August, 2006

There is no sweeter than your lips red,
Nothing more perfect than your soul to love, 
With eye's so keen as I am for thee, 
Thy smile always will remain within of me.

S patwary


There's a love that only you could give; 
A smile only your face can show.
A twinkle than can be seen only in your eyes; 
And a life of mine that only you could fulfill.



I swear i cared about you dear!
I just couldn't force myself to tear.
Our love was pure but dull and lame,
I tried and tried but still no flame.
I loved and lost a time before
I'm sure I'll love and lose some more.
I can't stop my journey to find my mate,
I'm sorry I can't settle I'd rather wait.
You'll find your love too I know you will,
and when you do time will stand still.
You'll understand why we didn't work,
You'll think of me and give a smirk.
You'll be happy and so will I
and you'll thank the stars I didn't lie.
True happiness is worth all the pain,
and I know one day you'll feel the same.
So here's to love lost and finding a new,
I deserve the best and so do you!

Jeanne j


I'm confused and don't know which way to go. 
How could you do this to me and stoop so low.
I thought we were more than this, I thought we had a connection.
Our relatinship was going good and pointed in the right direction. 
Now we seem like strangers because we're so far apart. 
It's like someone came and stabbed me multiple times in the heart. 
So, where do we go from here? Is it light at the end of the road?
Or should we go our separate ways and let go of this heavy load?
I'm so not sure of what to do, but I do know that one thing is true, 
and that is no matter what we deside to do I will always love and be here for you.



lynne ireland
i went for a drink dad
and remembered what you said
dont have a drink girl
or youll end up dead.
so i went for a drink dad
and remembered what you said
i was good dad
i had drugs instead.
i dont remember what happened dad
but i heard the man say
whatever happened hear is sad
i think the child is dead.
so please forgive me
i cannot believe the pain
dont forget i love you dad
and i am to blame.
so i say goodbye god bless
ill remember what you said
but its to late for the child
im sorry he is dead.



Walking slowly down the path,

is a great big tall Giraffe.

Eating leaves, drinking water,

helping out his little daughter.

His neck so long, it's even spotted!

What's with this? He looks so dotted!

His background colour, looks so yellow,

the drinking pond, looks so shallow.

It must be hard, with bony legs,

to just bend over, on those pegs!


Why do I write?

Why do I write?

I write to what is not right can be changed

I write so that people can have a blueprint of peace that they can hang on the wall

Why do I write?

I write to help people though their displacement of grace.

Why do I write?

I write to explain what people can do to help make it right

Why do I write?

I write because I can write

I write because God gave me this gift

That is why I write!

Stacy Mathurin


By Madeline Whyte

Torture is a crime

so inhumane

those who commit it

must be insane

To inflict physical

and mental pain

upon a human life

to get information

not so nice a device

as sleep deprivation

Torture as a method

of retaliation

for something she did

for something he said

it's so barbaric

have you a conscience

in your head

Are we still living

in the Dark Ages

when differences among people

sent those in power

into rages

They tortured killed and maimed

anyone not the same

As them

let torture end

A woman you enslave

for ten years at a time

torture her

and pick her mind

steal her intellectual property

study her brain

keep her in pain

Don't give her a dime

Have we really become

so uncivilized

that torture methods

we must devise

to silence and kill

those who seek and speak the truth

what are you an animal

how could you be so uncouth

Let torture end now

all over the world

Is this what we teach

our boys and girls

that the majority

subjugates the minority

with violence and pain

you need to hang

your heads in shame

You can torture me

it's all in vain

I'll never change



i see it all in her eyes

the truth is there beyond the lies

i see the pain she trys to hide

the pain thats on the inside

i see it there she's just like me

she hides it so no one can see

but its there it always is

but sometimes the truth you miss

somewhere there she fooled us all

somewhere there we never saw

the tears that cloud her glassy eyes

but now i see behind the lies

it reminds me of how i feel

and in the same way i deal

but hiding behind a smile

only works for a little while

i know what is like to go through it all wishing that there'd be no more i only wish i could help her through but where to start? what could i do?


He was only ten years old
ty grlin

He was only ten years old and dead right in his tracks no one new it, no one did it he was a good kid didnt deserve it I knew him well as my little sisters best friend his name was Erin he was a nice guy could have grown up to be a comedian he made them all laugh till it hurt now they all wish they would have kown him better He was always there for us no one ever seen him cry No one helped him die Now we all wish that we were with him Took him for granted Now hes gone Should have cherished him He was like our guardian--, angel from above

Now we cry over an open casket

Wishing he were back but even if he were would we notice it What if some one wished hed die now they cant take it back I know they wish they could But its a little to late god we want him back Hes here with us now I can feel his spirit flying hi I feel his presence here watching over us He was only ten years old and dead right in his tracks



Don't say you didn't,

I saw you wit her last night,

I always thought that I would do more,

If I saw you out wit some whore,

But all I could do was stand there,

I was frozen asking god what I did that was so wrong to deserve this pain, But now I can see that it wasn't my fault, It was you that cheated,

We're done That's it,

Cuz I don't put up wit that sh!t,

We tried to work it out over and over again, We ain't tryin no more, Baby get out the door



Deep inside i must look

if i am to find the book

all the answers of my mind

within its covers i will find

jim moore 


David Penner

The man stands all alone

What he sees in his heart he has not shown Winds swirl around him opening up a new temptation Morning suns rising brings new expectations. Now and again the darkness creeps in and consumes him The light through the anguish is dim Thoughts of hope are chased away by the demons of reality Wisps of grass under his feet remind him of stability The spirit of peace calls him by name But they are muffled by a dark inner shame Bitterness harnesses him like a steel chain And again his heart is filled with dark rain The doors of freedom have been locked Endlessly seeking for the key he feels mocked Ever since that day the light went away The utter despair of it he can not say If he could find the key He would find the words to be free Sadness and loneliness are his gift to life It cuts him deep like a jagged knife Hope is his voice to freedom Can the light truly lead him Yes surely the light will hold the key In one final gasp it has set him free


Oh Father
Marla DiGiacomo
a visit to me
as i slept fitfully
you appeared as you always have
with open heart
with loving soul
to show me
your daughter 
the way home
and with that
eased my pain 


I was King
Screams of silence
How can you not hear?
The piercing, shrieking of
The wailing. Children, Mothers
Animals, Wild as Fire.
I am the one to blame.
My Destructions have
Caught up to me at last
My devils chase me so
To hear the ones pains
The gnashing, the grinding
Of bones, of souls
Ghosts of pasts, Presents
Futures that will not happen
I am the one to blame.
Me. My men did but follow
Commanded, Treason if not
Hell on earth they called
Fire I reigned on them
Mercy, there was none. 
The weak can only afford
As much as they receive
But the rich, the rich
Have what they need
And what they can take.
So I will pay for my sins
This is my lament


A Missing Child
She had many trophies, awards and everybody knew her.
you could say she was perfect or a princess, 
which one you prefer.
She never wished bad luck on anybody or ever wanted harm to come her way.
Until this one cloudy day, not just harm came her way.
She was remembered seen walking down the street to the corner store.
Til a van pulled up, then two more.
She kicked, hollered and screamed
 that was the last time this princess was seen.
Why they grabbed her is unknown.
But police ask, if anyone knows something, please pick up the phone
and let us know what was seen or what was shown.



How can I be what I know is real,

How can I allow myself to finally feel,

why does this pain take control of me,

and why does it never give any release,

I can't focus I'm losing grip,

It's to much, I can't do this,

I don't know how but I need to let it out, so I go about, kick, scream, and shout, I try to fight it but I allways lose, I wont give in even though it never moves, so I let it all come out in my tears, and with every droplet of water it only produces more fear, I'm going back, forward, left. and right, everythings seeming to move out of sight, I don't want to have to go through this again, and I don't want to remember when, what I want seems to be in constant seclusion, this serene life is only an illusion, I've with stood all that I can take, so when it comes desperately I try to desolate, I beg and scream for unaccepted help, never knowing my true self, that I know somewhere I am, that I have to brake these feelings cramed.


The New Patriots
Kimberly Timmis-Kennedy

The souls of our dead heroes cry out from their graves, "Where are the patriots?" Very few hear their cry. The old patriots shadows are no more but unmarked graves or simply black print stories in books. The dead patriots cry, "Will anyone rise, take up our swords and our duty?" A faint whisper is heard by few special living souls. The sound of the dead long gone is no longer audible accept for a pinch in the hearts of the new people now living. They will assimilate, congregate and discover that they will become the new living blood that will fight for the patriots of our past by renewing the vows of the dead heroes long gone. They say they will take up the swords of the dead patriots and fight the new fight for renewing true patriotism in our country. But their swords will now be different than the patriots that have died before them. They will use e-mails, and pens as their swords, their fights will no longer be on hills but in courts. They vow to fight for true patriotism to remain among the new living so that the souls of the past will be comforted in their death. And the souls of the living will yield the fruits of this reward.


we are on our way to the mall
kimberly rios

when i remember i left my money in the hall my mom got made but when i found it she started to get glade we're driving down the road when a truck passed my mom he dropped his heavy load my brother was asleep when the trucks load hite my moms window screen i yelled my moms name but my brother thought i was playing a game i yelled my brother to call 911 but our cell was low battery so i stared to run i stop to ask these people for help i was talking to fast so they told me how i felt they told me they'll call the police i think my mom is dieing then they told me just believe the police rushed my mom to the emergency room the doctor said to go home and rest but we sat in the liveing room instead me and my brother were sitting and praying and just believing the phone ringed i heard the doctors voice saying my mom was not breathing i feel on the floor and before i knew it me and my brother were running out the front door i left my brother with my mom i went to walk around but then i stopped & cried and when i got back my brother said that our mom had died


I often curse they day I was born
Im 14 now and my life is torn
When I was young and used to cry
My parents wished for me to die
I remember at 6 being severely abused
Asking for love and being refused
Being pushed down the stairs if I was in the way 
Being locked in my room for days and days 
I was young then and never did understand 
Why you would never take my hand 
What did I do wrong? Was it so bad?
To leave me without a mum or dad
But its ok now because i'm a big girl
Can I live with out you? Ill gives it a whirl 
But how can I live without your beating?
Enjoying my life and regularly eating
Im not sure ill manage, but time will tell 
Ill be sure in the past to never dwell 
So look at me now as Im about to leave 
Maybe im not so young and nave 
Look at how your baby has grown and matured 
Think about it now as I walk out the door 
By Heidi


You heal me with your simple touch, and oh baby that is too much! I have nothing to lose but everything to gain, as you remove my sorrow and my pain. Your pick of the pieces and put me back along with everything that I lack. I now beg of thee return my purity. This world has taken its toll so please purify my soul. Words are power and can be filled with sin, so cleanse within. Free my soul and let my spirit soar, as warm arms embrace the life that haunts before. Time takes its toll, so heal my body and my soul. Don't let me travel back to a heart so dead and black. Take me now through time and space, quickly to a better place. Let the gate of Babylon open wide and take me to the other side. My Paladin of Light heal my spirit and my soul, because its my heart which ye stole. Eve ate the apple but so did Adam so now I plea, purify my history. Purify the sexes of the human race, anywhere in time and space. Now strike down the serpent in the night, and banish it with a blade of light. Cast him down straight to hell, and remove his evil spell. Banish him now to where shadows dwell, burn him in eternal hell. Remove the thorns from the vine, and create a crown of twine. The thorny crown which laid atop the saviors head, disappeared while he was dead. When he arose it went down, and no one knows where it was bound. A crown of twine is more his style, though we haven't seen him in awhile.


This poems stuff you all thought was good Is only ending up being misunderstood.

Its not something that you can just make up, you have to feel every word from the start.

It all has to come from deep in your heart.

This is why i take so long to respond

All my emotions keep making it wrong

Try as i may to make my rhymes laugh

I keep getting sent back lost in the dark

Give me some time i will come back out

I will find a light and have no doubts!



Jennifer Kirk

I sit here alone with tears in my eyes and I think to myself why oh why?

Why cant life be..... simple and pure? Why must people walk out the door?

Isn't there someone out there just for me? Isn't that supposed to be part of my destiny? When will love happen? Please tell me that.

Would I recognize it if it fell in my lap? Is there anything I can do to speed this along? Is there anything that will bring it back once it's gone? I to once had it but it was taken away. When I get it back will I be withered and gray? Someone please tell me once and for all, how do you bring love back once it's gone?


Proverbial Truth
Dilpreeta Vasudeva
Lifes coming a full circle
Or is it a change of season
Metamorphosis and transformation
Nothing is perpetual
Change is permanent and we are but temporal
Our instincts stimulated by reactions
Reaction of one,
to forces both internal and external
a day spent in glum followed with one appreciating the simplest pleasures
lifes coming a full circle
or is it about taking each day as it comes Philosophies and literature 
Driving inspiration Value system is certain our behavior to them sporadically charged
Our beliefs rooted in utopia
Utopia complimented by practicality
Building nuances of individualism
Life's come a full circle





Lifes Dreams of Love
By:  Vera Lentz
this poem was written by my grandmother who died on August 10th.  
We found it in one of her bibles and we are trying to share it with everyone.
Jenny Hartman 
Well work together side by side
A happy young man told his shy young bride
Our life will be full  with blessings and joys
Well have children  both girls and boys
That first little bundle was a girl so sweet
Then others followed  girls beautiful and neat
Till our home was buzzing with laughter and joy
SIX beautiful girls but never a boy!
Then time passed by with laughter and tears
With cries and triumphs that come with the years
Those darlings grew up and went out in the world
Embracing life with their banners unfurled
Now theres just me to go it alone
But we had those years of striving for home
Those girls come visit with their children so sweet
And now grand babies to hug and to greet
So this is a love story innocent but true
That starts with a dream then out of the blue
Comes trials and sickness along with good things
Love held us together and wed pray and wed sing
So all in all the journey unfolded
And the blessings go on as we live in this world
The dreams and the struggles of life is intense
But with Gods help it all makes good sense.

My Time in Hell
Rakesh Vasant Shirke

Falling, Falling, I fall somewhere

I see nothing and I smell red

Give me my water and give me my bread

Cheers for the melody, the sing-song of the dead

This unreal beginning of my hell

Like the cacophony for the silly dead

The sweet smell of red mud be finds my flesh And Blue sky above me; the abyss in its yell

Cravings and prayers all left to slay

I feel myself burning but the pain isn't there Drops of red muss cover my face, smoke of burnt skin and dregs of hair I fall to the fancy of this wonder place, the return of my destiny, my time in hell.


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