[Normally, when I prepare Open Mic I arrange the poems so one (often) leads to the next or answers a question in the previous poem or shows another view. Sometimes I put poems on a similar subject together and often pick a poem to open the session that illustrates the season. For this September, the poems are put up exactly as they arrived in my mailbox and I have added the dates so you, too, can watch the swing of the poetry. jr]

September 1, 2001

I'm scared of what you'll say to me

because the silence has been so long.

I'm scared if what you'll think of me

and if I've changed while you were gone.

I'm scared that I'll have nothing to say

because we've grown apart.

I'm scared that you might do something

that could break my fragile heart.

I'm scared that we've both changed too much

and we'll only have memories.

I'm scared that you might not show up at all

even when I ask God please.

I'm scared that I'll be much too scared.

I'm scared I won't be me.

I'm scared that you've forgotten me.

I'm scared of what might be.

Because I'm so scared of loving you

and not getting love in return.

I thought I knew so much

but I'm afraid I have a lot to learn.



The Visionaries

In the abyss,

My eyes burn.

For what they seek is what for they yearn,

In the bright lights of the day,

They wish for not tomorrow, but instead yesterday.

The abyss is nothing more and nothing less

Than utter, utter nothingness.

And to this, let nothing prevail

For no one is capable of uncovering the veil.

We see what we think,

We think of what we think we know.

The visionaries see what others can not comprehend.

To the world, ideas we lend,

Because we are the ones who can.

So in our way do not stand

and ye shall be rewarded with sight of new and grand.

Trapped in the abyss,

The abyss of nothingness is what has caused us to be.

The visionaries will set you free,

Just as long as you are and let be.

True to yourself,

Lie if you must,

But to the visionaries,

Give your trust.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

All will be saved,

If to the visionaries you have not betrayed.



I sense the fork up ahead

This road, once so smooth, seems so jagged

Backseat driverís screaming Ďturn leftí!

Back off, Iím not quite ready yet

Put off the inevitable for just another day

Somehow, someway, but no way

Either lane, thereís no turning back

Maybe I should jump from the car

But Iíve driven this far

There is no turning back - just left or right.

  Ryan Neuhofel



Buying a soul
Stefania Forner

They bought me a doll without a head

I sit in a chair with no legs

I find hate without thinking

Iíve considered all the possibilities

Iím flattered

Something is missing

Mix me

Make some juice

You got me a present

Iíve considered how you've changed

In this life

You are nothing anymore

In this world

Nothing I have

I would turn and go back in time

If I knew I would not be like this

Thank you

You have somehow changed my soul into rotten pieces

Iím grateful 

Something is missing

Mix me

With hate and pancake

Waking with black spots in a dark room

Iím not as I was

Iím nothing anymore



Rotting Flesh Magnifies The Loss

There's no time like the present

To remember the past

To remember me

Screaming names

I'm screaming for you

It rapes!

Love raped everything from me

It takes!

Love has taken everything from me

It wasn't me who threw you wall to wall

It wasn't me who lifted the substitute up and down

It wasn't me who snapped the dog's back

It wasn't me laying on the floor

Laying in my own puddle of blood

It rapes!

Love raped everything from me

It takes!

Love has taken everything from me

It's too late to say your apologies

It was you who've broken our sacred monogamy

It's not me breaking every window

It's not me who's scratching you

You did this

You did this

You made me shoot myself

You made me lose myself


Yes you!

It rapes!

Love raped everything from me

It takes!

Love has taken everything from me

It rapes!

You have raped everything from me

It takes!

You have taken everything from me



Oleg Kradin

Do I go or do I stay?

The question lingers in my head

Will I ever find my way

Or one day find the world Red

Will I be haunted by the screams

By faces scarred with marks of battle

And will it keep me from my dreams

The gun's never fading rattle

Do I fight them for my country

Do I duck my head and run

Will I ever be forgiven

For the sins about to come

And will I end up like my friends

Who fought so brave

Those who killed, but never won

And those who never thought to run

Those who went to face the gun

Those bodies lying

In Viet Nam



Radios, heads.
-Siobhan La Fave

Timed industrial bangs fill in the back of my head.

Far-off drums, tin kettle sounds, rain drops pool on the surface of my mood.

High-singing background music, what sound like giant silver crickets

     withstand the wind, and I parry the doubt and listen

     to the sound of shadows, tonight, I listened to that song again.

At least a year old now, as old as your absence, and still creeping,

     the silence in it, the silence that defines the sound around it

     still strikes me.

And within the music's landscape, there is the ghost piano that you always    

     heard, but to me it was the squeal of the patio gate opening to (finally)

     rescue what was left of the spirit that exists between us,

     that defines us,

Like that silence, like that air breathing between the beats and squeaks.

The patio gate closes behind you

And those big crickets chant down, like monks to prayer.

A phantom finger brushes the Repeat,

And Repeatedly

And Forever,

You are in.




Keepsakes of instinct and nature

My face, the side, you slapped

Nothing I say is true

If it's a secret best kept

Why Pain?

Why Hate?

Why is this my life?

Why is this my fate?

Can you feel my denial

Why am I constantly fallin'

maybe I'll see life in a while

Why is it ma always forgotten

I craved for your sin

you denied me my emotion

again you rip my heart from within

The cause of all my corrosion


The Wall

I wake from my restless dream sensing a presence beside me

I struggle to work out what is going on

As I feel the calming cool of the wall upon my back

My senses are the dull the picture begins to fade

I'm fighting for breath now fighting to see

All I feel is the chilling cold of the wall upon my back

I try to remember, try to push the story on

My brain shuts down all knowing yet unable to share

I think I can handle the truth as I am sure I know it already

My body however tells its own story

The wall is the main character in the play

At the time it was a comfort keeping me in touch with reality

Something to fight against, something to see

Now it only torments me, that wall so cold and rigid

Always there right next to me.



Sheltered by the night
and the dust I grasped
through my fingers
every single grain spilled
 I gazed at the sweeping waste,
gasped my breath,
then an ailing sigh
blew away a silent puff
 ashes spread around the heavy air,
then faded away like every other day;
frozen, I could only stare
and benumbed let it slip away
then again the lifeless night
took my empty hand
and sheltered me like a good friend

Petia Mercado    


Beyond ?
danny g. wilson

Thinking of another moment of silence/Creating a shared space


Timid souls washing a few sad stories down with another coors

Miscellaneous post ring filling an incomplete book


Thursday leaves me ready for the world/Friday brings me back down to reality

Witnessing the brilliant light of a complex sun/Experiencing the warmth of a pale moon

Carefree children growing up too fast/Mild-mannered adults taking a deep breath

I try/I cry

Hope challenges disaster/Good cheer pushes melancholy


The end


White Eyes, Empty Sweep
By: Misen

The Deep Canyons Between My Brows Form,

The Ground Beneath Me Erodes,

My Ripped Lips Tremble,

My Dormant Eyes Ignite.

I'm Standing On A Mountain -

Or Is It An Abyss?

My Arms Join, But Trap Nothing,

I Am All Alone.

You Have Put Me Here,

May Cain's Wrath Be On You,

For You Have Cursed Me,

May Your Heart Be Hollow For Eternity,

Because I Am Empty Inside And Out.

You Are The Blackman Of The Forest,

You Are But Fuel For The Flames,

Please Lord, Please God, Start The Blaze.


Love Found In a Dream
Wiley Van Dam 

I saw your face, I heard your voice, I felt your kiss, I held your hand, and I held you in my arms. I awoke from my sleep and realized it was a dream. Your face, your voice, your kiss, your touch, it was all in the dream. The sweetest dream I ever had. How disappointed I was when i awoke to the reality of our world. In our world there is no romantic relationship, there is no kiss. In the dream our love is real, it is strong, stronger than any force in the universe. In our world there is one thing that links my dream to reality and that is my love for you. My love for you is not just a dream, it is real. I gave you a gift, I gave you a song. I gave these gifts with intentions of love but it was disguised as intentions of friendship. We embraced in reality, we said goodbye to each other and i watched you look back one last time before you walked out of my world. In reality our bond is that of a distant friendship but I will always love you. I will be dreaming of your face, your voice, your kiss, and your touch. Perhaps one day my dream will be born into our world of reality. Until then my dream will live. What will happen when we meet again? Only God knows my love. Remember the oceans, the mountains, and the galaxies are miniscule compared to the amount of love I have for you.


Inner Motion
Carolyn Dunn 

Wondering wandering meandering

thoughts collide;

spinning whirling all-encompassing

Calm I want to be calm

Drowning despairing worrying

Breathe deeply, slowly

Wishing wanting not achieving

You can handle it

screaming voicelessly boiling fury

I canít I wonít I donít

I donít want to

Yes, thatís it I just

donít want to anymore

Gnawing endlessly

useless worries

useless dreams

Unattainable inertia

Sinking lower slowing down

Chaos with a quiet cover


The Rose

No beauty can surpass the elegance of a single red rose.

The petals spread out in eager joy to capture the sunlight.

Reaching towards the sky.

Waiting for the day that she can reach her destiny.

The perfect clutter of petals,

omitting a fragrant scent of sweet perfume.

A delicate flower, easily trampled by life's greed and pressures.

but this beautiful flower remains strong,

and as she holds her head up high, she will continue to blossom beautifully,


The lights are bright from the sky in the night,

looking down no movement no sound,

but how long will that be until the governments disagree,

and drop a bomb and start world war three.

Will we all live, or will we all die,

will our children be able to watch the birds in the sky,

or see the flowers and the green grass,

or will all that just be part of the past.

It's bad enough that we have problems of our own,

half the people can't even afford to buy their own home,

yet they will fight, for what they think is right, all day long and into the night,

so who knows what there is to do, I know I donít want to fight and neither should you,

I wish to grow old and die in my bed,

not with a bullet stuck in my head.

So all we can wish for is the peace will last,

and pray to god we never hear that atomic blast.

Peter Keepence  


I Have a Hope
- Michelle Ballard

I see a picture in my mind of what we could have been.

Before all the hurt and pain and anger took control

Of hearts still new to each other and still afraid

To allow advancement from pain caused by others.

I have a hope in my heart of what I can do

Now that I am again alone and in control

With a heart still bruised and very afraid

To allow intrusion from others who cause pain.

I had a dream in my sleep of you and me

After time had allowed the healing to begin

With hearts at peace and souls in union

You held me close and chased the pain away.


(c)Jude Adebosoye Ogunade, Ivory Coast, 1999

The almighty is the strength of your life,

Never mind the seemingly stubborn strife.

The moon that shied away behind the cloud,

Shall surely shine away from it no doubt.

The road of life may seem very tedious,

God shall surely make you victorious.

NaÔve not, mind not the several nightmares.

Fear no evil for to God you are very dear.

Only to the most High shall you plead,

And he shall surely unto you heed.

He shall tender you like a pet toddler,

He shall grant you His utmost care.

His promises to you shall never fail.

No evil shall on you ever prevail.

He shall grant you His fountain of peace.

His mercy towards you shall never cease.

His promises to you shall he diligently keep

And harvests of joy shall you abundantly reap

He shall surfeit you with His unceasing grace

And daily shall you gladly sing His praise.


Love Was Inspiring
Mohammad Badri 

Light was green

everyone passed

when I came close

it turned red

Love was inspiring

for many lovers

when I fell in love

it shifted dim

Marriage bore happiness

for many couples

when I got married

it coerced grief

I waived plenty salvaging pals

in time of suffering

when they got through

they became foe

Rain was drizzle

for the whole globe

when I walked through

it modified hail

Asteroid was mystery

for the mankind

when I sighted one

targeted my head

Fishing was pleasure

for many fishers

when I went fishing

caught snakes

God was merciful

to the universe

when I asked for help

told me to hold


Allan R. Hall

Yet another approaches me.

Seems my life has been a constant

procession of dare I enter or dare I not?

And if I dare, will the effort be worthwhile?

Or will the consequences hurt me...again?

So many wrong decisions,

too few right ones.

Perhaps that is how life is to be lived.

If so...I am tortured and this has been

a cruel life.

I only wanted to love, unconditionally,

but there are always conditions and I refuse

to give my love to them.

Yet another approaches,

and once again I will close my eyes

to the warning signs.....and enter.


Sara Mackey 

An untrusting fool am I

Guarded still by decaying walls

Built so long ago

I struggle to keep them

From toppling down on me

Afraid if they fall

I will be exposed as the

Weak and vulnerable childe I am

Afraid I will be hurt again

Afraid I won't survive another battle

I live in fear of reality

Sir I hide in my crumbling fairytale castle

Waiting for a knight who will never come


damn black we fked up, white man put dope in the hood so we stuck,brain washed,so we tossed run around high on the souce,Malcom told you to unite and get ready for the gunfight,but its alright,devils gonna die tonight,like Dr. King i have a dream blacks on the same team,no room to shceam,Babalon,shaiton,master of trickeration,after 400 years we still on the plantation,premeditation of a sloughter,they raped your doughter,your son,he was casterated just for fun,your grandmother hung from her toes,i supposse,anything goes,thats why i have wicket azz flows,and the story must be told about John Bulldogs feandish plan, backed by the punk azz klan,felt they was doing alright,check it yaw'll its time to unite.....



by Sara Blanco

Damn the non masses emerging from hypocrisy

bless the non masses conforming in their own right

Striving for excellence

excelsior, excelsior!

but even mediocrity escapes me

A cliche of a person I'm a jack of all trades with no trade to claim as my own

Image like an Andy Warhol



Pseudo-intellectual banter

and pretentious witticism no longer amuse me, though I'll admit they once did

Quasi-alienation and national enquirer dreams are all that I hold in my possession


the battle of the suburban dream children opposing the oppression and injustice that is middle-class living

Keep up with the Jones'

I endanger a supernova that is floating on the tip of my brain

I'm not looking to be surrounded by angst

I need no put on drama in my life

I can create my own

Look around at the genocide of all who are shy or humble

no- No- NO





You gently pried open the fortress I hid my heart in.

I watched you.

I let you.

I felt your touch in the darkest parts of me.

In those places light shone and something new grew.

I felt the energy of excitement racing inside the dead places.

I watched you quietly remind me, I still live! within the walls of myself.

I let you hold me, I let you heal me.

You renew my soul to a beautiful, living, breathing thing.

The joy of knowing you gave me hope.

You filled my lungs with breath.

You filled my body with craving.

I watched you watch me.

I let you help me.

Your friendship honors me.

Your goodness encourages me.

Your desire ignites me.

I watched you.

I let you take the vulnerable part of me in your hands

Right along with the strong.

Julie Ann Raymond


Amanda Griffis  

Collaborate thoughts of majorities senseless acts

Wonder in amazement of the things that people lack

Ignorance succeeds in blinding peoples eyes

Forever struck by lightning

Forever in disguise

Quietness awakens you

The greed may wander by

Not a stranger in your world of hate

Not a stranger in your world of pain

Corrupted minds, solitudes pride

Useless comments, addictions and lies

Wandering streets alone with your mind

You reach out your hand and close your eyes

The pieces come together

You've fallen behind

The wall, the blackness, the solitude, the lies

On this lonely road

You've gotten back the world you know


"Women In Waiting"
Anita Nahal Arya

Lost in the corridors of your thoughts - waiting? For?

A lover, a brother, a father, a son or a husband gone astray?

Food, water, clothes, money?

Or love?--the most transient of possessions.

Eyes wide open, downcast, surveying

Looking afar, seeking fulfillment

Wait women wait, patiently wait.

As does -

Darkened Earth for Sun

Parched ground for rain

Stagnant clouds for breeze

Rugged mountains for snowfall

Lonely stars for moon

Tired night for sleep

Incomplete mother for child

Abused woman for dignity - wait.

To be held, kissed, hugged, wanted, loved

To nurture, to be nurtured

To give, to belong - wait.

Waiting - the essence of women's lives.

~#~ 9/9/1

safety in numbers
terry mcgrory

safety in numbers

   and battle in dress.

   genius in infancy

   and murder at chess.

there's iron in cornflakes

   and sweat in the fields.

   lives given recklessly

   and contracts unsealed.

these truths in a liars mouth

   and discourse in miles.

   comfort in cowardice

   and brilliance in a child.

thereís reason in-sanity

   and joy in confess.

   safety in numbers

   and battle in dress.


 Michael Dumas 

There was a boy who was to be the greatest sort of man

Set upon a Rome-like throne, gazing across the land

And when the boy did grow the age to think upon his self

He knew the world should know his joy and share his mental wealth

So he set upon a task of writing down in hand

A letter to the people, rejoicing of the land.

He found an ancient sycamore with smooth and storied bark

With pen in ink, dripping wet he began to sing his heart

He thought of rising moons and dropping suns,

And all the moments, gleaming cherished ones

Of softly crying birds with words flapping in the breeze

And wind itself gently whipping branches green on trees

How could he write about this marvelous place he'd found?

With varied, single spirits treading history on the ground

How could he capture crashing tides on sugar-dandy sand

What could he say to thank the stars for giving him this place?

The hills of rolling clovers sweeping as far as eyes could see

What would this letter to the world really have to say?

How do you give thanks for every single day?

With peace in his heart and a smile on his lips he set the pen aside

To rise with the warmth he recognized, picking up his stride

So he left his letter unwritten, for no one else to find

And thanked them all silently, speaking from his mind. 


"Separation anxiety"
Marcalys, Lark

I canít seem to understand because being a man I am not supposed to feel this way,

Sheís holding me, trying to talk to me but my mind is far away,

Thinking of her, and being with her but No I canít have her,

Daydreaming just to pass the time and ease my mind,

But I always get so frustrated,

Because I keep on thinking about the times we made love and I canít help that Iím burning up, anticipating,

Sheís got me dying. I donít like waiting.

When she talked to me she seemed so sincere.

About being with me, dreaming with me,

How could all of this disappear?

Separating? Separating ÖÖ.

I canít decide whether to go, or should I stay,

I canít be with you, and if I stay I wonít be with you,

If I go, I canít be with you,

I loose either way.

What do I do? I love that chocolate body.

I canít stand to see you with anyone else,

Girl I want to hurt somebody,

I canít be with you, and if I stay I wonít be with you,

If I go, I canít be with you, I loose either way.


It seems like forever that I havenít slept,

but watched you sleep instead.

It feels like always that I lose my mind

inside this weary bed

but as the darkness preys upon us

and convinces you to dream

you gently bless my bottom lip

which eases me to sleep

oh, how I lay contented

as you dream of souls so free

and how I would die with a smile on my face

if I died knowing that you love me.



"My Poem Writing Experience"
Kimberly Jo  Griffin     

A blank page

a cold pen,

the  first  stage

then- the end

Single phrases of rhyme

adding life to each line

No premeditation

no verbal  strangulation

Just  lyrical  thought

onto paper is caught

Your audience of 2,


from merely critics... to fans.


Travis Yates


Sitting on a dock with someone you care deeply about while      

watching the beautiful sunset over the water

takes the stress of the day and

makes it vanish with the sun. 

Thoughts of the future come and pass.

"Where will it take us?"

"Who will we meet?"

Hopes arise and fill your senses

with happy thoughts of what will come

of the two of you.

For a few short moments,

the world and its troubles cease to exist.

In those moments, you wish you could freeze time;

you want to stay in that instant forever, but,

as the sun slips over the horizon,

you grasp the hand of that special person and

an assurance comes over you,

an assurance that even after the sun fades away,

that same beauty will be next to you still

to help you through the following day.


"The Space Between"
 Devin Black

A simple country road meets a fork.

A quintessential love torn between two sides.

Such a fine line separates these roads.

Yet a jungle of obstacles in between.

The space between euphoria and melancholy.

There must be a place so far away, that these opposites meet.

Far enough to make an angel grin a ghastly smile.

A place close enough for a paradox to meet true and false.

Happy meets sad, sad meets happy.

Yet havenít they always been so closeÖ

Yet so, so far away.

Minutes, hours, and days, meet seconds.

In every caseÖ what is "one" without the "other".

You may never knowÖ

But then againÖ

Doesnít everyone travel a simple country road?



 david almekinder


There's a doll named Polly

That was very happy and jolly.

She made a big slurp

And a very loud burp

And she said, "Gee Golly!"

 Doug Anarado  


A Lonely Sound
Sargent 1982

A lonely sound is a single heartbeat

The sound of a can being kicked around an empty street

A lonely sound is a silent roar

From a child who only knows the sound of slamming doors

A lonely sound is a little boy crying

The rustle of dead leaves and those dying

A lonely sound is the slap of a face

From a child who knows nothing else but to hate

A lonely sound is small feet running

A frightened fleeing fawn whose predator is cunning

A lonely sound is a young girl's whimper

When the whelps on her back are the product of someone's temper

A lonely sound is a noiseless bedroom

Quiet before the storm, the sound of impending doom

The sound of tears dripping onto the cold floor

From a six year old who just doesn't care anymore

A lonely sound is a hateful reproof

The pitter-patter of rain falling on an old tin roof

A lonely sound is a sob of utter despair

From a young man who'll never know what it means to share

A lonely sound is a single heartbeat

The sound of a gunshot on an empty street

A lonely sound is a silent roar

From a child who can not care anymore





















made...not Created
David Polk

Give me  peace, a slice of grace,

to feed an empty wanting face

of a future made ,,,

and not created

I strain against a future chosen without my choice.

With proclamations proclaimed,  without my voice.

It's oration weighted in the balance,,

my own words stayed from out my mouth,

 the fruit of my lips have rend

circumstances like stones laid

along the weary worn path that was made,,,

not created


Time Doesn't.
David Moloney

Time still paints her as a glowing enigma,

her past words now form a deep burning insignia.

I dare say I'll never be mended,

I'll never forget the hurt when it ended.

Her shadow is always smiling just out of range,

fraudulent love woken by reality is always strange.

I'm a lost performer with no ones applause,

I'm the blind masochist that can see no flaws.

I can't see that she doesn't deserve praise,

I can't filter the memories and begin to erase.

It's like she's the one that I always turn to,

She stares back smiling thoughts that are so untrue.

I turn to her in despair when all seems broken,

rejection turns to depression and old flames awoken.

I'm not normal Ė no oneís yearning returns this frequently,

I need to feel the feeling of love most urgently.


Diana Curtsinger

They say I can't see him no matter what,

I've proven he isn't bad but it's just not enough.

It's like they have this veil over their eyes,

And only see him in this awful disguise.

It sucks that everything he likes; they just simply hate,

And it hurts that they can't see he is my soulmate.

They think he will leave me with all these scars,

But what they don't know is I hold is heart.

It is a mutual thing; no pun intended,

I know it will last, cause it hasn't yet ended.

It is bad enough to tell them we're going on a date,

I can't even imagine their faces when I tell them it's fate.

I love him, and he loves me,

I won't leave him, he won't leave me.

That is the way it will always be,

I don't understand why they can't see.

On day they will get the hint,

And realize we are not going to split.

And one day they'll get attached,

When they realize Chris is my perfect match.


Brian Adzima 


The wind feels a little colder,

the church bells sound a little hollower,

the sky looks a little darker,

and the streets are a  little lonelier.

Four planes, three places, two towers, one Nation.

Part of a city is destroyed,

a population exterminated,

and the moral of a nation maimed.

Four planes, three places, two towers, one Nation.

The rage of a nation was stirred

and beginning of a just response started.

Four planes, three places, two towers, one Nation.

Such a grievous act will not go unpunished.



the blue sky

by Mark Glinski

the blue sky

the simplest place for those that fly

the easiest place to hide in silence

the place where seconds sprawl like hours

the blue sky

where black things quietly appear

and depart in bright brief fire

and haunt the blinking brain forever

like the ghosts of slender tall towers


Headline pain
chris hager

So sad sadistic filled with cries.

Death thousands died all down.

Planes from place to place.

pittsburgh two in new york and one slammed into the pentagon.

A world with no remorse.

Flying death in the skies.

Explosion chain reaction people connected to people.

So many people mourning.

But in the end it's a tragedy.


The Call
by Stephanie Lewis

The silence of complexity

The joy found in being busy

It was all shattered by the sound in the air

The ohh's and ahh's changed to screams of terror.

One moment I knew so much

The next moment I knew nothing

In the blink of an eye someone stole my security away

Like a thief in the night they stole what I treasured the most

I as a friend helped to comfort others

But I as a sister cried out for you

I didn't know how you were I just hoped and prayed  you were safe

And when I heard the words,

"I'm safe," uttered from your lips into the phone

I collapsed into ball

I cried for my sister was safe

Yet a part of me was in pain

For someone tonight was getting a call also

But their call wouldn't set them free

Their call will put them is more pain that ever

And it is for these people I write this

For all the siblings, parents and friends

Who tonight will not get that grateful reprieve

I say for them who cannot, "I am safe,"

Not in life but in death "I am safe in the arms of my heavenly father"


This poem goes out to all the people who are gone cause of the ATTACK
Tina Cornett

The Time has come


People left

Here to cry

Cause all you guys are gone

We are left here

With the



The pain

The time we had together

The time is gone

Now we are here

To cry


Try to live

our lifeís without


This all had to happen



We lost so many love ones

So many people

Are hurt

So many people


So many people hurt

Now we have to sit and wonder


This is gonna happen again


My Friend

When you need a pick me up,

You know I'll always be there.

No matter what the case is,

I will always care.

I care about you and how you feel,

To me your smile means a great deal.

So near or so far,

I'll try to be in sight;

That smile of yours glows like light.

I'll be there for your tears, frowns, and sadness,

But trough it all,

I will fill your heart with everything,

Everything good and pure,

For you, My friend.


oh gosh I missed you

you were online and

I missed you I am so so stupid

for not looking at my buddy list

I miss you everyday

I miss you every night

your all I think of in the shower

and at school

you mean so much to me

if you weren't in my life

my life would be really dull

no excitement at all

someday I will see you

I want to but I am scared

I know you are sweet and

you never lie to me

but I never no

I have to trust you

and I do but I never know

I love you

If you were hurt

I would save you

If you were in pain

I would heal you

I love you so much

I don't know why I do

but you mean so much to me

I will always and forever love you







missy robertson 

It's only 7 days, and not yours to clean

or yours to make

It's only a kid who had lots of fun

so why did you come

It's sand, its little pieces of weathered rock

It comes with the locale, shouldn't be a shock

It's sand on a kid

It's their 7 days too

You dragged them along, it's what they do


WTC   Tuesday, September 11, 2001,
8:45a.m., 9:03a.m., 9:50a.m., 10:29a.m.

The emotions I feel,

I can not express,

At this tragedy.

I can not shake,

This disbelief.

This urge to say,

It's just a hoax.

Another war of the worlds.

The thought,

Running through my mind.

This is just a dream.

I'm gonna wake up soon.

Never in my life,

Have I looked to the sky,

And not seen a plane.

A thread of fear,

Has been sown,

Into the hearts of all Americans.

That however,

Was the great mistake,

Of these terrorists.

What we fear,

We conquer.

The culprits of this,

Horrible . . . act,

Will be found,

And they will be punished.







             JUST WHAT TO DO.










       ON ME.







Musarat Shehzadi

My destiny

Carried me

Hundreds of miles

Away from my family

Away from my friends

From the place I was born

All the way to you

To share your love

And to give you

A new meaning in life

With me

To give you happiness

You've never had

To share with you

The magic of my soul


Catharine Yager

Love is a song with no words,

and the melody spin and twists

until it all disappears

into sugared violets

and sleepy tears 


By Nikkele Peterson

Iím so scared of the world

Especially now from what happened today

Itís self explanatory

Yet thereís much to say

Our country needs to stay strong

Keep going

On and on

World peace canít be far

I know itís there

But the question isÖ


How are people going to feel safe

At school

At work

Even in their own homes?

How do we know whatís coming our way

How do we know

After today?

Lives are being wasted

Thrown away

Like a piece of paper

People are so careless

So cruel

So heartless

Dying for your country is one thing

But taking the lives of others with you?

Think again

Thatís wrong

How can you do that?

It all needs to end


Attack on America
Memorial Tribute to the
World Trade Center & Pentagon
By: Diana Kinney Lyman, Maine

Itís so hard to believe

Even harder to understand.

How terrorists or anyone could

take the lives of our fellow man.

Lives taken in such a way that

Leaves such suffering and pain

At the World Trade Center and Pentagon

By terrorists high-jacking our planes.

On September 11, 2001, you were struck

With unspeakable tragedy.

But we, the United States of America

Depend on and support President Bushís strategy.

Tonight as we stand

with our candles lit.

Showing our hearts have gone out

To those of you that were hit.

I wish I could wrap

You all in my arms.

To help comfort you and

Keep you from anymore harm.

I canít get the sight of the

Planes, World Trade Center and Pentagon

Out of my head.

I have a hard time sleeping when I go to bed.

It appears that our lives

Go on every day

But in our hearts we know

Exactly what is on its way.

So many have pulled together

State to State

To try to help out in New York and Washington

Since that fateful date.

I know the heartbreak

That we all feel for you.

And can only imagine

What you are going through.


copyright Sept. 2001  S. Hagerman

Today we mourn our fallen brothers,

our hearts are weeping for all the mothers.

With tears of grief like a deplorable refrain,

for those we have lost and can not regain

We question even god. How could this stand?

He is not the instrument, but the conductor of the band.

We can not bring ourselves to wish their kind well,

but humanity halts us sending the bastards to hell.

Debris and cold mud is not all that can splatter

Revenge is succult when served on a warm platter.

Wanting to awaken, though you do not slumber,

from the horror,  the tragedy, lives torn asunder.

Purveyors of this garden of  tranquil  liberty.

Your destiny calls out to you, know your brevity.

Fate, like an evil mystery, has now set your course,

the path is focused with no room for sad remorse.

Youthful innocence, you have met your dragon.

Skank, rapper, dude, student, paint your wagon.


One tear of sorrow, two tears of joy
Jeff Nemcher

For the terrible acts you've executed

and the death and destruction left behind

for the hearts and homes you've torn open

and the atrocities against humankind

for all the devastation you've inflicted

and the fear you've instilled for tomorrow

I feel my heart sink in despair

as I shed one tear of sorrow

Like it or not we are brothers

believe it or not we are friends

I am looking to find a way together

we can bring this fighting to an end

Your acts have bound us together

as you have strengthened America's resolve

nations of the world have united

as all corners of the globe get involved

you have shown us we live among heroes

you've inspired what you seek to destroy

your efforts have missed your intention

for that I shed two tears of joy

~#~ 9/16/1

Just Another War.
Jessica B- Cortibella

With the shot of a gun,

another war has begun,

with the loss of a son,

and another bomb exploding,

high in the sky,

that preached only of liberty,

the integrity's lost,

there's only room for more hatred.

One country against another,

dying sister and brother,

and the tears of the other,

who has fallen down.

One less lullaby,

one more tear to cry,

one last sweet good-bye.

Mothers asking why,

why there's so much pain.

Blood falling like the rain,

will peace ever come again?


Jayme Argall

You are the bottomless pit in which Iíve fallen

Everything you say is the only thing I hear

You hurt me over and over and I continue to cry

But I still hold you near

I let you lie to me and take me for granted

You take so much from me and give nothing in return

You leave me when times get tough

But I still do not learn

He is my angel who watches over me

He is my shoulder to cry on

When you hurt me he kisses my scars

But I still wish you werenít gone

I call for you and you donít answer

He holds my hand and tells me to let go

He turns to me and tells me he loves me

But I still say no

How could I hurt him so badly?

I held his heart and he so easily handed me the key

He gave me so much love and I continue to push it away

But he still waits for me

I see him when I close my eyes

Now your image seems so dim

My life makes sense now without you here

Because he still loves me and now I love him





So many lost so many missed,

Loved ones robbed of one last kiss,

And people dance in far way streets!

As we stand, the debris and death amongst our feet

Celebrations of candy and laughter!

We stand cold amongst the mortar,

Their irascibility is sickening and ugly,

Yet we will not condone their vice!

We WILL stand whole!

They chose their target,

But it is bigger than they know!

The dust and death over water has blown.

Please ensure that justice is done!

For all that died on Tuesday, every one.

Tears for the innocent so cruelly gone,

Tears for the loved ones,

The mothers fathers daughters and sons,

Never forgotten, angels cradle them in  heaven, no more murder but love,

I am just so so sorry, the world is so messed up!

M. King (uk)


Gay Robin Houghtaling

The grief is so huge it has swallowed me whole.

On a good day I pry its' jaws open

with bloody fingers and gasp for fresh air.  

On a bad day I sink to the pit

of its' sour stomach.


A New Jerusalem, how wakened by

The wound erasing steel-bone spires

Agape and pitted, sanguine pooled, as if

You bloodied first my mouth with concrete slabs

Remote like spit-out teeth, among a soot

Footprinted, as the heroes dash into

Collapsing blaze, salt-water streams that seed

The forty days of my chestís desert, sunk

In lungs that heave in cloud-dust pillaring

The day, asbestos plume we cannot breathe

But track, til honeyed-milk in river runs

Between the breasts that heaven opens, if

That fissure scorched in earth, a clarity

Is born of this great city, holy more,

Where Babylon was laid, Jerusalem

Reborn, transfixed, a temple bright, in stones

Hand-hewn from cavities of girdered hearts,

And wives departed from the languid kiss

Thatís buried in the womb of two God cleaves;

None know my city now, where grace bestows

A miracle, Jerusalem has moved.


Catriona Lovecy

I watched it burn, and brake, and fall,

Thousands of lives all gone in vain,

I watched American tears roll

Down faces filled with utter pain.

I felt that pain, I shared that loss,

I feel that anger in me still,

But revenge will always have its cost -

How many more innocents must we kill?

We are not them, they are not us,

But they are people all the same,

Can we tolerate presumptive war,

Or massacre in justice's name?


Gloria Rodriguez     

Nuestra Herencia, the words bring music to my ears, literally,

I can hear the tambora in the background making beats

I can feel the sounds of la trompeta seep within my skin

I can see la guira in the front teasing my feet to dance

I get a vivid image of the color of the skirts

The shaking of the hats

And the masks, oh the masks, of nuestro carnaval


Nuestra herencia, I can taste the flavors in my mouth

I can my see grandmother standing over the stove cooking 20 different dishes

 just because my padrinos are coming over

I can smell el pernil cooking in the oven

I can hear las habichuelas boiling in the water

I can hear the dog barking at my uncle because he decided to climb the tree

that stands in the middle of el patio trying to get some mangos down for desert


Nuestra herencia, I can hear mi abuela telling me the stories of the old

And today, as I struggle not to forget my Spanish, try to learn every old

 family recipe that I can and try to remember every image of el campo

I am proud of nuestra herecia


mandarin friday sky

made a grape of the east highway

caught up with spin wheels,

all axled and chassised to cradle coffee-

that & this AM orange will steam us straight to saturday.

that day,

the interstate took on shades of albany

pretty mud roadside snow

barbed rust wire caught cold

asphalt lines stuck between horse stares

up there roadway numbers are such foreign stuff,

mountain wall where frozen water falls,

symmetry twigs hop scotch from frost feet

in stately northern time.

Matthew E Andersen


A Week To Remember
John Henry Scott

 Random scenes around our town, and maybe many more,

 Reflect, I think, our inner thoughts, from deep within our core,

 People smiling at each other, and courtesy, seems to be

 A common bond, wherever I go, Thatís the way it looks to me

 I saw a shrine to fallen heroes, at the firehouse down the street

 A cross draped with  a firemanís suit, With flowers piled around  the feet

 And when I went to work today, someone stopped and waved me on

At a busy corner, then smiled , and waited till I had gone

And Iíve never seen so many flags, proudly displayed around

On houses, buildings and cars, most  very place in our town

 A terrible thing has happened, but good sometimes comes of bad

And these last few days in America , are the most patriotic weíve had

Now, finally weíre all a family, we all mourn the loss

We all seem to be together, but at a really horrible cost

On a global scale, itís obvious to me, freeform is certainly winning

These terrorists havenít ended a thing, I think this is only the beginning


5000 Faces
by Rick Davis

A few days back, bustle here,

Smiles all around, there was no fear,

Fathers, Sons, Wives, Mothers too,

5000 faces, had work to do.

A twisted mind, a wicked foe,

Molded hate, and let it go,

Made the plans, down to the day,

5000 faces, stood in the way.

The crash, the flames, who could've known,

That this could happen, here at home,

The smoke, the dust, you could not see,

5000 faces, where can they be.

An eerie quiet, Manhattan Streets,

Towers stood, reduced to heaps,

Heroes search, looking down,

5000 faces, can't be found.

Now the grief, the haunting sights,

The pain, the tears, it's just not right,

Waiting, hoping, please just call,

5000 faces, heroes all.

Although they're gone, they're with us too,

Watching, waiting,  protecting you,

The darkest hour, that September,

5000 faces, we'll remember.


christina louise brown

Red White and blue....colors not the same;

but united by the thread....and a flag they became.

Very different they are.... these colors so we see;

every nation kindred and tongue..... they stand for you and me.

Americans different also....not two are the same;

United   by beliefs......not from whence they came.

Americans be counted.....stand and come forth;

FREEDOM, JUSTICE FOR ALL....true to stay the course.

This battle must be fought....in the heart of everyone;

Who you are,  where do you stand...for those that died, What have you done?


The Irony of Perfection
Heath Patterson 

Bliss, simply say it all. Even that does no justice. It's hard to find the words to explain the of look of her skin. The way the air seems to glide across it's smooth softness. without touching it you just know that it is incredibly soft. Her hair flowing like waves off the gentle sea. The  hypnotizing glimmer of light given off her eyes leaves you stuck in awe. The innocence in the perfectly sharpened pink lips makes you shiver with the thought of having them brush against your own. The amount of precision must have been great in the making of her round firm breast. The soothing coolness of her pale skin still warms you long after she's gone. The sweet smell of her fragrance makes you tingle deep inside. her legs toned to perfection accompanied with the walk of a goddess. Just the sight and smell of her fills you with desire and passion. Then with the same grace she entered with she slips away. Gone... becoming just another unfulfilled dream and memory.


Deanna Hathaway 

             How could these terrorist think they could tear us apart?

             Don't they know of AMERICAS HEART?

             No matter, what they have done,

             AMERICA will pull together and stand as one.

             They can make us angry and make us cry,

             But they'll never defeat us no matter how hard they try.


Vikrant Nahal Arya

Let me live! Let me live!

Bind me not in a cage

Let me thrive in the fresh air

Let me take in the bounties of life

Hold me not! Hold me not!

Let me shoot out and touch the corners of the world

Let my heart experience

Let my memories build

Let me not disintegrate into a million disheartened pieces

Let me soar up and touch the sky

Please! Please!

Do shed light upon my dark future

Let me expand to the fullest

Some Day, maybe somedayÖ

I will roam proud and free

Maybe, just maybe.


                  Internet Love   
           By:Bridget Funkhouser


       I know I've told you a hundred times

       How glad I am your heart is only mine.

       When we started chatting I had no clue

       Just how much I would come to love you.

       Internet love....it can't possibly be

       How can you love someone you can't see

       I tried to pretend I didn't love you

       But, God had plans for a love evertrue.

       I found myself waiting online every night

       We'd talk as the dark turned into light.

       We laughed and joked told of our fears

       Many a night your shoulders held my tears.

       Through the weeks without our knowing

       The love between us just kept growing.

       Soon I couldn't get you off my mind

       You were the love I longed to find.

       I promise to love you with all my heart

       Just as I have right from the start.

       I promise to cheer you when your blue

       And keep our love always forever true.


Asleep Beside Me
 Kyle Martin

when a girl falls asleep in your arms

her warm body fits perfectly against yours

she snuggles a little closer

she smooth skin smells so good

when a girl falls asleep in your arms

she trusts and loves you

she knows she is safe beside you

tomorrow is only a far away thought

when a girl falls asleep in your arms

her hair smells like sunshine

radiating across my shoulder

I gently caress her face as I whisper

beautiful nothings

the world feels so good

when a girl falls asleep in your arms



Perhaps I shall see your sadness and smile

Coldly, since I can be that way.

Perhaps I shall be affected by your sadness

Because I tend to contract emotions of others.

But it doesnít matter.

My telling of my personality to other people, tends to be a silly

Kind of simplification of the abstract, complex me.

I say things I want to hear, even if it isnít true, and

Hurts you.

Iíd like to streamline myself, and so I try to be

Like a shark, roaming through the dark watersÖ

I guess Iíve always wanted to be cold-blooded and fish-eyed

That way when I see you, heart-rent

I can smile and smooth away my heart creases -

Because I just figured out that life is better without wrinklesÖ


Lifted to His Sanctuary
John Kenney

              Here in the midst of destruction,

              death and chaos all around;

              I have found the peace of Jesus,

              for He has shown me holy ground.

              Lifted to His sanctuary,

              carried by angels untold;

              laid down by grace and mercy,

              I watch His glory unfold.

              In His splendor I am joyful,

              though death my carnal eye may see;

              still I remain in His presence,

              where I am cleansed and made free.


Evil Lives
Sargent 9/2001

Evil lives in a cowards mind

Slimy snake often hard to find

Horrific crimes is your claim to fame

Uncle Sam will win at your own game

Evil lives spilling innocent blood

Black heart stays up to no good

Tried to take our freedom away

We're mad as hell and you're gonna pay

Evil lives to terrorize the weak

Soulless dog playing hide and seek

Dance in the streets but not for long

Old Glory raised, you'll all be gone

Evil lives, hate in your eyes

Evil lives, many children cry

Evil lives but watch the sky

You son-of-a-bitch today you die


Where Is He?
By Deanna Roberts

Where is He in our country's tragedy?

Where is He in our time of need?

You look around and He is here,

You find there isn't a thing to fear.

He grasps those who have passed away,

Oh yes, He is here this day!

He holds the hands of those who are lost,

And soon their paths will be crossed.

He hugs their families and their friends,

This story of love has no end.

He is a father to the fatherless,

Mother to the motherless,

Friend to the friendless,

His love is endless.



I Want to Be Your Friend

By: Ryan Freeman

I want to be the one who stands behind you,

I want to be the one who fights with you,

I want to grow with you,

I want to fly with you,

I want to climb the highest mountain with you,

I want to cry with you,

I want to laugh with you,

I want to smile with you,

I want to give my life to save yours,

I want to love you,

I want to be here for you,

I want to be everything with you,

but most of all...

I want to Be your Friend.


From Your Cold Heart
Lynn G. Janubas

We were in flame before our touch

Your heart to mine in a strong clutch

And then we kissed tight in the air,

Your hands in breeze rushed through my hair.

Your breath and mine were made to one

A thing my life had never gone

Your soul encasing to my soul,

You were the first to see my fall.

We worried of our distant flesh

So from the stars we made a wish

You nailed my heart a heavy swear,

And through the years I kept you dear.

I wondered why as days went by

My heart began a silent cry

A knock at door by loneliness,

Sent a message of lost caress.

Now in the midst of summernight

To me a cold breeze took a flight

Reminiscing of our depart,

This breeze must be from your cold heart.


A Diamond Brilliant Cut.
Wilson Irving.

Her beauty sparkles across the years,

like a diamond, brilliant cut.


in harsh, gravel hard, sun.

Cut sharp on diamond tip,

Eternal beauty,

Sheer, multi-faceted, blue steel shard,


Catching the eye, inner fires revealed.

Like soft loves light, candle bright, and hazy.

True as love. Caring.  Forever, sharing.


As if through tears, seen, softly,

Perfect, as one, throí the ages.

He, she, beginning and end,

as her beauty, so their love,


like a diamond brilliant cut.

Ageless, through the years, and true.


Facing the Towers

         A pit of bones burns

      A smell of an open morgue,

      cold steel melts the flesh..

         A stockpiling mess

  The blast from man's twisted minds,

          never can erase..

         Can there be laughter

          into such barbarism?

         The world is burning..

         Clouding my visions,

       such a tsunami mind storm,



The Legacy
        This is to all the heroes that helped in the Sept.11 tragedy. There really are heroes.

Once in a while,

a true hero comes along.

Once in a while,

there are many heroes.

These are your ordinary people,

that you see day in and day out.

They don't boast or brag,

usually they never even know they are.

Most times it goes unnoticed,

moreover, they are often looked over.

Sometimes people know they are,

nevertheless, choose not to say anything.

Today they are known,

however, most of them have left.

They have gone to the sky on wings,

leaving behind a legacy.

Some gave their lives,

others gave their hearts.

Some are looking up,

some are looking down.

Stand tall and proud though,

not all is lost.

Hope and love are never far,

for heroes never go away in vain.



On a cold, gray September morning,

On an airbase far from home,

Warriors stood in tribute to those fallen,

To fire and death that struck without warning.

No one shuffled, teased, laughed or talked,

Just the quiet bootfalls of a guard of honor,

Police and firemen, guardians both,

While to the flagpole they walked.

Fighters launched into that dismal gray sky,

Their sky-ripping roar softened to an angry growl,

Like a mother wolf lying in wait,

To avenge those that did not have to die.

The wind tore at our flag, trying to bind,

To wrap her around the pole where she flew.

But she ripped free and with a snap unfurled,

Too strong to hold back, the wind did find.

Half-staff but proud, our flag flew,

Through cold rain and colder sorrow,

While the sound of taps echoed around us,

Solemn, sweet, pure and true.

She snapped in the wind, defiant and proud.

Like ours, her rage was strong, but quiet.

As the music fell silent, and heads began to rise,

We were done being quiet, it was time to get loud.

Jon Krusinski


Christopher A. Burgos    

A coward left his calling card.

The soul of the world is shaken, hard.

Countless lives, all awaste.

Terrorism leaving its bitter taste.

Where's the enemy, who's to blame?

What are the rules to this  bloody game?

Questions pile, like so much rubble.

Our fragile safety in deep trouble.

So what now? Who is next?

Look around, stand perplexed.

When does all this madness end?

Against which monster do we defend?

Why did this happen? How come now?

Our heads, in prayer, we must bow.

And pray that the world will see the light,

To rid ourselves of this horrific plight.


i'll never forget

i remember yesterday after a hard day working at the trade center he came to have a beer and say hello, the next day he was gone.

i cant forget the friendship you gave to me as a dancer, how you would sit with me for hours and talk about just anything.

there were time i 'did not want to get back on the stage and dance, but you told me go on one more ,so i did.

on sept 11 2001 alot of my friends from the trade center lost there lives .

i am numb and cold ,faces i seen yesterday will no longer come in to say hello.

their wives are suffering and my heart goes out to every one of them ,

they were all good men.i will miss each and every one of them. and the many conversations i had with them, tonight i will dance and what ever i make i will donate.
god bless america


journey through the canopy
  tom harris

sunlight on green leaves
dappled in shadows of gray
warming the forest floor


Iman N. Jameelah

Black on black on black... The shades contrast. Eyes deep yet alive... Black coffee when I stare. Fall deep inside your gaze... Hidden behind lace eyelashes....Long, elegant. Below long strands of power. Maybe Samson's' Delilah. Fields of colors run smooth as I look into you. Brown skin caresses the neck so smooth. Brown skin, so into you. Purely platonic admiration. Consider this invitation. To this world..This life...Warm hearts help cold nights. While shoulders help tears. And kind words can control fears...Still feel'n shaky. Damn... so into you. Eyes deep. Soul true. So good. So sweet... So fine. caramel coated companion. You articulate the design... Patterns and persuade me your way. Purely platonic admiration. Black on black on black.... do you except....


Doing Time"
By David M. Prindle Jr.©

When the lights go out and they lock my cell

It's like living in the dungeons with the devil

And the Fires of Hell.

No one knows the pain I Feel

Because everyday just seems more real.

In the morning when I see the sun;

I think of my friends that are having fun.

As the day turns to night,

Its just one more day

without my Freedom in sight.

If I'd only listened to those who cared

I wouldn't be in prison and feel despair.

When the day comes for me to go home,

A sinful life

I will no longer roam......


Days Like This
-Tabi Miller

Days like this

I don't know what to do

with myself.

I find myself crawling

on the floor and the walls


for something or


Smelling what's left of you

hoping it will outlast

all others and stay with me.

So when you come back,

I'll remember.

I do not know what

day it is or what hour the clock reads

but the

sun rises and sets slowly,

so i know you haven't

been gone long.

Days like this

I am wishing for everything but...

my own sulleness.


Split Seconds
Eric Tippins

When I first met you, I fell in love for a split second

Had to catch my breath from talking to you reckless

They say when you meet someone you fall for

It hits in a moment to knock you to the floor

Well Iíve fallen, looking up to the sky

praying to God youíd be the apple of my eye,

The crŤme in my coffee, the right number I dialed,

and if time permitted, the bearer of my child.

Unfortunately, in reverse of my thoughts,

You refused what I choose to think, and left me distraught

But how is it possible? Love sickness hit me like cancer,

No question about it, I had all the right answers

Yet, why question my love, when it was easy to see

Without you, Iím left with a shadow of me.

Daydreams helped to get over you better,

Thought of how you might look wrapped in my Old Navy sweater,

or a white gown covered in angel feathers

But as time blew by, so did the cold weather,

and there forever I remain, without change,

Nameless in a dark room, staring blankly, long-faced.

Keep thinking about the way you put me in heavenly bliss,

and how you surprised me time after time with a devilish kiss

This is torture, how one love can turn on another,

You did so much damage, girl, I turned my mother.

She said, "Donít waste your time on love turned to hatred,

Cry a river, build a bridge, and get yourself over it."

She was right, and over weeks I gradually grew stronger,

Didnít see you for a while, so it took a bit longer

Iím not going to hate on you, for a short moment

My life was rosy and I rolled with the punches

But when you passed me by, no tear fell from my eye,

Yet for a split second, my heart broke down and cried.


The need to love        
Dedicated to Tammy N. (my Tammy Bear) 
by Kevin D. Burke 

We arrive as babies with one desire , to feel the love that does inspire ,                        

We grow up and learn to walk , we receive love daily as we learn to talk.                                                                                    

We learn to be the best we can , and rush through life to be a man                                                                                            

We trust in god from heaven above , and know its true The need to love.                                                                                

We spend our lives and trust in fate , one day weíll find the perfect mate ,                                                                                    

We all react to love a separate way , to find our fate and make them stay.                                                                                   

The methods we find may not be the best , our mate may not with stand the test ,                                                                        

We close our eyes and look above , and we pray to god to help our need to love.                                                                        

It took me years to find my perfect mate , and I feel so vibrant its not to late ,                                                                            

Iíve treated her bad in my pursuit of love , trying to fulfill my need to love.                                                                                  

I hope my love endures by my side , to grow old with her what a glorious ride                                                                         

My reason to be and my mission through life , is to have this angel and make her my wife !!          


White flag
by Ruth Barnett.                             


Pain in my belly

A cramping ache

But none

Compared to the fire above it.

Self Destruction

That awaits her and her sickening lover.

All, unaware - in degree

and timing

Consuming the pit

Scarlet, raging fire encompasses all.

Giving no leniency to her own pleas,

marching on regardless of the women wailing

and calling for peace.

Breath quickly escaping from the shell

secret smiles -

breath slowly escaping

Medusa's windows

Selecting-She wants to scar

But Scar like the heart

that drones on?

Embittered - exasperated.

Poison dribbles, clear, smooth



what a waste, to blot each minute,

hour, night.

Aggravating the numbing thoughts,

making me scream in silence.

Its not fair - Its not fair


You do it anyway

You are as eyeless as I.


The rapists declare

This woman impotent of rule.


We know

We know- sigh.

My tongue paralyzed

screaming at the phallic


The child given her bottle -

poison running into her mouth

There - there

All better now -

I smile at the irony of the poison pacifier.

The Army of grey uniforms stand off

Sea shells plugged with papers

eyes glazed with green.

My chair- phoenix's prop

Words spewing

from baby pink nails

tapping the silence

frozen in my mouth.


Glenn J. Molnar 

Sun exposed shadows
Reveal circles parting grass
Buttons dance in rings


BY JOHN SCOTT MCLACHLAN.                                                                  

When you know thereís no point asking, Just to hear and be ever judged, Cos its a pain thatís everlasting, And a heart that holds a grudge. Worries lead you to discover, What you donít want to find out, And so lost unsung other, Please replenish all my doubt. And in lie your soul conviction, To betray and live in shame, Is too easy a prediction, So you found it out again. Cos thereís no point to deceiving, No question in the sand, And you better be believing, As i let loose of your hand. So much lost and to discover, In this never ending mask, And that no one on your face, Means that life is in the past.


- I've been hurt in the past by girls like you

- Each time making it harder to love myself let alone another

- I thought I could put all of them in a bottle

- But all that shit seems to appear when I'm with you

- So when you ask for a kiss

- And turn away like I'm nothing

- I see the hiprocracy in your eyes

- And it reminds me of all the bitches in the past

- It reminds me just why I didn't want to get involved with you

- I'm not asking you to change

- I'm just hoping that thereís not another like you

- I canít take the pain



Missing You
Shaye Siecko

I miss your arms around me at night.

I miss knowing you'll always be there to make things right.

I counted solely on you for so long;

You were the only one I turned to when something went wrong.

Now you're gone,

and I'm left all alone.

Tears soak my pillows at night,

and I pray that maybe, just might,

you'll be missing me,

as much as I miss you.

I dream that you'll come running back to me,

and once as before, happy we will be.

But every morning the sun awakens me,

and taunts me with her cheerfulness.

And I look over, but you're still not there,

and I'm missing you just like the day before.


room 4:
Luke Buckha

this hotel is a stalled train of foggy windows and emptying eyes

and the man in room 6

vietnam vet, trucker, biker, painkiller addict, bankruptcy survivor,


and dies still undefined

and i have become a passenger

peering at myself from both sides of the window at once

as the widow in room 2

goes out to shop for chocolates & lottery tickets

and the couple in room 3

conceives another baby with frustrated-looking eyebrows

and the river behind our rooms of HBO dreams and old squabbles

carries away our soda cans and our plastics

and our souls

but i am grinning at my cat

and learning to enjoy the taste of 4:50 a.m. curdled milk.

now over this restless banquet of human leftovers

the black & sooty clouds come down

like silken fists.

we don't resist.


September 11, 2001
Dennis Roth

Falling. Why are you falling?

was it the smoke, the heat, and a final burst of flame

that made flight the only choice?

I didn't know a body could go so fast

thirty-two feet per second per second

filmed against that huge building in your tumbling smallness

you seemed to enter a different space

dropping like a rock but you were not a rock

but a living, moving, twisting body, a human body

like those others who seconds earlier

had been pressing and squeezing against window and ledge

I hope in the terror of that fall there was an instant of freedom,

freedom from the immediate fiery pain but also from that constant one

that weighs us down and make us slaves to our own gravities

in falling I hope you may also have flown

but maybe not and certainly not all the others

who shared those ledges with you

here such language begins to fail or to deceive

we make what consolations we can


Six Silent Tears
Daniel Balding.  

Last night before I went to bed,

Thoughts of you filled my troubled head.

Though I've not cried this way in many years,

Onto my pillow fell six silent tears.

The first was for your smile that I miss,

And the taste of your sweet tender lips I long to kiss.

The second was for your angel face,

And the thoughts of your warm, loving embrace.

The third comes as no surprise,

As I thought of your beautiful, bright loving eyes.

After this the fourth came rolling...

Instead of my pillow, It was you I should be holding.

The fifth came for one reason alone...

I felt my love for you was not fully shown.

I really miss you, my love, my dear...

There just fell my sixth tear.


September 11 Left It's Darkest....
Copyright ©2001 Mohammad Badri 

                  PART 1

                  candles are burning

                  tear drops are in fall

                  devil reached cockpit

                  harmony shifted to harm

                  peace was erupted

                  principles were ignored

                  heading was tampered

                  healing seems too far

                  compass signaled rage

                  destinations revealed blaze

                  morning turned to a nightmare

                  no mercy from horrifying waves

                  sounds of crashes

                  magnitude of collapses

                  worst tragedy occurred

                  in history of America

                  demonstrated to humanity all

                  new century scored it's heavy toll

                  September eleventh

                  left it's darkest side

                  human's life values

                  fell to it's minimal

                  people worldwide

                  remained in severe shock

                  united with America

                  against terror of any kind

                  it is a harsh challenge

                  spirits are high

                  America stays strong

                  freedom will survive

                  let's pray to God


hope not hate

will you help us

said the spider to the bee

will you see the enemy if you close your eyes

i am thinking about that day

nobody in this world

wants these words and letters

hope not hate

i see a man with an evil face

or am i wrong

or am i wrong

or am i wrong

  debbie b.boxer






my everything
  John Reiland

someday i will find someone to love.

i will love her with my whole heart.

i will give all of myself to her,

and tell her all of my secrets,

and she will be my everything.

she will not be perfect.

she will have all sorts of little quirks and imperfections.

she will also have a few big quirks and imperfections.

those too i will fall in love with.

she will know that she's a little bit weird,

and she will know that i'm a little bit weird,

and we will sit and laugh

at stupid things,

and say 'i love you'.

loving, laughing, being weird.


Y O U  M O V E  M E
 Saaleha Bamjee 

Y our smile is like sunshine

O n the dim-ridden day,

U ndulating as waves,

M y blackness breaks away.

O nly peace remains, its

V ast oceans wash clean

E verything and i rejoice,

M y hope, heard and seen,

E choing through my soul.



The lightning flashes

The thunder roars

The fire burns to ashes

As the phoenix soars

Redeeming the soul

Cleansing the mind

The self made whole

The body left behind

Into the infinite

Into the void

The desire, passionate

Impossible to avoid

My pain, consumed

And I am freed

No longer doomed

I am all I need



it's about that time again

  when the drunkards walk

 back home.

is nice to see such action

  and even more interaction

as the sober drag you home.

  unattended cigs burn

waitresses when called don't turn.

you watch your last drink,

   amused as the ice collides

with other ice, melting, sliding,

distilling your drink.

  the last song plays

and it stays

  in your head

as you stumble to the head

so you don't have to piss

  on your way home.

 ray sesmas


One night 
By George Langley

I was sleeping one night

when I awoke with a fright

a cold chill swept over me

I was startled at first

I imagined the worst

Oh No! this really can't be

From my toes to my head

I shivered in bed

for two or three hours or more

Then I got rid of my pride

and I leaned to the side

and picked up my blanket from off of the floor


IT's Here
Samantha Gainer

A summer's rain is not heard anymore

The tourists from all over no longer lure

The mid day sun is not so bright

And the fireflies no longer come out at night

The early morning air has a bit of chill

And the pumpkin bags will soon be ready to fill

The first frost has come and gone

It seems so much harder to get up at dawn

Jeans, and sweatshirts now fill your closet

You get rid of clothes that no longer fit

School has been in for quite a while

One homework assignment turns into a whole pile

The rakes have now been issued to all

Because there's no doubt that it'd fall.


I am quiet

I wonder what world be like in 2009

I hear angels everywhere

I am quiet

I pretend I am the president of the world

I feel the almighty  on the palm of my hands

I touch the souls of those lost and cared

I wonder if i would live to see another day

I am quiet

I understand why the world is at war

I sat united we stand

I dream why can't we just all get along

I try to reach out to the souls we've lost

I hope that GOD would wipe out starvation

  I am quiet


"The Visit"
Sarah Ellis

Staring hard, she could not look.

The eye of truth was clear at last;

And those who knew now saw the names

Of those who didn't.

The years spun back to when she stared

But could not see the killers take

And maim, destroy; yet fixed,

Destroy again.

Why us? She cried, they cried; small pleas.

Why not?  The answer rolled across --

You're ours; we're your's; and what we do,

You do for us.

The years spun forward.  Back she stared

But now she looked, and looking, saw

Through tears and yet could say, you cared.

It was enough.


My Pain
-Brittany Straughter

-I wish I could change the world, it wouldnít take long

To change the things i've done, and things i've done wrong

To change the things i've done do make you feel the way you do,and change the feuds from last week two

But this mistake was nothing but my fault, My life is so confusing I just want to yell "Halt!"

Yes, I know in some ways I could change, my attitude towards life could rearrange

Sometimes I know feel the suffering will never stop, what cant my life be like it was when it was at the top?

Now, I hope you'll understand, I hope you see, I really wish you werenít so mad at me.


Heart-Broken Girl

She's a heat broken girl

That can't look in there eyes

She's just been stolen

By your little lies

She's not pretty

Nor skinny

And she donít know who to trust

With no more people to look within us

She's got a temper

And cn be the biggest b****

But don't we all have that tempted little itch

She looks in the mirror

She looks to see

That girl just transformed

I realize she is me


How I feel why I feel
By Christine Lyons

Life is made up of thoughts and feelings

Made of experiences of joy and pain

Then why do I feel the pain

And not feel the joy more?

Maybe because my life is full of pain

Pain that lies in the bottom of my soul

Pain that needs to come up once and for all

Pain that haunts my sub-conscious

Ready to surface when it feels like

I am fed up and tired of this pain

I want to rid it for once and for all

Just to find that key that unlocks the puzzle

The puzzle thatís in my brain

Its somewhere in there

Digging away at me

Why oh why

Pain do you torment me; over and over?

Someone give me the key

To unlock this bloody demon

Inside of me


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