AUTUMN Celestial

A Dictionary of Haiku
Jane Reichhold


late afternoon
water leaking out
of the cove

afternoon nap
a visit with angels
how you snore

between fingers
the empty air
of afternoon

beginning of autumn

cricket silence
between scraping sounds
autumn begins

bright blue weather

the sky
because it is that old
that blue

bright blue weather
out to sea

blue sky
coming into the tree's shadow
salt winds

blue autumn skies
folded into mountains
purple shadow

cold night

night winds blow
on the cabin bed
another quilt

close of autumn

taking a dirt road
to the end of it

a summer hike
in mountain shadows
finding autumn


turning off the lights
outside the house

mountain stream
afternoon clouds washed
out to sea

shy before the moon
she too slips behind
autumn clouds


mountain cold
getting under a blanket
to sleep with me

white fish fillet
the sky fills up
with cooler air

after the shower
cool wind in the bathrobe
hangs on a nail

canyon click
nothing on film
like the cold wind

dark rain

in the dark of night
who would have thought
rain was round

dark castle
atop the mountain
rain clouds

one at a time
rainclouds falling
dark into the sea

rainy night
the path home
a black umbrella


the roof
leaves in a drought year
in the rain gutter


last light caught
in tears

the wideness of things
fills the distance

at dusk
voices call out

tangled branches
coming darkness
woven in

a wave breaks white
a gull folds its wing
as the sea darkens

autumn wind
the way it turns things around
at dusk

the room larger than the persons
filling it

shaking out the tablecloth
a whir of wings


white rocks in the garden
bright round


just now
with the incoming tide
supper time

the long pale waves
come ashore

evening comes
wrapped in sea fog
tied with webs

evening sea fog
descending into sun-dried grass
sweaty lovers

evening ebb tide
the beach widens
into a flat sea

evening glow
dark the sea
shot with color

waves come into the cove
one at a time

so fine the evenings
golden air

evening as it is
the light lays hot
upon our eyelids

corners move into the room
blown by dark

in a secret cove
fog bound

evening wind
colors of the day
blown away

evening winds
the tiny bay filled
up to the cliff


somber at eventide
faces in sandstone
approaching autumn


autumn equinox
cool wind comes scented
sun-hot pine needles

autumn equinox
putting porch furniture away
getting it out again

fall equinox sun
coming through cedar box trees
anthology plans


fog moves
as children's hands wave good-bye
Sunday evening

fog erasing the landscape

sea fog
blowing in the valley
shapes of hills

broken fence
river valley fog patches
the gaping holes

fog leaving
the sea

fog shrouded
a sky without directions
the unknown way

ocean roar
washing dishes
with fog

gray foggy days
womb warm with light filtered
through a membrane

the notebook

more fog
in the notebook

alone together
behind us fog closed
the Golden Gate


the wind's eye
against the glass
a hurricane

Indian summer

Indian summer
the cold on my teeth
iced tea


moon spirits
the face of the deep
lightly misted

November spirits
playing in the meadow
wisps of mist

rolling hills
hiding stars
in autumn mists


left and right
the moon bounces over
a mountain road

painted hills
the moon of white
is real

full of blue light
desert cool

into valleys
a moon full
of valleys

headed out to sea
the tide-pulling moon
in the rear view mirror

desert tides
the moon shapes
sand stone

a little higher
another valley fills
with the moon

quivering branch
the moon climbs higher
in the old pine

opening the door
for more firewood
there's the moon

from barren trees
shaking wildly
serene moves the moon

fields flat with fog
the radiance of the moon
fenced with rough slats

starlight bends and fades
into a halo

higher from earth
the mountain moon

radiance expands
the moon blows free
of a rumpled earth

white moon
filling the dry valley
with light

in hot springs
the moon warms itself
between us

in mineral waters
the moon bathed

each step
up the mountain
the moon whiter

evening mountains
a line of milky blue
round the moon

a rack of clouds
arranged by the moon
in shapes of white

peeking thru pines
bright eye of the moon
my neighbor

in the face of rock
the moon

full white moon
the colored earth
rolls around

soft old hills
an ancient moon


the tender roots of passion

moon crescent (three-day moon)

a crescent moon
earth cut off from heaven
by the fog

crescent moon
a bowl of brightness
full of night

moon dark

in the dark of the moon

a dark moon
the cold white rim
of an enamel pan

close to my moon
Jupiter with all of his
brightens the night

face of the moon
in the hot tub
a swirl of bubbles

moon clouds
cooling the mountain side
a sunless shape

between rocks
a bit of moon

white light
burning up rocks
moon magic

dark world
only rocks bright
where the moon goes

moving rocks
moon rolls over the mountain
none fall

the moon looks down
on its tiny self

piled before the moon
drop back to earth

moon - full

the full moon
walking the island road
from sea to sea

full moon
ripples reflecting
unseen stars

so full
the moon brightens the room
with poems

all moon
filling the secret cove
with bright water

a full moon
drawing down to the sea
a path of stars

faint with dews
the full moon slides
closer to the sea

full moon
holes in stones

giving birth to white light
a round moon

full moon
sculpting sandstone
with light

full moon
letting him in
with the light

full moon
rising over ash mountains
alkali dust clouds

from earth
a light moon rises

in the rear-view mirror

full moon
covering the long dry valley
with light

desert cool
rising to the full moon
desert pool

a full moon
cutting a lock
from the cowlick

cabin alone
the greater moon waits
our return

a full moon
the crazy neighbor's lights
burn all night

closing a slim book
print shrinks in the face
of a full moon

bending the pine tree
with a windy sound
the full moon

filling the river
the complete moon covers
the hole in the bridge

touching her face
fingerprints on the full moon

a full moon
resting on hoary frost meadows
tundra swans

full moon moves
from poem to poem
through the pine

round moon
rolling from the ridge
gray stones here and there

moon - harvest

harvest moon
watching a mouse hole
the ginger cat

turning out the light
renting the room to the moon
for a night

moon - hazy

a hazy moon
steam no longer seen
from the hot tub

clear moon
rising from a mountain ridge
darkness on its face

smudged moon
marked by mountain fires
soot and smoke

moon - hunters

a hunter's moon
the o's of howling dogs
ring in the mists

moon - late

late rising
the lop-sided moon
half the night

without poems
then comes the moon

late moon
in the poor part of town
second-hand light

the tiny dawn
pine mountain releases
the late moon

ripe huckleberries
the moon comes up
streaked with purple

late moon
shivering before mountains
cold knees

a falling star
the nearly round moon
still not full


clear night
moonlight coats

brushing moonlight
across night skies
wispy clouds

on the way to dawn
vivid dreams

green water
curls into white foam

pale violet sheets
in silver moonlight
native hills

in the high desert
a river

faces in the sandstone cove

one half a cup
of low-fat cottage cheese
in the moonlight

a window slants
from a rough stone fireplace
a square of moonlight

dancing around
in the moonlight
outstretched hands

nothing moves
moonlight touching wind

a dish of moonlight
ritual salt

moonlight radiance
behind clusters of dark pine
white clouds

beach sand
wet with moonlight
ebb tide

following raccoons
across the porch

how cold the moonlight
on my bed

sitting in moonlight
the empty chair full
of radiance

in my bed
a spot of moonlight
the empty pillow

out to cool
on the porch cakes frosted
with moonlight

holding up moonlight
crevices of sea caves

clothes from the dryer
fresh and clean

slipping from her breasts
the white blanket

covered with moonlight
the face of the mountain
my wrinkles

a rock fantasy
shaped by moonlight

moonlight highway
yellow crossing yellow
line of pee

mountain road
winding road
with a yellow line

mountain road
the glow in the moonlight
a night snake

reflected from rocks
into haiku

a little higher
another valley fills
with moonlight

autumn leaves
arranging on the earth
silver moonlight

glacier-scarred rock
centuries of moonlight

in canyon echoes

your image on the mountain
echoes forever

eastern peaks
withholding moonlight
echo your voice

in the mountain river
stars echo

shaped by leaves of gold

holding up the moonlight
the highest peak

two headlights
four white eyes
of moonlight

broken to bits
by fallen leaves

draping moonlight
over your image
a leafless tree

rolling to the crest
moonlight touches each
tree black

leaves on the earth
silver moonlight

a black stove
warming a square
of moonlight

moon new

round rocks
the new moon rises

water striders
on a pale pond

cactus spines
above the desert
a slender moon

moon - quarter

incoming tide
curves of spindrift flung high
a quarter moon

sewing by hand
slowly it comes together
the half-round moon

quarter moon
on the night table
a book face up

quarter moon
such a face of darkness
yet you go to him

my longing
voices ask the moon
for news of him

waiting for the moon

waiting for moonrise
the scribbled haiku

washing dishes
that half of the moon
makes them shine

mountain winds
half the moon
blown away

on the quarter moon
broken granite

alone in the hot tub
the quarter moon seems
only half there

moon rise

above lava mountains
the cratered moon

above the rising moon
a plane lands

fire my companion
too faithful to go outside
see the cold moon rise

a rising moon
her scoop-necked blouse
moves with her breath

unable to hold back
the cry of pleasure

over mountains
the moon rises roughly

moon rise
winds from those barren rocks
moving black pines

scratching his back
from crooked pines
rises the moon

pine needles
radiating light from dark limbs
moon rise

moon rise
waiting in darkness
all of us trees

moon rainbows

salty sea fogs
on closed meadow flowers
moon rainbows

mountain pass
night's bright rainbow
a haloed moon

full moon
in a veil of clouds
round rainbows

moon shadow

moon shadows
writing letters deep
into the night

in my moon shadow
the neighbor's gray cat
warms itself

moon shadows
when the wispy clouds
blow free

moon shadow
curving into darkness

moon shadows
writing in a journal

moon - sinking

sinking into the sea
craters of the moon

stars scattered
a few fishing boats gather
by the sinking moon

showers pass
on each dark stone
a tiny round moon

moon set
now it's right - how it fits
Half Moon Bay

full the moon
setting into the sea
earth fragrance

the full moon shines
a bit flat

going out to sea
the moon fills spaces
with my eyes

growing bright
a fog bank at sea
melts the moon

night cooler now
the moon has slipped
into the sea

guiding the moon
into the sea
boat lights

pulling its path
down into the sea
the sinking moon

a brightness
smudging the night
the moon is gone

easing the moon
into gentle seas
your snoring

among starfish
the changing moon sinks
into the sea

moonset at dawn
the sea floor dark
and without water

cold moon
slipping into the sea
the octopus' eye

damp and dim
half the moon
in the water

scattering bright stars
the spent moon sinks
into the sea

bending down
sea clouds slip free
once more the moon

drawn to the porch
by the gold of the moon
sinking into the sea

a huge white wave
the foam becomes
the sinking moon

the moon has set
a cold smell
in the fireplace

the moon sinks
into cold seas

moon set
a glass of milk
to stay awake

moon snow

Grand Canyon
cold to the rim
moon snow

moon valleys

moon valleys
shimmering in the shadows
beads of light

moon waning

the moon comes north
enters my window

ebb tide
the moon and anemone
no longer round

moon waxing

down the highway
the waxing moon comes
to Half Moon Bay

moon winds

out of the weight of mountains
moon and cool breeze

flying by
the wind-swept moon
bent pines

out of the mountain's darkness
white moon winds

moon wind
the full radiance sails
from the rippled ridge

pine-needle clusters
redrawing the moon
each gust of wind


autumn morning
a torn shoulder muscle
wakes first

eastern peaks
autumn stains the morning sky
red and gold

first cold dawn
using my old straw hat
to start the fire

morning dew

morning dews
coming out a cedar house
the whole forest


autumn nights
filling the wind
with other things

rocks soften

light's last rays lose
a name

daylight goes
yet we shall stay here
where the stars are

world thick
slat cabin walls
on dark nights

light broken into stars
neighbor's lights

shore-line nights
by waves of darkness
the air shaped


river bends
into the summer sun
autumn's ocean

late afternoon
giant boulders dry
letting the tide ebb

a line of sea foam
the ocean hesitates
and then recedes

low tide
alone on the beach

a door slams
out in the bay
a wave collapses

sea fog

low clouds
pressing the sea

autumn sea fog
coming the same way

shorter days

shorter days
the clothesline doesn't reach
the sun


a gust of wind
earth tosses up a sky
of fallen leaves

starry night

I'm not old
all night my eyes have held
ancient stars

a starry night
somewhere a windmill creaks
as the earth turns

so loud
the noise of stars one can't hear
the wind

evening star
under the dark wings
of gulls


autumn storms
shaking moonlight
from leaves

neighbor with a leaky roof
nails faster

before the storm
sunset clouds too
all mixed up

full storm fury
the quarter moon beams down
just quiet

such a storm!
on the roof are falling
all the stars

sea-storm clouds
bodies by Michaelanglo
ring the horizon

out of storm
heavy clouds letting down

moon halo
keep us safe
from tomorrow's storm

talk of war
unpredicted a storm
blows in


sun setting
in beach sand
blue pits

with the sun ball gone
gold pours the horizon wide
sky to sea

sky and sea dyed golden
from a smallish ball

sea sky line
drawing the sun down

for tired eyes
after sunset gentle colors
releasing the light

evening sun
in that place tomorrow
I won't be

moonset leaving alone
low tide

summit peaks
scraping a sulfur match
at sunset

lighting a blaze
in a dark fireplace

the sky at dusk
a bruise

painting wet sand

wide horizons
spreading the colors
of a long-gone star

munching gingersnaps
desert mountains swallow
the evening sun

lighting a fire
in cedar logs

sunset rays
stringing masts together
the city skyline

warming each incoming wave
a secret cove

the cresting wave
catches fire

beyond the mountain
the setting sun
other friends

ocean coast
bending into a bay
sunset rays

coming ashore
each wave brings gold
from the setting sun

sun setting
into broken clouds
shore lights

scattered pastels
the sun sets its colors
here and there

evening sun
blown by sea wind
into an island

the burned place
in the sky
at sunset

the full moon at sunset

tops of thunderclouds
sharing with us mortals
last rays of the sun

the sun sank
into a bar of clouds
missing the sea

the unheated ocean
ice blue

light on the sea
from a sunken island

sunset on a wall
through uneven stones


purple mountains sink
into purple sky

waiting for the moon

the smell of earth
hides the moon

rolling downhill
moon watchers hike
up the mountain

in the dark
two trees on the ridge
found by the moon

waiting for moonrise
the page darkens
with poems

curved light
carved out of the hill


hand hidden
in the soul given to others
her Venus pulse


shooting arrows
autumn winds shred
the straw target

measuring time
in her breast

autumn winds
the smell of a fingernail
torn loose

rocked to sleep
by gusty winds

autumn wind
a river from the evening star
into the sea

on a starless night
the way home

night winds
binding the house
with darkness

white dew

white dew
from cinder clouds
moon clouds

white dew
rising from cinder peaks
morning clouds

white dew
finding places everywhere
I can't sleep

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