XVIII:2 June,  2003

A Journal for Linking Poets   


Linda Jeannette Ward
Pamela A. Babusci

Marlene Mountain
Suhni Bell

Suhni Bell
Marlene Mountain

Suhni Bell
Carmen Sterba

Renjyu: Alex, Amy, Andrew, Chloe, John, Jordan, Josh, Lee, Paul, Matthew, Sarah, Sean H, Shannon, Shauni, Stephen & Thomas
Teacher: John Carley

John M. Bennett
Jim Leftwich

John M. Bennett
Jim Leftwich

Megan, Joe, Jared, John, Nathaniel & Andrea. Teacher: John Carley

vs1 Hannah B & Laura
vs2 Anthony, Jordan, Liam & Sam
vs3 Ryan, Daniel V & Chris 
vs4 Nathan, Lee, Reece, Jake & Daniel Pr
vs5 Samuel, Daniel & Lynn 
vs 6 Jaimee-Lee, Hayley, Bethany, Sonya & Kelly
vs 7 Hayden
vs 8 Sarah
Teacher: John Carley

Karina Klesko
Betty Kaplan  
Cindy Tebo 

Catherine Mair
Patricia Prime

Jane Reichhold
Giselle Maya

Catherine Mair
Patricia Prime

Catherine Mair
Patricia Prime

David Rice
Lynn Leach

Gary Warner
Layne Russell
Paul David Mena

Linda Jeannette Ward
Pamela A. Babusci

Christmas day -
centered on each sea star
a remnant of last night's snow

opening a window to the sea

her heirloom tea set -
a cranefly taps fitfully
on the glass door

guests depart
finishing the last scone

autumn moon at midnight
by the drifting swan's shadow

a brocade of leaves
each day higher & higher

wearing her red beret
she walks beneath
half-naked maples

she finds a stranger's love note
in his overdue book

she strokes her hair
over & over

another petal falls
from the bouquet he gave her

a novella...
her blank stare

playing with emptiness
two cats in a discarded sack

summer moon...
breaking her new inkstone
on the tile floor

crack of thunder
the sudden hush of cicadas

first light...
pulling the blankets
over her face

her new thrift-shop shoes
like the ones mother wore

forsythia sprigs
illuminating the
moonless room

lining her Easter basket
with fresh-picked moss

golden swamp warbler -
a beak full of rootlets
slows her flight

pacing the floor
her kimono slightly parted

he opens the door
to the room
no one ever enters

through the paper window
distant windchimes

in the Japanese garden
fan-tailed goldfish
suspended under thin ice

reflected on the pond
frozen shadows

late for their tryst
she crosses the bridge
in a swirling mist

their moist kisses
dripping with dew

lover's reunion -
another woman's perfume
in his hair

wounds reopened...
a forgiving wind

harvest moon -
she plucks another gray hair
from her eyebrow

a flight of swallows
on the wings of autumn

motley leaves
on a thousand branches
falling silently

the glint of sunbeams
in a cup of jasmine tea

ikebana arrangement...
she loads her sumi-e brush
with fresh ink

through violet bands of clouds
a falling star

bringing in hyacinths
to scent last year's robe
waxing moon

snowmelt creek -
a filly splashes through it

This renga won a "commended award" in the Yellow Moon Contest 2003. Congratulations to the authors!




Marlene Mountain
Suhni Bell

dust bites man a jury finds for the dead woman though still dead

fifteen minutes of fame arrive fashionably late

you're nobody if you're not on the haiku 'watch list' of the fbi

painted desert in a dry swirl of cerulean & burnt sienna

a beach in spain or is it a beach in spain but what it is forever

low tide another moon swing


ancestral voices move closer to a slow dance at dawn

winter solstice just around a stonehenge corner

red light   green light   red light   green light   holiday traffic

martian conspiracies kissinger heads the 9/11 kiss-off *

artificial intelligence white house press conferences rehearsed

dear god-he 'are you washed in the' earth

snake goddess a few clay shards still coiled after all this time

new battery a fresh start to hang here alone

the next big race to find caucasian wives then 'sub-races'?

zero-tolerance policy in the hands of empty heads

a few more late night weaves a honeysuckle basket & the grapevine

tangled up in old maybe-poems


brag on a hundred-year-old crony and turn into a pillar of salt *

dnc sharks as shark-bait bait gop sharks as shark-bait

sean penn 'a hollywood-type' trashed as unamerican by tv-types

trading post grandma's still glare across the bramble bush

lives under the covers of darkness under the cover of darkness

at the end of the tunnel a train whistle

convenient flat back thru the aisles of winn-dixie a can of tire food

a bed of nails instructions found on the internet

how to suspend a female from a tree & quarter only the beginning

an apple a day i think i don't like eve

from the ark's alpha sperm or 'out of africa' smoking guns galore

seven-point doe the art of taxidermy mastered


a certain dullness sinks into the end of a very long brainstorm

without much evidence the daylily patch

her suicide note sent without stamps returned to sender

unworldly now most of the world

alienated they don't clone the black sheep   do they?

the last and the first of a male calendar

* they both  resign - more proof that haiku can change the world

november 20 2002-january 1 2003



Suhni Bell
Marlene Mountain

stapled to another tree another child missing in the park

on his way to san quentin to jerk off

discounts on bruised bananas next to the rotting vegetables

fresh snow on the getting-even-older hills

talons of a bald eagle and prayer feather for the journey home

countdown and showdown and here i sit


'women's art' in a world devoted to each exploitation of 'the other'

issues around frayed edges

plastic bags worse than paper or paper sacks worse than plastic

wrapped in foil someone's next high next low

finally the end of a long day that wasn't even long enough

sinking into sunset new colors for a dream

an old song & dance not yet frozen in time 'the haiku people blues'

locked horns easy targets for the predator

frantic wren trapped on the screened porch blame it on terrorism

pacing in the dark into the even darker

affirmative action trashed followed by a speech on mlk jr the nerve

uncle sam IS a weapon of mass destruction


heavier the weight of my own breasts after hers are removed

mother/sister au set do you still drape our earth

depends on who and what and which side of town no headlines

an afternoon to run out of words

no smoking gun world leaders conjure up evidence out of thin air

1 in 4 live near a superfund site 4 in 1 w/o funds

unemployed counting pennies counting sheep counting sheep

a famous baby due today forever due

roadkill she did not mean to run over him then over him again

a thawed path to the blacktop not ready to take

leftovers reheated even the after-dinner conversation

a guy's 'freedom fries' to diss the french


late february iris tips in a second push toward the end of purple

seeing thru apache tears after one more tumble

temporary power failure in the valley the power failure at duke

penis envy   sometimes   yes   there i said it

change of scenery changes back no chance of being hung out to dry

  the waiting list for rehab has a waiting list has a...

january 4 - february 27 2003


Suhni Bell
Carmen Sterba

three crosses
a silhouette leans
into sunset

then and now
a mother mourns her child

the language of the goddess
mingles with graffiti

temple walk
clinging to the concrete
miniature maples

moonlight sweeps slowly
into saffron shadows

pale dawn
a woman digs for crocuses
hidden by snow



Renjyu: Alex, Amy, Andrew, Chloe, John, Jordan, Josh, Lee, Paul, Matthew, Sarah, Sean H, Shannon, Shauni, Stephen & Thomas
Teacher: John Carley

a fancy crib
and diamond bracelets ~
lots and lots of food

ripped and tatty rags of clothes
a second-hand baby's bottle

Rockport, Reebok
teenage drivers
Sure deodorant

no cosmetics and no college
stuck with mum and dad

nights out
in the Chinese restaurant
healthy bank accounts

no medicine to help their illness
massive worries for their children

and a comfy chair ~
a tranquil country cottage

a chipped and broken rocking chair
a mattress from the dump

Autumn Term 2002 - St Antony's R.C. Primary – Blackburn



John M. Bennett
Jim Leftwich

lap swallow mingle sap
chink spoon plight pound
logo centric spins cougar
past wallet cone horn
hound sink crab bubble
huddle slab noun s link
corn phone ballet clast
sugar lens limbic solo

wound flight rune pink
map single hollow nap
map wound sap pound
sugar corn cougar horn
huddle hound bubble s link
past logo clast solo
chink lap pink nap
swallow spoon hollow rune
centric wallet iambic ballet
sink slab noun crab
phone lens cone spins
flight single plight mingle


John M. Bennett
Jim Leftwich

suit hock apple green
awful door lid sperm

toggle miff lute ark
spit pork luggage sag

snag roughage tort snit
dark loot lifts soggy

berm squid ort austral
clean dappled sock flute



Jacques Verhoeven
Silva Ley

Locations:   Castle Gardens, St. Mary’s Church, City Museum

Music in town
beauty flows off shore
the trodden tombs

soundless footsteps
passage of ages

the fortress dismantled
the founds possessed
designs of disarming

played on as the bodies
of women, of organs

tenderly covered
passing the city
in sashes of  tulle

an insatiable longing
wrapped in calligraphy

sky - connected towers
as the murmur of woods
the babble of brooks

run away from squares
miles of foliants:

soul and body torn apart
suffering glorified
close the dusty books

the shrug of deep notion
surrogate mothers

curious in eye and lap
bargains of the market
young purses jingle

homewards with full bags
the gardens breath

between station and office
the beer drums roll
over the moon tonight

a visit to your hidden self
birds flown away

trombones climb the trees
a smell of fairies
 mingled worlds appear

my dance with Hadewych
secrets of the trees

pavilions red and blue
public preference
the thoughts of monuments

roots of plants will break
the wish idealized

a powerless prospect
a game with documents
evening chimes

tumble over the roofs
the moving shadows

words in the clouds
wide gestures on the stage
the readers missing

the mystic s silent ear
loyal to the unlimited

the bell ringer s fists
salvo s at small windows
a different memory

restoration of canals
modern water tricks

winding boulevards
a range of ancient thoughts
embraced by moats

quaysides for dealers
birth-wrinkles back

in the aged skin
accelerated time
the years burnt up

a smiling moon
celebrates renewing
musea dream

a start without count down
the well known politics

sinister documents
measuring the pier steps
new masonry

gsm geometry:
be in the red for years

February sun
the plans evaporate
the days are drawing out

 hidden in the clock
saved goat and cabbage

a stuffy nose and ears
a shimmering, a fever
crocuses come out

the open eye of the square
the pinnacles glitter

December  2002


Soin: Luke, Sarah & Zoe
Higashi: Aleasa, Beth & Hanna
Basho: Daniel, Mathew B., Mathew H. & Sam
Hokushi: Huzaifa, Mahmood, Mubeen & Zakir
Teacher: John Carley

high above the seagulls
Blackpool Tower -
a boy waves his hand                    Soin

the whistling wind drowns out
the children's laughter                    Higashi

donuts, fuel and hot dogs
people in the queue                       Basho

gritty sand mixing
with the sticky candyfloss              Hokushi

in the deep blue sea
a tug boat
drifts through coral waves             Soin

railings rough as rocks
bump beneath my hand                 Higashi

flashing lights on the tram
cleaning up
the midnight sky                              Basho

a roller coaster stops
on the horizon                                  Hokushi

28 January 2003 - Witton Park High School, Blackburn



Megan, Joe, Jared, John, Nathaniel & Andrea.
Teacher: John Carley

pillars of smoke
rise from the rooftops
dissolve into the sky

sugar cubes
on a quiet café table

a skateboard ramp
around the pyramids
grinding through the night

broken windows watch
from India Mill

on the hill top
Darwen Tower
lasers for the Jubilee

spring and summer
autumn, winter - rain

Darwen Moorland High School in Queens Park Technology College
14 November 2002 - The Textile Hall, Blackburn



vs1 Hannah B & Laura
vs2 Anthony, Jordan, Liam & Sam
vs3 Ryan, Daniel V & Chris
vs4 Nathan, Lee, Reece, Jake & Daniel Pr
vs5 Samuel, Daniel & Lynn
vs 6 Jaimee-Lee, Hayley, Bethany, Sonya & Kelly
vs 7 Hayden
vs 8 Sarah
Teacher: John Carley

ice cream sundae -
flying ants crawling
round the kitchen sink

car keys and passports
stolen at the check-in

crusty leaves
and howling winds
squawking ducks head south

the smoky smell
of burning grass and fireworks

roasted turkey
and Christmas pudding
wicked selection boxes

chucking snowballs
hugging a mug of hot chocolate

cold rain drumming
on a tiled roof
three yellow chicks cheeping

new born lambs
and shiny tinsel wrappers

11th April 2003 - St Mary's CE Primary School, Cadishead


Karina Klesko
Betty Kaplan  
     Cindy Tebo 

early morning snowfall
pine boughs bend
towards the sun

motionless... a red fox
on a blanket of white

   spilled coffee
   beats from the neighbor boy

Columbian beans roast
in the hot-air popcorn popper

a new coolness
we put on sweaters to see
the man in the moon

   tear-stained cheeks
   the scarecrow without eyes

   halloween night
   a stray cat alone
   in the rain

...crossing paths
an exchange of addresses

not just July 4th
on every house
the American flag

   overseas call
   he proposes marriage

at the aquarium
dolphins play tag

energy surrounds us
sounds from the orchestra

   fireflies dance
   on and off
   with the moon

summer solstice
a new flavor at the soda shop

"As The World Turns"
the soap that never
washes out

   oil spots on the bill
   from the car mechanic

special delivery
first knock at the door
a basket of daffodils

discovered in the grass
eggs in a bird's nest

march winds
as I lift the lid of the urn
ashes blow away

   'Great Expectations"
    some pages missing

under scrutiny...
Master Chuzzlewit's pedigree
at the poodle show

travel security
"please remove your shoes"

   Alberta Clipper
   an extra dash of rum
   in the cookies

winter in Jamaica
they carve coconut shell turtles

on a kindergarten desk
initials in a heart

   eroded by time
   the cliffs along lover's leap

rows of get-well cards
I pick the one that says,
"Thanks for Teaching Me Courage"

under twinkling stars, they cheer
the parade of the boats

   harvest moon
   laughter from the dead-end
   of a corn maze

withered tips
a titmouse digs its burrow

cozy hide-away
a hang-glider trespasses
over autumn mountains

from a cocoon
the butterfly of many colors

   unfinished project
   strands of loose hair
   glued in the mosaic

War Emblem
a jewel short of the triple crown

festoons of blossoms
adorn the huppah...
he breaks the glass

   generation to generation
   transplanting grape vines

Started:   January 15, 2003 - Finished: January 30, 2003



Catherine Mair
        Patricia Prime

autumn afternoon
after the south's
drought-stricken mountains
the green of
this homeland park

    down from a friend's
    haiku boulder
    new road
    the labrador sniffs among

white turban
reflecting sunlight:
does the old Hindu,
traditionally clad,
long for his homeland?

    emergency siren
    the valley's
    butterflies circle
    the curved seat

Jane Reichhold
Giselle Maya

slow winter river
with light in the shadows
glints of ice

from the pond's heart
a silent ripple

the quivering
our family is coming
for the holidays

winter olive trees
pilgrims in the northwind

check points
wise men asking the way
between stars

desert traces
searching for a king

endless valleys
lead celestial horses
to a tiny village

a man and a woman
strangers in a marriage

a new life
springs secretly and grows
from the longest night

a long-awaited dream
the trip to Iceland

lava fires
the earth's center
dancing with the goddess

mother moon and father sun
as we children create them

doves released
from a metal cage
clover and chickory

going where they want to
our prayers for peace

rays of sunlight
on green sea of winter wheat
dark feelings dissolve

in spattered wax
the memory of a candle

first snowflake
a sense of caring for creatures
   in the wild

no two seconds are alike
the splendor of creation

in galaxies
all that space to hold
cosmic intelligence

where is that bright star
    dreamlines to follow

our former president
speaks the truth

can't we the people
use new energy sources

on the lettuce
leaves sprinkled
with walnut oil

the earth devas
restoring balance

from the menorah
faith dissolves the darkness
with small points

a wreath on the front door
    cedar boughs and rosehips

the colors circling
each person’s head
will and desires

prayers of peace
can they prove stronger

rising with the moon
from a frosty hillside
an unearthly shine

glazed limestone  tableland
    full of hidden springs

guests come and gone
    their spirits linger
    in the tearoom

to each anew this day
a heart-basket of joy

  a few handmade gifts
    into the flare of oak logs
    unresolved feelings

in accepted poverty
a certain richness

by the window
    blending into dawn shadows
    a white cyclamen

with no desires, no sorrows
melting into the river

December 4, 2002 - January 1, 2003



Catherine Mair
Patricia Prime

round the next bend the murmur of rapids

splashing through cold water the labrador sniffles

montbretia - a flash of colour

from the hills, lifting rain clouds

black dog & black cow take exception to one another

cropping the grass - the rasp of the cows' tongues

a disdainful, wet nostril

overgrown, the path we used to take

surveillance - swamp hen on the highest willow branch

embedded in long grass derelict cars

swooping at disturbed insects - welcome swallows

in someone's garden a furled sun umbrella



Catherine Mair
       Patricia Prime

choosing a gift
we pass over
the most exquisite -
taking our attention
a sachet's embroidered butterflies

    deciding on lunch
    two elderly women's
    pleasurable noises -
    the scent
    of lavender

outside the window
creamy-white roses
blow in the breeze
ladies sniff free cards
presented with their food

    savoury smells -
    no need of a menu board
    the fox terrier's nose
    points directly
    at the kitchen

delphinium or larkspur
the decision too hard
to make
"Printed in England," they say,
turning over postcards

    we eavesdrop
    the next table's
    quaint conversation -
    sliding to the floor
    my paper napkin

tea plunger
the scent of blackberries
rises from the pot
Mauoa appears
out of the mist

    is it the venue
    attracts these old world folk?
    Somerset Maugham
    & celluloid
    black & white

terrace pottery tubs
contain trimmed trees
a hawk circles the valley -
"The sun has lost its day,"
they remark

* Mauoa - Maori name for a nearby mountain



David Rice
Lynn Leach

this wintry Sunday

I rewind the chiming clock
its antique heart
springs to life in my hands
and fills me with quiet joy

new grandson

I walk and pat him
as he cries
my mind races ahead
trying to glimpse the future

gloom of world news

leaders sound their war trumpets
again this year
daffodils thrust through the earth
with healing persistence

anti-war march

signs and chants claim the street
tomorrow morning
the newspaper will appear
yellow-bagged in our yard

through the din and roar

the clamor of opinions
my ears pick up
a contrapuntal hum -
insects hatching in a hedge

military marches

then a heavenly chorus
that's the daily concert
our government plays
 I prefer bluegrass or jazz



gary warner
Layne Russell
Paul David Mena

a dusting of snow
footprints disappear
into the woods

from white fir boughs
a lone blue jay squawks

passing the drunk
grandfather drops a five
and keeps walking

the market plummets - 
I crave a bitter ale

out the east window
large yellow moon...
shoes fall to the floor

raindrops on the glass
 school bus steals her baby

under the wiper blade
two bright red leaves
and a parking ticket

after the movies
at last a kiss

waiting at the gate
in her best dress
last flight from Houston

falling in love
with another stewardess

down the staircase -
a shadow

whispering in the alley
her children asleep upstairs

summer moon
the mosquitoes

book left by the pool

by dripping candle wax
at my desk

following a pair of headlights
along a distant highway

by the front door
purple primroses...
someone's key

the doe with two fawns
lingers behind the rest

a father's dream
my son is old enough
to mow the lawn

waking at dawn
got to write this one down

crumpled printouts
and crushed Mountain Dew cans
beside my keyboard

scraping my windshield
with an expired credit card

through the drifts
to see the iced stream
hit by sunlight

leather driving gloves lying
on the newspaper rack

her stiletto heels
keeping pace
with my heartbeat

packing for the weekend
perfume and lace

the tangled sheets
in the darkness

eyes illuminated
by the Disney Channel

river evening -
the Empress tree
crowned by the moon

gourds and squash
arranged as a centerpiece

Thanksgiving dinner -
the dog on high alert
beneath the table

sky of calling crows -
what's the ruckus?

power failure
around the theater
the glow of cell phones

microwave popcorn -
that fake butter smell

almond blossoms
cover the garden plot
daffodils stand guard

pausing on the bike trail
everything so green




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