XVIII: 3 October,  2002

A Journal for Linking Poets   



Fay Aoyagi - renkumaster
Roger Abe
Donnalynn Chase
Anne Homan
 June Hopper Hymas
Patricia J. Machmiller 
Carol Steele
Kiyoko Tokutomi
Alison Woolpert

Catherine Mair 
Patricia Prime

Catherine Mair 
Patricia Prime

Giselle Maya
Jane Reichhold

PROBABLY: Three 'real' renga sorta
Marlene Mountain 
Francine Porad

Francine Porad 
Marlene Mountain 

Marlene Mountain
Francine Porad

Micheline Beaudry
Daniel Py

Words by Richard Kostelanetz,
composition and typography by Werner Reichhold


Fay Aoyagi - renkumaster
Roger Abe
Donnalynn Chase
Anne Homan
 June Hopper Hymas
Patricia J. Machmiller 
Carol Steele
Kiyoko Tokutomi
Alison Woolpert

the measured advance
of each gray-green wave
approaching spring                                      jhh

Young strawberry plants
float on shimmer of plastic                          dc/cs

soap bubbles -
child’s peaked hairdo
causes shrieks                                           aw

from the police station door
he walks to a reggae beat                            ra

a circus tiger
looks up at the moon
then deeply sighs                                        fa

fog covers the city
up to the 50th floor                                     pjm

autumn dream
flying through colored leaves
with bird’s wings                                         ah

the dancer’s program
ends with a steamy move                             ah

matching cutoffs and
identical tattoos, but
their earrings differ                                      jhh

alone in a hotel
sleeping on her side
of the bed                                                  dc

rainy day -
boys and girls up and down
on the trampoline                                        kt

Afghanistan -
who is not fighting?                                    ah

leftover pie
still smells delicious -
summer moon                                             kt

as the windsock shifts
the hum of lightning                                    ra

father of lies
the diligent shredder
of Enron                                                     ra

demons chasing her
she’s caught in old lace                                cs

cherry tree
too spindly to blossom
maybe next year                                         kt

a three-headed kite dips
and darts to everyone’s Ah. . .                     pjm

earthmover stuck
in the muddy road
my good intentions                                     ah

who in hell cares?
she sets her watch back                              aw

tires screeching
the octogenarians
flee the TPed house                                    ra

how do they carve
these Chinese rugs?                                   jhh

ice fishing -
my grandson so excited
he can hardly talk                                      jhh

the owl’s head turns
almost a complete revolution                       aw

bonfire flames
rising higher through the lens
of a whiskey bottle                                     ra

the famous painting
of the gypsy lovers                                     ah

new romance
she has to move her car
before he can leave                                    aw

hidden by their white lab coats
they steal feels in the stockroom                  dc

the moon so close
it might fall
into the boat                                             jhh

friends preparing sushi
a lone cricket sings                                    cs

gathering mushrooms
what about the ones
by the front door?                                      ra

new possibilities with
teeth recently cleaned                                dc

just a short walk
to not fall too far behind
Monastery Beach                                       ra

back country road
winding through the hills                            ah

the petals fall
where they will
so step lightly                                           aw

as if to touch the sky
I pump the swing                                       fa

Written on February 16, 2002 at Monterey Dunes, California



Catherine Mair 
Patricia Prime

ceramic vase's riderless horses

slightly tarnished - the waitress's silver tray

selecting radishes from the salad with my fingers

red hot pokers looking decidedly green

on the bread roll's crust a hint of lipstick

girl's matching pink clothes, hair tie & backpack

sun shining on the "nursery this way" sign

arranged on the wall a row of walking sticks

"beverage selection" still displayed on our table

on the backs of chairs - winter jackets

tinkle of dropped cutlery from the kitchen

too busy eating, we've no time to talk

politics drawing out their lunch

empty plates - only the lettuce remains


Catherine Mair 
Patricia Prime

        sunshine at last
        catching the leaves
        bent from the storm's blast:
        I escape his voice
        rambling on about cars & boats

                    the day's shape
                    changes with a 'phone call:
                    sun's up & lamb with apricots
                    simmers in the crock-pot -
                    yes, we can wait

        white-faced heron
        stalks the river bank
        dipping its beak -
        restrained by her lead
        the dog is subdued

                   evening walk
                   jogging along in front
                   my daughter's white socks
                   into the distance



Giselle Maya
Jane Reichhold

a worn mountain trail
shaggy trunk rising
frost-covered cypress

through falling snow
the glow on hiker's faces

serpentine spirals
from the earth energy drawn
limbs swiftly reviving

leaves drifting down
their circles in the air

chance meeting at dusk
the moon sways through brilliant clouds
sharing from the heart

letters exchanged over the sea
the stamp of the crane’s art

back to school
the older woman wins
a student’s praise

shadows of shaven heads
on the shoji

lovers’ itch
the tryst in the meadow
no longer romantic

hands become bees, deer, sacred
beings dance the world

incense curls
I remember nothing
forget everything

still sitting on the zafu
clouds come and go

in the heat
the moon shimmers
a blessing

ripe raspberries
from hand to mouth

a scratching sound
the lost children freeze
with wide eyes

the desert story teller's
hands become eagles

still the cherry petals fall
among the roots

the dark crumbly earth of spring
scooped up in my palms

turning the soil
a lively worm wriggling
out of sight

the snail disappears
into a whirlpool of shell

luminous clay vessel
raised for an instant
by earth-crackled  hands

grandmother's heritage silver
lining the festive table

a white candle
lit by an almost burned one
dead of winter

an evergreen  lends itself
to be our Christmas tree

gleam from the kama
teabowl received as a gift
filled with sunlight gold

how I loved him
and yet he left so little

finding my shadow
and moving along with it
year of the horse

power and freedom
perfectly balanced

across the moon’s face
cloud dragon tilting
with glittering branches

loud on the radio
suicide bombers again

the hollow
in the World Trade Center

a rabbit stops and stares
into monstrous headlights

the picnic place
you cannot go back to

glistening grasshopper
traversing a lily leaf

not yet blooming
the colors of sleep
within the bulb

for the sole sake of the dance
cat stalks wind-born leaves

February 27 to March 16, 2002



PROBABLY: Three 'real' renga sorta
Marlene Mountain - Tennessee
Francine Porad
- Washington

first snow therefore   1/7-12/02

first snow therefore first snow in therefore at home as usual

  art opening at one table Leon & Teiko, Taeko, tacha*

 haiku book in english but i can't bear to find the right moment

he brags: fastest in the world at 1.5 gigahertz

 a shrub's life 'not over my dead body will they raise your taxes'

 obituary: A Celebration! Please bring a memory.


'My mom toled me a kupal days latter so I new just to tell you.'

mailbox farther down the blacktop below freezing

dressed for Siberia to find IRS 1040 Forms and Instructions

a nondrip-dry blanket hangs out as the roof drips dry

sunglasses block the bright glare reflecting off wet pavement

 basho nor i base all form on a crow in autumn dusk

   abstract painting my search for a dreamy image to use as title

 computer icons shy of those which mean hard work

  'Oh! you take the high road and I'll take the low road...' contented

hockey dad's son testifies to save his and his hides

 women today's heroes sign onto

the three faces of eve** one's named jane


 ice-melt will a 2000-year-old church truly root out its pedophiles

'out of the closet' with Alzheimer's

those far-off dirt patches i think of you and thank you my pretties

latest non-digital photos flying your way

homemade soup well homemade in that i cut up the vegetables

all of us with food issues candy under the couch

run dick run or go deeper into that bunker investigations begin

biorhythms I'd rather research the rhythm system

what's with the weather have humans destroyed the seasons

paranoia close to Seattle flesh-eating bacteria

almost a thousand bucks on the beagle the vet can't go figure


'a case of rage' 234 stab wounds

sanctuary converted to live-in studios hot-hued window sashes

buddhas put up and taken down by extremists

breaking news in the mood to indulge my VCR addiction now

repressed creativity repressed creatively

a gift of encouragement HSA Merit Book Award First Place***

to be understood midwinter

*Devoted couple Leon Applebaum and artist wife, Teiko Shimizaki, one never seen without the other. They often escort Taeko, a writer friend, to art functions. Tacha (Yiddish) means emphatically this is so. 

**1957 film

***to find the words, Haiku Society of America Northwest Region Members' Anthology 2000; art by Francine Porad 



storm headed this way     1/22-26/02

 quick trip for blood draw and med pickup storm headed this way pell-mell

 computer break leaves raked from nature icons

down to bare concrete on the entryway Big Bad Wolf doing his darnedest*

in the bowels of enron all this time dick with a shredder


ego written on the losing player's racket


 the fire dies out a chill returns in the afternoon quarreling of crows

lawsuit settled U.S. military women minus abayah**

 superiority and righteousness ingrained in the mouths of countries a to z

 beginning reader self-congratulations

to make up for too many love & miss you poems i've turned to sarcasm

hardly trivial trivia: Laotians don't press lips

out of reach to the media the 'x-ray' camp of whatever they're called

better off than hundreds of thousands dying of hunger

a creature of the night up the wall to leftover bird seed on the ledge

 wide-eyed stray cat thirty-mile winds

 a battery that won't go belongs to a woman who doesn't wanna go

Hawaii photo viewed with longing the Texan's grin


entry arrives a western theme painting for an abstract exhibit

bath color-combo only matisse could inspire

full tub of hot water he claims he's turned into a block of ice

 not more snow and more snow more rain and more rain

three teatjerkers in a row oh dear! tearjerkers three tearjerkers

 just a hard-hitting haiku with a romantic sunset

Valentine's Day wedding planner books a tropical island rendezvous

condit on the campaign trail did he become innocent

Murder She Wrote little does he know he has four minutes to live

heaved from the earth the impatience of green and me

truly annoying/enraging posts on World News Speak Out board

 freedom of speech in a dry spell maybe on mondays


toward the full moon when even more clashes rise up in arms

 turmoil abroad my sunshine Jay at the door

 juice from a grapefruit edge off a bunch of refuse-to-work things

unrestrained abandon frenzied dance to jazz

 accompanied by the splatter of mud to the little valley i crave

God and Mother Nature hand in glove

*Spellcheck suggests 'damnedest'

** traditional long robe worn in Saudi Arabia similar to Afghan burqa



conversation  1/27-2/1/2002

telephone wires loaded with first snow and conversation

sixty-one new scans for the website idle hands

 seated in front of the monitor what happened to yesterday

a moan and a couple of groans as i miss the sun

   pan group tightwad circles on his but we love him just the same [sic]

two-inch daffodil sprouts not likely to tame this shrew


steam rises from the pond footprints scuffled around the edge

 mottled mounds of ice like some outer-space landscape

 bordered by little hills that only go up i forget to be on high alert

somewhere in Afghanistan? Marci's pilot friend

loyalty to one's right-or-wrong country the only brainwashing allowed

I ignore politics today a passion for trees

winter off track what will these early buds get for their effort

  living room-dining room-kitchen-and-hall walk around

a quiet evening a few red walls in a red house somehow fitting

new paintings in a row for my appraisal

piles of leaves hand-raked from the primrose patches by the path

a light dusting of flakes on dampened flagstone


tempting groceries from a big shopping spree dinner at 4:00 p.m.

it's the economy dubya

the duty of citizenship patriotism is not a four-letter word

roots 25th-anniversary rerun of the struggle to survive*

to know oneself list 10 defining moments 7 choices made 5 people**

next time i could tell him oh go fly a kigo

should I start a haiku with 'dead of winter' or 'borne on the breeze'

 intrigue on the airwaves the eroticism of sabers

discussion of lovemaking for one...lovemaking for two and three

just across the road their brush fire out of control

 tantrum a little kid kicks her mom's hand off the steering wheel

a long day unable to think aloud or 'unaloud'


from habit just one meal a trout rises to the weather of an insect

photos of stream steelhead in Fishing News

eyes of the oxeye daisies in the jumble spring's to sort through

neighbor's gift plant clumps surround our yard

a cold snap in february but nothing planned re groundhog shadows

 Valentine's Day along with love Maui sunshine

*based on the book by Alex Haley

**Dr. Phil McGraw, Self Matters: Creating Your Life From Inside Out  


#11 one-line linked haiku
Francine Porad
Marlene Mountain 

country air weighted with summer and angst a year since 9/11

suspended from school with her 'war sucks' t-shirt

recycling books a friend covets The Complete Works of Shakespeare

old ideas remain in the old-fashioned daylily

plump tomatoes part green part red what can I say that a bee hasn't

in a patch of soil only mother nature and i could love


wouldn't do 'til the world learned the found teenagers were raped

reality and fantasy on TV double-sided coin

past midnight the computer wants another game of dominoes

don't call him 007 we meet Jim Bond

hyped charges dropped he was overtaken by god not terrorism

prayer day world peace an impossible dream

new yellow bulb for the porch still moths flutter in their patterns

birds twitter over the dauntless Blue Angels maneuver

 reflected at the pond's edge something within the milkweed family

speaking of family the whole bunch on hand to party

too hot to talk too hot to listen most of the week goes by alone

hometown...remembered houses smaller


a noisy tractor clears the hillside leaving two trees centered

'fight fire with fire' gone up in western flames

removed from Seattle airport foreigner with razors in his shoes

 cut-back stems another inch toward winter

August trip to Oregon with a bachelor alongside Mount Bachelor

raw garlic and cucumbers how 'bout a big smooch

we like the GP's advice: ignore fluctuating blood data

still in a bucket rescued irises

kindergarten eye chart Brian sings out ''

a somewhat bright thought falls on no one around

'new blue jeans with spredid pink dert thats how thay come'

fingerprint the world just in case


identified flying object does she carry that spooky west nile virus

a spider climbs our grapevine or is it Jack's beanstalk

whatever the mainstream i'm up a creek with touch-me-nots

his brand of shorthand: tanx 4 all yr efforts fra

haiku chat group someone still clings to the work ethic of 5-7-5

prelude to serenity looking up then inward

2) Katie Sierra
3) The Complete Works of Shakespeare (italics)
29) IceCreamKiddo describes a favorite outfit

Started: August 1, 2002   Ended: Aug 14, 2002


#10 one-line haiku

Marlene Mountain 
Francine Porad

did dubya say bin could run but not hide or hide but not run

Afghans advised to sleep with one eye open

an ear to the sweet ground as nuke talk flies through the air

snowflakes just starting to fall

mushy haiku for the old editor who'd probably say not quite

'will consider new material with a fresh eye'


'on the offensive' can be offensive depends on one's point of view

taped to the door of the 'run-in' photos of dead deer

from different countries but looking the same anguished women

full of themselves two men shake hands

 mission of envoy Zinni...for artists the journey is the destination

down the slick road backwards until tomorrow maybe

 St. Patrick's Day at the theater Irish dancers' precision tapping

what's left of the sun on what's left of colored shirts

mail pickup service down to one a day my car alone on the street

 i've nothing new to say but slower at it

on my mind Palestinian children filled with the disease of hate

 spooky how gods showed up


true to form after the yellow crocuses a bunch of purples

so many hues and shades in the box of pastels

the tone of his speech borders on stupidity no doubt re the rest

try reading AOL International News Message Boards

back to capitalized nature if the rain weren't so capitalized

bare branches cast long shadows

too early thoughts of hot pepper seeds in a napkin somewhere

at least one cockle of my heart warmed

feuding brothers more to feud about as one wants to build a bridge

Jeff and Jay like as well as love each other

my least favorite errand to leave the land for any reason

paradox of wanderlust and wanting to stay home


just learned 'I' own Bush, the U. S. government, media and movies

don't want a pardon but how 'bout a loan

yours for the asking I like to help people realize their dreams

'operation candyman' a pack of pedophiles busted

torn into smaller and smaller pieces the concept of one world

neat and clean again before reptiles and females

Started: 3/14/02  Ended:  3/19/02


Micheline Beaudry
Daniel Py

the plum tree
its white flowers over
my fence

a pregnant woman's dress
swells on the clothes line

the moon
finishes dawn
in the lime-tree

preparing herbal tea
in the fresh study room

murmuring accomplice
throughout the night
the computer fan

clear summer morning
shadows glide on the fridge

cardinal's song
while taking my first coffee
another day

over black undies
she puts on a flowery dress
to go to mass


Words by Richard Kostelanetz,
composition and typography by Werner Reichhold




Junta       jaunt



P o s t a g e

G e s t a p o

e  n  t  r  a  p

flesh     wrong
shelf     grown

printer   reprint
finger     fringe



g l o s s
            s l o g s


Nest          Nets
sent         tens

thicken     kitchen
snail            slain
             slug lugs
lump            plum


         s l e e p


Step      pets     Pest

o  r  d  e  r  l  e  s  s

s o l d e r e r s
spoon            snoop





mope     poem
spas               pass
mansion    o n a n I s m
bars                bras












                 s h o e
           cork  rock

snober bors ropes

LION            Loin
Argue         Auger
(outside tedious
couth touch)
S m e l t  M e l t s

Net                Ten
     serve veers


Bugle  Bulge

law         awl
    f r e e d

Alpines   Spaniel

Own now won
slowness  snowless

       carp - crap
       builder rebuild
         I s m s  miss

pot              North
top              Thorn

Break   Brake  Baker


(dusty study)

fighter  freight
jets        jest
dingy    dying

                     p a c e
                     t a s t e
                     t e a t s
                     s t a t e
             corns  scorn








same   seam   mesa
          war raw
      sleuth hustle

(dozen zoned) protein pointer
kiss  skis

                  Dawn         Wand
                  Faker          Freak


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