard knocks you just can't stand,

feeling like Alice did in wonderland.

As the world turns around you hang on to what you have.

You will go the extra mile to help a friend put on a smile.

Those grey skies will clear up someday.

Your face will once again be happy.

Each step you take will be a challenge.

A challenge you will defeat.

When you feel you can't take it anymore your friends will be there to help you out

as friends always are.

A friendship is fragile and takes a lot of work.

You don't realize what friendship is until you lose it,

and by then it's to late.

You're left all alone.


In Love
by Sakira Dillard @1999

We laughed as we sat talking the night and day

we first kissed

I was surprised, it was not in the plan

It was late, and yet we talked not caring

We watched the sunrise as we sat close

discovering each other

You said, You like to kiss

As if it surprised you

So I kissed you again to be sure

You knew

Your smile reached my toes

and I knew where we were

In love


Rays of Hope
Kathy Baker

To Sundance, My Treasure of Love

Our secret love surrounds my heart in a flood of pain

from the hours of longing and waiting to be as one,

spilling my love for you into a river of tears.

The rays of hope must sustain me till the sun

lifts the fog setting our





One More Time
Bobbi Hastings 9/18/99

My most precious possession-

I watch you change.

I watch time change you

as the resin of hours past

freckles your body.

Your whirlpool mind swirling

becomes brighter

and I am hypnotized.

The truth of you revealed

as experience colors the soul.

And I put my lips to yours,

And I breathe all of you in

making my head foggy

with your remnants.

Can I kiss you

one more time?


by jessica

Have you ever just wanted to slip away?

Go deep down in your own world?

I remember I actually did slip away.

It was when you took me down,

I felt like I almost drown,

drowning in my tears,

drowning in my thoughts,

drowning in my fears,

I just want to be caught

I remember when I earned my shame

I promise it's only her I blame,

cannot reclaim you, she took you away,

I still go on day after day where inside I feel my body decay

Tissue after tissue eaten from my heart,

now I know it's only because she tore us apart

drowning in my tears,

drowning in my thoughts,

drowning in my fears will I ever be caught?

or will the pain kill me slowly


sleep never came.
brian craps

he bounced. he held on.

he laughed. he cried. God how he cried

he slept deep . so so deep then one day he slept no more

now he is buried so so deep

and alas now i never



Like a single leaf

Floating in autumn's cool air.

Like a single woman

Alone, but professing not to care.

Like a lone star in the sky

On a clear summer night.

Like a single deer in the woods

Eyes wide with fright.


Wanting some company

But there's no one to call.

Wanting to hear another voice

Then wanting to hear

Nothing at all.


A small word Not big at all.

I wanna talk to someone.

Is it you I can call?

Ms Candy


Who Can Hear the Wind?
Cindy Tieskotter

The wind is blowing and you listen to the wind. It sends the most lovely music you can hear, but where is it coming from?

You listen again and again hoping to find where the music is coming from. You never did find the source. It lead you into many dead ends.

Then when you listen again. You looked around you and nature was making the music. Only the person who listen to nature will hear the music.


The Sound of my heart breaking.

As I lie in my room, quiet thoughts to myself

My favorite CD playing notes to my soul

A horrendous sound breaks through the still night

It's the sound of my heart breaking.

I think of those times that we were together

Sharing with each other our love

But those smiles we gave are being stolen away

By the sound of my heart breaking.

I recall all the promises made to each other

The statements of love we professed,

But even those cannot erase

The sound of my heart breaking.

I know she needs time, for that's what she said

'Though for what I'm still not sure

But each day without her voice I know is leading

To the sound of my heart breaking.

I miss her eyes, her smile, her face,

That scent that she carries everywhere,

And yet each passing day deprived of her touch

Makes louder, the sound of my heart breaking.

She says she still loves me, that's what I read

Those words that she typed on the screen

Yet still deep inside me that awful scream,

The sound of my heart breaking.

How long will this last ? I wish I knew,

I doubt even she has the answer

But come each new day without her passionate kiss

Grows more deafening, the sound of my heart breaking.

Never before have I loved someone so much

And needed them so in my life

I just wish she were here to take away

The sound, of my heart, breaking.......


For you I would swim through a river of thorns.

I would swim in your pain and swallow it whole.

With the touch of a rose I would break the spell;

jump into the sea of uncertainty and capture the certain.

I would abide in your tears along the sorrow of your fears;

cast them away to the pit of the lions.

With your tongue I will fall with an ernest ear,

and stand up to the ghosts in the storm.

I am your back; your eyes; your feet.

I am your motion; your thoughts; your completeness.

I'll follow you through the darkness and back into the light.

My love for you will pierce the crescent moon

and shatter the stars into forever.

With this thorn I pierce your heart;

dive into the streaming blood of eternal,

everlasting love with you.

Jeremy Gregory


He Watches Her

Watching him as he watches her

both of us with such amazement

She's the one with the perfect hair,

the perfect skin, the perfect smile

Watching him as he talks to her

acting so casual

The way I wish he'd talk to me

or look at me for a while

But he dosn't smile at her

the way he smiles at me

Then again I haven't seen that smile

in quite a very long while

The spark in his eyes he once had

that I saw when he looked at me

Its faded and altered by the perfection

around him

The perfection is something

I can't beat


Lynda Nadelberg

when you look up

at the night

what do you see

the moon the stars

millions of miles

away you sit

there and make

your wish

hoping praying

that your dream

will come true

the sky is the

limit no one

owns it the stars

are the stepping

stones into your

life just

dream dream dream


My Heart is Up in the Clouds

I wonder where my heart is

Is it up in the clouds

It sure feels like its not here with me now

I'm lonely, that's what the physic said

Said i can only think of them

The ones i want

The truth, i know, she speaks the truth

I think about them every free moment

There is no other way

I cant help it; what am i to do

I love those who don't love me


belligerent beasts of

rage and might

can be seen

in the dead of


will you join them

in the fight

for the hour is


and the time is


let our feasts begin

for our sacred flower blooms only

in the night

in the time of

moon and candle lightL.E.S


"Ode to Beauty"
Calvin McChesney 9/99

There are no words to describe it

Nor are there paints the color to portray it

It is a gift from Angels, the Father's blessing

It flows from the grace of subtle movements

It springs forth from the warmth of an incredible smile

It can be heard in the sweet musical sounds of an alluring voice

It may be glimpsed in the tender whispers from the mirrors of a lovely soul

If one is truly fortunate, it will be felt in the satin touch of gentle fingertips

It is there, it is real, this wondrous splendor, this magnificent being

There are no words to describe it

Nor are there paints the color to portray it


Gwendolyn Waterman

Sad lonely eyes hurt with so much desire

Amazed by sudden tragedies

Unmoved by thoughts of victories

Desperate for deliverance


Lonely Sunset Part 3
By Stardust

A touch of warmth,

A faint orange glow,

A ring of sun,

The end of the show,

A hint of pink,

A bit of clouds,

An unforgettable sunrise,

As the day loses its dark shroud,

It begins to lighten,

There is so much to see,

I watch a leaf blow past,

And find you lying next to me,

Now nothing is missing,

Everything is right,

I no longer miss you,

More than ever I love you,

I'm so glad you didn't leave me lonely on this now so perfect night


Francis Hornik III

How I Live

How I Love

Oh, on my soul

How I have loved you

But silent I have been

Not from denial

But in Truth

Because I Feared

For no one has crossed

That threshold into

The room of my being

For I have kept the key

Close upon my Heart

And yet in Truth

You knew the door

Was never locked.


beautiful lies

You'd love me that's what you said

All I had to do was be me

But the me inside my head

Is too different to what you see

And though you told me it was love

I never quite gave in

I knew the stars were not enough

I didn't want to let you win

But I saw that I was losing

When you got inside my head

Because the world I knew was moving

All I heard was what you said

So just when I let go

The cords that so long held me

I trusted that you'd know

It was tied to you I was really free

But it was not you who failed

I realize that with a sigh

It was the dream that I had made

And yet it was a beautiful lie


Tillie Paton

The hands,

Wizened and aged,

By years of past work.

Chipped and wrinkled,

Rough to touch.


Held out in front

As if,

Their contents were an offering.

In them lay

A heart so clean and pure,

Not clogged with the pollution

This world seems

To endorse so strongly.

Still warm and pumping


To soften those wizened,

Leathery hands.

A pure heart


The dark almost black red

Tells a story of its own

Without influence of

Prejudice, or religion.

A story of the soul.

The old hands hold the beating heart

Out to the world.

Softening yet staining.

The slow pulses echo




And impudence.

The old hands and the new heart

See what is lost in growing,

See the truth,

A young Heart in old hands


"A Morphine Dream"
(Jeff A. Hall)

a morphine dream

on a mountain of euphoria

restless leaves rustle

through electric air

dances with moonbeams

in starlit ballrooms


a kaleidoscope of color

passionate and warm

wakes the world

to its bold embrace

cozy below the ozone blue

mirage of day


Blue Inspiration
Aubrey Saterlee

Flowing tyrantly like some veil across

Your blue inspiration; begetting the latter

Half of my propensities, grasping a blunderous


Did my tears of salty, unsatisfied joy

Lack a meaning to your understandings?

I don't think a more clear picture

Was taken while I stared up, an

Erotic Pleasure

In which I delivered as promised.

Supposedly my catch upon the flame was

Not won, only burnt out by fake pearls-

This was an occurrence totally unanswered

To a moment where I outshone tender jars

Of insulin-a needle holding my

Stealth and posture-uncontrollable,

The longest hour in my day; once again returning

From memories thought gone-


What's Next???

What is going to happen next?-What will my boyfriend say when I tell him I love him? Will he say it back or will he say nothing?-What will my parents say when they find out what is goin on inside my head?- What will happen when the mother waiting for a phone call from her son finally gets one, but it's not good news?-What will happen when the chess genius meets his "worst nightmare"?-What will the student do when he realizes he has been caught cheating on a final exam?-What will happen when the baby bird falls out of its nest?- What will the out of control teen feel when she has gone too far and really hurt someone?- What will the sexually active teen do when she is late on her period?- What will the abandoned child do when his father wants to meet him after sixteen long years?-What will happen when the love of your life walks away from you when you need them the most?- What will happen when your best friend since kindergarten moves five thousand miles away?-What will happen to the child, now adult, when the memories return of being sexually abused?---What is going to happen next? What is going to go on in my life next? Do I need to worry? No, my life is in God's hands and he has my best interests in heart.---But I still wonder. What is going to happen next?



Do you know

how it feels

to feel alone

when you are surrounded

by people

Do you know

how it feels

to feel hopeless

when you have your whole life

ahead of you

Do you know

how it feels

to goto sleep

never wanting to wake up

Do you know

How it feels to have your mind


and not being able to understand

what you are thinking

Do you know

how it feels

Not to know who you are


Do you know

How it feels

To feel upset

for no reason at all

Do you?

I hope not

It can be hell
















ian morrison

The machine soars across

cloudy plains,

these seemingly infinite

fields of white and blue.

It thunders along,

always accompanied

by the burning sun above.

A cool, dry place

Smelling of ham sandwiches

And stale body odor.

Rows of seats,

Filled with dreams to come

And nightmares left behind.


By mandie grigis

I want to give

him everything

yet everything I

give he doesn't want.

Would i be easier

to be his victim?

The dreams I share

he doesn't care about

my open wound

that he is twisting.

It isn't easy to

bring my hands to

make him stop

these brutal beatings hurt!

Our love is gone

but it isn't easy to say goodbye.


Mary Wardsworth

Until you have lived my life,

Don't say you know how it is.

Until you have walked one step in my shoes,

Don't say you know where I'm going.

Until you have been in my head,

Don't say you know what I'm thinking.

Until you are me,

Don't say you know who I am.

Who or why does anyone have the right,

To judge me for being different from them?

Who thinks they are better than me

Or anyone else for the color of their skin?

Why do people have to hurt

To not be hurt themselves?

Nobody has the right to think

Or believe they are a higher power.

If anyone could understand the feelings in other peoples minds,

Then everything would be right.

Right as only can be dreamed.


a friend like you
ianie m. g.

a fiend like you, that i can always trust

i can always count on and confide my deepest thoughts.

a friend that's so nice, and always there for me

wherever i'm in trouble, you're there to rescue m

a friend that's very sweet

understanding and kind

and when i need the most

your always by my side

a friend who deserves

to be love and care

is a friend like you

who's very,very dear

i love you.


sweet tongued words

melt in my ears and i forget

how i got here

or why i came and then


waking for a dream

but with a nightmare sweat

I laid there forgetting

I have you to thank for that

but tomorrow

I will know


it all comes back


I will cry

tears are my memories

the good, the bad

pouring out onto my lap

far anger pain

once i laughed so hard i cried

and my sides hurt

and once I cried so hard i laughed

and they called me crazy

do you think about me?

like I think about you?

Do you remember my name, or my face?

I remember

your hands

best of all

they were soft for a man, remarkable

and the tatoo:

displaying a faith i didn't understand

good for you, you found God

and forgiving god at that

not me;

I looked for salvation

and i found it in an alley

and for awhile

you existed only in my mind

and i had created you

and i could control you

But these things never last

and they took it away

said it was for my own good

and that was when they told me

that i'd have to face my fears

that I'd have to stop crying

that I'd have to learn forgiveness

but they don't understand

I never blamed you



You are my passion, the one that I want.

I just can't admit it, my feelings linger and taunt.

I see how we stare into each others soul

we combine two separate entities and make a loving whole.

When we are together, there's something I can't say,

I want to be with you every second every day.

Wishing I was part of you, a love that we could build.

You could make my wishes true, and me your dreams fulfilled.

I believe you are my soulmate, why my life is bright and true.

My list could go on forever with the reasons I love you.

Your smile keeps me in a state of happiness and content.

Pictures in my head remember how our days were spent.

Doing anything for everyone your nature is so kind.

I love all your qualities, but most of all your mind.

Sincerity, friendship, all the things that you possess,

from a person this incredible, I couldn't love you less.

I sit here and I ponder all the things I should be saying,

you think that you know me but it's you I am betraying.

I don't want a simple friendship as you think that we should do.

I want to be impulsive and let all our thoughts come true.

I'm afraid of what could happen, as I just may lose a friend,

this is why I keep my silence and this poem I do send.

By: Jennifer Spinali


Samantha Agonis

For you, my love,

I'd give my last breath

For you, my love,

I give my heart until death.

Your sweet blue eyes,

Your chestnut hair

My heart's in your hands,

I don't need to tell you I care.

My knight in gleaming armor,

My handsome golden prince

You make me feel like your princess,

For now and ever hence.

I know, my darling, you love me,

You let me know each moment everyday

When you smell the sweet scent of strawberries,

Promise you'll think of me each step of the way.


I am Who I Am
Krystal Deans

I am who I am

But who are you

I am a child

Are you

I give my life to Christ

Do you

I am not perfect

Neither are you

Do you know who you are

Do you wonder about all the why's in the world

I do

I am who I am

But who are you


I Take To The Ice

I take to the ice when we fight

And never fail your there

You skate with an ease

Yet when we're apart you don't seem to have as much fun

"Pairs means two" they constantly say

"You must be one, skate as one"

Your touch usually so gentle

Is cold and rough

A hard expression

Has replaced the smile you usually wear

Your gentle tone

Is replaced with a harsh snap

I see you after the performance

You look up smile and give me a hug

Our fight is forgotten

And I take to the ice when we fight


Sadness Now Seeps In
-Sarah E. Graham-

You've stolen my sunshine and ran away with my heart

I gave you my heart foolishly and now you say we must part

I can't move, I'm frozen still

It's my spirit that you've killed

I was just stepping off that cliff to fall in your arms

No warnings, no signs, no alarms

Just "Goodbye, I love you but I can not stay"

"Just come back, I forgive you," I beg, I pray

So soon and yet I already miss your kiss

I'm so weak I can't stand or make a fist

Hate you I wouldn't just cause I couldn't

Cry myself to sleep I am, even if I shouldn't

Crazy about you still am I

I'm broken now



My Worst Enemy

I open my eyes

Only to see

In front of me lies

My worst enemy

Tears are forming

In her eyes

As my hardened heart

Fills with despise

She is everything

She said she'd never be

Her spiteful words sting

As she hurls insults at me

She looks back at me

My heart fills with pain

She hates what she sees

And I feel the same

I open my eyes

Only to see

Trapped in the mirror

My worst enemy


Adrian Perez

Caught between fantasy and what's real,

In between a beautiful dream.

As what I feel,

Is the next extreme.

Is something I can't even imagine I'd be,

Holding an angel without wings.

As I can see,

In her so many heavenly things.

I can see happiness for miles away,

Hearts that are never breaking.

As I can stand here today,

With emotions that I could never be faking.

As I can see forever and so much more,

I can see where my destiny lies.

That like never before,

I see through two eyes,

That adore.....


We walk, we crazy fools. Stepping down our paths laid out before us. Almost predetermined, something from a dream, or nightmare. What I surmise is a lost pathway, a way we creep by unconsciously. We don't think or ponder only act, all this is, is disorder. A sort of leniency on past acts, they teach us this, we are to amass. We be our shelters of thought in disdain, reacting to morals that do betray, we act in decency, yet contradict. We act with disdain, yet don't contemplate. How do we bring justice to the crowd when acts of this indecent deed do arouse. A pattern of tradition, a sacred vowel from families, they all jump around inside, like a party unplanned and joyous in occasion. We resurrect faith, yet no discipline seen from afar. We pattern ourselves for generations to follow. How can this be? I say this intrepid. For we all have reason, don't we, most think I'm mistaken. Come on let's all face are seclusion, bring about more faith, no desperate conclusions. Back to our roots, for then no past thought reckons, no tradition, no guilt, only individual clarity. Please seize this dawn. Arise, be forgiven, take the open roads around you don't forget the season.


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