XXII:1February, 2007

A Journal for Linking Poets   


by suhni bell & hortensia anderson

Cristian Mocanu,
Dana-Maria Onica &
Daniela Bullas 

by Norman Darlington,
Kala Ramesh, Moira Richards, Brian Zimmer & Ranzan 

by Carol Purington & Larry Kimmel

Betty Kaplan, Max Verhart
& Moritake 

by Patricia Prime & Catherine Mair

by Zane Parks, Lorin Ford & CW Hawes

by Alexis Rotella & Carlos Colón

by Joan Payne Kincaid &
Sundiata Acoli

by Moira Richards &
Barbara A Taylor 

by Barbara A Taylor &
Moira Richards 

Barbara A Taylor,
Shayla Mollohan & 
Moira Richards 

by Frank Williams &
Andrew Shimield

by Frank Williams &
Doreen King

suhni bell
hortensia anderson


midnight my fingertips tangled in venus amazons in the amazon the pleasure of heat

sweet almond dripping into her mirage falling into a dream between silk sheets

your thighs spread slowly across moonlight butterfly wings enfold me in powdery darkness

entwined shadows the rhythm of cicada we undulate to the endless waves

glistening lips pressed against your name wordless translation between our tongues

here & there a whisper of amber the scent of you now imprinted forever



We would like to present a traditional summer kasen renga written in Romanian. We don’t claim it to be the first, because we lack information on the matter. It’s safe to say, however, that such experiments are rare, although Romania is, for instance, a haiku-loving country, with hundreds of established haijin. For the benefit of the worldwide Lynx readership we present the English translation alongside each ku. However, we are aware that does not solve all cross-cultural issues such a daring step (the publishing of a Romanian poem in an English-speaking medium) involves. We therefore explain all geographical and cultural references through footnotes. Also, we use footnotes to explain the discrepancies which often appear between Romanian and Japanese kigo. Technically, we strived, in the Romanian version, to keep the 5—7—5 pattern (which we mostly managed to do) but in the translation we tried to be just as scrupulous about the meanings….There was one license which we allowed yourselves, as utter beginners, and it regards the "non-repetition rules" of renga. We did repeat some nouns, but only when the verse’s focus did not fall on them (cf. our use of "window"). As for the "insects-only-once" rule, we adapted it and used insects: once as a kigo, once as a non-seasonal reference, and twice figuratively (i.e. when not the actual insect was meant). This was not in an attempt to "reform" renga, but rather to avoid unwarranted stress and to discover the convivial sweetness of this poetic and human experiment. Enjoy reading our kasen, then, as we enjoyed writing it!


Written in Romanian with added English translation
Cristian Mocanu (Deva, Romania/Romania)
Dana-Maria Onica (Petrosani, Romania/Romania)
Daniela Bullas (Chichester, Marea Britanie/UK)

primele caise—
o bandana uitata
pe malul garlei      

the first apricots—
a forgotten bandanna
down by the stream    

departe, un curcubeu
unind un deal cu altul      

far away, a rainbow
from one hill to another     

plapuma neagra
peste satul adormit
se lasa noaptea       

a black counterpane
over the sleeping village
the night is falling    

sar din somn in mansarda:
focuri de artificii!       

I wake up in the penthouse:
Fireworks display!      

ploaia alunga
luna de la fereastra
ai toti greierii      

rain chases away
the moon from my window
and all the crickets   

‘la revedere’si tie
pasare calatoare —

goodbye to you, too
migrating bird/ 

in ceata diminetii—
ramuri se intind 

wrapped up
in the morning fog—
branches stretching out 

cand a si trecut un an?
în urma ta, doar bezna…

how did this year fly by?
after you, just the darkness…

spartura in nori —
mereu se-mbujoreaza
cand iti vorbeste 

a break in the clouds—
his cheeks always grow red
as he speaks to you 

ficiorul de la munte…
de la targul de fete 

the mountain laddie
at the Girl Market 

licitnd pe ebay—
o cutie de Ice Tea

bidding on ebay—
a tin of Ice Tea
still not opened 

prin fereastra deschisa
sunete de titera 

through the open window
the sounds of a zither

doi lupi haulind—
un cerb carpatin
sub luna de iarna: 

two wolves howling—
a Carpathian stag
beneath the winter moon/ 

a-ngheţat şi mangalul
în sălaşul părăsit 

even the charcoal’s frozen
in the derelict shelter 

seara tarziu —
cu pisica in brate
si gandul aiurea 

late at night—
with the cat in my arms
and my thoughts elsewhere 

doar purecii bantuie
televizorul aprins 

just the "fleas" are plaguing
the TV set still on 

imi intorc ochii
de la raza de soare:

I turn away my eyes
from the sunbeam:
the pasque flower!

forfota de carabusi
in lumina lanternei

cockchaffers crowding
in the flashlight spot 

cate un zambet
spre ciresul de la geam-
concurs scolar

the odd furtive smile
to the outside cherry-tree:
school contest 

semn, pe cartea-mi deschisa
o pana dusa de vant 

book marking my page
a feather blown by the wind 

pe lacul Siutghiol
regata-i amanata:
se joaca table

on Siutghiol Lake
the regatta is postponed:
people play backgammon 

un batran zdrentaros
cautand in gunoi

a ragged old man
searching through the garbage

în vale, fata
culcata-n iarba-nalta
ceru-l priveşte

down in the valley, the girl
laying in the tall grass
is watching the sky

in preajma manastirii
lumanari si gratare 

near the monastery
candles and barbecues

muscand din acelasi mar
iti simt aroma 

out hiking—
biting from the same apple
I can feel your fragrance 

o dragoste nebuna
ca dintre soare si zi

madly in love
like the sun and the day

email de la ea—
orice rand, o sageata
muiata-n miere

an email from her—
every line is an arrow
dipped in honey /CM

cu ochii-nlacrimati
printre fotografii vechi 

with the eyes full of tears
surrounded by old photos 

plina de sine
in luna a noua, doar
luna gravidă 

so full of herself
in the ninth month, only
the moon is pregnant 

băiatul cu umerase
admirand gutuile 

the coat-hanger boy
admiring the quinces 

cam aglomerat
restaurantul japonez:
primii taiţei! 

rather crowded
the Japanese restaurant:
first buckwheat noodles! 

"Spargatorul de nuci"
mi-a dat dureri de cap…

"The Nut Cracker"
gave me some headaches…

în depărtare,
transformata-n licurici
o stea cazatoare 

far away
it turned into a firefly
a shooting star 

pasi grabiti prin balarii,
aducand…ce fel de vesti?

swift steps through the weeds
bearing…what kind of news? 

in palma ta
pe linia norocului
un ghiocel

in the palm of your hand
right on the fortune line
a snowdrop

un martisor agăţat
de sufletul—pereche 

a „Martisor" pinned
on the twin soul



Norman Darlington (Ireland): 3, 9, 12, 14, 22
Kala Ramesh (India): 4, 5, 8, 13, 17, 21
Moira Richards (South Africa): 2, 7, 11, 16, 20
Brian Zimmer (Canada): 1, 6, 10, 15, 18
Ranzan (18th century Japanese master): trans. Darlington 19

arms outstretched
scarecrow presents his stubble
to the moon

eagle owl's soft whooo
atop the old pine

grandad and me
chatting about autumn
then and now

kneading dough
she pauses to tie her hair

on the roses
on the calendar
dew in this dry heat

six months and not one regret
about moving

I wonder that
little pluto orbits
still his ellipse

a hilltop silhouette
in yoga asan

pints all round
for the lads who've just
come in off the site

the mirror asks
whatcha do with my head?

my baggie is all packed:
thermal undies
moonglo condoms

his hot tears melt
the freshly fallen snow

down an empty stairwell
the last echo
of your footsteps

from east to west a riot
of persimmons

squirrel fur thickens
these longer nights
in leafy nests

the election oiled
his slide inside Iraq

oarsmen's guttural cries
urge the snake boats
swiftly past

no hymn, no clergy
the Quaker meeting is gathered

like a travel journal
with every step
something new unfolds

she strews her patch
with a mix of veggie seeds

gentle drizzle
moistening my cheek
parijat blossom

the twitch of frogspawn
in a far-off mountain pool

This poem is dedicated to Kala Ramesh's father, Dr. N. Krishnaswamy (86 years), a practicing doctor and allergy specialist at Chennai, and to her mother, Mrs. Kalyani Krishnaswamy (75 years), an inspiring Tamil poet, and to their love of parijat blossoms and respect for Mother Nature.



Carol Purington
Larry Kimmel

After fireworks
and patriotic music
the strong smell of smoke
to live now aware that fear
can quickly cloud a blue sky

While I mow the lawn
my neighbor barbecues -
assured of our clover
and honeybee routines

A well-laid pattern
of deer tracks in the garden
no corn this summer
but now and then a glimpse
of a light-footed neighbor

Stitched together
by the clack of spiked heels,
the surf of traffic
and the shrieks of children playing
in the park

First day at the beach
in and out of the sharp-green water
too cold
to build anything
but a tipsy castle of dreams

Dropping the broom
I outdistance the angry wasps
with ease -
a memory, only a memory,
yet this sudden sting to the brain*

*Dropping the broom ..." was published in Gusts no. 4. Fall/Winter 2006


Betty Kaplan
Max Verhart
Moritake (with excuses for using his stanza without consulting him)

lingering day —
a garbage can lid
becomes first base

for the occasion dad changes
himself into a gentleman

outdoor cafe —
the sunset turns
the tables orange

was that a blossom
returning to it's branch?
ah! a butterfly     moritake (1472-1549)

slowly a tree grows
on the canvas

summer in the city
using the Wall Street Journal
as a fan

16-19 November 2006



Patricia Prime
Catherine Mair

mosaic wall plaques - the sun's smile

rosemary - the bees remember

"I'm a believer" from the fire officer's 4-wheel drive

"prickles no more" - the cheetah machine

on the lawn an outcrop of miniature pansies

looking at the sky disc through a cloud of gnats

in front of the open garage a gardening glove

past No. 51 - a cherry blossom petal drifts

from the aerial, the bird's warble

accomplished - the changeover of annuals


Zane Parks
Lorin Ford
CW Hawes

my cursor winks
at a pretty blonde

a SHELL station
with the S unlit

crossing the saltflat
the motorcycle sputters
to a stop



Alexis Rotella
Carlos Colón

Spider webs
in the stairwell

Chinese fortunes —
care to trade?

I feel like Alice
in Wonderland.

Queen of Hearts
under your King.

Friend's three closets
one for each
dress size.

Old Frogponds —
riding the ripples.

Mardi Gras route
the street lined
with Port-O-Lets.

Dresses from the 30's
fabrics my mother knew.

circles filled
with a crayon.

Stars for a block
sidewalk chalk.

Caution-tape yellow
the color of
her new blouse.

A wind-up bunny
on the cardiologist's desk.

Booster shot
a lollipop rises from
the treasure chest.

Cutting our lawn,
a masked man.

View from
the balcony
Saturday serial.

Wisteria fragrance
3 a.m. and still no sleep.

First day of summer
weeping willow next
to the gas station.

Champagne white
the pimp's Cadillac.

Ditch digger
from his mouth
tropical bird whistles.

Another month
of silence.

A botched
Mercury retrograde.

Neighborhood streets
furniture clogs an artery.

Home from the store,
another tomato
has turned red.

Locked doors
dead son in the child seat.

A bride
on her side
in the coffin.

Long-awaited lilies
already gone.

On dialysis again
Uncle with
his Purple Heart.

Spoon stuck
in frozen butter.

Giving giving giving
so everyone
will like her.

Hand over hand over

Free dance lesson
the fear
in my feet.

Climbing climbing
morning-glories of autumn.

Empty house
one eightieth
of a chandelier.

City crowd
get me out of here.

Russian dinner
a mile
from Arkansas.

The pickle lady
all wrinkles.

December 22, 2005 - December 31, 2006



Joan Payne Kincaid
Sundiata Acoli

explosions of life
animals and plants re-born
in bird choruses

season cycles back anew
coming forth in restlessness a

gardens bloom
sunflowers stretch
too fast to believe

slowly noticed yet intense
swallows harken thoughts of it

under a shady tree
night heron listens
in rising light

she sees shining stars
and sings a song of sighs

the sea is calling
stronger than a lover's charm
deeper wading waits

shining surfboards and wetsuits
magic tunnels spin

candlelight and cake
casting shadows to and fro
fireflies dart about

listening to cricket songs
sleigh-bell crescendo

iron dialogues
discourse bars in flesh and blood
white deer fades to blue

coolness of dawn
reading truth in

silver disk above
tolls the years gone by encaged
summers hot and long

lives circle a vigil
Sunday bells will gong

vistas of the soul
peer into the pains of yore
heat rides in the wind

powerful visions appear
swirling on silent dew

scent of daffodils
waft into the room upstairs
vernal spells return

down on the lawn
petals of violets vibrated purple

nodding by the temple
a violent need of sleep
sipping dandelion wine

couples glide to trumpet's bleat
begging joiners to the

in his gilded coupe
floating along the concourse
listening to iPod music

pomp disturbs the starving hordes
moving to a birthday beat

arriving at Mardi Gras
eat drink and be merry
order more of everything

ice reigns all around the globe
work-call breaks the interlude

the doors slide back
on a single signal
hear a sudden lute and cello concert

love is key to the new world
sharing hurt and joy alike

kissing her wish- ring
she leaves the yellow lounge
dressed in an olive velvet gown

racist war haunts New Orleans
killing color and the poor

in the round pale light
near a scenic lake
listen to high pitch katydids

Blackwater brings Halloween
shooting survivors on sight

a slip of the
mask exposes disaster plans
fall arrives early

softly sliding psychedelically
posed in dark re-entry

chickens scratch in the mud
earthworms laze above the ground
in receding gales

global warming scorcher
dull haze surrounds the sails

morning glories sprout
nature's eternal cycle
begins once again

creatures come and go
turning returning ornaments

Date started: 5.24.01- Date finished: 10.8.06



Moira Richards (South Africa)
Barbara A Taylor (Australia)

cast to the seas
my three short lines
in a cape wine bottle

two tropes per day
keeps kangaroos at bay

ostrich feathers
for every occasion
tickled pink

before each dawn
kookaburra laughs
her mate says g'day

tourist snapshots
lioness gives a huge yawn

a chain reaction
too hot, dry continents
linking here to there


Barbara A Taylor (Australia)
Moira Richards (South Africa)

at self-reflections
her mother smiles
in the mirror

iris plants irises
admires the beauty each spring

good looks gone
no botox baby here
it's all natural

the swell of ripe hips
when rose's bloom is lost
vitamin c

sweats on the treadmill
catching up on time

does she love
pulling daisy petals
does she love herself not



Barbara A Taylor (Australia) 
Shayla Mollohan (USA) 
Moira Richards (South Africa)

a bowl of rice
brightens brown eyes 

three women bend
rinse grape peels from their feet 

beetroot and garlic
to keep the AIDS at bay 

our daily bread
scraping off the mold 

crab apple raid
from bitter fenced-up trees 

shades of envy
her pesto recipes 

old sweet tubers
building kitchen castles 

church pantry hams
lend moms Christmas hope 

that smile
chocolate on our tongues 


Frank Williams
Andrew Shimield

early autumn…
a ripple of shadows
stirs the net curtain

a leaf catches
in the chain-link fence

under a huge moon
newly released pheasants
rush for cover

nebulae still hurtling on
as the universe expands

eerily still,
as we stand on the rim
of a dead volcano

will she still kiss me
with that zit on my nose

after the snip
being told just
how brave he is

perfect teeth on the MP
seeking re-election

ghosts hover over
the row of neat graves
speckled with snow

the dachshund sporting
a Burberry coat

practicing guitar
he dreams of opening
at the Albert Hall

found in a boot sale
dad’s lost watch chain

every Sunday morning,
who’s getting up
to make the tea

last night in a dream
she spoke to Ernest

against the moon
moth at the window

from the quiet suburb
a blood-curdling howl!

hot milk
slowly bubbles
in the saucepan

waiting to be paid
the chimney sweep

fresh blossoms
cover the new van
in a layer of pink

a furled umbrella drips
on the hallway floor

Composed via email - 19 September, 2006, to 29 October, 2006



Frank Williams
Doreen King

spring twilight…
four wagtails seem to float
on the flat wet roof

tipped up stone pool
is losing stars

in the ornate church
an array of statues
surround the flock

door of my small room
open to summer solstice

through your telescope
each crater visible
on the gibbous moon

watching giraffe at the zoo
our first kiss

buying lingerie
for his partner
a gauche fifty year old

for the garden party
hair as red as leaves!

at the gallery
such pride when viewing
her exhibits

out-of-town walk
all the shapes of trees

comments about the report
and the storm warning

all that’s left of the pier
are the foundation posts

past the broken gate
to the quiet yard
covered in ice

for Sid’s birthday
a fold-up walking stick

3 months dead
he stops the car
because of rain

their windshield mirrors
the moon in a black sky

from the outhouse
a hedgehog views
its first April

outside the hacienda
a monster prickly pear

I can laugh now
my green mac gets a shower. . .
of cherry blossom

children fish for tiddlers
in the slow-moving stream

Composed via e-mail 12 June, 2006 to 24 September, 2006.



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