MAY, 2006

Never fall truly

head over heels,

Unless you are sure

of exactly how he feels,

They will say anything

to get that one thing,

Then they leave you alone

for their high school ring,

All they want

is to get under your dress,

Then they never stick around

to clean up their mess,

So if he tells you

he will wait for you

till the day that he dies,

Be very aware

because every guy lies,

Now if you are sad

and wondering why,

Just remember

it's cause he was a GUY!

Maria Avalos


When I See You Again
-Sarah Tumlinson

I think about how life would be

If you were still here with me

I wonder why things had to end

So this must be goodbye my friend

But soon Iíll see your smiling face

Not here but in ďa better place.Ē

The day will come and then Iíll go

Where you are, and we will grow

We wonít have to see the rain

And we donít have to feel pain

When I see you again


This is for you my dear friend
A person who knows my inner blend
You see my endless cluster of dreams
In a world where nothing is what it seems

I have loved and lost
And at the bridge of truth and lies
You met me where he had crossed
And we found a pure guise

Forever I will hold you in my heart
Even though time will tear us apart
And although nothing gold can stay,
An eternal truth can never blow away

One trail of prints in the sand
Together we walk hand in hand
Two souls against a raging sea
Drowning it all that will ever be

Jenny Miller 


By Charles Jefferson Sr.

Seconds of life is forever and love is created first, love is all, love is free, and love is the birth.
Existence lives in everything, and God is breathing, appear to life is here, and nothing is leaving.
Breathe is the seed, the new baby is breathing hello mother, you are the purity free beauty queen, mother, and lover.
Mother you are the supreme being the selection of conception, life invitation the expectation of the joyful anticipation of
Girl or boy is the human beautiful joy that a mother gives, mothers you are life respiration, continuation, you make babies live.


"Forever we cry"
-Sean Esquinaldo

Forever we cry, Wanting to die and come to find out it was all a lie. Is our friendship true? Does it mean anything to you? I've had your back all these years and even wiped off all your tears. For the past few years I've helped you overcome your fears. You lied to me, you said you would never let anyone make you into someone your not and that had to take alot. I told you about my life and how I would cut myself with a knife. I felt your pain in lifes slow lane. I'm gradually dieing inside and the blood from my wrist cant help me from not crying. So this is why forever we cry.

Years have gone by without a lie you told me you got things straight. You said you were going the wrong path in life so you became like me a lost pre-teen in life and started to cut yourself with a knife. When you told me that I broke out in tears and then I had a flash backs from the past few years. We had so much fun until you bought a gun. The cops came by us so we had to run and you handed a little kid the gun. I took the blame and and my parents were yelling at me in ashame. I was always the good kid before I met you. You said I was cool but you actually made me into a fool. So this is why forever we cry.


"We Belong Together"
Savannah Matthieu

When i first saw you

I felt love and joy

And nothing could separate us now

Until on day it came

The next thing i knew was

You were across North America

No where to be seen

No where to be found

The finally one day we caught up

All there was was tears of joy

Streaming down our faces

Then it was time to say our goodbyes

Until the next time

But who knows when

Maybe today tomorrow or whenever

But please let me know when

So we can share our love again


A friendly smile, a room filled with his laughter Sometimes I feel like Iím in a fairy-tail, happily ever after.

But at other times itís just a dream

What I feel for him, he doesnít feel for me.

Heís not there to pick me up after I fall I guess itís not a dream come true after all.

Itís gotten better, but itís still not the same Heís taken over my thoughts; itís one big mind game.

To him Iím not special; he acts like Iím not even there I feel invisible to the boy I love but he doesnít care.

I wish I could smile, I wish life could be fun But my heart is unfixable from all the damage heís done.

Everything can be fine, until he makes me feel worthless I have to wonder if this is all there is to life, and if he is worth this.

I wish for today, I dream for tomorrow

But I canít help but fill my today with unhappiness and sorrow.

Tomorrow might come, or so I dream

I dream of us in love, both you and me.

It seems like all of a sudden you donít like me; youíre just through How can I deal with that, when I still love you?

Kacie Haskins


"Sometimes Turnips Cheat"
melissa carruthers wilson

Sometimes, the deception begins way before the relationship does It's as if someone wants you to like him because you think that he's someone else entirely They mislead and plot, so confidently Violating on a level that's too high to see over Playing you like you were no older Than that turnip that fell off the truck just yesterday And you end up telling yourselfy that you'd better pray Once you figure out that it was all deception And in the end you're left only with contemplation When there should be some type of shot to protect you from heartbreak They've got innoculations for so many other things, for goodness sake They say life's a stage, but in the end At least you don't have to make yourself pretend That you didn't enjoy the good part of the play Because enjoying yourself during a masquerade is an art


Is it wrong to love?

Is it wrong to have these feelings for you?

Is it wrong to cherish time spent,u and me?

No they say, nothings wrong about it,

nothings wrong with love, feelings, or memories, Then why i ask does it feel so wrong?

Is it wrong to love?

Is it wrong to have hardships?

Is it wrong to have a heart "break"?

You look over at me and I smile,

My heart skips a beat,

But it feels so wrong,

Is it?

Meghan Asay


'In dreams'
Lau Thiam Kok

I like dreams
Because there
You never know
I catch you.

I like to dream
Because there
I never know
You'd find me.

I like a dream
You look at me
I talk to you

We are young
We are still

I like a dream
You are gentle
You seduce me
You kiss me
We make love.

I had a dream
I see your eyes
I hear your whisper
I feel your touch
I lay in your heart,

I woke up in trouble.
I am in trouble,
I am in trouble!
I am in love,
I am in love,
In love.


Your Love

ÖÖ.picks up my ashes, pours them into a bowl of sweet thick honey, ÖÖ.forms bones with soft words ÖÖ.creates flesh with kind acceptance ÖÖ.sews skin with warm patches of devotion ÖÖ.stirs my soul with specks of peppered confidence

after an early morning,

a tired day,

and a sad night

Your love heals me.


If It Wasn't For You
Colleen McGuckin 
If it wasn't for you
I wouldn't have said hey
If it wasn't for you
I wouldn't feel this way
If it wasn't for you
I Wouldn't have stopped walking
If it wasn't for you
I wouldn't have stopped talking
If it wasn't for you
I wouldn't be here
If it wasn't for you
I wouldn't be near
If it wasn't for her
We would be together


I have been torturing myself

These winter months

Burning my flesh

On the coals of you

By wondering past the layers

To how it would feel

My palm

Sliding across the perfection of

Your stomach

I would drink in

Every contour of your body

I would taste

Your idiosyncrasies on my lips

But that is only wonder

And this is only a daydream

In a dreary classroom



Your presence brought smiles

Lived a life of an angel

Fought the demons that pursued

Your bravery inspired

Never conquered

Only summoned to the clouds

Taken flight on your wings

Hands left in prayer

Your heart encourages

Tears dried with memories

Not standing but your spirit rising

Our love is yours to hold for eternity



Bikramjit Singh
I had never thought id meet 'MY LOVE',
Give away myself to someone sent from above.
But then,
The 'CUPID' fired his perfect shot,
And I was tied by a LOVE knot.
Ya I still remember,
The magic of LOVE at first sight,
When, I surrendered myself without a fight.
I am serious,
My heart froze when she passed by me,
I LOVED her if only she could see.
And then,
The nights of my life grew longer,
Mind became dull but heart stronger.
How foolish,
I thought her LOVE was true,
Gave her my heart and soul too.
God knows,
I wanted her in my arms,
Head on my shoulder, both lost in a charm.
But like always,
My dreams hardly touched reality,
She left me, calling my LOVE, my insanity.
My heart knows,
I still long for those sleepless nights, With eyes searching for her in every sight.
At last,
First and true LOVE never dies,
Deeply rooted in d heart it lies.
I wish GOD,
To walk by her for endless miles,
Exchanging her sorrows with all my smiles.


Last night I had a dream about you
In this dream I'm dancing right beside you And it looked like everyone was having fun the kind of feeling I've waited so long
Don't stop come a little closer
As we jam the rhythm gets stronger
There's nothing wrong with just a little little fun We were dancing all night long
The time is right to put my arms around you You're feeling right You wrap your arms around too But suddenly I feel the shining sun Before I knew it this dream was all gone
Ooh I don't know what to do
About this dream and you
I wish this dream comes true
Ooh I don't know what to do
About this dream and you
We'll make this dream come true
Why don't you play the game ?
Why don't you play the game ?




This new year is very special,

As we celebrate it with our little angel.

Our little one is just nine months,

But has brought us happiness of tons and tons.

One little smile on our honey's face,

makes our heart beat in full pace.

her little bright sparkling eyes,

makes us forget all the worries of life.

The tender touch of her soft hands,

Makes music like the bands.

How lucky we are to have been blessed,

with this little bundle of joy we now posses.



Beautiful, smile, eyes, soul. Wonderous, heart, mind, body, life. Love, everything, forever, always. Goodbye, live, prosper, love.


"My Perfect Angel"
dedicated: to mandee ann delgado (my wonderful sister)
barbara mendoza

As i was growing up i had a perfect Angel, No matter where i was, my perfect Angel was always there.

My perfect Angel never made me a tear.

Now we are apart and my heart is into two.

Without my perfect Angel i'm not knowing what to do.

But this is to my perfect Angel saying that i love you.


"Lost Love"
By: Mikala D. Smallwood

"Love is the extremely difficult

realization that something other than

oneself is real." I don't know why I

should tell you this. I'm nothing special,

nothing out of the ordinary. Until I met

you. You are talented and charming, nice

and kind. We talked for awhile and in my

leisure time, you made me realize that we

were just two people with one lost love.

Our love is different. The kind that

wonders our minds. But inside it fills our

hearts and we will always know that our

love for someone else is a will to possess,

but our love for each other is a will to

love forever.


Amit Balan

As a gentle breeze she came..

To give my life a new aim..

Every second i spend with her i realized more..

She was what i was looking for..

She brought the best in me..

Things which i never knew was in me..

I can tell that for sure..

Because what you see here is pure..


The Love I Lost

My eyes were teary as I looked up into his deep, dark eyes I begged and I Pleaded to let me stay with him He bent down, brushed my hair away and gave me a long deep kiss Oh how i wish He turned, his long purple hair blowing in the wind He walked away I screamed his name, but he never came I cried that day I wept into the night But....My beloved never came I lost my love that day My heart is now empty But one day I hope That love I lost can be restored


I Love The Way
Hope Daniel

I love the way you look at me

And the way you love to stare

I love the way you dress all cute

And when you actually do your hair

I love to watch you play baseball

And how you get your game face on

But when it comes to watching it on T.V

You always say itís dumb

I love the way you hold me when Iím cold or when Iím scared I love the way you love me Everyday, every hour, every second

















FOR FALLING IN LOVE.................


....................WITH YOU!?!?!?!?!


This Mothers' Day
by Patie Griffin
As a Mother, with  amazing kids who are grown, I find myself, now, with more time of my own.
More time to think of the wonderful years of my loving children and those loving tears.
 Our Home is where  they needed me most, being home to raise them I proudly can boast.
A mother, is all I really wanted to be.
to have a child...but,God gave me Three!
My first, a son, we chose, to name Adam.
He gave us more love we could ever imagine.
Inquisitive and eager to know all the facts.
he'd say,"I love you, Mom, bigger than Almacs!"
My second, named Katie, my first little girl made me the happiest Mom in the  whole world.
She enlightened  my life since the day that she came, "Petite but Powerful" was her claim to fame.
Then just when I thought I would hang up my "johnny", God sent us a brown eyed daughter named Bonnie.
Quiet at first, but we all knew too soon, she would fly like a butterfly from its cocoon..
They have given me all that a Mother could want,  Warm Smiles, Kindness, and 3 giving hearts.
I pray for them nightly for God to take care so my precious children won't live in fear.
So, Today on this Mothers' Day, I want to give, something to them, for the life that I now  live.
A tribute to them, for giving me this day.
What more could a loving Mother need say?
I Love You Adam, Katie and Bonnie
Your Loving and Thankful Mommy


I'm Afraid
I'm afraid someday love will come at me with a wonderful smile & amazing eyes. I know I'll get weak when love touches. My feet with will give out from under me, but love will be there to catch me I'm afraid love will give me what I want, but it won't be what I need. Love will give me a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, & a little tlc, but is all of this what I'm truly afraid of?
In my head love is the right for me. The sweetest kiss to my lips. In my heart love is wrong for me. It will lead me to a bitter end. Straight to hell!
I'm afraid I'll fall to deep, get caught up in the moment. Living each day a lie. Believing in something that I won't let happen.
I'm afraid I'll end up hurting someone. Making them feel low & like nothing.
I'm afraid love will get me no where. I have dodged love's arrows so many times. It's has brought me nothing, but grief & quilt.
I'm afraid this is a battle love won't win. The war I have already conquered & life behind. Love came at me in so many ways, but I refuse to get in love path I'm not afraid of love I'm not afraid to fall in love I'm afraid for the one who falls in love with me. 

A poem especially written for my father Raymond C. Klopchin who passed away on 11/4/03.

My father, for now I bid you goodbye

As on angel wings you soar up high.

Into the arms of our maker above,

To be cradled by his warmth and love.

T0 live an existence free from sorrow and strife.

This the beginning of your heavenly life.

And for the ones who are left behind,

Your memories fill our hearts and mind.

My father, my love for you will always be, Surrounding your life eternally.

So father for now I bid you goodbye,

Until on angel wings I to will fly.

Invisible Wings
Lauren Siegel

Before we met I used to pray to you
I told you to be good so that one day God would send me you
I used to see you only in my dreams
You were the only man with Angelic wings

In my dreams you knew I needed you
 You reached out your hands and away we flew
Above the clouds and to the moon
But my dreams always ended a lifetime too soon
But Somehow, someway, you heard my prayer
    And now my angel is standing right there
The same angel that was in my dreams
Only now you have invisible wings
I no longer have to dream, and no longer have to pray
    Because you fly me to the moon each & every day

By: Sherri Turner

From the minute I first

Saw the person you are

I knew then & there

Who I wanted to be with

The rest of my life

As we stand together today

What I thought then

Still I believe it now

And to that I say

I love you


Love is to love and be loved,

but what is the real meaning of love?

Is it the love between a family?

or being together happily?

All i know is that love truly does hurt, so lets just keep it in our dreams.


My Sun
By Sammer Al-Mashaqbeh


Who believe that I'm talking to the sun

And with her, I'm spending all the fun


She is always shining every day and every night No moons, only her could make life so bright


Like a queen, every thing beneath it and nothing above With every ray of her hair, there are a so tenderness and love


She is too hot, nobody could touch

But I can, I love feeling that pain so much


My sun, I wish you a happy Easter

You will be the shiniest, you will be the day's master


I know, nobody believe me about my sun

She is only in my world, she is only the one


My sun, your place is in the sky, so raise and raise But please, don't forget that I always miss you and waiting your emails

Dream Come True
Tremayne Antonio Hearns
A dream I would think of night and day,
A dream I would think of when I pray,
Was one of the best feelings in my heart, A feeling that no one can tear apart,
I waited patiently for God to guide me,
Hoping he can awake this beautiful dream, 
On a special day I found a love, 
That brighten my day like angels far above,
I can now say that i'm deeply in love with you, 
And also thank God for making my one and only dream come true.
Nermin Nazim
Every minute I consult your mood forecast for the coming period, Is it shiny with your sun lighting my skies?
Or is it cloudy and gloomy with chances of rainy and stormy moods?
Are your erratic moods a nature or a second nature solely for me?
Your last hurricane sounded warning bells-ENOUGH, I'm deserting your rains and tempests to sunny mild warm weathers Your atmosphere doesnít befit me.
Maybe she is........
I hope she is........
I think she is........
If she is I would be on top of the world......
Hope is all I have at the moment......
If she is.......
I think I found her......
I truly hope......
Love is hard......
Hope is all I have......
The One to make my dreams come true.....
The One that completes me......
Suspense is killing me.......
Soon I hope.....
Soon Soon Soon.....
At the moment who knows......
But every part of love has a catch.....

I know I've only knew you for this short period of time but deep down inside I feel like Iv'e known you forever caus' there's something about you, I just can't get across words can't explain how I feel about you only heaven knows

I think about you 24/7, no matter what mood I'm in seeing your pretty smile, brightens my day in and out I want to get a chance to know what you're truly about caus' when I look in your eyes, I see us together forever why I feel this way about you, I don't know only heaven knows

I want to know why I can't stop loving you even though you treat me the way you do I guess without you, I feel lost and I need you to survive only heaven knows

Who's gonna love you when I'm gone, I promise to hold on I swore without you, I can't do anything why do I cry day in and day out because of the emotions I feel inside I'll do whatever it takes till this day only heaven knows

If you're far away then my heart begins to melt If you only knew how I truly felt maybe you would understand I want to be with you, see you, and smell you, forever caus' with you is where I need to be can't you see only heaven knows

If I never get a chance to say these words just know I love you and I care for you no matter where this life takes us you're my knight and shining armor, to protect me I'm you're angel, to guide you all the way do you understand my pain, caus' without you I'm lost only heaven knows


Alexsis Watkins 


Amy is like black: complete, perfect and absolute
Mysterious and alluring, I find her keep challenging
Yearning for another fix, my needs becomes more demanding
Joyously I embrace her presents, her numbing qualities an attribute
Adorn by heat and fire, her purity beyond dispute
Novel and unique her existence in my soul is scorching
Enigmatic, my willingness to access her is daring
Happiness and ecstasy I find in her darkness, my focus resolute
Occultations and sparkly reflections try to hide her space
Pleasing and dazzlable, she wears planets and moons as jewels
Perplexing and vexing, my thoughts float within her freeness
Independent of others, she moves thru out the heavens in her place
Noble and illustrious, her importance overlooked by fools
Sovereign magnate of black, she is my a Princess...
First kiss...
strong desires and weak knees..
eyes closed for the enchanted dreams...
making impervious mind.....lucid..
obscure thoughts..turning into ...vivid..
a ticklish numbness..awakening to the newfound sensations..
whole world in the virtigo..refusing all prejudices and hesitations..
aura of the exctacy..
perception of immense illusions n fantasy..
bit by bit.. unfolding the secretes of seductions..
revealing mysteries.. that this moment..
gonna lead you to....infinite addictions...
First step in the world of never ending dreams..
First page in the book of passion n desires..
First leap to reach for the stars..
First sweet surrenderence..
First pleasure of life..
First Kiss....

Jay halsey



Her beauty demands physical awareness

For even the trees ignore this eveningís wind Only swaying to the carnal beat of sex on hips Side to side knocking my world off its tilted axis So fine is this posterior it can be seen from satellites Orbiting around this universal body of perfection She acts as moon, pulling high stares from oceans of eyes Drifting on Her profile like seeds from Springís dandelions Planting on fertile essence more potent than the valley of Nile

Damn! Sorry, babyÖ

Thunder only struck once this time, as the winds die mournful Awaiting return of this heavenly storm as She turns the corner Spreading devastation to more unsuspecting boyfriends.

I The Conqueror
by Ruth Walters
I spotted him across the room
Tall, broad shoulders, big grin, 
a little too sure.
Let the plot begin
I sidled up to where heíd notice me
then glanced his way again.
He looked 
I was in the frame.
I took a drink and toyed with this a while
He had a lot of style, dark eyes, big smile
But would he fall, 
A challenge irresistible.
Then as I stood there drinking
I felt his finger 
up and down my back
which sent it tingling.
I turned, 
tossing my long blonde mane 
to catch his gaze. It lingered,
electricity was triggered.
We danced, we nuzzled
and like a child, I guzzled 
up the moment of delight.
Long live the night.
His warmth, his touch
The fast blood rush
The smell of him
This was pure sin.
I had lured him in.
He didnít have a chance!
I the conqueror advanced.



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