A Dictionary of Haiku
Jane Reichhold


still standing
where others lived
abandoned cabin

a photo of someone's eyes
moving in the wind

one bird
its cry so human

accepting aging

wrinkling up
along the shore
an old ocean

mom leaves
the door partly open
her many years

cricket shapes
arthritic knuckles
of shortened days

child's fingers
trace on grandma's hands
the liver spots of aging

an old sea crone
remembering mermaid tales
as true

hot flashes
blushes of youth
getting old

grandmother squeezing
on her driver's license
the name of many men


box canyon walls
being with someone
you hate

in box canyon
the narrow-mined couple

after the quarrel
chewed cheeks
saying the words

belief in spirits

sacred grove
a spirit trade
oaks and I

fairy ring
all past secrets
come to light

spirit circle
journeys from thing to thing

mountain wind
the spirit eye sees
traveling far

illumination of other worlds

flute notes
in spirit rocks

in a dream soul
in the lizard

morning cliffs
two crows play tag
with spirit shadows

spirit pictures
etched in sandstone
the unseen hand

spirit bodies
waving from cacti
plastic sacks

Nevada spirit lands
garbage blowing
in bushes

spirit in retreat
cleaning first the black stove
a cup of cold water

mission spirits
in swallows and pigeons
birds of paradise

morning light
stretches down the cliff
its spirit shape


waiting room
a patch of sunlight
wears out the chairs

recycling old glass
the rocky beach
jewel-covered coves

windless surf
how easily the old folks
are entertained

worn-down hills
folding into earth
an old dog sits

elephant parade
the old aunt absently fingers
her throat

clown's old car
when it falls apart
papa doesn't laugh

in the dark blood
is black

his hot cheeks
whitened by moonlight
the reformed poet

a howling wind
at the deep ache
a broken bone

weathered palms
the scythe well-sharpened
worn in the center

an old woman
carrying a balloon
dusk lowers

a language of cripples

death by death
with the passing of a friend
my own nears

afternoon sun
on grandma's brown hands
star wrinkles

the stable roof
shingle for shingle
coming down

centered around the leaf
with worm holes

the antique china cup fills
a break in my lifeline

rented house
wishing my night gown
had all its buttons

autumn path
a stick talking to stone
the blind man's way

fears of deception

the thief employed
as security guard

petrified forest
you buy a souvenir
for your lover

your lies
as many sizes of the moon
I should believe?

the moon's bright body
attracts lovers

garlic toes
clinging to his voice
the salesman

our feet stuck in sands
whispering about us

casting doubts
clouds on the hills
on her face

used car salesman
a banana peel lies
three feet from his

after lies
seeing by moonlight
whose who is what


cold crescent moon
sound of a boat leaving
with the departed

mother's death
the umbilical cord to earth

the vacation house watches
us drive by

her heat
even the ashes
not cool

without them
hanging on to things
of parents

seeing the old home
to fill the emptiness
chattering birds

a nest
found in autumn
the empty sky

empty afternoon
eyes and ears fill
with tears

as empty as
Sunday afternoon's envelope
your rejection is

filling the washer
with an empty heart
your blue shirts

autumn storms
locking emptiness
into summer cabins

filling the emptiness

used tires
loaded on a truck
without wheels

sea fog
walking the valley
with empty hands


crossing the road
shadow of a stop sign


of an upright stone
splashing waves

lifting a shadow
the gull frightened
by waves


stone mountain
saying good-bye to him
was even harder
(For Charles B. Dickson)


jealous lovers
at sea storm clouds
with purple waters

slender moon
so little fire
yet you go to him

sorting beach debris
a jealous woman


leaving home
rain drops in my eyes
for clearer vision

grandkids leaving
the only smiles
on pictures they drew

the low tide beach

facing one another
the chairs open and empty
as guests leave

weak fall sun
chairs by the café sit
on each other's lap

dust holds your footprints
and me

walking on rocks
where tears splashed down
dad's farewell

wind-filled rain
tears at the leaves
someone is going

guests gone
the only stars
in the sieve

guests gone
huckleberries ripen
in the silence

noodle soup
memories of your visit
in the left-overs

kissing good-bye
she feels the edge
of his pocket

leaving Germany
raindrops in my eyes

lingering summer thoughts

autumn's summer heat
on a white paper you drew
a smiling sun


to sleep alone
in the light of the moon

crossing the great plains
high tension wires

a lonely day
yet in the afternoon
a breeze comes by

in the desert

on the porch
mold-speckled pine needles
my waiting for you

a son's call
white waves of long distance
returning to shore

kids gone
sea waves return to shore
each alone

foggy Saturday night
a woman's whiskey-raw voice
pours from a radio

singing low
sea-white fog disappears
beneath the pines

divorced parents
the cries of the neighbor kids
deep in the woods

the waitress' tip
lying in spilled beer
small brown coins


burning desire

burning pine
smoke blown about
my longing

deer at the salt lick
so my memories of us
will you return too?


fireplace sunshine
dark in the burned-out cabin

too late
lovers looking in windows
of closed shops

touching your left sleeve
at this moment of parting
how cold is your coat

watercolor class
a blue sky pinned to the wall

a deaf child
in autumn hearing
the sleep of seeds

in hidden valley
the trail

on the gramophone
a church in Holland
where you are tonight

passing time

early morning sun
on the face of the clock
time change

time was
my eyes in the empty place
where the clock isn't

golden clock hands
sunshine slants through leaves
passing time

past life experiences

moon dreams
a spotlight turns on
past lives

windows to the past

white waves returning
to shore their call
for me to come home


low-tide walk
now deep at sea
my path

at the waterfalls
a woman remembering
a love affair

at least the moon
when it's full
comes to my porch

ribbon knots
tighten a lump in the throat
as it was that night...

heavy heart
such a color evenings
weighs nothing


taking a rest
I let the city noises
leak out of my ears


pillar of sorrow
the hours alone
touching it

deep sighing
waves climb the beach
and disappear

earth turns
shadows on a face
fade and reappear

stepping stones
go wobbly and uneven
tears falling

autumn sadness
yet before the leaf falls
the swelling bud

eyelash splash
curve in the folding
a wave of tears

the cutting edge
your words where the moon
touches night

yet another pine
is the moon ever free
of the earth?


spirit of a place
a film
on the photograph

breathing heavily
atop the mountain gorge
a thick cloud

knuckles of night
cold without human flesh
tap along the roof

holding rocks together

mountain top
aglow with the unseen

walking paths
the land fluid
without feet

after death
naming the unknown

familiar things
without shadow

swinging pendulums
between outsiders

moon shadows
coming up the stairs
a creaking sound

between two birds
in bright shapes
a real name

then the border blew away
in colored silk

surf sounds
someone was walking
on trackless sand

bad dreams
the shapes of dinner
eaten late

night bumps
all around the house
other things

spindrift veils
above the crashing waves
finer ones

without wind
a door opens
the candle goes out

a stand of trees
in a setting of weeds
someone kneeling

standing ajar
for the passage of souls
a door in October

smoke in the wind chimes
faint tones of blue

hearing sea winds of the dead
in flute tones

secret mists
on the broad river
lost shadows

lost shadows
on the dark river
time curves

a creaking floor
the moonlight goes
from room to room

moon path
on the water where I walk
a bridge to ...

the shadow steps back
into your heel

two foreign stamps
found in a dream book

walking on the mountain
without a step
going inside of it

still alive
in knotty pine walls
dragon eyes

without words
angels' voices return

giant forest
moving between trees
a deeper darkness

giant forest
walking the dark road
night trees

at the pass
a bright neon-blue bush
the future

the unseen

mineral waters
perfume the skin
a bright soul

in the slits of his eyes
my soul window

beach wind
taking off her prayer cap
unseen temple


many night thoughts
the big dipper tilts
spilling over

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