Can't Hate Me
Bryan Thomas Spencer

can't hate me like that
i can't live
wit this on my chest
or heart blood pumps
threw my vanes of wire &
don't hate please
it won't be long
until we die together
of roses & clouds
of paradise water
son of my seeds will pray from above
to us for help so if
we do work something out
don't hate

Bullet proof
emil nordgren

Let me be the one who would take a bullet for you.
It would be worth dying for, to make you realize.
Someone please put a gun against her, shoot at her.
So I can Sacrifice my body, to make my soul whole.
It would be worth dying for, to make her realize.
Shoot me in front of her, make her realize I'd do anything to be hers.
It Would be worth dying for.

Cherree Wellman

I canít seem to deliver the righteousness of Ester out of me instead Iím all serpents and spiderlings swinging my rancid gut spilled opium over your expectations now you see my skull bones, the sockets and malignancies you see my intentions run a blue vein through our conversations I would give you my last bit of consciousness, my wrists, my infirmity if only you could close your hands around where I cannot forgive myself I left that bullet in so close to the entry wound, and tissue paper artery walls that Iím poisoning myself in the slowest manner possible for this mere sallow human form.


The darkest night fills my mind with worsening despair Sharp cries of pain and a bloody stain fill the murky air

No longer can I take this fear I hold inside my head My only thought is that i wish I only could be dead

Too long I have been drenched in sorrow, each and every day So now i must do something to make all of them pay



Silent cries
rosa cruz

Hear the silent cries in the night
Sweet, sweet, where have you been?
Lingering roosted on a dragonís wing,
Lingering aloof from the winterís wind
Grasping a sight of cold reality
Yet holding on to a mere faced fantasy
I look into the face that stares at a mirror...

The cold wind wraps my frail skin
I feel old fears and anguishes sink within Into a sea of hope, a sea of fear, Closed eyes, I linger within a scent Of a lone wild rose time had sent A lonely, strange faith, hope to wake up And not be left alone in this world.

One lingers above an unspoken word
To find you again, in this mountainís grove To find again time one stole To find again our once lost soul To see these aches morph and turn to life To feel these shades move and turn to light To hear this silence roar and turn to sight!!


Silence. I lay in my bed on a hot spring night, as its tangling sheets suffocate my feet. Left, right, I try to break free, but this feeling inside wont let me go. Out of its grip I try to escape, but there was nothing to hold onto. Sinking deeper and deeper into the mattress, I drown in my own thoughts. My heart skips a beat, and another, and another, and I am overcome with thought. Every hope and dream and passion burns into nothingness as the heat of the world forces its way into me. Moving its way from my feet up through my spine, I am dizzy with pain. I try to break lose and pull myself free, but I was in too deep; there was no place for me. The monster inside takes over, tearing me apart one moment at a time. Gasping for air and covered in sweat, I was lost. I was dieing for touch, for a place to cry. For a friend to talk to, to tell them why. I was dieing a moment to release me from my curse. Dieing to be me, me, and only me! Dieing to be free.

Michael Anonymous


by April Smith

I scream out of the darkness thinking somebody will hear me.I guess they don't. I guess no body's there and nobody cares.

I lay awake at night crying thinking somebody will hear me. I guess they don't. I guess no body's there and nobody cares.

I pray out loud thinking somebody will hear me. I guess they don't. I guess no body's there and nobody cares.

I whisper softly thinking somebody will hear me. I guess they don't. I guess no body's there and nobody cares.

I stand at the edge of a cliff wondering if I jump would somebody be there to catch me? I guess not. Because nobody was there and nobody cared.



i'm different from the others and yet i am the same i have an imagination that soars like a plane my friends think i'm weird they don't understand i will become one of them if i don't take a stand

if i let my imagination go i can do it all but i usually lock it up so i can go to the mall i usually am alone all by my self my peeps don't think of how it must of felt

in a world where differences are not safe to have find it in your self to change the bar and not have them laugh it is up to us as different as we may be to change the world to change reality.


Darian Dimock

The wind through my hair

In my paradise there is no room for dispair Sweet summer sun on my skin Craving, wanting to go for a swim Sand beneath my toes Traces of sunburn on my nose This is paradise, no need to be hotter I made my way into the crystal clear water The ocean deeper than life Into the blue, it feels like a knife The once cool waves pulling me under I can here my heart its pounding like thunder Water forcing its way down my throat I feel as though im going to choke I scream but no one is there My lungs deprived of all air My paradise is gona The current was to strong Dead beneath the sea My paradise has turned on me


Snowflakes Quietly Falling
               Holly Hanson

Snowflakes slowly falling all around,
and onto the ground,
you can't miss getting hie with one,
besides, isn't it fun?

If you put your hand out,
you'll see what its all about,
it melts, its cold, and is white,
it looks pretty falling in the night.

Put your tongue out and taste it,
I think you'll be quite fit,
it doesn't taste, but quenches your thirst,
you could eat some until you burst.

Can you hear them falling on your hood?
Some people can't but I sure could,
after it lightly snows it smells fine,
Spring is here, did you have a good time?

R J-smith

Maybe lies can tell personalities
Fast like cheaters slow like manaties
Nasty,hard, caring,nice
loud like elephant quite like mice
Shy,scared, open,livley
laugh out loud, giggle quitely
alot of things can judge the living
harsh,insalting, faith,beleving
 silly silly squrille.
 stoped spinging in the sky.
 now what to do on  a sunny day?
 might as well take a swim in stephanies swimming pool!!


My baby squrirrley squirrel how sad we were to see him dead. we found him stiff and in his bed. on may 26 2007 he died of a stroke but he happily went to heaven. my baby squirrel of a squirlly has gone to heaven with us still crying dearly out of heaven. my baby lonely sqirrly is gone without a friend he was frozzen stiff with my baby rabbits crying before him. my baby squirrel has died today with not one friend.

Elena Danvers

p.s. my dad found him with a bloody nose in the street a week ago. he had a stroke. i loved him. but i was still equal with the love of my new 4 baby bunnies i found at the park with there eyes closed. my love is equal with all of them. =) =(


i look around, there's nothing there
i look around, but all is bare
endless sheets of blackened light
this is something i just cant fight
i take a look, deep inside
i hear a voice, i try to hide
i take a peek, but no one's there
then there's a fire, a golden flare
i walk to the light, i think im free
of everything inside of me
soon i notice that im not out
but in the blazing inferno of sorrow and doubt
i start to run but i am tripped by my own self and my misery whip
i cant get up, im tethered down
this all started with one single frown
my pain got worse every day and now im strangled
in dismay all this time, i held in my hate it all
led up to my horrible fate and i lie alone, no use to go on
ive given up, and now im gone.

benjamin william billand


Satanic or Panic

Why do I always jump into things before I think When I go to bed at night why can't I sleep

It drives me crazy that you walk around happy & sane I just wish there was someone to blame for all my pain

I can see the whole world, but yet not see a thing I can hear all the birds, but not hear what they sing

The room can be empty and all full of beautiful bright light My eyes are wide open, and yet it looks dark as night

I always but others first, to make them happy but it's just a mask Because it never fails that I am disappointed that I come in last

When I want something I want it, & want I it now How did I get this way, I need to know & I need to know how

I see all the people and I know that they see me It is because they know, they know I can't breathe

I feel my heart racing, and my plams are sweating my throat is closing, and my thoughts are fainting

I have talked with doctors about my adrenaline And all they do is pump me full of medicine

Is that really the answer, is that all they contain There has got to be something more, to help from going insane

You may read this and think that girl is satanic But it is the everyday life that I live, THE LIFE OF PANIC

--Miranda Travis


 Awaking on this hate filled day with a memory that's fading away.

Being so scared just to open my eyes, and seeing this world start to cry.

Holding in the tears that have filled my eyes.

I hear them screaming.. And I hear them praying for a god.

So I hold my heart up high, so that no one could harm it once more.

I'm awaking and realizing that, I'm free.

And knowing that you're alive is my sacrifice...




Missing When there's something missing, it's just not right Like a little hole inside you that needs light Missing friends Missing sisters Missing your mom Missing aunts,uncles Missing cousins Missing grandparents Can't think Can't stay They were like the morning sun Like that little twinkle in your eye Gone Not to be found Unless you have one thing HOPE

Kimberly Carpenter


Once lovely Thelma's
'Tat's turned soggy
(fed by MacDonald's automatic hand)

The porpoise riding
youths fair ripples -
A whale beached on
An unattractive land.



Growing up I was confused, Hell we were all confused, who was there to blame The society we live in today has changed Nothing in any shape, form, or way has maintained the sameness That we have all came to learn and love Developing minds becoming saneless, Destructing the hopes of both the Earth and up above And by up above referring to both spiritually and literally The decline of the ozone got God looking down on us so pitifully This misery, knowing the countdown's begun, inching closer so vividly I can see why, and you cant deny, so therefore the tension be All too much, maybe even more that can touch on More than can be handled, or more than can be cuffed on.... (not yet finished)

Keith M


Number One

She's the number one model
The headlines say so
Her picture plastered on every wall
Every girl's dream
The fame, the money, the so-called "honor"

She's the number one model
The headlines say so
She works out four hours a day
Every day
Counts the calories, every calorie

This pace, it's like a race
If she stops, she might fall
On her face
She doesn't want to be the number one model
She wants to be herself She wants to be the girl
That's in the skin she's in

Be yourself
Be yourself
And Nobody else
Love you for you
Love others too
Just be yourself
And nobody else
They don't want you to change
They love you for you
So be yourself
Be yourself
And nobody else
Love you for you
Love others to
Just be yourself
Be you
That's who

Alexis McCrea


 Attah Stanley Alhassan 

The Hospital ----Where Health Is Well Appreciated

The Orphanage --- Where Kids Are At The Mercy Of Others For Their Survival	

The Prison ---	Where Freedom And Liberty Is Most Desired

The Brothel----	Where People Delight In Sinning

The Psychiatric Home---- Where Souls Are Under The Tutelage Of Satan

The Home Of Destitute --- Where People Should Learn Not To Complain	

The Graveyard----Where We Learn Of The Vanity, Futility And           .
		Emptiness Of All Human Efforts And Labour


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