JULY, 2005

Annie Barrett
Sitting on a trampoline,
Clouds gathering around them.
Fixated on his beautiful eyes,
Gazing deep into his soul,
She saw the boy she had always know,
As her friend.
Thunder rolled in the distance,
She closed her eyes,
And slowly leaned in.
Their lips met naturally,
They needed no guidance,
And seemed to dance upon one another.
She didn't want it to end.
Her best friend,
Her first love.
Two people so absorbed in each other,
They didn't realize the rain,
Pouring down on them.

"Love is a WindmillĒ
Corry Puckett 
Love is like a windmill
Waiting for the wind,
A strong gust will get it started
Causing the blades to continuously spin
It generates a charge
That goes deep into your skin
Tingling your hands and your feet
If and when you fall asleep
However sleep is optional
For a windmill at play
The wind keeps it happy
All night and all day
As windmill plays with wind
Like a happy little dove
A great joy fills the air
The joy of love
It is only when your alone
That love is missed
You wish you had someone to hold
Someone to kiss
A love like yours is why I go on
It has filled my heart with a joyful song
I hope to thank you before you go above
For given me this thing called "love"

its been awhile since we talked,
been awhile since we,
last looked at each other
its been a while since that day
the day you found out,
what i was doing behind your back,
its been awhile,
since i apologized
but its over now,
since you've been gone,
 there's nothing to live for,
since you've been gone,
i lay in my bed,
thinking of why i screwed up

why i had to cheat
but no reason is just,
your heart was torn,
and your feelings distraught,
i know it was wrong,

what i did was not right,
but here i am,
fighting my tears,
looking for escape,
the escape from pain,
trying to regain the peace i felt,
when i was with you,
the love i once had,
i had no right
so i write,
I'm sorry,
one more chance is all i want.

Carl Hall 


Brenda K. Kallvet
Even when I ran away
You were always there
day after day. Even today
you still have your loving ways.
So, I know I can run and be
cradled and feel warm. You
told me you loved me, even
when I sinned.
I always knew no matter
where I strayed. When I
found my way you would
I remember I gave you a big
scare, when you found me,
you picked me up and took a
big sigh and said, God I love you.
Still today I remembered
what you said " if you ever do
that again,Ē Mommy knows
you will find your way home."
You were determined to
 never let me go but I always
seemed to come running back
with opened arms
I am older now, and on my
own but when I am lost
it never fails, I always come
back to your opened arms.


I am...You are
by:  April Dobson
trust in me
and I will be your friend
betray me
and I will be your enemy
believe in me
and I will be your goddess
forsake me
and I will be your demon
seek me
and I will be your Eden
dismiss me
and I will be your Hades

Love Meditation
Habib B.Quder Fathalli

You are the person I need....
I know that you trust me....
But I have some meditation....
Am i faithful..,
 or am i an adept of polygamy..
My deep devotion....
It is a very strong tender.......
We are attracted to each other.....
I know you are confused....
It is me ,i want to reach your truth....

Love...Set Free
Sarai Longoria
Sometimes I wonder about the things I hold so dear
I regret the time I took for granted
And wish the end wasn't so near
After a year of knowing you
My heart fell in too deep
I was afraid to know the truth
And found that love was worth to keep
Now I will never know
If you felt the same for me
But this will help me understand;
that love is meant to be set free...


Love has so many ways people express it, but what is the definition of love. It is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. It's a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction. It's that beloved person you hold so dear, sometimes it is what causes a tear. It's something you get pleasure from. It's passion, it's longing for the one when their not with you. It's where your warm-hearted and considerate and humane. Your sympathetic when their in pain. Knowing you have nothing to gain, but be there for that person in a time of need. you provide a comfort, your easily aroused and excited. You display warm affection. Not worrying about rejection. Love is pleasuring to all our senses. Everyone desires to experience love. sometimes it's your source of happiness. It's the one thing you know you can always count on. No matter what happens. You delight in it. Because it brings you joy. It's pleasing to our hearts. Real love never parts. Love is attractive, you feel endearment. Not worrying about the rent. But concentrating on the one you hold so dear. Love is something your proud of. So you see love is not just a word or a verb. Love is a feeling, always appealing.


Eyes so distant.
Dark emerald pools used to shine.
Filling with tears of sorrow.
No longer believing or seeing.
Alone they belong to another now.
No longer lingering close to mine.
My eyes are swollen from tears.
Tears so silent no one will know.
Just how their longing will go on.
Respectfully smiling when our eyes meet.
Never letting yours see the sorrow.
Forever wondering why your eyes left mine.
Hoping for their long awaited return.
Then my eyes will shine on and on.
Never leaving your eyes again.
Not even for a brief blink of an eye.


by Anna Glen
It's like he's  crying his tears
And they're coming down as rain
and I stand outside
getting wet
Just to prove to him that
I can catch him
as he pours down


Love is Fool's Food
(5 Quintains)
by Bill Albright
Vision of a beloved
Seen at the shrine of the idol
Of love, brings tears of joy,
Nectar of lust
Justified with desires to do.

On the path of love
Strangers meet, become kin
Heirs to the same destination
Everyone must know
To live full lives.

The place to dance
Whispered in the ear
Of a hopeful lover
Shouts intentions
That dancing will take place.

Love is thought of as angels
Never seals in the sea,
Not ravens nor monkeys,
Apparitions unproved,
Romance not reality.

Being in love is worth
A thousand lives
Love auctions the value
Of life, bidding toward


By Natalie Dunn
I have so much I need to say
I just don't know where to start
So I think the best thing for me
Is just to speak from my heart
Through all my darkest moments
You take away my fears
Every time I see your face
A smile breaks through the tears
You always know how to make me laugh
When all I wanna do Is cry
My feelings for you grow everyday
And that I cannot deny
Your my shoulder when I need a friend
You keep me safe from harm
I could spend the night In your eyes
And eternity in your arms
But there's a dark cloud appearing
Through my silver lining
You don't know I feel this way
And It makes me feel like crying
I have so much I want to say
On this you cannot help
For me to tell you how I feel
I need to find the strength myself
I've gone over In my head so many times
Exactly what Im gunna say
But when I see you my mind goes blank
And the words just fade away
So I decided to write It down
While I have the courage to speak
Its just that everytime I think of you
I feel myself go weak
I've never had feelings this strong
Its all knew to me Its true
More and more I feel myself falling
...falling In love with you

flooded eyes
he walked by like there was no end, clutching the music to his chest, dressed always at his bestnow he wanders aimlessly, whishing for the day when he'd win this game ,
she broke him, then loved him, then broke him again, he wishes, he wishes, for this ride to end
ever since she walked away he begged her, begged her please to stay
she laughed and turned her back to him, she tore him apart, limb from limb
please help him make her stop, she's on a rampage, out 2 destroy the world that destroyed her
he still loves her and wants to help her, but she wont let anyone come near until ..... it was too late , she let go and walked away , never to be seen again
I saw him and waved, expecting nothing in return, instead he walked up to me and palyed, plumming away the song of a past love

roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet so are you
you're as pretty as a flower a bunch of roses
you have the best pose out of all poses
you're smart, you're funny
you're as sweet as honey
you're as great as the ocean; as great as the sea
happy valentines day
with kisses from me
luke corrigan


Your eyes shine like moonlight,
Your lips soft as rain.
When you laugh i'll laugh with you.
Your beauty is incomparable,
Your prettier than angel.
Your more glorious than god.

Saul Marquez


Watching Over Me
Ciara Lewis 

Do you remember when I used to always ask you're you looking at me?
Well now I see you're just watching over me.
We have our ups and our downs.
And sometimes you do make me frown.
But now I see you're the one who watches over me.
I love you I do with all my heart.
Although sometimes things do fall apart.
But I still love you deep within my heart.

Romantic Dreams
To Those who Dream Romantically
Mary Chapman
Mirrored nights hot as the sun
Spiral as slingshots through
A galaxy of stars
With essences of elegant pleasures
Romantic dreams are born
In The Middle of the Night
When stars are shining bright
I recall the moments spent with you
And allow myself to fall in love Again


by Paul Clayton
You smiled at me and my life changed forever;
I was caught hopelessly, like the moth in the fatal flame;
because of your smile, I just had to know your name.
The warmth of your smile pierced the gloom of an unhappy life,
and a seed of hope was planted in a soul hungry for a caring touch,
a warm embrace, a smiling face; you brought sunshine to this place.
Each new dawn brings excited anticipation of the day ahead;
the rising sun dispels all thoughts of dread for this breaking day,
still in its infancy, because somewhere on the journey towards evening,
I'll meet you along the way.
Magnetic and beautiful, I could not resist the compelling impulse to respond to your beckoning smile with a lingering kiss,
the magic of your radiant smile is something for which Iíd walk a mile.
Your smile, bubbly, infectious and bright touches everyone around you, even those beyond your sight.
It makes me want to hold you, and  squeeze you, say how much I need you.
I think about you often, thereís not much more that I can do except to
Remember your smile. 


I found this boy
He was tall and he smiled a deep sweet smile
He told me about his hopes and dreams, his fears and his pains.
I told him mine too
So I kissed this boy.
He told me my eyes were beautiful and he stared into them, but I think he even saw my soul.
I thought his eyes were beautiful too.
Now this boy holds me tight whenever we're together.
He tells me that if he could stay holding me, he would.
I think that I could stay in his arms forever.
I think that could I love this boy!
He didn't tell me yet that he loves me, only time will tell.
If he does - when he does - I think that I will tell him I love him too.

Brittany Helpard


Felicia Glowinski
I think about you everyday
Of all the things I'd like to say
To say,"I love you little one".
And cradle you gently in my arms.
I never got to see your face or wrap
you in my warm embrace. You left too early from this
place. The doctor told me you were gone. That
something terrible had gone wrong.
I don't believe God makes mistakes. But I wonder
why you he had to take?
I like to think you learned what you needed
to, from simply being in my womb. To feel the
warmth and love I'd give. I wish it was
enough to help you live.
Please remember me and my love. While you look
down from above. Know you're always in my heart
and from there we'll never part.


Words of life
iovita adrian 
Even if the sun will die
Iíll see the moonlight
In the death of the night
so black, so shine-
Girl like your eyes
That blinds me in the night.
I wanna built a world
From our ruined dreams;
Cuzí there is a part of me
Who wants eternity.
I hope that Iím wrong
ButĒ Death rules the worldĒ.
Many do whatever it takes
To have power and respect
They wanna pick all the flowers,
Get all the stars from the sky.
They wanna rule the world
By their own words.


 Do You Know??
I don't think you know how much you mean to me,
and I think that you and I are truly meant to be.
The way you look at me with those eyes and "cute" smile
would have have me running far, even if it were a mile.
Sure we have our arguments about silly things,
but I know it will never hurt us, much more happiness the future brings.
I wish I could show you just what you mean to me
how every moment that I have with you, only makes me see
I was wrong Adam, you are my reality.


Kubilay Akman
when our dreams illuminate
through ajar of the lost times
we will meet again
you, sorrowful specter


Only you could ever know
The deepest feelings down in my soul
My darling, my love, my baby, my sweet
It is your heart that I wish to keep
I want you....I crave you......
I breathe you.....I feel you.....
You are my life
You are my soul
Only you could ever know
these thoughts I have
they run so deep....
Only thoughts of you I keep
deep inside where no one can reach
Only you could ever know
Only you can reach my soul

Victoria Sailors


Donít Be Fooled By What You See
latifah bates
Donít judge me
cause you donít know what it is to be me
You havenít walked a mile in my shoes
So you donít know what it is to be verbally abused
Donít be confused cause
youíll just get used
Just ask the questions no need for second-guessing
Look different, I may but that all stops today
Because in Jesus eyes we are all beautiful inside
For that reason he died
So donít be fooled by what you see
 Take a look at the real me


-Dale Sahlberg 



Jackie Rhino

It follows me
I'm not sure what it is
Is it my conscience telling me I've had enough?
Please free me from your barrier, of dreadful nights
Pleasant dreams
Absence of screams
Loved again, no pain, until you arrive
Haunted by
What I fear most, once again
Once again
Stop! Retrace my steps, breath in and out
Forget about it
I'm not going to listen anymore
It seems I've wasted so many days
Lost within anger and frustration
Say goodbye
I've returned
Once again


My Love
Carmella Adkins Hohner
From the  first time we met we have just clicked.
We are like the lord has made us for each other.
You shelter me from all that scares me in life.
When we are together all my fears seem to disappear.
We may not have everything desired in life, But we have love  and  faith and each other.
It has gotten us through our struggles this far in life.
I want to share every  second of everyday with you at my side.
I feel together we can accomplish life.
It scares me wondering what tomorrow may bring.
Only God knows this.
I would not want to go through life without you My Love.


Renee Nabors
  I stare at what's before me, and I stare at what's behind.
  I stare looking for something that I will never find.
  I stare to ease the pain, deep down in my heart.
  I stare to become close, and I stare to be apart.
  I stare at hat I've accomplished, and I stare at what's yet to come.
  I stare because I'm excited, and I stare because I'm numb.
  I stare at every emotion, and I stare at every breath.
  I stare for every life, and I stare for every death.
  But there's something I can't stare at, and that's what isn't there.
  Like someone to truly know me, or someone to sincerely care.
  And that's what I have god for, because he'll always be by my side. For in me Jesus Christ will always abide.

the day
she left
and for a while
i didn't even notice
and you might say
she left
without a trace
but she made her mark
a quiet one
ever so slightly
she left
and i wont forget
i will cry
and this
will be
an end
for her
her heart
will never beat
she left
leaving me
with only silence
and broken memories
but i will remember
her eyes
her face
she left
but still is
the tear on my cheek
the throbbing of my soul
what keeps me here
even though her heart stopped
she cant breathe
any more
she left
and this is and will be
the end

emily somthingorother


Nicholas R. Holmes
I dream of demons.
And when i wake they're still there.
Impatiently waiting and creating their young.
In hopes for their chance to strip me bare.
Though they've failed to realize i'm already there.
Without a shred of protection from the cold winters air.
They prance around in familiar forms.
As visions of persons i've met before.
While they approach with greetings i'm reminded once more.
With every shake of this hand goes a piece of my soul.
I've pondered the thought of letting it all go.
But there's one thing that keeps me from closing that door.
She's two months old and when she smiles she glows


Alone in the darkness of a dreary cold room

Laying in what was once a warm sanctuary
I now find myself trapped in a tomb
The deepest thoughts of my mind
Take over from reality
Instead of wanting to see the sun
I sit and wait for the moon
Fearing the torment of another day I hide away
The strongest are often the weakest
Never facing the truth they hide away the pain
Placing reality in a chamber not visible to see
Sitting in a crowded room wanting to be anyone but you
Thinking cold thoughts in your mind
That make you happy and sad at the same time
Laying in someone's arms and still feeling alone
Waiting for someone to bring you back home
You know that no one will come
For you are a victim of your own mind
Reality does not coincide the day turns to night and the night to day
And there you still lay alone all day

Aimee Keating 


<andres rodriguez> 
Remember when we were
Once together we said our love
Would last forever.
Well forever has shown
And now we`re apart but, deep
Down inside you`re still in my heart
The times we shared in the
Past, are now memories fading fast.
I tried holding on to them as long
As I could, but I`m beginning to
wonder if i really should.
Because the love I gave to you had
Never been givin before, and I
Think I never wanna fall in love
Now all I have left is a few
Memories that we spent together
But I hope and pray that love will
Find it`s way and together we`ll
Last forever.

- Ramesh Dohan
that express
expresses wisdom that stretches time
sometimes fleeting
in a moment of compassion
razor sharp
that sting upon contact
seemingly angelic
but the shield for
a hitchhiker who
snaps from pleasure to pain

look at me now, am i still the same
deep in my eyes can you see the pain
it wasn't there once, with you by my side
my hearts on my sleeve, i cannot hide
i miss you so much, what can i say
if you'd have me back that'd be the day
i've made a mistake, which i cannot fix
i think of that day, and it makes me sick
i had my chance, then threw it away
you were right there, my heart went astray
i'm all alone now, without a guide
and see you around with her at your side
i realize now what i have done
i threw away the happiness i had won
you won't take me back not that you should
if i could change my actions, i certainly would
though my heart is broken, there's no point in crying
it's hard to get over you, but i'll keep trying
it's done and it's over, it wasn't meant to be
my head knows i don't need you and soon my heart will see

trisha lynn 


The way you look at me with your eyes so blue
They are like water and I'm drowning deeper in you
The way you look at me and then I know what I want to say
But in my head those words stay
They way you look at me when you walk away
You send chills down my spine just like you did yesterday
The way you look at me I'm speechless but u know just what to say
It's like a earthquake my emotions going every which way
The way you look at me and I know you love me
You'll never walk away
That's how I know you are here to stay.


When you cry,
I cry to.
When you laugh,
I laugh to.
When you get hurt,
I feel your pain.
When someone breaks your heart,
My heart breaks to.
The day you die,
I'll die to.
I feel everything you do,
Because i love you!

By Nicola!


Bouquet of Herbs and Spices
-Rhandy Rosales
With a whole wheat bread served with butter
Sharing side by side, dining together;
This nourishment could never have been better,
If not for you I will perish in hunger.
A pinch of rock salt mixed with a drop of wild honey
Marjoram, basil, coriander, cinnamon and cherry
Such a gastronomic feast filled my empty heart
Etched in my memory, it will never depart.
With two medium-sized sliced red onions
Passionately cooked in a flaming concoction
Blended, grated and chopped chunks of emotions
Garnished with love, in sweet unison and fusion.


That Somebody,
When I'm scared I know you'll be there,
You and you alone hold the key to my personality,
You know how to make me sad, get me mad, make me jump with joy,
Yes it's true you're the only boy,
You're taken, this I know,
But it won't stop me from caring for you,
The only thing I go crazy thinking about is if something were to happen to me would you scream, would you shout,
My heart, it races when you walk by,
My heart it races when you walk by my side,
I can't say that I love you with all m heart,
I'm too young to think about it,
Plus we're too far apart,
This poem that I is for you,
And it's written out of love,
You care for me a little this I know,
Maybe not completely sure,
But I have this feeling that makes me feel i'm for sure! 



This moment of life that's before me, this loving character of a man, that I am facing.I'm still astonished, amused, and surprised about him, but I continually stand there as my heart is steadily racing.
I'm wondering in my mind is this reality, or will this dream soon end.
But as I stand there looking at him itís as if he reads my mind and I hear him say honey this love has just began.Beginning to sweat drastically, a tear starts to fall from my eye.
But just before it rolls off my cheek, he quietly says, baby I here no more will you have to cry.As I look up to him standing before me so handsome, and tall I feel his arms embrace me tightly and I began to embrace him back.
As we stand arm in arm, he says baby with me you will always gain and never lack.Those desires your heart craves, and that loneliness youíve had Iím here now to replace.
As I dropped my head, he lifted it up, and softly says no matter the trouble youíve faced.I will love, adore, and cherish you always.
Tears continually fell, some from past hurt, and others from joy, as he held me closer he said Iíve come to better your days.
Lost for words I lay my head upon his chest.
And again he speaks, baby the past is over, and youíve pasted the test.
The old lover is gone, and I am that best that youíve been waiting to come.
I will bring you more joy than ever, and some.
Your body has been tensed, your soul is hurting, and your mind has been stressed.But I love you unconditionally and I just want say Iím not like all the rest.My actions are what I want you notice, I donít want to buy you love, I want to show you love.
Through earlier looks in your eyes I saw your hurt and pain.
From the resting of your head on my chest through your mind I felt and heard the storm and rain.
Through your silence I know your reaching out for love, but every time you reached it seemed to move farther away.I feel your sincere passion, and I hope that I may.Be your best friend, your secret admirer, the twinkle in your eye, and your last lover.In other words happiness is what I want to bring you, joy for you I hold in my heart and hand.Baby, donít cry, look at me, I am your one and only man.I want to be the man that makes love to your mind, and body than sing to you goodnight songs, and kiss you to sleep as I tuck deep under the cover.Because honey no more worries, I am God and there is no other.

Amy Guion


my true love
i wrote this porm for a girl i relly love
So much feelings feels like floating
The slightest look at you my heart is exploding 
Ya know, you can find love in the weirdest places,
It may even be in some familiar faces.
I was looking for a girl who's fun honest, and true.
Whenever I was looking the answer was you.
Here, right in front of me was the perfect girl.
One to hold, one with who I could share my world.
I don't know what it is about you, and I don't really care.
Because if we where ever together we would make the perfect pair.
I know this may be too soon maybe a little out of the blue,
But in all honesty, I think I'm beginning to really love you.
I never believed the old quote opposites attract
But if we where ever together It would b a obvious fact
I hope we never have to argue and fight
Because that's the kind of thing that would keep me up all night.
I pray this doesn't freak you out, and push you away.
cuz that is something that would ruin my whole day.
You have all my heart, do with it what you want.
For I truly love you, and nothing will make me stop.

       - Jude Adebosoye Ogunade

When darkness dares my light
And sadness became my plight
When storms brews my brain
And fears my only gain
Your smiles lit up across my path
I gaze upon your face and I saw delight
You showered me with rays of love
And I no more grope in the dark
For your  sweet smile is now my lamp!


 OPEN MIC ENCORE II JULY              

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