Part II
March 30, 2002



One fine evening a casual walk,
While the wind was calm.
Where the stars were party,
And the moon was host.
The only tree in the small courtyard,
With the leaves in deep slumber,
Made a remark.
The stars are many and the moon is one,
Still we want to shine like them.
The things we see clear and bright,
Are the things we ignore all our life.
I smiled, I laughed and then I thought,
We live a life with not what we have,
Busy looking what others have got.
I have traveled seen a life,
I have experience and a vision to share.
This tree is standing for years together
Waiting and getting only some stares.
Still the thoughts are so deep rooted
Still the vision is so clear.
My thoughts and my vision is guided
My experiences are again shared
Truth prevails in learning,
But also in realizing.
The moment of joy is short lived,
When you are a part of it,
The moment of joy is joy for a moment.
Stars are many but moon is one,
And if we still want to shine like them,
The explanation lies in ignorance,
And that we always fail to realize.
I was talking and the wind was calm
And the only treeÖ


Little Boy George
Sarah Stiltner

My pretty East-End boy

Birthed by Bowie
The decadent child of Ď85
Buried beneath
90ís matte overtones
And a pile of heroin cheekbones.
Itís not my prolific verse you love.
Iím just clever, baby.
But Iíll be your Ivana
If youíll play my Donald
And build a tower in my mid-town soul
And weíll smoke cigars
At sushi bars
And talk Reagan over blow.
(I love the way you look at your reflection in that mirror
while you suck up sunshine through your nose-
your infatuation with Farrah
and her feather-blown prose)
But Iím just a West-End girl
My pretty
With a Karma Chameleon for a pet
So letís bag this millennium
85ís not over yet.


Steve Petty 

                 Just one more hug or one more kiss
                 could never be granted in a wish,
                 for there's a selfish need deep inside
                 that "one more" could could never satisfy.
                 My grief comes from time denied
                 it was just too soon to say good-bye.

Inspirational Beauty
By: Matthew Timmons 3/24/02

Breath, a whisper from the wind pushes the clouds away.
Wiping tears from Heaven as the suns warm vibrato takes hold.
Baby Blues softness surrounds all as the day remains steadfast.


A lie perched upon
Lips tasting of sweet kisses
Lead beyond reason


Assailments of Love
rebecca longo

As my world unfolded
the naked truth of the assailments
held against me
broke my spirit.
For your desire of freedom
chastened my heart
and gave birth
to the reality of



                   DESERT SAND.


 By David Stephens


I can see visions in my head
Of the mourning children whose families are dead
There are truly no winners in war
Just millions of hearts which will beat no more
Yeah to the victor may go the spoil
But how much blood was soaked into the soil
I bet the earth is covered in blood
Instead of hatred could we try a little love
Violence will only lead to more people dying
Could we not try peace for the sake of trying
If we were not so consumed by greed
Then the hearts of so many would not have to bleed
The right thing is always the hardest to do
But if so our problems would be rare and few
Try a little kindness and you may understand
Were all brothers and sisters all over this land


Morney Kopecky

I never looked into
the eyes of such a man before
and felt the warmth
                      of summerís sun
heating up my bones
                      that had been assaulted
by the late October snow
                       premature and unwelcomed.

He wrapped me up in sunflower days and
filled my nights with frostbug songs
to keep the cold away.
                       Strong fingers patted
down  my complaints
                        like soil around
new seeds.  Something
                       good will grow he said
watering my soul with
                        his sweat.



All I have

Is a simple ring
To give to you
To share with you

All I have
Is a simple wish
To be with you
To hold you

All I have
Is a simple prayer
To hope for the future
To thank for the past

All I have
Is myself
But all of me
I give to you

  jillian berg



It Is You

It is you who teaches me to be a better person
It is you who help me keep on survive in this uncertain world
It is you who stands by my side whenever I call you
It is you who always believes me although Iíve laid you lots
It is you who not let me fall down and reach my hands up
It is you, Lord
All that I need


The water is falling
in a wonderful motion,
very fast,
flying like a mast.
Its clear blue waters,
are listening to the callers
that look upon it
from a pit.
People go by boat
and float, under it.
Never did we know,
how the population would grow,
in the snow
covered mountains,
where it happens to lay
and the people stray.
Nobody thought of it this way.
The waterfall is all,
that could make us fall.



The Old School House
(for Margaret Mary Enright)

In a half light, half sleep moment
I watched you sleeping.
The open window allowing
the fullest moon to rain itís aluminous beams
on your peaceful face.
This moon, as full as my heart then
and now.
I watched your breasts rise and fall
with each regular breath.
Recalling our love-making,
my now steadied heart
leapt as an encore to our earlier passion
on seeing you stir, smiling softly in your slumber.
Tender and tactile,
urgent and devoted.
I retrieve from crystal clear mind
the desire composed, impassioned in your eyes
and now, with the dawn just a pulse away
I jealously guard our time left alone together.
Resting beside you again, I can feel your heartbeat
and I endeavor to make it couple mine,
so as we are entwined by limb,
we are joined by heart, by love, by mind.
tomorrow must come I know
but not yet.


H Nikol Churchill

Friendship is such a wonderful thing.
It brings the one dear closer to you.
It is worth more than a priceless jewel.
It is something to treasure your whole entire life through.
You bond together firmly with love thatís
So deep and true.
That no one can take away from you!
It is such a rich blessing and happy memories to always cherish.
Through time it displays its beauty for as,
Long as you both may live.
Time canít erase the joy and pleasures
That friendship gives.
Friendship is truly a priceless gift. 


Your Shadow
Sam Selencky 

I can see your shadow
It is still here
The scent of room, the utterance of a name
I can see your shadow
Alas it is not mine
Dimmed by time, divorced by distance
I can see your shadow
I know no not whether it sees me
In everyday in every thought
I can see your shadow
I ca not make it leave
I can not touch it, i can not hold it, I can not help but love it
I can see your shadow
Alas it is not mine
For what is a man without a shadow?
I wish was still mine. 


The Demons Within


Malevolent demon, vindictive and low,

Omit a vile foreboding glow.
Turn the shadows into night,
Murder each pure ray of light.
Take my dreams and turn them around,
Make my screams despondent sounds.
Keep all others safe and warm,
Wake them in the peaceful morn.
Hide them from my heart's alarm,
Save their sacred souls from harm.
Flicker in your sheltered home,
Tell me that I'm not alone.
Lie and say all wrong is right,
Try to take my soul to smite.
Pierce my heart with your blazing head,
Change the clouds to a crimson red.
As virtue takes its final breath,
I'll feel my own internal death.
With no good to conquer and no evil to feed,
You'll leave me and pay me no more heed.


Dark nights
A poem by William Andrewartha

The owl he looks out into the night. The mouse leaves droppings and well he might.
 The owl look cute with his big green eyes but if the owl sees mouse  then mouse he dies.
The owl he stands up high he looks all around he mustn't die.
He sees his prey and pray it might but doom does loom once in wise old owls sight.
The prey he shakes but runs for cover The owls not worried there will be another.
He hoots, his hoot's returned this ruffles his feathers it does not matter that the hooter is his brother.
The night was dark and long the owls been fed With many small creatures inside him lie dead
At break of day the owl flies away the small animals safe But tonight look out for that face.


 I'm Lost
  Julia Madison 


I'm lost,
Lost in a world that is just so lonely.
A world with no shortcuts or paths.
A world with long, narrow, and dark roads.
This feeling of being lost causes many pains.
Pains that hurt me physically and mentally.
Pains that cause me to show emotion.
Pains that make me show fear.
When I show my fear it causes people to wonder.
Causes them to question the way I live.
Causes them to talk about me behind my back.
Causes them to laugh and giggle whenever I walk by.
For this pain attacks my soul.
It attacks my mind, It attacks my body, It attacks my heart.
And this feeling of being lost still causes many pains.
So I continue to acknowledge that this world still has long, narrow, and dark roads.
And that it has no shortcuts or paths.
For I am lost, Lost in a lonely world.


APRIL 17, 1998
  Joseph Welch


Gray mists float like--silent banshees
Wrap the cold rock green ridge
Hide the lark but not its call
Two lovers in the morning's wilderness
Have a moment alone, then nothing
As it slips through their hands like grains of sand


M G Adams

While dreaming, wishing and hoping for something I cannot touch
truth still exists as it is.
I ask does truth change when a thought exists?
I ask does truth change when a wish is made?
I ask does truth change when hope is in a heart?
While my perspective and mood may change causing some reaction
truth still exists as it is.
I ask do I have to change my thoughts?
I ask do I have to wish a new wish?
I ask do I have to hope for something else?
Perhaps now was once a dream, a wish, and a hope from the past.
I can't believe I worked for this.
I think I'll just be and let truth find me.



  "Corporate Prevarication"
eddie kessel

Coming real soon
to a mind or brain near you
Take a disgruntled look
at a disgusting view
Now that "Enron" is gone
and the economic skies are falling
They should've hired "Chicken Little"
to do the lying while shot calling
Schizophrenic and Pathological
a sea of faces lying
A search of their souls for compassion
was futile and not worth trying
An explanation is in order
and at this time I think it's best
That everyone of these bastards
take a lie detector test


Tracy Potter 


How could you do that to me.
How could you break my heart.
I gave you my love,
I confessed that I want to be with you,
And you shot me down,
Again, and again, and again.
Why did you lead me on.
Why did you hold me in your arms.
I needed your love,
But you left in the dark.
I saw you with other girls,
And I thought,
"Why should I keep breathing,
Why should I keep the pain in my heart"
Mon coeur est brise. (my heart is broken)
Now, because you could not love me in return,
I am looking down lonely people everywhere,
And you with another girl.
How could you do that to me.



My heart is full
A wondrous feeling of warmth
In the pit of my soul a sickly-sweet contentment
My strength is monumental in my spirits good health...
My heart is injured
A portion has left me now
I am resilient in my strength and will strive forward
My heart I will repair
My will replaces what was taken
A will stronger than the bonds of time
I am ready
May I find the true piece
Music once more
Aloft in the clouds of destiny
It is real
My soul is shared
More substantial than I ever thought possible
Angelic bliss
I am alive
Moving together as one
More pain
As fast it was found happiness abandons
Infesting sorrow now takes residence
My stone will has been fractured
Motivation gone
A scar where my compassion once was
I have built a wall
My wounds are to deep to expose
Meaning evades my thoughts
Alienation is welcome
Isolation has grown comfortable
Myself is enough...Myself is safe



Thirst for Salvation
by Katie Sullivan

Waiting and thirsting
Lonesome nights, tear-streaked cheeks--
A parched heart hoping for the nourishment
that only clear and fresh water can bring.
Just a trickle to keep on living
Just a droplet to heal
Just a soft mist to fill me, to complete me.
A rain shower to show me the way,
I am waiting and thirsting.
And then there he is, from no where.
He is my soft, gentle rain who sprinkles tenderness everywhere.
A gift, a treasure, a blessing.
Refreshing, cleansing, nurturing.
The water he is splashes and pours and sweetens the earth.
Happiness rains from a hopeful sky.
Giving life,
Giving love,
Salvation comes in the waterfall he is.


In the Darkness
In the Night,
From your Smile,
Comes the only Light.
In this Light,
I do bask.
I feel as though,
I can put down my mask.
What is this?
That I do see,
Someone that knows
What is me.
Someone with whom
I can share my fears.
To be myself,
And cry my tears.
This freedom you give,
I really love.
I thank the stars
That are above.
I glad that in this life,
Are lives did cross
To lose you now,
Would be the greatest loss.
Without you,
Darkness would surround me.
No source of light,
Would there be.
In the Darkness,
In the Night,
From your Smile
Comes the only Light.


just one day
 -cheryl a. dodd

if i could all at once in just one day
do a week's worth of laundry
i would gently soak my heart is Jesus' love
i would scrub gently the scars of sin

this wife cannot face the future
nor can she forget the past
she fears feeling alive for just one day
knowing the day won't last

i would rinse and rinse 'til all was sweet
as the fragrance of His presence embraced me
He would cherish my tears as He healed me
He would wash my feet as i wept

i would bleach this life white as snow
run to meet Him when he calls to say
come let us reason together, as I wash your guilt away
if i could all at once purify a lifetime, in just one day



Shana Govender

Intricately woven, parodies of unnature,
Eased into smooth lines,
Made tangible.
The human desire to shape
rough bark
coaxed into deviant images of nature.

these too are growing things
In twos, threes, fours,
Many branches achieve
Sharing a source,

Unnatural triumvirate,
Growing ≠
Not parallel.
At joint, at juncture, at every point of sufficient contact.
rooms within the souls
not three, but

A perfect whole



Living Infinite (Cycle of Life)
Matthew Sturos

Looking up
I see true infinite
Like my life, I know
I'll never see everything
So many things to unfold
Before long, I'll grow old
Experience is everything
The past is done
We can all be a savior
Discover the unknown
Touch the world
With sincere eyes
Or die with self pity
A world of demise
Can mankind, so twisted
Traverse new paths
Or continue disgrace
And feel it's wrath
Truly good people
As few as they seem
Must continue to be
For time to breathe


Jud Gutheil
Window rains run down.
The droplets streak like lightning,
Racing from sill to sea.
Maple Leaves

Maples Leaves
Jud Guthiel


The brown maple leaves
Fall gently on the street,
To chase the passing cars.


Sunshine Gone
Michael Kinkle 

The times I had the sun
Counting them as none
Running through the clouds
Not caring why or how
My sunshine is gone
Maybe not for long
But now I see
It's not you or me
Taking me over
Hold me closer
Before I leave forever  


"Mental Image of a Scream"

The pain, it's locked inside my head
It screams so loud, it wakes the dead
It makes me feel like i'm alive
Into it's shadows I run and dive
I'm comfortable hear in my head
the darkness is my friend
It grows inside and leaves no room
for anyone to stand
It fills me up when no one's near
The screams so load, but no one hears.
A cry of pain is blurted out
I feel like i am dead
So much noise, there is no doubt
It's crawling in my head.
Casing us into the wood, but it's me he's looking for
It's dark outside, he has a knife, he's knocking on my door.
I wait inside i close my eyes, my mind, my soul, thier torn
He's coming close, i smell his sweat, I scream, but i want more.
Then suddenly, I see a light
The light, my eyes, it's blinding
I wake up sweating in my bed
The truth, the light is hiding.


 Alyssa McMu llin 

Orion, my love,
Your soul's in the sky,
my troubles are lifted,
when I see you up high.
You're always there to listen,
you always comfort me,
But I want you here in person,
your eyes I want to see.
I've seen you before,
but I want you again,
so come back and save me,
from the cruelty of man.
I think that I need them,
that some how they'll do,
help me overcome them,
I can't do it without you. 


Road Worth walking

The silver moon gently kisses my face
As i listen to the clinking of my shoes
As they tap against the pavement
White clouds roll in
To decorate the starless sky
Like ornaments hung by God
The grass weeps
As if its been there forever
Watching others walk along the winding road
That seems to go on for a thousand miles
The echo of the blowing wind
That will carry my essence farther than birds can fly
Is my comfort
Silent music fills my ears with songs i could never sing
The black sky reaches out to me
As if to capture my soul
And hold it hostage forever
And walk the winking road
And listen to the wind blow
On this road worth walking



by Andries Vienne

The skies were thick. Big snowflakes were
falling down like white handkerchiefs
thrown down by the angels to lighten
his sorrow. But as the pieces of
icy cotton hit his warm face, they
were turned into tears, joining the
others in a steady flow that
ended in a freefall onto the
fluffy white carpet beneath his feet.
Three unrecognizable hardwood boxes
lay before him, covered in fairy dust.
The metal crosses, showing no trace
of the white frosting, were the only
signs indicating to a single passer-
by the true meaning of this man's
grief and anguish. But offer him
a real cloth handkerchief he could
not, as he did not even possess one to
wipe away the snot flowing from his nose
into his open mouth.



                                                                SHANNON SHELTON


The Love of God
Moses Torreblanca

Life is so hard without God
How can you continue on
living a life that falls to pieces
like the crumbs after the cookie is gone

You struggle from day to day
trying to put your life together
but as time goes on
everything is always going wrong

Why don't you turn your life to Jesus
who will free you from your sins
He will cleanse and make you whole
and set your soul free

All you have to do is confess your sins
and receive the baptism in Jesus name
He will fill you with the Holy Ghost
and your life will never be the same again


Getting Over You
amanda L

Lead me not into temptation;
I found it for myself.
I'd been tempted by you
and no one else.
But I no longer feel happiness-
Only hurt and pain.
I want you to be miserable
and feel the very same.
When you told me you loved me,
I thought it to be true-
but now you've hurt me
and I don't know what to do.
I sit hurt and lonely
and even confused.
Why was it me
that had to be used?
I'm sorry when I say
this is our end
to anything
that could of been.
So, never again lead me into temptation;
I can find it for myself.
I know this because I've
already found someone else.



The Lesson
Andrew W Peters

As I look into the skyline
Something is missing there
The scent of dust, smoke and agony
Impede the mourning air

Broken dreams and memories
Are all that is left to bare
Lots of empty tables
And feelings left unshared

Tomorrow is a new day
Another page unturned
Out of most tragedies comes an important lesson
This is the one thing I learned

Tomorrow is not promised
And life goes by to fast
So be sure to live each day
As if it were the last.


Good bye love
Devin Milhouse

Good bye love.
 Itís heard around the world.
 In many languages
 By boys and girls.
 When will you come back?
Never replies love
 And the child wanted
Was a simple hug
Will I se you again?
 Yes but will you recognize my face
 Because as the years pass
 I'll slowly fade away.
Why must you go?
 Love doesn't reply
 and tears run thick
 like blood down their eyes
 They don't understand
 they say this is love
 and for many years
 they long for a hug
 The kids were weak
 but tried to hold on
 You never notice love till itís gone


So long away from me

I hear your voice echo down the hallway as you leave
Not for good, yet for way too long
I miss you already although you're barely gone.
I'll manage my time and the days will pass by
Quickly yet never fast enough
I'll bet trapped in time waiting for you to return with each day becoming more tough
With nothing to hold on to, I stumble down
Not to the bottom of emptiness, yet inevitably, and with no one to catch my fall
I see you standing there in my dreams but in reality you aren't there at all
With blinded eyes and quieted ears I'll say goodbye to you
Yet hello to the loneliness you'll leave behind
Longing and love are terrible burdens to be placed upon my fragile mind
So as you leave I pray to you That you tell me how you fell
Yet be not too quick to release your love for me
I hear silence, I see darkness and feel nothing
Because you have gone to where you have to be
So long away from me

Sometimes I feel like crying because I don't think you love me anymore, but then i pull myself together and that feeling I ignore.
i cant imagine life without you in it, this is just something i've felt from the
we've been together 10 months now and why are we falling apart I mean how?
our relationship has always been up and down, but I never thought you wouldn't wanna stick around.
my mama told me absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in this case it not making our love any stronger.
were falling further and further away from one another everyday, why does it have
to happen this way?
I love you this I  know for sure because every time I try to hate you I end up loving you even more.


desirae fitzpatick


coming to me slowly
through months and years
you spring me a new thought of happiness
of days well spent and ill
wasted but used,
of words almost meant,
of ways we could be less than two




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