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Writing is a lonely business. Yet the reason for writing your thoughts down is to share them with someone else - NOW. Why wait to find the editor who likes your work enough to publish it? offers you an open window on the world with a continuous Open Mic. So write it on a banner - type in the following form - and let your work shine online!


To share a poem on, the work must either be your poem or one to which you have the right to *publish*. If you fill out the form and send your poem to us by email, it will appear in the feature of "Share A Poem on Open Mic" if it does not violate any of the online publishing standards. You surely have written many poems, so pick one which is right for the general online audience. Published is published. Do not come back later asking me to remove your poem.

You retain the copyright to your poem (it remains your property) but by sending it in to this feature, has the right to archive it, in your name. The poem cannot be longer than 20 lines for this feature. If you try to send more than 20 lines you will get an error message and nothing will seem to work or the poem will not appear.


If you do not love your poem enough to title it and sign your name, how can you expect me to respect it enough to hand you the Open Mic? Unsigned poems will no longer be posted. I really like it when you type in your title in caps with your name right under it. Or if you have no title, type your name after the last line of the poem. I will put these into a bold-faced font for you - gladly. 


Please use this e-mail entry form:

If all else fails, simply send an e-mail to with "Open Mic Entry" in the subject line.

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