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. . .Thank you for your review of my chapbook Lilacs After Winter. I discovered it while on a trip this week. What a treat! I worked long and hard on the haiku and on the sentences that help thread the haibun together: I deeply appreciate you compliments.  Too, I understand and appreciate your comments about my striving for a "bare bones" approach. That was then, as is sometimes said. As I am writing another book of haibun, I will take your comments to heart. I can not stray to far from what is me, but I believe that my newer work shows my continuing development in terms of modern haibun. I think that you may like it also. I sincerely thank you again for your efforts on my behalf. Good thoughts, Francis Masat

. . .I found the video of your Commonwealth Club of California talk by way of Curtis Dunlap's blog, and much enjoyed seeing and hearing you.  Being there would have been better, of course, but I appreciate the generosity and technology that allow me to share the experience without the rigors of travel. Warm regards, Peggy Lyles

. . .Anyway, a bit about myself: I am a member of the British Haiku Society. My work has appeared in Blithe Spirit, Presence, Simply Haiku, Herons Nest and Shamrock, to name but a few. My inspiration to put pen to paper arose after reading Cor van den Heuvel's Haiku anthology about ten years ago. I live in the UK with my young family. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008, and this inspired the sequence. Thanks! David Serjeant

. . .Just got in and saw that the new Lynx is up. I was expecting to see my haibun, but don't find them. Are they to be, or can they be, used in the next issue? This isn't a huge problem, to me, just want to keep track of what's what. Otherwise, congrats on keeping LYNX in place.  There's always such a variety to look at and read.  Also happy to see that Scarlet Scissors Fire is out. My Best, Larry Kimmel
Oh dear Larry! I think this is the second time we have missed putting your work in Lynx. I think I should fire Werner, but if I did, he would have reasons to fire me repeatedly each month for all my goofs. Thanks for being so kind and gentle about our mistake. We will put these in the October issue! I promise. Werner promises. I did order 25 copies of Scarlet Scissors Fire and will send you a copy as soon as the box arrives.  Am ready to begin my next book – one for Gerard Conforti titled Shells in the Sand. I hope it goes better now that I know the routine. I was wondering if you wanted a new review of your book. If so, let me know and I will review it again in the October issue. \o/ Jane
Hi Jane, Thanks for the update. I understand completely about goofs. I'm good at them! I'll look forward to Scarlet Scissors Fire. Yes, once you've done a book or two on Lulu, I think, you'll find it goes more quickly. An update on my new book, Blue Night & ... would be great. It's a collection I'm very happy with, as it somewhat bridges a gap between haikai and mainline poetry and I hope I might be able to extend my audience through it, somewhat. I'll be in touch, cheers, Larry Kimmel 

. . . I just want to say thanks to you for including my work in the latest issue of Lynx. I am really excited to contribute to your efforts, and to share my work with your readers. I read the whole issue and I am impressed with the magazine. I will definitely send along more of my poetry to you in the future. Thanks again and best regards, Tyler Pruette
. . .In the meantime I submit a 'traditional' kasen – “A Splash of Green” - at the request of Paul Mercken who is the secretary of the group. Last time you accepted one, you said you didn't know people were still doing things like that. Lynx writers may have moved on but British players & their European associates have only recently  discovered the kasen with Love & Seasons and their attendant verses. “A Splash of Green” used a template from Jane. I think it's worth persevering with these, but the ancients did not use templates. In a survey of 12 Basho kasen. NONE of the positions for Moon and blossoms occur always, though the v5 Autumn Moon & v 35 blossom are almost regular. Winter, Summer & Love verses occur almost at random (see an article in Simply Haiku). It seems that the 17/18 century players knew where the standard positions were but for much of the time did as they pleased. There are places where they are clearly playing games. I think we should have the same freedom. Dick Pettit

. . .Thanks Jane, we are happy you like the book (eerste recital)! A few others were produced in the same format: haiku by Jeanine Hoedemakers, haibun by Jac Vroemen, haiku and some short essays by Max himself and Vonkenregen, an anthology selected from the haiku published in the first 25 years of Vuursteen. Actually I am planning bilingual volumes in this format too! This year I plan to produce such books with haiku by Ion Codrescu and Jim Kacian respectively: English texts with Dutch translations! Both authors agreed.  I am planning to start a bilingual (Dutch English) haiku journal called Whirlygig next year. The purpose is to 'open up' Dutch haiku for the rest of the world (in as far as they read English....) and to introduce foreign haiku poets to Dutch readers. It is to be published twice a year, probably in april/may and october/november. Maybe something to mention in Lynx too? Can not tell you more yet, but it would not hurt (me) to spread the word. . .Best, Max Verhart

. . .I'm very pleased to inform you that I was awarded first place in the poetry category at the 65th Annual Rockingham County Fine Arts Festival ceremony today. I'd entered a group of free verse poems that included a senryu sequence and a haiku sequence. Frankly, I'm surprised, delighted, giddy, shocked, a whole bunch of emotions going on here... just wanted to share my good news with a few of my poet pals. I doubt I'll post this good fortune on Tobacco Road. I don't write for money, but it was nice to receive a certificate and a check today. ;) Peace and prosperity to you all, Curtis Dunlap, tobacco road poet,


. . .Naia just posted some wonderful photos of a haiku reading event in Southern California. It was nice having all the different voices – experienced haiku poets and a few with their first anthology appearance and reading. We cheered them on! A few of the poets did performance haiku – Jeanne Nakano brought me to tears with her haiku about her dad." To see the comment thread, follow the link below:

. . .here reading 3 haiku (of several more i read that night) at northwind arts center a couple months ago. the audio's kinda weak. my poems were all set locally for this reading. the 'minotaur' i mention is a small but venerable int'l lit journal published here by jim watson-gove, whom i was pointing to off camera. he was sitting next to christopher herold, a fellow haiku poet and founding editor of the haiku journal 'heron's nest,' which he started here 10 years ago. one of the people involved in the website is a regular at our weekly open mic at lehani's deli and coffee house, and has read at northwind too, so this might turn out to be a good website for enjoying the local poetry scene, which is pretty rich, and richer when out-of-town poets blow through, which they do with regularity, either to northwind or fort worden.
here's looking at you, tenzing

low tide –
   the shells
       not chosen

gale-force winds–
snug in their rack




Just a reminder that The Heron's Nest is still looking forward to receiving your entries for the Illustration Contest. The deadline for submission is October 1, but why wait? Here's how: Please submit graphic images suitable for use as either a cover or a section marker for any of the four seasons or "overview" or "readers' choice awards" sections.
E-mail submissions should be directed to John Stevenson at
The format should be TIF, and the resolution must be 300 dpi or better.
Postal submissions may be directed to:John Stevenson, Managing Editor
The Heron's Nest, PO Box 122, Nassau, NY 12123, USA. While we will accept postal submissions, any images selected will eventually have to be provided in the TIF format.

IHS International Haiku Competition 2009
The Irish Haiku Society International Haiku Competition offers prizes of Euro 150, Euro 50 and Euro 30 for unpublished haiku/senryu in English. In addition there will be up to seven Highly Commended haiku/senryu. All the entries shall be postmarked by 31th October 2009. No e-mail submissions, please! Details here: With best regards, Anthony Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Ph.D. Chairman, the Irish Haiku Society Dublin, Ireland
e. w.

Premiere Issue Tanka Contest:
For the Premier Issue (Fall/Winter 2009–10), the Editors are sponsoring a "moonbathing" tanka contest. Tanka poetesses may submit one tanka on the subject of “moonbathing”—whatever that means to you—for consideration, along with their regular submissions. The winner will be featured in the premiere issue of Moonbathing and receive a complementary copy. (Be sure to label your entry “moonbathing contest” if sending along with a regular submission.) SUBMISSION ADDRESSES:
Tanka poets with last names beginning: A-M:  Send your tanka IN THE BODY OF AN EMAIL to: Pamela A. Babusci: PLEASE NO ATTACHMENTS. Or mail to: Pamela A. Babusci, 150 Milford St., Apt. 13, Rochester, NY 14615 USA.  Tanka poets with last names beginning: N-Z:


The new issue of Shamrock Haiku Journal, the online magazine of the Irish Haiku Society, is now available at  Shamrock is an international quarterly online journal that publishes quality haiku, senryu and haibun in English, and has a home page at
Shamrock Haiku Journal is calling for submissions from local, national and international haiku poets for the next issue, which will be out in early September 2009. Please submit your work to the editor, Anthony Anatoly Kudryavitsky, at irishhaikusociety[at] Also, please find attached Irish Haiku Society Newsletter, the latest issue (also available here: )

Please note that Modern Haiku is moving to New Mexico! After the close of the current reading period on July 15, the MH files will be packed up for the move to Santa Fe. For a period of about a month, processing of new submissions will be suspended and response times will be very slow. We will try to process subscription matters as promptly as possible, but there may be some delays in this area too. We beg your understanding! With luck, we’ll be able to meet our publishing schedule and have issue 40.3 in the mail on schedule in October. Effective immediately, the new address for all Modern Haiku matters is: Charles Trumbull, Editor, Modern Haiku, PO Box 33077, Santa Fe NM  87594-9998 Mail will be forwarded from our Evanston mailbox for six months, but using that box, of course, will only add to the delay in processing your submissions and subscriptions. We think we’ll be able to keep our present e-mail address: All best, Charlie Trumbull

Dear Poets, Attached is a double issue (2.1 & 2.2) of Haiku Page in PDF version. This issue, coordinated by Sasa Vazic, features 46 Balkan poets with 7 American poets. Please forward it to your haiku friends. The submission deadline for issue 3.1 of 2010 is November 15, 2009. Please send no less than 5 or no more than 10 of your unpublished haiku, senryu, or haibun for consideration. The editor will be out of the country on sabbatical leave. Please be patient with the delay of reply. Haiku Page will soon be online at Yazoo River Press publishes poetry chapbooks, Haiku Page, and Poetry South.Thank you for reading Haiku Page. JQ Zheng

. . .Haiku and haiga enthusiasts will have an opportunity to explore these forms in a new way, with the launch of DailyHaiga, Wednesday, July 1, 2009.  DailyHaiga is an edited online journal of contemporary and traditional haiga, available online at Following the format of sister publication DailyHaiku (, this journal will present a new piece each day from one of their contributors. Those new to the form will find that haiga moves beyond the boundaries of written verse—pairing haiku with an image that expands or juxtaposes the moment explored in the haiku.  Over the next few months, DailyHaiga will feature work from renowned invited artists, including: an’ya, Susan Constable, Billie Dee, Lary Fraser, Allison Millcock, Sakuo Nakamura, Linda Papanicolaou, Carol Raisfeld, Ray Rasmussen, Emily Romano, Alexis Rotella, and Liam Wilkinson. The site features sophisticated archiving and search functions with easy navigation between current and previous haiga. DailyHaiga also syndicates content, and is available through your favorite RSS or Atom feedreader at Guidelines for email submissions can be found at  In addition to new haiga, we will also consider haiga that pair new images with previously published literary components (e.g. haiku and related poetic forms).  We will not consider haiga that have previously appeared online in any form. DailyHaiga staff can be contacted at Editor: Linda M. Pilarski, Associate Editor (Poetry): Patrick M. Pilarski, Associate Editor (Artwork): Nicole Pakan

Liam Williams is the new editor of Prune Juice! The new website is at:
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for Prune Juice No. 3, Winter 2010: You are invited to submit senryu and/or kyoka for the next issue of Prune Juice, Winter 2010. Prune Juice: Journal of Senryu and Kyoka is a biannual journal—a print literary journal, an ebook, and a digital online magazine—dedicated to publishing and promoting fine English senryu and kyoka. Selection Criteria: Senryu generally emphasize human foibles and frailties, usually satirically, ironically, humorously. Season words are not necessary nor usual in senryu. Kyoka have a different history than senryu; nevertheless, for modern kyoka in English, the definition is similar: a poem in the tanka form but with the satirical, ironic, humorous aspects of senryu. We are looking for fresh works, not clichéd poems. Wit is highly appreciated, as well as insight. We appreciate a wide range of both genres, from the gently humorous to the most wicked satire. Our tastes run towards the wicked end of the scale, but all sorts are welcome, with these exceptions: No pornographic, gross, scatological, bigoted, or hateful poems; no personal attacks on private or public persons. All selection decisions will be made at the sole discretion of the editor, Liam Williams. Submissions for Prune Juice 3, Winter 2010 are open from now until December 15, 2009. The Winter issue publishes January 1, 2010. Submissions do not close before the announced date. The digital issue will be posted online just before the print and e-book editions go to press. We publish in the print edition, that is, 4.25" x 6.87" paperback pocket book, in a PDF e-book format, and in the online digital edition. NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: Please do not submit anything on offer anywhere else. We are not in the market for works under consideration for publication elsewhere. NOT PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED: We primarily seek to publish fine senryu and kyoka that have not been previously published. Each poet is personally responsible for noting in the submission any previous publication of any submitted work. HOW TO SUBMIT FOR PRUNE JUICE. You may submit up to ten senryu and/or ten kyoka at one time. We may publish as few as 1 or 2 poems or a larger number. Please do NOT send us works that are still in work. Please send us polished works, error-free. Make your submission by sending your poems in to Prune Juice in the body of an email. Do NOT send any attachments. Emails with attachments will be deleted. If you need clarification, or have a special situation you want to discuss, please feel free to write to the Editor at SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO PLEASE DO NOT SEND SUBMISSIONS TO ANY OTHER ADDRESS. WHAT TO SUBMIT. Prune Juice needs the following information: 1. Contributor Note: include your full name and your residential location (city, State/Province, and country). 2. Your email address (will not be routinely included in the published Contributor Note). 3. If you are younger than 16 years of age, tell us so that we may comply with the U.S.A. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (the COPPA applies to children under 13; our minimum age limit is 16 as a matter of editorial policy - you must be 16 or older to submit anything to Prune Juice). 4. The submission itself. THERE IS NO PAYMENT FOR CONTRIBUTORS. No payment will be made. No contributor copies are furnished free.CONTRIBUTOR'S RESPONSIBILITIES. If you choose to submit any work(s) for publication in Prune Juice, please read and familiarize yourself with the complete Submission Guidelines available online at well as our Copyright, Privacy, and Editorial Policies. By submitting any work(s) to Prune Juice, you are representing to Prune Juice and its editor and publisher that you have the copyright to the work(s) and you are permitting Prune Juice copyrights in accordance with Prune Juice's published Copyright Policy, and that you hold Prune Juice and its editor and publisher harmless in all respects from any copyright infringement caused by your submission. Please send us your best senryu and kyoka!

Wollumbin Haiku Workshop presents its seventh collection of haiku on: Previous collections may be found on the site under archives Do forward this email to anyone who might be interested. Feedback is appreciated. Contact: Nathalie Buckland,


. . .Last year's Take Five : Best Contemporary Tanka (2008) read more than fourteen thousand poems to select those for the anthology. 321 individual tanka by 138 different poets, plus several pieces of tanka sequence and tanka prose were included in the final selections. Due to the success of the first volume, we are doing it again. This year's editorial team consists of myself, Sanford Goldstein, Patricia Prime, Kala Ramesh, Alexis Rotella, Angela Leuck, and Collin Barber. Our goal is to once again read all the tanka published during the year to make our selections. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate receiving electronic copies of any publications produced that contain tanka. We  would appreciate receiving PDF, .doc, .rtf, or any other common format, or a URL to connect us to a webpage for each work published during 2009. We don't need paper copies -- that will save you some expense. For the one with only a few tanka in it, a photocopy of the cover front and back, the title page, the copyright page, and the tanka is sufficient. You can send them to: M. Kei, P O Box 1118, Elkton, MD 21922-1118 Or you can email them to: -- please use this as the mail to address in any announcement. Thanks for your help! ~K~

Founding Editors Pamela A. Babusci and Cathy Drinkwater Better, and Black Cat Press, are proud to announce the first all women's tanka journal: Moonbathing. Moonbathing will publish two issues a year: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. The journal will be small in size but huge in the quality of the tanka that is accepted and published. Disclaimer: Moonbathing does not assume liability for copyright infringement or failure to acknowledge previously published tanka.copies/subscriptions:
Subscriptions: $10 for one year (two issues) U.S. and Canada; $5 for one copy (includes postage). Overseas: $14 U.S. dollars. Make checks—or send cash or international money orders—payable to “Cathy Walker” to: Moonbathing, Cathy Drinkwater Better [Walker], 613 Okemo Drive, Eldersburg, MD 21784 USA. The Editors of Moonbathing are looking forward to receiving your best tanka. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail either Pamela A. Babusci ( or Cathy Drinkwater Better ( Send your tanka IN THE BODY OF AN EMAIL to: Cathy Drinkwater Better: PLEASE NO ATTACHMENTS. Or mail to: Cathy Drinkwater Better, 613 Okemo Drive, Eldersburg, MD 21784 USA. Submissions will not be returned, so keep a copy of your poem(s). If sending a submission by snail-mail, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a reply. We cannot respond to submissions without SASEs. Guidelines: The Editors are looking for the "crème de la crème" in contemporary English tanka being written by female poets. Moonbathing will accept one tanka per poet per issue, and one poem will be featured per page. We are seeking to recognize, honor, and praise the unique "female voice" and perspective in tanka. The Editors are excited about being the first women editors to offer this type of literary venue to female tanka poets, and we hope all women poets will feel honored and enthusiastic as well. Payment:  Unfortunately, at this time the Editors will not be able to provide contributors’ copies. Due to the current economic situation—as well as our shoe-string budget—we hope that all tanka poets who have their work accepted will support Moonbathing by purchasing a copy or a subscription. If we are to succeed, the magazine will need your support—and we will be most grateful for it. 

Ghazal Page News
Friends, The results of the tercet challenge are online now. The direct path is
but you can also access it from the main page: from the 2009 index, http://www,
and from the special issues index, I hope you enjoy this special issue!
All the best, Gino


Come read the latest issue of Roadrunner
-Team Roadrunner


Liebe Haikufreunde, die Monatsbeiträge September auf wortART sind online:
Haiku – Wolfgang Beutke
Haiga – Toni Piccini
Herzliche Haikugrüße und beste Wünsche für eine schöne Nachsommerzeit,
Ramona   &



I recently made a limited edition enamel badge to celebrate renga. I wanted to make a small work that would recognize the growing community we are all part of: the renga international. I'm selling these for £7.50, but for anyone who has ever done one of the renga platform 'renga days' or collaborated with me on renga in any way then the badges are available for £2.50 (cost price plus postage). Please pass the word on to anyone you know who may be interested. Happy renga. best wishes, Alec Finlay []


Borrowed from Curtis Dunlap’s excellent blog site at:
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

D. Claire Gallagher - Tribute

Carolyn Hall sent this bio of D. Claire Gallagher who passed away a few days ago:

D. Claire GallagherD. CLAIRE GALLAGHER

1941 – 2009

D. Claire Gallagher, a woman of boundless energy and enormous talent, extraordinary haiku poet and friend to many in the community, passed away at home, surrounded by family, on Friday, July 17, 2009, after a long bout with cancer. She left this world as gracefully as she lived in it. Surviving her are her husband Patrick Gallagher, also a haiku poet, and loving children and grandchildren.
A bio of D. Claire Gallagher has been posted on Tobacco Road.
And a special thanks to Carolyn Hall for compiling this tribute to a very talented lady.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sad news - Paul O. Williams

Paul O. WilliamsI have some very sad news for you today. Paul O. Williams passed away on Tuesday, June 2nd. Please keep the Williams family in your thoughts and prayers. All I know at this time is that he had an aortic dissection.

Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. Curtis Dunlap.


We, here at Lynx, received the black-banded notice:
Guenther Klinge
15 April 1910       27 May 2009
Buried in the Waldfriedhof Grunwald in Munich.



Francis Masat

Peggy Lyles

David Serjeant

Larry Kimmel

Tyler Pruette

Dick Pettit

Max Verhart

Curtis Dunlap




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IHS International Haiku Competition 2009

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D. Claire Gallageher

Paul O. Williams

Gruenther Klinge


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