Up-dated August 1, 2000


The Sky was Breaking Today
Shoshana Cohen

The sky was breaking today
Silently slowly creeping toward the ground
I opened my window and watched the people shuffle past
Heads down shoulders bent eyes hidden
Their grumbles float on the wind
Dodging leaves and skydrops to my ears
They blind themselves willingly these people
And deaden their senses
Not I
Breathing in life's aroma through my window
I watch Mother clean house
Blowing the wind softly through my hair
Stepping into the cool grayness
I raise my head to praise her
She rains blessings on my face
Wiping my face clean with the gentlest of fingers
I laugh with joy.

A warm day in Central Park

In July New York's got the taste of melted chocolate
with the flavor of dense smog.
With its circular palm,
The Sun holds on to the glowing glass of skyscrapers.

And I'm depressed ( and nervous )
´cause I've hurt Vicky W.,
the girl with blue sonnets in her eyes.

The heat-wave reigns over whole town
The Sky looks like an abstract surface
without scratches, without mobile parts.

Vicky Wells and 100 000 New-Yorkers ran away
to the emerald green Central Park's forest.

I'm helplessly seeking for Vicky
in order to give her a recycled paper box
with tons of good excuses.

The plump summer angels are flying away from
the Shakespeare garden
switching on the neon apples along the way.

And i think that Vicky W. forgot all about me
as well this warm day forgot the smell of snow.

vlasta vuk 


Thoughts of You

Today I sat on the beach and thought of you. 
The bright, blue cloudless sky reminded me of your eyes,
while soft, delicate breezes danced through my hair like tiny fingers.

Young birds with their downy feathers were singing their summer songs,
as the smell of fresh cut grass filled my senses.
Warm, sparkling water gently lapped the shore leaving only a slight trace of it's presence.

Summer will soon be over and the cold damp autumn will be here.
I will miss it's soft warmth and sweet, summer smells, just as I miss you.
Today I sat on the beach and thought of you. 


Thank you
By Jerry Kaiser

The days are getting shorter with each setting of the sun.
We should thank God for the wonderful job He has done.
The nights are getting longer with each rising of the moon.
Life itself is getting shorter and ending much too soon
We should be thankful for all the friends we have had.
And for their love and care we should be glad.
Thanks for being my friend.
I'll treasure that til my end.


Changes 01
Steve Sheridan

Assemblies of red and of green by row
Fluttering symbols that point to the hosts
Signs of unity for the collective to grow
Honour is your house and justice your posts

You're tongue is known for its faltering words
How before the crowning you speak so loud
With arms outstretched you gather the herds
Foretelling of things to benefit the crowd

Oppression under foot and curfew your rule
The rod of hard labour goes on without end
Your master counts off the work of a mule
And then you divide it to add to the blend

As deception is your shadow that walks with you
So will your palace be plunged into darkness
Your rules and commands never again in view
The hierarchy crumbles and falls to blackness


i am
not the class president
i am
not a swimsuit model
i am
not most likely to
i am


 Miguel Behrhorst

My dear friend
there is much I want to say
how do I begin?
my mind runs in a thousand rivers
but my heart holds fast to you.

My pores are inebriated 
with your smile
my nostrils enamored
with your scent
and my hands burning
for your touch.

My dear friend
I have you under my skin
no one can see you
but I can
no one can feel you
but I do
no one can know this
but there you are
caught between my skin and my heart
there you are
untouched like a distant dream.

I need you 
for no other reason that I need you
I love you like a blind man
my dear friend
can I tell you my heart?
can I tell you 
and not lose you like the wind?


If your life was just one novel,
Would you read it in one sitting?

If you wrote just 3 words,
Would it be, "in the beginning"?

If these words did have meaning,
But could offend,

Would you find it in your heart,
To still be their friend?

If the novel was a story,
Which brought you tears,

Could you forget about the time,
And forgive them for the years?

If the story was a poem,
Which did not rhyme,

Would you forgive them still,
For wasting your time?

Is the pressure to produce,
Greater than the meaning?

Can a thought still subsist,
In the shortest of reading?

Is love that once was,
Consciousness and air?

Is a poem supposed to be,
A complex affair?

If the poem was of love,
Which never did bloom,

Would it matter too much,
That ended so soon.

 "Daniel Gudema"



Summertime is here they say. 
Yet the weather is changing day by day. 
The temperature is, now excessively low. 
More protective clothing to maintain the inner glow. 
Surely frost has not damaged the roses. 
But summertime is here they say. 
Showers of hailstones and rain are tackled. 
Young and old bones shiver and rattle. 
Plants that have recently stood proud and strong. 
Have succumbed to this onslaught and lost the battle. 
But, summertime is here they say. 
Yet it is perceived that in summertimes gone by. 
All was sun and fun, that never altered. 
So how has this present summertime faltered. 
When summertime is here they say. 


she stands alone
in a field of green
juggling the universe
with her feet. 
she struggles with her
doubts, fears, her thoughts.
she questions the world,
always contemplating,
never accepting.
i've known her forever.
a bond always steady,
always there.
she may stand alone
in the field of green
but i am always beside her
in the shadows of the trees.
robynn duggan


blue jeans and empty holes for eyes 
i remember yesterdays staring at the ceiling 
like the world would never end 
the skies would stay blue forever 
i fumble to spit out the words 
to express my regret self loathing and disappointment 
sour mash whisky wish right now 
i could say that what's done is done 
that's all i could say 
but i wont even waste my breath on that 
talking to yourself is a useless exercise 
what should i say 
that memory is a tricky gift 
as apt to cut its bearer as enable him 
i can erase it 
for a while 
the drink and the dope 
the slamming of a fist repeatedly against a wall 
riding the crest of a endless bloody wave 
will take the edge off 
for a number of seconds 
it doesn't seem worth it 
to your watching eyes 
but goddamn it 
its all that i have

derek richardson


i called you from a train station in jersey
staring out the window at the smoke
rising from the stacks
hoping you'd pick up.
i left a message saying nothing
i wanted to say.
leaving hints at every pause
and love in every word.
i called you from a subway in new york
someone told me you were working
i prob couldn't have heard you 
past the people running for their trains
but it wouldn't have mattered
i just wanted to let you know
a boy in the big apple misses you.
i leave the smoke behind
and i squint to watch jersey through the train windows
but all i see is you
i hope your having fun on the road
i hope you took a little of me with you
 evan mallon


African King
By Crystal Hill

You are not alone in this trying world,
I feel your emptiness.
If I could I would break your chains and carry the burden of your pain,
my heart aches for you.
One day those who keep you will be awoken.
I know your beauty, I've felt your warmth and witnessed your honor.
Your word is bond, a man amongst ignorance,
an African King.
Your courage and strength is commendable so I wrote you this poem:
They took your life and name once again and replaced them with a number out of fear of the king within.
The boots you wear represent the hard road you've traveled and the one you will continue on through life.
The clothes they make you wear is to hide your beautiful bronze skin.
They want you to hurt,
they cage you like an animal, don't let them win.
One day you will be freed and all will hail the African King!!!!

Wake up, little soldier.
Sleep no more
for trouble is at your door.
Wake up, little soldier.
Open those weary eyes
for no one needs to die.
Wake up, little soldier.
search the halls
for one of your children calls
Wake up, little soldier.
its all around you
yet you can't see the coup
Wake up, little soldier.
fight no more
for there is no war
Wake up, little soldier.
and let the freedom ring.

Timothy James



sometimes a hard decision
must be made in a man's life
between his barking dog
and his mouthing wife
it happened to me
a few years ago,
it was a difficult call
i want you to know
which one would you have
let into the house?
man's best friend
or your bickering spouse?
the dog stopped barking
as he came through the door
but the wife would have just
bitched that much more

i know i have to edit this poem
maybe put a comma here, then end the sentence there.
then i should space it for one line

maybe two lines 
(just to be safe)
then reconfigure the words
so the words are reconfigured
(space it once)
and end it on a high note
any ideas for a high note?
jake meyer


Does He Cry?
Ashley Friend

When He Looks Down Through his Sky,
Does he Cry?
When he sees What we have done to his Earth,
Does he Cry?
When He Sees the Hungry and Homeless,
Does He cry?
When He sees the Hate in mans Heart,
Does he Cry?
When He sees the Destruction Of War,
Dose He Cry?
When He sees the Divisions between Rich And Poor,
Does He cry?
When He sees what We have become,
Does He Cry?
And, when he has seen enough
And ends All that he has Created,


Summer is here
Spring has passed
Taking with it tiny green buds
And whisking them into glorious leaves
Winter is no longer here
It melted away long ago
But I can still remember its splendor
And I can still remember the snow
Light as air
White and glistening
Before that came autumn
And soon again it will show it's wonders
Showers of leaves wafting slowly through the air
All different colors
From chestnut brown
Down to a red as vivid as the sunset

Now summer is upon us
I open my heart to it
A fresh breeze washes all around me
Like an ocean of joy
Everywhere I go I hear sounds I have longed to listen to
Laughter fills the air
Birds join together in a chorus of song
The sun offers its warmth to the whole world
And blue skies with fluffy clouds linger above
I am free

Piper Destiny


The sweet notes that spill
From my precious piano
Are pearls from my soul.
Susan S


black hair
black eyes
a dark tortured soul
the words spring from
your gritty throat
the lyrics reach
into my soul
and touch my heart.
i can't explain
this connection i feel
when you brush your fingers against mine
the pulse of you veins
runs through me
it hums with the beat
of your song.
Jess Miller


"Our Friendship"
Annette Williams

It is you,
Who makes it work.
I didn't realize,
that it's me.
Who caused the worst,
of our friendship.
You were there for me,
When i needed you the most.
Like when my Father left me,
it was you, who comforted me.
I am grateful to have,
a friend like you.
You make our bad times,
into goodtimes.
If it weren't for you ,
I would probably be
lost and lonely.
Please don't hate me.
Just give me a chance,
to make it better.


Egregious Errors
-Oziel Cantu-

Feign abhor mine utter bliss
So mine acts be not remiss
Abyss and void thou deprecate
Mine means accused, demand abate
Thine slate incised with reprimand
For feats attained, I lack command
To understand thine malcontent
Attempt to devastate what god has sent
Archangel that the heavens lent
Trepidation hangs upon mine word
Thou art pitiful, thine acts absurd
For I, the incarnation of mine savior
Is displeased by hate, in thine behavior

Fragility is around me.
I feel it fall into my hand,
a floating spore,
a brown leaf, the misty fog.
Yielding, enigmatic.

Harshness is everywhere.
Things that break and crush,
things that cut off at sharp angles.
In this age of science and steel..
Smashing, building, Hard.

But it's the fragile things that impress me.

They bump into me, falling..
into oblivion, or just my palm.
Yes, they know full well
that I could break them 
without a second thought.
Yet they are without a care.

Because they are full of bravery,
and of course a great deal of certainty.
Because I am a fragile thing,
myself in the palm of a hand
that could break me 
without a second thought..
 Joseph D. Iarocci


you searched the puddles in the recee's yard for friends when you
were young
murky little puddles of your own inability to capture your
and watching others at play with their own
so stand alone, hands in pockets
stare confusion teacher babble
sonic lunch bag with a smooshed pb-and-jay
nickel for mild and the solitary confinement of my own
lonely self, still watching the puddles
waiting as if a hand would emerge like the lady from the lake
none would see her except I, walking up to her, small child
receiving the sword to enable
the wounded child to try, to defend
to grow
jacob charney


Amy Queen

Orange spewed
across the tattered
billiard surface.
Erupting from the kettle
set on high-
left unattended.
Only recalled when
hit with a smokescreen
and sizzling adversaries
Demanding explanations.


Life’s Riddles
Lone Wolf11

Drifting through time
With no real purpose
Just wandering and watching
Noticing hoe nice it seems
For those who have
A purpose for all that they do
Something deep inside them
Which gives them a direction to follow
So I continue to wander
Wondering what it is like
To really know where I am going
Trying to figure out
Just who I really am
But so much is still unclear
The mysteries of this life
Still remain to be unraveled
And so I will slowly try
To work through all the riddles
That this world presents to me.


The Word
Richard Hession

A word
Stumbles, trips,
From my lips.
Still, the hurt in your eyes,
Like an eclipse,
Casts a shade to disguise my regret.

My regret,
That in darkness rests,
Infests itself with blame,
And longs for things
To be the same as before;
When the sun’s sweet light
In your eyes I saw.

To brighter days
Can we return?
Can the word,
And it’s meaning,
Be heard,
And be redeeming?
I am, truly,


When the tides are running high,
And dark clouds fill the sky,
Sails billow in the gale--
Water laps against the rail,
Then comes a calm to the space,
Enveloping the tiny place,
The eerie still heralded its coming,
And sent the townspeople running,
Nature’s best--
The winter tempest.
martin nielsen


"Dancers of the Cabaret"
Holly Johnson

Busy pageants striking conversation
Creme swirled with careless bronze
Loose medallions and novels
Corsages of candlelight dinners
Pieces of customers on the pavements
Stabbed in the back with spectacles
Words of hands to the faces
Closing the prelude with awakening


People like to drink and get drunk, But why, why do they like to make God cry?
The person that created you is crying! Don't you see that you are dying?
Why are you getting in the car? You are taking this way to far!
Use your brain if its not fried, let your friend give you a ride!
what about the girl in the car with you? She has to be home around 2.
I think your in the wrong lane! Slow down this isn't a game!
I see head lights coming toward you! What are you going to do?
This isn't very fun! you better turn or you'll be done!
You didn't turn! Now you'll learn.
Your friend is dead! Look at the blood on her head!
Why did you have to drink and drive? Now you are barely even alive!
Look at your self, your all most dead! Why didn't you listen to what God said?
Why did you have that drink? Now i bet it's making you think.
You made God sad, and didn't ever notice what you had!
Are you loosing your sight? Or do you really see a bright light?
Amber Cloyd

Not here!

The stars are shining brightly,
In the midnight sky.
I miss you more and more,
With every second that goes by.

I'm lying in this bed,
It's as empty as can be.
This is all because,
Your not here with me.

 Shawn Halstead 

Love frozen but once more in a finite mind,
Endless though it may seem its boundaries there to find
Mind frozen in the face of doom,
As if, by tragedy, becoming a closed off room
Thoughts gone like careless days,
Happily spent but not to stay
All hearts frozen in an endless thought,
Fought for and lost and all for naught


The Monkey King 
phong lee

A slight frown bring two heavy lines
Down from the sides of his nose
To the top the corner of his mouth,
His fingers are long
And callus mark the knuckles
For the punches that landed on the rice bag,
His side burns and his hairs are left uncut, uncombed,
The strands tangle and weave in and out 
Like complicated sailor knots,
He has small brown monkey eyes
And two sharp upper teeth,
A mirror sun glass hide,
Its lenses contrast against his brown skin,
Like two moons in the red autumn sky, 
His two thin lips, held, never to smile,
Hide the fangs under a frown.
He drove to Minnesota many times,
And flew to the Fresno New Years,
Walked among the crowds in a white T-shirt
With a camera in his hand
And take pictures of pretty girls that come by,
Sit and watch them play soccer
And eat Papua salad with a Soya bean drink by his side,
He use a pocketknife or a coin 
To pile the tags off his soda cans,
He sat alone at the party halls
And drink until midnight.
His friends are all married now,
They come by to toast a cup,
To swallow down some bitter experience,
To deaden the palette and poison Adonis,
But their wives follow to drag them away,
Entice them with pleasing smiles, warm bosoms,
Or nag intently for strangers to hear.

Let them not drink with him,
Else their hair will turn red and coarse
And soft hands will be reluctant to touch.
Their breath will smell,
And bright full moon nights
Will make them dream of things 
Distance from the bedroom:
Long winding roads to states unknown, 
Places unseen,
Soft faces with slight geometric similarities
To a girl they know in their youth,
Physiques, they use to have,
And chest muscles that are turning into women’s breasts.

(Wednesday, January 12, 2000)


Carter Moirai

This blessed curse
My non-retunable, unrefundable gift
I wished not to receive
Given to me in liquid shape form
This present promised to one day present me
with a life of mine, beyond my own
With eyes through which i cannot see
And a mind through which i can not think
but am able to help mold
My gift is as a much a part of me 
as my senses now numbering 5
Any one at any time could be taken way
as my gift one day will be
On a blessed day
a new step in my life
That cursed day
will I still be the woman i have come to know

Am I?

I think therefore I am. 
At least, 
I think I'm thinking. 
Does that mean I am 
or I might be? 
Does the fact that I think 
I'm thinking 
mean I am, 
or do I have 
to be definitively thinking 
to be? 
Surely the phrase should be rephrased 
I think I'm thinking 
(but I could be wrong) 
So I might 
(or might not) 
I think.

darkness unwanted

a dark heavy cloud blew over me
I wait patiently for light to see
but steady blows a cold dark breeze
the only silence, in dreams
interrupted by the chatter of creatures unseen
through the black foggy screen
I bless the dark
because these faces that lurk
I wish not to see
while memories that please fade away from me
and the only thoughts
are those that plea
for the light of day
to return to me.
A sorrowful howl is heard
and fills anger in me
for now it is clear i'm not suffering solitarily
but also is thee crying painfully.
our goal is the same
how will we achieve?
memories of long ago
are thought of inspirationally
but to think of destroying the dark is insanity
how can i defeat,
what i cant see.
your cries over heard are agonizing,
and how i wish to be there 
to comfort thee,
but that wish leaves me stranded helplessly.
the sinister creatures approach me fearfully
your horrible moans are followed by endless screams,
these unknown things circle while taunting me
and then your terrifying screams
end abruptly.

. . . . . . . . . . .hope is still, but still I hope.

hope of a reunitement
of the light and me.

-your buddy adam


the breath of night drifts
the cool wind's feather caress
silent, he walks alone

temple lamps' soft glow
beacons in the midnight sea
on soft feet she comes

her silk kimono
reflecting warm candlelight
her porcelain face
tilted, hazel eyes search shadows
and find him, gently searching back

-Angel Ruedaflores


Carry's Story
Jaime Osborne 

A faint beam of light from down the street,
I hear the sound of father's feet.
I press my body against the wall,
then I hear my father call.
I shed a tear and try to hide my fear,
as he screams "You better get down here!".

My name is Carry,
aged only by the year of three,
Today my father murdered me.

A certain 
Swimming upstream
Your eyes cannot be caught
Your stare implying 
My inner ability to wonder questionably

Pedestrians hunting, gathering and collecting
Potholes in the burning maze of your subculturalistic rituals



Why do you play with me,
Like I'm some f*cking child's toy?
You pick me up and play pretend.
I often wonder...does all this bring you joy?
But then you're done with me,
And our play time is through.
And though it pisses me off,
I'm still kinda hung up on you.


Confusion- -
Steven Tanner

green and purple
black and blue
A bruised mind aches
from too many hard pressed thoughts


by Rachel

So Close
So Far
Our Dreams cannot be harnessed
A dream is sometimes close enough to touch
Yet sometimes just a fleeting memory we cling to
Sometimes feeling real
At others testing the bonds of reality Dreams can be dreamt anytime,
anywhere, by anyone
They limit no one, and no one limits them
They are as free as the wind
Just waiting for someone to dare to dream


~~~*Dedicated With Love To C. B.*~~~
Ami Anton

The Way I Feel About You Now, 
Is Not The Way I Felt You Before, 
Alot Of Things Have Changed, 
Alot Of Feelings Out The Door, 
You Were My Whole Life, 
When You Were There For Me, 
But Alot Of Things Are Different, 
Do You Not Agree? 
I Want You To Remember, 
That You Will Always Be On My Mind, 
I Love You So Much, 
I'll Never Leave Those Feelings Behind, 
I'm So Incredibly Happy, 
That You Have Found Another Love, 
But Please Do Not Forget, 
All Of These Above

I don't know my future
I only know my past
but the one thing I know
our love will never last
you are just to selfish
you only think of you
so that is why I'm saying
our love will not be true


maureen mcginnis

baby what is it that you tell yourself late at night?
what lies do you whisper just before you turn out the light?
cause honey i know you can't be living with the truth,
or you wouldn't be sleeping any more than i do.

you left without making a sound
you left me gagged and bound
you left a taste in my mouth
and it's bitter

Lift me once... PLEASE
Ebonye Beene

Gazing upon past relationships trying to compare,
Wondering why I'm all alone because you're just never there.
Nothing has changed but conversation which we do lack,
I've tried to sit patiently by the phone wondering when you thought of coming home.

You're beautiful from the outside, 
but how are you within?
Do you consider me as your girl
or do you consider me as your friend?

To have one moment alone with you,
would really mean so much.
I'm a stranger to your eyes,
and a virgin to your touch!

Never look beside you,
there's no one there but you.
I wouldn't look back either, 
if you want to hear the honest truth.

Never say "I Love You",
without thinking the word through.
Say those words to me,
and I'll stick like glue to you.

I'd find you very amazing,
if I ever found you at all.
You're never here to lift me up...

so I don't know how it feels to fall!!!!


The Perfect Life
Anna Mcwilliam

What's in those scared shattered eyes? 
That you so reluctantly push aside? 
What is your brilliant mind thinking? 
Live a broken, torn life 
With red n' white roses upon your arms. 
Sharp thorns pick at your calloused hands 
Leaving them blood stained n' wretched. 
When finally your sick beaten soul dies 
You'll finally live the perfect life.

Our Choice
Sandy Grubb

I sit and watch
as words flow to the page
my thoughts
of love and happiness
want to flow
of sunshine and rainbows
hope for our future
so many want sadness
look for pain
Not Me
I shall choose the light
the love and the happiness
I shall choose
a bright future


Sarah VonGunten

childhood dreams have gone away 
darkness closes in on you,
reach out for someone to hold
get rejected you're all alone.

time and time again you've asked yourself why
there's no answers for your questions,
sanity denied.

slowly going crazy with each passing day
memories of happy times slowly drift away.

rain drops start falling, i think it's here to stay
cloudy days and moonless nights
but i don't mind the gray,
i've come to be accustom to the coldness of the rain,
bitter sweet release to all of my sadness and the pain....


How do you say goodbye?

How do you say goodbye,
To someone you have came to know,
Someone you have came to love,
Someone who helped you grow.

How do you say goodbye,
To someone, for while, you will be apart,
Someone who made you smile,
Someone who touched your heart.

How do you say goodbye,
To someone you just can't leave,
I guess the answer,
To true love is, you have to believe.


Adam Bradley Williams

Uncoordinate the limbs
of yesterday's archival front yard
Where children played football and 
off colored jokes on each other
Down to the park we fled in hysterical laughter
Up the tall, tall slide
a million miles from earth 
I'm almost touching this Blue sky
My friends push on me
A quiet freedom lifts in the small voices 
one by one they come, tumbling on the soft sand floor
That was fun! screamed one. Let's go again! screamed another
and all day long, and all night time till supper the boys
Encumbered as Gods to the top of the Ladder, and down the slide
like little satans to hell.


The moon and stars
Melissa Blaze

I searched the moon and stars above looking for love.
I thought that it was pointless you see because I thought the only one searching was me.
But then some how, some unbelievable way,
I found a star, I thought could not exist,
I thought I could never love someone like this,
I felt something never truly felt before,
and everyday I feel it more.

Even thought you're gone for now,
I do hope that somehow,
When you're feeling lonely and blue,
and you feel like no ones there for you,
I hope you look above and see the stars and moon,
and remember someone else is looking too,
Looking to the same heavens above, that, 
brought me to you.


You should be with me...
because I could make you happy and be there when you need a kiss a backrub a dinner a contented smile and you could be there to ease my overthinking mind and we could wake up every morning in that limbtangled mess me naked you with your mouth and your eyes and we could laugh and thank each other and ask questions that only you answer maybe and apologize for trivialities
because history is just that--history and i know that i could give you not just history but a future oneof me as your wife you my strong man us kissing and being together everyday not just three days out of every twenty-one
because i want you no other nothing else feels even close to being right because "all things happen for a reason" so lets make it a good reason not just some cruel lesson learned in life...
Esther Jose 


Ever Again
Ryan Aas

Ever felt devotion without hesitation
Ever seen divine intervention
Ever thought outside all convention
Beauty with endless progression

Ever felt devotion without hesitation
Ever been shattered by one look
In one heartbeat you whole life shook and took
Left alone diving in an eternity of soot
The trust and brotherhood all mistook

Ever seen divine intervention
Ever overlooked yourself entirely
Seen your daily chores unattended hopelessly
For this moment consumes you completely
Pursuing this suicide reluctantly

Ever thought outside all convention
Ever feared the credibility of your beliefs
Shared with others your sorrows and grief
Then belittled by your almighty priest

Beauty with endless progression
Ever searched for the ideal compromise
Delicate balance one can only customize
Adjust and accommodate for everything you criticize
Goals you believe, dream and fantasize

Ever felt devotion without hesitation
Ever seen divine intervention
Ever thought outside all convention
Beauty with endless progression
Beauty with endless progression
Beauty with endless progression.


George Cairo

Thou art beauty incarnate, willowy siren of endless delight.
Unbridled dreams of passionate desire unfold slowly in thy winsome presence.

As in time immortal, thy crystal skin and fiery scent,
propel my soul to a myriad of brilliant stars.

Thy absence darkens the day and shrouds the inky night.
Endless voids of silence enfold me with chilling embrace.

Honeyed nectar of pure delight, favor thy humble servant with thy gifts.
For the days are dreary and hollow without thee.

Yet, in thy flesh, the rebirth doth flower,
nurtured by thy feathery hand.

Pity the supplicant at thy door, who, in reverent submission,
Honors thee on bended knee with obedient surrender.

Grant mercifully the mystical elixir of thy love.
Thy sweetness once gained, may I depart to heaven, fulfilled in thy glorious 

by Georgine P. Clancy

The first time you told me you loved me
I had no answer in my mind
I wanted to say the same thing back
but the words were so hard to find
I wasn't sure if I loved you
I didn't want to lie
There was a feeling deep inside of me
which made me want to cry
You just leaned over and kissed me
as if you understood
and the honesty between us
made me feel so good
The feelings in my head and heart
told me I could say
I honestly love you and need you
in a very special way


I Found Him There
Kerri Nicholson

He is falling gently away
Away where I cannot find him
His soul is joining into my own
Grabbing my hand, leading the way
He is so deep inside myself
That he is lost
I am lost
I cannot find myself
When he came to me with open arms
I thought he’d leave when he held so tight
I thought I’d lose him
And just when I thought I’d lost sight
I looked inside myself
And I found him there


Make a fresh start
You'll only regret and remember if you don't 
She said
Giving up her words freely without thought

I didn't take her advice
And thought nothing of it
Saying I would not 
What she had said I would 
If I could help it

Life's short I shouted

Yes . . . she smiled . . . but it's long enough

The only thing I remember
The only thing I regret 
Is not realising what she was saying 
Thinking I could live without her insight

Words flow freely from her, but every syllable is 

Now I look back and can almost see how my future might have been.

 Kai Martin

The Girl Next Door

I always used to be her,
the girl next door.
We discovered each other blindly,
not even realizing what 
was becoming of us.

You were always the geek - 
the quiet one,
the shy one.

Swinging on your swingset,
the breeze blowing through out toes,
I was taken somewhere else.
You made me laugh...

I would amuse myself
by playing with your little sister.
She would tell me all about you,
we would snoop through your room,
never finding anything of interest.
I couldn't believe myself, 
but we were becoming friends.
After living across the street
from each other our whole lives,
twelve years later, we were becoming friends.

During that summer, 
we befriended each other.
But suddenly, I wasn't the girl next door...
I became the girl
around the corner,
up three streets,
and in four houses.

Your sister stopped calling
Your mom wouldn't let her...
she thought I didn't want to be bothered,
that I was too old for her daughter,
little did she know.

But one day
your sister took me to the treehouse.
We stopped at the creek on the way home.
Oddly enough,
I found myself wishing - 
wishing that I was with you,
and not your little sister.
Wishing I was once again
the girl next door.


Broken Heart

She took my heart, and broke my heart
she don't know how much it tore me apart

I often wonder why she let me go
that question I'll never know

Like I told her before, if she let
me go I don't want to live no more

She told me a stupid lie
then she left with an unhappy goodbye

As these days and nights go by
I will get over it sigh after sigh

now to her this is my good bye
I will find my love before I die


by Alexis Baxter

for so long i've loved you
i don't think you knew
so what should i do?
we've been real good buds
but if we loved each other 
would we be duds?
my head is turnin 
my head is twistin
your love's what i've been wishin
lookin to the stars above
cause all i want is your love
last night i was thinkin
my heart was slowly sinkin
i thought of how it could be
if i was with you
and you were with me
for your love is what i'm wishin
lookin to the stars above
cause all i want is your love.


I Love You In Every Way

I love you in everyway
they way you walk, what you say
every little thing you do
makes my heart know that your true
I want you in everyway
when you smile, I hope to pray
your that certain gleam in my eye
that makes me simply breath and sigh
I need you in everyway 
how you act, each and every day
wishing you were here with me
for my eyes to clearly see
and if I was to die today
I'd know I loved you in everyway


LITTLE BOY and his STORY …June 29, 1999
Lancia Draper

Here is a story about a little boy.
A little younger than I.
He took his own life one day.
No one knew why.
5 years later they found a letter,
A suicide letter if you may.
Everyone rushed over to see what it said,
and it read:

I took my life today, I know everyone wants to know why, so do I. My heart hurts right now, my brain is fried today, I cut my arm and it hurts like hell. My parents don't care about the smoke they smell in the air. My fears of the unknown and the love I'll never know races through my head and I feel as if I'm already dead. The devil is sleeping in my bed and singing that same damn song:
"Wouldn't you rather shine in hell-----
Than rain in hea--ven.
I'll give you the world---
if you give me your soul--
I'm the only one that you'll ever know."
The pain that I feel today is the pain that follows me every where I go. Jesus was the only one who understood my pain and knew what it felt like to want to die. He said to me "Even though it hurts you have to keep going." Despite the fact that he was right, I told him, "I can't, something tells me it's time." He asked me why and I replied, "I need to show my parents that I am alive."

April 25, 1997
The young boy took his own life,
leaving with unanswered questions,
unknown reasons,
and tears in the eyes of the ones he didn't know loved him.

Why must you stop by my house, with that sheepish smile on your face, and crawl into my once open arms, that now stay clenched shut. 
You laugh, and think it's funny. Haha. 
You tore out my heart and let it fall to the floor, watching it move and slide around, thinking it's funny. Haha. 
No more patience, no more. 
I can't handle this breaking of my heart over, and over again. 
I don't want to be alone, but with you in my life, I have no choice.
I would rather be by myself than in the company of you and your laughter over humiliation, over your smirks about how great you must seem. 
The rockstar, the lonely little star that once twinkled in my eye, now slowly starts to fade away. 
Up above the world so bright, like a demon in the night


sound stirs underneath my bed
stories told
many dead
whales and whispers beyond the hollows
fog seeps so thick 
it chokes and swallows
heat rises toward the night sky
so this is what it feels like to die
just when i think the world is turning
the fire inside slowly stops burning 
just when i think everything is ok
life throws a stone my way
sick of the lies
sick of the pain
sick of having no shelter from the rain
so i look for you instead
and blow this bullet across my head
was happy once 
that was then 
now this nightmare will never end


Seeking Hope

How can I live, how can I cope,
Seeking love, seeking hope
My life is a wreck
A timeless phrase;
An unhappy wife
My world is a haze.

All I have prayed for;
All I have thought
In primary school 
All that I was taught
To be rich
To have a house 
And a car
This ghetto is shit
Suicide beats it by far


To Ma and Papa
Pragya Sinha

Ma, why did you stay
and burden us with the guilt 
of your abnormality.

Papa, why do you love us 
and burden us with guilt
when we question you
for, Ma's abnormality.


lump in my throat

Through the straw and up the hole
Look in the mirror and i start to see
Just whatever i want to be
Five minutes before I couldn’t think
then the powder makes everything clear
its not like the movies, or what the parents say
my makeup is not smudged, no time for that
one minute to the next, its true, it is
we live for your next fix and that’s all that matters
try to stop, but its too late
down goes his pants and me on my back
is this all worth it for one little line?
To keep me straight until next time
No more food, block my high
I cant quit this, its way too late
Got sucked down too fast, too quick
Unsuspecting little girl 
With these doe brown eyes and innocent hair
Stained with man and addict sweat
Haven't washed for days, I need a shower
Damn I wish I had the power
And I will the next time, honest I swear
But for now I think ill just sit
And wonder just how I got into this shit


De ja vu?
Lisa Ong
I see,
Blurred images of a pathway,
Been there before feel I,
The sandy beaches,
Passerbys strolled,
Familiar faces,
Hardly I know,
Recognition surge from my memory,
Fragrant of perfume,
Seeping to my nostril,
Of an ancient shack,
Decorated by flashes of sunlight,
Stealing through the cracks of the wall,
Or just figments of dreams?
A floating sensation,
Trembling the nerves,
Sense of mystic radiating my mind,
I had no haste,
Slowly moving into a circle,
Of this Divine Experience.


Dogs and Needles?

They got me when I was just a pup
From the kids across the noticeably suburban street
Whose dog was the mother of a fresh litter
They said I was cute
That they loved puppies
As I grew
I ran mad around the house
Made dinner of there socks
But I loved my family
They yelled harshly at my young body
I guess they didn't understand my love
One day
They put me in the family mini-van
Said we were leaving
My little boy cried
I didn't understand the language of his tears
They took me
Put me in the "night drop"
I loved them so much
I waited 
Scared and alone
Still in love
The man took me into a room with my own kind
It smelled painful
Fear wept into my blood
I loved them so much
Two days later
That man came back
Lead me down the nervous hallway
Another man shaved me at the trembling wrist
Stuck the cold needle in
I loved them

They killed me
Stacy Beckley


I was coasting down the freeway    Lost
By Deborah M. Peters

At a cool Sixty Five
Cruising with the top down
Thankful to be alive.
Sunglasses blocking out the sun
Best bud sittin' next to me
Pulled into a gas station
'Cause the tank had just hit "E".
The wind was running thru my hair
Whipping all around my face
Can't imagine flying to the moon 
Up there in outer space.
So much is happening in this world
Everything's moving to fast
Just want life to take it slow
To make every minute last.
It wasn't all that long ago
That I lost my way from home
Guess I was scared - lost my faith
Believing I'd always be alone.

We Are Lovers

When I gaze deeply into your eyes
I am in a trance from reflections I see
Love beams out from these mirrors to yours
Then it flies right back to me

When your soft fingertips stroke my face
All my fears melt away
When you kiss me with full satin lips
Real love is here to stay

Forty five years I have searched and not found
One fine day I heard your voice
My heart leaped, my head felt so light to the sound
I only had one choice

We are lovers
We were lovers right from the start
We are in love
It grows each day in our hearts
We are lovers

Many years I have known the true meaning of love
Never dreamed it would find me
Then an angel flew dawn and fell into my life
Now the circle is complete

Tonight you and I are many miles apart
But our hearts throb with one beat
I look forward to every sweet moment we share
Clinging tight to the memories

Each dawn I am anxious to get out of bed
Another day closer to you
Every night I thank GOD when I lay down my head
I am blessed to have found you

We are lovers
We were lovers right from the start
We are in love
It has healed the pain in our hearts
We are lovers

Sargent 7/2000


John E. Boysko

times like fallen
dust as splendor
take a breath, among the scent of angels
they were here, you know
only you slept through their touch,
now wake to find
a scar of things past.
i know, you dreamed it was raining funny somehow,
but that was only the cleansing, of Heaven's hand,
this child's heart
born into yours
to begin again when you wake
under the innocent half-glow of sunrise hopes,
and the scent of angels, fading from your room
they were here, you know
you'll feel them soon...


Michelle Vincent 

I am silent, strong and naked.
I wonder if my soul will ever be set free.
I hear the footsteps of a silent death.

I pretend to worship an invisible god.
I feel that I've been exposed against my will.
I touch ny face as if it were an illusion.
I worry about the future to a point of no return.
I cry dry tears of anguish.
I am silent, strong and naked.

I understand now that my soul will never be set free.
I dream of a deprived death, no candles, and no prayers.
I try to stay alive mentally.
I hope to be accepted for who I am, I hope a lie.
I am silent, strong and naked. 

 Katherine Summers
You stand in the spot light 
Letting your beauty radiate from your beautiful soul
you let the crowds adore you, worship you
you look at everyone who has your type of beauty
your confidence
while I stand in the shadows
letting my insecurities show
I hang my head
I cry out my eyes
I fill myself with doubt
For I don't have your beauty, your confidence
All I have is a soul ready to burst out and shine
I see feelings needing to escape before my time runs out
but instead I stand by the side
admiring you from afar
for you'll never look at me
cause I'm not as beautiful as you are


My love...
I wake in the morning ~ My thoughts are of you...
I close my eyes at the end of the day ~ My thoughts are of you...I hear your words~I see your pain..

When you cry my tears fall...Your heart aches...My heart aches...We follow a path...Where it leads we know not...I love you...Such simple words...
Do they tell you all I say...I stand in front of you ~ Your buffer to the world...I stand behind you ~ To guard your back...I stand beside you ~ To walk at your side...I lay beside you ~ To warm your soul...I call you friend ~ In time of need...I call you lover ~ Your touch so sweet...I call you ~ Your there...
The walls of the world ~ They are between us not...
We share ~ just ourselves...
Judgments to each other ~ we pass not...
Walk with me...Talk with me...Love with me...My love..... 
~Written by Windy~


To Marga
Ralph Cinque

I feel soft sand and gentle whirling water 
around my naked feet.
I hear the cry of gulls and the drone of waves
as they caress the beach. 
I feel the sun anointing me and the wind across my face. 
I take your hand; I seek your eyes; I have found my place. 

I see mountains in the distance rising in the sky, 
giving form to space and texture to my eyes.
There are colors abound and fragrances so new.
There are trees that rise like monuments,
tall and strong and true.
They only serve to complement the wonder that is you.

I hear children in the meadow frolicking with glee.
Their voices play like instruments- sharp and fine and free.
“Surrender to joy” is the message that they give,
teaching us, showing us, exactly how to live. 
You look at them; you smile; your heart can surely win.
It brings me joy to contemplate the child that is within. 

The rainbow, the sunset, the water o’er the falls,
they please our eyes; they soothe our souls; they even heed our calls
for beauty in its purest form, beyond what words can say, 
beyond the realm of self and time, beyond life’s hectic fray.
Your face, your voice, they too give forth
such good, such truth, and love from its source. 

The road may take us far and wide, south instead of north.
At least we always have the chance to rectify our course. 
But why in life cannot we change the error of our ways?
We plead, we strive, and yet we find, our sorrow still remains.
The past is locked behind a door for which there is no key.
All that’s left is to softly say, “Deeply, I love thee.” 

I once was a monkey. But now i am not.
I still like bananas, i like them alot,
But i'm not obsessed
Just like i used to be
Though i still have Banana Fest
'Cause i like bananas, you see.


 abby whimsica

I never wanted much for these fears, a couple of bucks,
enough gas to get me home.
Because trying to measure the value of any fear,
is like trying to measure the distance between dreams.

I wander half aimlessly, fighting off the voices in my head.
I look up and it's suddenly one a.m.
"Oh shit", I think.

Note to self: Keep your enemies close.

It takes me hours to get back home again (again).
I wash my feet and grab a beer
because I figure it'll dull the attacks 
of my real and imagined enemies (demons).
I stand and look out the south window.
I watch one shadow merge into another,
one tree sway into the next (into the next),
and Virgo masturbate while dreaming of Galileo.

I have no witnesses. 
I stand alone.
I forgive my inadequate god.




As another cold and lonely night goes by 
I hang my head and begin to cry
A girl so perfect is so hard to find, so rare,
At your beauty I just can’t help but stare
The thought of you brightens the night
For your love through hell I’d fight
I’ll cherish your smile ‘til the day I die
To you I would never speak a lie
In my arms I’ll hold you tight
Your lips I’d kiss softly on the coldest night.
One sparkling star, like a fire lights the sky
Like the soft twinkle in your eye
For that star be as beautiful as a snow white dove
No-one but you could I ever love
This night so dark, this rain so wet
Will you be my Juliet?


Forgiveness & Lessons About Love
 Cathy Wooten 

Unconditional & Sacred;
Forgiveness, love, & respect is given with no expectation of 
feelings returned;
Unconditional when he* is not aware;
Forgiveness is a part of God & love and never makes one a fool;
The lack of both does;
With one glance proves all he* feels;
Trusting and having faith in all he does;
Learning that forgiveness grows an everlasting love;
Using faith that all faults are forgiven will
always be building blocks to love;
Growing to know that forgiveness is automatic for the strength 
of caring;
We all have our faults and have hurt from our faults;
But your are still my *****hero and will always be forgiven and loved;
Knowing all wrongs and by whom all is done;
Loving him unconditionally and forgiveness is won.


Is it an obsession, or is it a dream? Through moonlit forest I follow so gracefully it seems, my feet they hardly touch the ground, the angels speak softly as i slowly drown; Then as i reach forward for one last try, they lift me on wings to places on high, to show me the mighty , and the silence of bliss, then set me back down with one fleeting kiss. The leaves rustle softly, the mist wets my cheek; The path of the mighty meets the path of the meek. I gaze at the crossroads and ponder my fate as the moon creeps across a blackened canvas on a path already laid, by the hands of the mighty, and the hands of the meek, and the whispers of angels, whose paths I now seek.
Jimmy L.Gray


I Need You Now
Tasha Dickerson

My friend, I need you now-please take me by the hand
Stand by me in my hour of need, take time to understand.
Take my hand, dear friend, even if I resist, and lead me from this place.
Chase away my doubts and fears, wipe the tears away.
I cannot stand alone, even if I think I can.
I need your hand to hold, I need the warmth of your gentle touch
In my world that's grown so cold.
I know sometimes you wannna give up and you think my dreams are crushed,
But I need you right now my friend before my mind explodes.
Sometimes I may not want to talk, but that's when your job kicks in,
Just sit back and listen and you'll help my problems to end.
Please don't criticize, even when I do wrong,
Sometimes I may want to be alone and then I'll have to be on my own.
I really need you now more than ever, even if it doesn't seem so.
Please be a friend to me and hold me day by day
Because with your loving hand in mine
I know we'll find the way.


Mark Houck

The silver lined sink
washes tiny white bubbles
through its clenched teeth
flushing dirt and filth
down its black mouth -
[through the never]
through the quiet moments
when we stare in the mirror
struggling to wash our sins
down the drain.

how can we make love when you don't love me...Brotherman /with the pant of my pulse/i make rhythms so intense/i pervert you to fatigue/my diastolic alone created hiphop. in your subconscious/i dance a paradigm/turning the axis/when its earth is/half asleep. how can we make love when you don't love me?/i ate the core without lusting the apple /you knelt down to the fruit of my womb/ ha! /thy will had been done. memorized the Arabian Koran/translated its text to Chinese/surged symphonies into your daydreams/swallowed your nightmares/orchestrated the tempo of your soul/and made movies/from the memories/how can we make love when you don't love me?/hoping you can make love when you don't love me. i played spades with lucifer/made pyramids of his ashes/beget babies without giving birth without having conceived/for i am continually with child/reinventing myself every 28 days/my rise and fall is your b flat blues song/i can even produce the image and likeness of you/in the bowl of my belly/the cevix of your senses/the crevice of my hips/the cusp of my thighs/i have searched your galactic outer space/pumping my principle through your veins/even floated through your milky way/while tracing gravity with my tongue/put the night in my pocket/so my skin would stay black/and the stars would be mine/entirely/i slipped a mickie to the angels/so they would sing me a song. and to think/i almost fell for your bullshit/hoping we would make love when you don't even love me 

Stephanie Tillman

To my love: Yesterday Tomorrow Today. . .
 Anton Landman

I awaken my day
realizing it is Yesterday
The brightness of love shines for myself
BUT I can not see I say
for mine eyes portray only conflicting wealth
I am blind so blind I say
I do not want to live for Yesterday

I awaken my day
realizing it is Tomorrow
I can see I can see say
Now I shine for love extremely intensely
BUT love has chosen a different way
sorrow grief malaise Just so gray
I can not bear to live for Tomorrow nor Yesterday

So here I am stuck Today
Love reaches and speaks to myself
I am not blind and I can not see
that overwhelming piece of my memory
ever after Tomorrow I say
I wish if only Yesterday
will replace Tomorrow Today

God's Hand
 Robin Maley

See the stars in the sky,
see the birds fly up high.

Feel the winds gentle breeze,
enjoy the sunlight's tease.

Everywhere in this land
you will reel God's great hand.

He paints the rainbow bright,
he adjusts the moonlight.

Natures' beauty all in tune,
with friends and foes we commune.

For all things small and large,
God Almighty's in charge.


Trevor Marrett 

Formed in the twinkling of an eye
But doomed never to see the sky
Or to run in the grass and to feel the wind in my face
Nor to be part of the human race
Never to know a mothers love or to hold her hand
Never to play on the beach in the sand
Unable to feel the rain in my hair
To skip and jump and play with out a care
Never to fall asleep on my fathers lap
Or to be disciplined by his loving slap
Alas all of these things are not to be
For I was just flushed down the drain and out to sea
The only reason why I was damned
Was because I was never a part of her plan


You were holding still
and holding me
and holding your eyes straight ahead
not blinking because you were afraid
of letting that tear slip out of your eye
like you thought you'd slip with it
For a minute i try to be you
try to tell you about the people we would die for and how we silently object to their presence like we do with all distractions because I've always been like that, and idiot who would mentions death to the newly made widow
I stepped back then
and took the ground out from under you to cover me up
and watched you slip like your tear


Wilfredo Latuja Jr

if theirs a question you want to ask
question what i want
feelings at heart, dreams of life
my answer is you
the secret of my heart

i'm going to do all your desires
as long that i can do
since for along time its my dream is your love
i wish my dream were your dream too
me and just you
loving for always
not to sate for each other
dream of mine wishing its yours too

if the day is come
that i'm waiting for
and you're the one that i'm going to share this special moment
i'm not going to find for another one to love
cause since then
my always dream and wishes
is you

Come to me Dearest!

With a silent wish 
I wait for the evening star
As a cloak of loneliness wraps me

With your thoughts to cherish
And my knowledge that you care
Through dry days and long nights
With you living in my dreams
I wait for you to come to me.

To make my eyes starry and bright
To mend my heart with your caring seams
I wait for you to come to me
To be mine forever.


As good as it gets.
 Vikki Sharpe 

I cannot comprehend happiness yet.
Some laugh, some smile. I live only in hate.
What if this is as good as it will get?

I wonder if my ways will ever let
Me understand. But my thoughts suffocate:
I cannot comprehend happiness yet.

Already I know, the future is set,
And until death I’ll exist, that’s my fate.
What if this is as good as it will get?

Who do I want to be? Others I’ve met?
Destroy every hope. Is it worth the wait?
I cannot comprehend happiness yet.

I wish all the time that I could forget,
Live for the moment and not hesitate…
What if this is as good as it will get?

Live for the pain and no time for regret.
I give up, quit, forget it, it’s too late.
I cannot comprehend happiness yet.
What if this is as good as it will get?

You walked in my life so quiet, so quick
I was so shy, I just wanted to say hi
Now I lay around thinking of you
And all of the things I feel for you
I care for you so much 
I long for your sweet touch
But you loved him and I understand
He broke your heart 
He made you cry
You called me crying 
And it killed me to hear 
The pain in your voice tear after tear
It hurt me so bad and i knew it was true 
You loved him while i was falling for you
Now you need time 
To heal your heart 
Ill be here baby 
Ill give you my heart 
Ill treat you so good 
I just want one chance
One chance to prove I care
One chance to prove Ill be there
I just want one chance
Cuz I think that's all Ill need 
To make you believe I'm the one you need
Just one chance to prove its true 
Just one chance, cuz i think I love you
Eric Lester 



 ENCORE August

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