XVI:3 October,  2001

A Journal for Linking Poets   


Ann Piet Anderson (apa), Francis Fike (ff), Marchiene Vroon Rienstra (mvr)

Douglas Barbour &
Sheila E. Murphy

Maggie Chula &
Jean Jorgensen

Cherie Hunter Day &
David Rice

Cindy Guentherman
Dave Bachelor;

Marlene Mountain &
Carlos Colón

Naia &
Marjorie Buettner;

Zane Parks &
Jeanne Cassler &
Carlos Colón

Carol Purington
Larry Kimmel;

Werner Reichhold &
Jane Reichhold;

Alexis K. Rotella &
Marlene L'Abbe Rudginsky

Virginia Woolf,
Werner Reichhold


Ann Piet Anderson (apa)
Francis Fike (ff)
Marchiene Vroon Rienstra (mvr)

In Memory: George Ralph (1934-1997)

In the first snowfall,
High geese southward bound, calling.
Woodflame in fireplace.                             ff

Freezing waves toss chunks of ice
Into miniature mountains.                         mvr

Dripping icicles.
Fishermen retrieve shanties;
January thaw.                                          apa

Through gauntlet of baited hooks,
Steelhead upriver surging.                         ff

Past the sparkling sand
Rippling wavelights glittering
On the moonflamed lake.                          ff

Wind and combers sweep the beach
Wet sand castles disappear.                     apa

Ducks dot the water;
Sunlit snowflakes fill the air,
Veiling blue sky's face.                             mvr

Two mated loons swimming by.
Longing for a form that fades.                   ff

Across spiderwebs,
Aging lovers, arms entwined.
Shadows crossing path.                            apa

Perching on a budding branch
A cardinal feeds his mate.                        mvr

Is this crimson snow?
No: the freshfallen flowers
From the redbud tree.                              ff

Summer fields of wild poppies.
Watching monarchs playing tag.               apa

A pale new moon blooms
In a dark meadow of stars.
Two children pick them.                          mvr

The sudden rainshower bends
A rainbow over the hills.                         ff

Sparks of brilliant white
Streak across the evening sky.
November's fireball.                              apa

A cold gray December day;
A single yellow rosebud.                       mvr

Under the ice-veneer
Encrusting the mountain brook,
Bubbling waterflow.                             ff

A line of golden headlights
Through a radiant whirl of white.           mvr

Night sky, shining light
Rising far from human source-
Pulsing Aurora.                                   apa

Recumbent on a soft dune
Watching the heavenly dance.              mvr

As she walks by surf,
Grey gulls rise and scatter,
Settling behind her.                            ff

Up above the morning mists,
Dew-covered pine needles shine.          apa

Last leaves swirl downward
Leaving branches bare and cold,
Blanketing my love.                           mvr

Snowflakes add a second coat
Over the leafmeal primer.                   ff

Clouds cross the Big Lake,
Another layer coming.
Flurries fly softly.                              apa

Afloat beyond frozen beach
Wintering white swans gather.            ff

Lake waters moving!
Freed from winter's cold prison
Whitecaps leaping free.                     mvr

Gusts of freezing wind try to
Reach through the window for warmth. apa

She startles awake.
Opening eyes fill with moon
Pouring through framed glass.            mvr

No dream: haloed by doorlight,
He . . . and she no more alone.          ff

A cry of relief,
Familiar scent and shadow,
Joyful reunion.                                 apa

Atop a distant iceberg
Two tiny figures embrace.                 mvr

Clenched catkins unclasp-
At streamside, pussywillows
Airing their grey fur.                         ff

A fuzzy head scans the sky,
Sees a rabbit in full moon.                apa

White dogwood blossoms
Fly by windows of a train
Speeding into spring.                       mvr

Snow clings to ditches, but hills
Are green, rivulets running.               ff



Douglas Barbour
Sheila E. Murphy

Part I

sturm und
with that angel always
back upon the piling ruin

playthings, molten
mild toward
the inter-
locking senses
visual in-

'its your own flicker'
around the
after what lost con
nect i only wanted to know
how to see it     not save it

plash / salt / ticker /
voluble encroachment
tulip one, tulip two,
a speck of dew at that,
some solo wires

some solo fires thicker
than          or wider
wings spread to
raise the ante
'in front of' the sun
what signs float in the empyrean

celeste, her name-
seamed mild
blue eggshell
sans foreground
of stranded sun
over a wing afield

afar         or falling
to sea med or black
meld or block that light
'translucent' & so wide
the notes hang still above
waves washing ultramarine

as if / as in a colour seamed
young ring chipped small
haze blue's entrancing
migrant light
in tones as wide

in foam as white
retreats        the night
hostile blueblack now
a single star's chipper gleam
sews a dark possibility

treats nacht as stoic
empt- ever to be glanced upon
entirely potent
in its absent
gleam as
buried [lance]

where / temperature / was
sketched into / frost cloth's
preclusionary warming
trance [meanwhile]
a qualitative light brushed
health's own sacrament

channeled     that bright
20/20 breath's
balm       blame
not the sacral sight
white shapes the air
behind those disappearing legs

[entonces] migratory venture
while appearing [still]
the sense of sight repairs
what has been missed:
logs on the fire       now dwindling
shapes as strewn things . . .

at once the migraine censure
disappears [at will]
sensual at night     stares
at what shifting possibilities
the embers fading
slip into the mind

as voice desired        husk
leveled into surfaces
sans color      smoke, though,
in a night way      taking
free places into custody
to know them only silently

stepping lightly through
or across such cancelled
sights & sounds     a single leaf
floating       stretches
time, the reach of moon
lighting paths across the river &

some silver posse lined
to locate in the fallow trim
a blessing         wherewithal        speech
chanced upon per
the directional endeavoring
across and in and through

that way         this way
gone into the world of 
beyond & through     or over
as the wheel turns
or the arrow offers
truth above the treeline

vast / a word of limitless
long wide blue environment /
a word tainted by
crust [alas] that blocks
kinesis in around through
these lines

so walking saw those environs
the other day at
one melt (ed) e.g.
it meant expansion
ice broken & lines
bent toward the ley of the land

expanding means of weighing
transportation, runes stand
still to temper fleeting lithe scapes
seamlessly, improved
by the domain
of their recovery

du main / 'the ayre' which weighed
& shooed away by
lifts above both runes
& ruins fleeing
above (across) a sown
(sewn) blue blazon

chemistry / in fact / flecks
cheshire golden in the time passed
swiftly around sanctions
uncontrolled damage (dommage) 
until the till and many
boundaries retract (such blue)

as fades to black or ultra
marine marooned
or kept behind such walls as
raise the roofbeams of solid
cloud to whirl the lift of
loss of globe's glissade

lobe's impasse equals drama
quelled, if touch is all there is
to changing trees with scribble
on embarking,
so the journey is
from far enough away


Maggie Chula
Jean Jorgensen

                a few leaves still cling
                old couple walks arm in arm
                down an icy path   

                nights shorten, the steady drip
                of sap in the bucket   

                she works the soil
                a long, pink worm slides
                around a seedling   

                those fishnet stockings
                so hard to unfasten -
                his first garter belt   

                polished stones
                tide rolling out. . . rolling in   

                she eases off her diamond
                all--  or nothing   

August, 1990 - Jan./2001



Cherie Hunter Day
David Rice

calcified coil
as it tumbles in the surf
my mind considers
death as a full halt
with more motion afterwards

each pebble's ripples
widen across the water
then disappear
  the wind is our ancestor
  whitecaps our past and future

after sunset
the last remaining warmth seeps
from granite boulders
  a lizard slows its heartbeat
our alliance with the stars

lets us imagine
an eternity of wishes
  the cold rocks of moonlight
  keep me grounded
  in our short half-life

at ground zero
alpha, beta, gamma decay
  unguarded moments
when we sense love's fallout
continuously streaming

to a blinding flash
of the sublime
we use the time we're given
to search for more glow



Cindy Guentherman 
Dave Bachelor  

jobless again
        he looks up to see
        a striped cat
        move through darker shadows
        into taller grass

        into the maw of the night
        little boy
        creeps down the hallway
        to the bathroom

first light
        touches both at once -
        the discarded empty bottle
        ears of the collie
        asleep on the step

affair over
        outlines of weeds
        choking the neglected ditch
        far away
        crows cry

tonight's stars
        lost in cloud haze
        still she makes her wish
        counts the ways
        to start over

old man dreaming
        her touch, perfume
        on the stream's surface
        green scum
        barely moves

Marlene Mountain
Carlos Colón

neglected some of my favorite pals as i try to sort thru long-agos

newspaper article crumbling in my hands

not in the moment rake leaves as they fall or when all have fallen

illegal procedure autumn link with a football reference

'the term for the compiler of a saijiki?' analyzer retentive?

corny to the max maize maze shaped like louisiana


no need for alarm clock today a roach lands on my face

one blanket two blanket three blanket night

haiku commandments and then there were none

grimy gingrich a face big enough for two

full moon along with the champagne we share a yawn

after little josh leaves back to my own chaos


females degraded again our beautiful lips 'garbage' etc

looking for inspiration no further than my own back yard windless chimes

i tried to give away compliments but they kept returning

traditionalist his poem running smoothly on all 17 cylinders

interesting ball game ruined by motor-mouth announcers


california feelings live from her 7.1 derailed dining car phone

floyd he names himself after hurricanes

the billionaire the ego with 'a stable of stunning girlfriends'

camel's hair brush on the record needle

wrens at the window sill for what's left in the peanut butter jar

license plate eye test: A 5 5 1 5 1

not enough brain-dead donors well take stuff from the drunk drivers

funeral casket evaporating tears

trial as an adult a boy with first grade understandings the cold

four generations from shackles to shackles

ancestors on the web a line of native blood diminishes to 1/256th

crack in the mirror dip of the carpenter's tool belt


low whine garbage disposal gagging on a dish towel

rattled not in my 'garden of earthly delights'

frost on the rose petals shaken baby syndrome

all those chinese males no females to love

leafless yard among the bare trees an empty rake stuck in the ground

'sole legal authority' the alien elian almost home


14m  chris ofili 'the people who are attacking this painting are attacking
their own interpretation, not mine.'
17c   robert major
21m  the howard kurtz in a stable of non-stunning boy yakkers on 'cnn'
24c  if your vision is fuzzy enough, the license plate reads ASSISI

September 2, 1999 - January 5, 2000



Marjorie Buettner

you were never mine
nor could you say I was yours
still there was a time
your desire eclipsed mine
living under its shadow       

as night first settles
in the darkness of half sleep
I fall into it
as I once fell into you
knowing and yet not knowing     

how these ancient stars
sail from the midnight sky to
dock at this dream's shore
where nothing is familiar
but everything is the same    

with dawn's first stirrings
the rhythm of our dance slows
into waking day
yet I know in deep silence
there will be another dance   


Zane Parks
Jeanne Cassler
Carlos Colón 

first warm day
the ceiling fan sweeps
cobwebs                                     zp

round and round the lake
the skier's bright swimsuit            jc

flowering redbud—
under heart-shaped leaves
we shed our clothes                    cc

her corsage pressed flat
even before the scrapbook           zp

caught on camera
the startled cub runs back
to his mother                             jc

grandpa's backwoods tales
mingle with the pipe smoke         cc

full moon
a new ball of yarn
from the knitting basket             cc

fainting in the nurse's arms
as the needle enters                  zp

foggy night
a white-tailed deer
just before the crash                  jc

rainwater refills
a rusty hubcap                          cc

mackerel sky
fishers argue whose bigger
one got away                            zp

one voice louder than the rest
in the apartment upstairs           jc



Carol Purington
Larry Kimmel 

night voices -
rowboats rock
on black water

trying to write down the dream
without waking up


in the black night
the shanty's yellow window -
creak of moorings

somewhere far away
with no address


with the fish in its beak
the heron flies
to the farther bank

the water steadies into blue
into daydream


empty afternoon . . .
the teacher says I must not
divide by 0

between hopscotch and geometry
I draw a blank


eclairs and coffee
till moonlight
winter lightning

startled into silence
by farewell words


knowing it will
have to last for a long long while
the farewell kiss

wishing fast
but the star fades out


in the black
of night the gurgle
of rivulets

by flashlight
to the lambing barn


March wind
an oak leaf scuttles along
the curbstone

chocolate cream pie
for a case of the blues


all right!
somebody's got a lot
of explaining to do

a scarlet tulip
in the vegetable garden



Werner Reichhold
Jane Reichhold

A year of straw
air lifts July higher
to yellow words
sentence passed upon the field
from the road two are walking

is it printed
their wagon's wheels press
lines into the clay
natural nature forms
language of a honeycomb

he who harvests
does not require
sweet memory
did finished doing
saved summer in apples

not the knot
in the hayrope seeds
come in the name of green
grass feeding from twisted roots

this rain
the cloudy skies have cleared
tourists from the beach
is there more mouth to drink
warm visions in a tent

a fever
the wound becomes
hot and dry
joke walks away and returns
to a body of patience

a cat's name
goes out on the night air
brings him home
sentence of fast reactions
a mouse in its teeth

is now ceased
the brightness of an eye
where did it go?
natural carved on wooden masks
and no more noise in ivory

he shot he said
an elephant in Africa
later it was a lie
did shade a lip
on a faded Polaroid

which was
deeper down the river
a beach for nymphs
is imported from Hollywood
and portable palm trees

variable selves
testing inner voices
I talk to ring doves
and the forest answers
green, gold and russet

they swing
branches on the sky
lines of a paraphrase
will-o-the-wisps in the swamp
leading the way to quicksand

offer and swallowed
the lighthouse meridian
a flame
him she cried pointing left
the judge blinked blankly

liver transplant
we eat the onions
so it smells less
with I-beams and trusses
foreign workers repair the bridge

and on both hills
straps of rain
the cloud falling apart
without trying to go around
the spider straightway makes a circle

oil spreads on water
the calming influence
of one rainbow

a long-billed dowitcher
her flights to sprinkled eggs

sentence ending fast
the renga nearly done
at lunch time

made red more red on salmon
overlapping tongue

against a twig
the past and future folded
in a bud

...shading earth and me
the moon within nine months

Started: April 7, 1993 /Finished: April 11, 1993


Alexis K. Rotella 
Marlene L'Abbe Rudginsky


        Honey over
        warm toast.

Persian violets
the bath.

        Goldfish flowing in
        and out of her hand.

Yellow butterfly
the day lily.

        Origami kimono
        in her collage.

Caffe latte
at the
Whirligig Cafe.

        No room
        for Rumi.

leaf blower -
his mantra?

        LAZY on
        a license plate.

A whole morning
at DMV.

        Flight attendant weeding
        her flower patch.

A big wind
has come
to prune the trees.

        A bird repeating
        "Virginia Virginia."

the paper weight.

        Sunday dim sum

Surprise party -
no one

        New boss
        in a tight mask.

and Kimosabi
head for the hills.

        Cezanne's blue
        under the hedge.

Woman weeping
the willow.

        Llama eating

Yakkety Yak -
the sermon
never ends.

        Adam and Eve
        sculpted in ice.

My Sin perfume
on a breeze
from the South.

        Sand painting
        swept away.

The illness
gone deeper -
January snow.

        The mime's
        invisible yoyo.

A cello
in the motorcycle
side car.

        Happy hour -
        everyone frowning.

with a limp.

        Stars faded
        from the flag.

Early autumn -
Hollywood Boulevard
in morning light.

        French poodle
        in the driver's seat.

at dawn.

        A hula hoop
        runs the red light.

July 12, 200l Arnold, Maryland



Virginia Woolf,
with unchanged parts of text from her book, The Waves
Werner Reichhold

the leaf danced
in the hedge without anyone
to blow it                                                VW

rotary and sideways
hurricane's eye 

secret territories
lit by pendant currents
red on one side                                        VW

our fleet is steaming westward
swallowed by sundown

at first so moonwhite
where no foot has been                             VW

ocean terrace
rush of a salty tongue                                WR

peeling the skin
thumb and one finger open
flesh of half a peach                                 

lovers lying shamelessly
mouth to mouth on the burned grass            VW

a couple
dividing itself
into three                                                

bright arrows of sensation
shoot either side                                       VW

lips on the rock
the tideline feeds
pink anemone                                            WR

I saw fields rolling in waves
of color beneath me
dropping                                                   VW

Medusa into coral's
aquatic tree                                             

we found one word
one only for the moon                                 VW

deep down the well
ripples on the mirror
undulate her hair                                      

my true self breaks off
from my assumed                                      VW

how long
a night can last
petals to open                                         

I cannot move without
dislodging the weight of centuries                VW

I need someone
who's mind falls like a chopper
on a block                                                VW

pointing where they met before
place beyond another star

I shall be lifted
higher than anyone of you
on the backs of seasons                             VW

celestial motion
the smell of juices sweetens                      WR

the firelight
brook of some round apple
on the curtain                                          VW

unidentified twinkle
sunglasses for your gaze                           WR

we are silhouettes
hollow phantoms moving mistily
without background                                  VW

a stone's blinking
beam of a tiger eye                         

I can imagine
nothing beyond the circle
of my body                                            VW

fiber sprouting
lovers in a bow                                      WR

flowers only
the cowbird and the moonlight
colored may                                          VW

deep cut blouse
the oval necklace widens

blue boarding time
the jacket with the captain's
golden wing                                          WR

we are forever ourselves
with unknown quantities                         VW

with the daughter's son
grandpa's smile                                      WR

the world that had been shriveled
rounds itself                                          VW

flipping a flower
over his shoulder
to someone else                                    WR

I'll shade my eyes with a book
to hide one tear                                    VW

allowed by sundown                               WR




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