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A Dictionary of Haiku
Jane Reichhold

All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day
pumpkin-grin fangs
gone with the werewolf

All Saints' Day
goblins and witches baptized
with holy names

All Saints' Day
the Jack-o-lantern
full of gnats

All Saints' Day
the moldy pumpkin
grins with a harelip

All Saints' Day
filling the pumpkin's eyes
with raindrops

All Saints' Day
among the fall colors
angel food cake

All Souls' Day
the end table

black cats

moon shadows
the doormat comes alive
with a cat's leap


Pleasant Ridge
all the caskets
side by side

sleeping peacefully
the Best Western Motel
by the cemetery

grave marker
as a cradle headboard
rest in peace

abandoned cemetery
iron keys cross the ground
no one going in

open grave
the iron shovel lifts
autumn fragrance

clods from the grave
sweet potatoes piled in a field
join at the fence

Death Valley
emigrant tombstones
mountain peaks

end of summer vacations

a blob of catsup
on the postcard
the missing kiss


wearing her shoes
to her funeral

up in smoke
all those years
of her anger

the calling
of funeral bells
a shoestring breaks

an open mouth
funeral bells fill
earth gap

Funeral Mountains
at sunset a halo
of golden clouds

the bell tolls
rolling the full moon
out of darkness

driving a car into the trees
behind the barn


in ghost town darkness
two crows

ghost town
in an abandoned orchard
fresh apples

ghost town road
in a cloud of red dust
a dump truck

in the waterfall
white ghosts

wind in the willows
ghost of a woman
basket gathering

white moon
filling Death Valley

in the Joshua trees
snake death

Joshua trees

dark night
old sheets turning into
Halloween ghosts

in the fog
ghosts by the cliffs
change into gulls

godless month

the godless month
busy with preparations
for Christmas


being scared to sweep
under the bed

the sky saying "boo"
on Halloween

Halloween weirdness
the old fence post sprouts
a pumpkin face

haunted houses

deserted house
wild roses still have a view
of the remote coast

vacant stares
from the vacant house
no one looks


guided through the desert
by water spirits

desert wind
whistling through bird bones
Indian breath

Indian country
sign on a winding road
a broken arrow

In Zion Nat'l Park

Navajo sandstone
face of a rock

emerald pools
in Navajo sandstone
Indian red

Navajo sandstone
fissures opening
to heaven

on Indian cave walls
lizard eyes

prayer flags

At Odiyan

prayer flags
ground shadows
in weird shapes

prayer flags

vehicles to heaven
pray flags surround
the used car lot

lighting candles

remembering mom
the same old fire
in an altar candle

an altar candle
lit for your soul journey
warms my hands

pumpkin pie

pumpkin pies
remembering with a grin
the Jack-o-lantern

pumpkins/jack o'lanterns

from the pumpkin's grin
a full moon

wind blows out the light
in the pumpkin

carved pumpkin
admiring our art the moon
comes on the porch

the jack-o-lantern
has a fat candle

going to sleep with a grin
on the pumpkin

all the light
inside of a pumpkin
this dark night

light leaking
the grin of pumpkins
growing moldy

lifting the pumpkin
the curved stem

night dark
inside the pumpkin
its warm glow

scary Halloween
the candle in the pumpkin
goes out

watching our bed
the pumpkin's lid

bedside candle
putting it in
the pumpkin

shadows moving
on the bedroom wall
a pumpkin's grin

unable to sleep
the Jack-o-lantern watches
us all night

gives the Jack-o-lantern
his snag-toothed grin


kite string
tightly rolled
first day of school

just moved
the chill of giggles
in the school yard

backpack of books
the schoolboy becomes
a deformed monster

first day of school
her bare foot tracks
still on the beach

she writes her name for Daddy
in the sand

where we shook hands
in front of our old school
a dark bruise

after all these years
the high school band
still practices

still an old maid
the high school Latin teacher
on a sentimental journey

first day of school
on the mountain ridge
clouds without thunder

voices along the road
after the school bus goes by
only birds

river so low
all the polliwogs gone
school begins

beach afternoon
school girls drinking
from a paper bag


sea horizons
the soul stretched
into bands of blue

in the headlights
thud of a dark body
a soul rushes by


colorful Indian corn
for Thanksgiving dinner
relatives from afar

Thanksgiving Day
an old couple on the pier

cold turkey
in bed on Thanksgiving
with the sniffles

Thanksgiving Day
seeing an old neighbor
after her surgery

thanks giving
the first cup of water
tipped to the earth

Thanksgiving Day
after the storm

Thanksgiving Day
grapes on an heirloom plate

desert Thanksgiving
cold turkey sandwiches
under the one tree

blood relatives
for Thanksgiving dinner
red beets

trick or treating

trick or treating
with kids only the moon
older than I

without a soul
faces grin in the dark
on Halloween

no one home
yet a face grins on the porch

going into dark times
children dressed as grown-ups


from India
the strange white bird
in a yoga position

banner of belief
lace at the edges

granite altar
water not wine
wind flowing

ancient shrine
just a roof
upon the path

hidden on the ceiling
pagan symbols

cloister walls
shutting in
the outer world

holy mountain
among the Bishop pines

late to church
daylight saving
unholy times

back home
covered with dust
magic sparkles


before the coven
how the witches park
their cars

new age witch
in her Honda
a whiskbroom

magic symbols
drawn with blood
this holy space

eggshells ashbone
white of the moon
in a witch's spell

a little spilled wine
ageless women in the circle
of a full moon


falling from the wreath

a wave curls
tumbling over a wreath
buried at sea

Veterans' Day

the Vietnam Vet
in his eyes
my debt

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