September, 2002

Open Mic Encore I
Open Mic Encore II 

My Little Girl
Bob La Bella

Such a beautiful baby, so tiny and small,
I wondered if she would ever be tall.
In my arms, she was light as a feather.
I feared that I might drop or break her.
The years raced by ≠ She was full of ginger and vim,
She pursued each day with a fervent whim.
Such a vitality and curious nature, for lifeís mystery,
Yet her innocence was the choicest of Godís visionary.
She skipped, hopped, danced so carefree and gay,
She pretended she was mommy and loved daddy today.
So demure, her eyes saw everything so clean and pure,
Nothing stood in the way of her dreamsí allure.
How to protect her from the grayness of lifeís battle?
Could she be shrouded until she had the mettle?
How could we help her to survive the bumps and scratches of life?
I prayed God to be there, to watch over her in absence of me, or my wife.
I watched her grow to young womanhood.
How awkward, yet beautiful and so wonderfully good.
So caught up in self, so unfulfilled,
I prayed  she remembered always that she is loved.
So I watched and stayed close by through the years,
Sung to her, held her, soothed her tears.
Loved her always, helped her to grow --
Telling her honestly whatever she needed to know.
So, when the time is right to stand on her own,
With virtue intact and her goodness well known,
She always knew her parents were there,
Offering limitless love and guidance fair.
Now I see a young woman of substance and worth.
Whose hand and influence really gave birth,
To such a wonderful person, so mature and smart?
It must have been God, our Father, of which we only played a part.


My heart has a special place that no on e in this world can take from you
Every time i close my eyes
i dream of you i can't deny it's true
And every time i'm around you
you make me feel like no one else can do
as i dream away sometimes
i know one day you will be mines
I'm counting all the days
that i have wait
for us to be together
maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next year but i can't wait forever
this feeling inside me is makin' me fallin' over you
so come on baby and make my dreams come true

Linnea Williams 


So Far, So Near
Some of the hurts have been cured
     but the memory survives
of the torments the nation endured
     from the evils which surprisingly arrived.
Tower housed innocents turned to dust
     excused by the virtue of the belief
that in the name of a deity all is just
     even the conversion of peace to grief.
Blind belief is the ultimate error
     seen from reasons dark side
thoughtless of the fundamental fervor
     that we do not singly abide.
So far away a tower fell and probably will again in some way,
     but everyday a human being will stand
so near to you that you may be sane enought to say
     wisdom is universal in the thoughts of man,
That we are not islands,
     as Donne said so many years ago,
that we need not ever ask
     for whom the bell tolls.

by Bill Albright


Love loss 
by James Haptonstall

As the sun breaks the horizon
My heart is slow to beat, my soul feels as if it's dying
for without you by my side
My heartbreak and pain are hard to hide
For your the woman I would give my dying breath
I will even love you past my death
I miss you while I'm awake I dream of you while I sleep
Your smile and voice are gone now by my own stupid choice
Those are two of the things I miss most
At night when I finally begin to dream
I usually awake to my own faint scream for I believed you were there but your not
It' just my dream ghost
For you to give me your heart again would be insane
But please remember I love you now and will forever
Without you by my side my life is not and will not ever be the same.



I used to sit and wonder will i ever love again.
Or was this part of god's plan.
Am i supposed to find mr.right.
Or is he in plain sight.
And if he is then bring him to me.
So that our love could be.
Make me see where I was gong wrong.
Either thought god's word's or in a song.
But please bring him to me so I
wont have anymore lonely nights.
I loved you for a little while
Then skies all turned to grey
I started to go the extra mile
But, you were taken away
I hate it that you're not around
To be with us to stay
My whole entire life crashed down
Because you were in your casket today.
I love you *~Richie~* boy you know
And that will never change
And for you I won't let it show
How my life has been re-arranged.
How could this happen?Ņ?
Especially to you
Nevertheless, you were one of the sweetest men
That I ever knew!


 -my perfect feeling-

my perfect feeling
would be to feel no pain
my crazy world
would all go sane
my veins would stop
my blood from flowing through
in my perfect feeling
i would have no clue
my heart would skip
every last beat
my body would be numb
from my head to my feet
my soul would rise
out over my head
in my perfect feeling
i'm perfectly dEad
The Final Step
Scott J. Davis 
the shoes are broken, the soles are worn,
by miles walked, battered and torn,
by roads dusty and lost,
and my feet are tired,
as tired as they've ever been,
but my aches and pains are fine by me,
for after it is al done it,
was a fantastic journey,
and though my eyes are heavy,
and my back fatigued,
I know when I rest my head,
there will be peace in my dreams,
for I'm tired but,
its a good tired cos,
I lived a life long and rich,
and through every mile,
I found a precious smile,
in every mirror and clear water,
I found a power
inside of me,
and as I take the final steps,
down that long and tired road,
I know I'm where I belong,
and off I go!


Whiskey endless beers
Striped, abandon tears
Mesmerized by your song
Morning kiss looms wrong
Releasing yesterdays coveted longing
Prickling fantasies encumber my wanting
Your blitzing smiles fail to hide
What loose passion you now reside
Lost in your quiet reality
Breaking conspired dreams- now our fatality
Assess your fickle becoming.
Retain sweet connections ever learning
A whole, endless sleep we must still rest
I will live despite your deep caress
Separation bleeds unintentional pain
The pale strength disheartedly remain
But beyond your presence I will become
Illuminated change, my emotions restrung

Colleen Holman 


For Reidun, In The Light
               Quentin Jeffers
In the gorge at Olduvai
the ash along the green lake holds the print
as it has
for all the children's lifetimes
holds the print of the man then following
woman along the lake
in the gorge
in the ash of the volcano
the track
as he wanted her would trade his skins tools
weapons for her
his fire
for her would have taken her
green and deep O sweet light reflecting
she is more                                                            than scent and urge muscle and limb
she is that                                                             and she is, in perfect light
the rising, impossible moon.


Daniel Callaway
I can't stand to be seen as someone I'm not
I guess I'm just another person coming to plot
And though it seems through my life I've made some progress
The years I face now seem to be the hardest
And regardless of what I say people will think what they want
I'm just another haunted person waiting to haunt
So when you see me in the street just pass by
I won't even think twice about it or ask why
Just remember what you thought about the last guy
This is how people look at a bad guy
So give credit to someone who is living right
Don't look at the statistics of another person's life
Assuming will only keep you from seeing the light
We need to do away with all the stereotypes.


What color is your love?
pegggy stevenson

Is love red hot.
Is love a bright blue.
Is love found  in you or in me.
Love is lasting and  pasting.
Please dont! starve but start grabbing.
Love is patient and waiting.
Love is for everyone stop hesitating.
Love could it be pink!.
Or could it be gray you think.
Could love be yellow with feathers?
Or could it be white like the dove gather.
Love is in the air.
Love is sharing and caring.
Love is giving .
Love is living for the lord.
Don't let your love be void.
Could love be green.
Or should we look for  another scene .
God is  love this I know.
So rejoice and let God's love flow.


A child born motivates life
Causes some couples to do it twice
From the first cry to the last step
Having a child you should never regret.

A child needs love and affection
As you always mentor attempting perfection
Itís wonderful to feel a child respond to touch
And to tell you they love you very much.
When a child cryís our hearts crumble
And we stop everything to fix the trouble
We will give a child everything, even what we donít have
To keep the precious child happy and not to be sad.
A childís love should never be denied
As it is innocent to ignorance and pride
Teach a child to respect one and all
And to stay focused after a hard fall.
This love a child will never forget
And will always return to the one that protects
When the child looks into your eyes with love
Take time out to thank the Lord above.


Lost Generation
John Frankie Connor

a boy lays in the gutter
a needle by his side
a life so short a last resort
he even lost his pride

he lived without a future
then died without a life
he will never know the happiness
of children and a wife

they say it will not harm you
they say you will feel know pain
for they know once you try it
that your will be back again

for a pusher makes a million
he makes it out of sorrow
another trip another hit
another death tomorrow

I am far away from my motherÖ.
    And at last now I feel
    I miss my power too much-
    too much not to be together.
*           *           *          *           *
Where is the tenderness
               that caressed me?
Where is that loveliness of love
               that carefully warmed my heart?
Is it a foregone remembrance
               never to come again but
               flying back to the nest-tree?
*          *         *          *           *
Why I moved back and back
              to this hollowness leaving
              the heavenly hallow of my mother?
What took me here,-
               here to this abyss of alienation?
Is it this pretty, sorry, petty high job?
               the desire to be above the mob
               the fishness for the waves
this selfishness for everything to me,
               to me and to me alone.
Now I feel this bloody Space and Time
               have taken me away
                         from my Mother
my, my, beloved Mother.
*        *         *          *          *
Oh my dear dear Mother
               Where are you?
Here, only nothingness prevails
                before my eyes-
                sheer nothingness,
                meaningless nothingness
Oh Mother, I fear myself
                I fear my self,
                my singing heart is
                crying and crying
                for you_ for you only.

Maharshi Krishna Kumar


Through a Johannesburger's eyes
Stan Chokoe
alive and fast.
Watch your back.
You might loose you bag.
Join  the rush.
or take the dust.
Take a walk.
Find a job.
But don't forget your folks.
Trace your line.
Head back home.
While at home.
Do not forget to come back.
Head back to Jo'burg.
Or you may not get your job back.

First Love
Samantha Wichers

The nights are long,
And oh so sad.
I feel so lonely,
I feel so mad.
You are my first,
And only love.
We fit together,
Like hand and glove.
You have to say,
You miss me, too.
All I think about,
Is you!!!
Will my heart,
Ever mend.
Will I ever,
Love again?


Life can be hard but not so Great.
Sherman Hankins 

People that suffer, friends who cry.
Why do they suffer?
Why must they cry?
Life is like an open book for those who don't understand.
Just turn the page in someone's life and learn from it, if you can.
Some are true. Some are bad.
Most are good but always sad.
Our life is not great, so we thrive on.
Just live your life and try to belong.
Follow thy river and go with the flow.
"Speak your mind!" "Don't be so shallow."
That's my nature not my style.
Hop aboard thy trail and walk a few miles.
Life can be hard but we live it free,
With those who suffer and friends that cry.

Dollene Harper 

  Freezing knowing that it is my time am I being myself or just living a lie? thinking of all the things running in my head should i speak my thoughts or let them be dead? Standing solo trying to let it all out but if I do I know I will be without. Paranoid insecurities keep tearing me down while my foolish self righteous words keep spilling all about. Down with the words that bring people to the ground hiding behing this is what keeps me around. I can't take back anything I say all i can do is apologize and live another day. With no direction I feel to blame. Everyhting that is done seems to wear my name. What is with my head? Am I going insane running threw my brain. Living, loving, wanting to be needed. Compulsive, destruction, my hidden rage. Fearing, loathing leave it all behind. Freezing feeling like I've committed a crime.


                       I THOUGHT YOU WERE FOR ME
                   I USE TO THINK YOU WERE FOR ME
                     MY THOUGHTS AND MY FEELINGS

                   WHEN PEOPLE SAW YOU, THEY SAW ME
                                SO TIGHT?
                         WE DO, DAY AND NIGHT
                          AND HOME IS IN A WRECK.
                      FROM THE ONE I LEAST EXPECTED TOO.
                            YOU WERE FOR ME.

                                              TEFFANY GLADNEY


Ebony Peterson
The sweet melodies sing in my heart,
Like fingers stroking a beautiful note across a harp.
I take deep breaths to fill my lungs,
With sweet love that has begun.
You are the king of my soul,
Devotion I shall preserve and console.
You bring the sunshine to my darkness,
I will not take your love for any less.
The door to my inner peace is happier to include you,
 Our love is made for us in truth.
I do not see any other man but you my love.
Your acoustic voice sends heavenly bells from above.
The angel that I see in your eyes,
    Looks over me in the night.
In every since of the word,
You are my life.
Dream of these words my beloved.
You are so much more than you know,
For infinity we will grow.
The end


The Truth
I've come to the realization
that relationships come and go
and now it's time to move on
missing you is really starting to show
that's all I thought about
it was the topic of all conversation
I've given you enough time to come back
now it's time that I vacation
no more calling constantly
or even calling at all
friendship is never going to work out
I'm not going to beg or crawl
if we cross each others ways
I will just nod my head and smile
I really truly loved you
recovering will take a while
Candace Poirier


Billie Solano
I try to speak
But words donít come
I try to write
But my hand wont move
Why is something so simple
Seem so hard
Why do I freeze
When I see your face
Your hand is warm
When you touch my face
Slowly caressing me
Sending shivers through me
I melt inside
With every touch
Anticipation grows
Inside my heart
Only wanting more
Praying youíll never stop
The spark you started
Deep in my heart


Truth Never Spoken, Lies Heard Clear

A battle field where the mind is the weapon
Cautious stepping
Lost direction from this world's rejection
Ejaculation, unprotected and unexpected
Now a couple's unborn is unexcepted
Abort the burden, sacrifice for satisfaction
Lack of self attraction leads to
suicidal action
I know the intro, climax, and the conclusion
So who are you foolin'
Charades played with body language
Your transparent, i see the real
mental anguish
Salivate the savage, advance beyond the Average
Paint your whole world and let time Be the canvas
Two ears, one mouth, comprehend?
I extend for those that pretend
Separate the value of money and friend


The Stranger
Brian Jenkins

Through the passing sands of time,
The wind of change blows through his mind.
And though the things in life may change,
the seasons come and go the same.
While people go and people stay,
He walks his path both night and day.
On a coarse to no where near,
He walks on by without a fear.
At the mornings break of day,
He walks through mist and drifts away.
We'll never know just where he goes,
But that's his way and all he knows.
With summer gone and winter near,
I wonder where he'll go from here.
He travels on his path of time,
The winding road inside his mind.


It wasn't until you were gone,
That I realized I missed you so,
There for me when I needed you,
A shoulder to lean on, a companion to me,
Sadly, now you're gone,
No one there to comfort me,
No longer able to see the sparkle in your eye,
When I surprised you with a gift,
No longer able to hold you on those cold nights,
The security of having someone there now shattered,
I am lost without you,
You were my better half,
Always sticking up for me,
Forever true to me, but I messed it up,
Now you're gone, and I can't do a thing about it,
A dejected soul, wandering the depths of Hades,
Forever meant to be alone,
No longer given the chance to love,
Or be loved in return.

By Keith Schneider


she so loving,
in her own mind-but the pain want let her shine,
all her love is like death,
she never finding that salt for rest,
all the pain within her heart,
 longing to be free,
to have a new start,
know one to blame,
 no one to hold- living a life -that gets so old,
running wild,
and cant find the time-to open up,
to let love shine,
to live a life-lost in sin-it haves a price that never ENDS.



The Ring of the Phone...
Joy Boggio
Becky and I wait for the ring of the phone.
We never know when so weíre always at home.
A ring of the phone brings ease and much light,
A deadened phone makes us wonder what's right.
Is it us, did we say, something frightening and wrong?
Or perhaps he is tired of us and thatís why no gong.
So we analyze it over and over again,
Calling each other, why? Cause weíre friends.
One would think we'd tire of this endless pursuit
And move on to others, give these ones the boot.
Its just not so easy, so we excuse and we donít,
Just endless debates of canít versus wonít.
And in the end of this confusing domain,
The one thing in common that always remains,
Is that Becky and I will never  be
Waiting for a ring from her to me.


As We Talked
By Atlworkinggirl
The man and woman meet
She sees all of him
She knows his place is with her
He sees all of her
He knows her pain can be healed
They touch
More than just their bodies
More than just their hearts
They touch souls
She looks in his eyes
Searching for confirmation
Wanting to see the promises
Wanting to see the truths
He looks in her eyes
Searching for the wounds
Wanting to see the love
Wanting to see the hope
They touch
More than just their bodies
More than just their hearts
They touch emotions


Austyn Njoku
When the world was made
there was not even Hade'
loneliness was unknown
to every flesh and bone
for flowers never fade
in the heart unafraid
to share goodness and joy
we all have to deploy
to make someone's day
full of laughter and gay
When the world was made
there was no price paid -
To share all sweetness therein
there's somewhere to begin -
shed all bias and distrust
drop sadness down the dust -
laugh like you never did before
love like you'll live forevermore
for flowers will never fade
the very heart so unafraid
to share the goodness and joy
within us and ours to deploy.


By Marie Christine Sing

Every time I try to breathe
Smoke fills my lungs like fire
Stinging the insides with such enigmatic sensations
Bewitching...deadly, yet ecstatic
As I gulp down the torrents of destruction
I close my eyes
Slowly, I evicted the corruption puff...another...and another
Haze clouding the vision
Then it hits me, hard!
But resistance is futile
Even if I realize its due
I could do nothing but swallow
I tried spurning for a while
But only for quite a while
Sanity lost to extent degrees
The demented mind in collaboration with defeated spirit
I've decided.
There's no turning back
All I could do is wait...
...wait for the absolution that would never come.


Leave me alone,
Just let me be,
I don't need your pity or comfort,
I don't need whatever you have,
You can't understand how I feel,
How this is slowly killing me inside.
Why doesn't my facade fool you?
Everyone just sees the smile and moves on,
yet you see through it,
You see the pain and agony within
but what can you do?
can you set me apart from this inferno inside of my heart?
Can you?

David Oh


Kristina Vonrivtre
Great escapes
Breed warriors
With half lives and thorny hearts.
Drink madness,
Trickle down insanity,
The moon screams
With bursting light
To scratch the clouds and
Break the night!


Vultures circling low
Farmer on the haymaker
field mice scurry by
-john f. migliore


Locked inside a crazy mind
Reality is hard to find
Dreams fall into nightmare's hands
Every breath we die again
Dark and light seem the same
Day and night stay insane
Blackest veil clouds the brain
Evermore demons remain
No saving grace we're alone
Our false hopes turned to stone
At every turn a scary face
No end to this maddening place
Sedition plans the souls erase
Perdition waits for cold embrace
Screams and cries fill the rooms
Rage spells out immortal doom
Hiding inside this endless pain
Psychosis paint awful stains
Trapped in here with no relief
We can't tell we never speak
Darkheart 7/2002


Woman of Purpose
Cassandra Baker

I am a woman who defines her own destiny with the mystery of an artist.
I am determination at the top of the ladder of life looking for circumstance.
I am the wick in which I will give my child knowledge to light a way towards a brighter future running from a darkened past.
I am the spiritual survivor that keeps God's love in my child's' heart.
In my mind lies a inkling of hope that could change hate to love, pain to healing, remorse to forgiveness, and death to life.
It's up to me to take a stand against all the negative that keeps me bound.
It is up to me to keep my feet firmly placed on the ground.
ONLY I can keep my child from steering down a path of destruction with the faith, hope and love that God gives me to make it through each day.
I am a woman who must look beyond the description that the world has given me and reach out to what God has bestowed in my heart.
It is my mission to be that "Everything" that my child needs and that "Anything" that I should strive to be.
This day is here and now that I set my actions in stone to be different than what the world thinks of me.
In order for me to be a woman of purpose, I must make sure that my child's future is headed in a direction of purpose.


          Part 2:  La Femme de Saigon {Ngoc's Lament}      
  She has 3 kids entow, none are older than 6 years [Picture yourself lookin' at her in Chinatown]   
It's been a long time between now and then when    she's laughed or sang The Beatles' Yellow Submarine
  Pregnant and Alone, alone, alone... sad little pearl in an island of tears   
Anatomy of control and dependence, a society of    cold co-dependence that has gone stale and frayed  
  Standing beside her, I am watching her trying to coo her youngest child Nyun to sleep
It stings the burning flesh on her eyelids and the rain falls even harder 
  Love once filled her steps when I hugged her    after skating at Nathan Phillips Square   
Nothing is left in that mailbox of memories,    except when I left Ontario for Alberta 
  Liveliness and Little Girlish innocence shone on her face and now she's sad and bare 
I've wandered through Province to Province and the path leads back to the Place over the river    
  The skies are clearing up and the walls are building up... until they fall upon you
Belle femme dans la ville a Toronto, she's the    strange little pearl... stifled by tradition! 
  River of moments follow the winds to the seas    and the waves wash upon foreign shores   
It wakes up the fear factor in everything that sends you packing your case in transition     
  La Femme de Saigon, torn apart and forced to    leave her lovely lands and homeland   
Tears shed on the rice patty that once was filled with young and old people working together 
  It was full of villages, where Chinese citizens took their wares to market and sold them   
The French and Americans bombed their lands and stole their freedom with unfettered...   greed    
  Displaced in Western society, fears are sold to her     and the love of a man is disgrace     
Petite, mon femme, mon femme... she's the wind and    the storms blow past her gravesite 
  She'd taken the first subway to work, but    instead of boarding it... she leapt in place   
Saddened by the death and stolen life, I walk back    to where we had met and set down a candle light    
Written By:  Mitch Yamamoto


As we all know time flies that is the bad news the good news is that you are the pilot

Elizabeth Kane


I LOVE YOU&#65279
Nicole Andrea Babauta

I Love You for who you are
I donít care what you canít do
The person I fell in Love with
Was always just You
I am what I am because of You
You helped me be just me
You saw me for what I am
When others couldnít see
Because of You I know Iím real
With things I know are real
Are for Me and You
Especially the feeling that I feel
Youíre the one I want to be with
Because your very special to me
Things maybe crazy but your by my side
But you make things happen for me
Miracles happen when your by my side
When it doesnít seem possible
Iím happy when Iím with you
Because my Love
ď I LOVE YOU!!!!! Ē


My Best Friend 
Bianca Sequeira 

                  Its awesome to have a friend like you,
                  who' always ready to befriend me;
                  and everyone else too.
                  I've shared my joys and sorrows with you
                  and the most unforgettable moments of my life,
                  are the one's i spent with you.
                  You are a really cool person,
                  you are so sweet and so kind,
                  you are so very humble and gentle
                  all the time
                   You always make me laugh,
                  you advise me never to cry,
                  you say, "no matter how dark the clouds are,
                  they will soon go by."


           Life is too full of wonders,
           Though we do not get the wonder we want,
           God gives us a lot to live with
           But, he who gives us a lot, misses some really small things
           But, without these little things
           Our whole live, it seems nothing,
           Although at times we do despair,
           We have to learn to repair,
           Life is never without obstacles,
           Like a rose in the thorns,
           We have to go through the maze of life,
           Just to achieve one aim in the end,
           We have to make it through the maze,
           Succeeding in every little corner we turn,
           So, if Problems do arise,
           We don't have the need to despair,
           As, we can repair,
           Just treat it like an visitor,
           And certainly, it's visit would not be long!
                                        - Mathura Shanmugasundaram



Do I go or do I stay?

The question lingers in my head

Will I ever find my way

Or one day find the world Red

Will I be haunted by the screams

By faces scarred with marks of battle

And will it keep me from my dreams

With the gun's never fading rattle

Do I fight them for my country

Do I duck my head and run

Will I ever be forgiven

For the sins about to come

And will I ever see again

My friends who fought so brave

Those who killed, but never won

And those died, in Viet Nam


Chloe Cameron
I cannot believe you actually think
you have any talent.
Jeez, get a life, Dave.
You're stinking up the joint.


Open Mic Encore I

Open Mic Encore II 

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