XVI:3 October, 2001

A Journal for Linking Poets    

 LETTERS from:

Carol Purington 

Elizabeth St Jacques

Marc Thompson 

Thelma Mariano


Gino Peregrini

Giselle Maya

June Moreau


Dear Jane & Werner,
Our summer has been quite pleasant, with a lot of sunshine, almost enough rain, and a few too many days of HHH weather.  I am very thankful for an air conditioner, and also that New England has had no rolling blackouts. In spite of the heat I have written quite a few haiku this month, which is always a very satisfying feeling.  No tanka yet, but the month is not over! Taste summer! Carol Purington 

Dear Friends ­
With deep sorrow, I regret to inform that we have lost another great haiku poet and artist, and cherished friend after a long difficult struggle with ill health, Ruby Spriggs of Ottawa, ON Canada died on July 6. Visitation and the funeral service will take place on Tuesday, July 10 at the Kelly Funeral Home, 585 Somerset, Ottawa, Ontario.

Loved by all who had the pleasure of meeting and/or working with her, Ruby’s special ‘voice’ and gentle being will be dearly missed. I give thanks for having known and worked with this wonderful woman, and shall long cherish her moving haiku collections and renga collections with her beloved partner, Grant Savage.

Forever in the light, dear Ruby.

soft moonlight
pressed between pages
the delicate white flower

- Elizabeth St Jacques 
( July 2001, in memory of Ruby Spriggs)

Check out Elizabeth's tribute to Ruby on her web site and scroll down to *SPECIAL FEATURE* Each tribute page will take you to the next tribute page by clicking the URL at bottom of the page.

then today 9 / 9 / 1 I received this also from Elizabeth:

Dear Friends -
I regret to be the bearer of more sad news. Francine Porad kindly informed me that Fred Raborg, editor and publisher of the haiku journal,
Cicada, as well as Amelia, died Aug 13th. As you may know, Fred had been ill for quite some time. He will be sadly missed.
Haiku in his memory or comments about Fred or his work  would be most appreciated for a tribute planned to appear in my website. In-hand
deadline for this is Sept. 15, please. - Elizabeth St Jacques 


I've attached several poems for your consideration in Lynx.  One of them, "the ten-year-old" was second runner-up in the last Tanka Society of America contest. It was published in  the TSA newsletter - I don't know if that counts as previously published or not, I'll leave it to you to decide. The last piece, "Living in the G-7", is a tanka/haiku sequence. The sequence was inspired by the recent summit meeting of the G-7 nations and Russia that was held in Genoa.  Russia isn't really rich enough to be included in the G-7, but it is dangerous enough. I was really irritated by Pres. Bush's actions at the meetings.  If a third world country acted the way he did, we would declare it a rogue nation and start the bombing.  I don't think he has any idea how the majority of the world lives. Marc Thompson 

I am writing a "workplace series" of tanka as I look back over 30 years of office work, and wonder if  you would like to include some in the October issue of Lynx. Whether people are still in the workforce or out of it, they seem to relate. Thelma Mariano

This is a submission for Lynx - it is part of a series that is linked to William Wordsworth's Series of five poems "Poems on the naming of places" This time I feel that I don't want to print Bill's (I feel quite close to him now!) original alongside this. Basho and the others would not print the poems that they alluded to in their own works - they left that to the reader to know or not - I will give a clue by saying "after Wordsworth". paul.conneally 

here are my links for the next Lynx. The more I deal with Lynx on the web, the more I like it. Gino Peregrini aka Gene Doty

. . . the book MOONDUST is almost ready.
 - Giselle Maya

Some good Lynx news from a clipping sent by June Moreau of an article in the Boston Globe by Beth Daley reporting that researchers have now found seven dens of the wildcat Lynx in all of Maine. The jest of the article was that this was a reason to celebrate (seven pairs of producing Lynx!) and to believe that clear-cutting forests does not spell the end of wildlife! Anyhow they had a cute photo of a very angry four-week old Lynx kitten with which I identified. jr

Don't forget to send your tanka in for the TANKA SPLENDOR Contest. This is such a special effort - we try to find our winners ourselves instead of asking only one person what is good, great and best. You be the judge! But you must send one of your tanka in before October 1, 2001 in order to take part in this venture. Check out the winners last year in TANKA SPLENDOR 2000.



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