XXI:1 February, 2006

A Journal for Linking Poets   

Sheila Windsor (U.K.) &
Ron Moss (Tasmania) &
Hortensia Anderson (U.S.A)

Martha Deed & Karen L. Lewis

Martha Deed & Karen L. Lewis

C W Hawes & Kathy Earsman

Denis M. Garrison &
Gary Blankenship

Catherine Mair &
Patricia Prime

Jane Reichhold,
Kathy Earman &
Zane Parks

heather madrone &
hortensia anderson 

A short excerpt from a renga written on the renga platform built and maintained by Alec Finley. Passers-by are invited to stop, sit and write renga together. For most, this is their introduction to renga.

Francine Porad &
Marlene Mountain

"see-all hear-all"

Marlene Mountain &
Francine Porad
"unconfirmed eyewitness"

Francine Porad &
Marlene Mountain

Marlene Mountain &
Francine Porad
"the last haiku"

Patricia Prime &
Catherine Mair

ISLANDS OF THE GULF by Patricia Prime &
Catherine Mair

Catherine Mair

Linda France, Rachel Ogden, Pam, Bill, Sarah, Joy, Janet, Peter, Alex, Ruth, Jackie, Phil, Peter, Ian

FULL FLOWER MOON by Karen L. Lewis &
Martha Deed

YELLOW by Martha Deed & Karen L. Lewis

Larry Kimmel (U.S.A.) &
Sheila Windsor (U.K.)

Virginia Woolf
(unchanged text from her book The Waves, published 1931) &
Werner Reichhold


John M. Bennett & Reed Altmus  

Scott Macleod & John M. Bennett

Sheila Windsor (U.K.)
Ron Moss (Tasmania)
Hortensia Anderson (U.S.A)

winter sun the mirror road

barbed wire fences sheeps wool
this way, that

derelict farmhouse
out there something howls
the whip of wind                  /sw


down charcoal alley

a child spaces her marbles
cupping fragments of light

hunched over
a man rolls a smoke
spitting ash from another      /rm


fertile crescent moon

time for one last sketch:
darkness flowing upwards

in silence
leaving for the unknown
an icicle about to drip          /ha


single file her sideways glance

faure's pavane
by heart, a circling wasp

little girls as brides
the photographer a touch
too close                           /sw


blur of cherry-red

beside the track
wildflowers shudder and bloom

the passing train
it's ochre faces
close and then gone          /rm


all the hands wave

the waves rushing to meet
then receding...

leaving in lush foam
blue crab claws curving
a welcome home               /ha

7/1/'05  to 10/1/'05

Martha Deed
Karen L. Lewis

sleet slams against trees
like a punch to my teeth wind
stops words in my throat                               

             I face the swelling landscape
             cursing unwelcome water   

gray coyote slides
underneath the Full Snow Moon
stalking shadowed snacks                             

cherry wood burns bright
smoke memory of sunshine
nicotine withdrawl      

                lozenge melting pink in mouth
                I lie earthbound dull as stone        

hibernal throbbing
salivary whitewash spits
arctic misery             



Martha Deed
Karen L. Lewis

kayak paddles dip
beneath canal black waters
cold wet toes of Spring                                

         her thoughts drift, drown, decompose
         settling among rocks and roots             

noontime sky's milk moon
husband tethered to the shore
thunder imminent                                        

she ignores his pleas
grows self together with flow
wooden fingers float           

         she'll cook a poem for lunch
         similes with metaphors                        

digging deeper in
she glides through words, weeds and reeds
poems need to breath       



C W Hawes
Kathy Earsman

a bowl of soup...
the blinds shiver
in the old house          

a baleen whale
sieves the sea 

waiting at the corner
the pale sun and I             

both of us detained
by whisky in a jar             

tree limbs bare and brown...
crows rise on the wind, then
settle as before                             

empty sugar sachets fall
to cafe tables underneath 

holes in the wall
a vine comes in
and out again  

little fingers fumble
with the shoelaces             

sunlight stipples
rush across her face
a summer hat    

eyes scan the crowd
where could he have gone        

curlew cry
along the road
once a field    

tufts of grass
in the curb                   




Denis M. Garrison
Gary Blankenship

early snow whispers pale moonlight trickles window pane    

reflections on the river red lights blue lights alarms     

divers' small splashes at water's edge a name called hoarsely   

across a bonfire lovers look into faces carved in ice ancient rock   

climbing the north face in deep silence   no lonelier here than home   

ready to descend hot cocoa, blankets, the Sherpa's  Life Illustrated   

coming down nothing left on the summit except a need 

her desire to warm his to be warmed under midnight's  glow  

mute torrent all day drifts deepen into timeless white 

a cell phone rings tone muffled by the soft fall  

duly notified sobs, foot scrapings, cruel wind in the chimney 

fluffy pillow, feather beds such comfort only found in  dreams 

unfurnished now, the cabin sinks in slumbering decay 

the warmth at the door disappears under the orb's wan  flame 



Catherine Mair
Patricia Prime

lollipop pink
two chicks

street fair
the sword-swallower
tilts his head back

mountain of auburn air
her sling-back stilettos . . .
wolf whistles

1965 red Mustang
revs up at the crossing
birds scatter

cafe conversation
the nine year-old
swallows his words

festive holiday
behind the balloon-man
a cluster of children

picnic table
tied to a leg
the large black Labrador

fish 'n' chips
on the beach
the surf's up


Jane Reichhold
Kathy Earman
Zane Parks

tied together
the skein of geese
patch the sky / jr

herring weave
an ever-changing ball / KE

more delicate
than the web's weft
its shadow / ZP

a brightness on the paper
below the faded ribbon /jr

one by one
scattered poppies drop
on his coffin /KE

murder of crows leave
the tree bare /ZP

Composed in the AHApoetry Forum


Graphic by John M. Bennett & Reed Altmus  6/2/2004 - 6/28/2006




heather madrone 
hortensia anderson 

early darkness
i sit in a rocking chair
with a cup of  tea

lights of Monterey
behind a blowing mist

leather-bound sketchbook
most of the marbled pages
remain empty

blackness crumbles
as the sumi ink dries,
and turns to dust

no words...
the white lilac
covered in snow




A short excerpt from a renga written on the renga platform built and maintained by Alec Finley. Passers-by are invited to stop, sit and write renga together. For most, this is their introduction to renga.

first day of the week
lying on the black cushion
nippy but warm

aqua coloured bluebells
down in Sunderland

oh yes! day off school
play out
on the frame

climbing trees
in the hot sun

I just saw a seagull
With it’s baby gull

skylarks hover
over bumpy ground,

with my fly-fishing rod
and feathers
I catch trout

people swim over
the blue river

flowing colours
of the dark
sparkly sky

lemonade in your glass
bold moon shimmers

Egyptian gods
with all the pieces
are the rarest

go to school late
forgot to change the time

the Easter Bunny
saves chocolate eggs
for next year

people round the streets
do jokes

zoom in with a camera –
startled deer
run away

close to bubbled waterfalls
a pile of muddy straw

rain splashes down,
on the ground,
on the soaked puppy

decorated clothes lying
in the ancient wardrobe

cherry blossom
pink as it can be
on the disguised trees

young men drive
buzzy cars

the small black ant
crawls up
the long green spiky grass

grasshopper jumping in
the sun shines with buttercups

on my plate
jersey royals
lettuce sandwiches

Viera scores the winner
people hit inflated balls

the astronomer
looks at the eclipsed moon
through his telescope

airport bursting to the brim
should calm down considerably

cheeky Nathan,
artistic Daniel, funny Dominic,
are all brothers

spooky cemetery
the gates are closed

ruined castle
sheltering from
the cold and rainy day

phone vibrates
ring, ring, beep, beep,

jog out for a rubber –
dreaded and
unfortunate exams

sweaty Romans
built Hadrian's Wall

colour in and make cushions
we can go off
for seven weeks

blue moon
hardly ever comes

Drop Dead Fred
head jammed in freezer
tries to squeeze it out

miners carry coal
up the steps of the mine




Francine Porad
Marlene Mountain

see-all hear-all

July Fourth the sundeck chaise offers a see-all hear-all vantage
locked up in lock-down our clean bread & water & air
prison too good for London terrorists whose only plan is murder
women's bodies everyone wants the control
removing her dress that fits like a glove smashing stereotypes
the next far-out tropical storm a politically-correct male

back into their niches the 'g-eights' not a dent in the broken as is
global warming not in Seattle today
a week of rain hydrangea blossoms shift to blues and open sky
scenic safari staying away from large kettles
'fahrenheit 9/11' still the white house occupied by evildoers*
insect trap the sweet taste of nasturtium tips
snapping turtle thru the patches outran me slid into the pond
with a wink lingering handshake
dressed in orange judith miller the horse's mouth lawyered up
click of the camera the same smile repeated
before and after haiku without an iris a touch of paranoia
quite a few acceptances for my poems

if you want a voter's registration card in Chinese please call
saudi-owned something under 10%
tithing to prevent a culture of dread instead of tolerance
daylilies tangled with fitter primroses we play darwin
evolution taught planet with three suns challenges astronomers
one-star uniform will it be honest before mccain
in Iraq hidden cache of weapons found nightly by 'copter pilots
set out for the soil buckets to catch dry weather
latest Harry Potter book banned and burned as anti-Christian
at three he'd sing 'we're off to see the lizard . . . '
animal patterns table centerpiece of bright red gladioli
chucks of mother nature mere shadows of memory

entrenched in a soaked truck a mind with new twine for climbers
many killed by suicide bomber at gas station
'bring 'em on' just loud enough for the world or in prayers too
Israel threatens to invade Gaza Strip
anonymous sources & deep background & non-denial denials
reality TV she wears a barely there bikini

*2004 documentary by Michael Moore   /05

July 7- 17, 2005


Marlene Mountain
Francine Porad

unconfirmed eyewitness

unconfirmed eyewitness morning-glories knotted in blue
daughter close by Convalescent Center
congress lined with ill-gotten gains it goes without saying
astronauts space walk to test repairs
like me cicadas scratch out this afternoon's existence
class reunion I hear of Jim's death

to beat the heat floating on the pond in an inner tube carefree
we install a $98 a/c and get the cool paid for
card playing friends come over winning or losing barely matters
the war on freedom of speech this war
drafting the new Iraqi constitution request for an extension
irises dug what's left from neglect and moss
black lab’s baleful eyes the gate banged shut by rushing wind
a bolton of lightning off to the un
critique: the job described as a fool's errand doomed to failure
a 'kigo' tacked onto the end for looks
Would anyone willfully eat at Fatburgers? What a name!
now that they love money too our pals the commies

adult talk tending to red hot pokers a frog squatted beside
sweat runs down his body fan swivels side to side
two and a half haiku or rather two-thirds of the third created
group offers suggestions I read my writing aloud
'the al franken show' gotta have that fix cheeky to cheeky
kisses for Martha? ankle monitor in place*
of all things first monarch on the earliest milkweed bloom
rattled windows the Blue Angels are back
the smirk vacates to crawford parents cry their empty nests
thoughts turn to family and a life partner
dragonflies mate on the fly a thick sun hovers above the shade
a too-high temperature for the ice cream social

under beach umbrellas plain folk no nail polish no fancy watches
scared off by bits of thunder the rain
another murder on Murder She Wrote of course Jessica solves
a comfort zone slipped farther away
too much traffic to stop roadside blackberries plucking-ready
a season of roughing the soil i reflower in the garden

* Martha Stewart's home confinement
* Murder She Wrote

July 29-Aug 7, 2005

Francine Porad
Marlene Mountain


cool-cookie Canadian Theoret bold driver on rough water*
dew mixed with sprinkles dirt remains dust
allergic to mites something new sensitivity doubles since 1970s
if he will their $5000 dog answers to fatty
how can pets resist gaining weight when their owners can't
back to earth the fix-it space fanatics

not in 'the energy bill' for nature to
air on the side of caution
rising costs a hike in short-term interest rates
investment in wrist-weeding for next year if i can't again
deck garden geraniums follow the sun
'intelligent design' and 'creationism' vote-gathering spins
I urge no tax dollars to promote any religious ideology
they try to run me ragged delicate morning-glory runners
Jay & June take the high road to Loch Lomond
a faithful truck breaks down 'grieving mother' protest in texas**
'goodnight Irene' prefer to see you in my dreams***------
a ghoulish day the test comes back 88 parts total coliform
atrocities of Nazis the memory of the Jews of Malsch*****

Auschwitz committee of wise scholarly rabbis place God on trial
i like how i think if/when the chance presents itself
soon my birthday life expectancy expands so how old is old
the tin roof patched a bit of poetry left in
a town downstream where the river opens up to saltwater
bottled up what to do about irises
auction items now mostly wines last year's party of clowns
'pg-13' a few kisses and the violence
can't wait to see the family documentary March of the Penguins
forever it's taken sharon to reverse himself
peace? impossible no matter what concessions made by Israelis
almost bloomed-out we live on colors of green

rainless pond dragon and damsel flyers snap at the wet bugs
sweating inside skimpy clothes Northwest drought
carpenters leave i hug all the hard work stuck to their shirts
six-year old skips along spelling m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i
news of barbie & ken faces read by other barbie & ken faces
inside and outside the same 85° summer night

*Seafair's 2005 unlimited hydroplane Chevrolet Cup winner
** Cindy Sheehan
*** hurricane Irene on the move
**** psychotherapist Louis Maier In Lieu of Flowers: In Memory
           of the Jews of Malsch, A Village in Southern Germany (italic)

Aug 7-16, 2005


Marlene Mountain
Francine Porad

the last haiku

the last haiku in the last daylily that got away
wee ones in ballet costumes pirouette
orange and blue israelis clash on a synagogue
coast to coast vigils in US to protest war
lowest 4-wheel gear a dry run down the rainy road
trip to my sister's a gift of fudge for me

full August calendar full but for two blank spaces

room made for the abused irises
fallen blossoms crushed underfoot staining the deck red
men's tennis a bit more leg to show for it
the joker is wild do we really want to know the future?
half a decade my country too right and wrong
fascinated with new billionaires a few dollars would be OK
'btk' victim-impact statements 10 counts of life*
no remorse no regrets for killing regrets at getting caught
uprooted but back poison ivy
business as usual in Aqaba missiles fired at our Navy ship
testosterone on it's way look out iranian kids

indecision storms or humidity the cook-out called off
faux coat of arms features a knife & fork
rakes against a locust limb against the morning mist
family's five branches my pink name tag
for $30 a matching toolbox moves across the blacktop
wanted: a Bikini Martini
the pond thickens a rush of heat interrupts the cicada air
along the bank tall trees offer shade
hidden within the won solitaire games a lost afternoon
sketch on S Africa's special elephant dung paper
swept out on purpose a spider with one too many hairs
ghost story lucky I'm not a believer

orbs in each photo wait 'til she sees Scottish spook book
'will cheney resign in disgrace for any reason'**
yes or no or I don't know message boards spouting venom
i keep company with birds of a feather
a stack of sturdy stretcher frames for a look-alike series
nature's creation of nature

*serial killer Dennis Rader
**Al Franken

Aug 17-24, 2005


Patricia Prime
Catherine Mair

picnic rug
great granddaughter
shares her spring roll

passing the fuchsia
you turn around
red bells ring

freshly painted
sparrows mate

turkish coffee . . .
in the small china cup
bitter grounds

posh restaurant
under the three year-old's chair
a puddle

ice creams
day-trip boats queue
beneath the bridge

beach resort
boom boxes
& blondes

Graphic by Scott Macleod & John M. Bennett



Patricia Prime
Catherine Mair

dormant volcano
a boat-load of tourists
climb the scoria path

sacred grove
Little Barrier's

on the grass verge
at Brown's Holm
a shepherd's cottage

Rakino -
a sudden breeze
whips up the sand

wildlife reserve
clicking digital cameras
men, women & children

Ponui Island
the old woman still talks
about donkeys

the hyrdofoil
"Manuwai" passes the point
at Matiatia

return voyage
the "fizz" boat surges
on the wave above

the ferry docks
at the new terminal
Japanese sushi


Patricia Prime
Catherine Mair

art exhibition
caressing great-grandmother's hand
the small girl

exchanges . . .
an artist catches
the poet's eye

shoving the stool
across the polished floor
the writer's toddler

steep staircase
she still attends
the reading

an unfinished painting
on the easel

christmas gifts
2 paintings
of strawberries

street festival -
the primary colours
of boy racers' cars

poetry reading -
those rumbling exhausts


Linda France
Rachel Ogden


Rocks don’t care if the frost splits them
it’s water, air,
that must flow to breathe

split logs spit
above orange coals

Ribbons from the hills
copper lines the pool
peat water over the deads

shadows reach nature free
stark line against the night

limestone juts,
green cleft hushes scars,
the mist comes early and low

turning larches peel
around the rim

red spores, mildew,
damp moss mulches
where life can hide

tallow smoulder and caked muck –
a black cough

ice and a slice,
two G&Ts
wait on the bar

each bubble breaks
down your neck

warm under your coat
on the road home
a wee fart

the hourly bus
knits the villages together

threads of headlights
flame glimpsed
out of the corner of your eye

cold quiet trickles
the whim of the jumpers

metal rails lead in
to where we work
breathing dark and silence

sheep trods that disappear
into treacherous softness

England’s last wilderness –
razed heather patches,
pellet-fed grouse and rented guns

buildings don’t steal sky –
it’s always open

a rising silhouette,
folded wings
shaping to stoop

rounded pebbles by the river
a mountain in your hand

the kettle melts the ice
on the windscreen –
half a moon

hairpin bends
lift us to the hills

wood smoke twists,
the chimney’s strapped
with iron bands

rooks croak through
hard sunshine

Flintoff’s duck
over the radio,
I pull the covers up

too late she told him
there was a quicker way

under the bridge
at Watersmeet
the lorries hum

Johnny Cash’s Desperado,
a pin of blue light

emerging from the tunnel
mind elsewhere
I pretend to watch scenery

cold crackles, heavy silence
we share our body heat

a camp-bed and mosquito net
are no protection
from the tiger

colours broken in the canal
voices mix on the air

I thought the redcurrants
were mine,
the blackbirds disagree

the weight of her arm
where the wasp went in

this was Tommy Nichol’s house,
he showed me where
his father dug coal in 1926

his place isn’t set
the gap shows

pinned to the wall
of Auden’s apartment
a map of Alston Moor

shoulder to the door
click the latch

shed coats and bags
time for my rest,
Mam’s still working

welding in the workshop
burned by sparks

ash paths and sandstone slabs
follow the firebreaks
between the spruce

the dog shakes rainbow spray
stick in his soft mouth

sharp blades
make electricity
from perfect circles

walking back from the party
under a fat milk light

I want to pick
at the glitter
in your cheek

when morning comes
we drop through the meniscus

the tup challenges
the telegraph pole
again and again

(verse 001–047)

Allenheads, 21 and 22 November, 2005

Karen L. Lewis

Martha Deed

she drops a moon rock
in terra cotta pot hole
her dirty hands sigh                                    

             May storm ignites ancient church
             memories and gifts aflame    

cassocked melodies
roll into burning postscript
up lifting message                                        

winds wail chords of grief
through vacant stained glass windows
starlit filigree                              

             waterfall mosaic builds
             a future sanctuary                           

a priest brings water
mixed with terra cotta dust
mortar for a wall

Martha Deed
Karen L. Lewis

red fox with striped tail
something yellow in its mouth
lopes past my window                                                

             a corn cob in the moonlight
             earthly aphrodisiac                     

even the flicker flees                                                  
lest vulpes has a taste for
wings apres foie gras

honeysuckled air                                                        
fluent in language of tongues
is swallowed in flight

             yellow warbler's songs protest                       
             West Nile's stolen water baths

evening still rewards                                                  
sunrise living renewal
eating thievery

Larry Kimmel (U.S.A.)
Sheila Windsor (U.K.)

newly anointed

a shadowy figure in thin muslin
her braceleted arms raised

of man's first dawn
bison on cave walls
shards & dust       

solstice morning

a worm frozen fast
to the sundial

my prints, the bird's
as the last few leaves
take flight    

an iron chain

welded into an S
holds the mailbox

in the binoculars
the little rusted flag
still standing          

between boxes

on the back seat
the old dog shifts and sighs

on the front door
incongruous . . . a bright blue
horseshoe smile  

summer heat

on the porchsteps
9 red toenails, 1 to paint

young though she is
she's already a few
good secrets          

pillow book

slips to the floor
a stream of dreams

his ink black body
silken cool by moonlight
in moaning rolling waves

1001 knights +

tortured to the last man
the Templar's "lost" treasure

in a scriptorium
the scratch of pen on parchment
scribbling for the future   


330 gods

on the temple wall
a fly washes its feet

fountain spray
the stone goddess appears
to perspire 

you're gone

the rain rivulets down
our cafe window

how to say it?
Venus de Milo handcuffed
to a museum mind    

third eye . . .

i try, really try
to trace your likeness

skin scorch
through my fingers
times of sand 

from a work in progress


Virginia Woolf
(unchanged text from her book The Waves, published 1931)
Werner Reichhold

on the neck of swans
leaving gold

coins in a farmer's palm
during the depression

cold water
over the mackerel
in the bowl

white and yellow winding
the cat weaves its mantra

cherry colored fingernails
by the moonlit waters

she moves her eyelid
how much depends on water

steam pipes
mother earth my whirlpool           
skin in touch

rock the brown basin
my ship may ride the waves

a lady pirate
fingertips go up in smoke
Virginia's cigarette

white stones one picks
up by the seashore

pollen blown how long
away from mating time

I am relieved of hard
contacts and collisions

slash dress
car key case
deep purple

off they fly
fling of seeds

sure a boy
one more part
on the ultrasound

my roots go down
I am all fiber

beach sand swallows
prints of naked feed

all tremors shake me
pressed to my ribs

their hair

the apple tree stark
in the moonlight

two gardeners
one with spray
one with manure

given a greener glow
to green things

up the blade
a tulip

we come back from a walk
night gowns blown tight         

the bread rises                       
in a soft dome
under a towel

uncountable fingers
magician's hand on rabbits

I who long
where the swallow dips her wings
for marble columns

lighted stardust
present and parted

rattle of wheels
on the pavement
horses plod home

hanging the shirt out
on a line to sweat

the sun sharpened
a white blind
by the bedroom window

slicing to figure's
single movement

a shadow
falls on the path
elbow bent

up hill
the breath interrupted

she said
the moor is dark
beneath the moon

the wolf's howl
passing it on

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