Middle of September, 1999

"My Mother Said"

My mother said she was African

no matter where she stood.

You could take her feet off African soil

but you couldn't take her African good.

My mother said her mother

was the mother of civilization

you could take her name, cause her shame

but you couldn't take that salutation.

My mother said my melanin

was a gift and I should be proud

she said ripeness of hue, is God's gift to you

your personal protective shroud.

My mother said my hair

like Samson's represented strength.

She said one shouldn't hide, their race pride

the power's in texture, not length.

My mother said many things

and most I put on a shelf

but one thing is clear, I can still hear.

Son learn to love your self.....


A Haiku from Suburbia
Bela Selendy

clean basketball hoop
garage door sealed shut - faint sound
of automobile


Mary Peterson-Bagley

i am a flower, newly opened

dew falling softly from my leaves

in the morning dawn, not quite fully awake

in the warming sunshine

but with petals stretching, stretching out

sighing with newborn sight

beautiful deep down inside

down inside my delicate petals

my color deepening slowly

slowly as i stretch, stretch and open

to show my inner beauty to the world

but always with a hidden center

my core protected by fragile petals

opening slowly, slowly in the warming sunshine

with dew on my leaves

not yet fully awake

in the morning dawn

newly opened, i am a flower


My Last Elementary Teacher

My teacher loves us like her own

She writes us letters day and night

Her name is not to be told but she knows

that she's the light of my day

I love her dearly and make wishes as big as pizza for her

She's so brilliant everyone knows her name

We love her so much we stick to her like


The only problem is that this is our last

year with this cute as a kitten person!!!


by kristin

your world is trapped in a box

hundreds of channels

hundreds of worlds

on the couch all day

from wake up to sleep in

from golf tv to mtv

tv your friend

clicker is your friend

travel anywhere right in your couch

your world is trapped in a box

isolated from the real world.

Real trees. Real people. Real crime. Real stars. real animals. Real machines.

Real World. Real Life. Real Friends. Real Feelings.

Step out of your one seated airplane and Step into the real world.


© Dec 3, 1994 By Bill Lightner.

He whispered my name and gave me life

He captured the wind and gave me breath

Then sent angels so precious to open my eyes

And blessed my heart with the gift of love

I shall not remember my fathers house

But will dwell with him in my earthly spirit

For he has given me the courage to follow a dream

And the wisdom to know which path to choose

The sun is my warmth as I wake each day

It restores my body with a heavenly brilliance

The rivers run wild and quench my thirst

And the green grass gives me a place to lay

I will love my earthly mother and father dearly

For they shall be my guiding light as I grow

We will one day walk that distant valley

And rejoice as the heavenly angels welcome us home.


When You Lie
Jessica A. Border

You drink this substance,

That you can't control.

You tore apart the family,

You tore apart my soul.

You live on this liquid,

Like food for a fish.

No dreams in the future,

No one last wish.

Separate lives,

Is what we live.

You took all we had,

You never learned to give.

Your words left scars,

And hurts far and deep.

You'd drink away your pain,

While watching us weep.

You'd smile at disgust,

And hind behind the wine.

You'd bring out hidden anger,

That would only evolve in time.

Your eyes were shields,

And your words were knives.

You'd kill anything close,

Taking all souls and all lives.

You took shots,

Like killing deer.

But instead of animals,

You'd kill people near.

The poison that you drink,

Is tearing us all inside.

But it's the pain you cause yourself,

When you lie.


Glitter Rain Part One
by Ani Paschke

I have been seduced by angels I have given you all that I am

And you do not answer, where are you hiding

Do you delight in my torment

Does my arrogance of the spirit cause you to laugh

until your body trembles and the rain falls

I have written my name across the sky

I cry to heaven weeping tears of frustration Do you see me?

I'm the one bruised knees The one with the broken heart

I cry to heaven, a love song in every tear That falls from blind eyes,

I cry to heaven in the hopes you will see that I worship joy

And that in doing so I devote myself to you


I want a man like I want a car

Strong, Sturdy,


travels on many terrain.

And with time,

I get to know his sounds

Know when he needs a tune-up

or an oil change.

Not to flashy,

but when I look at him I proudly say:

"That's my Car!"

Michelle Lempert


the thick green smell


into our mouth

and with sunset eyes

we see the world anew

and then comes home

and them come the sad eyes

then come the motherly lectures

come the fatherly lectures

and the sense of aging



Old Man John

Thairen Finley

In ragged dirty clothes,

Which he wears everyday

He sits at a park bench

To pass time away

People walk on by,

Without even a glance.

He's a sweet old man,

If they would just give him a chance.

From a brown paper bag

He pulls out some seeds

"Here come the birds,"

"They've come to see me!"

Out of the blue

Up walks a child

With innocent blue eyes

And a warm loving smile

Needless to say

The old man was surprised

In seeing the child

Stop at his side

He looked down at the girl

and asked her name

"My name is Sara"

And she asked him the same.

"My name is John"

He had replied

"I sit here and feed birds"

"Would you like to try?"

So she sat on the bench

right next to John

They both scattered the seeds

All over the lawn

For the following hour,

They both fed the birds

"Sara come eat."

The little girl heard

She then turned her head

"I'll be right there"

She looked down at the birds

Which were everywhere.

He said "I had fun, Sara,"

She said "I did too"

"When's the next time," she asked

"That I will see you?"

"I'm on any bench," he replied

"Here in the park."

"I am usually here,"

"From dawn until dark."

"Ok," she had said.

"I'll see you later on."

They both waved goodbye,

And then she was gone.

"Thank you, dear Sara,"

Old John had said.

He began to feel tired.

So he then rested his head.

He laid down and he smiled

As he smiled he cried.

For within the next hour,

Old John had died.

Even though he is gone,

His spirit is still there.

He soars with the birds,

In the park everywhere.


our breath
-Marette Ecoff-

Like the sweet ocean breeze

Sweeps across my back,

Drifting throughout my entire body,

Spreading you energy into me

Spinning me all around,

Dropping me back to the soft sand

That your energy has created.


Richard Francis

Losing my senses over you...dreamlike and sensual

slipping away into troubled sleep...drowning in waters too deep

fathomless and mysterious

fading away like a silent unfinished symphony no one will hear

the echos of my heart distant...faint...a canvas utterly devoid of paint

patient... awaiting the first brush stroke

Losing my faith in fickle fantasy...the sepia and teknicolor in Joseph's coat

was it love, truth I saw in your eyes...they say the camera never lies

looking but never seeing.

touch'd by your magic...undone by your grace

you made the embers glow in flame...I feel the lust...I feel no shame

to hunger for your moistening love

Losing my religion over you...I sin as I touch you, hold your hand

draw you close and feel your breast...your soft hair silky on my chest

and know all demigods have died

I felt you speak...I did not hear...the words flow'd silent from your eyes

of love and wasted tears...wishing I could kiss away your fears

like a gentle summer breeze

Losing my senses over you

dreamlike and sensual

slipping away into troubled sleep

drowning in waters too deep

fathomless and mysterious

fading away like a silent prayer

an unfinished symphony no one will hear

the echoes of my heart distant...faint

a canvas utterly devoid of paint

patient... awaiting the first brush stroke


Bombers Moon.

An old-fashioned Bombers Moon breaks the dark horizon.

A flight of p-40 mustangs slices the air between heaven and earth.

An undisclosed mission, targets yet to be defined.

An old-fashioned Bombers Moon, a guiding light that leads the way to a

future filled with either glory or defeat.

An arial display of courage, honor, life and death.

And when the battle of good and evil, right and wrong, has been

won or lost, all those that survive, will know with familiar clarity,

as all survivors do, that at another place and another time,

they will once again find themselves flying between heaven and earth,


Chad Hall

I'm sick of read

-ing these compil-

ations and anthol-


They're all full of the

same bull crap

same good lines

same lousy whines

When's the new revo

-lution of verse

When can I re

-ad a poem that

blows me awa

-y,,, one that real

-ly says some-


I ain'

-t one for fan-

cy words

So gim-

mee a poem

w/ vio-

lent words

gimme a poe-

m that make-

s me feel abused

because we all love


so gimme-

e a poetic dic-


to rule me



As Fury defeats Passion

I understand why


My emotions run rampant

but not in the right


We cannot BE TWOgether

We fall fail succeeding


We dont see I to I

differences are sameness

and Like wise

People we are not

meant TWO be.


The Best Medicine
Mathew Marceau

Something squeezes my mind

in its massaging grip.

I try to remain focused.

Yet these thoughts

are forced

into a frenzy.


for the occasional twinge

and throb.

Pills of pink Paxil

for this cursed imbalance.

A friend comes forth.

Honesty his gift.

Reunion is pleasant.

The brain...

calm. Feb. 97


To the place of peace and innocence

To the place of beauty and color that I miss

To the place of hope and security

To the place that everyone wanted to be me

To the place where I was always free

To the place that played the biggest part

To the place that made everything start

To the place that was formed straight from my heart

To the place that was different and fading away

To the place that was corrupted from choices that were made

To the place that is unreachable to this day

To the place that has long forgotten its way

To the place where time was always long

To the place that taught me the eternal lesson

No matter what we think we've always been wrong



Fluff Goddess
Mark Pruitt

Like Goddess born fluff, she swirled, whirling and twirling.

Rising one moment, the next to light - resting gently upon

the smooth walnut surface of the breeze way chair.

Life stands motioning in the corner, the future stands in the

distance, impatiently tapping his foot, his voice muffled only

by the big band sounds on the radio.

Foreign memories are these,

more ancient than the lines in her white wrinkled hands.

Farther still than the deep set of her chocolate covered eyes.

She waits to be released once more to the wind.


Andy Hamilton


the loudest noise

the lonely

will ever hear,

enough to give,

anyone a good scare.

That's what it is, silence,

and it'll always

be there.

So much gone wrong,

in life's loudest song,

but when nothing

is near violence,


can be the greatest fear

that any person

will have to bare.

The amazing human scare,



William Ottens

i vividly found myself falling

between the depths of popularity

and of being a social outcast

i tried to climb back up

but i kept falling down

like the mercury in a thermometer

in the middle of December.

my loneliness is just another

black cloud rolling by

in the storm which bubbles my mind

don't worry about me

sweet mother of mine

in the middle of the cold dark night

i won't let the darkness overcome me

the fire inside my chest

is still burning strong

for those who adore me so.


"When I first saw you"

by: Alan Slavens

When I first saw you,

I felt my world move.

And when I saw you--

Oh, right then I knew...

We would never be apart.

For you I'm on my knees,

Come hear my beggin' please.

I Love you

More than anything.

What can I prove to you,

My Love is true?

When you're here,

I'm cryin' out your name.

Tryin' to ease this burning pain.

I guess what I'm tryin' to say is,

"I Love you in every way, and I want you--

I need you to stay with me all my life."

Just close your eyes,

I've got a big surprise for you.

I Love you,

More than anything.

What can I do to get you to wear my ring?

I Love you,

More than anything.

What can I do?

You know it's true...I Love You.


by Tina Murphy

















My Dear
Jennifer Lee

My heart beats freely

As I feel you approaching

I'm silently screaming

At the thought of not knowing

Love is very clear

Even though I'm blind

You're like a stalking raven

Corrupting my mind

Black as the raven

Though love is very bright

You vanish from me

In the silence of the night

My thoughts have combined

And are only of you

My soul is in a trance

From your deja vu

Even though I'm still blind

Love is always clear

My one and only true love

Is you, my heart, My Dear


Mable Benton

Though the words I want to breathe

Will not escape my mouth

Though the love I want to feel

Will not escape my heart

My mind longs for a love that is real,

My heart longs for a feeling words

Won't be able to describe

I can only dream of the love that I have trapped inside

My mind shouts to my heart, but I don't think my heart can hear

My soul is at the brink of the black hole where my spirit seems

to be lost

Though the words I want to breathe will not escape my mouth

Though the love I want to feel will not escape my heart

I long to be found, I long to be rescued by the spirit of love

and my soul to find its mate

I just long to have the words and the feeling of love to finally



~The Noise of Insanity~
Heather Duncan

All I can hear

Is the sound of my own screaming.

The harsh, shrill tones,

Echo in the walls of my head.

Why can't they hear it?

Is it just me?

Am I the only one destine to be tortured by this shriek?

It seems almost silent to them.

Nothing more then the faint brush of a whisper.

And now I realize

This noise,

This deafening cry for help

Exists only in the depths of my insanity.


by Ryan Merket

step up...

looking at me, wishing to be, everything, cant you see

climbing to the top. living to be better then me.

talk all your shit, don't back out now, i will finish you off

don't tell me to stop, bleed, bleed, all over me

its over now.

bring it on, any time, every time, you will lose

everything you said was fake, living the life that that isnt there.


suffering for a moronic cause, you bled for nothing.

c'mon! i aint through yet! get up, pay the price

you started now END it! find the strength, live it up

shutup, put up, cough it up, sweet dreams

you want to be nothing you will never be, make it bleed

suffer! suffer! suffer!


The Run Away
susie q luccier

He makes me want to run and hide,

but I need to know him deep inside.

There is something there I can not see,

something inside him that wants to be free.

I know we share some similar pain,

and I know by sharing it just what we'll gain.

He keeps his feelings locked away,

and if your not careful about what you say...

He'll turn and run and lock you out,

I wish I knew what that was all about.

Someday when I gain his trust and his heart is no longer torn,

A great and awesome friendship will be born.


Burning Dreams
Don L. Striker Jr

You look and see blue skies overhead

Everything is going your way

So you lay down to rest in bed

Which turns in to a painful day

You open your eyes and all the smoke you'll see

The fire burns of red fear

Grab the children, you and me

Time to go, leave no one there

As you watch your dreams burn

And emptiness fills your soul

Now the only thing you yearn

Is to once more be whole

All your hope going up in smoke

All your memories in the flicker of the fire

All you had was your dreams and hope

And as you watch the fire rise higher

Now you've came to the end it seems

Cause now all you have is burning dreams


-Patricia Thompson

The child at an innocent age

Such a child with a dream

And a childhood all her own

The carousel which she rides

It goes round and round

To the tunes of harmony and joy

There are cries of happiness

Children laugh

As the carousel spins

To a sweet melody

Children ride

On horses

On lions

And chariots of elegant beauty

To the shimmering pole

With pink and gold ribbons

The child so grasp it

And rode the radiant steed

Such a childhood dream


No words

Searching for the feeling,

feeling with no words to describe,

tongue tied, confused, anxious,

searching for the feeling,

anticipating the feeling,

loving the feeling,

of wanting you

Hillary Belden


Letting the Inner Out
by Tiffany Hammer age15

Often when I feel hurt, discouraged, scared, or alone,

I go to that place where to me my true feelings are shown,

It there inside my heart that I may begin my to turn about,

and finally allow myself to "Let the Inner Out."

It is then that I begin to understand my emotion.

and then ask Jesus to help me, and his healing hands go into motion.

Then I am once again free.

The lord is my healer, and when I'm blind he helps me to see.

I can't explain how it all works. Only one thing I know for certain,

Is that when I get to that place with a humble heart, My heart that stings,

will soon be free, and healed. Because I have asked the Lord with a quiet shout,

To please help me to "Let the Inner Out."



Locked away from the evil, captured

by the good. Changing. She is changing.

The look in her eyes, there is something

missing. He notices the change.

He notices her changing. He can't

figure out what is happening. He

thought she was safe with him. He

guesses he was wrong. She has

nightmares. They awake her at night.

She awakes screaming. He comforts

her. She cries hysterically. She

changes more and more everyday.

Today is the day she will have

changed completely, he knows it. He

contemplates his thoughts. She didn't

awake him with her screams. She is

not in bed. Where is she, he wonders.

He gets up and begins to look for her.

He finds her and begins to cry.

She is gone from him now forever.

She left him a note: "I did this for you because

I love you."


"A Very Special Friend"

I need a friend, a friend I can trust,

One I can hug, one I can love.

A friend that's there,

When everything goes wrong.

A friend there to sing me,

A happy song.

A friend that will listen-

To all the stories, I have to tell.

A friend that will trust me to bare,

Their secrets they need to share.

I need a friend, A friend that's close.

One that I can love,

No matter what she says or does.

I also need a friend that can do,

Those very things for me too.

I think I found that very special friend,

In you!

I love you,

Reynada "Lynn" Feeter

c. 6-9-98


A Promise Made Is a Promise Kept

by: Adam Blanks

You ask if I will be here through thick and thin

And I promised you until the end

You ask me if it is you I will always love

And I promised my love ongoing, nothing is above

You ask me if my interest in you will lose

And I promised it is you in which I choose

You ask me if I will see it through

This was and is my gift I give to you

You ask me if there will ever be another

I promised you it will be us forever

You ask if it is you I will always desire

And I promised you there will be no one higher

You ask if you could have my heart until my dying day

And I promised you that I would have it no other way

All of these promises I made will never go away

All of these promises I keep and take to my grave.


Suspended Dreams
By Patrick Murphy

I saw you there, standing in the light.

You were angelic, in the time we spent.

We were sparkling, like champagne

in moonlights I've never witnessed before.

I suppose I realize my poem is a

dream suspended in air.

Magic in my heart holds it there.

I feel refreshed with the night

and light as the wind,

Free as the seas, and

bold as the mountains.

My dreams are in my heart.

Waiting, waiting for you.....

Suspended waiting for you.



What is it that he does that makes my heart skip a beat?

Why is it when he's around I can hardly speak?

How is it he makes me feel like I'm the only one,

Yet when were together its nothing sexual, just fun

Then suddenly, out of the blue, the fear sets in

The fear of one day soon losing him

I know I have made mistakes in the past

but I felt I was ready for a relationship that would last.

But I was mistaken, the love you had for me was not real

You played with my emotions and body and thought all was well

But I fooled you, I am a strong woman with a strong mind

You will not take or misuse anything that is considered mine

I've given you a part of me that I never knew I had

I loved you and cared for you even though you treated me bad

I know I'm not the most perfect person in the world

But I am a goddess, not a girl!

And I know you care about the soul and the heart

But the mind and body are of the same part

I don't curse you for telling me now, your "true" feelings,

Because a communion made of lies, is on I can't live in.


That mistake

I never really realized the affect you have over me.

It's like when I look at the stars, I know you're looking at the same ones,

but you're not looking at them with me.

I always think that maybe it's just a dream to test me,

but the truth is, this is my reality. And my reality seem so to not

include you. I'm not sure how to deal with the simple fact that I have to deal

with this and not shed the wicked salt of my tears when I know,

that you're what I need and you are who I love.

You have this affect that makes me lose my breath-

makes my heart skip a beat- and makes me remember...

that I was the one who gave up and lost everything in a split second. and I don't think I'll ever be able to live with that mistake.


suzy fiorentino

He i met in the moonlight

his eyes i felt on my naked skin

pale face

long arms

silent type

and my body whispered

brown eyes

sad eyes

thoughts sleeping on frowning lips

there he stood

eyes tasting mine

and my body whispered

gentle hands

that touch my skin

lift my face

we join our lips

the heat that swells

and my body whispered

the night spent in his arms

so safe, so calm

the lightning kisses

i drowned in the wonder

his precious breath brought me

and my body whispered

AWAKE !!!!

and i am

that night is gone

your heart murmurs

your body left cold

that night in the stars


he made my body whisper

i'm sorry.......


With You I Am Alive

W- whenever I am with you, I feel alive

I- its Like taking a breath for the first time

T- time, I would give everything for to be with you

H- having you here by my side is all I need to live

Y- you have caused my person to see new dreams

O- only you have brought the warmth into my once, cold and shattered self

U- unbounded, now I am certain you the one

I- I am alive because of your love

A- and now for the first time, I feel whole

M- my love you are the sunrise that awakens me each morning

A- and also the sunset, which tames my soul each evening

L- loving you and you loving me

I- is an experience of eternal love

V- verbal expressions have only half the meaning

E- everyday minute to minute, hour to hour with you I am alive


By Carla Beattie

She cried for her family, torn apart,

Parents and brothers, all dead

Why did she live, why was she left?

They should have killed her instead.

She could just imagine the fear in their eyes,

did they KNOW they were going to die?

What went through their minds just then?

Why? she wondered, why?

She cried for her town, that now stood in ruins,

Scarred by the pain of war,

Buildings reduced to burnt out shells,

With a body at every door.

Even though the war was over,

that didn't mean a thing,

her family was dead, consumed by the fires

of terror that war can bring.



Protected, embraced,

comforted by the long and limber boughs

of my weeping willow tree,

I caught a glimpse of hope

Camouflaged, veiled,

obscured by white lace and flawless ruffles --

The fragile plant sat proudly

upon the windowsill

Dust-covered, damaged,

dull, her dime-store pot, carelessly broken --

A very curious place

for beauty to flourish

Shadowed, beclouded,

shaded, her thin stem twisting toward the sun,

begot a peculiar pose --

Courage Personified


My world is unclear, unpredictable, and forever changing. Never give up on life itself. Doing what others only dare to dream. For time will always be memories.

For the past, we are the future. For the future, we are the past



"Beauty Rolls"
Michael Card

Beauty rolls like a flower by seeds,

As the sun shines and the soil feeds.

Ripples of water drops and a sky of blue,

Green hardened grass on the morning dew.

A sky shines and clouds roll by,

With the wind that blows and a tree that's shy.

A field of gold, and a tree of green,

With thistles blown, that must be seen.

Brown branches roll with the sky grey,

Watching the leaves in shadow roll away.

With a prancing heard so nearby a foal,

Watching the beauty and watching it roll.


What we fear.
Christopher Rodgers

Why darkness abyss fear you,

What open vast dream of death,

What souless minion searches?

The drifter fills the empty tomb,

The Sorcery of mystical thought,

The oracle of forbidden words,

I am .


The Comet
Glen James

Through the empty expanse of space

the sole, solitary traveller careens

past the bright heavenly bodies

and nebulous places, few and far between

never touched, only seen

on the lonely way.

Speeding towards something,

perhaps a cacophonous crashing

into a greedy, gluttonous globe,

or continuing

on with it's solitary sojourn

into the vast, devouring void.


Still Pool Reflection
Jason C. Krueger

With a yellow complexion I catch your glimpse,

and stare at the blame in the corner,

or in the water a twinkle twice has been all,

touch one´s life and change their reflection,

where your past meets my present,

and everything moves to a point of stillness,

or a pleasant pause in my soul,

crying doesn´t hold a place at heart here,

pure wonder in a reflection, is all my life is,

not one tragic tear shows nothing,

no running away or worry of the day,

no something it was or will it be tomorrow,

it´s all inside you as the object of looking,

and should it be something to think of twice,

would only mean life is lying to you,

and soon comes death after a second still wonder,

when blame stares at you from the corner,

when life moves too rapid without a pause,

or in a pause it was when you try and touch it,

to change a reflection that wasn´t really reflecting,

but refreshing you with love,

and with what's right and wrong, how come, and is it gone,

showing your life not the way to go, but the way to leave,

putting all kindness into one last breath,

as I kiss your reflection hello.


Season Passing
Virgilio de Carvalho

A slight wind, from the north,

rustles leaves, blows them

through a red sun, scatters their colors

before the light: gold and yellow


across a purple sky. One by one

they fall to earth and gather

among crickets, whose cries

are, in this world, so quiet.


Suspended Dreams
By Patrick Murphy

I saw you there, standing in the light.

You were angelic, in the time we spent.

We were sparkling, like champagne

in moonlights I've never witnessed before.

I suppose I realize my poem is a

dream suspended in air.

Magic in my heart holds it there.

I feel refreshed with the night

and light as the wind,

Free as the seas, and

bold as the mountains.

My dreams are in my heart.

Waiting, waiting for you.....

Suspended waiting for you.



A glistening tear runs down my face

Because you don't care what I feel

Your heart is cold like steel.

Suffering and pain

Your words inflict on me

But of course you don't know

Your life is pain-free

You broke my heart once

And I'll bet you would do it again

I want us to be together but we can barely be friends

You give me such pain

To be truly divine

But of course you don't care these feelings are mine

My feeling don't matter

I'm not important enough

To even cross your mind once

And if i don't like it.......tough

You're too good to be with me

I'm just a lonely girl

But of course when you need me

I become your love toy

I need this.I need that

That's all you seem to say

But what about what I fell

Oops i forgot.I don't matter anyway

The earth revolves around you

That's how you seem to feel

You talk about our friendship

But I don't think its real

You use me for this

You use me for that

Guess what This crap is over

And that's a fact

Your insensitive words

They hit me like fists

But you know what

That's over now cause




In Her Memory

Dead rose,

Black was visionary,

When in my hand,

Soul white,

And kind as vicadin,

If she's on my time,

With only one finger,

Fourth from the left (Left Hand),

That ever meant anything,

Dead rose,

Red was burning,

When she received,

Love lifeblood,

And duly noted,

Was the intention,

With only one finger,

Fourth from the left (Left Hand),

That ever meant everything,

Dead rose,

White is remembrance,

If it's in my vase,

Sweet heart,

Was white as turpentine,

But pressed between my favorite pages,

Dead rose.


Enchanted Attachment
Brenda Michelle Murphy

He came to me

on parted seas.

I called out his name,

My heart to blame

for this love I feel.

My wounds doth heal

by the touch of his hand.

His stroking grace,

a loving pace

doth move my heart

and now we part.

A painful tear

too much to bear,

killing me in time.

Crying lonely tears.


The Meaning Of Love
Jennifer Stanley

What is love?

Love, is a very strong feeling

from your heart that never goes away.

Is something that you feel deep down

inside of you.

Each and every day

it gets stronger and stronger

toward the person that you love the most.

Love is when:

you share things with your loved one,

share feeling

and most of all the love

that you have for one another.

That's what is the meaning of love


When you wake up from your sleep

cause you've been nearly comatose for so long

you never think about what you are missing

just why it all passed you by

When you arrive at that place

your have found that people can be so unforgiving

you stretch and turn, you walk away

fearing you might remember those old days

When you were young and you fell asleep

staying so long and clinging to that moment

Then you tell yourself you can't go on

and you end the story there.

annie gratrix


Joy Carter Wilson

I'm just a dreamer

Sleeping while awake

Drifting where dreamers escape

Wondering what dreams are made of

Wishing for a flood of dreams

To drown me in its streams

I'm just a dreamer

Sleeping while awake



His face contains secrets

There the world is hidden

Beneath his eyes lie the answers to desperate prayers

Behind his lips lay the whispered conclusions

by authors long dead

Softly folded in his hair are the mysteries of the pyramids

Of birdsongs and Atlantis within his silken night

Shrill predictions once sung by prophets

create the roses on his cheekbones

And floating on his breath there drifts the meaning of life

And on that ocean, sweet love, there sails my heart

Drifting on the secret rivers, your sea of riddles and dreams

There my spirit has settled

Waiting for you to find me


deja vu?
sat 8.14.99 copyright*annabella harris

is this a dream

or an awakening

that draws me to you?

is it whispered secrets

spoken softly in the breeze

what wandering path

have i chosen

that lead me here to you

a translucent vision

i've seen somewhere

in another time

or place


Love is..
mary fels

Love is blind,

we only see

what we want to see.

Love is deaf,

we only hear

what we want to hear.

Love is mute,

we don't say

the things we should.

Love is a feeling,

yet we seldom

show feelings at all.

Until it is too late..



When you walk outside the door

Be sure you listen just once more,

Once more the sound of click,clack, crunch,

Click,clack, crunch

Like leaves that sound like high heels on a ballroom floor,

As I stand outside, I hear the wind

Like a long roar.

Slowly everything is as silent as a mouse.



Brothers come in every size

Small,Medium,Big,or Huge

That is your Brother

Brothers are like moms

because sometimes they help you when you need it

except when you make brothers mad.

they start to get crazy, especially the younger brothers.

Little brothers are like chicken pox that never go away.

And big brothers are people

that leave home right away.

Big brothers are like support from your teachers,

that teach you about a boy's life.

You better love your brothers to death,

because one day they might leave you.


Absolute Cerebral Fantasy
by A.N. Other

Free flying in this cosmic slipstream that is death as we love it, aspiration from the Creator, never dare call to the grim mechanism beyond the free barrier, freedom is cheap for it will always keep, for there's just a fantasy, a human element, a philosopher named Euclid, this does not prove the mathematical calculation from those hedonistic tendencies, free spirit does always, win it, prove it, show the bright blistering blotter beam burning through chemical wonderspace, like a deep moan in this barren home, overload from above, just guess the spiritualistic characteristic walking from the rotating axle, talk, rhyme, ring, find, bring free love to me for I only use what I can't abuse, need another imaginary canary in these green filled out fields of Haarlem, read with open eyes for you don't need fears, just euphoric tears of overwhelming consistency that make up the rhythm freeway, angel from younger years, remember the Wonder Years, with the jeers from hell, who knew Paul was that weirdo grandson called Maryiln Manson, cousin of Hanson, mmm bop, fuzzy walkthrough continuation motion movement, laugh and be happy, and it may sound crappy, but I can't really change a nappy, talk about the guilty being inside my head, it seems to be cultivated from the receptor energiser, drinking tizer, wearing a visor, with the super higher magical nature billionth element of infinity, thoughts in a slipstream don't let them come between you and I, just don't strain your brain as we will on that train in Spain, confusing junglelistic physical energy from below, I don't know, it don't rap, it's crap, don't strap for drugs are crap, take away freedom and see below the external feature, let music move your soul, burning deep in the eternal heap, wizards and warlocks, Barry and Pete, commune with the capitalistic war cry of down with red and go to bed, dream of the magical future unyet made, feel the astounding peaks of nature's internal beat, to compete with the shadows in my head, I just said you read about Fred in 64.

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