June, 2011

A Journal for Linking Poets  



Jacques Verhoeven
Silva Ley

v. G.          

wall paper blossoms
April shimmers around the house
Japanese spring
                                                  village view with carillon
                                                  the statue of two brothers
a street of small life
in the middle of Europe
village in ribbon building
                                                  letters of anxious aunts
                                                  a name on a  broken tomb

deep dark sides
- scratches on the canvas –
referring  to the moon
                                                  Appel’s fierce colours
                                                  Paint-  key of giants

                    raw ‘willow branches’
                    the same brushstroke, both
                    watch the daring juncture

marathon across the fields
fading regiments of drops

v. G.            cypresses dance
Ap.               a paintknife (brush) the lunging sword
                      the physical battle

longer, rigorous, deeper
no doubt on his fingers
                       a pair of white shoes
                        far from the farmer’s gloominess
                        saved from the trance

v.G + Ap                                     a summersault over times
                                                  steps across the borders

 Ap.                a blew horizon
                       ‘ inquiring children’s eyes’
                         defeated fear 

afford to explain the tangle
all the knots fundamental

                        the night of  ‘ the owl man’
                         a blackened landscape
                         fading away in silence

v. G.                                            

dew falls in the meadows
a full palette, hour after hour

Ap.                ‘frightened cat
                       chalk-box in the playroom
                        ‘luminous cat’

                                                      dreaming and flowering
                                                    a cephalopod smiles

                       cracked circles
                       vertical order of rank
                       a  micado of trees

                                                    garden outside a muddle
                                                       objects seem enlarged

scetch of the animal epos
Mr. X stirs the paintpot
a pink cow, a green mouse

                                                     Vincent’s prune blossoms tree
                                                        next to a rubbish barrow

heaps of poles and bricks
long curves towards heaven
purple on the hilltops

                                                     Manet, Monet, Gaugin, v. Gogh
                                                       Paris in summertime

v. G.                 
untrodden paths
so far no words, no letters
fields of golden grain

                                                       forget –me-nots in wild grass
                                                        millions for ‘Sunflowers’

Ap.                   on top sounding red
                          in a frameless aquarel
                          sepia, in front of

                                                        everything  in one outline
                                                          next subject: life and death

                           a mysterious veil
                           at a distance lines and gaps
                           retarded understanding

                                                         as: what beauty means
                                                         illusion and reality

v.G.                    the early years
                            almost the same cornfields
                            calm summer seasons

preciousness pass through
eating enlightment of light

                           new halls projected
                            cherished inheritance
                            worldwide expectation

chimes change the melody
passing bikers don’t listen

                           his father’s little church
                            only open on Sundays
                            devotion for God and Arts

bandages taken away
an ear for many questions
Written on 14 – 04  -2011 at the Museum: VINCENT VAN GOGH HUIS, Zundert, Netherlands. Current exhibition: ‘KAREL APPEL & VAN GOGH’



Catherine Mair
Patricia Prime

steady rain, the morning paper is late
through an avenue of trees - car lights
iridescent, the washed faces of begonias
flower arrangement - fallen petals of a dahlia
like a cubist painting the back of the shops
unsynchronized - ticking of two clocks
the old cat looking scruffier each day
a basket of toys awaits the grandchildren
through a doorway a rumpled bed
painted pukeko peer over the border's edge
searching, she flicks through a garden guide
sound of the shower, he puts on his work clothes
fridge door an envelope, 'to granny & granddad'
magnified through reading glasses - sale prices


Catherine Mair
Patricia Prime

the solar lamp's base filled with rain
fluttering from brown leaves a butterfly
crossing the road faster than us, autumn leaves
finding a patch of sunshine, ginger cat
little brother's tantrum - she gives in
artist's garden - mosaics of every shape & size
gone the stuffed parrot hanging from the cherry tree
enclosed by green netting a small vegetable garden
welcoming us home a fantail
against the letterbox  handful of bamboo canes
lined up on the breakfast bar, six tomatoes
over the veranda handrail - flight of paper wasps



Ramona Linke
Andrea D’Alessandro

Sie greift in die Schale,
fühlt die Erde

Asche zu Asche ... goldverziert
der Reliquienschrein

in Santiago de Compostela
___uns dürstet

nach uraltem Wissen
bei Vollmond gebraut
mein Liebestrank

der Himmel heute

Korinther, 11,3 ...
das Kopftuch
fester knoten


Ramona Linke
Andrea D’Alessandro
She reaches into the bowl,
feels the soil

ashes to ashes ... gold decorated
the reliquary
in Santiago de Compostela
 ___ thirsting
full moon-brewed
according to ancient knowledge
my love potion

the sky today
Corinthians, 11,3...
knotting stronger
the headscarf



Ramona Linke
Heike Gewi
ceasefire —  
she starts humming a lullaby  
for her sons
native art  
the world snake bites its own tail
sled dogs  
he cuts the meat of seals  
in icy east wind
my nose wrinkles  
bending under dusk rain  
poet's narcissus
Mr. Hoelderlin's grave
a sunbeam  
at the ravine's bottom  
sense of reality

















Jacques Verhoeven
Silva Ley

Catherine Mair
Patricia Prime

Catherine Mair
Patricia Prime

Ramona Linke
Andrea D’Alessandro

Ramona Linke
Heike Gewi


Elaine Sherlund
Werner Reichhold
Jane Reichhold


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