June, 2006

          Talitha Bing
Taking a walk along the beach
I feel the sun's warm embrace
I close my eyes to bask in the rays
And it gently kisses my face.
Sitting at the water's edge
I'm rushed with white foam and then
The water recedes from the damp shoreline and prepares to break waves again.
Looking to the horizon at what may be
With luck you'll see a dolphin or two.
They play in the water so gleefully
ANd you know they're laughing for you.
And when the sun has sunken low
My paradise fades to blue
But I kiss it goodnight until morning
And it whispers, "Good night to you, too."
Forever Strangers
Maresa Spooner
At first full of mystery
	and a quest for discovery. 
Innocence and sincerity prosper
No end in sight,
	just pure love. 
Slowly all near-perfection 
Truth leaks out slowly
	and each questions their
feelings for the other.
All innocence lost,
	no visible mark of sincerity
And love dies like the 
	final flickers of a candle.
Real identities revealed,
	and  suddenly
all former beliefs are proven mistaken.
The two (formerly in love) are now
	strangers to each other.
Rarely crossing paths.
And never to be united

What's love
Angel Lynn Haugrud

I cant tell you what love, is but i will love is...

I'm not telling you to believe what I'm about to say but read it any ways I cant even if i wanted to you see love is not something you can tell everyone about Its not something like hate or anger which you cant put in a book If god wanted us to know what love is then he would of given us the knowledge to tell everyone But he didn't so guess he never wanted us to know Truthfully i think god does not even no much about love Most people think love is being with the person you really like Or taking your date to a movie and saying you love them over and over again Or slow walks on the beach Cuddles Hugs and kisses Making love at night But its not love is the one mystery no one can really explain not even me Even if god new what love is you think he would tell us He mite when we die He mite not we might just have to guess about it But i used to think love is live Being able to get forgiven by god that's true love being able to get that special person into your life giving life to a new kid teaching people how to be real people love is being able to have a family love is were your poor and your out on the streets but you have a place to go like homeless shelters love is people working so other people can have what they need and then them getting stuff to love is looking into your kids eye and seeing their future just joking that's not love that's what people think love is love is life that's love love is power love is...

love is indescribable

that's why i love you [joking]

love is the one thing i cant describe its the only mystery in my life and i bet in yours to you may say you know love but you really don't you may say you know every thing about love but the truth is you don't because no one knows about love not even the great god himself and that's the truth


you drive me crazy.
so that i become so lazy.
to you i am a dick.
to me your chick
so now you'll go and take the mick.
to you i am a prick that needs a good kick.
but now you'll go to a flick with a dick.
and that just makes me plain sick.
to you im a geek to me ur a heart leak.
to me you are love
to you im a dove that needs a good shove.
but i hope you'll be loved.
from earth and above.
so now i will not bother you because to you i am a flea so now i must leave and  just you 2 be 4 he.
but to me your ellie
to you i am just a smelly fat bellie.

callum higson


My one true love
My dear.
My days are longer.
My sleep is shorter.
My strength is failing.
All the power I had
Is almost gone.
As the light fades away
And the darkness comes.
I fight the demons
To find my one true love.
And as I fight.
I see a light shining so bright.
Soon the demons are gone.
The darkness fades away.
My power is restored.
My strength is now full.
My sleep is peaceful.
My day is happier.
For you have my heart
And you keep it next to yours.
So faithful and so willing.
Our love will last forever.
In happiness and peace.
For I have found.
My one true love.


Reflections of you
In a still pond below me
Celestial Moon...
Above me makes you shimmer
Like a raindrop in the Sun...
Tobe Roberts
(Japanese tanka poem)


And I wouldn't change a thing
That's how its always been
      Portraits Dear 
      Pictures of Me
I must be getting older
What a thing
There's things I don't need
But I want them anyway
I wouldn't change a thing
Come on take a chance
Show some sympathy
You know your getting older
Why change a thing
Get to know me and maybe i'll do the same for you 
Come on try it out Tomorrows to late Dear 
And by then I may never know you
Remember that day?
I can so clearly, but then again
Its sort of a fading memory
I remember I found you
But i had to lose you
No worries Dear
Lets stay Here for a now
Wait for me just a little while
And i'll Tell you "why i wouldn't change a thing"


Dinner with Lee
Ramesh Dohan
The cook makes the sauce—
hot pot encounters cold tomato
A tiny spot of
memory bitter like tea leaves clings
to the worn spoon. 
Scarlet ribbon wrappings layer over layer, way way beyond exotic.
They are handing out menus again.
In and out, practice the union
of east and west.
stand outside the door
waiting for that man
to walk out of your heart.


Jesus Juarez

I can remember back sometime,

I fell in love with this wueda,

Man she was fine, On a scale of 1 to 9,

I would rate her a dime,

She was a goody two shoes suburban girl, I tried to bring her into my ghetto world, Ever since the start, I knew I had her heart, Straight from the beginning bid, My brother warned me about our family biz, He told me I better not let her in on it, I already knew all of this, She took it as a dis, I came from the streets of the hood, If the cops were to roll through, She knew nothing of what we were up to, I loved the things that she could do, Straight tearing up the sheets, My love for her went deep, But, It was never meant to be, It wasn't my destiny.


“Love across salt desert”
-Maheshwar Mathad
Disgraceful little girl
Left off the door at midst,
She kept on walking and walking and walking Until she reach shoreline.
She astonished at little-little things,
She touched most minuscule waves,
She holds them in both palm-leafs
And Drink a mouthful of salt waters.
Early in morning, she was drowsy,
She made a pillow and a bed of sand,
And slept-off dreaming an Angel to Land,
In midst of her dream,
She could hear, someone banging her name, Someone patting her forehead with sympathy And she moved, holding a finger of someone, As if she’s moving in fair, holding his fathers’.
Someone narrated her a story of love,
Story of ‘Love across the salt desert’
The story of a young boy
Adi -from vast Indian Ocean
Fall in love with a cute girl
Fadh -beside South China Sea.
The saga of their love, their feelings,
Regarding their joy, their sorrows,
Also someone narrated about the
Big saga of boy, who jumped into sea wave, To swim across salt desert to devote his love, All the waves, all the water, all the sand Cared him lot in reaching the other end.
He kept swimming not caring the day and night, To be floating he holds all his breathe tight, He was a tiniest part of sea, The cold, the hunger, the tides were giants, The boy, obscured under the sand beds, Along with his loves’ and admires, They also buried, for million of decades.
Someone, Narrated the little girl,
The story of love across salt desert
And someone advised her,
Not to fall in love across continent.
And all they say,
It’s easy to make love,
Hard to bear the leave.


Jennifer Giuglianotti
touch me not
just lie with me
hold me
kiss me
just lay me down?
on the floor
draped in that green curtain u so love
minus the rod please?
lay me down
across your lap
paint me please?
remember me.
for i will be long gone soon...
lay me down, you Sentimental Man.
please love me from a distance
love me when you are
Love me when your chips are
and when you are
until you are drunk with
and I am all you'd ever want or
Lay me down, Please?


Jeoffrey Stiernon

Do u ever sin a woman in her glasses right Purpil Wo man he’s might deaf roman timb wright Womantic In Her tiger ighe those Monroe lights Blinking sightly tight Lovenil critic


"To Dylan:  Who Am I?"
Lisa Ann Allen

Who am I?  I never knew.
Girl, woman, wife, to name a few.
Somebody's child, somebody's friend
A soul who'll vanish with the day.

Who am I? I am a nurse
Who cares for people at their worst
But that is what I do, not who I am.
Who else am I?  I am a daughter, 
And like a boat adrift the water I struggled each and every day 
To find my port, And as I lay washed up on shore, I listened to the ocean's roar, 
Afraid I couldn't take much more Of looking for myself.
Then there was you. And then I came 
Out of the dark, out of the rain, 
Out of the cloak, yes, I awoke To who I really am.
And what a joy to finally see...
To really know, to really BE And to no longer be in doubt 
Regarding what life's all about, And why God put me here.
Who am I?  I never knew.
That is, dear child, 'til I had you.
'Tis you defines me like no other.
Who am I?  I am your mother.


I'm not a perfect person
there's many things i wish i didn't do
but i continue learnin
i never meant to do those things to you.
and so i have to say before i go
that i just want you to know
i found a reason for me
to change who i use to be
a reason to start over new
and the reason is you
i'm sorry that i hurt you
its something i must live with everyday
and all the pain i put u thru
i wish that i could take it all away
and be the 1 who catches all ur tears
thats why i need you to hear
i found a reason for me
to change who i use to be
a reason to start over new
and the reason is you!!!
i'm not a perfect person
i never meant to do those things to you
and so i have to say before i go
that i just want you to know
i found a reason for me
to change who i used to be
a reason to start over new
and the reason is you
i found a reason to show
the side of me u didn't know
a reason for all that i do
and the reason is you!!!!!!! 

Dheeraj Nathani


Ashley Reel
Being there at the right time,
being in the right place,
a feeling that you'll be mine,
dreaming of seeing your face.
Imagining a moment like this,
a warm starry night,
then giving me the most gentle kiss,
you wrap your arms around me tight.
You whispered "I love you" in my ear,
I looked at you and knew it was fate.
I whispered back "I love you too dear,"
as i smiled and realized you are my soul mate.


I Love You
Perchuhi Terzyan
I Know There Are Feelings
Between Me And You
But I Got To Be Honest
I Think I Love You.
I Know It Sounds Weird
But I Guess This Is It
You Don't Have To Be Feared
To Finally Admit It.


for someone so special and caring and kind for someone who deserves love better than mine for someone who knows how to love a girl and who is made from the best parts of heaven

I give you my honesty my care and my word I give you my hand (a love said with out words) I give you my sympathy hoping for kindness and longing for friendship tots lasting a world

I'm hoping for sumthing unknown and expecting I'm hoping for your eyes that are something unresting I'm hoping for something to happen to us and for it to be love that doesn't shatter

I'm crying the last things that ive said to you I'm crying because i really loved you I'm crying because i know ive done wrong and nuthing can change that not even our song

Kelsey weller pinkey


It's hard to figure out
The future I must face.
I don't want to take the pain
Without you in this place

But I've got no choice.
I need to fight the fears. 
I'll value the past memories
And how you had cared for me
year after year.
It's because of you
That I am who I am today
I wished you could have stayed to this day In order to hear me say I LOVE YOU! 

 Michele P.


Aisha M. Thomas

In my mind I know that you may never be what I want, but in some ways i feel good that a part of me doesn't care.

In my mind I can't process a future, but I know you're here for a reason..I just don't know what that reason is.

You may not know this but I listen to what you have to say.

Your arrogance is not tactless, yet it is wisdom Your undisciplined demeanor speaks fearlessness, and courage.

Your mind is powerful...yet you have no idea.

When you speak it is as if lighting and dark clouds appear in the sky, and the depths of the earth are revealed.

You are the true image of..I've taken that breath of despair, hurt and pain.

You have risen above all odds..but still continue to I your I your all?


Where Did You Go?"
Lara Alost
Why did you leave?
Where did you go?
My mind has been burning to know
You left with out a good-bye
Just dropped off the face of the earth
Vanishing from sight
And fading from mind
Thousands of things remind me of you
No matter how hard I try
I can't seem to forget you
Songs movies, books, jokes...
They all link me to you
I lie in bed at night
Thoughts dwelling on you.
I can't help but wonder
Do you think of me too?
Do you miss me
Like I miss you?


Forgotten Life
by: Marissa Knight
This old bottle of water
Drifting fnerts of sand floating inside
To you, it’s just a dirty, useless canteen But to me… it’s something much more
Why, you ask? Decide for yourself
A: If I were to shake it gently, the sound produced:
Swish, Swoosh, Swish, Swoosh
Would be associated with a running waterfall
B: If I were to smell it,
The stench would be terrible
And that’s the honest truth
C: If my hand were to enter the bottle
Everything would feel the same
As when I first gathered it
D: If I were to bring it up, towards my quivering lips, The taste would be unimaginable Like drifting ants, dancing on my tongue
Did you choose A, B, C, or D? Or maybe you chose all of the above…
Don’t worry I have the answers,
They’re here in my heart… my cheat-sheet
The answer is Letter E—it’s a memory… of my forgotten life


my own piece of time
jon waldron

i sit alone in the sky.
looking down to find.
the pieces of me, i didn't see
and left behind.
searching for my piece of mind.
eyes on people
with no peace in mind.
hurting hearts
one ends, one starts
same place same time.
until i see her face
and my eyes go blind.
her lips i taste
the stars align.
stuck in a race
last place
so far behind.
what can i do
im loosing my mind
one thought at a time
every time
i think of u


"I Know you Don't Love Me"
Alyssa Delrow
Should I tell you that I love you,
Tell you how I feel,
If I tell you all these things
I wont have time to heel.
I wont have time to heel because,
I'll go away so soon,
And when I go away,
Ill be Down and my whole life will be ruined.
But I will tell you anyway
I love you to this very Day
And if you tell me you love me too,
please don't let it change!


A Mother Is
Eliysheba H. Evans
  What is a mother
  A mother is a person who gives you shelter,food,comfort, and love
  A mother is a person who goes on every field trip at school with you
  A mother is a person who goes to everyone of your games and cheers to be supportive in everything you do
  A mother takes time out of her day to help you with your homework
  A mother is a person who tucks you in and tells you a story at night
  A mother is the type of mother thatloves her children with all her heart
  A mother is my loving mother Davina Evans
In between the right and left ribs
Above the stomach
Lies a circular mass
An organ the doctor never
It causes sickness and disease to*o
liver, spleen, kidneys, and 
it throbs close to the heart 
We often mistake it for one in 
The same. 
Mine got injured and I 
Went out searching 
Annoyed with its aching and taking 
Over my life
And, I knew if I didnt, it would infect my body
Inch by inch
Until there was nothing left but black-rotten flesh.
I spent more hours than I...
Even to say
Just because this damn organ wanted 
A name.

LUV 1 ON 1
Written by DIZIE B.


Love is a special type of feeling 2 people share, never being afraid to show they care.

Its being there for your significant other through triumphs and pain.

Its not all about the sex player but how you play the game.

So here's class "LUV 1 ON 1" as i tell you what a woman wants.

A dozen roses, sometimes just one or just pulling her close to you and holding her in your arms.

A simple phone call in the middle of the day, if nothing more than to say "I LOVE YOU BABE".

A loving card on an ordinary day, will mean the world to her, just believe what i say.

To her affection is like perfection, and it means so much.

Lets the whole world know that its just the 2 of us.

Tell her she's loved every Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

Now i'm missing my love, so class dismissed y'all.


Jeff Pelsang

Breathe on me,

Let me feel your breathe upon my skin,

Touch my hand with a gentleness as caressing as the wind,

Look in to my eyes and see the love I feel,

Put your hand upon my chest as my beating heart proves my love is real,

Let me run my hands through your silky hair and see a hint of a lustful smile,

Lets hold the stare that we both share and cherish it for the while,

No stormy wind can blow apart these feelings we just shared, no god can break the bonds we've made as one will never tare,

The more who try to rip us way the more that find demise,

Our secrets of love our hidden well we keep them in our eyes,


Mind of Her own
You can be direct...
With or without male contact...
You see the past... 
And the future as well...
But still in me you dwell...
Causing me to swell... 
You, moan and softly yell...
You are direct...mostly for you
It's costly... 
Like that day; you went to explore...
The garden...
Your directness has you and I...
Band to earth's woes...
As man and woman. 
All the birds and butterflies...
No one knew you had such pride.
Satan evens regret his move... 
Satan never consider your...
Direct mood.
Satan touched your softness...
And was hooked. 
You shared it with me...
I was well took...
It is all wrote down in the book... 
Even God was shook...
Your beauty and wisdom cook...
Your respect...
Made you and I rejects... 
Now you secretly rule the world...
Giving your love briefly...
At some moments...
And to the brim at other times... 
Directing man, by his spine.
Oh! you are good,
With the garden in you...
Allowing man to plant...
Down the road allowing him to pant. 
Then man chants...
A song of your sovereignty...
Which is given by God...
For mans tree. 
You woman have a mind of your own...
You are truly mans home...
There is much concerning you...
And your garden, I do not understand... 
As Man. 
And when my spirit was running...
I understood you not.
Your garden...
Your garden...
Is none stop... 
The freedom of your mind...
Holds me ever so close...
And...yet so farrr.

By: Harpreet Bains

I want to lie in your arms and play with your hair You are my angel and you give me so care You are so beautiful no one else can compare That’s why I love you and love you for real

You showered me with kisses and made me strong I was nobody before but you proved me wrong I want to keep loving you till the end of my life Can’t live without you girl want to make you my wife

I can’t begin to imagine life without your love You are the one girl, you are sent from above I thank god for the gift that I have in you My life is complete and it’s all due to you


To The Most Wonderful Person In The World
megan rose selvidio

you were always there for me

you caught me when i fell

you told me when i was wrong

you held me when i cried

you loved me when no one would

you took me in when i got kicked out

you told me right from wrong

you never judged me

you listened when i talked

you held my hand as a crossed the street you helped me no matter what was wrong you told me stories that made me laugh and cry you always believed in me you found love in hate you overlooked a person's bad past you left me with nowhere to go when i had to leave you left me with no one to talk to you left me with no shoulder to lean on you loved me more than anyone ever had you never said good bye you only live in my heart now


Andy get beta
tara-louise collins

We ave known eachotha 4 8 or 9yrs

We Neva used 2 tlk thou wen we did we ad a lot of fights I rememba sayin to you wipe them tears I rememba them nights

When u came home u went straight 2 Ur room U always turned Ur music up full blast All I could hear at night was BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM I hoped it wouldn’t last

I was walkin up thru town 1 day

I saw you nd called Ur name out

I didn’t No Wot 2 say

Then we started meetin up nd goin out & about

1 day I went 2 urs nd asked u if u ad a girl friend “No” u replied I rememba it well I rememba thinking I hope our friendship wood Neva end Den u started tlkin bout dis girl I new who it was I could tell

U sed “I really like dis girl Tara” it made me think I started askin u questions based on me I walked over 2 da sink Nd looked at u nd u looked Bk at me

I sed “so wen u gonna ask dis girl out” u replied “L8er on wen I’m ready”

I sed I dunno who she is wen I did I lied I started shakin I wasn’t steady let alone ready

Out of da blue u asked me out I didn’t no wot 2 say I started 2 think Bout it I couldn’t decide I even tried 2 change da subject by sayin isn’t it a nice day My face went red dats wen I tried 2 hide

But we ave now split up becoz of me

I felt really bad

U rang me nd asked if I wood take u Bk out I sed wait nd c Wen I think bout u its makes me really sad

Wen I returned from holiday I was happy nd glad Until staff came in nd sed “Tara we ave sumthin 2 tell u”

They told me nd I started 2 cry I went from happy 2 sad They sed “its was really hard 4 us 2 tell u”

I’m blamin myself 4 wot happened 2 u if it wasn’t 4 me U wouldn’t b in there Lying in Ur death bed y cant u c That I do care

I'm sorry for everything you've been through I'm sorry for all that's been said and done It must've been very hard on you I was the moon, you were the sun

I'm sorry for not making everything right I'm sorry for not lending you a hand But the situation I was in, was very tight If only I could be a better friend

I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't care I'm sorry for breaking your heart For forgiveness, where do I start?

Lucky for you, your special- someone was there

So all I’m gonna say is wen u come round Will u get Bk wid me I made a bad mistake finishin u I’m sorry nd dis time I will promise I will stick around U were da best thing dat happened 2 me so I want u


Split Obsessions

It’s dangerous, the feelings I feel

The love I reveal is sometimes too real

The thoughts I think are so filled with passion The mistakes of life have only compassion

The crazy thoughts that run through my mind When your eyes look into mine they are blind Yet the droplets of pain trickling down my cheek Reveals the warmth I so desperately seek

One second bright, the other in spite

There is only pain brought into the night And the tears and the fears of every fight Only then bring memories of before tonight

By day one way, by night another

A fairytale unlike any other

Without this love, there is only hate

Only hope can reveal my hearts true fate


I ask that you please "love" me so

I never truly let go

I doubt you even have a clue

That I still truly do "love" you

I gave you my heart

You broke it apart

You left me here crying

Parts of me are dying

No one can see pain behind a mask

No one can see how I complete the task

No one can see the cuts the scars

Of a girl left alone by far

No one can see how she's slowly fading away No one would ever listen to what she had to say So eventually she gave up, Stop trying Then her hopes and dreams went flying Why can't anyone see the girl screaming "notice me"

Shelby Gore


Marla DiGiacomo

the colour today is yellow
it tastes of honey
sticky as my nerves
on the end of 5 days
In Babylon


A bond so strong, a hold so tight, to know the one mr.right. A loving sent from up abouve. In you iv found my one true love. Our lives are to be as one, Upon this jerney we have just begun, Where you and I will find no less, the eternal love and happyness.



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