Up-dated August 29, 1999

I see you will have to clap some more for encore !

.....IN MEMORY OF THE CLASS OF 1999.....
Peg Byrd

We look at each other and say "What a long, strange trip it's been"
In ten years, we'll reunite and look at each other and say, "Do you remember when..."

The road we walked was long and twisted, but somehow we made it through
It's time to go our own directions, but I wll always remember you.

The memories are made, the laughs are shared, and it's all been promised to last
Hearts were broken, tears were cried, and the time went by so fast.

It's time to wear our caps and gowns, and say good-bye to friends
For a chapter in our lives has closed, and a new one shall begin.

Just like all things, whether good or bad, the time has come to an end
There will come a time for all of us when we will be together again.


Graduation Day
Deloris Haley Lindsay

To Graduate...To pass from one stage of experience to a higher one.

Hallelujah, I'm so happy. I made it...all the way.

It took so long, but it's here at last,

My Graduation Day.

Since I became a Christian, I've looked forward to the day

I'd go to heaven and live with God.

Now, I'm on my way.

I love the Lord and He loves me. We've been best friends for years.

Now I dwell "Beyond the Sunset"

Don't cry too many tears.

Just a little while, then you'll come too. I know you know The Way.

What a great reunion we will have

On your Graduation Day.


The decision's final,

The choices are made,

A new School life,

Our childhoods fade.

No more play,

There'll always be fun,

A new school life,

Has just begun.

So Good bye to German,

And Good bye to Art,

A new school Life

Is just waiting to start!

Jenny Horseman


Sate the Craving
David Borenstein

What is real is what I see

Whether it's a life just begun or

A pain ended by an angel or

An unsatisfied life ended by pain

Reality is feeling life and not

Stabbing our existence with boredom

Not spitting on those who think

They are above you in every way

Reality is not the locked door

Which holds you back in prison

It is the mind that is locked

On the mortal sin that you've committed

Reality is the stimuli that drives us all

To crash our waves, make a change,

Satisfy our craving for the new and

To grasp what reality truly is


First Kiss
by Jenny, 15

You were shy,

And I most nervous,

But we shared each other's first Kiss.

You were vigorous,

and I gentle

But we both shared that first kiss.

You will remember,

and so will I

Because we both shared that first kiss,



BTS - '99

The scent of salt permeates the air. A gull cries in the distance and the gentle sound of the surf fills my ears. I walk with you along the beach, our feet leaving marks in the sand. The water rushing in, wiping away the memory of our presence. So too you have left a mark in my soul. Your beauty and light never fading and enriching me for eternity.


As They Arrive
Philip Giddings

Take us back with it

to the first event

Before we were content

observing its contents

There existed already

a pulse beating steadily

Around the unknown opening

twisting inside and hoping

The other side is a reflection

just a disrupted connection

Between memories of sleep

drifting apart in the deep

Impressions of morning rays

as they trace out your days


"Happy Birthday"
David Tillinger

No more fun,

The love thing is through,

I'm just writing

Because I'm thinking of you,

You are special,

You uplift those who feel blue,

Thank god I have a friend in you.

Happy Birthday,

Happy Birthday,

May your life be joyful and sensitive forever,

Happy Birthday,

Happy Birthday,

Let self expression be your treasure,

You are great.


Ask the Heart
*Melinda Springer

After all this time,

Ask the heart to forgive-

To hear the question spoken

Directly from the sources lips.

After all this time,

Ask the heart to remember-

To feel the stale and bitter bite

Given by the taker.

After all this time,

Ask the heart to re-live-

To dredge up the past

Seduced by recollections of the lover.

After all this time,

Ask the heart to forgive-

To hear, remember and re-live

Then to forgive all, and even more.



Ice shimmers - blinding.

It glows bluish from within.

Pure and freezing beauty.


after the shower

watching the water drip

- her reflection



The Taster

My tongue wraps around each word,

swirling it,

washing it back and forth over the taste buds,

relishing the sound,



As soon as the air swallows it,

I hunt for another word,

to hold up to the light,

to examine its complex make up.

I do not sip sparingly,

I gulp in as many as possible,

hoping against hope

to find the word

which sparkles and delights.

I grow fat,


when the words are just write!


Joseph Sewell III

A kiss to you on lips do you accept my invitation.

A list has gathered your wish has pattered on this no limitation.

My lips will kiss your lips and we will feel rain forests forming.

and just as well the comfort of there's safety without warning.

And we will kiss all night as the stars shine bright

as two will come together.

Neither rain or hell or an haughty shell will bring us

apart for whatever.

Soft warm feeling humans being humans in love the doves are singin,

clinging to one another without breaking from each other seeing how

much love our hearts are bringin.

In this I love, and I love in this, and I love you, yes, I love you.

for a kiss could not have been so passionate if I weren't to say I love you.

The day we kissed and made raindrop lips.


by Pamela Dane

A starling flight against

a dawn lit sky

In the cemetery we are wed

The high-crowned trees stalk

us in the coming of the day

Pagodas, gray flowering urns,

Listen to the silent singing angels

Read the tomes of unturned pages

Obelisks spring into being

with the rising light

Sunrise over the city of the dead

Reflected in your mirrored eyes


"Lightning in a Bottle"
By Blair Simmons

From the dull glow of early morning

'Till the stumbling blackness of the night

This "love" thing spins relentlessly

In visions splashed with black and white.

You are as fleeting as a lightning bolt

Yet as close to me as my skin

I wish I could capture your love in a bottle

And label it "my Ben."


I dream that he is me
Steve Joos

Sometimes I dream that the

whole world's eyes are on me

I throw a baseball in the air

sometimes it goes a mile onto

Waveland Avenue or Big Mac Land

Both our neighbor's back yard.

Sometimes I swing and miss

I can't even hit a pitcher

that fast.

I see myself soaring through the air,

just like Mike.

Or shooting two for IU

stopping to turn on the

Assembly Hall lights in our garage.

On a clear, crisp autumn day,

I grab the football and start to run,

making my way through a pack of invisible linemen.

I am Peyton, Emmitt, Randy,

Elway, Shaq or Maddux.

Or even someone very neat,

That big kid down the street.

Sometimes I see that spotted ball,

I dream that I am streaking down

the field, guiding the ball with my feet.

I aim for a net of picket fence,

I run, I kick, it goes through

Sometimes I dream

That he is me.


Women Of That Day.
by GB

The dream for tomorrow came too early

My life has changed beyond any other misconception

A problem more then sand paper and my rights have been taken away

Men have just laughed and stayed for dominating this land

I say don't bother but I've already lost and beyond feeling bad

Protesting my soul on a security camera

A crime beyond right...

The video of my pain can not stop

Listening to the women of that day makes me say,

I tripped on the heal of my shoe and I became a joke

My husband died from choking on his masculinity

And my sanity left on a train

Being called a bitch isn't so bad,

When this day in my life I died...

But don't feel sad... you'll get here soon enough...


Elephant Tears
By Mike McCracken

A mother trades her children

For a drug or two

They're no longer smiling

Cause mommy, where are you

The drugs have taken over

Your life is changed somehow

While your babies cry elephant tears

Wondering where is mommy now


Mommy, where are you

Please come back today

Mommy, we'll help you

Let's pray

Mommy, where are you

What message will you send?

To children who love you

And will follow you to the end

Drugs have claimed your family now

Love will pull us through

Someday, I pray to get to know

A mother, I never knew.

Drugs have claimed your family now

Love will pull us through

Someday I pray to get to know

A mother I never knew

Another mom takes drugs now

And leaves her happy home

Mommy, I'm just like you now

With children of my own


Running time-

double time

out of f**king time!

Turn off the alarm

Put on your watch

Damn! Running late!

Now I have that road raging motivation

lets go! faster, people!!

Oh look at this! Get out of my way grandma!

Where the hell is my gun when I need it?

Another red light?

Call in the air strike knock it down!

At the door! Made it!

Punch in - hurry to the desk

and?? and?

wait to go home, I guess.

Chris De Roma -


~How am I not to Love?~
(a poem for a man from a man)
by paul hutzleman

What I see in front of me is serenity

Beauty of what I'll never be

Masculinity but simplicity of an angel

Handsome and vulnerable to your tender heart

Painted by a brush of perfection,

Your eyes have depth of the oceans abroad,

I could swim in the dark blue for eternity

A bullet smile and cunning personality

I cry when I see such kindness in a perfect being

Your voice can heal my pain

And your touch makes me insane

The warmness in each vain runs true

Revealing a gentleman.

But unfortunately you left me to be

Your are something now down in hollywood

But I know if you could

You'd still love me

And someday we will see

The virginity and purity in us

Will ring free in heaven and eternity


exhibit a:

Politicians Smiling Through Brand New Dirty Teeth

Petty guilt. Spoiled milk. I found it all in the soft meat of a rotting liver. The cancer that feeds on cheap thrills and cheaper booze. A new breed of fire eaters, vomit and bile burning their throats with every shiny new lie that spills out of their blistered mouths. Dancing in the putrid excess of cancer and disease. Liars and salesmen buying you off with cheap fringes,

Lipstick never budges never smudges. Who can call you a whore that hasn't turned a trick or two?

exhibit b:

More Arguments to Validate the Urge:

Raise the setting on the cattle prod, Jimbo. We found an ugly girl in the meatlocker, again. Our customers demand consistency, this one's got to go.

Unfit to be ground for feed. To fuel swollen libidos and stone set status quos...

Look on the bright side, Barbara. There are worse things than being fat and ugly. God forbid, you could be foreign or gay.

exhibit c:

Why It Is So Important To Shoot First and Ask Questions Later:

How quickly the meat turns from sweet to sour as hungry fingers pick it clean from the bone.

Chew the gristle. Gnaw the fat. Lick the blood.

The human remains of the living dead;

Fallen prey to vultures and jackals.

"Friends tonight we feast. This is the food of the gods."

Your honor i state my case--G. Evans


To Me: Look at YOU

Go inside; stop feeling out the surface

Must connect with REAL self

No longer second guess/analyze

Pay close attention to intuition

You mustn't get out of touch

Separate from outside influences

Allow yourself the simple pleasures that truly make you happy

Take time each day to step away from this existence and

Into your own

Priority: TRUE SELF!


475 440



I lift the receiver

and dial my own number

What revelations, I think, then,

if only

I could get through

to myself



The Beatles - remember them?

John, Paul, George and Ringo.

I still savor those memories

of the fabulous four on stage

Mesmerizing it seems - the entire world.

How could any four people do so much

And still be so revered and treasured?

Their music makes me feel like I am

a part of their grand majestic "Magical Mystery Tour"

And I'll always carry that fantastic feeling inside of me.

Lots of times people say: "Don't look back -

You can never look back."

And I say that I'll risk becoming a pillar of salt

if I can still recapture that heady elation I felt

... all those years ago.

So where are the "next Beatles?"

People used to ask that question

Seems like no one does anymore ...

So excuse while I peruse my old "record" rack

and take a musical swim in that "Beatleful" past.


Laying on the Horizon
By Tommy Carrico

Laying on the horizon,

During sunset at the beach,

Reaching for the stars,

Not a single one out of my reach.

Seeing what can't be seen,

Hearing what can't be heard,

Making my way down the straight and narrow path,

Although my vision is often blurred.

Touching the untouchable,

Reaching the unreachable,

Doing the unthinkable,

While believing the unbelievable.

Hearing in a world of deafness,

Finding strength although I'm weak,

Seeing what everyone chooses not to,

To what they choose the other cheek.

I hear all I can hear,

Seek all that can be sought,

Do all that can be done,

And bring all that can be brought.

Floating above the water,

After watching others sink,

Because I took a little bit of time,

To stop and sit and think,

Laying on the horizon,

Reaching for the sky,

Others are watching,

And asking each other why?

Why would he be laying,

Where no one else has been?

As I hear these questions being asked,

I can not help but grin.

I'm lying on the horizon,

Where very few have lain,

Because they havent the sense,

To step in out of the rain.

Laying on the horizon,

Reaching for the stars,

Because when you believe in yourself,

The stars don't seem so far.


"maH dennaC"
By Mike Kuzenski

On the outside I laugh, and smile, and grin,

Because the pain that burns, burns from within,

Like something left unwanted, left stained,

The flames, the power, the hate, the pain


Oh what cruel fate has taken me,

To sit and mourn my failed destiny.

Not sleep nor hunger come my way,

For cold, sweet death I await the day

No sad song or mournful tear

Be meant for me (or so I fear)

And to what do I owe this misery

To loves sweet hate and chained liberty.

By Selandra


Trust Me

Trust me with your tears

I will protect them with my life

Trust me with your tears

Caused by pain and all life's strife

Deep within my heart

I will keep them locked away

I'll share with no one else

What your mind and heart may say

Never fear my love

That your tears I will belittle

I'd never use your tears

To break you down or your spirit middle

Just put your head on my shoulders

And let the waters flow

It does not mean you're weak

You're human. That I know.

Michele A Potter


Taylor Plott

Under the Stars we'll spend our evening.

I'll hold you in my arms so you'll know I'm there.

For that brief moment of the first time I hold you, I'll know happiness.

Your voice in my ears will echo. And your face will flood into my eyes....

The Stars will stare brightly, the moon will smile sharply on that night...our night....the first night.........

..........we hug


I love you Sweet

I Love you Dear

I Love you even more than Beer

For you I'd sprint

For you I'd Run

For you I'd scull a bottle of rum

You are my love

You are not a burden

you are more cheerful than a shot of bourbon

Be my love

Be my Sheila

lets go camping with a bottle of tequila

Submitted by: shadows_are_dark


Time Transfixed
Jennifer Singer

time transfixed

not moving - stopping

stopping too late...

breathing, reaching, clawing

my way through

to nothing

the blackness

blue, red, and purple.

i look at my hands,

broken nails

chipped polish

silver rings

glittering, glittering, glittering...

like those dancing ballerinas with pink toe shoes

and tattered ribbons.

my thoughts fading, confusing

dripping like water

through my head,

over my hands,

onto the page...


Distance Never Seen Before

I was so happy while i was with him,

He made me feel so loved, so wanted

Until one day,

We were standing alone

He turned to me, our eyes meet

When i stared into his eyes,

there was something i had never seen before

But there it was, so clear in his eyes,

Distance, it made me want to cry

He turned away without a word

I didn't know what to do,

as i watched him walk away

Then he stopped.....

Turned around.....

And said.....

Good Bye

Marchella Helsby


Dan Sweetland

Who tells the leaves their time is come

To turn to tan and yellow now?

I'd think that if they knew before

The April morn they leapt aloft,

To hang upon the trees once more

They'd wish to stay that way.

And Who, for all that, tells the leaves

To leave their place upon the trees?

Their company with Heaven parted

High up, on a limb aloft

Some Judgment cast hath cast them down

In wilted shame

And are the many like so many sinners cast into the flame.

Still others, spotless snows conceal

Until Spring raise them up again.



On the ground

In the air

By the trees

Into the sky

Near the clouds

Beyond the sun

Over the earth

Through the galaxies

Beside the gates

Is Heaven


Bigger than I
Candace Brooks

Wrapped around my blue bottle of vodka is his hair tie

It smells like his wet, luscious glory

And I am impressed by his art

He reminds me of a lamb

Though he's bigger than I

But he's much softer

And on my mirror is a sketch of his,

A faceless body resembling a flower,

Reminding me of him

Though he's bigger than I,

But he's softer

He laid his head on my lap as we listened to poems,

And I stroked his hair

And I thought of aspirin, and drink,

As I licked whipped cream and caramel from his finger

And I wonder what's wrong with scratching and clawing my way in

Who am I impressing?

Who am I kidding?

My mouth tastes like medicine,

And his tongue explores it

(no secrets to be found there, however)

I grasp his wet mane with my small hand

I took his pencil

And tried to sketch my own flower

He's bigger than I,

but softer


My eyes love to meet with yours

My hands love to hold yours

My mind loves to mess with me;

Why do I love you? Who am I?

My ears love to hear your words

My head loves to rest on your shoulder

My tears love to be swifted away with your touch;

The heart inside of me can't let go

When will I find out the truth?

Do I love you? Do I care?

Do you really want me to live like this?

Will you want to see me suffer from my mind?



Music is ripe in the air

humid, like heavy pomegranates

wafting through my inner ear

a moon's wind wisps through

my hair whispering whispering


Exalt! Be filled with Joy!

with a myriad fairy's bells

For a miracle is coming!

Look to the ocean's sunrise

for future laugh-lines

and gentle children's lips

smiling giggling to play with

the mermaids

Elaine Moses


I Love You

Have you ever loved someone,

and lost them along the road?

Have you ever been in love,

and know it's them forever,

in your heart?

Do you know the pain,

caused from loving someone,

and losing contact with them,


Do you know how it hurts,

when you need that person,

and you don't know where they are?

I've lost someone,

someone so dear to me...

someone I've loved for some time...

someone I yearn for everyday.

I miss those arms,

once hugging me,

and holding me safe...

I miss those lips,

once kissing me,

and making me pure...

I wish I could call on your name,

and you'd appear behind me...

I wish you could at least know how I feel,

so I wouldn't have to post poems,

hoping for you to find...

I wish things weren't this way,

I wish I could touch you,

and know you're real...again.

I miss you so much,

words can't even express this.

I need to see you,

I need to talk to you,

I need you here,

so I can tell you in person,

that I miss you,

and I want you.

I love you.

-Tommy Richardson


what is it when i see you? heavens light shines down through.







Life's Worth Living

Life's worth living

For that one moment

For that one remembrance

For just an instance of total peace

When a word of a song

Sends your mind

Traveling through time

And you feel for that moment

As if it were real

Your body is open

And your thoughts

Filled with joy,

Make your eyes close in pain

As the picture fades away

Your thoughts become gray

And you lose the moment

But that moment lives on

And life is worth living

- Caleb Johnson


Dustin Cooper

Savage liquid pearls, earthbound and screaming

fleeing weeping skies

seeking Earth's demise

Virgin droplet hurls toward death screaming

Crystal teardrops burst upon rigid Earth

only thing that matters

as perfection shatters

To slake Earthly thirst, to bring flower's birth

Celestial sorrow feeds the Earth to celebrate

For life to sustain

Need's the sky's liquid pain

The Heart of Heaven bleeds in order to create


By Patricia Naputi

Pictures of life are made of pure memories,

Paintings of life are made of pure dreams,

Living a picture is as real as can be,

But, living a painting is not of reality,

If life is pictured the way I said,

Then why are paintings made of dreams instead?


Nicole Millard

Blue is the colour of the sky

Blue is the colour of the sea

Blue is light, dark, navy and royal

Blue is the colour of sapphires

Blue can be light, medium or dark

Blue seems to be everywhere; on walls, clothes and book

Blue can be cold or warm

Blue can be pale or dark

Blue is the colour of water in lakes, streams and rivers

Blue mixes with green to make yellow


"Occasionally They Pass Through"
By Michael Kuzenski

Experience chalked up,
It's now time for flight

From one town to another,
Lost love gained spite

Short periods of tranquillity,
Briefly pass through

Like the sun through dark clouds,
Like the early morning dew

So many times in this life,
Have we passed

On true gifts we were given,
This won't be the last


"An Impression" by Christopher Todd Nunley

It's all a world away/slipping silently away. Ice on the line won't melt.

Things get so distorted when there are opposite feelings felt.

It's all a distant hum/a fading out of love. Leaving was the closest I could

come to forever and always never stays. It gives gorgeous little glimpses

in the dusty sun rays.

But give me the clouds. Give me a cold, gray sky. Give me a little rain and a

hint of where the sunshine hides.

Because these are days of destruction and hope will lead to a reconstruction of

faith and charity won't rely on the poorness of my soul or the emptiness in

my eyes.

These are quiet times to rebuild. To bring back something that left an

impression on my life. Something that breathes and something that won't die.

And it's just a world away/just on the other side of the rain. I can almost

hear it breathing. I can almost smell its breath in the coolness of the


And it's just a distant hum/I hear its footsteps in the mud. I'll leave the

front door open so it can walk in when it comes.

But expectations and things better left denied won't darken my door, aren't

welcome here tonight because I'm leaving all that in a world far away.

I'm letting it slip silently away/letting it fade.


WEAVER by anil kumar jha

teach me some of your skills o my dear weaver

while spinning it has been observed

that if any thread is broken or over

u tie it meticulously

and continue spinning

but no knots are to be seen anywhere

I also tied my relation with somebody

but the knots are evident all over my dear weaver

teach me your skills o my dear weaver


"World Peace"
David Tillinger


Termination of hideous thoughts and actions,


A perpetual campaign against global violence,


A time for unity and friendship,


A time to educate and inspire all,


The ideal path of survival and love,

Please drop your guns and weapons,

Take my hand in eternal friendship,

Are you with me?


Universal Reminiscent

If I decide to show you something, would you keep it to yourself?

Something like a breeze of one full starry night, and it's as if there's no one else.

Now you can open your eyes, only to want to see.

To feel the calm stretch of the moon reflect.

This is my place ...... beautiful, lyrical reverie.

To show you, reunion of a universal reconnect.

Got your mind racing already, nostalgic thoughts could only steady.

But then the pressure of reality ...... is it wrong for you to consort with me?

Sometimes I think I'm insane, how so much energy is drained, into one thought.

Can't quite understand or explain, that's why to this place you were brought.

So if you could just stay here, delay here, for a while with me.

First star I hope could make such blind eyes finally see.

That before we leave, you'll know what it is to call me.

True label, other than what it was I used to be.

-Vanessa Brown

Now you can open your eyes, only to want to see.

To feel the calm stretch of the moon reflect.

This is my place ...... beautiful, lyrical reverie.

To show you, reunion of a universal reconnect.


"To My Angel" by P. Saraceno

Eyes the color of the sea

Sea right into me.

Quick! Do you hear?

Her heart, her heart

is drawing near!

Oceans away are dreams

dreams, that seem

to be calling me.

Oh! To taste

the sweet nectar!

To fly amongst the love!

Yes! This is my destiny.

To be with a soul,

a dream,

a whisper....


Just Another Prisoner

Who do you dream about? Is there anything or anybody you can't live without? I know there is for me, but it seems I've dreamed about it for more than an eternity. It's hell that haunts me I sometimes feel lost at sea, with no one to comfort me. Other's feel things for you just as I do

Why should you be mine? i'm no more than a waste of your time, even knowing all of this just seeing you brings me unequaled bliss. when I hear your name my heart skips and flutters, and my tongue shutters I will never again be the same. I sometimes think, to me your like a drug and to you i must be like an annoying bug why do you have such a profound affect on me? why is being owned by you the only thing that can set me free? i sometimes think maybe i'm ill and you would know that with one word or look you could make me melt, like a late snow. you have the power or didn't you know? every time i see your face whether i'm asleep or awake i believe more and more that you're my angel and into your web i grow more entangled. drinking doesn't seem to help the more i drank the more you i felt i'm just another prisoner of your souls face don't get me wrong,, i'm not complaining, after all who am i to f**k with fate.

christianne deaton


"Prayer of the Dumped"

- - - By Blair Simmons - - -

Heavenly Father up above

Bless this boy I really love.

Bless his head with those cute little whirls

Please keep him away from other girls.

Bless this boy you've put in my life

And if it's your will, someday make me his wife.

But even now - - in this smoky haze

Please make him happy the rest of his days.

Heavenly Father, full of grace

Let him always seek your face.

Let him always find your peace

And thank you for letting me borrow him on lease.

Lastly, thank-you, Father above

For creating Ben for me to love.


The Bond
by S. Leitch

Look how eager he wants.

All of his needs and cares are near.

There is no tomorrow, the past is past.

This is the only moment here.

"Take it and eat," said the earth to the tree.

"For you are just a part of me.

let me nourish and give you strength,

so you can grow to be great length."

"Ease, my man-child,

you've a long life to live.

You're taking much more

than I think I can give."

Look still he thirsts.

How exquisite the pain,

and intense the joy.

Would it be any different if he weren't a boy?

"Ease child, you're wanting too much.

I'm beginning to fear the pain of your touch.

Be quiet, yes sleep. How tiny you seem.

Just hours before, you were only a dream."

"Shh, be still.

Let me rest now, enjoy your fill.

Sleep. For now we share,

you with your need. I with my care."


Thin as Glass
Lucas Theroux

Broken, again

against all beliefs

against all odds

I never thought

I would be the one.

depressed, I sit and laugh

and the reason I do so

is simply for the truth

ahh yes,

it all comes down to the truth.

The truth can hurt

yet set you free.

But really it's the guilt that hurts me

no one can cut me

as much as I can love you.

no bullet can shatter,

what I can dream

so I guess

I should take my finger

off this trigger.


A Scream for Help

They both hold the same for me now

The bottle is the silent companion that burns my insides,

Just as she is my lover who burns up my soul

Both have joined crying and laughter as one

Together they have numbed my senses while they push me further towards the ledge

Once in the past they brought me joy and good times, but

They became a necessary evil

To much of my life is centered around each,

To encompassing are their cold, unloving grasps upon me

There is no escape, and

I wonder how I arrived where I am now, for

The footprints left behind me are only a blur,

Shifting endlessly from the turmoil in my soul

Tears stain my cheeks, for

I am unable to stop my legs from carrying me farther,

Out towards the blackness that stands before me,

It engulfs me,

It soothes me, eases my pain, all LIES

Then it vanishes with a laugh, replaced once again by the looming ledge

One last step...one last tear...one last scream

By: Christopher Albanese


moon eating
Luke S.

the moon is a languid piece of pickled herring

uneaten by children on a black plate

floating melancholy as vinegar

until crusty bearded men swallow it down with a slight smile


Elizabeth Santos

Frost says that fire or ice suffice

But now we have a new device

It's called an asteroid, by name

The end results are just the same

A monstrous volcano spew

Or a quake that splits the earth in two

Would also do

Armageddon by any name

Would do the same

As ice or fire

Whatever theory you desire

They're just as nice as fire or ice

They all will do

But my advice to all of you

Put hypothesis aside

Let good reasoning preside

In the end, God will decide

For you


scott c.

failure wins.

failure wins 9 of 10

in a ten man race.

failure wins with a smile,

with clever contradiction -

the myth of second best.

failure likes to care for her own.

she spoon feeds us pride we

digest in the ego.

failure wipes our spills

with napkins of hope.

i don't fully perceive her

levels and depths

and i try and avoid her bad days,

but we're close.

i like failure mostly because

she is a winner, and i was taught,

everybody loves a winner.


: The Anger within:
Rebekah Harris

The fire that burns the soul

the hatred that makes it real

the anger that rages within

unable to control its forces

all odds against you

and you hear his voice

laughing at you in the distance

the anger within screaming to be let free

the pain it has brought

the memories it leaves

the scars that shall remain for life

the anger that has built up within

how do you free this anger without the violent hand

when all you want to do is destroy everything in sight

what is to become when the anger within

is all you have become to know


It is a haiku

Arizona Sky!

How beautiful you are!

More pretty than mine.

Oh pretty flowers!

How lovely you look today!

On my windowsill.


Silence Of A City by Lisa R. Gilbert

Up above the mountain so high,

I lend a hand to the sky.

A facade it is, seeming so near, blue as the water, crystal clear.

So I look below to the vastness beneath,

Knowing such greatness is not within reach.

The open terrain roars with delight, a vision of beauty all within sight.

From here the peace rings with a sound,

Of the world unknown, the mystery profound.

Time passes by as I watch below, not in envy of the life they know.

Chaos, madness and a corporate mind,

Conforming to society to become the same kind.

Observing from an unknown view, amazed I have made it through.

All the obstacles I see from above,

Blessed, I have been, by the friends who love.

Others, sadly, still battle alone,

Using any means necessary to protect their own.

In this insanity we all live through, close your eyes and picture the view.

From the mountain top that seems so high,

It is just in the middle of the chaos and the sky.



Cold and empty gray

waiting for the brake of day.

I saw you smiling there.

The dampness nesting on your hair.

Inspire, hope, dream and let your heart be freed.

You pleaded with me the night I cried.

Inspire whom? Hope for what? Dream about where?

I asked you intensely.

The waiting for an answer was more than I could bear.

Hope to hope. Inspire inspiration and dream about dreams.

My confusion was sewn at the seams.

In time it came.

I'd hope for hope, inspire inspiration and dream of dreams.

All thanks to you who had painted those solution scenes.


To Know Love!
-Christy Parker

To know Love is to believe it,

To believe it is to want it,

To want it is to give it,

To give it is to understand it,

To understand it is to see it,

To see it is impossible!


When we have to cross paths with life, and it seems everyday we do...

It seems to leave as fast as it came, and always takes something from you......

I've given up my heart, lied to myself to keep him near, and still have nothing left to show.....

And whenever it seems i was giving up on everything, some how you would know.....

You'd say the words to make me smile, I'd kiss your lips, so perfect to me.....

I couldn't watch it all slipping out of my hands, so I refused myself to see......

Then when you know he's leaving for good, that silence that breaks your heart.....

All the words you want to yell, but what good is it if those very words tear you apart......

I feel more lonely now then I ever have, but missing you is at the bottom of the list.....

To watch your eyes wander to the ground, to feel it all being torn apart in your fist......

I can't feel that anymore, it's not real, what is true belongs to me.....

It's all whom I will ever share my life with, and all that I will ever be....

Victoria Benway



although my body's black

and yours is white as snow

i see reflected in your eyes

your brain, your heart and soul

for when you paint a picture

the colors are aglow with all

the colors in the world

and that's what makes

a show

now i am painted with a brush

dipped into a can

a coffee color

a warm dark tan

but i am just the same as you

a human and a man



Please god, will you forgive me? I'll try harder next time

I won't be fake anymore, forgive me for my crime

I know in the next weeks I'll still be on the farmiliar streets

Selling myself just like everyone else

And next week my friend, just to make me feel pretty

I'll ask forgiveness once more and wallow in my self pity

Repeat the process till death do us part

Under abnormal circumstances, you'll be in my ignorant heart

I may not know it but i'm satan's creation - but aren't we all

And your forgiveness persuades this insignificant nation

Into trying to better ourselves without any success

Because us fake do not realize this we'll praise you no less

And maybe even more when the demons come around

To drag me towards my home, deep underground

N. Serrell


by Jeff Riley

Perfection personified,

Beauty in form.

A face like that of an Angel.

I see Heaven in her eyes,

Sin on her lips.

Beauty so awesome and absolute that she surely could eclipse the brightness of the sun.

Like the sun, she shines bright,

Her smile could light the room ablaze,

And melt the coldest heart.

She has an air about her, unfitting her beauty,

She is warm, caring, in a word, angelic.

She has inspired countless stories, poems, songs, and paintings.

Surely she will inspire countless more.

For in her Heaven and Hell shine bright,

In her is life,

In her the world unfolds and its secrets revealed.

She is your heart.


-Gwen Swann

I am woman,

respect me as I am,

I've come a long way into my own to be revered as much man,

I am woman,

I had to fight my own revolution, yet you choose to ignore my contribution,

from domination to liberation,

I am woman,

full of fire,

the epitome of desire,

compassionate and fun, and second to no one,

I am woman,

positive- and in the face of adversity - I live,

strong and free, confident in me,

I am woman,

need I say more, di-verse, ma-ture, co-creat-or, I AM WOMAN.



I saw myself, and myself behind me,

Waiting for the metal ball,

To roll off my tongue.

Needles caressed my mouth,

Silver melted into my hands,

A swirling pool of marbled syrup.

I smiled at false pain,

And ran throughout the plastic town,

Laughing madly at the trees I had pushed aside,

And the raindrops I had dodged through.

Two hundred eyes, still as the night,

Stared at me, at my dance.

And I continued to laugh,

My body shaking with each noisy breath.

Silver beads freed themselves from my mouth,

My eyes squinted with each one I spit.

One after another, like a thousand tiny bullets, they cascaded out.

Onto the ground, making hills of silver.

My fingers gleamed and my mouth glistened,

And the whole town was shining.


(NEVER TO COME...) <30.07.99>

As I sit in the dark

Feeding my mind with memories

The dawn begins slowly embracing the lovely night...

A wish... the only hope for me begins to plunder

the emotions I gathered this night

Oh If I only could hold the night...

Never to leave... Forever to breed...

The cold light I bear inside me

I wish for tomorrow never to come...

I wish for the cold night to warm my life

This empty soul without nothing else in life

Just crying for the night to come...

As I sit in the dark

Looking at the moon coloring the ground cold

I feed my memories with the old

Wishes of tomorrow never to come...

My last wish for tomorrow never to come...

Flowers withered in the vase.

Dust on the table where I lie...

Cold inside cold outside with open eyes...

Will someone cry...

Will someone shout...

Shall someone find...

Or shall I always watch the cold moon alone

Inside this lonely soul's wound...



i adore you

as a girl should.

i adore your curious face

soft as dewberries

and strong as your own thorns.

If i choose to walk naked

through the fields

the barbs and blades

will only make me more persistent

entirely curious

of you.

i adore

that you can be so close

without touching my skin

that you can be so distant

and still your smile hangs

like a pendant around my soul..


E.P. Rivera

An honest if not revealing portrayal of life.

A stillborn child of yesterday.

Hopeful visions of unrequited potential.

A scar across the face mars the beauty of innocence lost.

To dream if not to die.

To remember if not to live.

If only to experience the extreme severalties of life.


Silhouette Dream
Rajeev R. Prasad

Knocked and out,

Stoned in the city.

Vagrant urchin,

Stripped and bare.

Dark alley,

In a mind of clay.

Stay up

If you want to play.

The Silhouette Dream.

Grim to the last char,

In a cold - cold crazy night.

Stagnant and Poor,

Nothing to do than to stare.

Few puffs- and you will fly

A guarantee you may rely.

A Dawn to brake

And a Dusk to fade.

But, my mind is to rake.

Promiscuous thoughts

Oh! What a way to fly.

Cover me smoke

And, carry me high.

"John Lennon is not dead",

Shouts a voice.

Eve says to Adam,

"Let's crash and burn

To the other side"


Purple dog.

A spot and

Carpet monger.

Could Be A

Caged Beast

or Beggar,

But a dog,

More or less.

Poet:C. Talbert


amanda wharton

A vision of perfection

A blinding light

My breath slips away

at this beautiful sight.

A dream sent from God

An angel in white

I think to myself:

'Could this be right?'

Too fine a creature

to ever want me

So sweet a person:

How can this be?

It's time to wake up

but to my surprise

I can still see you here

when I open my eyes.


Sunceray Tucker

As the vessel of time shatters,

Losing all it's matter.

As the winds blow,

The crystal sands of time shall flow,

With each crystal grain of sand.

Will stand a moment in time.

Some sweet some sublime,

Some filed with filed with grand grand times.

Some sad some bad.

Some will make you mad.

Some filed with crime,

Some you feel is a waste of time.

Then some with a rare love as yours and mine,

Will climb to the midnight sky and shine,

For all time.



You're my object of infatuation

Everything to love I find in you

No man nor natural force

Could threaten my love of you

This love, so sincere

That ancient to present tides break it not

But their crests fold within the ocean

Daring not to meet the shore of such great love

With each heartbeat I pulse for you

With each remembered moment I am moved

And to be consolidated as one

In heat and blissful fusion

Clouds within reveries only imagine such

And anticipate you
















The Hardest Lesson
By: amee howe

My life, some how just got complete

Since you went your separate way

Now no harm can be done

To a love that grew cold to fast

We once loved each other

Now I curse your very name

The hardest lesson I had to learn

Come from your heart

Now with each passing moon

I move on

Never to know

Never to care

What happens to you

The hardest lesson I had to learn

Came from your smile

The smile that made me fall in love with you

The hardest lesson i had to learn was you

The hardest lesson i had to learn

came from your eyes

The eyes that grew cold and frozen

Goodbye to you

I will not see you through

The hardest lesson i had to learn

Was you


@ 1992 George A. Campos

Well I was outta town, I was outta cash

Not to be a worryin'

Had a card for a money machine - they call an ATM

Never used that card before, Wasn't sure that I knew how

An ATM should be nearby, Thought I'd go an have a try.

Headed down the avenue, Looking for an ATM

Just like that I spotted one, Then I started having fun

Strolled right up to that machine, Shoved my plastic in the slot

Punched a button, maybe two, "Zactly like it said to do

Screen lit up and read, "Put in your P_I_N." PIN I said, Whut the heck's a PIN?

They didn't gimmee one of them. AND I STARTED GITTIN' THE ATM BLUES.

I was standin' there a wonderin' when this lady come along

Pushed her card right in the slot, Should a seen the cash she got

Quickly I got back in line, Try that baby one more time

If she could do it so could I. Give it one more try

And then this man ahead of me, pushed them buttons 1,2,3.

That machine began to hum, spittin' twenties one by one

So one more time I took my turn, shouldn't be so hard to learn

Screen came on once agin, Same ol' thing, put in your PIN


Now I was gittin' mad at this new-fandangled fad, I'd rather talk to a teller

I'm an old fashioned feller. I might-a been short of cash, but of patience I was shorter

And I hadda find an answer to this automatic monster...

Better call my wife, before I take my life So I found a telephone and prayed she was


Her voice came on the line, She said "Hi Babe, What's going on?"

I said this money machine is killing me. How's it work, mind telling me?

I mean what the heck's a PIN?? She laughed and said:

"My dear, that's your personal ID number. Ain't gonna work without it!!"


So she read the number to me. I said, Thanks, I Love Ya Baby

And back to the bank I went, It was business that I meant

Put my PIN in that machine, Guess whut came up on the screen?

It wasn't very funny, It read, SORRY - OUT OF MONEY!!!



Frantic Beauty waves

In silence, baring loneliness

Her gestures do not satiate

However lonely I am,

When she leaves, true love goes too

by Josh Lanter



Take a good look

Just what do you see?

Take a look at yourself

Then take a look at me

We're so much different

Yet we're so much the same

We've both known the trouble

So much heartache and pain

You say that I don't understand

These things you're going through

But you see my friend I know how you feel

Because I've been going through them too

Our lives are both changing

And you think we've begun to grow apart

But really we're growing closer together,

We have been from the start.


It was there on his throne,

That he sat there all alone.

In the silence he pondered

About many mysteries he wondered.

His chair rest not in a castle.

It was no obstruction, no hassle.

His chair sat in the middle...

... to any passer it was a riddle.

Who would sit alone in a desert?

It was the lonely, lonely Albert.

Crazy Joe the Concussion Kid


Our Love
(Inspired by 1Corinthians Chapter 13)

By David Zimmerman

Love is patient, love is kind,

What greater love can one find?

For I can find no greater love,

Except that which comes from up above.

It does not envy, it does boast,

Above all others I love you most.

My love for you just makes me cry,

You water my heart, which once was dry.

It is not proud, it is not rude,

My love for you i cannot elude.

It never fails, it never ends,

An unceasing song is what it sends.

So I want our love to be these things,

As precious as a baby brings.

I want our love to reach new heights,

For in our love my soul delights.


I am so sad

My eyes are so full of tears

I cannot think straight

My mind is not clear

Its been a few months

Since we broke apart

But i just can't get my love for her

Out of my heart

Every time i close my eyes

She is with me

But I have to keep these feelings to myself

I can't let anyone see

It's hard for me to go on

She was a big part of my life

But when we broke up

I felt the stabbing pain of a knife

How can I go on

With the love I still have

She was always there for me

Through the good and the bad

She meant so much to me

She was my special girl

I cherished her

Like the most precious black pearl

How do I rid of these feelings

That I've locked up deep inside

I don't have an answer for this question

I just know that these feelings I can no longer hide

by Jesse Eckstrom


(Samantha Griffin)

He chases her with his eyes,

watches her every move,

wonders what she's thinking,

and remembers things they use to do.

The hours of passion,

and very few minutes of despair

thinking of the life that they had once shared.

Now she sits at the bar,

with a gentleman by the name of Bill,

drinking marguerites,

while whispering in each others ear.

The flirting is enough,

and its driving him insane.

Ten years of marriage:

he never thought it would end this way.

He pats his pocket and grins a smile of revenge:

For he has a present for her,

this is the last night Bill will ever see her again.

It's almost dawn and she walks to the car,

he stands on the balcony from the hotel above the bar,

he pulls out her present;

aims and closes his eyes.

Blue lights and sirens are seen and heard for miles,

it seems just like yesterday,

they were walking down the aisle.

Police surround the building,

and he is left with no choice

he closes his eyes and takes a deep;

"Till death do us part" are the last words he says,

and they came straight from his heart.


"Only Love"
august 13, 1999 3:15am. nicole rhodes

Small, beautiful, so naïve

Her big blue eyes

Were easily deceived

She consumed their constant lies

Saw only the good

Laid down

Gave in

Like a good girl should

It falls apart - goodbye they say

Nothing left to dream

Her young heart grew cold that day

Nothing's what it seems

Empty now, she began to belong

The water was far too deep

Sinking in the silence, her smile gone

She thought his touch would reap

Desired words. I love you

She now knows the truth

One pink line. There is no blue

In her hand she holds the proof

In tears she grabs the phone

Pleading for his love

Two words. "Drink bleach"

Again. She's all alone

Now it's time to choose

Will it be one life to live or two

There was nothing left to lose

Nothing else to do

Dawn came too fast

Her broken heart still in bed

She cried, "It's just like the past"

Her only love was dead


I lay in my room

it has an air of doom

I'm ready to sleep

i pray its not deep

I hope that my dreams

are not what they seem

A dream of someone dying

or people sat crying

A dream of war

what is it for

when will it end

Then good dreams it will send

then i won't fight

to sleep at night`

lisa meadow


We are worth the bother

I know I'm unworthy

But that's why we belong together

Anyone less perfect than you

Wouldn't love me at all

Couldn't love me at all

You shouldn't love me at all

But you do.

I know I'm unworthy

But I remember

What you remember

We go back so far

We've come so far

We'll go so far

Isn't that enough for you to care?

I know I'm unworthy

I don't deserve you

I won't try to earn you

Your care and attention

Your flair and affection

The image of perfection

At least to me.

We are worth the bother

I know I'm unworthy

But that's why we belong together

Anyone less than you

Couldn't love me at all

Let alone the way that you do.

by Charlie


I'm waiting
By Ravin Singh

I'm waiting

for someone to arrive

whose face will shine

to light up my life

I'm waiting

for someone to care

to spur me on

and always be there

I'm waiting

for someone to love

on someone to lean on

when the going gets tough

I'm waiting

for someone to say

that I'm the thought

every night and day

Yes I'm waiting

and that's all I shall do

for these are my dreams

they never come true


(For Justin)


Every day I wake up

Hoping you'll be there

Hoping to see you

In place of my teddy bear

But every time I wake up

I just want to close my eyes

Because I don't see you

Lying by my side

Every day I long

To see your smiling face

To cuddle up with you

And fly far from this place

But every day I wind up crying

Because I can't see you

I can't be in your arms

And feel our love so true

Every day I wait

Until that special day

I count down the seconds

And plan what I will say

I look through old pictures

To hold me off till then

Until the perfect minute

When I'm in your arms again














Jennifer Singe

her eyes are like Russia,

empty, cold, and gray,

she's running in a circle,

wanting him to pay,

but he won't dare -

no, he won't dare.

i told her that maybe

she was just the horizon he ran to,

when everyone else had left...

favorites of his,

she knows them all well,

and in her head they constantly dwell

like quiet torture,

a charming spell.

now she's been broken,

choking on salty tears,

but he is still breathing,

remaining aloof and unspoken...


An Angel's Tears
By Lauren Michelle Graf

An Angel's tears fall quietly

to the cold freshly dug ground

A Loved One lies there silently

Beneath a six foot mound

The Angel's tears fall through and through

Deep through the hard packed dirt

Although it hurts both me and you

Loved One will never be hurt

The Angel's tears seep through the earth

Till they reach a Loved One's grave

That is what a Loved One is worth

After being so incredibly brave

The Angel's tears reach the Loved One's eyes

That were once so clear and true

Loved One will rise to the beautiful skies

Loved One will watch you.

So when you are about to cry your own tears

Think of your Loved One above

Hearing you weep with her very own ears

She will immediately send you her love.

So think of your Loved One happily

Remember all her good times and then

Someday in Heaven, you will see

Your deeply Loved One again.


Hannah Lambie

I lie in bed at night

With my eyes fluttering like the wind

And my feet sticking out

Awaiting the distant light

I toss and turn all night

Waking every other hour

As if all my might

Was like a fading flower

In a daze I get up

And look at myself in the mirror

Examining my weary face

Wondering if things will ever be clear

I stagger back to bed

As if to find comfort

In the things you once said

You left me to sort

As morning comes

I can see your smile

But the light that I see

Seems nothing more than a painful file

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