May, 2002

                                               The Carpenter

                                               I  have been
                                        building a structure
                                a house, a home. I am clear.
                       I am focused. I am tenacious. I begin
                 with the foundation at the southwest corner
            working eastward, then north, then west and finally
         south returning to the point of beginning. With a sturdy
    foundation I am confident and I build upwards but the taller I
build, the more unstable my structure becomes. The walls crack the
     floors shake, and the blueprints vanish in my mind. This structure,
                  this house, this home now built on an unknown foundation
                                crumbles to the ground. And I know that among the
                                             mess, this ruin, I must gather my tools and
                        begin again, because I am the architect,
                         the carpenter, the hand that creates as
       well as the hand that demolishes. And I know that I'll stand upon
                          this strip of bare land,  brown and tender,
                                     and build again  and again
          through each destruction because I was made for this.....
                                          because this is all I have.

Patty DeGenaro


Whisper in the dark
Terry Luster

Over the silence a whisper in the dark
Rang softly.
“come, play”
My knees weaken with fear for none was near.
“come, play”
the child like voice sang.
Hair on my neck touched by a frosty breeze.
“come, play”
the child beckoned me.
I said in a squeak leave me be.
was the answer that I received.
Scared of a child not me, I will find the
The voice and set it free.
Up and down the halls I found no child at all.
But still the little voice whispered the same
“come, play”
Back to my chair I made my way with a sense of
Urgency, there in my chair sat a ghost of a child
Dressed in white in an angel attire.
“come, Play”
is all that he could say.
With his right hand held out to me
as if he would lead me away from my misery.
I grasped his hand with uncertainty,
what I would find would be mystery.

Brandon Reed
Quiet nights
Remembered in smiles
Beginning life in right days, watching roses paint pictures of lovely autumn
Talking to me
In visions, peaking imagination of sand gripping
Dateless moments, wishing for angles of the sun
Rather than moon’s past life, mahogany’s philosophy
Studied in brown skin lady, touching her mind in collapse hearts
When stars begin to talk about memories in time
Telling warnings to whisper chances of a last dance, hearing music while
Still young, playing songs at home
Shaping harmony of every tear she brings
Feeling summer in long walks, looking for a place
Where butterflies rest and fruit’s passion remain the same
Remembering eternity in it’s pure form
Reaching for hello scream
In the month of lovely language, defining years of existence
Walking by on heaven’s earth
Trying to get back
To whispers in raindrops, blowing one more time in weaken knees
Leaving marks on pillow’s acceptance
Painting beauty in silence aftermaths
Crumbling misconceive notions on victim happening in 5th degree winds
Telling me to touch
Her frame once more, before love captures poor man’s stay in pastime evolution
Across evening reply, meant to share a simple love you message in our spent season, avoiding summer’s cold near miss with unborn vision across life comprehension!


Thank You For the Rainbow
Virginia Anne Weathers


All around me was darkness
Then I felt your hand
You turned me to another direction
And I saw the light and more
I saw a rainbow
Cut through the darkness
Bringing to me
It's message of hope
I knew that without your light
The rainbow wouldn't be there
So I want to thank you now
For the rainbow
For even out of the rain
Can come something beautiful
And even out of the darkness of despair
Can come hope and light.
My Past as The Years Go By
Daniella Lockhart

  As I move, I can see the mountains opening up.  The wind blows, as if it were a breeze.  I can feel the spirits. I can see the faces of father's, father.  I can see the writings of the past.  I can see Mother Earth and Sister Sky.  I can feel the dancing of the powwows.  But, what happens when I am trapped in the air.  What happens, tell me, when I am not allowed to feel the past.  But as I can feel the blood coming threw me, I will never forget my past, as the years go by.



Fred David

If I ruled time
Today would last 'til tomorrow
The hours would go on for days
And the days would never end
Until you and I were content
And had our fill

If I ruled time
Thirty-five minutes would seem like a second
So I might be by your side
Whenever you willed it

If I ruled time
School would seem a distant memory
Spring break would be spring canyon
And Christmas really would last twelve days

If I ruled time
The night would never die
We'd lay together forever
On our own fluffy cloud

If I ruled time
I would be with you during the day
If I ruled time
I would be with you when you fell asleep
If I ruled time
I would be with you when you awakened
If I ruled time
I would be with you
                    whenever you needed me
                    or missed me
                    or just wanted me
If I ruled time


Plastic wrap cap
Rain, spish, splat
Cheap vinyl shoes
Stride through
Gutter blues.

Rich man's leather shoes
Walk through worse
Leather shoes see more
See more, whores, chores, open doors.

Vinyl shoes see
Things closed.




abdul mueed quazi


I wonder looking on the sky,
How clouds could float or birds fly;

I wonder how it got up so high,
From millions of years seems never to die;

It is blue in the day and black at night,
At dark stars glow and sun makes it bright;

I wonder how it just got up there?
With no sign of wall or pillar anywhere;

Its the place where sun rises and sets,
It makes its way from east to west.


The heart of rose.
Hubert Wee

A splash of brilliance, a touch of warm shade,
a sweep of colour, such blaze and great atmosphere.
The revival of rose, in charming splendour and sweetness,
single and dominant, washing all in hue.
Such elegance of petal, such prominence of trait,
the sweetest, the truest, of rose beside lake,
The uniquenesss, the individuality, of such purest flower,
the heart of nature from which all emotion shall be empowered.
The blooming of rose, swift and uninhibited,
natural as ever, growingly motivated.
Petal upon petal, the essence of expression,
its truest meaning for all to grasp.
Such gentle meekness, let soothe, oh comforting tenderness,
come sense the emergings, the outspreadings, of delicate rose flower,
the heart of nature it solely lies truest to,
passionate and wholesome, warming all in heartening spirit

The ravages of passion, the gnawings of emotion,
for I care not, so they always do pass,
sweeping though spirit, reaching out to soul,
as the finest rose does such also.


Why do I not see thee? 
Eric Allen Betz

I see the Stars.
I see the Sun,
I see the Moon and Rivers run.
Why do I not see thee, My greatest love,
My fair Lady?
I look for thee under bough and over Sea.
Why have I not seen thee?
You must have left,
Over Moon, Under Sun,
Where the Eternal Rivers Run.


"one confused world"
Without you i'm living all alone
I feel like an invisible fool
living without you makes me live in one confused world
I feel like a moon without my star
I'm tired of the lonely world I live in today
That you brought me to today
I feel like a plane with no place to land
When i lost sight of everything
But nothing more than everlasting love
With out you i live in one confused world

brent causie 


falling silver drops
starlight melting down to earth
rain drops in the light

Will Cassada


tyisha figueroa

I hurt from inside, I cry pain, my tears flow steadily i am rain.
 I was pure like the wind but my blood was poisoned with hate.
 I once believed i was one with myself. i ask the creator is it to late.
 I am threatened by this world because life hasn't been simple. just to feel
 one day flown like an Indian river mild and tranquil.
  I own hidden feelings that break me down each day. anger is built on top
 of me exploded like a volcanoes in a rage. Tears flow steadily im captured
 in a world with no escape. past death to replace myself in front of
 heavens gates. Let me live inside of you. cause only inside of you am i
 beautiful, but for who i am please forgive me i really didn't mean too.


Our lives together...
I miss the way you touch me,
How you’re gentle hand touched my skin.
Not only on the outside,
But the way you reached, and slowly took it in.
I miss the way you held me,
The feeling that you'd never let me slip away.
Although, knowing we had to let go,
It's you that keeps me day by day.
I miss the way you kiss me,
Your lips pressed against mine.
Was what I felt just a dream, or really existing?
You took my breathe and suspended it in time.
I miss the way you whisper to me,
Words that only you could say or do.
But, there's nothing else I'd rather hear you whisper,
Than tenderly breathing, "I love you."
I miss the way you miss me,
Even though we'll be with each other forever.
So I won't be saying, "I miss you," anymore,
I'll be saying, all the 'miss you' that I've written will never equal our lives together...


We live our life everyday.
Trying to make something more everyday.
In fact society eats us up, as we gain weight everyday.
Excess baggage is nothing but pain.
That we throw over our shoulders everyday.
We give up on people who remind us of our past everyday.
Put on a happy face to cover up the mistakes life made us do

 Venita Luciano 


sarita laitflang

Heaven knows the veracity

For an epoch of severance
Seems to irk the core
Infernos enthuse passions
Forbidden is the yen
You the solitary craving
But you loathe reverence
Vexed to relinquish
For you comprehend the preordained
Revert your fury
For I will outshine the flames
And vanquish all enticement
Forever you remain my possession
In spite of your forswearing
I remain the rime for you
And you the fire of my soul
Brazen out to pine for
Abiding in you I linger
Alleviating the eternal blaze
Ensuing your unceasing ardor


Rhett Frei


What is Weird?
Is normal weird
or is weird normal
no body knows?
but when you are weird
your aren’t cool
to some people
so does that me your
or hat your understand life
better then everyone
but that is why
weird should
not be
taken seriously
since when you are normal
you are weird to me
but when I am weird to you
I am insane
but so if you are not weird
you are not normal
There is no other way


The Atloo
Marco Martinez

Living alone in a spacepod,
the Atloo blinks its lights contently.
Living alone should be difficult.
It takes courage to face the silence:
The silence that soothes your mind,
but pesters your heart.


Angeline Rose

Everyday, beyond four seasons through moon and sun,
Hitting the road in conclusions, predestined by diluted results,
Craving fondly, in rhythmic waves of rusted ties,
Saving the best for last, dissolving the past gems into solid reminiscence,
It's just a matter of time...

Living the life of Riley,in the halycon waters of stirring reflections,
Relieving the concrete elements, blueprints within man's original psychology
Touches of resourceful ingredients, playing nature's materiality,
One anonymous lapse, an unsound move, concludes the major irony of it all,
Within minutes...

Turning into my senses, whirling inside my grooving state,
Caught a vivid glimpse of your moving sensation,
And swiftly attacking the falling seconds, reviving time to a standstill,
You checked in, you perceived, you employed our love,
But I embraced, I credited and I inscribed our majestic romance;

None od such ironic chapters,
Would have seated in legacy,
If you had ambled in five minutes later,
Or if I had planted my gaze,
Five minutes earlier.


                                 A NEW WALK
                                EXZAVIA LELLO

Look at me
Say what you see
Look beyond my skin
Believe that I have been
I have been in and out,
Around and about
My life has taken me on a roll,
But my smile has saved my soul
From the abuse to losing life to broken tears
I can honestly say, that I look to no more fears
As my days clear to sky blue clouds,
My body no more sits at my window looking for rainy doubts
Opening my arms to new opportunities,
My lips are able to speak steady stabilities
I almost gave in to imperfect sin
I was close to drawing the last straw,
In what I thought was a big flaw
But my life flashed before,
I could not walk through that door
Please with what I have,
I can freely walk my new path


William C. Ader

Somewhere inside
her uncertain smile
lurked a double-feature matinee
with hot buttered-popcorn
and a hero
on a horse.


I stand to meet you again
from your fly in.
and now I know this time will be our last
I love and hate to read your mind,
almost as much as mine.
but in weakness we always follow others lives.
crying from the past
and left mourning the future.
reasons only reflect unchanged answers
lessons more confusing than the questions
all I am hidden from my life.
in the end I hope I am wrong
I hope you hold your little piece of heaven.
but I fear for your empty house,
my prayers ask for your peace.
maybe I am more a fool than I thought,
if so good.
the work I put into draining my own heart
is hard enough on me.

Michael Rannels


Under The Banyan Tree
R.V. Reddy 
                 Under the Banyan Tree at Bodh Gaya
                           You attained the Ultimate
              Now at Bamiyan
              They have desecrated your image
              Yet stoically you stand
              An icon of peace for a warring age
              Which sorely requires the wisdom of a sage
              You looked upon mankind as one ,left lasting impressions
               The Dalai Lama is your modern representative
               Of your eternal love and compassion !


Long Forgotten Peace
Amatul Noor Khan

I wonder why this world is full of wars
With cruel hand the earth
It mars
Why Oh why the sacred
This cruelty,
This viciousness, ferocity,
And brutality.
Every soul is enemy, every
Tongue is enormous,
Every tree is crying for a tender
Pat from us
More often to cry, more widows
To dread,
The earth itself is turning dead
Man is ferocious just to
Claim his superiority?
Yet to me it is rather
An inferiority.
And in his fight hath made
The world,
The most undesirable place
To breathe,
Which once was filled
With herbs and herd
Now brutal blackness is making it
Barren and bleak

Till, I just closed
My eyes,
To feel dewdrops, rain and ice,
To admire sun, sky, brook,
Trees and mountains,
To seek long forgotten love and
kindness of humans.
Then, I just pray to God a silent pray,
To save the world of being a prey.
To make it sunny, blue and
And fill it with peace and
Harmony to the height.
That is my desire for
The rest of my life.



Sunlight of mourning
Swallows me whole,
Light invades the privacy of my eyes
and their song reaches my ears:
a warning of their existence.
Black is White
Love is Hate
and birds have led me to this madness.
never trusting of those eyes
opposite me
those that hide the sinister
(EVIL) brain:
controller of the claws.
    -surrounded by birds
    -screaming birds
I hear them.

Coming for YOUR EYES
      and the birds were screaming.


jenny flames

i tell u about the love of my life.
hes completely perfect, its tru.
ur there for me, u udnerstand.
dont u get it? im in love wtih u.
u change the description of perfect.
u change the way i see love in my heart.
but i no that we wont b together.
well only drift further apart.
ur all that i couldnt dare to dream of.
dont htink this is just another love song.
not being in ur arms sends my world crashing down.
im scared to think wat else can go wrong.
i just wish i could b in ur arms.
just once , for one second, one breath.
ud b my best friend if ud just shoot me.
this has to b much worse than death.
the guy i cant and wont have
is the one thing that i would want...ever.
i wanna feel ur breath beside mine.
wanna hear our hearts beating together.
id rather drown in my own blood.
than b drowning in all of these tears.
how could this one little crush
bring so much sorrow and fear.


 When I  was a little girl growing up I thought
        there would be a place for me
  Now sit back, observe, and take in all that
           the future has to offer me,
            What is my destination?
       Was I sent here on a journey or for
         a greater purpose than I see?
   What does life really have in store for me?
    Was I sent to be a star, or just to make a
         difference in someone else's life.
  Is my life already laid out for me or can I take
         my own path to see my destiny?

KCP Spring

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