Kayleigh Michelle

I'm surrounded by strangers what can I do??

This never would've happened if I'd taken the keys from you.

You went wild at the party you looked like a fool.

You thought the beers you drank made you look real cool.

The last thing I remember was your hand across my chest.

You tried to stop the car, I know you tried your best.

Then the screeching of the tires, flashed my life before my eyes.

We didn't even get to say our very last goodbyes.

When all of it was over I wondered what went on, all I could here was

"We've lost him, he's long gone."

Just then I felt them lift me up and and place me on a bed, the sirens started

going and thoughts ran through my head.

"What had I done I let you drive, it's my stupidity or else you'd be alive!


A Dog is gone
Uwe Wolf written for the dog Toja

Wide open eyes looking at me

Tears running over my face

I am hearing the last breath

I am hearing the last deep sigh

The dog is dying in my arms

I am taking the dog away

My tears dropping on his body

I say the last bye

Thank you for being always my friend

Thank you that you was


Alto As Always

Yes, i would agree with the statement.

It is a necessary part of the human intellect.

A fundamental part of human intuition, certainly.

yes, i would agree with the statement.

Expressed needs by many individuals, not concerning latent need which is polar opposite.

As the world, i agree with the statement.

Many people live on my beds and shores.

No, as an individual, i would tell you that i disagree.

People: alto as always, forever it will remain a central tendency.

Alto. Alto. Alto. Alto.

Listen to me. Why don't you listen at all?. My head hits the ground.


Filter and Orange Peel
Luke Sykora

Without the silence of a mouse,

Nor elephant determination,

Please disregard the bestial impulses;

Through a filter, as it were.

Step not on even fallen leaves,

Nor the orange peels,

Which are our mothers and mistresses,

And create stars.


By Kenisha Merriweather

She has round birthing hips, but no babies

She wants nothing, but everything belongs to her

In this dusky evening breeze, I watch her

from the front stoop, stirring in the kitchen


She sways out to the screen door, wipes her brow

with the soft back of her work calloused hand.

She pushes the door open gently and brings me

a cup of coffee.

"You know, you make the best coffee in Tennessee, girl?"

"I must! Why else do you crowd up my front porch every Sunday?"

There's no twinkle in her eye as she turns to go back in

She's probably hot in that house, and


I'm out here in the breeze, cool and lazy.

I motion her to sit down

"Take some pressure off them pretty little feet, girl."

She looks . . . annoyed? And she glides inside

Her stiff back says "You're takin' liberties, sittin' on my front porch and ordering me around."

Her hips slide together under the worn cotton of her dress to an


rhythm that reminds me that "I ain't got no rights to her," that "She too much for me"

I know it, 'cause I've sat here a hundred nights

before. I got a job some times, and the money lasts, most times, but we don't

go no where. I just sit outside her stuffy house on her

dusty front porch, eat her food and drink her coffee, and every time, I leave.

I blow smoke out my nose and puff again on my cigarette, running a finger around

the edge of my coffee cup.

Not MINE . . . HERS, hers that she


lets me touch with my lips. I cock my ear in her direction

hear her pouring another cup. She suddenly appears

at the door, her door, bumps it open with her shoulder and

sits on the bench, as far from my perch on her porch as it is possible to be and still be

in the same town. We don't speak, slurping hot coffee on a hot night in the Tennessee foothills.

I blow out the last of my cigarette and throw in into the dust a breeze stirs.

She comes up behind me


just as I get up to leave. "It's about time Ah left. See ya 'round, gal."

I hear her cup clink against mine . . . hers. She

stops when I'm halfway down the walk. "Wait a minute, boy."

She sways to the door, props it open with her hip. "Bring in those cups, will ya? I'll cut you a slice

of my sweet potato pie."

I can taste it.


Fear of Fate
Tommy Layton

What lies past the shattered glass

So many pieces everywhere, pulling me toward without a care

Pickup one, finish it off, for time ticks fast on fates clock

Everyday ends so hollow, in my depression, I soon shall follow

Follow, the same routine day after day

Slowly feel your energy decay

Always tired, I don't understand why

Every new blow on the birthday candles, is a wish that I would die

Steady pace, is all I ask

but keeping up can be a tedious task

Always changing, my faceless mask

In the mirror I look, I see a hack

A spoof of everything, with a touch of me

Always in motion, I want to flee

But in my darkest hour I clutch tightly

Just because I know, if I last out torment

I too can shine brightly...


A perfect enemy
Meghan Curtin

Don't you hate the friends who were perfect in every way?

Then decided to break your heart and wash the trust away?

The sleepovers, parties, gossip through the night,

All ended in an instant, without a clue in sight.

She played that guy you knew you'd never get,

Wore your leather jacket and returned it sopping wet.

Turned your friends against you, laughed right in your face,

Stole your only dollar and nicknamed you "disgrace"

She broke your favorite necklace, read your diary fully through,

Lost your best friends poodle , and ruined that friendship too.

How do you hurt som1 who seems to have no heart?

Get back at them, rip them open and tear their lives apart?

I lie upon my bed and cry 4 a final time,

Then stand upon the catwalk and balance on the line.

I made up my decision and chose to end my life,

Let her live with all that guilt which caused my stress and strife


I am a Tiger watching the sunset

beautiful and free

Watching what lies ahead

wondering what I will be

Roaming through the land

looking for what I need

I am only me

I am my only breed



You don't understand

You don't understand what you did to me

I mean come on you took my virginity

You said it wasn't a one night stand

It almost seemed as if you had it planned.

The whole night you knew I was drunk

But you didn't care you still acted like a punk

I didn't feel a thing that night

that was a sure sign to say something wasn't right.

The first time is supposed to be so romantic

After the incident I was in a state of panic

I asked myself "What have I done?"

The guilt weighed on me like a ton.

I blamed myself at first

Then I saw I didn't do the worst

Your the one that lead me to that room

The room I now look at with gloom.

It wasn't all my fault you see

It's not like I was begging on my knee

I was passed out you could almost say asleep

I think about it now & I almost weep.

Now I see you walking down the halls

You don't say hey you don't even answer my calls

I now see it was all a big mistake

& all your words were fake.



storm vollertsen

Birthdays will come and go,

Christmases will past,

but its the MEMORIES that will forever last,

you'll look back in time and admit you had a good time,

you'll look at that sloppy picture book you made when you were five,

days will come and go but the memories will never die.


How I Always saw you
nicole culbreth

There are no good memories here

All have gone

Melted with tear drops of bitter stingy salt

My only recitation of you is of

rocks in the ocean

constantly being beaten as the roll over a already aching body

but always with water to soothe

And yet still I clasp myself to you

refusing to let go

Are fingers are always intertwined

you are as though sandpaper with lotion


By Therese MacMillan

I have flown through

The strangest lands.

Heard magical words,

And touched beautiful faces.

I have seen all there is to see.

Yet, I could not tell you

Anything, that you did not

Already know.


Down on Monroe St.
alejandro lalinde



then roll.


pale porcelain skin, a glowing wink,

from a glazed

china doll:


skirt lifts-a star-blooded flag

it blows

below crowded streets

under lamps of amber shade:

for men's eyes to wander

up your fragile

calves-their crooked knees

two thighs surround

your world

fluttering (my) lips

your heels


kick up.

traffic lights



red into red. red. red.


yellow-refracts my pupils

in green to me


on & off

the sheets underneath

the hollow eyes

you meet.


-Patricia Thompson

Our eyes are windows

To our souls

They are our guide

For seeing the world

And all the things and people in it

Our eyes let us see things

That are beautiful in nature

Sometimes they trick and deceive us

Showing us things

That really aren't there

Sometimes they let us see things

We don't want to see

Some eyes will stare

And they may insult us

Or they may frighten us

Some seem to hypnotize

Into the eyes of your soul mate

You get lost

Our eyes let us see people

For who they really are

They let us see the truth

For what it really is

Our eyes are like a light

That guides us through darkness

Without our eyes

We would not have

That precious gift

Our vision-our sight

Without our eyes

Without our sight

That would be a fright

We would suffer

Some eyes are happy

They seem to sparkle

Some are sad

They cry tears

An endless river of tears

When we are bitter

Our eyes seem to glare

Our eyes say more

Than we imagine

And sometimes we don't listen

When we die

The windows to our souls

Close forever

My eyes I am proud to say

Are everything to me

Without them the wonders

Of the world I could not see




Take it all

I give you these eyes

for you to drown

with the passing of your face.

Here I say! take this..

It hasn't any other place.

I surrender to you, these burning arms-

for you to place around empty air

I give to your world.. my everything,

Although I am nothing there.

Here I am my burden love,

within my bitter,



I saw you today-

damn you..

I'll never be the same.

-Your Cindy


Stranger's Eyes
by Angelis Cacheon Copyright © 1997

What lies behind a stranger's eyes could make you want to see

what hidden world of treasure there possibly could be?

And what if there lies nothing, not even history?

Would your interest in me die or simply cease to be?

Some suspect a kinship behind the mystery

but what if there lies nothing less than utter misery?

I give no absolution nor bend so easily...

I could never try to be what truly is not me

What that could be I cannot tell

what differentiates Heaven and Hell

If what I know or what I feel...

could ever be perceived as real

If what a like or what I hate

or to what sort I do relate

could all together substantiate

what lies behind my eyes


each nearing moons revolution instills me with an ancient sense of temporality

it is the deep dark plane of the fall nights enchanted liquid depth

which brings us all to our vulnerable ids doorstep

like the screaming babe

like each spring born of winters pains

it is this perception that warns each moment of lasting too long

michael workman


twinkle of the blade
by jason a (raven) smith

As I sit here whimpering and whining

over a lost love i never really had

i feel the pain of the darkness and the bitterness

of my life

a life that i not longer need to live

a life that i cant be with out her

this life i spend crying over her

now i stay in the dark

with only twinkle of the blade

that now will be my love

my love they shall show me the way

the way to a place where my love can be

my new love simplicity


The End


I think the poem was very sad

but i liked it any way. It was

written creatively if you ask me.

It was about a town that was bombed

and only one house stood the bomb

was controlled by robots and the robots

cooked cleaned even run away a dog and

the robots would dust every day.

One day the house caught fire and the

house started burnin but the robots

didn't put it out and a tree fell

and the house burned to the ground.


the scratch of worn carpet

against an open hand

shoes that are too big

glasses half empty and

voices spilled

unspoken words

glances cut short

sentences that hang

on the dizzy thick air

perpetual spinning

silent meaningless noise

broken vows



The Mirror
Conchetta San Filippo

Indulgence is looking

When giving in to sin

But guilt is an ugly mirror

In an experimental reflection

Even at a two-edged sword

All killer's are polite

Then cry from our own battle wounds

Though cause out of site

More than a glance would prove

For the looking glass of wisdom is brief

Us to see we as what we are

Sorcerers of pain and grief

What selfish creatures

Shining in the spot of our verse

Thinking not of the closen

Ends of a madness curse

So may this be a warning

To the shallow, your vanity is before you

Grown men to gantuen baby

When testing a mirror's truth


The Incomprehensible
by Christopher Lewis

Believe, do not believe.

Thoughts of a higher being,

Who's in charge here?

Do our minds control us without us knowing?

Supernatural, superhuman, or just common?

Just untapped abilities within us.

Forever indescribable, yet shared among everyone.

Our minds, be they our own gods?

Our supreme force.

Untamed and limitless.

Infinitely underestimated and often ignored.

How can it be that our own minds are so unknown?

Ever so present, yet so invisible.

The mind, could it be not just one, but all?

One mind, being that of Everything combined.

Perhaps God, God is every mind, every soul.

Pray to God,

Meditate to become one with the Supreme Force.

Is this just praying to All and not One?

All of the universe and its looping dimensions.

Will we ever fully comprehend?

Perhaps then it would all end.

The answers are within,

Shared among everything in Existence, Nonexistence,

And everything in between.


i don't know it should be
by: suzy fiorentino

sometimes i wish i were as invisible as a grain of sand- there but hardly noticed

sometimes i wish everyone saw me and knew me

sometimes i realize i am the sand

except there's to much of me everywhere - i'm an insignificant nussance

sometimes at night

in my lonely dreams

the milky moon melts my discomfort

and i am free

my thoughts through the day - they wander

like me through the crowded halls

may be i'm not your picture perfect

messy hair

plain face

i bite my nails

i guess i'm your regular black sheep case

but the devilish thoughts the darkening night brings

send me away on distant moon beams

that send me soaring

and dress me in the star dust of a thousand stars

and then i wake

and then i'm me


i am the sand that holds the world together

and you are the footprints that leave scars upon my surface

scars that leave an impression on me

you may hurt me

but you also shape me

and in doing so, make me stronger

lesson learned:

the sand will always remain - scares eventually fade


Chasity Anthony

Streets as quiet as

no one is even there.

Every one is gone not

able to be explained.

No people to be seen or heard

No people at all.

But still activity all around.

working there lives on

technology and futuristic.

No way to be understood!


The Door
Kate Clifton

You always kept me away

from myself.

I learned to focus on you,

your life became mine,

and mine disappeared

in the fray.

Our love is layered with

sweat and tears,

we work hard to keep

what little we have alive.

And at the end of the day

I can no longer look into your face

and feel my heart explode

into nuclear oblivion.

Instead I wonder how it would

have been different

if you were addicted to me:

If you were the wind,

and not the door.


Fight Your Wars
Kate Remer

Fight your weaknesses and you will be strong

Bury the grave that did you wrong.

Take away the empty pain of the dark.

The path will be yours.

Take away the weak.

You will feel victory in your wars.

Life's worst puzzles will fit together.

If you choose to try.

Don't give up, be light as a feather.

You'll reach the most intense high.

If you stop thinking of what's wrong

And start doing what is right.

Take back what is rightfully yours

And rage against the death of the light.


( Steven Michael Collins)

As night fades into darkness, i am left alone to contemplate.

These thoughts are swirling 'round and 'round like a whirlpool in my mind.

The faded backlit transparencies are unclear, through the perspex glass.

The city lights are dancing, chancing, orange and yellow.

The sky is hazy, like my mind.

Now, the sun illuminates the room. I feel its radiant energy, i feel alive, like a clockwork toy.

my body is running on antifreeze, my movements have become automated, synchromatic stumblings befall me.


do you know me?....
by Carmen White

we laugh and talk and play then i pause to say....

never mind, i cant say it.

we meet to go somewhere, we enjoy our trip.

i think maybe now, i can bare my soul....

maybe tell of my deepest thoughts,

maybe...maybe tell of my hurts and pain,

my joyful times and sorrowful times.

but when it begins to pour forth from my soul

you push it away, whether you are aware, i

know not. maybe you fear that what i say

would say will reflect some of your pain.

so we laugh and talk and play then i pause to you really know me?...


"nothing is static"
by Nick Beals



























By: Melody Villaflores

I love the stories, fantasies of old,

of damsels in distress and knights so bold.

With dragons flying through the breeze,

and fleet-footed elves hiding in the trees.

Of codes of chivalry, tried and true,

and acts of honor aren't something new.

Where iron and steel are commonplace,

like axes and swords, a lance or a mace.

There's castles and markets, a tavern or two,

We'll order some ale or some other brew.

Listen to the minstrels strum their tales,

Of the wins of heroes and of losers' fails.

Sorcerers and wizards are no big affair, they walk amongst us, anywhere.

Adventurers navigated their way with maps, stars, and charts,

some rode on horseback, in carriages, or carts.

There were princesses, princes, queens, kings,

and other such nobles who owned fancy things.

Like robes of regalia, a crown encrusted with gems,

Jewels and white lace upon their clothing hems.

There are gardens of flowers with a fairy or more,

like dwarves and other such folklore.

Nothing's impossible in those stories of old,

richer than silver, richer than gold.



i want to see things on premier level

i want to be the life allocated for the nation

i want to be the follower of a great mentor

i want to take my apology back for the mental

crimes I never did

i want to be denied of a peaceful life

i want to give out expectations in hope of the expected giver

i want a better view of them than them of me

i want to battle natural boundaries

to prove it is pseudo adversity

i want the century provokers out into daylight fame

i want to frame the convictions to be neutral bad behavior

i want to be alone when time threatens my progress

i need to know for sure of my believes

i want time and time again

i've waited too long and sacrificed too much and forgotten too little

let it be me



Cherry blossoms:
Pink path linking
East to West.

Suddenly summer
Decked out in waterlilies
Shimmers with magic.

Wet, November day
Leaden sky, sodden leaves on
Ground, brown on brown.

Within each snowflake
Frozen in cryptic patterns
A blueprint for spring.

Nikki Cashon


-- a poem

Mother, you are in the soldier's cry

So are you in the baby's longing for one's mother.

If you dance your death-dance then can you

remain silent on a throbbing breast of a mother with a child in her arms ?

How long will you make us go round ?

Cycle seems endless

Torture is painless, it has to be lovable.

Come and pick me up in your arms

Sweet darkness, let it envelope me

Then only is there peace.


Sweet Dreams
Emma Louise

She closes her eyes in the dead of the night

Patiently waiting for unconsciousness

The daylight now darkness, part of her past

Her perfect life is put on hold

Smothered in sleep and helplessness

She starts to drift and starts to dream

Complete existence suspended

For a few hours at least

A flawless exterior, apparently faultless

Her hopes and her dreams begin to unfold

In a fantasy world where she is accepted

In a realm where she can be herself

But she suffers with only the twilight as company

Not as confident as the surface suggests

And as the sun rises, the dawn settles in

For all she cares

It may as well set


My Lost Love
Mary Rhines

The one i love has gone away

The one i love is gone to stay

He left my heart in a million pieces

He left my heart cold and freezin'

It was him...

The one with the dark brown hair

The one with the blank stare

The one with the deep blue eyes

The one that has made me cry

In my dreams with you and me

We know these things are meant to be

In my dream i feel your lips

The ones with the soft tender kiss

Bliss is but a lie

and so are you and I

As bliss is a lie

As you and I

You're still the one

And that's no lie


The Fire
Rachel Lowell

The fire envelopes me in a shield of anger

Anger because the fire eats away my flesh

It scorches my skin

The fire is untamable

Like a spirit

It burns away all goodness

And sets aflame to envy and wrath

Who would have know such evil could

Find a torch beneath this kindred soul


Delores Talbot

I have loved you in so many endless ways,

I've bee overwhelmed with tears till my

thoughts have been in disarray.

I've given and given,

until I really wasn't livin,'

I gave you my credit on love

and all it's warranties ans assets,

if I gave you anymore,

my love would have been returned N.S.F.

I couldn't borrow the love you needed,

my love account was too low,

I had drawn out every bit of my love,

and the love bank said "no".

So now my love that you have spent,

every bit of my love and freely given scent.

Tell me what you can do? so I can get my love

account renewed.

I'll have to file bankrupt if I don't get some



Twilight of the Soul
ruthann pharris

Wind rushes past me and stirs the golden leaves.

Voiceless echoes of past loved ones rush past me and die at thier graves.

I come to your tombstone and wonder.

Did i push you away?

Or, were we not meant to be together?

But, now we are here in this cold graveyard as a blood red sun sets on evrerthing.


Simon Pellman

I can make your day

Let's try it my way

I can make you smile

Even if for a while

Imagine, to-day is Friday


angel's cries

Small children walking in a procession holding candles and crying

crying tears for the fathers they never knew

young girl standing next to me letting out an electric light of beauty

filling me with happiness

a feeling that runs threw my whole body

she looks at me and smiles

her beauty multiplies a hundred times

then she too begins to cry

her sadness fills my heart and I begin to sob



You said you'd be waiting

If I should ever decide...

My heart was too fragile

For his crazy ride...

You've been here forever...

My love and my friend

Lost in your eyes I believe...

That love doesn't end

Love shouldn't hurt..

So that can't be what I feel

If you will give me your hand...

I'll struggle up that hill

In your arms there's escape...

You're so steady and true

Can it really be...

That is has always been you?


Morning Kisses
Tabitha Mayhew

Morning Kisses, late night wishes,

I'll be forever missin'.

Waken up in your arms, looking up at a charm.

Love you tender, love you dear,

Have no fear.

Morning kisses is all we have.

And our late wishes,

I'll be forever missin'.

Wanting to be in your arms.

Touched by your hands.

I want you to be my man.

Morning kisses, late night wishes.

I'll be forever missin'


The Dance


The Dance didn't last long

although the music was slow

I spinned, I kicked

I twirled around

I tripped over my feet

time and again

but I bounced right back

to perform better than then

The Dance was short

although the band played on

I made mistakes

but he show must go on

The performance was grand

a feat accomplished by none

for it was my Dance

no one else could have done

The Dance was mine

the song belonged to me

the moves were my own

now the time is for me

The Dance is over

although it didn't last long

but giving it my all

was a success in itself.


James Allen

You have flown before,

High above the hell of the sky, the never-ending freedom of blue.

Happiness is to be found there,

Only to become out of reach,

As you fall.

The breath drawn is pure,

Only to drown in.

The devil shouts his words of wisdom,

Spoken truths of the ultimate sinner,

"Love exists only to lose."

You continue to fall, and pray for rescue.

The days pass, and slowly the candle of happiness so far away burns out.

You have nothing to live for here,

And no one to turn to there,

So still you fall.

You can fly again only in your dreams,

For the heart has frozen.

Death lives within you now.

And still you fall.


Daizy's Fate

As each day passes, another petal falls.

The daisies slowly lose their charm.

Is it time to toss the arrangement?

(Maybe fresh water or a new vase will perk them up)

All you can do cannot halt the wilting and decay.

Is there a new flower in the garden?

Are you sure it's not a weed?

When the bed is left untended, the weeds will choke out

the neat rows that were planted.

Apathy can kill.

Don't let the weeds go to seed,

they spread fast.


My Time Inwardly
by Lori Eskamo

Oh! Whoa! Oh!

How dost the time go by?

And from thy quaking watchtower,

A pen and ink I fear I cannot see.

For which it aches my heart: -be still-

My hands can write no more.

Down it floats unto the sea

The paper blank with white...

I watch and sadly drips a tear

Oh for thy burdens of escape!

Let me be! Yet not without remorse!

I know not what I say...

Yet I say what comes in through my mind

And out it goes-sometimes though wrong-

How can it be so wrongly put?

I know. Thoughts fail me in time.

But the watch man sings his happy tune

and I lie in meadows of gold.

Thy heart is like a sunflower?

How bright are the petals of love.

Yet what is the bee whose stinger stings

A mosquito took a bite of me.

Where dost I go into the night?

When I go alone?

To see the sleeping moon and see

The stars in heaven dance.

I go on foot or by my wheels

And talk to God-sometimes-

He talks to me...

Yet when the watch man goes away

I feel the cold again.

But who he is, I do not know.

And so he walks away.

I am there apart from light

And time is ticking by.

I think of something special

And as I wait, a smile licks my face.

Oh how terribly it is to lie in wait-

Not knowing what the wait is for...

And then to find the wait is nigh

For the waiter is not there.

And what time dost thy watchman ring?

Upon the bell of time?

The time is every time it rings


...forever more.


Sweet Angel of Happiness
Sofie Rahman

Descend on my now

and shower me with your

Splendid gifts

Show me all that you have to show

And tell me all that you have to tell

I want to know your secrets

And I want to know your world

Please share your knowledge with me

And allow me to be on high with you

Dear, dear sweet angel

Sing to me in your honeysuckle voice

And carry me-wrapped in your wings

My angel

Take me in those translucent, delicate wings

Up with you till we reach your cloud

I want to sit there with you

Watching the world pass on by below

Oh angel take me with you

On your many journeys

And allow me to see all that you see

Through your bright golden eyes

Loving angel share with me

Your glorious world and

Share with me your glorious life,

My dear sweet angel.


By Trudy Tucker


feel your heart beat.....

feel the hot tear

burn your cold cheek.


see through blurred eyes.....

see the green halos

as tears rim your eyes.


feel your hot breath.....

scream out in vain

until you can't speak.


feel your heart ache.....

feel hopelessly lost

trying to find peace.


call in God's name.....

ask Him for answers

ask Him why?


Gooey Porcupine

One day, a hungry cow came to his pasture to eat grass. As the bananas came closer we squeezed against the wall. Suddenly, a deamon popped up and set a tree on fire. And then the nerdy pretzel bit peter in half and fed him to rabid crocodiles. The cold steel of the prison bathtub shone in the radiant light from the window bars. Suddenly, a blood sucking mutant from the planet Zoink swallowed the world. The alley of the dark city was full of the nightly gangs. When the girl saw the frog, she ran yelling, "Ah, it's a scary green thing!" Then, Tie Dye man gave a homeless ant a necklace. Suddenly, the duct tape attacked Ralph and held him there. He was yelling, "Help, I'm stuck!"

"Pink skunks!" yelled the French ice cream man. Peter Cottontail merrily romped through the daisies. Then we saw a man sitting on a bench eating midget pits and chicken stubs. The flame rose as Talph attempted to stop, drop, and roll. Then vegetable soup rained from the heavens and ended the whole universe.



Someone Should Have Told Her
Brandi Wooten

I went to a party Friday night,

sure to return home all right

My mom had told me and I had told myself,

that no matter the case I wouldn't drink a drop

As I arrived, alot was already there,

so I just joined in

I partied all night without drinking,

because I had promised myself that I wouldn't

I left at two that morning sure to be home safe

Then all of a sudden I heard a big crash

For a while I had no clue,

then I awoke and I knew

I was lying on the pavement, in my own blood

but I didn't know why

I heard the parametic say here's her mom, but we don't know where her dad is

I few moments later I was grasping my moms hand

It was getting harder to breathe and heard the parametic say,

I don't think she will make, there wasn't much I could do

I died shortly after he told my mom the situation

Someone should have told her


love obsession
Arminda Ross

I dream of you at night

I think of you at day

that simple phrase ,"I love you"

is what I long for you to say

You're always in my thoughts

I can never get you out

you are the one thing I know

I can never live without

Deep within your

beautiful eyes

I hope another chance

for us still lies

People always say that

my love for you is wrong

But the love in my heart

remains forever strong

I live in hopes of us

staying together

and if my hopes come true

I pray it will be forever

My feelings for you will

remain forever strong

Please tell me my love for you

could somehow not be wrong



The bliss within me

The smiles on my mouth and the shine in my eyes

They decay as a ball of pain hits me

The bliss inside me gets stolen

My mouth now moans

My eyes now shed tears of pain

My heart..i hear it scream

My blood flows in this body like the boiling lava

"What is happening"..i hear my mind asking

My body ..i can't feel it

My cold and pale skin turns numb

Now my eyes see the angels

They weep as i fall into the hole

The hole of pain.

As i fall..the wind like bullets wound me..

And the air i deeply inhale cuts through my lungs

I hear the noise my body makes as it falls on the ground

My whole body stung by nails

Spreads blood...everywhere

My bones ache..i know they are all broken

I want to be healed... yet my cure is long lost

"Damn it" I curse this body and soul I own

Lost in millions of thoughts I hear a roar

I open my mind's eyes

I see the devil..and the angels..

Yet infront of them all I see a figure

A figure that brings the shiver up my spine

Must be the angels of death

My doubts ease as i see it's eyes

Yes it is the angel of death

In shock..i feel that its so dark now

I lose my wholeness

I fall i fall deeper under ground

I feel wrapped by death

The arms of death so hot yet so cold..

I try to wake up hoping all this is a dream..

I wish that it's just a bad dream , a dillusion..

Yet this pain in is too strong

I hear a whisper and i hear it say..

"welcome to death...where it is eternal darkness...only in pain."

by: Vampire HILARY


My Singular Abstraction!

Abstraction of you,

for without you here, O tender and lovely lady, and touching you,

or without hearing your sweet subtle voice,

what else could you be but an abstraction, an illusion,

a figment of my mind-yearning-thought!

(wanting to inhale

your every breath,

your lips caress-kissing

-imagine!-I imagine!

into your eyes looking, sinking to forever.)

Oh, my singular abstraction, how

my heart does ache,

my soul does long,

would that you come to me and make tangible

my abstraction now!


A Little Fat Turkey

A little turkey in a pointed hat,

on my porch and he went


When I want to tap on it's door

The turkey was not there,

Turkey was Ridding on a boomstick (gun)

Low down in the sewers.



It drips and drops

From the sky

From the clouds

very high.

Sometimes bad

sometimes good

Covering the


Screaming down

to ants and plants.

Why don't we go

do a dance.

Rain is cool

to those that are hot.

They have it at stores

where it can be bought.

When it rains

it is gods tears

crying for something

Happening for years


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